Treme (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 8 - Can I Change My Mind? - full transcript

Delmond pitches his fusion project to Dr. John; Toni enlists a PI for the Abreu case; Davis debuts his band while Annie resists debuting her song; LaDonna's marriage is tested; Janette weighs a move to a more casual kitchen.

( Phone ringing )

( PA beeps )

( Man speaking over PA )

- ( Knocks on door ) - ( Door opens )

I hope that's good news.

It is. You're still negative, Ladonna.

( Sighs )

( Velcro rips )

( Whispers ) Oh thank you, Jesus.

I've been praying.

Lord, I've been praying.

I have to take more tests?

You are done with all of that.

- And the medications? - Just finish the last course of antibiotics.

Oh my God.

( Beeps, whirring )

- You're smoking more. - You can tell?

- Mm-hmm. - ( Whirring stops )

( Beeps )

And your blood pressure is too high.

I'm gonna have the doctor write you a prescription

- before you have a stroke. - I aim to quit.

- Mm-hmm. - Soon.

How are things with you and your husband?

Not great.

He's a patient man,

but I just...

Couldn't tell him,

- you know? - He needs to know.

This will help,

knowing that I'm not... ( Sighs )

I won't have to explain.

- Protection? - Huh! We ain't even getting that far.

I think you need to talk to someone,

you and Mr. Williams.

I know some wonderful counselors.

Okay. Let me think about that.

Deep breath.


( Theme music playing )

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00:02:34,973 --> 00:02:37,408
00:02:37,442 --> 00:02:39,042
00:02:39,077 --> 00:02:41,578
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00:02:51,522 --> 00:02:53,457
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00:02:54,659 --> 00:02:58,928
- 53
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- 70
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- Music lovers, storm-tossed comrades... - Woman: All right. Yeah.

- ...Citizens of a tattered who dat nation. - Man: That's us.

Mcalary: It was Eldridge Cleaver--

Or Ward Cleaver, possibly June Cleaver,

but definitely not the Beaver--

Who declared that if you aren't part of the solution,

you're part of the problem.

This is the world debut

of DJ Davis and the brassy knoll.

And we are definitely

- part of the problem! - ( Cheering )

( Music playing )

00:04:21,800 --> 00:04:24,301
- 84
00:04:24,335 --> 00:04:26,936
- 85
00:04:26,970 --> 00:04:29,671
- 86
00:04:29,705 --> 00:04:31,839
( Vocalizes )

00:04:34,275 --> 00:04:37,010
00:04:39,846 --> 00:04:42,781
00:04:45,417 --> 00:04:48,019
00:04:51,056 --> 00:04:53,923
- Sounds good. - Don't they just?

- You seem surprised. - I had my doubts, I do confess.

- Oh yeah. - Oh yeah, boy.

- Go, Davis! Go, Davis! - 99
00:05:06,368 --> 00:05:08,836
00:05:11,773 --> 00:05:14,375
00:05:16,611 --> 00:05:19,480
- 104
00:05:19,514 --> 00:05:22,083
- 105
00:05:22,117 --> 00:05:24,752
- 106
00:05:24,787 --> 00:05:28,521
Ladonna: Oh no, I know where it's at. Thanks.

I'll see you then.

( Man speaking on tv )

- Here you go, ma. - Who was that, babe?

A miss baron... From the d. A.'S.

- She's the one you've been talking to? - No, a new one,

- just assigned. - Lord, no wonder they can't get a conviction.

- What did she want? - I have to run down there

day after tomorrow to meet her. She said it wouldn't take long.

- You want me to come with you? - No.

- No, I can reschedule. - No sense in both of us wasting our time.

Oh. All right.

( Man speaks on tv )

( Chuckles )

00:06:05,584 --> 00:06:08,086
00:06:11,522 --> 00:06:15,724
00:06:18,394 --> 00:06:21,829
- Woman: Whoo! Yeah! - 127
00:06:25,567 --> 00:06:27,334
Fellow Americans, I would like to present to you

the president of the United States,

George w bush...

( Audience booing )

- Oh my God! ( Laughs ) - ...ln his annual state of the union.

( Mimicking bush ) Good to see you, New Orleans.

- Good to see you. - Woman: Asshole!

