Treme (2010–2013): Season 4, Episode 5 - ... To Miss New Orleans - full transcript

Series Finale. Colson is offered a transfer; guardians send Lambreaux home; Batiste takes his sons to a Dr. John gig; Hidalgo returns to Texas; McAlary revisits his pothole, now decorated.

You get me on that stand,
I will lay these mothers out.

I'll let you know, Lieutenant.

Who's the second line today?

- ***
- I'm a New Orleans musician.

I'll play 'til I ain't got
no gigs still standing.

If I died tomorrow,
what would I leave behind?

What about your record label?
You started that, that's a legacy.

What if I opened a club?

You wanted to be found, right?

Might cost me my job

It might.

What's going to happen
to those properties

on the other side of Rampart Street?
The old clubs.

Rampart's quiet right now.

That quiet is buying us
goodwill with the neighborhood.

Marvin's been pressing me to
go to Nashville. What would you do?

I'd probably make a Nashville record.
I mean, take the shot.

Brass ring here, reach for it.

You should say good-bye.

( music playing )

♪ Big Chief Lambreaux
make no hum-bow ♪

♪ No!

♪ Indians of the nations
gonna go around ♪

♪ Whoa!

♪ Mighty cootie fiyo

♪ Indian Red

♪ Indian Red

♪ Mighty cootie fiyo

♪ Indian Red

♪ Indian Red

♪ Oh, we are the Indians

♪ All I say

♪ Indians

♪ All I say

♪ Indians of the nation

♪ The whole wild creation ♪

♪ But we won't bow down

♪ No, we won't bow down ♪

- ♪ Down on that ground
- ♪ On that dirty ground

♪ Oh, how I love
to hear him call ♪

♪ My Indian Red

♪ We are from the nation

♪ The whole wild creation

♪ Don't you hear me
callin'? ♪

- ♪ Softly, softly callin'?
- Coochie ma!

- ♪ Oh, my Indian Red
- ♪ Oh, my Indian Red

- ♪ Oh, he killed him dead
- ♪ Oh, he killed him dead

♪ Because I love
to hear him call ♪

♪ My Indian Red

- ♪ Oh, we are the...
- ♪ Indians...

We're Indians.

- ♪ Indians...
- Indians of a nation.

- ♪ Indians of a nation
- ♪ The whole wild

♪ The whole wild creation

- ♪ And we won't bow down
- ♪ No, we won't bow down

- ♪ Not on that ground
- ♪ On that dirty ground

♪ Because I love
to hear him call ♪

♪ My Indian Red

♪ Mighty cootie got fiyo

♪ Indian Red

♪ Indian Red

♪ Big Chief Lambreaux
dead and gone ♪

♪ But his name gonna carry
on and on and on ♪

♪ Indian Red

♪ Indian Red

- ♪ Jockamo
- ♪ Fino-hiyo-hiyo

♪ Hiyo-hiyo-hiyo

♪ Hiyo-hiyo-hiyo

♪ Hiyo-hiyo-hiyo

♪ My Indian Red

♪ Oh, he killed him dead

♪ Because I love
to hear them call ♪

♪ My Indian Red

♪ County-fay.

( music playing )

♪ Hanging in the Treme

♪ Watching people sashay

♪ Past my steps

♪ By my porch

♪ In front of my door

♪ Church bells
are ringing ♪

♪ Choirs are singing

♪ While the preachers groan

♪ And the sisters moan
in a blessed tone ♪

♪ Mm-hmm, yeah

♪ Down in the Treme,
just me and my baby ♪

♪ We're all going crazy

♪ While jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ Trumpet bells ringing

♪ Bass drum is swinging

♪ As the trombone groans

♪ And the big horn moans
and there's a saxophone ♪

♪ Down in the Treme

♪ It's me and my baby

♪ We're all going crazy

♪ While jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ Down in the Treme

♪ It's me and my baby

♪ We're all going crazy

- ♪ While jamming and having fun.
♪ - Man: Whoo!

- ( Janette laughs )
- I can do this for you.

I can't pay you.

I'm just getting cost
covered as it is.

I can't afford you.

Not for pay.

Not for pay?

Why would you do it
without getting paid?

Because I'm a giver.

I give and I give and I give.

( laughs )

Come on, face the facts.

Look, I've lived
almost half my life...

if I'm honest...
wasting a quarter of it.

What do I have
to show? Huh?

I'm a part-time
disc jockey,

a part-time musician,

a part-time lover
of extraordinary women

that nonetheless work
80 hours a week

and are therefore
willing to settle.

I'm not settling.

I mean, not any more
than you are.

( sighs ) I'm just saying...

it's time for me to go
full-time in life.

You're scaring me,

I mean, where's the
Davis McAlary who said,

"Any job on which you can't
be seen with a lit joint

is a job not worthy
of consideration"?

When I was a child,

I spoke as a child.



Let me do this.

All right, Davis.

I need you there at 5:30.

Don't be late.

( phone rings )

Yes, sir.

You can go in, Lieutenant.

What did you want
to see me for, Chief?

Your transfer,
it's been approved.

To where?

Back to the Eighth
as requested.

Effective after the holiday.

You'll also be happy to know that
I've been asked by the chief

to oversee
an internal initiative

aimed at reducing
departmental corruption.

An internal initiative?

