Trigun (1998): Season 1, Episode 2 - Truth of Mistake - full transcript

Meryl and Milly seek shelter in the mansion of Cliff Schezar, a wealthy man who has hired Vash as a bodyguard! Have the girls finally found the infamous gunslinger? Or is Cliff hiding something?

Him again.
Something has to be done.

He has to be stopped!

Ma'am, I don't see a soul.

No one told me this town
had become a ghost town.

I hope there's a well somewhere...

Wishful thinking will only
make the truth more painful.

The truth hurts.

I agree.

Land sinkage?

Land sakes!

First the water dries up and then
the legendary outlaw shows up!

Yeah, Vash the Stampede,
a hired gun at Mr. Schezar's mansion!

This town is finished!

Oh, it's the end of the world...

...the e-e-end of the world!

- Ma'am!
- Finally...


We can get water
from that mansion!

No, not that.

Excuse me, is this
the Schezar residence?

I'm Meryl Stryfe, disaster investigator
for the Bernardelli Insurance Society.

I'm Milly Thompson!

I'm very thirsty!

Don't say that!

We heard that Vash the Stampede
was staying here.

Thank you!

We really appreciate this!



What are you doing here?

I'm Mr. Cliff's hired
bodyguard, ace gunman!

Is that for me?

Hey, thanks!

You, a bodyguard?



We meet again, Mr. Ace Gunman!

It's an amazing coincidence!

These are really good!

Want one?

Yes, I'd love one!

Stop the irrelevant chatter, Milly.

What's your real reason
for being here?!

That's an odd response.

Are these young ladies...

...friends of yours, Vash?

VASH? He's not...

In any event, you seem
to be here for a reason.

We shouldn't discuss it out here.
Please come in.

Uh, we're...

I am Cliff Schezar.

I make a living
selling water in this town...

...but recently someone's
been trying to kill me.

So I advertised
for a good bodyguard.

For someone good and tough,
like Vash the Stampede.

I originally wrote it as a joke.

I never dreamed the
real thing would show up.

Eh, Vash?

Yes. Now that I am here,
you have nothing to fear.

Merciless slayer
of all that is good!

Doer of the evil, evil deeds a man
with $$60 billion on his head does!

That's me!

He's such a nice, dependable guy.

Now the people in
this mansion will feel safe!

This may sound rude,
but you need your eyes checked!

Hear me out. I desperately
needed a good bodyguard.

Her name is Marianne Aura Cayzen.

Granddaughter of the director
of the Stantal Federal Bureau...

...and a guest at my home.

The truth is, someone attempted
to break in here 5 days ago.

I wouldn't hire a bodyguard
if I were the only one in danger...

...but I want to avoid
anything happening to her.

That is why I need your help.

You can count on me, Mr. Cliff.

I don't let anyone
in my sights get away...

...and my bullets
never miss their mark.

Especially if it's the heart
of a beautiful lady.



I- I know I can
depend on you, Mr. Vash.

A lot of people say that!

I see. Do they now?

Yeah, all the time!

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Come here for a moment.

What's the matter?

Mr. Cliff, listen very carefully.

Does that man look like the
legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede?!

That droopy-eyed,
weak-looking, bristle-headed...

donut freak of a man?!

She bought the donuts.

And we can hear every word.

I'm saying you're being
deceived by that man!

I'm the one doing the deceiving.

You saw the town.

All it took was the rumor that
my bodyguard was Vash the Stampede.

The rabble after me
will panic just as much.

Your ad caught my eye!

You are now Vash the Stampede!


Hello, Vash the Stampede!

Anybody would have done.

I see. It's a huge inconvenience,
but your plan is very clear to me now.

Originally, I didn't
want it to go this far...

...but the man after me is
a blond packing a silver weapon...

...and he's quite the ace!

Did you hear, Milly?

Yes, every word!

This is an unbelievable windfall!

They really are delightful.

It's best not to burst
the bubble of an airhead.

Mr. Cliff! If you don't mind,
please let us be your bodyguards too!

Naturally, we won't demand a fee
like that greedy faker over there!

That's fine by me.

Thank you, sir!

Is this what bodyguards do?

Every great journey must begin
with a single enormous step.

Is it ready yet?

We will serve up shortly.

Ooh, scary. Later.

Nothing has gone right
since we met him.

Really? I'm having
a wonderful time!

And we get all
the water we want!

She's so short-tempered.

The sound of water
rings in my ear.

And the room next
to me is Marianne's.

Lifeline secure!

Wind, favorable!
The plan is perfect.

Guts, steeled!

I'm coming, Marianne!

Miss Marianne, supper is ready!




What are you doing out there?

O- Oh, I'm diligently patrolling
the roof for evil spooks.

That sounds scary!
Bodyguards sure are busy people!

Oh, yeah! Supper's ready!


This is Mr. Cliff's study.

Miss Marianne?

This place sure is fancy!
Is water that profitable?

We've had a drought for
the past several years.

I'm able to enjoy a few
luxuries because my father...

...who was a plant engineer,
purchased land with a water supply.

I bet a lot of people are jealous.

Yes, the rabble who
are after the rights.

They probably think
I'm monopolizing the water.

But I have something to say to them.

Water is not limitless. Unless it
is managed properly, it will dry up.

