True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 7 - Burning House of Love - full transcript

After spending the night with Bill, Sookie is convinced that she has found the man of her dreams as the person who took her virginity. But Sookie's fellow workers and the customers at the bar don't quite agree as rumors spread of her relationship with a vampire. Sookie's painful childhood revelation about her Uncle Bartlett spurs Bill into action. Meanwhile, Tara's alcoholic mother, Lettie Mae, is convinced that she needs an exorcism and when Tara refuses to pay, she tries to get a loan from the bank. Jason is desperate to get more vampire blood and visits Fangtasia where he meets a young woman, named Amy, who introduces himself to something altogether different. Sam Merlotte is seen by Andy and a few others running across the bayou... naked. The patrons at the bar are not too pleased when a group of Bill's one-time vampire friends, Malcolm, Liam, and Diane, show up. When they mention that they've bought a house locally, three of the redneck good old boys decide to do something about it.

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True Blood
Season 1 Episode 7 (v. 1.0)

Wait a minute.

I thought you were supposed
to be invisible in a mirror.

We started most of the myths
about ourselves many centuries ago.

If humans thought that we
couldn't be seen in a mirror,

it was another way for us to prove

that we weren't vampires.

And that way, we could stay hid.

So what about holy water?

Just water.

- Crucifixes?
- Geometry.


It's irritating,
but that's pretty much it.

- I feel a little weak.
- Of course you do.

I fed on your blood.

You should take some vitamin B-12
to replenish.

Will I need to do that every day?

If you don't mind, yes.

And no garlic.

Is it always like this?

No, it is not.

I never thought I'd be able to...

I am honored that you chose me.

Her tiny little legs.

Flexible and smooth.

How's the homework comin'?

I hate math.
Gran usually helps me.

Maybe I can help.

Her skin is perfect.

So soft.

Come sit on my lap
so I can see you better.

I'm good at this.

It's easier than you think.

No hair anywhere on her body.

Oh my.

Uncle Bartlett loves you, sweetie.

It was just...


Wasn't nearly as bad as
what happens to some girls.

- Did you tell anyone?
- Gran.

She ran him off and
never spoke to him again.

- Her own brother.
- It wasn't your fault.

I know that.


Here I am.

I mean...

Just had one of the most
important experiences

in a girl's life.


It was

so, so perfect.


I hate that...

I can't not think about him.

You think about whatever
you think about.

It's okay.

You're safe with me.

You motherfuckers
gonna have to be...


There's good things coming your way.

This ain't Christmas morning,

and you're all jacked
up on caffeine,

ripping off that cheap WalMart paper

to get your blender.

Whole lot of creativity
went into this package

and I want you to enjoy...


- Back up the truck, man.
- Don't fuckin' creep, bitch.

You're fuckin' creepin'.
What the fuck you doin' here?

I just need to get some more V.

I need you to run your ass

out of my goddamn doorway,
'cause I'm fuckin' workin'.

Come on, buddy.
I just need a little.

- I told you not to take too much.
- Yeah, I know.

And you wound up in the hospital.

I said keep quiet
about where it came from,

and you fuckin' ran off
at the mouth to Tara.

Then you got vamped up
and fuckin' threw a cop around.

You can't handle the shit, buddy.

Look, I will pay however you want.

I'll even show my
wiener on your website.

You can take your
little stumpy white dick

and get the fuck up out my
joint. That's what I want.

And what you gonna do?

You gonna call the law?

Fuck. What'cha got?

Don't fuckin' fuck me,
motherfucker. Hear me?

'Cause I will fuck your ass up.
You get me?

Get the fuck up outa here.

Oh, can you at least tell me
where I can find some more?

Go to the fuckin' morgue,
'cause that's where you're goin'.

Get the fuck outa here.


This is where I spend my days.

Does anyone ever get
in there with you?

This is not a place for you.

So we can never sleep
beside each other.

No one else knows where I rest.

What does it mean to accept
Jesus as your personal savior?

We'll write a check for the electric
and put it in the water envelope

then stick the check for the water bill
in the electric envelope.

They'll both think it was a
mistake and call about it.

Then we'll be in the clear
for another month.