Policing ourselves

under your discerning eye,
huh, Chief?

Too late.

- What?
- Too little too late.

I'm testifying, Deputy.

Tomorrow, in fact.

Here, here, and here.

I need a full signature
right there.

It's gonna be quite
a medical center.

With a biotech component.

Something to rival
the Houston complex,

thanks to planning
and patience.

Well, here's to
planning and patience.

Okay, your last copies.

Gonna go here and here.

Initial on the corner
of each page.

Now that we're unburdening you

of all this New Orleans
real estate,

I'm guessing that the last order
of business for Nelson Hidalgo

is to see the Jazz Center
get the green light.

That would frost the
cake, wouldn't it?

- Thank you.
- Where's that project now?

A big meeting at the
"Times-Pic" after Mardi Gras.

Irvin Mayfield
and our development team

are presenting to
the editorial board there.

- High hopes?
- Don't know.

Could be rocky.

You gonna be there
at the "Times-Pic"?

Too much profile for me.

When was your flight
back to Galveston?

I know you've got
your hands full there.

I'm out this afternoon,
but I can fly back,

be your eyes and ears
if you need me in the room.

- Good man.
- Man: Mr. Hidalgo?

- Your payout.
- Whew.

( band playing )

- ( whistle blows )
- ( band stops )

All right.
That's not bad.

Take a little breather.
I'll be right back.

- Ha!
- LaDonna.


I am impressed.

You were just driving by or...?

No, I was in the neighborhood.

- So, you marching on Mardi Gras Day?
- Oh, not this year.

We're doing Lundi Gras Monday
afternoon by the river.

You know, Zulu Fest.

So... you're not busy
on Mardi Gras Day.

- I didn't say that.
- ( both laugh )

Alcide is riding
in the truck parade.

I'll be there.


- I guess I should get back...
- Hey.

I really need to talk to you.

All right.

I'm done in a half an hour.


( band recording playing )

- ( stops playback )
- How about that one?

It's close enough
for government work, right?

That was a joke.

That was beautiful, Annie.

I got a better one in me.

Okay, we can roll when you're ready.
Take eight.

You know, we can get the
solo perfect, and we will,

but this song isn't me, Marvin.

You trust me, Annie.

Steve wrote it just for you.

Custom delivery.

It's a little generic, isn't it?

Are you sure we don't
have it 'cause Alison

or Emmylou threw it
back on the pile?

You've got something
to bring to it.

You'll see when we go
to the vocals.

- ( button clicks ) - Engineer:
Okay, take eight. Rolling.

( band recording playing
over headphones )

Why now?

They're not getting
along with Larry?

No, they're getting
along with Larry fine.

They're just acting out.

Alcide and Randall?

Alcide's grades are slipping.

He's gonna be
a senior next year.

This is not the time.

And, Antoine...

Randall got into a fight.

- Our Randall?
- Yes.

( sighs )

Larry's done more
than his fair share.

I moved out
of the Residence Inn.

I'm staying in the
apartment above the bar

so I can save money so I can get
a place for me and the boys.

But that's not gonna
happen until the fall.

So in the meantime...

I'll talk to Desiree.

What's so amazing is they just
don't seem to care what we write.

Your piece in "The Nation" ran

and you could
almost hear them yawn.

That's the attitude
around here.

No matter what we write, they
figure they'll just ride it out.

Well, you give
all of these deaths

all of this space,
a five-part series.

They can't ignore that right?

You guys.

Where's the file on the one
near the convention center?


Dude, it's getting late here.

It's the afternoon, Brendan.

Woman: On the Thursday
before Mardi Gras.

- Ah.
- Muses rolls tonight.

Some of us have to work
Mardi Gras coverage.

- Or at least part of it.
- Okay, right. I know.


so we'll pick
back up on Monday?

Lundi Gras?

I mean Wednesday?

Leave a day for hangovers.

Thursday it is.

- Yeah, next Thursday it is.
- Cool.

Thank you, guys.
I'll see you.

( men speaking Spanish )

You're a little
overdressed, son.

Just got back
from a memorial service.

Shouldn't you be in some boots

and a ten-gallon cowboy hat
or something?

When in Rome...

But you're right,
I'm back there for real,

which means I'm not gonna have
to put up with your nonsense.

Look, the contracts
we still have,

you keep with my blessing.

Maybe throw me
five or 10 points

for having brought you
to the mountaintop,

or whatever you think is right.

But from here on out,

it's you on the New
Orleans demo and rehab.

Fair enough?

More than fair.
For me, anyway.

Boy, them people in Galveston don't
know what hit 'em yet, do they?

Hurricane Ike?
They know.

Hurricane Nelson.

( laughs )

Hey, ain't I seen you
at the Sunday second lines?

- I know you, I think.
- Not lately, though.

You just missed CTC
a couple of weeks ago.

You're breaking my heart.

They don't do no second line
at your college, huh?

I heard that.

- Here you go, baby.
- Keep it.

Sunday after next, get yourself

a hot sausage po-boy and a
Bud and think of me, okay?

I'll do that, miss.
I'll do that.

Terry: When we get in that room...

Toni: You'll have to really
watch yourself, all right?

Yeah, once we're in there,

this guy's gonna get
to tell the whole story.

- Toni: Uh-huh.
- Right?

