True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 1 - Strange Love - full transcript

In a society where humans and vampires co-exist, set in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse is a young woman who may have found a perfect boyfriend. Sookie is ...

What the hell are you doing?

Heh. I'm bored.


You get bored
pretty easily.

Only with you, darling.

Holy shit, V. Stop.

We're citizens.
We pay taxes.

We deserve basic civil rights,
just like everyone else.

Yeah, but... I mean, come on.

Doesn't your race have
a rather sordid history

or exploiting and feeding off
innocent people?

For centuries?

Three points:

Number one,
show me documentation.

It doesn't exist.

Number two, doesn't your race
have a history of exploitation?

We never owned slaves, Bill,
or detonated nuclear weapons.

And most importantly,
point number three,

now that the Japanese have
perfected synthetic blood

which satisfies all
of our nutritional needs,

there is no reason
for anyone to fear us.

I can assure you

that every member
of our community

is now drinking
synthetic blood.

That's why we decided
to make our existence known.

We just wanna be part of
mainstream society.


Y'all have Tru Blood.

For real.

You get vamps in here?

I didn't even think
we had any in Louisiana.

You didn't know

that New Orleans
is a Mecca for the vampire?

I mean, New Orleans?

Even after Katrina?

Didn't they all drown?

Vampires cannot drown.

Because we do not breathe.

Dude, no harm intended.

We're just a little drunk.

Nice. I could use a cocktail.


I totally had you guys.

That wasn't funny.

Yeah, it was.

No, Kelly,
that was pretty funny.

I didn't think
it was funny.

What? Well, we don't care
what you think.

Dude, you know where
we can score any V-juice?

Gross. Brad, no.

How much you need?

I knew a girl who knew this
girl, who did vamp blood

during Greek Week.

She, like,
clawed her own face off.

I can pay good money.

Okay. You two
need to leave.

All right.
Fuck you, Billy Bob.

Fuck me?

I'll fuck you, boy.

I'll fuck you,

and then I'll eat you.

You ever pretend to be
one of us again,

and I'll kill you.

Got it?


Have a nice day, now.

John, check the catfish.

Thank you, baby.

You know daddy
loves you.

Bill, I'm sittin' down here,
okay? I'm by myself.

Just let me have
just one beer tonight, Jesus.

One beer,
that's all I need.

And if you just
give me the strength

to say no to beer number two,
then I swear...

Without a second thought,
no, sir, don't you dare

gripe about me eatin' fries.

Not after what I did for you
last night in the bedroom.

Which, by the way,
was disgusting.

Although I kind of enjoyed it.

Who are these people and what
the hell is this music?

I feel like I'm trapped in some
Hillbilly's OxyContin nightmare.

Man, I cannot wait to get the
hell out of this Podunk town.

Well, make sure you do,
and before it's too late,

because every year you wait,

you just get more and more
stuck here.

Believe me, I know.

How'd she know
what I was thinking?

That's weird.
Did she hear my thoughts?

Am I thinking out loud?

I'll get y'all some ketchup.

Shit, did my parents...

I don't know,
but I'm not gonna pee.

I'll probably pee
in my pants...

Welcome to
Super Sav-A-Bunch.

Hi. I'm looking for that thick,
translucent plastic sheeting.

The kind they hang in front
of the doors

of walk-in refrigerators.

Um, we don't
sell that here.

You could try Home Depot.

I tried them already.
They sent me here.

Now, I cannot believe

you don't have that stuff.

Oh, I don't even know
what it's called.


But you're supposed to
have everything.

Well, we don't have that stuff,

that you don't even know
what it's called.

Your website says that this is
the most well-stocked store

in five parishes.

Now, I just drove over an hour
from Marthaville...


Does our website have
a phone number?

Well, I suppose it does, but-

So it never occurred to you,
before you drove an hour,

to pick up the phone
and call us,

to see if we stocked
whatever the hell it is

that you're looking for?

Well, I think that if

a business chooses to
classify itself as...

Why didn't you just find it online
and have it delivered to your house?

Or were you just
looking for an excuse

to wear them ugly-ass clothes?

I would like
to speak to your manager.



Trust me, you are not
gettin' me fired.

I am quittin'. You were just
the fuckin' catalyst,

and for that,
I ought to thank you.

You are a very rude
young woman.

Oh, this ain't rude.
This is uppity.


