True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 3 - Scratches - full transcript

During the drive back to Bon Temps, an outraged Bill tells Sookie, in no uncertain terms, that she committed a grave error in letting Jessica visit her family which nearly resulted in Jessica killing her stern and brutal father. Hurt and upset, Sookie decides to walk the 20 miles home but doesn't get very far when she is attacked by a half-bull, half-man beast leaving huge gashes on her back. When his blood is unable to revive her, Bill turns to Eric for assistance and it's determined she has somehow been poisoned. Both of them are puzzled however by the beast that attacked her and have no idea what they may be up against. Once recovered, Sookie makes a deal for Lafayette's release. Meanwhile, Maryann throws a big party at her house, but it's all a little too wild for Tara. Sam Merlotte wants to pack it in for a while and leave town. Wild child Jessica goes to Merlotte's bar where she meets Hoyt Fortenberry and they immediately hit it off. New waitress Daphne decides to go for a midnight swim in the nude with Sam and she reveals something quite interesting.

Bill, slow down, please.

Stop this. You're scaring me.

I'm sorry.

She promised she was just gonna look in the window.

I know I made a mistake, but they're her family.

She is a vampire. She has no family.

I'm a monster and I'm gonna
be alone forever because of you.

I hate you so fucking much.

Be quiet. Eat shit.

I said, be quiet!

You undermined my authority as her maker.

You risked those peoples' safety and your own.

If I had not glamoured them
within an inch of their sanity,

our lives would have been shattered.

I know. I'm sorry.

You keep saying that!

And I am expected to what?
Forget this ever happened?

What else would you
like me to say?

I knew when she asked me
to take her I should say no,

But all I could think about was gran

And what I'd give to see her again.

That does not give you license to behave

Like an irresponsible child.

She is a loaded gun, Sookie.

Not a doll for you to dress up and play with.

What are you doing?


Don't be ridiculous. Bon Temps is nearly 20 miles away.

I'd rather walk all night than spend another second

in that car with you.

Oh, she wants you to go after her.

And she wants you to go after her and kiss her

And tell her that you love her.

She will come back.

When she calms down

She will come back.


Bill, if you're trying to scare me

so I get back into that car
with you, it isn't gonna work.

What the... ?


What did this to you?

Bull... human...

I couldn't see...

Bill, I can't move.

Sookie. Sookie.

Oh, gross.

Get the car, now!

Drive straight home.

But I wanna go with you.

As your maker, I command you.



I'm short.

I went over it three times.
I... I don't know what happened...

How much?

Sixty-four dollars and, like, eight cents.

God dammit, Daphne, you're
gonna have to pay for it.

I'm sorry, but this is a business.


That's all the tips that I made tonight,

So I'm just gonna have to owe you the rest.


You can't expect her to learn

If you don't give her any positive reinforcement.

Tara, not now. I'm serious.

Nobody succeeds at anything in life

Unless somebody leads them.

Let me guess. Maryann say that?

What is it with you and Maryann?

What's she ever done to you,

other than just drop almost $300 in your bar tonight?

I don't want her in here anymore.

And if I were you,

I'd stay the hell away from her.

You don't even know this person.

Neither do you.

What kind of doctor are you?

The healing kind.

I'm doctor ludwig, what's your...


Miss Sookie Stackhouse.

Am I dying?

No. She cannot die.

You will save her.

Back off, vampire, let me do my job.

Forgive him. Bill is abnormally

attached to this human.

Well, we don't have a lot of
choices, she's been poisoned.

You ever heard of komodo dragons?

Their mouths are teeming with bacteria.

After one has bitten you,
it will track you for hours,

days, just waiting for the toxins

to slowly eat away at your nervous system

till you're good and helpless.

Then it will devour you alive.

I was scratched by a dragon?

No, but this poison is similar but way more efficient.

I think I've seen it before,

but it's hard to tell without testing,

and we don't have that kind of time.

Give us some privacy. I need to remove her clothing.

I will be just outside.

I am so sorry.

She's running out of time, Mr. Compton.

Head of a bull. That's what she said.

It was dark.

It all happened in seconds.

So you didn't see this, uh, bull man, huh?


And you gave her your blood?

It didn't work.