- And they're gonna hear it...
- Well, I know...

- Hey, Mama!
- Sweetie!

- Hey, you! - What on earth?
Oh, my God.

Now wa m m minute,

don't you have an anthropology
midterm on Monday?

- What are you doing home?
- I got the TA to test me early.

I told them I had to be back
for a religious observance.

- ( Terry laughs )
- Well, it's true.

- So Mardi Gras is on!
- Ooh.

- What's for dinner? - We ate, but
I will fix you something right...

No problem.
I'll raid the fridge.

It's all better than the
dining hall, I promise you.

What if he just doesn't ask
about the false report?

Just lets it go?

He can't.

( sighs )

( sighs )

Okay, what about
the front room?

- That's our bedroom.
- Honorée's room?

- Where she gonna sleep?
- With us.


It's not forever, right?

Oh, no, no, no, baby.

( kisses )

Do you good to spend some time
with at least two of your sons.

Oh, snap.

Give 'em the front room.

We'll move our bed
into Honorée's room.

What, they gonna
sleep on the floor?

You'll figure it out.

- ♪ Birds...
- ( crowd cheering )

( music playing )

♪ They fly away

- ♪ Oh, birds...
- Hey!

- ♪ They fly away...
- Hey.

Told you I'd make it.

♪ You ready?

( vocalizing )

( cheering )

How's Yale, Miss Ivy?

You know what they say...
toughest thing is getting in.

( music playing )

( crowd cheering )

( vocalizing )

( crowd joins in )

♪ Could it be

♪ That we are fallin'

♪ Like rain
falls on the ground? ♪

♪ Tonight I hear
the city callin' ♪

♪ The people
and the sound... ♪

Do you solemnly
swear and affirm

to tell the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?

I do.

Have a seat, Lieutenant.

To begin today's session
of the grand jury

for the Eastern District
of Louisiana...

( trumpet playing )

♪ Hey, everybody

♪ Let's have some fun

♪ You only live but once

♪ And when you're dead,
you're done ♪

♪ So let
the good times roll ♪

- ( clicks )
- ♪ Let the good times roll

( clicks )

♪ Don't care
if you're young or old ♪

♪ Get together,
let the good times roll ♪

♪ Don't sit there
mumbling ♪

♪ And talking trash

♪ If you wanna
have a ball ♪

♪ You gotta go out
and spend some cash ♪

♪ Let the good times roll

♪ Let the good times roll

♪ Don't care
if you're young or old ♪

♪ Get together,
let the good times roll ♪

♪ Hey, Mr. Landlord

♪ Lock up all the doors

♪ When the police
comes around ♪

♪ Tell 'em the joint
is closed ♪

♪ And let
the good times... ♪

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You think your mama and me are
gonna lug this mess up in there?

Is that what you think?


You've been
spoiling 'em, I see.

Shit is over
under my roof, baby.

Come on.

- Papers. - I just take
your forms and your badge.

The rest of this shit goes to
the gun range and the academy.

Deal with it.
I'm out.

- Davis, what the fuck?
- Gentlemen.

Dude, is that a costume?

Seriously, Davis.

Krewe d'Etat comes down the
Avenue in an hour, brah.

Let's go hail the new dictator.

Got a job.

( laughs )

Are you kidding?


Anything we can do yet?


I'm supposed to have 16
of these octagonal suckers,

- but I only got 15.
- ( phone ringing )

So one of them must have
rolled under somewhere.

- What happens if we can't find it?
- Well, shit.

I wouldn't want to be the sucker
sleeping in the bottom bunk.

Antoine, for you.

- Who is it?
- Mac.


- Who's this?
- Dr. John: It's Mac.

- Mac Rebennack? - You better
hurry up and know that.

Oh, shit, Dr. John.

Look, I've got a gig tonight
at The Howlin' Wolf.

My manager said you was free and
single and disengaged tonight.

Doc, you finally calling me
for a gig, brah?

- For real? - How many damn ways you
expect me to tell you this, son?

Look, can you play
some 'bone tonight

and help
a brother out, brah?

- Sound check's at 6:00.
- I'm all in, Doc.

I cannot believe I'm about to get
on a plane to go to New York

with Mardi Gras
around the corner.

But I promised Jon
I'd make the gig.

Are you gonna do the new song?

The one for Daddy?

I don't think so.

I thought you were working up
an arrangement for the band.

It's not ready.

Gonna put that away
for now, let it sit.

- You gonna sew on the plane?
- And in the hotel.

I'm up against it.

See you in a couple days.

Think they'll let me through
security with my needle and thread?

Just tell 'em
you're the prettiest.

- Right.
- ( chuckles )

- ( music playing )
- ( chatter )

You know what?

I would go with a couple

The shrimp and grits
love white.

I've got a beautiful
Albariño Do Ferreiro.

It's totally organic.
The guy's fantastic.

Got this smoky-salty thing
going on... stunner.

Duck confit...
begging for a Pinot.

I have a 375 of...

better yet,
the Campaccio Terrabianca.

It's a blend
of Sangiovese, Cab.

You've got bottle age,
dark berries,

a whiff of cocoa,
a hint of leather.

Opulent... that would be
the word for it.

Once the show starts, y'all can
check it out from the doorway.

I want to introduce y'all
to somebody.