New Orleans, I had some mighty high times here.

- ( Laughs, boos ) - Mcalary: Some mighty high times.

You got to love your town. But any--

- Whoa! - Woman: Oh my God.

Hey, how'd you get past the secret service there, fella?

Crowd: Yeah!

- Is he good? - Woman: Yeah!

- Crowd: Yeah! Yeah! - Woman #2: Whoo!

Whoo whoo whoo!

( Crowd laughs )

Who says I don't like black people?

Kanye can't step to me like that.

The fool gonna wake up in Guantanamo.

Woman #2: Wrong for that. He's wrong for that.

"To the great people of New Orleans..."

- Man: Yeah, that's us. - "...And the Gulf coast,

I say to you..."

Man #2: Hand it out right here.

Crowd: Oh!

00:07:46,325 --> 00:07:47,824
00:07:52,965 --> 00:07:55,832
( Cheering )

- ( Gulls cawing ) - How are you doing, dutchman?

- Don. - Don: Stanley.

- Stanley: How you doing, captain? - ( Engine starts )

You all right?

I'm sleeping in a trailer, pissing in a porta-potty,

cutting my hands--

- The hands I play music with-- To shreds. - ( Don laughs )

- Picture that. - What's not to like, man?

- Don't forget the mosquitoes. - ( Men laughing )

Mosquitoes so big they can stand flat-footed and fuck turkeys.

And the no-see-ums.

- And tomorrow's payday, y'all. - Yes sir.

- Tomorrow's back to civilization. - Mmm.

- I'll buy you lunch. - Damn straight you will.

( Mutters ) Shit.

Davina: You and daddy can't cooperate

over a damn pot of beans and rice.

No, see, this is gonna work.

I'm gonna write and arrange, produce the sessions.

He gonna front the songs and do his thing.

- His Indian thing? - Yeah. See what I'm gonna tell him is--

And you and cheri gonna back me up on this--

Is that the label is gonna give us a decent advance

and he gonna be cut in for some of that.

- An advance? - Yeah, you know we can't get him

to take a dime from us to fix up the damn house.

- I know it. - Right, and how long road home gonna take?

But if he thinks he earned it--

When are you going down there?

In a few days.

There's some stuff I gotta line up in New York first.

Boy, you better hope he doesn't find out

you lying about that advance.

( Chuckles ) How's he gonna know?

You've gotta treat your instruments

like it's your treasure. Take care of it,

it'll take care of you.

- Would you agree, Mr. batiste? - I say amen to that.

Where's your case, Mr. batiste?

- It's a long story. - It got stolen, huh?

- Something like that. - Horns? Embouchure.

I'll sing concert b-flat on "la," you sing.

00:09:54,666 --> 00:09:58,202
Very nice, strong voice.

Now buzz "la."

Two, ready, buzz.

( All play tone )

00:10:09,182 --> 00:10:12,252
- Buzz. - ( All play tone )

- Sing. - 210
00:10:14,890 --> 00:10:17,924
Thank you very much. Let's add percussion, please.

Four quarter notes with the band

buzz first then sing. Two and ready. Buzz.

( Music playing )

- 215
00:10:32,199 --> 00:10:34,633
00:10:38,370 --> 00:10:41,738
Thank you. Mr. batiste, would you go and assist the horn section, please?

- Yup. - Do it again, band.

But let's add the bass.

Good posture. Chin up, flutes,

parallel to the floor.

Ready, buzz.

( Music playing )

- 225
00:10:56,849 --> 00:10:59,717
- Keep your chin flat. - 226
00:11:01,853 --> 00:11:03,986
Robert, that's good lip tension,

- but blow out faster. - 228
00:11:06,857 --> 00:11:09,058
All right, blowing from your belly not your chest.

Your belly button out.

- Good. Buzz. - 231
00:11:14,934 --> 00:11:17,101
Just tell her another 5%.

Uh-huh. Another 5%.

And if she has a painter she can recommend...?

Thank you.

- ( Receiver clatters ) - Oh.

Mr. king, sorry to keep you waiting.

- No problem. - Umm...

- You were in the army? - Military police,

- two tours of Iraq. - Investigating or just locking up drunks?

Investigating mostly. Some of the other.

