Treme (2010–2013): Season 4, Episode 3 - Dippermouth Blues - full transcript

( music playing )

( music fades )

The late, great King Curtis.

"What Are You Doing
New Year's Eve?"

Written by Frank Loesser
of "Guys and Dolls" fame.

A stellar example

of McAlary's theory
of creolization.

Tin Pan Alley, Broadway,

the Great American Songbook

meet African-American
musical genius.

And that's what
America's all about.

Check out Miles' version

of "If I Were A Bell,"
you don't believe me.

Merle Haggard with the Pres Hall Jazz
Band doing "Basin Street Blues,"

written by New Orleans'
own Spencer Williams.

♪ Basin Street is the street ♪

♪ Where all the dark
and the light folks meet. ♪

That's how culture gets made
in this country.

That's how we do.

We're a Creole nation
whether you like it or not.

And in three weeks,

America inaugurates
its first Creole president.

Get used to it.

All right,
here's another version.

This time with the words.

This is New Orleans' own
Harry Connick, Jr.

♪ Maybe it's much too early ♪

♪ In the game ♪

♪ Ah, but I thought ♪

♪ I'd ask you just the same ♪

♪ What are you doing ♪

♪ New Year's? ♪

♪ New Year's Eve? ♪

( music playing )

♪ Hanging in the Treme ♪

♪ Watching people sashay ♪

♪ Past my steps ♪

♪ By my porch ♪

♪ In front of my door ♪

♪ Church bells are ringing ♪

♪ Choirs are singing ♪

♪ While the preachers groan ♪

♪ And the sisters moan
in a blessed tone ♪

♪ Mm-hmm, yeah ♪

♪ Down in the Treme,
just me and my baby ♪

♪ We're all going crazy ♪

♪ While jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ Trumpet bells ringing ♪

♪ Bass drum is swinging ♪

♪ As the trombone groans ♪

♪ And the big horn moans
and there's a saxophone ♪

♪ Down in the Treme ♪

♪ It's me and my baby ♪

♪ We're all going crazy ♪

♪ While jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ Down in the Treme ♪

♪ It's me and my baby ♪

♪ We're all going crazy ♪

- ♪ While jamming and having fun. ♪
Man: - Whoo!

So what's on
the menu for tonight?

Special New Year's
Eve prix fixe

starting with a really
delicious duck gumbo

paired with your
yummy champagne,

which is why I could use
a couple more cases.

Well, I got it on the truck.

Take a check for the extra?

Uh-huh. How long I got
to wait to deposit?

Today's Wednesday.
Tomorrow's a holiday.

- I could do Friday.
- Monday.

Give me the weekend
to squirrel away some cash.

Sorry, darling.
No can do.

- Happy New Year's.
- Yeah, happy New Year.

All right.

That sucks.

( music playing on radio )

( siren blares )

( sirens chirp )

( band playing )

( turns down radio )

( music playing )

More tea, Daddy?

( clears throat )


I'm fine, thank you.
( coughs )

I'm running out to make groceries.
I pick you up anything?

Go on.
I'll be fine.

Don't need no
round-the-clock smothering.

- I hate to leave you alone.
- ( knocks )

Ooh, too bad for you.
Here comes the cavalry.

Good morning.


- How is everybody?
- Everybody's good.


And how are you, Sunshine?


There's some soup on the stove
in case he gets hungry.

- Okay.
- I'll see you tonight?

Oh, yeah.
Looking forward.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye, Daddy.
- Mm-hmm.

How you feeling?
Hungry? Want some soup?

I feel fine.

I am not.
And, no, I don't.

Fix you a milk shake?

Will you quit fussing
and come sit by me?

- Need some help?
- I do not.

But if you got
nothing better to do,

there you go.

This one?


( coughs )

How we doing?

Not as nimble with the thimble
as I used to be, but...

Gonna be ready?

I'm gonna make that walk, me.

I know you will.

I know.

( playing )

( snapping )

All right.
All right.

I believe I've had
enough fun for today.

I'll see y'all
next Monday in class.

Happy New Year.
Get home safe.

Hang on the porch till
your parents pick you up.

Anybody need a ride?

No, we got it.

Say, y'all, anybody
seen Jennifer lately?

She been playing down
on Frenchmen Street.

- On the corner?
- Uh-huh.

With her band The Chosen Ones.

