True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 10 - New World in My View - full transcript

Sookie, Jason and Bill return to Bon Temps only to find the town looking like a disaster area. Everyone is under Maryann's spell and looking for Sam Merlotte who has been shape shifting to ...


Godric is gone.

I know.

I'm so sorry.

What are you dreaming about?


This kind of reminds me
of that bus ride

back from All-State.

Nothing looks exactly
the way I left it.

Know what I mean?

I've never
been away before.

Seems like something's
different to me though.


What the hell?

Look at this guy.

Let go!

Let me into them--

They just ran
right in front of me.

Are you all right?

Hey, what the hell's
wrong with your eyes?

Let's go.

Wait, wait, where you going?

We gotta find Sam!

It's almost time, man.

What do you think?

I think
you've outdone yourself.


Oh, feathers.


I'm thinking

more meat.

Five more pounds of ground

Think about who this is for.

Let's aim higher.

Corn-fed Kobe it is.

You're finally getting it, Karl.

I want the two of you
to bring me

the most expensive meat.


kidneys, livers,

No don't worry.

I have other people bringing us
something living to sacrifice.

Any sign of anybody outside?



No bug-eyes here.
Just a hangover.

Thanks for going over there.

Station was totally empty.

Cells were all wide open.

They think
I'm a bad cop.

You should see the square.

Looks like New York City
or something.

People banging their heads
on posts.

Graffiti everywhere.

People pissing all over
the sidewalk.

This whole town's going
down the crapper.

Yeah, trust me, I know.

I got no idea how we're going
to deal with a goddamn maenad.

A mae-what?

Wait, you don't remember any
of what I told you last night,

before you passed out

and spent the whole fucking day
in bed,

sleeping off
your bender?

You said, uh, Maryann Forrester
was to blame for all of this.

The bug-eyes
and the craziness.

Yeah, and the people
showing up dead

with their hearts cut out.

In the back seat of your car?

She did that?


She killed Daphne too.

Oh, fuck me.

We got another serial killer.

Andy, listen.

She is a supernatural creature.

She is immortal.

She has powers.

And she's not leaving
till she gets what she wants,

which I think is me.

What's she want you for?

I think to cut my heart out

while a bunch
of naked people watch,

all for, uh,
Dionysus or Satan,

or some God who has horns.

People thought I was crazy

'cause I thought I saw a pig.

Well, you did see a pig.

And you were right.
That pig was a part of all this.

That pig was...

doing some of Maryann's
dirty work for her.

Well, if what you say
is true,

we need to kill that bitch.

She don't die, remember?

Hey, Arlene.

Sam, come to Merlotte's.

Calm down.
Tell me what's wrong.

There's a mob.

They've got Terry
and they are coming for me next.

Arlene, I've already
seen you all caught up

in Maryann's weirdness.

Oh, Jesus, I know,
but she's after us now,

and she's crazy.

I mean,
she is Hannibal Lecter crazy!

And I'm scared she's gonna
get my kids!

And nobody's even picking up
the phone

at the sheriff's office.

All right. All right,
I'll be right there.

This is Jason Stackhouse.

Just want to let y'all
know a couple a folks

got hit by a car
up on the square.

But they-- They ran off.

Ask them what e heck's
going on all over town.

Oh, and if somebody could
call me back and tell me

if we've been attacked
by terrorists or what.

Fucking answering machine
at the sheriff's office.

Bill, there's something
seriously wrong in Bon Temps.

I can feel it.

if it ain't the vamper
and his vamper lover.

Oh-ho-ho, there's those
fucking eyes again.

Mother, come back here.

Oh, thank God you're home.

She's gone, like,
totally batshit.

What the devil...?

I had nothing to do with it,
I swear!

At first I thought maybe it was
just a bad reaction

to her new diet pills...
Get out of my way!

...but practically the whole
town's got these eyes.

How long has she
been like this?

Since last night.

And I will be,

for as long as it takes for him
to get his offering.

That sounds fucking fucked-up.

She's been on
about Sam Merlotte

and how they're gonna
offer him to God.

Offer yourself up to me,

Jason Stackhouse.

You dirty little monkey.


Does she ever
calm down?

Playing Wii gets her
to focus.

But I wouldn't
call it calm.

I'm gonna crack

open your fucking skull, bitch!

So she says God is coming?

Yes, and that everybody's
waiting at Merlotte's

so they can catch Sam and take
him to Maryann's.

Where's that?

It's, uh--
Well, it's your house.

- What?
- Yeah.