- Are you from here? - Algiers, born and raised.

Fischer before they tore it down.

And you're not interested in police work anymore?

Not the best time to go that way,

you know what I mean?

Well, to be honest, I don't know if this case is going anywhere.

I gave it up once already

and the law clinic came back to me

with a similar case that might be related,

so I told the Abreu family that I'd take it back

- on a contingency basis. - I can't work on contingency.

I gotta get paid whether it goes anywhere or not.

I understand. Believe me, I have plenty of work.

I can afford to hire a first-rate, world-class investigator

- such as yourself. - I'm worth it.

- ( Distant helicopter ) - Can you start tomorrow?

I can start today.

( Music playing )

( Vocalizes )

00:12:41,582 --> 00:12:46,285
00:12:49,021 --> 00:12:50,755
That's nice.

- You think? - Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. G-minor.

- If I may-- - 266
00:12:58,796 --> 00:13:00,763
How many hundreds of times in a row...

00:13:02,466 --> 00:13:04,700
Have y'all played that since yesterday?

- 270
00:13:06,836 --> 00:13:11,306
That would be a very very very conservative estimate.

Hey, you have to share this with the world.

Yoo-hoo! Test drive this in front of a crowd.

Harley, tell her!

You're right. We gotta play in public.

Okay. Yeah, but only if you're not there.

If I see you, I'ma fuck up.

Well, then I'll just stand in the back.


No. ( Laughs )

- No. No. - Okay.

- 282
00:13:43,368 --> 00:13:47,304
- 284
00:13:49,507 --> 00:13:51,341
- Janette: Hey. - How you doing?

- Not too bad. - Hold on just a second.

- I'm gonna take this. I gotta take this. Yeah. - Oh, by all means.

- 288
00:13:59,649 --> 00:14:02,183
- 289
00:14:02,218 --> 00:14:04,917
- but if you could just go see Jacques. - ( Mcalary speaks )

Janette: I appreciate it. Bye.

Dude, I work in the best restaurant in New York City.

I am at the forefront of a new age of dining,

the new paradigm.

Then I've got to cook on this electric piece of shit.

A little hyperbolic, but I don't necessarily disagree.

It's really that good-- Lucky peach?

It's not just that it's good,

it's-- It's different.

It's something totally new.

It-- It's fine dining, but it's not. Right? Am I right?

It has none of the pretention of, like, le Bernardin.

- No offense. - Ooh. None taken, but you loved it.

I did. I did. It's just--

It's fucking michelin-level food over a fucking counter.

We cook for other cooks.

I mean half our customers after 11:00 are other chefs.

Your chef and yours come to mine to eat our fucking food.

That is something totally new.

You'll see. All right.

And voila.

- All right. - Scrapple from the apple--

But with a twist.

- Scrapple, my favorite. - Everything but the oink.

- The squeal. - The oink.

A new take on an old standby.

Mmm. What is that, ginger?

Janette: Cilantro, yummy. It'd be good with grits.

- Shit. - What? What's wrong with it?

Imagine if we worked on this at lucky peach, right?

If we all worked on this idea together?

Scrapple-- It'd be transcendent.

I'm telling you-- My chef, he's doing something special.

We are doing something special. But this is shit.

- Whoa! - Dude, don't throw that away.

- We'll eat it. - Really?

Take it, you fucking jackals.

- You sicken me. - Thank you.

The cops tell the Abreus that their son was found on Marais street,

died during the storm, exact date unknown,

'cause of death undetermined. Sorry.

That doesn't sit so well with them, so--

So they asked you to look into it.

It turns out Joey Abreu died inside Robideaux's,

not on the street,

with a gunshot wound to his head.

The investigating officer's report,

along with several casings, has gone missing

- and nobody knows where. - Oh man.

So we poster Joey's face all around the area,

find a young man who was in the store

when the cops came in and started beating people.

He see Abreu in the store?

No, and he says he didn't hear any gunshots either.

But he can't or won't I.D. The cops

but I talked to two first district officers--

Holy shit. They confirmed it?

The ass-kicking, not the killing.

One of the officers took some rifle fire--

Shot up his squad car--

And then he came back to Robideaux's with a posse.

And that's when they cleared the store?