( singing in French )

( crowd cheering )

- ( music ends )
- Thank you.

Thank you.

We'd like to bring out
one of our good friends.

( crowd cheering )

( music playing )

( singing in French )

Happy New Year!

- ( shouting )
- ( party horns blowing )

Boy: Hanging out
in the French Quarter.

Hey! Happy New Year!

( shouting continues )

What the fuck?

- It's closed.
- It's not closed. We got a gig.

Read the sign.

Can-- they can't--

can't cancel--
I was gonna quit.


how they gonna-- how am I
gonna quit if I'm cancelled?

It's fucking shit!

Raul! Raul.
Hey, it's Davis McAlary.

I'm standing outside your club
right now with some of my band.

your whole band, Davis.

Hold on.

your whole band, Davis.

Yeah, man, you fired Rogan.

Cheeky said, "Fuck you. I
quit for real." You heard me?

Fine, whatever.
Raul, what the fuck, man?

It's New Year's Eve.
What's going on, huh?

Not even a heads up,
a courtesy flush,

you fucking goat whore?

Please call me back.

( music playing )

♪ Yeah, we like it stanky ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ We like it stanky... ♪

So it's like 12 or 15.

A whiskey.

Sure, baby.

Excuse me.

Melanie Felix.
I work with Marvin.

Oh, hi.
Where is Marvin?

He had to fly to LA
at the last minute.

Said to wish you a happy New Year.
Hi, Melanie Felix.

- Louis Michot.
- I know. I'm a big fan.

- Y'all were fantastic.
- Thank you.

And you two sounded
so great together.

You should do more of that.

Well, hey, are you
staying for our set?

- Oh, yeah.
- Return the favor?

I'd love to.

- Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

I'm really glad I got to see you
play one with the Ramblers.

That was special.
I love them.

And One Eyed Jacks?

My gosh,
what a fantastic venue.

Yeah, it's great.
Is this your first time?

Are you kidding?
I'm a regular.

Marvin sends me down here
at least once a month.

So you're here scouting or...?

Actually, I'm here
to talk to you.

It was like getting
a message from the universe.

A zap from the zeitgeist.

Did the owner
ever call you back?

Raul? Yeah.

Turns out he wasn't
dissing me after all.

I mean, his neighbors were
all bitching about the noise,

trying to get the city
to shut him down.

Even though the last place
was a gay disco

that went to all hours pumping
out Euro techno trash.

The Seventh Circle.
I used to go dancing there.

In my salad days
before I became an icon

and role model to young
female chefs everywhere.

( laughs )
It was. It was loud.

Well, apparently,
it was legendary.

I'm sorry, Davis.

But you have been quitting
the music business

for over a year now.

This isn't about me.

- It's not?
- No.

( laughs )

Fuck you.

No, this is the next big issue.

Rampart Street?

Come on, talk about
a street that ought

to be a music tourist

Cosimo, Pops.

Fuck Bourbon Street.
Fuck Beale Street, too.

While we're at it,
fuck all the phony-ass,

so-called music destination
turista traps.

Yeah, fuck Beale Street
and Bourbon.

- Yeah!
- Basin Street, too.

- All the Bs.
- ( laughing )

( people shouting )


Ah, oh!

I'll get more.

C'est fini.

That's all there is.

It's New Year's Eve.

Why do you think it's so
fucking empty in here?

I ran out of champagne
at 9:45.

Saved this
for our personal use.

The night is young.

Let's blow this pop stand.

( music playing )

- ( horns honking )
- ( people shouting )

( fireworks exploding )

Janette: Midnight!
It's midnight.

Lost track of time.

Happy New Year!

Bonne année et bonne santé.

Happy 2009.

Can you believe it?

One more year and we're
out of the aughts.

I hate the aughts.

2009, we're still here.

Still fucking here.

Bonne année, bonne
santé, mon ami.

What gives?

Mm, that was delicious.

( sighs )
Thank you, Mama.

Especially the peas.

Your recipe.

That's why, then.

- ( laughs )
- Must be.

I do miss cooking for myself.

Just put those in the sink, LaDonna.
I'll do 'em later.


You know, I can't even
have a scented candle?

That's for your safety, Mama.

Yeah, I know it.


How's the food
in the dining room?

It's all right.
Same thing every day,

depending on
the day of the week.

What'd they do for Christmas?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy.

dressing, yams, string beans,

cranberry relish and pecan pie.


