True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 5 - Sparks Fly Out - full transcript

After their encounter with the racist policeman, Sookie tells Bill that she won't be seeing him anymore. The next day, Bill keeps his promise to Sookie's grandmother, Adele 'Gran' Stackhouse, to speak at the monthly meeting of the Descendents of the Glorious Dead. Bill becomes very popular when he reminiscences about the Civil War and the Mayor gives him an old photo he found in the archives. Bill also recalls the circumstances of how he became a vampire. Meanwhile, Sam asks Sookie out on a date, but things don't go as he planned for she tells him that she is not ready to commit. A little later, Sookie is shocked by what she finds when she gets home. Elsewhere, Jason gets more vampire blood from Lafayette, and he also takes an interest in Tara after he hears she has a thing for him. But Jason instead sets his sights on a local woman, named Randi Sue, as his latest sexual conquest.

We've had a difficult relationship
with law enforcement for many years.

The man provoked me.

- I could've done much worse.
- I'm sure you could have.

And if I wasn't there,
you probably would've killed that man.

- Hardly.
- Would you have bit him?

See? That's just crazy.

You would've fed on him then tossed him
aside like and old chicken bone.

And don't tell me
that's what vampires do.

I'm doing my best to mainstream.

Suckin' the blood from a police officer
is not mainstreaming.

Neither is hosting orgies
or listening to crazy Chinese gargling.

- It's Tuvan throat singin'.
- Whatever.

Tuvan? I don't even know
where that is.

You cannot be frightened of everything
you don't know in this world.

Well, my world's
openin' up mighty fast.

And what I got here may be boring,
but it's safe.

And after the past
couple of nights,

safe sounds pretty good about now.

No, thank you.

I can get this door myself.

I won't call on you again.

Synchro : Arrow et mpm

Stupid... fuckin'... bitch.

Bring it on, hooker.
I was all-parish in high school.

Boy, I knew there was
some stupid genes in our family,

but you must've gotten 'em all.
When did you start dealin' V?

- You want some? You can use it.
- You makin' jokes about it?

You gonna get killed,
you dumb motherfucker.

Is this 'cause I'm sellin' V
or 'cause I sold it to your sweet Jason?

Givin' vampire blood to Jason
is like givin' Ho Hos to a diabetic.

- You know he can't control himself.
- I was very clear on how to use it.

It ain't my fault
he didn't listen.

I had to take him
to the ER.

They drained his penis
with a needle the size of an ice pick.


It was the most disturbing shit
I've ever seen in my entire life,

and I have seen
some pretty disturbing shit.

He suffered, Lafayette.

Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I...

I'll go and check in
on him in the mornin'.

And I know he mean
a lot to you and everything,

but how is comin' up
in my joint at 3 a.m.

throwin' my shit around
gonna make anything better?

It makes me feel better.


Shame on you, Adele Stackhouse.

- Shame on you.
- Who is this?

A vampire is a perversion
of humanity.

And you, vampire lover, are perverting
our community by bringing one{\ into the open}.

I suggest that you hear what he has
to say before you take to lynchin' him.

I don't care what sort of wretches
you keep in your own home,

but when you bring freaks
and abominations into our churches

in front of our children,
you will...

Well, I will be at the church early

if you would like
to stop by and say hi.

Mr. Compton's talk starts at 8.

You will go to hell for this.

All right, same to you.
Bye, now.

Phone's been ringing
early today.

Everyone is excited about meeting
the town vampire tonight.

I didn't hear you come in last night.
You went to bed early.

You didn't want to hear me come in.

I just thought I would give you two
a little privacy is all.

Am I really that much
of a lost cause,

you gotta pin all your hopes
for me on a vampire?

But he seems like a very nice man.

- Well, he's not.
- He's not nice?

Or a man.

Oh, goodness,
did you two have a fight?


I don't think Bill and I
have very much in common.

He doesn't think like we do,
he doesn't feel the way we do,

if he feels at all.