They're gonna rip that boy open
and serve him up like barbecue!

Hoyt, has anybody been attacked
by something with claws?

Well, I heard Arlene say
that that poor woman you found

in Andy's car had her back
scratched up pretty bad.

And then I also heard
somebody say that Daphne

had some kind
of weird scar on her back.

The new waitress at Merlotte's?

There's a new waitress

at Merlotte's?

We should talk to her.

She's dead.

She had her heart cut out
just like the other one.

I'm going to Merlotte's

and find out what the hell
is happening on my turf.

Jason, if this is the same
creature we think it might be,

you do not want to go anywhere
near it, trust me.

Mr. Compton, I ain't about
to sit back

and let monsters
destroy my town.

Jason, this would be one of
those times to use your head.

Oh, I am.

I ain't never been so clear
in my whole life.

This here is the war
I've been training for.

He can take care of himself.

We've seen that.

Be careful, you hear?

Drive your car straight up
to Merlotte's,

get inside
as fast as you can,

and do not go into the woods
by yourself.

I won't.

I mean it.

I know. Come here.


And where's Tara?

Uh, she's been partying
pretty hard over at Mary--

It's just something
that people say.

"Party over at Maryann's."

I gotta get over there.
After you.

Should I have gone with them?

And leave me alone here
with her?

No fucking way.


You here?


Just like
the sheriff's office.


There's people here.

I can smell them.




Oh, thank you, Sam,
for coming so fast.

I know how much punctuality
means to you.

Are you all right?

I am now.

Because soon he'll be getting
what's his.

Oh, shit.

Not this shit again.

Hey, at least shoot
the cheap liquor!

Bottom shelf, bottom shelf!

We call this move
"stress inoculation."

- Come on. Back door.
- They're getting away!

Go get him!

Follow me!

I'll get you, Sam Merlotte!



Cut his feet off!



In here! In here!

Damn it, this door don't lock
from the inside!

I can't hold it!


Okay, that'll do it.

Hold up a second.

We have our EPW right where
we want him.

And there ain't no place
for him to go.

And what does that mean?

It means we have
secured the target.

Mission accomplished!


Go call Maryann

and tell her she can come
pick him up.

We are fucked.

We're still alive.

For now.

What are we gonna do?

Are we gonna
have to kill them all?

Well, even if we could, these
are our friends and neighbors.

And cousins.


We can't kill them.

We are fucked.

Yes, we are.


Hi. Peanut?

Oh, you sound nice.

It burns where I'm tied up.

It burns like fire, Mama.

Tying her up's
not making her better.

I done told you,

it's for her own good.

Ours too.


Tara, baby.

Tell your mama what you need.

Tara Mae.

Tara, you stronger than whatever
this is and you know it.

Now, get the fuck up
out of there!

If only Miss Jeanette
were still alive.

She don't need no damn
backwoods witch.

She need Thorazine
and a padded cell.

Bless the Lord, O my soul,

and all that is within me,

bless his holy name.

And forget not all his benefits.

Who forgives
all your iniquities.

Who heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life
from destruction.

Hallelujah, God.

Jesus and I agreed
to see other people.

But that don't mean we don't
still don't talk

from time to time.

You've been good to my Tara.

I hadn't left a hole
in this girl,

maybe whatever's in there
wouldn't have crawled in.

I kicked her out
on her birthday.

I was feeling all poor,
pitiful me

'cause of the shit
I had brought on myself.

If I wasn't acting like
a stupid little bitch,

I would have seen trouble
coming after her a mile away

and I would have handled
that shit.

He's coming.

He's on his way.

And he's gonna kill us all.

What in God's name...?

Whatever the hell it is,
it reeks.



where is Tara?

She with me.

I need to know when
you gonna be back in town.

I'm here in what used to be
my living room.

Sook, you gonna have to get up
out that house now.

Is Tara okay?

I ain't half as worried
about her

as I am about you up in that
fucking house. Get out.


Be right there.

Come on.

What are you doing in my house?

This is not your house.

It is now.

I strongly suggest
you remove yourself immediately.

My, you found yourself
quite the specimen.

Though I daresay
there's nothing stopping him

from one day leaving you cold.

You don't scare me.


Sookie, go now.

Yes, ravage me!

Ravage me!



What did you do to him?

What are you?

None of your

Bill, let's get
out of here.

That was fun!

What are you?

Aren't you glad
I didn't take your advice

and quit drinking?

This could save our lives.

And if I'd left this town
when I wanted to,

nobody'd be in this situation.