I need 445 dollars.

No way, Mama. We are broke.

I need it to exorcise
the demons living inside of me.

You need to do what
normal people do.

Stop drinking and go to AA meetin's.

I'm not a group person,
and the demon knows that.

Does the demon know
you spike your coffee?

- I can smell it from here.
- I can't help it.

The demon told me to finish off
everything in the house today.

It doesn't want me to get exorcised.

Yeah, next time you and
your demon have a little chat,

you can tell it to go out
and get a damn job.

The demon has a job.

Going after people that
are weak but still have faith.

It's a jealous demon

and knows how close I am to Jesus.
That's why it picked me.

Oh my God.

Don't you dare
take the Lord's name in vain.

Tara, honey...

I know I wasn't the best mother.

I fucked up a lot

and I'm sorry.

I want to do this
for the both of us.

That's why I talked
her down fifty dollars.

Please help me with this.



- Put down that coffee and look at me.
- It's the demon drinkin', not me.

- Gimme that!
- What the...?

- Don't spill it!
- Mama!

It's the demon!

It's the demon!

- Fuck.
- What are you doin'?


You went ahead and did it,
huh? My own sister.

Nothin' but a damn fangbanger.

Now, you saved it all these years
for a fuckin' vampire?

- He is a gentleman.
- He bit you.

He doesn't hit me, which is
more than I can say for you.

I tried to apologize for
that, but you wouldn't let me.

What are you doin' with that?

I'm just takin' half of what's mine.

It were her wedding
present from her mother.

- I need the money.
- For what? You have a job and a house.

Sook, it's none of your business.

Gran might have spoiled
you rotten, but I won't.

This is my house now.
You put those things down and get out.

You were gonna sell her jewelry?

Hey, dog.

Goddamn son of a bitchin'
shit ass fuckin' trailer!

What are... What are you doin' comin'
in here like you own the place?

Or you want me to call?

Hi, Sam, it's me,
the girl you've been fuckin'.

Mind if I drop by to
interrupt your cussin' spell,

- say hi to you and your little dog?
- Yeah, I do mind.

Last time I saw you, you left me
high and dry in some fleabag motel

I had to.

That wasn't the first time. I don't have
time for that kind of bullshit.

Maybe I'm not in that big a hurry
to get somethin' goin' with my boss.

Then why the hell are you here?

And it was your big idea
to have sex, not mine.

- Don't act like this!
- I hired you

after you got fired from every place!
You throw being your boss in my face?

Don't treat me like
I'm some kind of asshole!

Did you honestly think I'd sleep
with you if I thought that?

I have no idea what
the fuck you think,

but I think you better
give me one good reason

not to throw you outa right now.

I'm no good at this.

Try harder.

I'm sorry.

I don't know how to be
with somebody.

I never...

Maybe I'm unboyfriendable.

I'm just in a shitty mood.

'Cause of me?

I don't want that.

No, it's not you. It's just...

This trailer's fallin'
down around me.

Well, at least you're
not living with your mother.

Do your folks ever ask you
for money for some stupid ass shit

they dreamed up
that you think is crazy?

My family's not close.

You're lucky.

You need a Robertson's screwdriver.

How would you know
somethin' like that?

No daddy and a drunk mom.

All the fixin' fell to me.

Place would look good with a...
With a little work.

Who is this?


Well, I'm sorry, Mrs. Thornton,
but it is against bank policy

to extend a loan for an exorcism.

We both know what's goin' on here.

You won't give me a loan
'cause you're a bigot.

Many of our clients
are African-American.

You sayin' that
just proves my point.

I ain't talkin' about the
color of my skin, but you is.

Well, now that is
simply not the case.

We have recently accepted a client
who is a vampire-American.

I don't care who give loans
to if not Lettie Mae Thornton.

You are prejudiced against me
because I am a Christian.

What? No, I teach Sunday school.

Then you know what I'm talkin' about.
The whole world is against us.

They even try
and take away Christmas.

This is your chance to stop
that persecution in its tracks.

Show Jesus you have
a charitable nature.

A bank is not a charity.

Maybe Mister Gus just don't
like women, is that it?

No, what...