- Hey, Mac.
- Hey.

I want you to meet my boys,
Alcide and Randall.

- How you doing?
- This is the great Dr. John.

- How y'all doin'? - That's Mr.
Dr. John to y'all, hear?

- Okay.
- Let's go hit it.

There it is. Hey, man, just don't
cut me in front of my kids, Mac.

Don't worry about it.
You won't get sliced.

- Come on. Let's get paid.
- All right.

That's what
I'm talkin' about.

( cheering and applause )

Yeah, you're right.
Better than all right. You dig it.

( playing )

♪ Big Chief, tell 'em Mac
is in the hun-dah-day ♪

♪ Indian rulin' all night
and the day... ♪

It was a nice night.

They ordered well.

And nothing came back.

Chef, I took the liberty

of making some
stock suggestions,

even keeping a limited cellar.

We need a couple more
choices for whites

and at least one good Bordeaux.

Nothing there is pricey, so...

Thank you, Davis.

Let me pour you one, kiddo.

You know, actually,

I'm exhausted.
( laughs )

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Je ne comprends pas.

C'est Davis McAlary?

Two more shifts like that,

I'm gonna have
to pay him, right?

( crowd cheering, chanting )
Bring back Mac! Bring back Mac!

- ( chanting continues )
- So, y'all enjoy it?

- Yeah, it was pretty cool.
- Yeah.

- Yeah. Are you done?
- Well, I am, but he has an encore.

Can we stay?


( all laugh )

All right, my nerb.

( crowd cheering louder )

Your kind "honestry"
never ceases

to amaze my ass.

♪ Such a night

( rhythmic clapping )

♪ Such a night

♪ Sweet confusion
under the moonlight ♪

♪ Such a night

♪ Such a night

♪ Got to steal away

♪ The time seems right

- ♪ Baby, your eyes been mine... ♪
- ( murmuring )

♪ At a glance

♪ You let me know-oh
whoa oh oh ♪

♪ That this was my chance ♪

♪ You came here
with my best friend Jim ♪

♪ Here I am

♪ I'm gonna steal you
away from him ♪

♪ If I don't do it,
you know somebody else will ♪

♪ If I don't do it, you know
somebody else will ♪

♪ If I don't do it, you know
somebody else will... ♪

( music playing )

♪ Ain't no reason or rhyme ♪

♪ For the things that I done ♪

♪ Just a matter of time
and it's finally come ♪

♪ Tell the boys
that I wish 'em the best ♪

♪ Nothin' ever lasts
forever, I guess ♪

♪ I'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway ♪

♪ I'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway ♪

'l'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway... ♪

( no audible dialogue )

♪ I'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway. ♪

( song ends )

Not bad.
Let's go again.

No, hang on.

- ( door opens ) - Annie:
Marvin, this song isn't me.

( Marvin, muted )
I kind of agree with you.

I think it'll work.

We'll sweeten it up later.

No, no.

No, no what?

No, we won't sweeten it up
or no Auto-Tune?

Why quit over that?

It's complicated.

No, it isn't.

You lied only to find out
who the liars were.

It makes complete sense.

Yeah, to you it makes sense,

but on paper

it means that I knowingly
wrote a false report.

And admitting to that,

it becomes impossible
for me to testify

in any case ever again.

My testimony, it's just
too easily impeachable.

It can't go to court.

I can't really be a cop.

And the department, once they figure
it all out, they can punish me.

So, if I leave now,

at least I keep my pension.

So I just...

I just need to wipe the slate.

Start over in a way.

Because if I stay here
in New Orleans,

I'm just... I'm in...
I am in shit.

Where will you go?

My boys are in Indianapolis.

What about Mom?

Does she love you?

She cares for me, I'm sure.

And I care for her, too.

( Annie's voice Auto-Tuned ) ♪ Made my
mind up, ain't no stopping me now ♪

♪ I'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway ♪

♪ I'll be rollin' down
a sunset highway... ♪

- ( playback stops )
- Fuck this. Marvin.

- What?
- I hate this.

Adam, don't you agree with me?

I am trying to help you here.

I don't want that kind of help.

I want you to take
all that shit off...

all the reverb,
all the digital decoration

Auto-Tune bullshit.

I don't want it to be perfect.

I want my songs
to sound like me.

- They do. - Oh, the fuck they do.
They do not.

Make me sound like some fuckin'

Nashville cupcake.

Look, I thought
you made a choice here.

I did not choose this.

Don't mind me.

I just sit in the booth
and push knobs.

I forget everything I hear
by the end of the session.

Let's go get a drink someplace.

I don't need a drink.

I need my sound
on my fucking record.

( band playing )

♪ You can take your time,
well, I don't mind ♪

♪ I don't mind

♪ How you wear your
hair, I don't care ♪

♪ Well, I don't mind

♪ Just as long
as this love is strong ♪

♪ Well, I don't mind...


- What?
- Come on.

You know, I need
a steady gig...

something, anything...

just so I can feel it
once in a while.

Why do you think I dragged
you here tonight?

You hadn't been out
for music in weeks.

I know who I married.

( band playing )

( song ends )
( applause )

Delmond: Thank you.
Thank you.

That was "Be You"
by Jon Batiste.

( applause and whistling )

Now I'd like to bring up
one of our friends

from back home.