Don't beat yourself up, Sam.

You've been real good
to this town.

Even if you are
a sometimes-nudist.

What if Terry had shot
that guy in the head

instead of the shoulder?

The people are gonna
start dying soon.

People are already dying.

Nancy LeVoir, Daphne...

hell, I never even
knew her last name.


Daphne Landry.

If that was even her real name.

I heard y'all was close.

I'm real sorry.


When I was growing up

I had a nanny.

Her name was Annie.

Annie the nanny.

She used to say to me
that, uh,

in the country
of the blind,

the one-eyed man
was king.

I think she told me that

because she thought I was
one of the blind.

But you--

You got the burden of being
the one-eyed man.

I envy that.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I don't either.


Do you know anybody
named Peanut Burch?

I wish I could remember.

I know there's something
I was supposed to do.

Harder! Harder! Oh! Asshole!

Oh, mama.

That's good.

All right!

This party's over!

Come on!

What the hell is wrong
with you people?


What you gotta go do that for?

Piece of shit!

Let's go!
Hey, asshole--!

Hey, Terry.

Come here.


Come. Ambush!

Okay, stay chill.

Nobody needs to get hurt.

Yeah! Nail her!


Yeah, yeah!

Wait, stop!

Don't hurt my special lady.

Do it!

I need a haircut anyway, baby.


Yeah, I'm gonna do it!


Time the fuck out!

All right, Stackhouse.

Name your demands.

Okay, here's how it's gonna be.

Y'all go and leave,

every last one of you.

Leave us alone
and then you can have her.

All right.

The order is to retreat.

- Aw!
- Immediately.

God damn it!

When I give an order,
you fucking follow it.

Now get on out of here.

We will unfuck this situation
at a later date.

Move it! Fall out! Out! Out!

Left, right, left!
Come on, then! Double-time.

Let's go!

All right, Stackhouse.
You gonna hand her over.

Keep moving. Move!

The faster you move,
the quicker you get her.

Oh, baby. My hero.

I love it when you get
all military like that.

Where's your guns, baby?


I'm all right.

No, you are not all right.

None of this
is all right.

I'm calling Eric.

I will not turn to Eric.

I gotta get you
to Dr. Ludwig!

Sookie, what happened
back there?

What did you do to her?

I don't know. I swear.

It was Maryann that attacked me
in the woods.

Even though
I don't have a scar

I could feel her there
on my back

when she was touching me.

I will kill her.


Tara has been under
Maryann's influence.

Maybe she can be
of some help to us.

Give me your wrist
so I can heal.


Sam, it's Stackhouse.

You can come on out.

They're gone.

Look, I got rid of all them

saucer-eyed motherfuckers.


I swear on my gran's grave.

Oh, Andy, hey.

Let's see your eyes.

My eyes? Oh.

Now get out here.

I locked all the doors.

Hey, thanks, Jason.

But, uh, I don't think they're
gonna let up til they get me.

How the hell'd
you get them out?

I threatened to shoot a bunch
of nails into Arlene's brain.

But guys, come here.

If we gonna
get out of here,

we gonna need even
a bigger divergence.

There's Sam Merlotte! Get

That ain't exactly
what I was talking about,

but you work with
what you got. Go!

Sam Merlotte.

There's no escaping,
Sam Merlotte.

The God Who Comes always gets
what he comes for.

And as for you,
Jason Stackhouse.

Not cool.

There ain't no normal god gonna
come nowhere near you people

And God ain't gonna be happy
with you, Jason.

I bet he'll eat you.

Come to think of it,
I always wanted to know

what human flesh
tastes like.


You guys,
you gotta save yourselves.

We'll get you
out of here, Sam.

Then what?

She's not gonna
let up.


No. I'm ending this.

No fucking way!

Maybe this'll all stop
with me.



Tara, would you snap the fuck
out of it!

This has got to be the worst

motherfucking intervention
in history.

Oh, thank God. Sook.


How's it going?

Never been better
in my whole godmn life.

Come back later.

Oh, there's no such thing
as later

during finals week.

Calc so blows.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I ain't selling tonight,
Cream Cheese. Okay?

Come on, I'll pay extra.

You-- You ain't hearing me.

Well, I ain't leaving
till I get the V.

Oh, you are leaving.

Hey, look, slow your row.
It ain't even me.

Talk to your boy, Eric.

He the one got me pushing
the shit.

Where is she?

You can come on in.


what's happened to you?

Get me the fuck out,
you cunt,

or I will kill you.

We are losing her, Sook.

It's all...



