Trigun (1998): Season 1, Episode 21 - Out of Time - full transcript

Vash and Wolfwood are in danger on the Project Seeds ship. The Puppetmaster's goons - members of the Gung-Ho Guns - are on a killing spree and the entire ship could be destroyed.

Yes, I am aware of that.

Let me teach him that
to stay alive is true suffering.

For all eternity,
he will pay...

...for the grievous sin
of injuring you.

He will suffer
unceasing despair, anguish...

...wounds which can
never be healed!

A wonderful show
is about to begin... which you are the star...

...Vash the Stampede.


Three demons are here?!

That's right. This is your
big comeback celebration...

... Vash the Stampede.

What is that?!

Hey... you!
Are you from the outside?

We're a peaceful people!
So please leave this p...

He's just lying there.

What is he doing?

Hey, you! Get out of here!

You must be aware that this ship... easy prey.

The next few moments
are likely to be...

...the most fulfilling
you have ever experienced.

You have a short temper.

Then again, we're probably
the cause of your temper.

What now?

Doctor, what's the situation?

Oh, Vash!

Intruders are approaching
from both sides of the ship.

The ones who went
to check it out...

...stopped reporting in.

I'm going to do it my way.

A word for the wise:

We're not dealing with
typical human beings.

If you try pulling the same
stunt as before, I guarantee...

...they'll kill you.

Go to where the doctor is.

Wait! What the hell
are these things?!

Do we have you to blame?!

Go, now!!

How many of these
things are there?!

I'm getting nowhere!

Where's the man behind
the curtain? Where?!

The kick is too strong!!

Must aim...

I can't trust you
to do everything!

This is bad.
They're after the power plant.


Are they trying
to make us crash?!

Now our fates rest
with those two men.

Everything depends on Vash the
Stampede and the minister in black.

Finally you're here.

I bet you're after
the power plant.

I'm amazed a big guy like you
managed to get in so far!

Fine! You're a
worthy opponent!

Do you understand
what I'm saying?!

I'm saying,
I will show no mercy!!


Well, that was different!

I'll show you!


I think that's most of them.



One of them is heading
for Power Room no.2!

They're trying to
bring down the ship!!

Power Room no.2?!
That's 6 floors below us!

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm making a shortcut.

But now that I stop
to think about it...

...this is pretty...


That idiot.

Ow, ow, ow...

This new model is great!
What power!





jones... Lumiera...


I remember you...

...all of you.
I've never forgotten you.

I'm sorry I didn't come home.


Don't make me laugh.

What're you crying for? This only
happened because you're here, remember?

I am the third Gung-Ho Gun,
Hoppered the Gauntlet.

Why?! Why did you
have to kill them?!

Why do you
have to do this?!

Because you're
Vash the Stampede.

Compared to what you did
toJuly and Augusta...

...this is a tiptoe
through the tulips!

You shouldn't be
on this planet.

That's why I'm going to
crush you with my Gotterer.

How'd you like that?

No effect!

I get it...
You're Gray the Ninelives!

So, the rumor of the man
with nine extra lives...

...was true!

What the hell did
you do that for?!

This can't get any worse!

In another language...

...the word ''contradict'' is derived from
when a great spear and a great shield...

...were pitted against
each other and both broke.

However, my shield is invincible.
It will repel any kind of attack.

Okay, then how about this?!

That's what they call
a waste of time.

Nothing can contradict Gotterer!

I have only three words
in my vocabulary:

Attack, trample, and destroy.

These describe what you've
been doing all this time...

...Vash the Stampede.

No way!

That explains
your invulnerability.

This simplifies matters!

Stop it!!

Yes, that's it!
Keep making those faces.

I can't get enough of them!

Is it so much to ask?
Can't you leave them alone?

Are you telling me
I had this done to me...

...just so I could
listen to this nonsense?

You're crazier
than they told me.

I'm going to pulverize
you, and this ship...

...into tiny little pieces!

Must keep moving!

I promised her!
I must keep moving!!

Leonof's wire!

Hey, snap out of it!

Th... The plant!


The plant!

Well, I'll be going.

Persistent bugger!

I'm out of ammo!

Nuts! It's too close!



Hey, I think it stopped.

You're right.

What is that?

Plant no.1 is down!

This is not good. The power levels
of plant no.2 are also dropping.

The plant is shutting down?

Is our city gonna fall?!

Dammit, why did this happen?!

Until yesterday, all
I had to think about...

...was how to get the girl
I love to look my way!

Are you giving up already?

It's too soon to
give in to despair!!

We haven't tried
everything yet!

If you're still alive,
prove it! Think!!

Think of what
you should be doing!

You can work the
controller, can't you?


There is still time...


Can you do anything with it?

Well, can you?!

Hey, little sister.
just a little longer...

Hold on just
a little longer...


W-What is that?


The plant is up again!

The power levels are rising!

We're going to make it!

- All right!!
- We're saved!!

That's the way...

The beings who live
outside of time.

Vash the Stampede!!!


It all went down
the way they wrote it!!

Damn it!

Like it or not,
the time will come!!

The time will come for all of you
to live on that desert planet!

I never thought I would
be the one to trigger it.

What are you
doing here?!

Don't tell me that
the girl we saved was a...

The ship...

We're done for...
We're stuck on this planet...

Our way of life...

...our peaceful days are over.

Damn... How did this happen?!

It's Vash!

This is his fault!!

Yeah! Everything was fine
until he came back!!

Forgive me...

Do you think that'll
make it better?!


It was bound to happen
someday! It was obvious!!

We were just
running from reality!!

We didn't lift a finger,
so we have no right to place blame!

We just huddled together,
shaking in fear!!

We're alive, so it
can still work out!

If we all work together,
we can live on this ball of sand!!


- Vash!

- Vash!

You're all right!
What a relief!.!
I haven't thanked you.

Thanks for the coat.
It fits like a glove.

Thanks. It looks
great on you, Vash.

She's totally ignoring the state
of the ship. Women are tough!





I failed.

But it was the perfect plan...

You depraved lunatic!!!

This is killing me.

Are you crying,
Vash the Stampede?

That is a wonderful thing.



Hang on, Brad!!


The beings who live
outside of time...

My hands grew this big
in 1 3 years...

...but you really
don't change a bit.



Eternal pain, hm?

The means of protecting oneself.

People expose their weaknesses,
and thus form a group.

Before they know it,
they begin to exclude outsiders.

But what becomes of those
who have been excluded?

I smiled at the children who lived in
a tight group in their rickety house.

Let's live today. Let's live tomorrow.
And let's live the day after that...

...even if it means
living in eternal pain.