Well, I know that if I had
a chance to know somebody

who'd experienced
the world differently,

I'd see it as a blessing
and not something to be scared of.

Or hate.

I don't hate him.

I just don't want
to be his girlfriend.

The phone's ringin'.

Michelle will pick it up.

- Damn.
- Yeah. Just like that.

And no anesthesia either.

First, I get hauled in
by the cops,

then I gotta let
a dude drain my Johnston.

That's a fuck of the day.

Sounds like it.

You didn't tell nobody
where you get the V at, did you?

Do I look stupid?

I didn't even let on
I was takin' anything.

- You're my dog.
- I love you right back.

But listen, you gotta stop
sellin' V, man.

It fucks people up.

I mean, shit,
now Sheriff Dearborne thinks

I'm some kind
of sex maniac.

And hell if know how I'll ever,

ever be able to look
Tara in the face again.

Well, she'll get over it.

The girl's been lost in love
with you since she was 8.

- No shit?
- No shit.

Oh, man.
That's even worse.

I had no idea.

My life sucks so much ass.

And it's all because
of your fuckin' V.

Listen, don't blame the Ferrari
just 'cause your ass can't drive.

You're gonna have to learn
how to ride the high, boyfriend.

Fuck that,
I am done with V.

Go fuck some other people up
with that shit. You broke me.

No, man.

If you can learn to control it,

V will open up your mind
to everything you missin' around you.

That's what's gonna snap you
out of all this shit.

More V?

If done right.

I got some in my car...

if you want me to show you.

Now, I ain't showin' you
no whole vial

till you learn
how to use this shit right.

You get me?


is the life force
of a vampire.

They're just blood
in a skin casing.

Ain't a whole lot different between
a vampire and a boudin sausage except...

for the blood.

Our blood sustains life,
this blood...

is life.

One drop,

that's all you need.
Can't be greedy.

Billions of molecules of pure,

undiluted, 24 karat life.

You take this in and you take in
a piece of the vampire it came from.

The trick is,

you have to let it take you deep.

Follow it.

Soak it in.

What kind of vampire is that?

He's new.

So the blood
is still a little wild.

I can feel him in my muscles

making me strong.

But you might get
another side of him.

The same V could affect you
in a whole other way.

But I guarantee you'll see
the world with new eyes.

Christ, I can't believe
I'm doin' this again.

Oh, no, man.

You're doin' it
for the first time.

That vampire Bill would get
a rise out of that.

You'll have to ask him yourself.

Vamp club not all
it was made out to be, huh?

A lot of freaks,
I hear.

And people from Arkansas.

It was fine.

So what, then? Did that vampire
get all handsy with you?

I can take care of myself.

I won't be goin' out with him again.

Okay, that place was kinda freaky,

but how are you ever gonna know
until you go see for yourself.

I said my piece yesterday.

I'm sorry it didn't
turn out like you'd hoped,

but better it happens now
than before you end up hurt, or dead.

I hope you're not too flipped out

to miss the Descendants
of the Glorious Dead tonight.

No, I gotta go.
Gran spent all week on it.

Good, 'cause,

I was gonna ask
if you wanna go with me.

Maybe we'll go grab a cup
of coffee or somethin' after.

Are you askin' me out?

Yeah, I am.
That's pretty much how I do it.

Sometimes they even say yes.

- Everyone's lookin' at us.
- I know, you better say yes.


Why not?


Eyes back on your food, people.

Sorry about that.
They were all kind of watery.

No sweat.
Love is in the air, huh?

- I guess.
- Even that brother of yours.

He gettin' serious with Tara?

Tara who?

- I thought you knew.
- If there was any truth to it, I would.

There you go, right there.
I knew it.

Tara ain't bangin' Stackhouse.
Bitch lied to me.

- Watch your mouth, Andy Bellefleur.
- Didn't say anything.

I know I didn't say anything,
but I did think it.

And you heard it, that means it's true.
You can hear what people think.