No. I mean, yes, I...

Then let's you and me
work somethin' out.

My landlord don't mind if a get
a little behind in my rent.

No, I think we need to
terminate this conversation.

There may be snow on the mountaintop,
but there's fire in the valley.

What the hell, Mama?

This white devil tried
to sexual harass me!

I'm gonna sue his narrow ass!

I assure you, ma'am.

What are you doin'?
Trying to borrow money,

'cause I got a daughter who want
me to live a demon inside of me!

Mama, there is no demon.
You just have an addiction.

I can feel it in me right now!
Nobody believes me!

I do not want to live
like this no more!

I can't!

I gotta go lay down.

That demon's gnawin'
at me somethin' awful.

You need to drink some water.

I'm paying you to cook,
not beat on customers.

I want a motherfucking raise.

I'll think about it, but 'til then,
no trouble. We're gettin' busy.

Tara called.
She ain't comin' in.


Hell, we're already
short a waitress.

Don't worry, Sam.
We'll make it work.

Well, goddamn.

Look at you. All pornalicious.

What kind of crazy mix you
done and got yourself into?

Can't I just be in a good mood
without it being a big deal?

It's a pretty night outside,

and I'm glad to be
enjoying it with my friends.

It's me.

Hey. Who's me?

Like you don't know.

- How's it goin'?
- Well, I'm at Merlotte's,

and I'm just waitin'
for you to come on down

and buy me a drink.

I ain't comin' to
Merlotte's tonight.

You ain't avoidin' me, are you?

'Cause that's shit's not gonna fly,
cowboy. Not after the other night.

Of course not.

It's just that I'm going into
Shreveport tonight, that's all.

Can I come?


I want to go to that vampire bar.
You know where it's at?

I may not know much, but I do know
better than to associate

myself with people
of low moral character.

- Oh, okay.
- I hope you enjoy spending

eternity in hell!

Will you run that to them crackers.

- Sure thing.
- Thank you so much.

Don't you look nice tonight.

- I love how you did your hair.
- Well, thank you.

Honey. That scarf is double cute.

There's something
different about you.

You need to tell me
what is goin' on.

Is it a man?

I'm not really comfortable
discussing my personal business.

Especially not here.

Everyone else's
personal life is open to you.

I forgive you 'cause I know
you can't help that,

but it does make being
your friend kinda lopsided.

Please tell me it was
Sam, not that vampire.

Yes, it was Bill.

And I think I might
be in love with him.

Don't tell anybody, okay?

Goddamn it!


Sook, order up.

Sookie has been with that vampire.

- That's just bar talk.
- She told me so herself.

Oh my Lord. Suppose
she gets pregnant.

How in the world can she
nurse a baby with fangs?

You just be her friend.
She need one now more than ever.

There you go. You're gonna
love that okra special.

It's so fresh, it'll hop
right off your plate.

Don't go anywhere. I need two Bud.

You keep your hands
to yourself, Sam Merlotte.

- You have no right to touch me.
- You're a damn fool, you know that?

What I do on my own time
is no concern of yours.

Or any of y'all's.

Yes, I had sex with Bill,

and since every one of y'all's
too chicken to ask, it was great.

I enjoyed every second of it.

And if you don't like that,
you can just fire me!

Your mama know you're
out in the big city?

- Well, my mama's dead.
- So am I.

Let me see some ID.

Jason Stackhouse from Bon Temps?

- You related to Sookie by any chance?
- Yeah. She's my sister.

Well, how do you know her?

She stands out. Do you?


In other ways.

- Why are you here?
- Why?

Well, you know, I was...
I heard it was cool.

I wanted to check it out,
see what's up.

I'm one of those
open-minded kind of guys.

Tell me why you came here.

I want some vampire blood.

What time do you get off work?

You came for my blood?

Yes, you're right.

You're nothing like your sister.

Go on in.

And good luck gettin' out.

I don't keep cash in the house.

I'm not here for money.

I'm here for Sookie.

Damn. I'm gettin'
eaten alive out here.

You want to meet the devil,
wait at the crossroad.

That was a mile back.

For Miss Jeanette, you gotta
go past where the devil's at.