Sounds delicious.

All I wanted was
a bowl of gumbo.

But they always burn the roux.

They should use
liquid smoke like you do.

Then they wouldn't burn it.

I told them, but they
wouldn't believe me.

And just because you might
add a little liquid smoke

doesn't mean
you can stop stirring.


Never believed I'd end up
in a place like this.

Two rooms.

I always thought I'd be able to
take care of myself to the end.

This place is nice, Mama.

I know it.

Life never turns out

just the way you think it will.


It doesn't.

Full of surprises.


How's Larry?

Spending the day
with Bernard and his wife.

- Victorine.
- Mmm.

And Antoine? He been to
see the boys recently?

Christmas Day.

You gonna ask me about
my high school boyfriend, too?

I'm just concerned
about you, that's all.

Alcide said you're talking
about getting a divorce.

Thinking about it.

You gonna marry this new fella?

He's very ill at the moment.

We'll see.

Oh, I know that look.

You think I screwed up,
don't you?

Not for me to say.

No, it's not for you to say.


It's good. It just
needs a little more...


Between Brandi and Daddy,
I'm trying to cook healthy.

It's delicious, Davina.

It is. It is.
Just saying.

Hot sauce, Daddy?

No, thank you.

How about some fried chicken?

I thought I wasn't allowed.

It's the holiday.
Knock yourself out.

Nothing tastes right.

I got this metallic taste in my mouth.
I can't shake it.

( shower running )

( shower stops )

Oh, my God.

Treme-ja vu.

Good morning.
Happy 2009.


( sighs )
You hungover?

Mm, a little bit.

( groans )
Maybe more.

Hair of the dog?


Already made.
I'll get you some.

Mmm, Davis.

Last night...

that was nice.

You remember?

( laughs )

( laughs )

Yeah, I remember.

Yeah, it was nice.

What are we doing here?

Spending the day
in bed, I hope.

Well, yeah.

I mean, you and me.

What's going on?

( chuckles )

Is something going on?

Um, I'm not sure.

We have to figure it out today?

( laughs )

No. God, no.


Hey, hold that elevator.

( indistinct chatter )

FBI, Lieutenant.

I can see that. They
say what it was about?

Like you don't know.

No, I don't know.


( sighs )

♪ Well, there are blues
that you get from worry ♪

♪ And there are blues
that you get from pain ♪

♪ There are blues when you are
lonely for your one and only ♪

♪ The blues
you can never explain ♪

♪ There are blues
that you get from longing ♪

♪ But the bluest blues to me ♪

♪ Are the blues
that I've got on my mind ♪

♪ They're the very
meanest kind ♪

♪ The blues my naughty
sweetie gives to me. ♪

( playing )

That's pretty.

( playing )

( music playing )

Now she don't want
to talk to me.

How you doing, Mary Lou?

( laughs )

Excuse me.
That sounded great, man.

- Thanks, man.
- Can I buy you a drink?

As soon as I finish this one.

- Ed Gerrard.
- Antoine Batiste.

I know. My partner
Peter Himberger and I

manage Mac and Jon Cleary.

Oh, yeah.
It's a pleasure.

Except I think
you owe me a call.

Excuse me?

Shorty gave you my card
about some film work.

Oh, yeah.
That was you?

I haven't gotten around
to it, you know.

I've been meaning to,
but, you know, the holidays.

A lot of other stuff

No worries, man. The gig's still
there if you want it, though.

I thought you said
you were a manager.

Music supervisor for film,
I do that as well.

Oh, cool.

Well, whatever you need,
man, I'm there.

How about that drink?

- Crown and Coke, baby.
- You got it.

Say, you know,

I've been wanting to work
with Mac for years.

You think you could hook me up?

I mean, I know he knows me.

I was supposed to do a tour
with him and I got busy

and you know, Shorty filled in
at the last minute.

It would be an honor.
I'm just saying.

Well, you know, he can always use
a great New Orleans bone player.

Oh, yeah.

Right. Right.

Oh, and you buying, too.

( crossing signal dinging )

You knew, right?

And you couldn't
give me a heads up?


No, I guess not.

What's the mood?




Yeah, they beat
the state of Louisiana

and they figure they
can beat the feds, too,

as long as nobody breaks ranks.

And nobody has, except me.