Hm. You ever heard of anything like this?

Surprisingly, no.

Pam. Chow.

I thought in over a thousand years

I'd seen everything there was to see.

Search the woods around highway 71.

He can do it. I'm wearing my favorite pumps.

She is extremely lazy.

But loyal.

How's yours? Jessica, huh?

Petulant. Dangerous. Afraid.

I'm glad to see you two are bonding.

Being a good maker is very rewarding.

I have to get back to Sookie. Oh, relax.

Dr. Ludwig treated one of Pam's humans

when it was mauled by a werewolf.

Lost an eye, but otherwise he's fine.

What are you doing to her?

Hold her down!

Or let her die, your choice.

You're so warm.

And I'm so cold.


What are you doing here, Jason?

I thought we were friends.

You're fucking dead. I saw you die.

This ain't real. This ain't real.

Does this feel real?

Dear God,

you gotta help me out,

because, uh,

I don't know what's right and wrong no more.

Maybe I never did.

Just... God, please.

Please. Give me another sign.

Because... I'm lost.

I'm so fucking lost.

There's your sign.

Now, shut up. Someone's trying to sleep in here.


You can give her blood now.
Her body should accept it.

Mine is much stronger, allow me.


Sookie, can you hear me?

You must drink.

I'll expect my payment by the end of the week.

It's always a pleasure doing
business with you, Dr. Ludwig.

Fuck off.

Clearly the pleasure was one-sided.

Well, she's no fan of the fang.

She tolerates us,

because our blood is of such great value to healers.

Be careful. You'll overcook her.

All right. Thank you.

The area has been scanned.

Tracks were human,

but the smell was distinctly animal.

What kind?

A filthy one. We didn't recognize it.

How intriguing.

Send an alert through
the appropriate channels.

Find out what the neighbors know.

And Pam.

Those were great pumps.

I don't wanna move her. Of course not.

I'll make sure she's taken care of.

I'm not leaving her.

Longshadow kept a coffin in back.

He liked to feed before resting, so it might be a bit messy,

but you're welcome to it.

I wanna thank you for your hospitality.

And for saving Sookie's life.

I'm sure there's a way she can repay me.


That's delicious, karl.

Could use a little more juniper, don't you think?

Yes, yes, of course. You're right.


What's all this?

Oh, I'm having a few people over.

How many people?

You know, I don't remember.

Sit. Karl will make you some breakfast.

That's okay.

I'm more of a breakfast-for-lunch kind of girl.

But coffee's great. Thanks, Karl.

I don't think I'll ever get used to people

just doing things for me without me even asking.

Well, Karl knows that if he wants to find real fulfillment

in life, he need to learn to be of service,

so everything he does for us is really a selfish act.

Maryann, why does Sam hate you?

Sam hates me?

Practically jumped down my throat

after you left last night.

Kept saying I need to stay away
from you, why would he say that?


I mean, I barely know the man,

but if I had to guess,

I'd say jealousy.

You two have a history.

Yeah, but we're better as friends

than we ever were at sleeping together.

We both know that.


Still not valuing yourself.

You are a fantastic woman.

Sam lost you.

He's just looking for someone to blame.

But why you?


Because you've moved on.

And hopefully I've been a part of making that happen.

Uh. Sam seems like a sensitive, wonderful guy,

but all my instincts scream, "unevolved."

You're right.

That man has way too many issues.

And they are not your problem.

Unlike Karl,

you've done enough taking care of people

to last a lifetime.

Holy shit, that's beautiful.

It's even got a filter?

Little technique I picked up in Ibiza.

Adorable, isn't it?

Oh, fuck it. I don't have to be at work till 4:00.

Hey, Terry.

Thanks for coming.

Taking a trip?

Something like that.

Where to?

Not sure yet.

Well, I ain't been a lot of places,

but better here than all the places I've been.


Hey, so listen,

I was hoping you'd take care of the bar for me.

You know, just till I get back.


I... I don't know, Sam.

I like cooking.

It's quiet back there and...


I ain't so good with people.

If I were you, I wouldn't be my first choice.

Well, actually, you're not.

I can't reach Sookie.