Let me get you a refill
on that tea.

I need a sweet tea.

Tara here yet?

She just came in.
She's in the ladies' room.

Why didn't you tell me
you were goin' out with Sam?

Because it just happened.
And how did you know?

Arlene, she works fast.

Alls he did was ask me
to the DGD tonight.

It's in a church
for cryin' out loud.

And why shouldn't I? He's perfectly
nice, and he's got a good job,

and he's not a vampire, and...
Why do I have to justify?

I'm entitled to know
what my girl's up to, ain't I?

Yeah, about that.

Why does Andy Bellefleur think
you're seein' my brother?

I went down to the sheriff's
and gave Jason an alibi.

What'd you do that for?

Because I know he's innocent
and so do you.

And we both know the more time
he spends with the police

the more he's gonna talk
himself into trouble.

Is there something' else
you're not tellin' me?

What are you doing?

Not every detail of everyone's
personal life is your business, okay?

Keep that girl away from me.

Is everything okay?

Hey, you know,
now that I think of it,

my brother and Tara have kind
of been sneakin' around lately.

It's a shame they feel
they gotta keep it quiet.

She must think I'm an idiot,
like I don't know now

she's coverin' for him too.
Shit, don't look her in the eye.

If you're gonna accuse me of lyin',

be a man and say it
out loud, for Pete's sake.

Either way, I'm gonna hear you
whether you look me in the eye or not.

Let's face it, there's not
a whole lot of ideas in there.

Like mice in a cage.

I know you're graspin' at straws,

but don't drag
my brother down with you.

Here you go.

Momma, what are you doin'?

- Help Momma get this thing down.
- Get it...?

Our guest of honor is a vampire.

Adele Plumb forgot that little fact
when she booked the church for tonight.

What do you think's gonna happen
when he comes out and sees a giant cross?

- I don't know.
- Well, I don't either.

But if he sizzles up like fatback bacon
in front of everybody,

there's not gonna be much
of a meetin', now, is there?

Now come on,
make yourself useful.

Quit jerkin' on it.

Hi, there, munchkins.

I reckon you're
the youngest history buffs

we've had at the DGD.

Yeah, well, they wouldn't
stay home for nothin'.

The minute they heard
a vampire, they had to come.

Well, hello there, Mayor Norris

Evening, Adele.

Quite a turn out.
Isn't it?

Good thing Myra made
extra ambrosia.

Andy Bellefleur will like that.
He's with the Dearbornes.

Look, Lord know why Bud insisted
on wearing his uniform.

Is our vampire friend here?

In the kitchen waitin'.

I left him with a bottle
of that Tru Blood they like.

Do you think we've taken
enough precautions?

Against what?

Well, to make sure
everybody's safe.

Ordinarily I wouldn't pay no mind,

but there's young folks here.

Sterling, we don't have
anything to be frightened of,

Mr. Compton is a perfect gentleman.

Frankly I am more worried
about what we might do to him.


this ain't gonna budge
without a jackhammer or a blowtorch.

Get down from there,
I got a better idea.

- Gran, look at all the people.
- Isn't it exciting?

Well, Sam Merlotte,
what a nice surprise.

When She told me
she was comin' here alone

I thought it would be a shame
if she came without an escort.

- How very gentlemanly of you.
- Okay, we're sittin' down now.

Hey, girl.

Can we join you?

Hi, Tara.

Sure, come on in.

Could always use
more white people.

If you can learn to control it,
V will open up your mind

to everything
you missin' around you.

There's nothing
but old people.

Man, I thought we were here
for a vampire, not zombies.

Yeah, more like descendants
of the walking dead.

You assholes didn't leave
the shit in the pick 'em up, did you?

Mind if I sit with you?

Sure, have a seat.

Hey, guys.

- How you feelin'?
- Oh, strong.


Hey, sit back.

It's okay, relax.

I thought I was relaxed.

I don't think you know how.