And you don't know
anything about Danziger

and they know that.
You're outside the wall.

But I can testify
about a lot of the shit.

The whole culture
of cover-up

and conspiracy
and intimidation,

missing and manufactured

Some of which you
manufactured yourself.

I was setting a trap.

Interesting to see what
a decent defense attorney

does with that assertion.

Fuck 'em.
I'm ready to stick it in.

I'm not gonna need you
to testify, Terry.


They may be smug now,

but they'll be
banging down my door

to make a deal time we're done.

- You got something?
- We will.

Sure as God made
little green apples.

The sergeant in charge of
the in-house investigation?

Dugue and Kaufman.

We got their computers.

You know what they say, Terry.

It's never the crime,
it's the cover-up.

It's always the cover-up.

What was his name?


Fox. Lanny Fox.

What would I have seen him in?

( sighs ) They told
me, but I forget.

Some war thing nobody watched.

And you're gonna teach him how to play?
This actor?

No, I'm gonna show him
how to hold the bone,

move the slide,
blow at the right time.

- You know.
- Fake it?

That's what actors do, right?

Sound like easy money to me.

I'm just saying.

- You got a gig tonight?
- Mm-mmm.

We can go out.

Get Mama to watch the baby.

- Club hopping on Frenchmen?
- Sure.

'Cause I was hoping
to run into Jennifer.

Word is she's playing
the corner down there.

I know you're worried
about her.

Man, she ain't been to band
since Cherise died.







Is that better
or worse than "hmm"?

Why don't you just
call it Janette's?

( groans )

'Fraid so.

- Fuck me.
- Indeed.

( music playing )



Oh, some good.

You didn't really need that
second piece of sweet potato pie.

No, no, I didn't.

My head said no, but my heart
said why the fuck not?

( laughs )

Want to check out
the Blue Nile?

There she is.

( laughs )

( music playing inside )

Hey, girl.

Hey, Mr. Batiste.
Mrs. Batiste.

- Hey, Jennifer.
- What's going on?

They're my girls.

Oh, yeah?

- You want to go in?
- I'm too young.

Come on.

Antoine, how old is she?

Jeff, this is my daughter.

And she's a musician.


And last time I checked,

this is still
New Orleans, right?


( indistinct chatter )

If they subpoena you and you
did give grand jury testimony,

it's up to the feds whether to call
you or not when it goes to trial.

If it ever does.

You think they'll finally
move on any of this?


I think the raid
says they're fixing to.

As soon as Obama's inaugurated
and Holder's sworn in.

Well, a breeze does seem to be
blowing in a new direction.

I just hope they don't
stop at Danziger.

That Joey Abreu's case
is on their agenda, too.

And Henry Glover,

and whoever else the NOPD
killed after the storm.

I floated the idea, you know.

To our friend.

About me taking the stand.

What did he say?

He didn't need me.

I'm damaged goods.

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

And he thinks he has
what he needs.

And the rumor is
that the department

has invented a witness.

- ( gasps )
- Can you believe that?

I invented a shell casing.

They're making me
look like an amateur.

Terry, Toni, everything okay?

How's the puttanesca?

Perfect as always.

Oh, it's good to see you.

- Nice to see you.
- Thank you, Mr. Joe.

I don't envy you
your situation.


But I know you'll do
the right thing.

( music playing )

- ( music stops )
- ( cheering )

Woman: We're gonna
take a short break.

We'll be right back.

We're missing you in band.

Just not feeling it, you know?

I do.

I miss her, too.

But you got to keep--

just got to keep on keeping on.

You know what I'm saying?
I mean, that's what it is.

You just got to keep going. That's
the way she would have wanted it.

I'll tell you what, Jennifer.

I know you could be
one of them someday.

That's what I want.

You stick with him,

someday we'll be
coming here to see you.

You come back to band,

I'll teach you that
"Ghostbusters" song they do.

- "Who You Gonna Call?"
- Yeah.

You think about it, okay?



Oh, hi.

Can I come in?

Now is not a good time.
I got company.

Oh. Okay.

Where are the boys?
Can I say hi at least?

They went to the mall and the
movies with some friends.


I should have
called first, huh?


I was just driving by and I...

- We'll talk later.
- All right.

- Happy New Year.
- You, too.

Hey, Mama said
to tell you hello.

- Mother-in-law?
- Yeah.

- How she doing?
- She's good.