That's for pattin' my ass
too much.

I'm a get my baby daddy,
who just got out of prison,

to come and kick your teeth in.

Jesus, Tara. Please don't do any...

Oh, my God.

I'm not serious,
you pathetic racist.

I don't have a baby.


I know y'all
have to be stupid,

but do you have to be
that stupid?

Shit. Fuck this job.

Evening. Merlotte's.

Hey, Tara.

Yeah, she's right here.

I'm so sorry, Sam.

She knows not to call me
at work.

Sookie, it's okay.

You don't abuse a privilege
like Arlene does.

Hey. I heard that.

Well, I wish you would
hear that.

Please. Sam, I have kids.

This had better be
an emergency.

I just quit my job.


I can't work for assholes.

Well, I'm glad you can afford
to be so picky,


Oh, shut up.
Sam is not an asshole

and he's totally
in love with you.

Tara, he is my boss.

Jesus. Look,
you need to lighten up.

You know I hate it
when you use the J word.

Now, I gotta go.

I'm coming over.

I need a margarita.

A big one.


Mack and Denise Rattray
are just about

to sit down in your section.

What the fuck?

Don't let 'em
get to you, chère.

They're not worth it.

Two Tecates, Sam.

Hell, there ain't nothing
on this menu

ain't gonna give me
the runs. Damn son of a-

What can I do
for y'all tonight?

You can wrap your sweet lips
around my slim reaper,

that's what you can do.

Why don't we just start out
with a pitcher of Bud?

You can hop aboard
the Mack express

and ride all the way
to heaven.

Anything else?

What the hell
is wrong with her?

Onion rings, with mustard.
She's pathetic like a dog

that's been
kicked too many times,

and keeps coming back for more.
Coming right up.

I think she's retarded.

Honey, if Rene tells you
you're too young

to watch a scary movie on HBO,
then I'm siding with him.

I know he's not your daddy,

but your daddy does not wanna
live with us anymore. Remember?

You want a time-out?
Because I can give you one,

I'd be fine with it.

Onion rings.

And if you drop a few of them
on the floor,

that's fine with me.

Got it.

Oh, Sookie.

¶ Chicka-chicka-bow-wow ¶

You're lookin' like
a porn star with that tan.

And pink lipstick.

You got a date?

No. When I wear makeup,
I get bigger tips.

Yes, girl, that's it.

These damn rednecks
are suckers for packaging.

And I get even bigger tips

when I act like I don't have
a brain in my head.

But, if I don't,
they're all scared of me.

They ain't scared of you,
honey child.

They scared of
what's between your legs.

That's nasty talk.

I won't listen to that.

Do you even know what's between
a woman's legs, Lafayette?

I know every man,
whether straight, gay,

or George ma-fuckin' Bush
is terrified of the pussy.


Oh, what are we talking about?

Hey, listen,
not everybody is gay, okay?

Not everybody wants to
have sex with you.

Oh, you would be surprised,
Arlene. People you know.

That's all I'm saying.

Well, I don't wanna
have sex with you.

Uh. Me neither.
Shit. Y'all bitches

don't know what you're missin'.
I got six gears on these hips.

Uh. No, baby.

You don't know
what you're missing.

You can watch her walk away.
Make you wanna slap it?

Huh, you wanna slap it?
Everybody knows that.

Everybody been there.

Ain't that right-?
John's been there.

I'm slappin' it. Take these,
baby. Peaches and cream.

I'll give you a little cocoa.
Little cocoa.

Ain't that right, John?

Look, I'm a pretty nice guy,

but I have, like,
a little bit of an edge to me.

Got started at a young age.

Started getting
into fights...


Used to get into
a lot of trouble

Got kicked out of a couple
schools, type of thing.

Partying in high school.

Yes, yes.

What the fuck is this?

Oh, it's just, a...

mosquito bite.

You had sex with a vampire?

Okay. Once.

I went to that vampire bar,

down in Shreveport.

Look. I was broke

and he paid me a lot of money.

You a hooker, Maudette?

Because I don't pay for it.
Never have, never will.

Well, I don't
charge for it, neither.

I mean, he offered me
a thousand dollars to bite me.

What was I gonna do?
Say no to a thousand bucks?

What was it like?


You know, I read in Hustler
everybody should have sex

with a vampire at least once
before they die.

Once was enough for me.