And who knows where the hell Lafayette is,

Arlene's got enough on her plate,

and Tara... don't like feeling the pressure.


she's going through some personal stuff right now.

So you're all I got.

You do it for me, buddy?

Well, I guess I ain't got no choice.

I appreciate it.

Appreciate it, I'll get you a set of keys after closing.

So you're just gonna cut and run.

Just like that.

I'm not running.


Remind me never to get stuck in a foxhole with you.


He used me up.

Till he got bored.

And then he left me to die.

I thought he loved me,

but I was nothing,

but his living, breathing, snack machine.

Thank you for sharing your story, missy.

That was very brave.

May his holy light shine on you.

Praise the light.

Praise... light.


Is there something you'd like to share?

N-no, thank you.

I ain't much of a sharing kind of guy.

Remember, we all signed a vow of honesty.

Are you wearing your honesty ring?


All right, but, uh,

you ain't gonna like it.

Pretty much goes against everything y'all been saying.

You're safe here.

I ain't a vampire victim.

The fact is they have never done nothing against me.

My sister's dating one,

and from everything I can tell,

he seems to treat her pretty decent.

Well, except for the biting,

but I think she likes that.

Oh, no, please.


Go on.


My girlfriend, she staked a vampire right in front of me.

His name was Eddie,

and he was gay,

but he... he was a real nice person.

He wasn't a person, Jason.

A person wouldn't do that.

Would they?

Well, my gran and my girlfriend
were killed by my best friend

just because he had a problem with vampires.

And he was a person.

Uh. Huh.

Look, I'm only here because
I thought God wanted me to be.

Thought maybe he had a purpose for me.

Some shit like that.

Beginning to see that was just wishful thinking.

Now, Jason, wait.

Becky, take over for a second. Sure.

Let's pray.

Hey, Jason. Just talk to me.

There ain't nothing to talk about.

No. The first time

I laid eyes on you, I knew there

was something special about this one.

I knew the lord had sent you to me,

but it wasn't till today that I knew why.


Because we're so much alike.


No, but... we wanna see the best in others so badly,

that sometimes we overlook the worst.

That kind of does sound like me.

When the vampires came out of the coffin,

I went with my big sister Amber
to March for their equal rights.


Two months later, Amber disappeared.

Got hooked on V.

I know they killed her.

Got rid of her body in whatever way they do.

I'm sorry.

They stole my sister, Jason.

The same way they stole your
girlfriend and your grandmother.

D I know you believe Eddie was your friend,

but think about it.

If his kind never existed, the people you love

would still be alive.

You're saying...

if I hadn't been too messed up to protect them,

that they'd still be here?

No, you're just human, but vampires...

everything they are, down to their very blood,

is seductive.

God. Ah.

I should have done something.

Could have saved gran, Amy...

All of them.

I know how much it hurts.

Trust me, that's why...

if we can protect even one family

from this kind of suffering,

then all the loved ones we've lost,

their deaths won't have been for nothing.

You know, sometimes...

I wish I was dead too.

But you're not.

God needs you.


You don't have to carry this alone anymore.

Give yourself to his light.

Let him carry this pain for you.

Pray with me?


Heavenly father,

bless Jason,

and protect his sister,

and all those who are still out
there lost in the darkness.

You're awake.

I made you a two-top sandwich.

Peanut butter and chocolate syrup.

That's very... thoughtful, Ginger.

Oh, that's the thing about being with vamps, ain't it?

You always forget to eat.

I've lost 37 pounds since I got this job.

Way better than a fat farm.

Did Bill leave?

Oh, he's resting in back, I think.

Do they make you stay here every day?

Well, sometimes I just come in for deliveries,

but these days I've been coming in for...

Heh. Ha-ha. Never mind all that.

You just finish up your sandwich and go back to sleep.

Oh, my God, I almost told her

about her friend Lafayette in the basement.

Eric says I can't tell her. Lafayette?

Why would Eric have Lafayette in the basement?

I just work here.

Please don't make me use that
gun under the cash register.

Take me to him!


Oh, my God.



Sookie. Is that really you?

What have they done to you?

Do I look like a vampire?

You look awful.

I feel fucking worse.

I guess that means I ain't a vampire then,

which is good.

Uncuff him.

I don't have that key.