We drove up New Year's Day.
Had a good visit.

You give her my love.

I will.

I just wanted to say

I know a lot of this
is my fault...

and I'm sorry.

( quietly )
Thank you.

And I really do appreciate
everything you're doing, Larry.

I really do.

( music playing )

♪ Tomorrow is a busy day ♪

♪ We got things to do, we
got eggs to lay ♪

♪ We got ground to dig
and worms to scratch ♪

♪ Takes a lot of sitting
getting chicks to hatch ♪

♪ There ain't nobody here
but us chickens ♪

♪ There ain't nobody
here at all ♪

♪ So watch yourself ♪

♪ And stop that fussin',
there ain't nobody... ♪

( laughs )

Hey, Antoine Batiste.

- That's right.
- Lanny Fox, man. It's a pleasure.

- Thanks, Sandy.
- You're welcome, Mr. Fox.

- Thanks, Sandy.
- No worries.

- Come on in, man. Come on in.
- Oh, shit!

Not bad, right?

You always carry your bone
without a case?

Oh, man,
it's a long story, brah.

I'd like to hear it sometime.

Take your jacket off.
Let me grab my bone.


All right.

Oh, nice!

Is it? 'Cause, man,
I got no idea.

Yes, man.
This is a King 2B.

It's top-shelf.

It's good to know they're not
nickel-and-diming everything

- 'cause catering sucks.
- ( laughs )

So where do we start?

Well, we'll start
with some of the basics,

you know--
how to hold it.

And then we'll listen
to the playback track

and, you know, start
getting you synched up.

- Cool.
- When do you shoot this?

- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Yeah, I know.
A Sunday, right?

Triple time. But we're
way behind schedule

and the producers
are up our ass.

It would be good
if you could be there.

Uh... sure.

Sunday, no problem.

But I'm saying tomorrow
doesn't give us much time.


Let's get started, right?

What do I do first?

Well, first put
the mouthpiece in

so you don't cut up
your lips and shit.

- Yeah. Right, duh.
- ( chuckles )

I am so sorry to intrude
on your Saturday,

but I did want to bring
you up to speed.

We're happy to hear
from you whenever.

As you know, we had the
second autopsy done.

The doctor from Georgia.

Right, Dr. Sperry.
He's definitively ruled out

trauma from the bar fight
as a cause of death.

He agrees with Dr. Minyard

that your son died from
natural causes, from asthma.

We know that your son
was left untreated

for several hours.

Dr. Sperry's expert opinion
is that Billy's asthma

was survivable
given the proper treatment.

He should have had his inhaler.

And when his
condition worsened,

he should have been
sent to the hospital.

Sounds like negligence to me.

It does to me as well.

How could they
have done that to him?

Walk away and just let him die?

I don't know.

What kind of person does that?

That's a good question,
Mrs. Gilday.

It's a question I ask myself
not only in your son's case,

but often in my work.

And I'm afraid I don't
have a good answer for it.

Somebody has to be accountable.
God damn it.

- Shh, Bill.
- Well, I would file on your behalf

a federal civil rights case

against the sheriff
and the jail staff

for violating
Billy's civil rights.

It would be
deliberate indifference

to a serious medical need
and for negligence.

It won't bring our Billy back.

There have been
several deaths at the jail

like your son's.

Preventable deaths.

This isn't some random
acts of neglect

by bad individuals,
but this is a pattern

and practice of violating
people's rights at the jail

and it has been
going on for years.

So I hope you'll do this
not only for your son,

but also for someone
else's son or daughter.

Because it will happen again.

( turns off )

- Lieutenant.
- Chief.

I assume a federal grand
jury's coming on Danziger.

I just wanted you to know

if I am subpoenaed,
I am going to testify.

You assume or you know because
your FBI buddies told you?

Respectfully, Chief,

get your head out of your ass.

You'd fuck yourself
to fuck everybody else?

I just don't understand that.

You put your shit in the street,
you're through, Detective.

Forget New Orleans.

You couldn't get a job as a
beat cop in Bumfuck, Illinois.

Fine by me.

- ( music playing )
- You know this?

( scoffs )
"Dippermouth Blues."

King Oliver wrote this for Pops

when they were all
up in Chicago.

Hey, you know who plays
trombone on the original?

- No.
- The great Honoré Dutrey.


Also from New Orleans. They
were all from New Orleans.