It certainly is a pleasure

to see so many new faces
here this month.

But Mayor Norris assures me
that there will be enough ambrosia

and tipsy cake for everyone.


our guest tonight
is a gentleman who,

despite what you might
have heard, is one of us.

His family was among
the first to settle in Bon Temps

and he bravely fought for Louisiana,

in the war
for Southern independence.

Let us welcome one of the original
sons of Bon Temps back to the town

that he helped build.

I give you First Lieutenant,

William Thomas Compton.

Thank you, Mrs. Stackhouse.

If you'll pardon me
for a moment.

As a patriot of this great nation,

I wouldn't dream of putting
myself before Old Glory.

As you can see,
I did not burst into flames.

We vampires are not
minions of the devil.

We can stand before a cross,

or a bible,

or in a church,

just as readily
as any other creature of God.

How was I supposed to know?

I am honored to stand
before you tonight.

Vampires have traditionally
been very private,

perhaps to our detriment.

But I believe,
if we reach out to one another,

that we can coexist,

and even thrive together.

I served in the 28th Louisiana infantry.

Formed in Monroe in 1862,

under Colonel Henry Gray.

It was there that we learned
the value of human life,

and the ease with which
it can be extinguished.

That son of buck's been
killin' since the 1860s.

- Why stop now?
- That don't prove anything.

My cousin Terry killed
20 Iraqis in Fallujah.

You sayin' we should lock him up?

Your cousin Terry
should be locked up.

Uneducated as we were,
we knew little of the political

or ideological conflicts
that had lead to this point.

Momma, he's so white.

No, darlin', we're white.
He's dead.

...but goin' to war
was not a choice for us.

We believed to a man,

that we had a calling to fulfill.

A destiny handed down
to us from above.

God forbid should any of our men
become wounded or injured.

Often the only recourse
for a serious injury

was amputation.

More times than I care
to remember, I had to hold down

one of my fellow soldiers
while the medic took

a saw to his arm or leg.

We had no anesthesia at the time.
Apart from a bit of whiskey.

Load it up.

It often seemed that the man
bein' operated upon

suffered more from his surgery
than he did from his original wound.

Even if he survived
the amputation,

the chance of subsequent
infection was high.


Keep it down.

In the winter months,
the nights could grow bitter cold.

My great grandfather
was in the 28th.

I wonder if you might
have known him.

His name was
Tolliver Humphries.

Tolliver Humphries?

I knew him very well.

We fought together.

Tolliver Humphries
was my friend.

He was a brave man,
perhaps to a fault.

I dare say it contributed
to his death.

What happened?

- Were you there?
- I was.

We were about 20 miles north
of where I stand now.

The Federals outnumbered us

and they had better
firepower as well.

We'd spent much of the afternoon
recovering the bodies of those we'd lost.

Help me, please!

There was a boy
in our troupe...

No more than 13 or 14.

Who lay wounded in the middle
of a field under poor cover.

He called to us all day.

He begged us to help him.

He knew he would die
if we didn't.

I admit I considered
shootin' the boy myself

just to shut him up.

But Tolliver convinced me
that would be an act of murder, not war.

Hold your fire!

He told me God wanted him
to rescue that boy.

I'll go get him.

I pleaded with him not to go.

To think of his wife
and children back home.

He ran into that field
like it was a cool spring day.


They shot him
just as he reached the boy.

It was obvious to us
that he was beyond help.

And then,
after a while,

the boy started screamin' again.

What happened
to the boy?

He lived.

He survived the day,

and then under cover
of darkness

we retrieved him
later that night,

along with the body
of Tolliver Humphries.

But it seems
that Tolliver was right.

God did look after
his descendants.

Mayor Norris.

I've been digging
in the archives this week...

and I found this old tintype.

The inscription
on the back says,

"Mr. W.T. Compton"

"and family."

Can you tell us
if this is a picture of you?


This is a remarkable photograph.

I remember the day we gathered
to have this taken.