And then some of them-- No names yet--

Chased a bunch of project knuckleheads back in over here

including a career criminal by the name of Leon seals.

( People chattering )

Jocelyn: Tomorrow after we get out.

- Sofia: Tonight. - We've got school tomorrow.

- I've got an algebra test. - Sofia: It's a quiz. You're such a wuss.

We can't get fucked up tonight.

Come here.

You sure?

Is someone home?

- Miss Beaulieu? - Yeah?

I'm Toni Bernette. This is Anthony king.

We're here to talk to you about Leon seals.

We'll come back tomorrow

00:17:56,606 --> 00:17:59,442
00:18:04,114 --> 00:18:07,050
00:18:09,721 --> 00:18:13,158
00:18:18,897 --> 00:18:24,167
00:18:31,607 --> 00:18:34,342
- ( People chatting ) - This is a good place for a mob hit...

- ( Chuckles ) - ...lf it's 1926

and vito corleone still looks like de Niro.

- Yeah. - This town, man.

Would you rather be in some chain steakhouse out in the 'burbs?

Oh, not at all, but once in a while new might be better.

I know one thing, new is definitely cheaper.

You guys are spending at least half a million a year

too much on all your component cable.

- Maybe more than that. - The cables we get are quality.

Oh come on, please. The cables you're overpaying for

are the very same cables I am offering for less.

They all come from the same taiwanese warehouse.

It's one thing to stiff-arm the chicano shitkicker from Dallas.

But my partner Derek here,

he's brought rain for the mayor for a couple elections now

and he's waited his turn. Now he's coming at you with a better deal.

- That's right. - You're gonna save 50c a unit on the I.S.D.N. Lines...

- Mmm. Mmm. - ...40 on the firewire,

even more on the component- to-component stuff.

I know that's what you told Oliver, but I have my doubts.

So here you sit,

ready to piss off Derek here and Oliver

and all their buddies in zulu and all their friends in-- What was it again?

- Bold. - Bold, right.

You're pissing off half the known world

to stay with guys who are robbing the city blind.

They must... Really be friends.

Tell y'all what--

I think it'd be possible if you raised your price

by 50c per unit to sell us firewire and component cables.

You want me to raise my prices?

I'm trying to save the city money here.

What about the I.S.D.N. Line?

I'd leave that with the people who currently have the contract.

Let them set the prices on those.

- Everybody makes money, huh? - And everyone stays friends.

It's always nice to make new friends.

- ( Music playing ) - ( Cheering )

All right, thank y'all. Whoo! Nice!

- ( Annie laughs ) - Annie, harley, y'all wanna do your song?

- I'm game. - Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah.

- Come on, it'll be good. It's a friendly audience. - They're very sweet.

I-- I don't think so. I-- It's not ready.

Okay, so it's kinda like bread.

- ( Annie laughs ) - Okay. All right, all right.

These things take time, y'all. Next time, okay?

All right, so we'll do this instead.

- ( Music playing ) - 425
00:21:02,498 --> 00:21:05,199
00:21:13,906 --> 00:21:18,975
00:21:26,550 --> 00:21:31,555
00:21:40,432 --> 00:21:45,402
00:21:47,672 --> 00:21:50,773
00:21:57,379 --> 00:22:02,082
I just feel like we lost something in modern jazz, you know?

Somewhere along the way. Something...

New Orleans music always held onto,

probably 'cause we so damn backward.

- ( Chuckles ) - But joy, life. You know what I'm saying?

- Yeah, I do. - Anyway, so I've been going home for months

and I didn't even know. I'm listening to old stuff

and then old old stuff.

Then I'm pulling out the library of congress damn recordings.

Pretty soon I'm walking around in my New York apartment

singing along with field hollers and shit.

- You know, fife and drum bands. - Fife and drum bands?

Angola chain gang chants and shit, you know?

I'm previous to previous to previous.

And I'm damn near driving myself crazy trying to get back

to something that I don't even know. All right.

So finally I end up on Mardi Gras morning with my father

under the bridge and I'm hearing those rhythms

and at the same time I'm hearing something else.

I'm hearing, you know, just some real jazz

from a box-- From a boom box-- In one ear,

and at the same time I got the drums

and my daddy's calls in the other ear.