He was way too rough.

I mean,
I like to be rou

sometimes. But-

You like it rough?


Why not?

You know, it's not like
it's gonna kill me.

And if it does, well,
then I won't care, will I?

Right. Well, uh...

I videotaped it.


With the vampire.

You wanna watch?


My life sucks.

Oh, Tara, don't you be feeling
sorry for yourself.

That's just lazy.

Well, why can't I keep a job?

Maybe because you can't keep
your mouth shut.

Bitch, who asked you?

How you doing, Sookie?

I've had better nights.

Yeah? Anything I can do
to improve this one for you?

Oh, my God.

I think Merlotte's
just got its first vampire.

I think you're right.

Can you believe it?
Right here, in Benton?

I've been waing
for this to happen since

they came out of the coffin
two years ago.

Hi, and what-?
What can I get for you tonight?

Do you have any of that
synthetic bottled blood?

No, I-I'm so sorry.

Sam got some a year ago,
but nobody ever ordered it,

so it went bad.

You're our first.


Am I that obvious?

I knew
the minute you came in.

I can't believe nobody else
around here seems to.

He does.

Oh, don't worry about Sam,
he's cool.

I know for a fact he supports
the Vampire Rights Amendment.

How progressive of him.


anythi else you drink?

Actually, no.

But you can get me
a glass of red wine

so I have a reason to be here.

Well, whatever the reason...

I'm glad you are.

Don't mind Sookie
none, mister.

She's crazy as a bedbug.

I'll just get your wine
for you.

My name's Mack Rattray

and this here's
my wife, Denise.


Good evening.

What a bitch.

You really think that
she's gonna let him bite her?

You know how many people

are having sex
with vampires these days?

And sometimes
those people disappear.

He's not like that.

Okay, okay. You spoke to him
for, like, a minute.

You don't know how many people
he sucked the blood out of

over the last however
many centuries he's been alive.

But he's so not scary.

Sweet Jesus in heaven,
Sookie, he is a vampire.

Yeah, but the synthetic blood
has everything...

Are you willing to pass up
all your favorite foods

and spend the rest of your life
drinking Slim-Fast?

I mean, people have always
discriminated against me.

Oh, boy, have they ever.

And just because
I never felt like being

what society wanted me to be,
you know?

Me neither. Ha-ha.

Me neither.

So we know
what it's been like for you.

Can I get y'all anything else?

I'm fine.
He's probably got

11 or 12 pints in him.
Holy shit,

that's almost 200 ounces.

I bet we could get
500 an ounce in Dallas.

Fuck me, that's $10,000.
Sweet Jesus.

I'm gonna bring y'all
a free round of beer, okay?

What the hell is your problem,

Don't you go anywhere.

I guess you are retarded.

Just like everybody says
you are.

Tara. Tara,
we have to stop them.

Stop who? Why?

The Rattrays. They're gonna
drain him and sell his blood.

We have to stop them.
No, we do not.

We don't have to get
anywhere near that vampire.

Tara, I am very disappointed in
you and your small-mindedness.


The vampire can take care
of himself. I promise you.


Tara, you know how to tend bar?
No. Uh-uh.

Fake it.


Look at this.
This is so thick.

Damn, this is gonna bring
a pretty penny.

We should keep some
for ourselves.

Although, if Mack
freaks out on me again,

I am so through with him.

You like this?


Being punished?


You're a sick little
vampire fucker.

You like that, Pickens?

Come on.

You look at me.

Look at me.
You let a dead man fuck you?


Fuckin' disgust me.


It's too bad
I don't have fangs, huh?

Rip your fuckin' throat out.


We should've
taken him home.

Too dangerous.

Where are we gonna hide
a dead vampire in our trailer?

Well, at least
we wouldn't be

out in the fuckin' open
like this.

I just need some V-juice.
I need it bad.

My body is starting to hurt
and I just need to get it in me.

Goddamn it, Mack,
you're a fuckin' drug addict,

do you know that?

Woman, would you just
shut the fuck up?

Sometimes, when you talk,
this is what I hear:

A- yada-yada-yada...


You crazy bitch.

This ain't your business,
you stupid cunt.

Now, see, that just proves
how low-rent you really are.

You have any idea

who you're messing with?

You don't wanna be
on my bad side.

I'm not so sure
you even have another side,

you no-account,
backwoods trash.