That is the biggest load
of bullshit I ever heard.

You're gettin' as bad off
as Lafayette and his juju.

My poor sister. I pity havin' to raise
a sexual devia.

That runs in families,
you know, like demons.

You showed up.

I figured that demon
of yours wouldn't let'cha.

You must be Tara.

I'm Miss Jeanette.

You ready?

Fully prepared body and
soul for this exorcism?

I didn't eat anything
all day, like you said.

Have you made your peace?

Is it gonna hurt?

Of course it's gonna hurt.

It's like childbirth.

Except the demon
don't want to come out,

and it ain't your body
that could get ripped up.

It's your soul.

In olden days, folks paid my grandmama
using tobacco and livestock.

But today it's cash.

In advance.

That demon will not
inhabit you after tonight.

Let's get this shit over with.

Lettie Mae, you're gonna
need to undress now.

It felt like...

Itfelt like every single care

or worry or sadness
I ever had was just

flowing out of me into him.

And, yeah, that hurt at first, but

then when I relaxed,
didn't hurt at all.

I was always too scared
to let 'em bite me.

I don't know, Sook,
I just think that

when there's blood involved,
a line been crossed.

Oh, I definitely crossed a line,
but I'm glad I did.

Well, you go ahead on
cookin' with your bad ass.

Good for you.

It ain't possible to live
unless you crossin' somebody's line.


Excuse me.

May I take a picture of you?

You may.

No pictures.

- He said I could take it.
- I did not say you could keep it.

Pretty good dancer.

Can I get you another?

But I will have somethin' stronger.

Not Tru-Blood, but really strong.
You know what I'm sayin'?

We've got Kentucky
straight bourbon, whiskey.

Hundred proof. It'll turn the
lining right off your stomach.

Uh, yeah. Somethin'
stronger than that.

But you know, a different color?

Just tell me what the
fuck you want, little boy.

Somethin' closer to
the color of the walls.

- There you are, hon.
- You know what I'm sayin'.

- Come sit.
- Hang on.

- Why don't you hold on a minute?
- I know what you're looking for.

- Come into...
- Goddamn.

- It's hotter than hell in here.
- No, it's an icebox.

You're sweating for another reason.

- I could use some V.
- Hey, V-Eight.

I don't think that
they serve that here.

- Why the fuck would I want V-Eight?
- Hey, shut up.

Listen, they can hear really well.
Alright, so let's talk about it later.

Alright? Let's get out of here
before you get us both killed.

I ain't goin' nowhere
until I get what I came for.

Purse? Let's do it.

What kind of stupid bitch would
go and do something like that?

Something like what, Royce?

- Fuck a vampire.
- Fuck a vampire?

Hell, no. I like my meat alive.

Well, hey there, sugar.

- Get us three Tru-Bloods.
- Y'all need to go somewhere else.

This is a family place.
Locals only.

We just closed
on a place up the road,

so that makes us official
citizens of Renard Parish.

- We're the new locals.
- My place, my rules.

Discrimination against vampires

is punishable by law in
the great State of Louisiana.

Personally, I don't give a fuck,

but I am thirsty.

You are not welcome here.

That shit only works
in a private home.

How nice to see you again, Sookie.

You are looking
delectable as always.

- You know them?
- We've met.

It looks like little Miss Holdout
has given up the goods.


Did he leave enough
for the rest of us?

I am his.

Well, he is not here, is he?

And while Bill's away,

Malcolm will always play.

Don't you think for one second
I'd ever have anything to do with you.

You were trash while you were alive,
and now you're just dead trash.

I'm gonna drain you so slowly,
you're gonna beg me to kill you.

Jihad this, motherfucker!

- You are a dead man.
- Maybe.

But I'm gonna take
one of y'all with me.

I'm gonna reach down your throat
and yank you inside out by your dick.

Please leave him alone!

Stop this!


You're here for me, not them.

We had to get your attention,
and I do believe it worked.

What do you want?

You never call me back.

Now, if I remembered
what feelings were, mine might be hurt.

Join our nest, Bill.

Forget these blood sacks.

Mainstreamin's for pussies.

Let's party like we used to, huh?

We used to have so much fun.