00:23:09,806 --> 00:23:12,540
Right? And it fucking knocked me over,

all that in my ear at once.

Wow, man. That's incredible.

I'm feeling that. I wonder why nobody ever thought to do that before.

Right? See, I knew you'd see it right away.

It's gotta be somebody who comes from the tradition

but who could also live outside of it musically like you.

Man, d, I see everything you're saying,

but the purists from both sides, how are they gonna take this, man?

It's not straight jazz and it's not straight New Orleans.

- They're gonna rip this apart. - Never mind what the old-time Indians are gonna say.

Well, you can't please them anyway.

Fuck it. Let's do it.

- I'm down, ya heard. - All right.

( Door closes )

( Women chatting )

- What are you doing? - Driving you.

No. No no no no. You-- You've got patients.

- Nah, I've rescheduled 'em. - No. No no no no.

Come on, you've got to go to work, honey.

- Come on, you've got people depending on you. - No no, you're depending on me.

- Baby. - This is more important, Ladonna.

Get in the car.

Come on, baby. Get in the car.

Seat belt.

( Engine starts )

- ( gulls cawing ) - I heard ya. I'll be there.

On second thought, get there a half an hour early,

show batiste you're not a fuck-up.


You might make an oysterman yet.

- Living the dream. - ( Don laughs )

That's enough to get you to the gig tomorrow in one piece.

Come on, man. I've got rent to pay.

Give me your landlord's number, I'll drop it off for you.

You get the rest at the gig.

Show up late, I'm gonna lay it out on the street and piss on it.

And you are taking me to lunch too. I'ma hold you to it.

- I said I would. - You're gonna chip in for the gas too.

( Music playing )

00:25:25,220 --> 00:25:27,554
00:25:39,164 --> 00:25:43,500
00:25:54,810 --> 00:25:59,013
00:26:10,924 --> 00:26:13,525
00:26:20,566 --> 00:26:24,001
( People chattering )

Hi, we have an appointment

with an assistant district attorney, brigitte baron.

And who is the rhythm section gonna be in this thing?

Well, maybe Ron Carter, car.

Well, give a thought to maybe getting Uganda on percussion.

Yeah, that's a good idea. We're gonna record this in New York so--

So you're gonna split this like a banana split?

Half in New York, half in New Orleans?

That's the point, Mac. For keyboards, we need somebody

who can go both ways, and that's you.

Well, if your ass wasn't a big chief

and your pa wasn't a big chief,

I would think we might all get a hatchet

in the rear of our brain cells.

- ( Chuckles ) - Delmond: We good, we good.

My daddy, he gonna call on it. He gonna do the chants.

You gonna go in the studio with your pa, right?

He's gonna like be down with this whole project?

- Will be. - But you ain't asked him yet?

Well, this is shakier than I thought it would be.

You and chief Lambreaux in the same room--

Y'all might torch the whole building down before it's over, you know?

I mean, I don't wanna hang no overcoats, but--

- It ain't gonna be that bad. - Just keep telling yourself that shit, you know?

Mac, you down? You in, man?

Desitively. You better hurry up

and know that. I would not miss this maneuver

for nothing on the planet.

I wanna be the one that lives to tell the tale of this.

It could be a myth.

- Thanks, Mac. - You got it.

Everything is oaks and herbs, my nerbs.

Apologies for the short notice.

I just wanted to meet you and go over your statement one more time.

It's awkward meeting in court for the first time.

My husband doesn't have to be here, does he?

- No, if he doesn't wanna be. - No no, I'll stay.

- See, baby, you don't have to be-- - I'm here for you, baby.

Go ahead. We've told their lawyers we intend to go to trial.

We want to convince them it's in their best interests to take a plea.

So I wouldn't have to testify?

- Not if they plead. - And if they don't?

We may proceed with the other case first.

There's an additional corroborating witness.

Okay, and if you do that, what?

Chances are good that yours will never even come to court.

Wait a minute-- Other case?

There's another case? You didn't say anything about another case.

Same perps, same MO.

A woman further up Saint Bernard,

convenience store-- Robbery, beating, gang rape.

This is an important case for this office.

We can get these assholes off the street.

God knows how many women--

Mrs. Williams, do you need a minute?