Please welcome
the great Nicholas Payton.

( cheering and applause )

Yes, indeed.

Look like we got a New Orleans
quorum up in here tonight?

Yeah, I know it,
but I gotta come

all the way to New York
to play with my homeboys.

- ( laughs ) - Delmond: Tell
'em your business, brah.

( playing )

( sax joins )

( band joins )

( engine starts )

( band playing )

Late morning, even for you.

I stayed for the last set at Tip's.

Where's Terry?

He's gone, honey.

He said to give you his love.

Wanna go to Lundi Gras with me?

Go see Rebirth
down by the river?

Honestly, right now I need
to make some progress

with stuff here, okay?

- What is it?
- It's a lawsuit.

- About what?
- A jail death.

I have to read half an econ
text in the next two days,

but you don't see me getting
ready to waste Lundi Gras.

We'll have Mardi Gras
tomorrow, okay?


Right now, I have my work.

- ♪ Clean it up
- ♪ All the paper and trash

- ♪ Clean it up - ♪ Get
that stuff outta here ♪

- ♪ Clean up after Mardi Gras...
♪ - Sorry to hear that, man.

It was a great
after-school program.

Which is why
I called you, Derrick.

His best kids
need a place to land.

- I can take a few.
- Yeah?

- Roots of Music?
- There's a waiting list, but...

Oh, man. Come on,
this would be so good.

I was worried I was gonna have
to let them all down, yoowowow?

I got you, man.
We goin' tell ya. I got ya.

Thanks, man.

Thanks, man.
I told you, boy.


♪ Everybody here, hey

♪ Clean it up,
all the paper and trash ♪

- ♪ Clean it up - ♪ Get
that stuff outta here ♪

♪ Clean up
after Mardi Gras... ♪

I know what I know, Annie.

I've learned what I've learned.

You can't ask me to unlearn it.


Well, I've learned
a few things, too.

Like what?

Like you can only bend so far

before everything you're doing
doesn't matter anymore,

until you've lost the point.

I bent for you.

Is this about Bayou Cadillac?

No, Marvin.
Listen to me.

I gave up the band
and I followed you here.

And I'm willing to try and make
music the way you think I should.

Maybe my band
wasn't pretty enough.

Maybe they sounded
a little too Louisiana.

Maybe we had a ceiling
because of that.

And maybe it's worth
trying something

a little more mainstream
and tarting it up some.

We'll see.

But it has to be my fucking
music that I'm making.

I mean, if it isn't
music that I love,

that I make, that I wanna play,

what the fuck is the point?

I'm serious.

I see that.


The final decisions
on your music stay with you,

for better or worse.

Now what stays with me
and the people I pick

is the marketing,
promotion, and image.

If I give you the songs,
then you give me the package.

I have to have that much
or I can't do what I do.


You know what, Annie?

I do believe
you're gonna make it.

I mean, this is
a hard fucking industry,

a hard way to make a living.

But I'm starting to think that you
might be getting hard enough to do it.

I gotta go finish this record.

Enjoy your drink.

( music playing )

( both laughing )

( man whistling
over stereo )

Whoa! Yeah, Mardi Gras!

- ♪ Well, if you go to New Orleans...♪
- All right, baby girl.

- We gonna get goin' now. ♪ You ought ♪
♪ to go see the Mardi Gras...♪

- Whoo! - ♪ If you go
to New Orleans ♪

♪ You ought to go see
the Mardi Gras... ♪

We're gonna get it
fired up now, baby.

- Fired up.
- ♪ When you see the Mardi Gras ♪

♪ Somebody'll tell ya
what's Carnival for ♪

♪ Get your ticket
in your hand... ♪

- ( static hissing )... -♪ If you
wanna go to New Orleans ♪

( garbled )
♪ Get your ticket in your hand ♪

♪ If you wanna go
to New Orleans... ♪

( turns off radio )

( music playing
over jukebox )


Keep the bar open
till 3:00?

Later if you want.

I'm taking Randall
over to Saint Charles.

We're gonna catch Zulu and Rex.

And Alcide
is in the truck parade.

- Whoa. Big day, huh?
- ( laughs )

- Take care.
- All right.

- Davis, what the fuck?
- Davis: Almost ready.

It's Mardi Gras.

You get up late,
you eat a full breakfast,

you read the fucking paper,

and then play guitar
for half an hour.

Now you're killing the rest of
the day making yourself pretty.

So not you.
For Christ's sake.

Usually you're three bong hits
in and out the door by 7:00.

- That's your costume?
- Hello, ma'am.

I am from Columbia University's
Department of Anthropology

and I would like to ask
you a few questions

about this Fat Tuesday ritual
that you hold so dear.

- We're late for the party.
- Ah.

Come on.


- You put in the work, George.
- He wanted you to.

- It's your turn.
- What'd you tell him?

I told him yes.
Told him I'd do it.

- That's it, then. It's settled.
- I'm wearing his boots.

- You gotta wear the crown, too.
- No, I don't.

I don't wanna start
nothing I can't finish.

I can't promise I'm gonna
be here next year.

Or the year after that.

My daddy's legacy
with the Guardians...

that's for you
to carry, not me.

I carry him in my own way.