You see into her head?

Stop trying
to rape my brain.

I can't see
or hear anything.

It's not her. It's...

She's gone.

Don't say that, Sook.
She in there.

Just-- Just keep trying.

I know, but what am I
supposed to do?

You have to go further
into her mind

than you ever have before.

You try and kill yourself?

I don't blame you,
with your fucked-up life.

There's something I can't--
I can't cross.

An abyss.

I will glamour her.


It may help.

I don't want to hurt her.

If we leave her like this,

who knows what harm
may come to her.

Or us.


You can feel my influence,
can't you, Tara?

Don't fight it.

Let me in, Tara.

Let me in.

Thank you, Sam.

Thank you for giving us
all this gift

so that he can
come into the world.




It is me,

the God Who Comes.

I have come,
and now I am here.

You're the God Who Comes?

Horns. Need horns.

Well, go get them.

Sam Merlotte,
you are my offering!

People, your work here
is done.

Go home.

- Really?
- Oh, yes.

He is the best offering ever.

You will all have
great weather

and good crops.

Now leave.

Bullshit. God has horns.

Yeah, that's right.


Is that really God?


Um, Lord.

Smite me.

What's he saying?
I can't hear inside this thing.

I don't know!

Smite me, Lord.

I don't even know
what you saying, man.

Smite me, motherfucker.

I smite thee, Sam Merlotte!


What the fuck
just happened?

I got no fucking idea.

There. Happy?



Tell your leader I am very
pleased with my offering.

Thank you, God.

You are welcome.

You're all blessed.

Now go.


Report to Maryann
for debriefing.

Anybody who wants

to de-brief me
can do so right now.

What the hell
happened to Sam?

I don't know, man.
I don't know.

I'll explain later.

Just help me put
these fucking flares out

before they start a fire.

That's the last drink
I will ever take.

Tara, let Sookie in.

It's not working.

Tara, you are safe here.

You have to do exactly
as I say.

I am not your fucking
slave girl.

If ever there was a time
to listen to a white man,

this would be it.

Jesus, please, Jesus.

Let Sookie in.

Sookie, now.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, my God.

I'm crazy.

I'm really crazy.


No, it wasn't you.

It's not you.



I'm sorr--

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mama.

I knew it wasn't you,
baby girl.

I knew it wasn't you.

Thank you.

I need some air.

Eggs. I gotta go get Eggs.


I've known Tara my whole life,

and every trace of her
was gone.


And here I thought vampires
were the only ones

who could hypnotize people.
No offense, Sookie,

but humans are shockingly
susceptible to just about

every form of thought

It's all coming
from Maryann.

All of it.

They eat people's hearts.

But she wants more.

She wants their souls.

And that chant.


Bill, I've seen that look
on your face before

and I don't like it.

I read about
some ancient creatures

many years ago.

But I always assumed
it was just a myth.

But I believe Maryann
might be one.

What is she,

and more importantly,

how do we kill her?

I do not know
how to defeat her,

but I know one vampire
who might.


But if I'm gonna make it by

I must leave now.

Let's go.

I must do this alone.

But I'll be back
by morning.

And Jason and Sam,

Tara and Lafayette...

you can do more good
for them here.

You're right.

I left everybody before
and look what happened.

Can you do

whatever it was
that you did to Maryann...?

You do it again?

I don't know.

I don't even know hat it was that I did.

All right.

Keep your friends safe,

and by all means,
you stay away from your home.

Promise me.


But I never get
to go to the party!

You know how many invitations
I've passed up

to stay home with
my crybaby son?

No, you always go, and you
always drag me along with you.

Oh, you selfish
little shit.

Spew as much venom as you want.

I'm not letting you get
near Merlotte's.

You could come with me,

maybe meet a nice girl

instead of that devil slut.

I'm getting real tired
of this shit.

You treat Jess
with respect,

or I'm gonna lock your ass
up in that cubbyhole

until Vampire Bill gets home.

Oh, you're Dirty Harry now, huh?

Because you're dipping
your penguin dick

in that vamper tramp?

You are cut from the same cloth
as your daddy.

You are both half-men.

Miss Fortenberry--
Just calm down.

A half-man and a dead whore.

Who else would have
either of you?

Jess, don't.

Look, lady. You have no idea
how little control

I have over my actions.

You also do not know
that I haven't eaten in days.



You give me one good reason

why I shouldn't drain you dry.

I don't gotta give you nothing.

Fuck, no!

Welcome, Mr. Compton.

The queen
is expecting you.

Your Majesty.