Uh-uh. Do not even think
about taking that blood.

I will kill you for this.

Get out. Now.

Come on, Mac.

This ain't over.
Come on.

Yeah, yeah.

Get up, Mack.

Why can't you take
that fuckin' thing off?

I ain't got time for
a fuckin' cripple,

because I'm getting out of here
one way or the other.

You- how else am I gonna-?

Shut up.

with your feet.

I'm-a get you, bitch!

Oh, bless your heart.

I am so sorry
I didn't get here faster.

You'll be okay
in a minute, right?

D- do you want me to leave?


They might come back
and I can't fight yet.

Well, hey, there, dog.

He's checkin' on you.

That's just some old dog

that hangs around
the bar sometime.

He must live nearby.

Well, no doubt.

I reckon you're not too happy
about being rescued by a woman.

Thank you.

I can't hear you.

Thank you.

No, no, no.
I can hear you, but I can't-

Oh, my stars.

Aren't you afraid
to be out here alone

with a hungry vampire?


Vampires often turn on those
who trust them,

you know.

We don't have human values
like you.

A lot of humans turn on those
who trust them too.

I'm not a total fool.

Oh, but you have other
very juicy arteries.

There's one in the groin that's
a particular favorite of mine.

Hey, you just shut
your nasty mouth, mister.

You might be a vampire,
but when you talk to me,

you will talk to me
like the lady that I am.

You wanna drink the blood
they collected?


I understand it makes humans
feel more healthy.

Improves their sex life.

I'm as healthy as a horse.

And I have no sex life
to speak of, so-

You can just keep it.

You could always sell it.

I wouldn't touch it.

What are you?


I- I'm- I'm Sookie Stackhouse

and I'm a waitress.

What's your name?



I... I thought
it might be Antoine

or Basil or-

Or, heh... or, like,
Langford, maybe.

But, Bill?

Vampire Bill.

Oh, my.


Silver, huh?

I thought that
only affected werewolves.

I- I-I'm not implying
that werewolves exist.

I mean, that's just what
you always see in the movies.

I'd appreciate it

if you didn't share
this information with anyone.

We don't like for our weaknesses
to be made public knowledge.




see ya, Bill.

I gotta get back to work.


Thank God.

You okay?

I'm fine.
And, for your information,

not all vampires
can take care of themselves.

Night, Sam.

Night, Tara.


Thanks for helping me
out tonight, Tara.

How much you gonna pay me?

Uh, 20 bucks?

Sam. How do you expect
me to work here

for 20 bucks a night?

I don't expect you to work here.

You only covered tonight
for what, an hour at the most?

Yeah, but Sam.
If I did work here-

It'd be a matter of time
before you went off on somebody.

Heh. I don't wanna drive
my customers away.

I only go off on stupid people.

Most of my customers
are stupid people.

Yeah, but...

I could help you
keep an eye on Sookie.

You see the way she
was looking at that vampire?

That is just trouble
looking for a place to happen.

And she means
too much to both of us

to let anything happen to her.

All right.

Be here tomorrow at 6.

And learn this on your own.

I don't have time
to train you.

Sam, I was mixing whiskey sours
for my mama

when I was in first grade.

It's just like riding a bicycle.

That's fucked up.
You think?

My mama crazy.

Damn, girl.

Hey, Sam, is my sister here?

No, Sookie already went home.

Hi, Jason.


Uh, my name is Tara.

Been your sister's best friend
since kindergarten?

I used to sleep over
at your house for, like, years.

I know who you are.

You better know who I am.

Well, hello, stranger.



Come here.

Mm. Mm-mm.

Look at you. You look great.

How you been?


So you ain't mad at me?

Why would I be mad at you?

Well, for not calling.
You know. The usual.

Jason, baby,

I ain't got no
expectations of you.

I'm not an idiot.

Hey, what time
do you get off work?

Well, I don't know.

Oh, well, right now.

You want to go somewhere?

Well, yeah, I do.


I want to go home.

Good night, Tara.

Oh, my God.

You are a gigantic
parody of yourself

and you don't even know it.

Great seeing you, Tara,
good luck.

"Good luck"?

Good luck with what?


Hey, Gran.

Hi, honey.

Guess what happened tonight?

You got a date.

Um, no.

A vampire came into the bar.

Did he have fangs?