Honoré Dutrey--
one of my heroes.

I named my daughter after him.

- No kidding?
- Mm-hmm.

You want her to be a trombone
player when she grows up?

Oh, I don't know about that.

I want her to play something.



Mmm! They want you
to fake that, huh?

Yeah, I know.

It's a lot.
You think you can help me?

Man, they could have
chose something

that was a little
less challenging.

That's Kid Ory.

One of the seminal players
of the instrument.

Well, yeah, but, I mean,
I'm playing Kid Ory, so...

- You are?
- Yeah.

Yeah, basically. I mean, they changed
the name or whatever, but...

Yeah, well, Kid Ory was black.

I thought he was Creole.

Yeah, but...

I mean, he was light
enough to pass, right?

Yeah, but he didn't.
It's not just about color.

I'm Creole, too, me.

- You are?
- Yeah, on my mama's side.

But, you know,
it's about culture

and family tradition.

Anyway, I told them
they should just keep

the character's name Kid Ory.

You know, stick with the Creole
thing, just let me run with it.

But producers, right?
They get cold feet.

Too controversial.

White guy, Creole.

Yeah, I guess
that's for the best.

Creole is a contentious
term these days, huh?

It is what it is, right?

So, you know,
if you got any tips,

I'd really appreciate it.


( people laughing, chatting )

♪ Tired, broke,
got nowhere to turn ♪

♪ If nobody minds the store ♪

♪ Lord have mercy
on the final four ♪

♪ Cold wind been blowin'
through us all ♪

♪ See the heartbeat
and the soul ♪

♪ Of the people of the city
of New Orleans ♪

♪ Talking about jazz, funk ♪

♪ Rhythm and blues and soul ♪

♪ Rib shack, backbeat,
the second line, city street ♪

♪ The sound
of a big bass drum ♪

♪ The greatest gift ♪

♪ The greatest gift ♪

♪ Talking about jazz, funk ♪

♪ Rhythm and blues and soul ♪

♪ Jazz, funk,
rhythm and blues and soul. ♪

( trumpet playing )

( Albert coughing )

It's time to take
your meds, Pop.

- Got to use the bathroom?
- Mm-hmm.

I got you.

( pills rattling )

( coughing )

( water running )

( music playing )

( song ends )

Should we take 10?

- Let's take 20.
- ( laughs )

I'm down with that.


That was marvelous, darling.

Thank you, Mimi.

How'd you know it was me?

I don't know.

Maybe the voice?

( laughs )

I've had this voice since
I was 27, believe it or not.

Well, I got an early start.

Had my first cigarette at 13.

My first whiskey, my first boy.

- Annie!
- Where have you been?

- Mr. and Mrs. McAlary.
- Good to see you.

You look fabulous.
Great mask.

I'm gonna be Marie Antoinette
for Mardi Gras this year.

Let them eat king cake.

- ( laughs )
- She's been saying that all night.

Well, appropriate for Twelfth
Night, don't you think?

N'est-ce pas?

And Roger's going
to be Louis Seize.

I thought we ought
to go as Louis Prima

and Keely Smith,
but I was overruled.

Well, not by me.
Just a gigolo, darling.

- How are your parents?
- They're fine. Thank you.

- Give them our regards.
- Oh, I will, of course.

Would you excuse me a moment?

I just felt disrespected.

Melanie. She's not
any older than I am.

Well, he's certainly sending
you a message, isn't he?

Yeah, I got it loud and clear.

Do what I tell you

or you can be represented
by a fucking intern.

Yeah, but that's
what you pay him for.

His expertise.

And if you don't agree with it,

maybe you should find
a new manager.

I hate to start over.

Well, it's just my opinion,

I would say you either
take his advice

or show him the door.


Fucking pathetic.

Is that all you got?

Dog shit?

( playing )

Cut! Cut!
Cut! Cut!

( bell rings )

( sighs )

Don't worry.
We'll fix it in post.

Kid Ory, my ass.

( knocks )

( continues knocking )

Hey, Davis.
What's the matter?

Oh, wait, who brought beignets?

I did.

Come on in.

I'll get some juice.

- ( Toni laughing )
- No, I'm psyched about this.

- I really am.
- I can see that.

- It's a big deal.
- All right. Okay.

So what is it exactly
you want to do, hmm?

I want to get
Caledonia's reopened.