But it doesn't change the fact you're
profiting from a natural resource.

I'm sorry, it's not my business.

No, you're quite right.

But I can't let the water
be stolen by thoughtless people.

They may call me a coward,
but I intend to protect the water.

That's very admirable!

Mr. Cliff, I don't feel well.
Please excuse me.

She may look calm,
but she's probably ill at ease.

I probably shouldn't
have invited her here.

I see. Well, I think
I'll go make the rounds!

I can at least act
like a real bodyguard.

I've instructed Marianne
to keep her curtain drawn.

Oh, please!
I would never dream of...

I mean, I cannot comprehend
what you are implying.


I'm exhausted from all that cooking.

We're just getting started.
We never know when he'll show up.

There will be no sleep tonight.

If it's not him, this has
been a nuclear waste of time.

May I come in?

Just a minute!

Come in!

Excuse me.

Is something wrong?

Er, no!

Were you gazing at the stars?

Y- Yes.

I was thinking of home...

...even though none of
the thoughts were pleasant.

Thoughts of home are proof
of a journey of the heart.

I actually wanted to travel
by myself here and there...

...but I couldn't persuade my father.

So, I go from house to house,
staying with his friends.

This is hardly
what I call a journey.


Someday you will be able
to go on a real journey.

Although it may
not be a lone one.

Oh, but what do you mean by that?

I saw something move!

There it is again!

Stand back, I'll go look.

- But...
- It's my job.


That hurt, you oaf!

Stay still!

Eek! He's here!
It's Vash the Stampede!

Let go of me, or I'll sue...

Hey, what are you doing to me?!

Aw, it's just you.

What do you mean, "just" me?!

I wanted to chew out
whoever interrupted... debate of
a fructuous future with Marianne.

So what did I do?!

Besides, do you really
have a clean conscience?

Not where Marianne is concerned...

I had no idea you two
were so friendly, ma'am.

Have you been paying attention?!

Miss Marianne,
don't worry your little head!

I caught the culprit!

Who are you calling a culprit?


- Anything?
- Not a trace.

What's going on? Both Miss Marianne
and Mr. Cliff are missing.

You think they were kidnapped?!

We were outside the entire time.
That's impossible.

I'm so worried!

Ma'am, they're nowhere to be found!

What's that?

Miss Marianne's dress
and some bandages.

An attempted break-in
5 days ago...

A discarded dress
and bloody bandages...

Miss Marianne entering
Mr. Cliff's study...

That's more than enough
circumstantial evidence.

You're wrong!

Marianne isn't that kind of girl!

How can you be so sure?


I can tell.
Marianne has a beautiful heart.

You're the easily deceived type
who sleeps on a tear-soaked pillow.

Dream wrecker.

I know! A ghost got her!

You said yourself there
were evil spooks on the roof.

Uh, that was...


By spooks, I meant...

- What's this about the roof?
- Well, actually, etc, etc... By spooks, I meant...

- What's this about the roof?
- Well, actually, etc, etc... ... you know...


Yes, ma'am!

What were you doing
peeking into a lady's room?!

Wait, time out!

Whatever you've done,
you won't get away with it!

Time out, I said! Time out!

I thought as much.

Such a naughty little princess!

Even pranks have a limit.

So they've started recruiting kids?

Thanks to your
monopolization of the water...

...the land in this area is all dead!

Do you know how many people
have suffered because of you?!

And so you came to get proof?

Cheap sense of justice.

Oh, that's right...

I shot you.

The townspeople have all fled
so there will be no witnesses.

I was right to spread the
rumor of Vash the Stampede.

An investment must always pay off.
Do you think I'd let this ruin me?

Game over.

You okay?


Is that what he meant by
sneaking up from behind?!

Now it's gone from
pinch to overflow.

Really! We can't
lift a finger now!

That explains your little luxuries.

Wasting more of my time!

Run, quickly!

Thank goodness!

You're the girl
I thought you were!

Very brave.



What, is he predicting my shots
through gun movements and timing?

No, you're a bad shot.

W- Who the hell are you?

I'm your ace bodyguard.

Not bad.

I was right when I chose to hire you.

Don't you agree?


I've protected your guest,
as requested.


You're kidding!

We did it, ma'am!

Now is not the time
to say that!

It's all right. The dammed water
overflowed all at once, that's all.

It will return underground
and make the town prosper again.

I'm sure everyone
who left will return.


Aw, shucks!

It was just a series
of incredibly dumb luck.

Was that bullet-dodging also luck,
or did you plan it that way?

It was more like a fluke.

If you knew what you were doing,
I'd be convinced...

...that you are Vash the Stampede.

And if I was?

I'd arrest you.

I have to thank you as well.

You must be glad your job is done.

We're still at square one!

Don't let it get to you, ma'am.

Are you going?

My work here is done.

The nameless bodyguard.

He isn't bad.
A girl could fall for him.

What?! But he's so irresponsible!

You have no eye for men.

Says who?!

Someday, you'll see.

I'd rather not see, thank you!

Don't let it get to you, ma'am!

I was so sure it'd work out.

She was such a cutie...

...but it wouldn't work out.
I don't wanna be arrested.

This one will probably
be blamed on me, too.

Aw, man!