( Whispers ) Please.

Take your time.

( Door opens, shuts )

( Raps )

- Are we ready? - King: Already been. Stopped on my way.

I figured she'd be more likely to talk to me on my own.

- Okay, did she? - Like she told the law clinic folks,

she saw some cops chase Leon seals into an apartment,

heard two shots. Later on that evening,

her brother crept in, found the body.

- The same day as Abreu? - The same day as the cops raided Robideaux's.

We don't know when Abreu was shot. Could've been before,

- could've been after. - Whose side are you on?

I'm just pointing out the holes in our case,

like we got casings for one and not the other.

And we got witnesses that won't ID the cops in either.

Yeah, she ain't budging on that.

- So we don't have anything new. - Yes, we do.

She told me where we could find her brother.

- I thought we were having lunch. - We are.

I had to stop here and buy me some crabs for my crab boil this weekend.

- This is a wholesale place. - ( Chuckles )

What can I say? It's gonna be a big party.

- ( Man speaking ) - ( Whirring )

How are you, Cornell? How's everything?

I'm good. This is a friend of mine-- Sonny.

- Sonny, this is Linh. - Hi.

How are you?

I'm good. I'm good.

You're hopeless, that's what you are.

I need two boxes of your number ones, baby girl.

- Can you hook a brother up? - Ice?

- Cornell: Please. - Crab boil, huh?

- Cornell: Mmm. - Am I invited?

- Baby girl, you're the guest of honor. - ( Laughs )

- ( Speaks vietnamese ) - ( Bell dinging )

( Chuckles ) You're tripping, son.

All right, all right, all right. What's up, fellas?

- Whoa, what's happening man? - Mario.

- Yo. - Lance.

- Hey, man. - What's going on, Cornell?

- Tim. Terrell coming? - Yeah, he said was, you know?

- Yeah, I know. - Who we got tonight, man?

- Wanda? - Nah nah, she's doing a blues cruise.

- Mario. What's up? - Cornell. I'm good, brother.

Oh! Herman.

Where your wheels?

I was counting on a ride home with you.

Man, my car got towed with my drums in it.

- Oh shit, Herm. - Called everybody I knew to borrow a kit.

- Nobody called me back yet. - How the fuck you gonna play a gig without drums?

I got sticks. I'll figure something out.

Oh shit. Hey, straw boss, what's the fine

for somebody coming to the gig without their instrument?

- Hundred dollar. - $100.

$100. You pay my tow, I'll pay your fine.

Shit. I'll kick your ass. How about that?

( Men laugh )

- ( Music playing on radio ) - I love this fucking song.

- It's so retro. - Y'all wanna go back and forth

across the bridge one more time?

- Yes. Yes, I do. - Man: All right.

The river.

- ( Siren blaring ) - Oh fuck!

Fuck. Fuck put it out. Put it out.

- Pull over. - Oh shit.

( Music playing )

00:33:28,894 --> 00:33:30,627
Sing it, baby. Yeah yeah.

00:33:35,933 --> 00:33:40,869
00:33:45,608 --> 00:33:48,543
00:33:50,879 --> 00:33:55,614
00:33:55,649 --> 00:33:58,483
00:33:58,517 --> 00:34:02,320
00:34:08,492 --> 00:34:11,760
00:34:20,669 --> 00:34:22,936
Garde manger ordering: Two salmon, two fluke,

one pounded tuna. I need a concasse now.

Three fluke, three pounded tuna tastings.

- Oui, chef, three pounded tuna. - On the board, two octopus,

one langoustine, one caviar pasta.

- Behind. - Chris: Ordering: Two salmon. Where's my scallop back?

- Come on. Let's go, let's go. - Man: Let's go!

Officer: Requesting female officer to assist with a search,

2800 block of belle chasse.

- The car's been reported stolen. - It's my uncle's.

Should've told him you were taking it. Might've given you the keys.

- You wouldn't have to Jack the ignition. - Officer: Kerry.

- Woo. - Whose shit is this?

Nobody steps to it, we charge all y'all.

( Police radio chatter )

- It's mine. - Officer: Come on.

Where were y'all headed when we stopped you?

We just met them two. We didn't know they had drugs.