I swear.

Eric's gonna be so mad at me.
Jesus have mercy.

I'm gonna get you outta here.

I promise.

That's a new song?


I didn't get serious about this till recently,

so I got a lot to learn.

Sounding pretty good to me.


Nice, I just, you know, I love music, I just

wasted most of my life

trying to avoid doing the shit I love the most.


I... I... I guess I just felt like, um...

if I was good at something,

it's probably just a waste of time,

and if it felt good I probably didn't deserve it.

You know, um, a couple days after, um,

Maryann took me in, she put this guitar in my hands,

and I cried like a fucking baby.

Was the first time in my life anybody's actually ever

encouraged me to do anything.


I'm sorry. I...

Don't apologize.

Only thing my mama every encouraged me how to learn

was how to pour whisky. Heh.

Oh, fuck me.



I was supposed to be at work 45 minutes ago.

I can give you a ride, now.

How many of those have you had?


I think one DUI between us is enough, don't you?

Besides, I am way too fucked up

to deal with Sam Merlotte right now.

Well, is he gonna fire you?

Maybe, but it's just a job.

And I go through those about as fast

as I go through relationships.

Maybe you haven't found the right one yet.

I've had a lot of jobs.

I ain't talking about that shit.

You still angry about our fight?

Sookie, none of that matters anymore.

You're right. I'm alive and in one piece,

unlike my friend Lafayette

who Eric chained up like an animal

and left to bleed to death. What?

You better not have known anything about this,

Bill Compton, because if you did,

I don't think I could ever forgive you.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

The human that traded sexual services with a vampire

in order to sell his blood.

Which, as you know, is a grave offense.

His name is Lafayette

and you ought to be ashamed of yourself

for what you've done to him.


I'm glad you're feeling better.

And may I add, that color suits you very well.

Go to hell.
Sookie, enough.

Oh, it's not nearly enough.

They've tortured him and bitten him and shot him

and kept him down there in his own filth for weeks.

Is this true?

There are others who would have
done far worse and you know it.

You're gonna let him go right now,

or I swear, I'm going to the police.

I do not respond well to threats.

But perhaps we can come to
some sort of arrangement.


Hey, Tara.

So I guess you're not coming in tonight.

I get it.

You're pissed at me for what I said about Maryann.


Tara, I know you're smart and you're tough,

and you can take care of yourself,

And that's all I'm asking you to do.

Okay? Just keep your eyes open.

And take a good look at the people around you.

And be careful, okay? Just be careful.

I know. I know I'm late, I'm sorry,

but Lisa decided to give Coby a nose piercing.

Like she saw on America's Next Top Model.

Well, now he's got an infection...

It's okay, Arlene. Just go ahead and get changed.

Uh, is everything all right with you, Sam?

Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.

I thought, uh,

Sookie's supposed to be working tonight.

She was. She called and asked me to cover for her.

Lord knows I owe her one after... you know.

Nice and understanding looks good on you, Sam.


Anybody home?



Chick, two o'clock.



You mind if I join you?

I... uh... I mean, if you're alone.

I'm alone.

Hi, I'm Hoyt.


So this might sound kind of funny,

but I was just sitting there, thinking,

"how come you don't ever meet a nice girl, Hoyt?"

And then you just walked right in.

How do you know I'm a nice girl?

Because of your smile, I guess.

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they smile,

and, uh, you know,

I watch people all the time.

You see, oh, like that.

That's beautiful.

I could just... I could stare at that all day long.


Yeah, right.

Did I say something wrong?

No. Course not.

Okay. Okay, good, because I... I don't wanna...

Scare you away...

Would you like a drink or someth... or... or food?

Um. You hungry?

You should try the chicken fried steak,

because it's, uh, oh,

it's like a chicken and a steak
got together and made a baby.

It's delicious.

Crispy, baby, and um...

I'll just have a bottle of Tru Blood.

B positive.

You're a vampire?

For real?


Wow, that is awesome.

A... a bottle of Tru Blood. Coming right up.

So if I agree to go to Dallas

to help look for this missing vampire,

you'll let Lafayette go?

You nearly died last night.

You are not going to Dallas.

Bill, I can make up my own mind.