When was the last time
you were with them?

When I went to war in 1862.


My human life ended before I had
a chance to come back home.

But you became a...

A vampire after that, right?

Couldn't you go back
to your family then?

No, that wouldn't
have been possible.

I apologize.

This is not a subject I'm very
comfortable speaking about.

But thank you
for the photograph, mayor.

Brings back many memories for me.

Any other questions?

Thanks for coming, dear.

They don't understand, man.

None of them
will ever understand.

You stay sharp, brother.

All right.

Could I...?

Would it be possible
to take a picture with you?

Of course.

You won't vanish in the photo?

That's just a myth. And it's one
I'd be happy to disprove.

Come around.

All right.

- Here you are.
- Thanks so much.

- Great job tonight.
- Wasn't he just marvelous?

Yeah, that was...
That was quite a show.

Billy, you remember Sam,

Yes, you're Sookie's employer.

- Not when we're off-duty.
- No, legally you still are.

Well, I just wanted
to congratulate you.

Seems like you've won
everybody over.

Well, some, I hope.

Well, we better get going.

We're gonna grab a cup of coffee
before we call it a night.


Sounds delightful.

Good night, Gran.
I'll see ya later.

He seems nice.


this place is crawling with hot chicks

and we're just sitting here like
our balls are stuck together.

Don't look at me.
My ch?re is right there.

You want a girl so bad,
you get one yourself. You...

Want another round?

Maybe we should order up
a couple of those Tru Blood's.

After meeting at vampire tonight,
don't you wanna try it

and see what it's like?

I go to the dog races.
You see me eating Alpo?

I just thought
he was pretty cool, was all.

Another Dixie Draft?

Dixie Draft.

Yup, I'll get it.

I love you guys.

I know.

Another Dixie Draft?

You feel that?

Every hair on your arm
shooting sparks into my hand.

You know those electric fences
they use to pen horses?

It feels like
I just pissed on one.

Oh, my God, you are still high.
I'm gonna kill Lafayette.

No, don't.

I'm not high.

Okay, I am high. But that don't mean
that what I'm feeling ain't real.

For the first time,
I can see clear.

All these years, I was blinded
by the bullshit that keeps people apart.

It's you, Tara.

- It's been you all along.
- Who you think you're talking to?

I've known you
since I was 6 years old.

And it's taken me
all this time to admit it.

Come here.

This bar might be full

with beautiful women,

but you're the one who took care
of me when I needed it.

You showed me love, Tara.

And that's the most beautiful
thing of all.

Come to me when you're sober.

Then we can talk serious.

Just give me a chance,
I'll prove it to you.

Everything I'm feeling

I want to feel it with you.

One chance.

That's all I'm asking.

Last bite's yours.

No, you go ahead.

Here, we'll split it.

Well, I guess you saw this
comin', huh?

What? Tonight?

What makes you say that?

Well, I said you could listen in,

hear what I'm thinking if you
wanted. You ever tried?

No, I have, and to be honest,

it's a little weird.

You don't think
the way others do.

Most people, it's whole
sentences or images.

With you, sometimes
there's words,

but other times,
I just get these sounds.

Like, waves of emotions.

- I guess I'm just a freak.
- I was gonna say mysterious.

How come nobody knows anything
about you?

I never hear you talk about
where you're from, or

your family, or anything.

Place I'm from, the people who raised me
got nothing to do with who I am.

And I ended up pretty much
raising myself.

Is that why you spend
so much time alone?

I think that's {\just}
'cause I don't like people.

Come on, no one goes and opens a bar
if they don't like people.

Maybe I wanted to meet
some pretty waitresses.

Too bad you got yourself a couple
of crazy ones in the bargain.

There's nothing wrong
with you.

I can't understand why you'd wanna fix
or change or hide anything.

I wouldn't want you
any other way.

You're just trying
to get on my good side.

How am I doing?

Finish it.

That's yours.