- We don't need to say anything. - ( Car door shuts )

- My mom's a lawyer. - You want to play it that way?

All right. Ain't enough you're riding around

in a stolen vehicle, you've got an open container of alcohol

and you're smelling like a goddamn brewery.

- Who's this belong to? - It's mine.

I think you would agree we have probable cause.

( People chattering )

- Woman: Do you know what I want? - Chef?

Do you have a moment?

Of course.

Yes, chef? What is it?

You are not happy at le Bernardin.

Oh, chef, I am so grateful and happy to be here.

- You have no idea. - Listen, it's not right for you.

I can see it. It's difficult for someone who had his own kitchen

- to start again at the bottom. - Are you firing me?

No no, I would never do that,

but I'm glad to make some calls for you.

Is there something you are interested in?

Something you are thinking about?

Um, one of my housemates has been working for David Chang--

Nick. You met him Mardi Gras night.

Um, anyway, he's excited about it.

I can call David for you. No problem.

- Well, that's very generous of you. - He may try you out.

You may like it and stay there.

If not, come back to le Bernardin.

- I don't know what to say. - You need a place

where you can find your own style.

Here, in this position for now,

it's not about expressing yourself.

It's about craftmanship.

But with David, if he likes you, anything is possible.

Fire officials say the building was unsecured

and it was easy for people to get inside.

- In fact, some may... - Ladonna: If I find someone to talk to,

- would you come too? - Tracking down the building's owners

has been a lengthy process. In August of last year, the property...

I wanted to tell you, okay? I wanted to tell you.

I didn't know how.

I should've known.

They way you've been acting,

I can't believe I didn't guess.

I'm an idiot.

So when were you ever gonna tell me?

I was hoping I wouldn't ever have to.

How many times did I ask you to get rid of that bar?

How many times? T you didn't, did you?

I didn't, all right?

I didn't.

What difference does it make now?


( Phone rings )

- ( Beeps ) - Hello.

- ( Sofia speaking ) - Sweetie, what...

You what?

I've been arrested.

God damn it, Sofia. Where are you?

What are you doing over there?

What did they arrest you for?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Don't say anything. Do you understand me?

Not a thing.

( Stammers ) Never mind.

Just don't say anything and tell jocelyn that too.

I'll get you out as soon as I can.

I love you.

( Beeps )

- ( Beeping ) - Umm...

( Exhales deeply )

Hi, uh, judge, this is Toni Bernette.

I'm calling-- Sorry to call so late

but my daughter has been arrested in west Jeff

and they're taking her to Harvey juvenile detention.

If you get this call, could you give me a call back on this phone?

My cell numb. Thank you.

- ( Beeping ) - Umm-- Oh.

You were right-- Home cooking.

( Chuckles ) It's harder to say no

when everybody from around the way.

Besides, you brought a better deal with you.

Oh, I'm not sure anyone in that shop

is even interested in a better deal, if you catch my drift.

Saving the city money doesn't seem to be anybody's idea of a priority.


you did all you could and I'm grateful.

It doesn't happen without you extending yourself.


( Door opens, closes )

- ( Door closes ) - Sof.

Woman: Family member or legal representation

for the defendant in the courtroom?

Here, your honor.

- You are? - Antoinette Bernette.

Her mother.

- ( Hammer pounding ) - ( Saw whirring )

( Whirring stops )

Mr. George Cotrell?

That's me.

A hard man to find.

I stopped by your house yesterday, left you a note.

Ah. It says "call Anthony king."

That's me. Can I talk to you?

- ( Wood clatters ) - Sure.

I'm working for an attorney.

She has a similar case of a client who may--

Just may have been shot by the cops the same day seals was.

Your sister's saying she saw three or four cops

chase seals into an apartment in the Iberville

then heard two shots, sees the cops come out but not seals.

She says she told you about it

and later on you snuck in there, found him shot dead.

I didn't sneak over there.

I waited till it got dark, went over there and he was dead.

- Why didn't you report it? - Albert: Whoa whoa.

Were you here? You have any idea of what it was like here?

- Hmm? - No sir.

My family was. I was in Iraq.

It's okay, chief.

We were evacuated to Oklahoma the next day.

Soon as I got to a phone, I called it in about the body.