♪ Me Big Chief,
I go to my tribe ♪

♪ Got my squaw
right by my side ♪

♪ My flag boy just went by ♪

♪ My flag boy
is full of pride ♪

♪ My whole tribe
is having fun ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
till the morning come. ♪

( whistling melody )

( camera shutter clicking )

All right, very nice.

You know what?
Go ahead and dance around for me.

- Okay.
- ( photographer chuckles )

( laughs ) Hard to dance in these.

It's all right.
Just relax, just relax.

- ( both laugh )
- Now give me a little twirl.

- Okay. - A twirl...
there you go. There you go.

Very nice, very nice.
And hold it right there.

Hold it right there.

Chin up.
Give me more.

More in the eyes.

That's pretty.
Real pretty.

- ( drums playing )
- Man: Coochie ma!

Coochie ma!

( Indians shouting and chanting )

Man: ♪ A crowd every morning,
'cause here they come ♪

Indians: ♪ Guardians,
here they come ♪

♪ Put your name on the
screen, gonna carry on ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ Hey, Mardi Gras mornin'
the whole gang know ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ We gonna arrange this
number for Chief Lambreaux ♪

- ♪ Guardians, here they come...♪
- ( war cry )

♪ Hey, Mardi Gras day
and Saint Joe night ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ We're pouring like diamonds,
shining like light ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ I'm gonna bring that thing,
has the light of the moon ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ I've been a Big Chief
comin', killed Daniel Boone ♪

- ♪ Guardians, here they come...♪
- Coochie ma!

I'm the pretty gang flag.

♪ Guardians,
here they come ♪

♪ Oh, Lord have mercy,
Chief got mad ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ His spy don't worry,
his flag don't kneel ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ Got a Big Chief comin'
with a heart of steel ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ His spy boy don't worry,
your Chief on fire ♪

♪ Guardians, rerere they come ♪

♪ They be the Indian
ruler on Mardi Gras ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ Just, uh, let 'em come ♪

♪ Guardians, here they come ♪

♪ I say just, uh,
let 'em come. ♪

All righty.

You ready for
some sleeve photos?

Full band
with Annie in front.

- What do you think?
- Give me just a minute.

- Hey.
- Wow, look at you.

Just another Tuesday, huh?

- What do you mean? - I thought
you were from New Orleans.

It's Mardi Gras today, right?

- Photographer: Guys, let's get you
in the center. - It's Mardi Gras?

- Right over here.
- Yeah.

( sighs )

It's all right.
They'll do it next year.

- ( music playing )
- ( chatter )

You gonna come with, right?

Sure. I haven't seen
a truck parade

since my nephew rode
before the storm.

I know he's excited about it.

I got to find the ladies' room.

Can't find no place to pee
on Mardi Gras Day.

True dat.
Watch the baby.

Hey, boo-boo.

Hey, let me hear you say,
"Throw me something, mister."

- Throw me something, mister.
- Yeah!

Hey, very good.


- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

- How you doing?
- How you doing?

- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras.

- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.

Yeah, I haven't
seen you since, uh...

- Since last Mardi Gras.
- Last Mardi Gras.

Right, right.

So, um, you gonna
join us later?


Well, I'd like to, yeah.

But, uh...

I don't think I can this year.

Well, if you change your mind,

we'll be at Crescent City
Steak House around 6:00.

- Around 6:00?
- 6:00.

All right.

- Happy Mardi Gras.
- ( kisses ) Good to see you.

- Nice to see you.
- Yeah.


Hey, hey, hey.

Look, text me.

You know, as soon
as you get there.

Just... just in case.

You burning the meat.

I don't want none.

- You want some?
- No, I don't want none.


Ooh, yeah!

So, if I am to understand
you correctly,

you and your...
entire cohort

mark this day annually

by dressing as local rodentia

and parading en masse

down this public

We're a krewe.


And are you subject to any form

of sociopolitical leadership?

We have a king every year.

We're the Mystic Krewe of Nutria.

- ( chittering )
- "The Mystic Krewe of Nutria."

Is he for real?

Lighten up, Francis.

- Oh. Thank you.
- ( laughs )

- Happy Mardi Gras. - Hey, look,
Saint Anne's is coming through.

- Come on.
- You know...

- Let's go to the river.
- Frankly, all of this,

while colorful and provocative,
makes little sense.

To assert membership
in a quasi-religious cohort

that worships a small swamp
mammal of obscure origin

is culturally marginal at best.

- ( music blaring )
- ( crowd cheering )

Man: Hey!

Antoine and Desiree:
Alcide, Alcide!

Alcide, Alcide, Alcide!

Hey! Hey!

Come on, come on!


Antoine: Alcide, Alcide!
Wait, wait!

Alcide! Alcide! Hey!

( band playing )

- What? - I just don't
get what's eating you.

Turning 40?
Who cares?

- What? I'm just trying't
get to make a point. you.

How many Mardi Gras
does one man have?

How many does he need?

At what point
do you look around

and suddenly you're the old
fart on the dance floor?

And so this...

this is your approximation
of a grown-up, Davis?


My father wears
a jacket and tie

every day of his life.

- You want to be your father?
- God, no.

But at some point,

I imagine myself being
some version of him.

Maybe a husband

with a cat and a dog

and a lawn, lawn furniture.

It's not gonna happen,
my friend.

You are DJ Davis,
the one and only.

I gotta get rid of that guy.