- Let's go.
- Bill, what are you doin'?

- I should be with my own.
- But you're not like them.

You're better than they'll ever be.

I am not human, Sookie.

I am vampire.

Well, that ain't right, him
comin' in here like that.

Ain't right them things even exist.

Well, it is a full moon tonight.

Let's take the V
and go to a roadhouse.

Not so fast, dude.

The setting is crucial.

You know, just breathe deep.
Think about something that you like.

Sunrise on the Gulf.

- I never get up that early.
- Well,

something beautiful then.

You know, whatever you think
is relaxing and nice.

How about you?

I'm Amy Burley.

Pleased to meet you.

- Where you from?
- Storrs, Connecticut originally.

You know,
I knew that you'd drive a truck.

- I knew it. I bet you work outside.
- Maybe.

Or maybe I run a store at the mall.

Really, I'm a doctor.

- What's your specialty?
- Legs.

I'm a leg doctor.

Doc, I love this truck.

I do. It's authentic.
You know, it's how a truck should be.

None of that stupid extended cab,

four wheel drive just to go
to the mall crap.

How much V you got?

How far to your place?

Get in.

- Where'd you learn how to do this?
- I learned from my mama.

And she learned from hers and so on,

going back a thousand years.

Now, we're gonna lure this demon out

- and then...
- Lure it out?

With a bunch of rocks?

Don't you need a Ouija board
and some chicken bones?

- Shut up.
- It's my money.

- But it's my demon.
- Look!

I know you love your daughter.

And I know you love your mama,

or else you wouldn't be here.

But this is a serious situation

for all of us.

Demons can kill.

And this one will given
half a chance.

Y'all need to calm down.

The sacred crone-stone.

It's been in my family since Africa.

My generation was twelve kids,

but the stone chose me.

You ain't puttin' that thing
on my mama.

Soon as that demon
leaves your mother,

it'll be lookin' for
a new place to stay.

Come on.
We all gonna have to be still.

Don't even breathe.

Let it find the possum.

"Sing a crone-stone song.

"Sing what land made me.

"Dream tinker is my drum.

"I hold the power

"of the stone,

"the water,

"the leaf,

"the dirt.

"Stone, water, leaf, dirt.

"Sing a demon song.

"Sing the night made you.

"Dark and wet.

"Hungry and cold.

"Trapped in darkness forever,

"lonely for the light.

"You are safe here.

"Safe and welcome.

"Safe and welcome.

"By the power of the stone,
I bid you depart

"and join the world of light!"

I froze up.

I let everybody down.
I didn't do nothin'.

This ain't Baghdad, Terry.

It's Merlotte's, okay?

Ain't nothin' anybody coulda' done.

I'm supposed to.

I know where that house
they bought is at.

About four miles away,

right at the edge of town.

It'd be easy to sneak up on 'em.

If you think you can sneak up
on a vampire,

then y'all are dumber in the head
than a hog is in the butt.

Fuckin' a vampire
don't make you no expert.

You're contaminated
from normal people.

What would you know
about normal people?

I know they don't fuck dead things.

You mess with Bill Compton.

I promise, you will be a dead thing.

We gotta do somethin'.
These rednecks are gettin' riled up.

They're talkin' about going
after the vampires.

- That's not my problem.
- I hope they kill 'em all.

- Bill is not like them.
- He went with 'em.

- To get them away from here.
- Doesn't matter.

- He belongs with his own kind.
- My God, are you listening to yourself?

Whatever goes on between you
and him's your business,

but I do not want him in my bar.

Weren't for little Stackhouse bitch,

there wouldn't be no vampires
comin' around here at all.

Round 'em all up at daybreak
and shoot the sunlight into 'em.

I went to Wellesley.

I was supposed to do pre-law but I said
screw it, I studied philosophy instead

and that pissed
the parental units off big time,

as if the meaning
of life's just irrelevant, right?

I got two years
at Vo-Tech studyin'...

landscape technology.

I couldn't take anymore
of that artificial lockjaw lifestyle,

- so hit the road.
- Lockjaw?

Like rabies?

No, it's talking with your teeth
clenched together

so you don't get lines in your face.