I'll pay all of your expenses, of course,

and yes, I will release your friend.

And I want $5000.

I've missed a lot of work and I need a driveway.

Your human is getting cocky.

She will take $10,000 and I will escort her.

I don't thinks so, no.


Ten thousand and bill comes
with me or it's a deal breaker.

You surprise me.

And that is a rare quality in a breather.

You disgust me.

Perhaps I'll grow on you.

I'd prefer cancer.

You need to leave immediately.

I will make the travel arrangements,

but I will need your credit card number.


Such a shame. I was hoping I could

Convince Eric to let me keep you.

No, you already have enough pets.

No offense, but you ain't exactly my type, bitch.

Can I kick him?

You can try.


Have chow fetch their car.

I'll see you around, I'm sure.

Oh, don't bet on it, baby.

I'm retiring.

I'm done with you crazy-ass fuckers.


Best soup I have ever had.

She's a titty!

That's right.

Right when I thought this party

Couldn't get any fucking weirder,

look who shows up.

Thinking Andy Bellefleur got better shit to do,

like, I dunno, solve a murder.


You know what they say about all work and no play.

Seems like you're pretty familiar with the idea.

It was your fault I missed work in the first place.

You're just too damn distracting.


Mike Spencer.

Howdy, Andy. Great party, huh?

Less talking. More dancing!

Jade Bokowsi, you are one fiery little hellcat.

Come on.

What you doing in there, pig?

Detective Bellefleur?

I'm so glad you made it.

Actually, I'm here because

there have been some complaints about the noise.

Oh. And they sent their best
detective to deal with it?

Well, I am flattered.

But Sheriff Dearborne

should really put your talents to better use.

I'll go turn off that music right away.

Hate to be a party pooper,

but you got a livestock permit for that pig?

What pig?

That pig.

Oh, I don't know what you're talking about.

It was there a second ago.

Have you been drinking?

No, dammit.

I know what I saw.

I know what I saw, I'm a good cop.

Of course you are.

Everybody knows that.

Here. Why don't you stay and relax a little bit?

Just one.

I am on the clock.

Come on.

Yes, God is love.

He's the force of love,

but how do we respond to
forces that block, undermine,

and destroy love?

Well, you cannot love evil.

You have to hate it.

So hating evil is really...

loving good.


I never really thought about it that way.

Hate isn't just natural, Jason.

We need it in order to survive.

My father

Dedicated his life to God.

To protecting the human race.

They murdered him, his wife, and my baby sister

in cold blood.

They're baby-killers.

That's what they're capable of.

Now, if I didn't hate vampires,

and do everything in my power
to avenge my family's death,

what kind of man would I be?

Um, a pretty bad one.

And what's going on out there is a war.

Not right now, Jason,

but in general.

And we all gotta choose sides.

Now, you're either on the side of darkness,

or the side of light.


There's no in between.

Hope you boys saved room

For some banana pudding.
Oh, thanks, honey.

Oh, Sarah's pudding is a little slice of heaven.

Oh, don't go bragging on me in front of the company.

Well, you stop being such an angel and maybe I will.


I'm gonna go get the whipped cream.


You know, my wife must think you're pretty special.


Well, Sarah doesn't whip out
her pudding for just anybody.

God's got great things in store
for you, Jason Stackhouse.

Can you feel it?


Yeah, I feel it.

I always wanted to see the inside

of vampire Bill's house.

You get to live here?

It's pretty cool.

Not really.

I mean, it's full of his creepy old stuff.

He makes me sleep in a hole.


My mama keeps her doll collection in my closet.

Oh, you got a Wii?

A what?

A w... you never played a Wii?

Oh, you'll love it.

Yeah, so you can race cars, um,

or you can play tennis,

or you can... you can dance.


Or you can shoot people.

Well, I've never done any of that.

Well, here, I'll show you.

So, uh, may I?

Okay. So these are the controllers.

You just hold that like that.

No, no,

Don't do that.

You don't have to hide that
from me, that's natural.

How can you say that?

I mean, I have fangs,

and they just come out and
I can't control them, and...

This is so embarrassing.

I'd die if I wasn't already dead.

Don't be embarrassed about what you are.

Because what you are... is great.

You think I'm great?