Fucker's holding me back.

- ( music blaring )
- ( cheering )

There he is, there he is!
Right there.



( gunfire )

Man: They're shooting,
they're shooting!

Somebody's motherfuckin'
shooting, man!

( people screaming )

Man #2: Shit, they're shooting.
Fuck that, man.

- Man #3: Stay down!
- Man #4: You see who it was?

( screaming )

Somebody help me!

Call for help!

( people shouting )

( band playing )

- ( song ends )
- ( cheering and applause )

You ran the good race,
little brother.

( seagulls screeching )

( boat horn blaring )

Davis, what the fuck?

- Man: Look at this goof.
- I'm baptizing myself.

Please get out of the river.

- Man #2: Ha, that's stupid.
- I'm laying down my burden.

What are you dressed as?

The bright Mississippi,
wash me clean.

Man #3:
There you go.

Man #4: We normally don't
put them into the river

until they're ashes.

- It's kind of a rule, Davis.
( laughter )


I'm born again,
baptized in this muddy water!

I am no longer DJ Davis.

I am...

Mr. McAlary!

( all cheering )


- ( kisses )
- ( Davis groaning )

Be careful.

DJ Davis is dead.

- I don't think so.
- No.

I am Mr. McAlary.

Like my father and his
father before him.

I don't think
your father ever walked

in the Mississippi River
in his best suit.

Not sober, anyway.

They should have
been here by now.

By the way, I want to thank you

for everything you've
done for the boys.

And them coming
to live here now,

that wasn't easy
for you, I know.

It's the right thing.

Well, you know what they say.

Takes a village, right?

You need one
fucked-up musician,

a taxpaying dentist...

And your damn-near-bipolar,

crazy-ass bar owner.

( both laugh )

- That's some woman, ain't she?
- Yeah, she is.

Guys, there's food inside

and your sister's
waiting to see you.

We're okay, Dad.

How are they?

It was scary, but they're okay.

News said seven wounded.

It was awful.

I'm gonna go check on the boys.

Thank God you're all okay.

By the grace of God.

( crying )

It's okay.

( band playing )

Man, my shoes feel
like science projects.

I got... there's something
crawling in there.

That serves you right.

To time and its passing.

I love you.

Of course you do, Davis.


All right.

( music drowns out dialogue )

( birds chirping )

( crow cawing )

( rooster crows )

( train rattling )

( railroad crossing
bell dinging )

This is for the civil docket.

Robert Gilday versus
Sheriff Gusman et al.

Who cares that a couple of politically
connected people are in on the deal?

Never happens otherwise.

- Bernardo Wade, man.
- And who the hell's that?

He's Nagin's
personal photographer.

We have him in our proposal
as the compliance officer.

- Whatever that means.
- It means bagman for all I care.

Look, you can't get
a deal through City Hall

without Ray Nagin or his people
laying in the cut somewhere.

So what?
It's still a project

that this city
should want regardless.

The "Times-Pic"
is still angry

about the party Bernardo threw
for Nagin last year, remember?

Having him in this deal
was a red flag.

Oh, Christ's sakes,
it's New Orleans.

There's always a Bernardo
Wade in the mix somewhere.

You telling me
he stops this project?

It's dead.

What we just saw up there was
a sharpening of the knives.

I busted my ass for three years
to get this thing built.

I pissed off the mayor.

I pissed off
the lieutenant governor.

I pissed off everyone else
down the line along the way,

but who cares if the
thing gets built?

Who cares?

We'd have a national venue
for New Orleans music.

But now?

Go play some trumpet, kiddo.

You'll feel better
in the morning.

( chatter )

Hey, hey, how are you?

Whoa, what's eating you?

You sued me, Toni.

Oh, come on, honey.

I sue everybody.
You know that.

How's the bread pudding, hmm?

There you go.

( both laughing )

I ever tell you
my Harry Lee story?

Oh, about a million times.

No, I don't think I ever did.

And you can deliver this to me?

I can.
I absolutely guarantee it.

I'm tight with everyone
who's in on the decision.

I can promise you

that if that
Jazz Center gets built,

a Feeny restaurant
will be a part of it.

You have my word.

I have one thing
to ask in return.

Name it.

I had a long talk with Woodrow.
He's chomping at the bit.

Can't wait till I get
back up there.

I mean, it makes sense for
me to be based in New York.

There's no place down here
for me to play my music.

Are we gonna find
a place in Manhattan?

I'm thinking Brooklyn.

More bang for your buck.

We'll need two bedrooms.

I want to have
the baby here, Del.

I figured.

Your mama and your doctor.

I promised my daddy
we'd raise him, or her,

up in the tradition.

So... we keep a foot
in both places, right?


But how?

He hates me so much.

He likes money more.

What'd you give him?

100% of nothing.

You know something?

I spent time in this town,

made a lot of money.

And a friend of mine,
a cousin, actually,

once asked me
if I ever built anything

or if anything ever got fixed
for all that I got paid.

When you put your sign up,

take a little penknife,
carve my initials

in the bot
of that sucker, okay?

I'll do more than that.

You got this corner table
any time you want it, gratis.

Oh, no, darling,
I pay for my meals.

And I tip excessively.

Never worry the little stuff.


All right.

Gotta go.
I'm in the wrong town.