"Amy, please tell me
you're not having sex

with that disgusting man. "

People who talk that way
don't want anyone to know

- they got their teeth knocked out.
- Where are your CD's?

- They're over there.
- Where's the V at?

I love your place, man.
It's very unselfconscious.

- So off the grid.
- It was my parents house.

Haven't really done much
with the place since they passed.

That's even better.

I mean, this place goes back
to like a more legitimate time,

you know, before everything
got totally out of whack.

Your parents are part of Gaia.

You know what Gaia is,
right? Theory of Gaia?

The Earth is a living organism.

Makes weather, which is good for us.

Plants give us the chemicals we need.
Everything is connected.

But you know that.

I don't like how they keep

taking stuff away.
Like Pluto's not a planet anymore

and a brontosaurus
stopped being a dinosaur.

You can't say somethin' stopped being
what it's always been.

- Do you live by yourself?
- Yeah.

Come on, let's do the V's.

Slow down, baby.

Do you even know how
this stuff works?

It's blood. It carries
oxygen to our organs, right?

And that's what makes them function.
So it keeps us goin'.

It's like gas in a car engine.


they don't need oxygen. Everything
just runs directly off the blood.

Ah, like those cars
that run on corn.

I've had this blood for like

forever, so

we're gonna need to take some steps
to keep it from coagulating.




We'll get the full effect faster

and more intense.

You just know

this is what Holy Communion
is symbolic of.

This is the real deal here.

None of that

lame ass empty ritual.

This is nature's greatest gift.

- I thought they'd get all mushy.
- See, the V adapts.

It wants to be in us.

We honor Gaia

and seek the deepest
relationship to her.

Me too.

And Pluto can start being
a planet again,

connected to stuff.

By taking the blood of
the night into our bodies,

we water the flowers of our souls.

Nothing is real.

Everything is permitted.

Damn it, Bill.

Please pick up.

- Bill Compton.
- To leave a voice message,

press 1 or just wait for the tone.

Bill, this is
the third time I've called.

A lynch mob is going
after those vampires.

You gotta get outa there.
Call me back now.

When you finish recording,
you may hang up

or press pound for more options.

I know, right.

I can't believe I spent 400 dollars
to watch you drown a damn possum.

You better not have done
anything bad to my mama.

Is my demon gone forever?

That one is.

- I got another one?
- No.

You belong to yourself now.

But we're gonna have to do
somethin' about your daughter.

You ain't gonna do nothin' for me.

Your demon

isn't the same kind
as your mother's,

but it's definitely living in you.

Now you think I got
a motherfuckin' demon?

Bitch, you as fucked up as your bus.

That's that demon talkin' right now.

And deep down inside,
you know it's true.

No, I do not.

I can help you.

I don't want help.

I don't need it,
and I sure as hell can't afford it.

Do you have many friends?

Do you have trouble keeping a job?

You have your own place?

You have a boyfriend?

How long have you ever been
with the same man?

Find me when you're ready.

Let's go. Come on, Mama.

- What are you doin'?
- Turning this shit into napalm.

I ain't taking no chances.

Alright, boys.
I'm gonna take the front porch.

You go around back
to the back windows.

Which windows?

- Don't matter, fucktard.
- You'll fuckin' spill it.

You wait 'til you hear me
break the glass.


Go! Go!

Hurry up!

Go! Go!

Stop running, dipshit!

Bet you didn't do
much fishin' in Iraq.

No fish in the sandbox.

No wonder
they're so pissed off at us.

We got channel cats
and Shreveport poontang.

I missed this.

Gettin' up before dawn
like when we were kids,

watch the sun comin' up.

That was Sam Merlotte.

I done that before.

Where the fuck was he goin'?

Where has he been?

Nobody cares.

Detective Bellefleur.


B.T.P.D, what's goin' on.

As soon as we complete our portion,

you can get in there
and start investigatin'.

It's probably Arson,
and I'll say that.

Now we know one way
to get rid of 'em.

Excuse me.

Special of the day,
country fried vampire.

This'll take the heat off of them having
to find out who's killing those women.

Is Bill in there?

No way of knowin'.

They're awful messy,
but there was four of 'em.