I like you.

I like you a lot.

And that's why I think we ought to wait,

you know,

before we do anything else.

I've waited too long already.

You sure we can't take you to the hospital?

The jobs and I still ain't got no health insurance.

Besides, the bullet went straight through,

I'll get my uncle stitch it up in the morning.

Your uncle the veterinarian?

He chops off steer nuts for a living,

he can handle the few stitches.

Don't worry, Sook. I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

Far as I'm concerned, I spent the last two weeks

at Club Med.

Drinking a margarita and getting my chest waxed.

And I appreciate it if you tell

your friends that's how I remember it.

That would be wise.

At least let bill help you inside.

No. Sook, I said I'm fine.

I used to get so mad

when people judged vampires just for being different.

It's like they were judging me too.

I told myself their fear was
nothing but small-mindedness,

but maybe that's just what I wanted to believe,

because the more open my mind gets,

the more evil I see.


Most of us, vampire, human, or otherwise,

are capable of both good and evil.

Often simultaneously.

You can't expect me to believe

That Eric's capable of anything good.

Not after how he tortured Lafayette.

I have had worse sheriffs.

I don't understand how you can defend him.

He saved your life.

I can still hate him.

I hate that he may be putting
you in harm's way once again.

For his own selfish reasons.

And I hate that he has shown
you the barbarousness

that we call justice.

If I could glamour it away for you,

I would.

I'm glad you can't.

I'm sick of things sneaking up on me.

Rene and whatever the hell that
was that attacked me last night.

If I'm never gonna be safe,

I'd rather know what to be afraid of.

Well, after last night,

I hope that that doesn't include me.

I know there's darkness in you.

I know there is.

And it scares the life out of me.

But you're right.

There's goodness in you too.

And when I look in your eyes,

that's what I see.

I feel so unbelievably fucking good right now.


That's how you feel to me too, baby.

Got room for one more?

You guys are so beautiful.

I'm a licensed massage therapist.

Who wants to go first?

Oh, you got a big knot right there.


Oh, come on, Tara.

Hey, Tara. Hey, come on.

That girl in the tub was drunk, I
don't even know who she was.

Looked like you wanted to know her a lot better.

I just got carried away, that's all.

Yeah, you and everybody else out there.

Is this what Maryann's about?

Are you in the lifestyle?

Lifestyle? Tara, that's just
a bunch of drunk-ass people

trying to let loose, have a good time.

That's got nothing to do with us.

I don't give a crap what people
do with their own body parts,

but there's no us if this is your scene.

God dammit.

Aw, hell.

I wasn't gonna run off without saying goodbye to you.

I'm sure gonna miss you, buddy.


All right. One last time.

Let's go. Come on.

Oh, you can't keep up with me.

See, I knew it.

Underneath that tough vampire exterior,

you're nothing but a big softie.

Don't tell anybody.

Wow, that's a lot of pink, bill.

I'm sure Jessica will love it.

Yes, well,

I remember when ladies' clothing
stores sold petticoats.

Heh, that's just weird.

Actually, I kind of miss them at times.

They left something to the imagination.

Unfastening them required a certain skill.

I think there's a Halloween store around here

that might still have some.

You are such a tease.

I wasn't doing anything,

I wasn't gonna bite him, I swear.

It's okay.

Bill, don't.

What's your problem?

Come on in, the water's warm.

Fine. Suit yourself.

Were you just talking to that dog?


What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?

Same as you, I guess.

Just trying to cool off.

And I can't sleep.

See, I have this hard-ass boss,

who really laid into me this week.

Heh. Sounds like a jerk.

He's not all bad. He can be real nice.

To dogs.

Listen, I'm sorry. I've had a lot on my mine.


I know how hard you're trying,

and I think you're starting to get the hang of it.

I really do.

You're even worse at lying than
you are at being a boss, Sam,

but I'll take what I can get, so thanks.

You're welcome.

This water really warm, or you lying about that too?

Oh, no, it's great.

Nothing like a midnight swim
to wash away the troubles.

You should try it sometime.

Yeah, I think I will.

You mean now?
It's a big lake, Sam,

I think there's room for both of us, ain't there?


Yeah, yeah. Guess so. Come on in.