- Is there a problem with my burger?
- Just a couple of drunk rednecks,

that's all.

What's their problem?

Oh, come on, now.
It's not worth it.

What did they say?

He said

- the burger...
- What did they say, Arlene?

He said the burger
might have AIDS.

Oh, fudge.

Excuse me.

Who ordered the hamburger

with AIDS?

I ordered the hamburger deluxe.

In this restaurant,
a hamburger deluxe

come with french fries,
lettuce, tomato, mayo,

and AIDS!

Do anybody got a problem with that?

I'm an American.

And I got a say
in who makes my food.

Baby, it's too late for that.

Faggots been breeding your cows, raising
your chicken, even brewing your beer

long before I walked my sexy ass
up in this motherfucker.

Everything on your goddamn table
got AIDS.

You still ain't makin' me eat
no AIDS burger.

Well, all you gotta do is say
"hold the AIDS."


Eat it.

Bitch, you come in my house, you gonna
eat my food the way I fucking make it!

Do you understand me?

Tip your waitress.

I for one am thankful
you can't hear all my thoughts.

- Why's that?
- 'Cause then you'd know what's comin'.

You okay?
Are we going too fast?

- Maybe.
- I don't wanna make you do anything

- you don't want to do.
- No, I do,

I do, I do. Trust me.

I want to.

It's just

kind of... too much right now,
and a little too soon since...

Since what?

- Oh, goddamn it, Sookie.
- I'm sorry.

I'm not used to this.

Should never have gone
to see that damn vampire.

It's not him. Just stop it.

I just can't go jumping from kissing
one man to the next so quickly.

- You kissed him?
- That's none of your business.

- What else did you do?
- That's really none of your business.

Is this a contest for you?
Whatever he did, you have to top it?

- Come on, be fair.
- You know what's unfair,

is you waiting for someone else shows an
interest before you decide to kiss me.

You have no future
with a vampire.

They don't die. I've got nothing
but a future with one.

Just like Dawn had a future?
Like Maudette Pickens had a future?

Bill did not kill those women.

{\Listen,}There's nothing that I will not do
to keep that thing from hurting you.

They're not like us.
They could turn on you.

And people can't?

You're doing pretty good right now.

All right,
I think I best take you home.

You go ahead.

- I'll call a cab.
- For crying out loud, don't be

stupid, Sookie. Get in.

Excuse me.

Whip! Whip!

What you doing, baby?

You know, keeping it real.

- Partyin'.
- Me too.

I'm celebratin'.

- What's the occasion?
- My divorce went through today.

That's great.

He was a jerk.

He shot my car.

- Sorry to hear that.
- Yeah?

It's like watching
Animal Planet, yeah?

Any second, she gonna bite
his head off, I swear.


you wanna help me
forget all about him?

She asked me
to come home with her.

- So, what are you doing here, you?
- I said I'd think about it.

Yeah, you a lost cause.

What? I just didn't feel that...
that spark.

Another Dixie Draft.

Tru Blood, O-negative.

No refunds on that, Hoyt.

It's... It's hot.

That's the way it's served: 98.6.

That shit is nasty.

Yeah, what'd you expect?
This bullshit is like blood.

I thought it was supposed to be
some sort of life-force or something.

Tru Blood don't do nothing.

The real life-force... is V.

Vampire blood. It's illegal.

All our blood
belongs to the universe.

They take some from us,
we take a little from them.

I just say no to drugs, merci.

It might give you the will
to seal the deal with that girl.

Only thing holding you back,

is you.

Ah, shit.


What do you see, son?

Mr. Compton?
I'm Bud Dearborne.

Sheriff of Renard Parish.

This here's Detective
Andy Bellefleur.

What can I do
for you gentlemen?

We'd like to ask you a few questions
pertaining to an investigation,

- if you don't mind.
- Of course.

Won't you come on in?

In to the house?


make yourselves at home.

May I offer you a drink?

- No, thank you.
- I have Frescas.