Yeah, but most of the time
they stayed put away.

Did he bite anybody?


Uh, he just had a glass of wine.

Well, he ordered it,
but didn't drink it.

I think he just wanted
some company.

Did you like him?

He was real interesting.


I'll let you get to bed.

Mm. Okay, honey,

I just stayed up
until you got here.

Come on, Tina.


I never thought

I would be having sex
with you.

At least...

not so fast.

Who said anything about sex?

How come you didn't tell me

you beat up the Rattrays
last night?

I haven't even seen you since

Where's Gran?
Hanging the laundry out back.

And you keep your voice down.

I don't want her to know
about any of this.

Fortenberry couldn't wait
till I got to work this morning

to tell me all about it.

Hoyt Fortenberry?

How the heck does he know?

He went over to the Rats
last night to buy some weed.

And Denise drove up like
she wanted to kill somebody

she was so mad.

The only way she would
sell him any weed

was if he would drive Mack
to the hospital in Monroe.

Well, did Hoyt tell you

that Mack came after me
with a knife?


You want me to kick his ass?

I already took ce of that,
thank you.

What are you doing
messing with him anyway?

Well, did you know that
in addition to dealing drugs,

the Rats also happen
to be vampire drainers?

Yep. One of my customers
last night was a vampire,

and they were draining him
out in the parking lot.

I couldn't have that.

you do not want
to get mixed up with vampires.

Trust me.
Oh, shut up.

Even if you hate vampires,

you can't let trash like
the Rats go and drain them.

It's not like siphoning gas
out of a car.

They would have left him
in the woods to die.

Who fucking cares?

He's already dead.

That's not his fault.

What did he look like?


In a sort of...
Sort of old-fashioned,

like from a movie on TCM.

Was he bald-headed?

No. He had really nice hair.


None that I could see.



Sakes alive, boy,

where have you been
keeping yourself?

You get on over here
and hug my neck.

You get here, Gran. Ah.
How's my girl?

You're all sweaty.
I know.

You want some ice tea?

I would love some ice tea.

Here, I got it. Ah.

Mm. Want the rest of that?


Thank you.

Mm. If you're gonna
wear that suit,

you might want to start
watching what you eat.

You look nice.

That was Evalee Mason.

Guess who was found strangled
to death in her apartment.

Maudette Pickens.

Oh, my Lord.

She didn't show up for work.

Wasn't answering her phone.

And so her boss called
Bud Dearborne, he rode over,

got the manager to let him in,

and they found her.

I went to high school
with Maudette.

Can you believe it?

A murder in Benton.

Well, why are you surprised

now that we got ourselves
a vampire?

Just because he's a vampire
doesn't mean he's a murderer.

Oh, come on. Fang-bangers
go missing all the time

in Shreveport, New Orleans.

They never find them
but everybody knows

the vampires are killing them

and then disposing
of the bodies.

What's a fang-banger?

A vampire groupie.

Men and women
who like to get bitten.

My stars.

Maudette was a fang-banger?

How do you know that?

I don't know, Sookie.

The way that you
just know things sometimes.

There's also hookers

who specialize in vampires.

They drink Tru Blood
to keep their supply up,

and they keep a bodyguard there

in case the vamp
gets a little too frisky.

I read that in a magazine.

Wonder how much

one would charge
for something like that.

A thousand bucks.

See, now that just
makes me sick.

I know.

What kind of cheap woman could
ever do something like that?

No, it makes me sick that
they're getting a thousand bucks

to lay there and do nothing
while I bust my ass

for 10 bucks an hour plus tips.

Oh, I don't think
they just lay there.

I think they're expected to,
you know, participate.


Well, um, ahem,
thanks for lunch, Gran.


This can't be happening to me.

How could I lose control
like that? How come she-?

Don't try that with me,
goddamn it.

I'm your brother.

Back to work.


Come on, Dawn,
I'm having a really bad day.

That is not my responsibility.

Didn't we have a good time?

And don't you want
to have that again?

Look, I'm sorry
to break it to you,

but you are not my only
source for a good time.


but I am the best one.

Oh, my God,
you're so full of shit.

But I'm hot.

So am I.

Yeah, I know, I know.

That's why
I'm on the phone with you.

Oh, all right, I give up.

You can meet me after work.

I gotta go. I'll call you back.


Sheriff Dearborne.


Afternoon, Jason.