Toby: Godzilla versus King Kong.
It's a flawed analogy, Davis.

If Fess is M.L.K.,

- Booker is Gandhi.
- ( laughs )

So the Mahatma

is the civil rights
equivalent of Godzilla.

- Indeed.
- Okay, Godzilla versus M.L.K.

- Who wins?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

That's a lyric.

- No! That's a song!
- Oh, God, here we go.


- That's a concept album.
- ( laughing )

Right? Right?

What the fuck did I just say?

Both: Godzilla versus M.L.K.

( band playing )

( cheering and applause )

♪ Goin' to the place
where I was born ♪

♪ Long before this world
was my home ♪

♪ I gotta go, gotta go ♪

♪ But I don't know when

♪ Oh, come with me,
oh, if you can ♪

♪ Oh, come with me,
oh, if you can. ♪

- ( song ends )
- ( cheering and applause )

Thank you so much, you guys.

Thank you.

That one will be
on our new record,

which will be out
this summer, we hope.

( cheering and applause )

You know what?

It's so good to be back in
New Orleans after so long.

I have so many friends
down here that I miss and...

actually, I see
one of them right now.

( chuckles )

It's my oldest friend here.

He's the one who dragged
me to New Orleans

and made me love the place.

This one is for him.

All right,
you Nashville hotshots,

every busker down here can play this
one in, like, five different keys.

So we can do this.

( clears throat )


( applause )

♪ Love, oh, love

♪ Oh, careless love...

( applause )

♪ You fly through my head ♪

♪ Like wine

♪ You wrecked the life

♪ Of many poor girls

♪ And you let me spoil

♪ This life of mine

♪ Love, oh, love

♪ Oh, careless love

♪ In your clutches of desire ♪

♪ You made me break

♪ A many true vow

♪ Then you set my very soul ♪

♪ On fire...

- ( button clicks )
- This is DJ Davis on WWOZ,

the world's greatest
radio station.

That was the late,
great Earl King

with "Ain't No City."

Do you have
your brass passes yet?

Jazz Fest is coming and we
do not want to get caught

naked and bereft, now, do we?

- Darnell: Davis. ( over headphones)
- Attention, listeners...

Yes, Darnell?

I just wanted to tell you
that your shows

the last few weeks
have been really good.

Really tight.

Your shows...
they've been good.

Why would you say
something like that?

Why would you go there when you
know how much that fucks me up?

Do you understand
the self-loathing involved

when you, the station manager,

comes in here to tell me

that you enjoy
what I'm doing, hmm?

( sighs )

My mistake.


Dude, you're way too easy.

( laughs )

( over headphones ) We hope
to see you at the fest.

Hey, do you know how sometimes

you hear a song that you've
heard a million times before,

and maybe you're even
tired of hearing it...

but this time...

maybe because of something
you've been through

or maybe because of something
you now understand,

you hear that song again...

maybe it's a new version,
maybe not...

But you realize that there's a
fresh world in there to be heard?


Me, too.

- ( button clicks )
- ( music playing )

♪ I've never had
this kind of feelin' ♪

♪ With aching heart

♪ And my mind a-reelin'

♪ What's the matter?

♪ Here's the matter...

( baby laughing )

♪ Here's what's wrong
with me... ♪

( tooting )

♪ Do you know
what it means ♪

♪ To miss New Orleans?

♪ And miss it
both night and day? ♪

♪ I know
that it's wrong ♪

♪ Yet the feeling's
getting stronger ♪

♪ The longer I stay away

♪ Miss those
moss-covered vines ♪

♪ The tall sugar pines

♪ Where mockingbirds
used to sing ♪

♪ And I'd like to see

♪ That old lazy
Mississippi ♪

♪ Hurrying into spring

♪ The Mardi Gras

♪ The madness

♪ A Creole tune

♪ That fills the air

♪ I dream...

- What are you doing?
- Come on.

- ♪ Of oleanders in June...
- Do you want to play it?

- No, I don't.
- No, 'cause you can't.

♪ Then soon I'm wishing

♪ I were there...

You're next, you know?

♪ Do you know
what it means ♪

♪ To miss New Orleans?

The Saints, Saints.

♪ 'Cause that's where
you left your heart... ♪

The Saints are
the world champions!

♪ There's one thing more

♪ How I miss
the ones I care for ♪

♪ Just like I miss

♪ New Orleans...

Joey Abreu.

This is my son.

Davis: Between the American Negro
and the irradiated lizard,

I believe that we can
forge a friendship

and walk into the sunset,
hand in hand,

and solve all of our
differences as friends.

♪ So this epic battle goes,
that of which I said ♪

♪ Godzilla and
Martin Luther King... ♪

( soft chatter )

Morning or afternoon?

Uh, morning.

( chatter )

- Thank you. - You're welcome.
What about you?

A Crown and Coke, please.

♪ The moonlight

♪ On the bayou

♪ A Creole tune

♪ That fills the air

♪ I dream

♪ Of magnolias
in bloom ♪

♪ Then soon I'm wishing

♪ That I were there

♪ Do you know
what it means ♪

♪ To miss New Orleans?

♪ 'Cause that's where

♪ You left your heart

♪ And there's
one thing more ♪

♪ How I miss

♪ The ones I care for

♪ Just as much

♪ As I miss

♪ New Orleans.