Take over Raul's lease.
Revitalize Rampart Street.

Fight the good fight
for live music in New Orleans.

That's it?

To start.

I'll look into it for you.

Oh, thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.

Just don't sign anything
until I've read it.

I got it. I got it.

I've been wanting to challenge
that noise ordinance for years.

It is completely,
clearly unconstitutional.

It bans literary
readings, mimes...

Do you want that?

No, thank you.

Davis, it's stone-cold.

You say that
like it's a bad thing.

( music playing )

Man: Go!

Man #2:
Coochie ma!

Wild man!

Wild man!

Coochie ma!

♪ He-la-hey-hey-la-hey,
come on ♪

♪ Chong, chong, I like
to go strong, strong... ♪

- Come on!
- ♪ He-la-hey-hey-la-hey... ♪

Coochie ma!

Guardians of the flame!

- Flag boy!
- Coochie ma!

Flag boy.

I'm the Big Chief,
get down on the ground.

♪ Chong, chong,
I like to go strong, strong ♪

♪ With a little bit
he-la-hey-hey-la-hey ♪

♪ Hey, come on, come on ♪

♪ Chong, chong,
I like to go strong, strong ♪

♪ With a little bit
he-la-hey-hey-la-hey ♪

♪ Chong, chong,
I like to go strong, strong ♪

♪ With a little bit
he-la-hey-hey-la-hey ♪

( shouting,
chanting continues )

♪ Let's go get 'em ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ The flag is jumpin' ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Way downtown ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Won't turn around ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Meet 'em in the morning ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Don't give no warning now ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Trouble comes, boy ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Jumping with fire ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Early in the morning ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Lord have mercy ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Hurray ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Lord have mercy ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Spy boy come in now ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Flag boy come in now ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Celebrated ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Way uptown ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Celebrated now ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Way uptown ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Mardi Gras morning ♪

- ♪ Let's go get 'em ♪
- ♪ Mardi Gras morning ♪

♪ Let's go get 'em... ♪

( chanting continues )

Wild man!

♪ Mardi Gras Day
when the Indians come ♪

♪ Won't nobody kneelin',
won't nobody run ♪

♪ Whoopin' and a hollerin'
when the Indians say... ♪


Where's Brandi?

Her feet hurt.

Mm, I remember.

Your feet, your back,

your bladder, everything.

You'll see.

How's your daddy doing?

He's in pain and of course he
ain't gonna take nothing for it.

Except the herb, and we
out of that temporarily.

Supposed to go
to the doctor tomorrow.

Is he?

I'm taking him.

We appreciate--

I appreciate everything
you're doing for us.

For him.
Thank you.

You're welcome.

Tell him I'll see him
in the morning, okay?

Will do.

- Del.
- Paul.

- Karen.
- Hey. How you doing, baby?

Monk looked good.

He a force of nature.

How's your Big Chief?

Oh, he hanging in.
Sewing like crazy.

Y'all should stop by.

Will do.

He still aiming to come
out Mardi Gras Day?

Oh, yeah, for sure.

I'm glad to hear that.

What, you heard different?

No, no.
You know.

Give him our best.

Will do.

And you tell him I'm praying
for him to St. Anne.

He'll be glad to hear that.

- I'll see y'all soon.
- All right, baby.

- All right.
- Take care.

- See you next week?
- Yeah, thanks.

- Say hi to my Big Chief for me.
- I will.

- Tell him we miss him.
- Yeah.

He gonna be able to make
that walk, you think?

He aiming to. You know how
he is he put his mind to it.

We should talk about
what if he can't.

If he ain't up to it.

He'll be up to it.

And if he ain't?
Who'll take us out?

You, of course.

- Unless he wants you to.
- Me? You the wild man.

( laughs )
You his son.

You next in line.

True dat.

But this year,

I do whatever he wants.

( snoring )

( coughs )

( wheezing )

One morning I was out
walking with Mr. Rutherford

and Mr. Amedée
and we just had to say...

♪ Look at the day ♪

♪ That the Lord has made ♪

♪ Oh, look at the day ♪

♪ That the Lord has made ♪

♪ Life could be, oh, so fine ♪

♪ Taking just one day
at a time ♪

♪ Look at the day ♪

♪ That the Lord has made ♪

♪ Why don't we slow down ♪

♪ Relax and just
take it easy? ♪

♪ All this fighting... ♪