There something
I can help you with?

You know Maudette Pickens?

Yeah, sure, I know her. I buy
stuff at the Grabbit Quik.

She works there during the day.

How would you characterize
your relationship with Maudette?


I didn't have
a relationship with her.

I barely even knew her.

So you're aware
she was murdered last night?

Uh, no. Wow.

I mean, yeah.
Yeah. I did know that.

My grandmother told me at lunch.

Somebody called her.

What's up with Jason
and the law?

Maybe they think he knows
something about Maudette.

You ever visit Maudette
at her apartment?

Me? No.



Boys, I could do a lot better
than Maudette Pickens,

believe me.

You weren't there last night?

Last night. Uh...

Okay, yeah,
I was there last night.

Hey. Then why didn't you say so?


Then why didn't you say so?

Because I know she got killed,

and I thought it would look bad
me having been at her place.

Well, it does look bad,

It looks real bad.

Okay, look.

I hooked up with Maudette
last night, we had sex.

That's all.

How would you
characterize the sex?


it was okay.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

Well, uh-

Because we've already seen
the videotape.

You didn't know
she was taping it?


But I should have.

You need to come with us, Jason.

Um, just let me
tell Rene to take over.

I'll be right back.

I hate that little shit.

Hey, Rene.

I gotta go into town
for a while.

You'll take over?

Yeah, yeah.
Everything all right?

Yeah. No, it's nothing
to worry about.

Everything's fine.

Oh. Don't tell my sister.

Hey, what'd you do, Jason?

Let's go. Move.

What the fuck, huh?

What's up, Gran?


I was just wondering how old
you think the vampire is.

The one you met last night.

I have no idea. Why?

You think he might
remember the war?

The Civil War?


Could be.

Oh. If he does,

I would love
to have him come speak

to the Descendants
of the Glorious Dead.

You think he might want to?

I think he might
have a hard time

showing up at the public library
at noon on a Thursday.

We could have a special
meeting at night,

or he could just
come talk to me

and I could tape
his recollections.

Oh, I am sure the other members

would find it so interesting.

I'll ask him next time
he comes in to Merlotte's.

If he comes in.

For all the beans.

Oh, baby.

Aw, baby.

You can do better than that.
Oh, baby.



Hooker. How you doin'?
What you doin' here?

I work here.

Oh, no, the hell you don't.

Oh, yes, the hell I do too,
you ugly bitch.

You need to make
peace with that.

Shit. Sam must have lost
his damn mind,

because you should not
be allowed to work

in no situation
where you actually

got to interact with people.

That is so no true.

Uh-uh. Do- Do not snap at me.

I have a name.

And that name is Tara.

Heh. And isn't that funny?

Black girl being named
after a plantation.

No, I don't think it's funny.

In fact,
it really pisses me off

that my mama was either stupid
or just plain mean,

which is why you better be nice

if you plan on getting
a drink tonight.

Sorry, ma'am.



Do you know if Sookie found out
anything about her brother

getting arrested this afternoon?

Jason got arrested?

For what?
I ain't sure,

but Maudette Pickens
did get found murdered.

Are you serious?

Jason couldn't kill anybody.

And he can do a hell of a lot
better than Maudette Pickens.

Look at you.
You still got a thing for him.

I do not.

He's too damn stuck-up for me.

That boy is sex on a stick.

I don't give a good damn

how stuck-up he is.
How you doin'?

Look at you. Heh.
Scaring that white boy.

Ain't nobody scaring him.

He too big to be scared.
I likes a big man.

Look at that belly.

Don't you have something
to fry?

You can be my Santa Claus.


I'll see you later.

I'm in the phone book.

Arrested? For what?

I don't know.

Sorry about your brother.

How come everybody knew
about this before I did?

Well, I was there, baby girl.
I saw him get carted away.

And I was complaining to Arlene
about Jason hanging up on me

when we were making a date
and not calling me back,

and that's when she told me.

How does she know?

Well, I guess Rene told her.

Besides, we figured you'd just...

I just what?

Sweetie, didn't you
just know already?

I am not psychic.

Damn, you suck, Rene.

Quiet you.

I cannot believe I am here
on my night off.

Just pouring
my hard earned money

back into Sam Merlotte's pocket.

What happened to my brother,

Aw-w-w-w, hell. I promised him
I wasn't going to tell ya-you.