You do?

For guests.

Well, I'll have a Fresca.

- What the hell are you doing?
- He offered.

He's a suspect.

Maybe to you.
We got no evidence.

He's a vampire.

It's a toaster.

For bread.

You put the slices in the end
and then you cook them over the hearth.

I don't use it anymore,
as I no longer eat.

You said you had
some questions for me.

We're investigating a couple
of homicides that took place locally

- in the past week.
- I've heard.

We're you familiar
with either of the victims?

Maudette Pickens or Dawn Green?

Miss Pickens, no,

but Miss Green,

I believe she worked
over at Sam Merlotte's place.

We never spoke, but I saw her.

Were you aware that both had
sexual contact with vampires?

I was not.

But it's more common
than you would think.

You have anybody that can vouch
for your whereabouts

on the night of the 23rd and 27th?

Tell me sheriff,

were either of these
unfortunate women

exsanguinated when you found them?

Drained of their blood?

If you don't mind my asking.

That's not information
we're at liberty to share.

Because a fresh corpse...

full of blood...

Detective, that's something
no vampire could resist.

I dare say, not even I.

Goof thing you weren't there.

And nor was any other vampire.

A vampire would have drained
those girls of every last drop.

How's your Fresca?

It's a little warm.

I apologize.

I don't own a refrigerator.

Oh, shoot.
I think I forgot my pen.

Leave it.

Is there anyone inside?

I require help.

I'm a soldier of the 28th
Louisiana Infantry.

I require food and water.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Do not move.

I will shoot you.

I wasn't... even aware
we surrendered.

Word came two weeks ago.

Yeah. We disbanded immediately.

Most of the men
marched back to Monroe,

but I chose to take
a shortcut home by...

By way of these trails.

I overestimated my knowledge
of the land.

You're not far off.

A lake is 10 miles
southwest of here,

Bon Temps is 10 miles south of that.

My husband was
in the 13th Infantry,

under Colonel Gibson.

He fought at Shiloh.

He used to write to me
every few weeks,

but I haven't heard from him
in nearly seven months.

Many of the postal routes
have been disrupted.

I'm sure your letter
simply got lost.

That's kind of you.

But I've considered myself
a widow for some time now.

Still have

quite a lot of blood on you.

You're a lucky man, lieutenant.

I doubt you would've survived
another day without food.

I'm in debt to you
for taking pity on me.

I think,

for your sake,

you best spend the night here...

with me.

I'm sorry.

I apologize if I misled you,

but I have a wife and two
small children waiting for me.

And if Bon Temps is as close
as you say it is,

then I'll see them soon,
and I do not wish to sully our reunion.

You are an honorable man.

The others have not always been so.

There's been others?

From time to time.

Deserters, mostly.

I offered them a crust of bread
and a place to rest,

and they help appease
my loneliness.

It may not be moral, lieutenant,

but these are times of war.

I do not judge you.

Your choices are your own,
as are mine.

I wish to continue
on my way home.

You have my gratitude
for your hospitality.

I will not soon forget it.

The others.

They all presented themselves
as gentlemen.

Can blame the war if you like.

They proved to be no more
than savages

once I let them into my home.

They deserve no better.

Have they died?

Oh, yes.

But I'm not keen to let you go
quite so easily.

I've waited a long time
for a man such as you.


If you do not drink,
you will die.

Certain as I'm speaking
to you right now.

Do you wish
to see your family again?

Your wife,

your children?

You must drink from me.

Take me in you.

Feel me in you.

We are together William,


are mine.


You know you can never enter.

Do you wish to see them grow old?

Grow feeble and die,

while you remain the same
year after year?

They are my family.

They are as good as dead

if they are found
harboring a vampire.

I've brought you here,

and now it's time for us to go.


You've got to be kidding me.

This is Randi Sue.

Come join us. It's beautiful.

Fuck you, Stackhouse.


Don't fuck with my hair.

Don't you dare stop.