What happened?

Oh, uh, well, uh,

Bud Dearborne
and Andy Bellefleur, uh...

They asked him some questions,

and then they just threw him
in the back of the squad car.

So you don't even know for
a fact that they arrested him?

Well, they...

They didn't cuff him or nothin'.

Sookie, I am so sorry.

For what?
Y'all are already acting

like Jason's been convicted
of killing Maudette

and we don't even know what
they were talking to him about.

Bud Dearborne just made
a mistake. That's all.


It has to be, because Jason's
a real standup guy.

No, he's not, Hoyt.

He is selfish, egotistical,

and a complete horndog,

but he is not a killer.

Now, just look at that,

like she's walking
down the aisle

on her goddamn wedding day.
Honey, just 'cause...

It's that vampire.

He's got her in his sights.
I need to protect her.

That's that vampire
she saved last night.

Sookie, please do not...

Good evening, Miss Stackhouse.

It ain't right, him being
here with normal people.

No, she's going to sit-

I always thought she was nice,
but I just wonder what kind

of a good Christian girl
would even look at a vampire-

I don't think he looks
that kind of scary to me.

Looks like she likes 'em
tall, dark, and dead.

Stackhouse family ain't
nothing but trash.

Your hand is cool.

Yes, uh...

I'm afraid I'm not as warm

as the men that you must
be accustomed to.

What men?

What can I get for you tonight?

What are you?

I told you.
I'm a waitress.


You're something more than that.

You're something
more than human.

I beg your pardon?


That's an unusual name,

Is it short for something else?


Just- Just plain Sookie.

May I call on you sometime?

Call on me?


may I come and visit
with you at your home?


My grandmother
would love to meet you.

Oh, that reminds me.
Can I talk to you after work?

I have a favor to ask you.

Of course.

After all, I-
I am in your debt.

Not a favor for me.

For my grandmother.
If you'll be up- Well-

I guess you will be.
Would you mind

meeting me around
the back of the bar

when I get off at-
Probably around 1:30?

I'd be delighted.

Do you realize that every person
in this establishment

is staring at us right now?

Oh, they're just staring at me

because my brother's in some
kind of trouble with the police.

But Bill, did you know
Maudette Pickens?

I did not.

They are staring at us
because I am a vampire.

And you

are mortal.

Well, who cares
what they think?

Well, I want to make
this town my home, so

I do.

I'll see you at 1:30.

Run away as fast
as your legs can take you.

This is wrong. It's wrong.

I shouldn't be feeling
like this.

I just want to watch
them do it. Damn.

He hypnotized her.
I heard they can do that

just by looking at you.

I'm telling Reverend-

Sookie, you're being a very
stupid girl.

Who asked you?
I... I can take care of myself.

I don't think so. Mack could
have cut you up last night.

How do you know what Mack
would have done?

Now you settin' up a date
with a vampire?

What do you have, a death wish?

No, I don't have a death wish.
I just happen to think

judging an entire group
of people based on the actions

of a few individuals
within that group

is morally wrong.

Well, I will not
let you put yourself

or this bar in danger.
I won't.

Am-? Am I fired?

But next time you think

somebody's being harmed
in the parking lot,

pick up the phone
and call the police.

Do not go out there alone
like a goddamn vigilante!

Oh, chère.

Hey, hey.

Don't you know I couldn't
stand to lose you?

Feels so warm, I can't help it.
I want you. Damn.

You smell so good.
I love the way you smell.

I love you, Sookie,
and I always have.

I want to tell you the truth-

Are you out of your
ever-loving mind?

That vampire wants you
for dinner.

Well, I won't let you just
walk into his trap.

No, ma'am, over my dead body.
You mean too much to me.

Don't you look at me like that

when I'm only
looking out for you.

I never noticed how much

you and Jason
have the same eyes.

Such sweet eyes.
He could never kill anybody.

Oh, for heaven's sakes, Tara,

Jason is never going
to care about you

the way you care about him.

What the fuck-?

You- You made a promise.
You stay out of my head.

I know how hard for her
it's got to be.

Maybe Jason will get shook up
by this whole Maudette-

Oh, just shut up,

the both of you,
and stop bossing me around!

I am a grown woman
and I am the one

who decides what I do,
not either one of you.




You want me to wait
with you until-?

Go home, Sam.

Good night.