Your sister said she couldn't I. D. The officers,

but they were first district most likely.

What are you saying?

She mention any names?

Talk to me, God damn it.

What were you doing in a stolen car?

- Riding around. - Who are these two boys?

Just two guys we met at a bar.

A bar? What--

What the hell are you doing getting into a car

with two older boys you don't even know?!

I want an answer!

What, you think that's smart?

- No! - How long have you been smoking marijuana?

Get-- Get-- Get-- Sofia!

- Let go! - Where are you going?

- Where? - Why did he do it?

Do you know? Can you tell me?

I can't.

I-I-- I don't-- I--

I'm sorry, baby.

You can't blame yourself. You know that.

I know, that's what everyone says.

But it's kind of hard not to.

- He loved you so much. - If he loved me so much,

then why did he leave me?

Why did he do it?

That's the question, isn't it?

Wh-- How-- How could he do this?

To us? To-- To you?

I think about it all the time.

What-- What did I do? What could I have done differently?

Why didn't I see it coming?

I-- I've asked myself a million times, sof,

and I just don't know.

I just-- I don't fucking know! ( Crying )


I'm not crying.

I'm too fucking mad to cry.

( Breathes deeply )

- ( Crying ) - Mama, come on.

It's okay, mama.

( Footsteps approaching )

- Hey, Mr. batiste. - Hey, Robert.

Your embouchure's getting better.

- Do you feel it? - Yeah.

- From the belly, right? - Push in my belly button.

Yeah. Right.

"Twinkle twinkle."

( Music playing )

- Nice tone. - Yeah?

Yeah, but you gotta keep shedding.

Damn, boy, what happened up there?

Huh. My brother hit me on my head with a coconut.

- Duck next time. - ( Both laugh )

- ( Music playing ) - ( People chatting )

So tell me about your knife skills.

They're good. Not great, but solid good, I think.

I don't know what to say other than my chef thought I should talk to you,

that I'd be right for this place.

He said I might be happy here.

Well, Eric's awesome, but happy?

I'm not fucking happy. Who's happy?

I don't even know what that is.

Is that a yes or a no?

Umm, I guess why don't you trail over there with bizcocho and millhouse

and we'll take a look at your mise en place and knife skills and shit.

But remember this: Just 'cause we're a casual restaurant

doesn't mean we don't hold ourselves to fine dining standards.

We try to do things the right way.

That usually means doing things the long, hard, stupid way.

- ( Chuckles ) - All right, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow at 8:00.

Thank you, chef.

Happy? Jesus.

( Distant dog barking )

- ( Door creaks ) - ( Lamp clicks )

- She asleep? - Finally.

I think she got a touch of something.

If I had a cold, sore throat, couldn't sleep,

my daddy would give me a spoonful of whiskey and honey.

( Chuckles ) Wasn't but five years old.

- Explains a lot. - Huh?

- How was your day? - Fine.

- Okay, what's wrong? - Another Mardi Gras, Antoine...

- Yeah? - ...Come and gone, we still here.

( Clears throat ) I know.

- We gotta do something about that. - We got money coming in.

You find a place, we'll sign a lease.

- The ball's in your court. - Waiting to see if your job's gonna pan out.

( Chuckles ) O ye of little faith.

- Seriously? - Yeah, I'm-- I'm into it, baby.

I'm making progress with these kids.

I'm feeling it.

So you're really gonna stick it out?

They really dug the bands in zulu.

I'm telling you, it made a deep impression--

I mean them and me.

Man, I looked at them kids and I looked at my boys...

I fucked up, desiree.

- What d'you mean? - They don't play.

I mean my daddy played.

His daddy played. I play.

- They don't play. - Their mama didn't want them to.

I should've insisted. They're Batistes,

one of the first families in New Orleans music.

Alcide and Randall...

I failed 'em, desiree.

I failed them.

( Music playing )

( Distant siren )

- You're in a good mood. - Listen to the music, coz.

How can you not be?

It's got that Latin tinge to it.

- ( Applauding ) - Delmond Lambreaux, ladies and gentlemen.

Leroy Jones and the palm court jazz band.

May I have more applause? Thank you.

- Woman: Yeah! - We'll beight back.

Leroy Jones, thank you, brother. Thank you.

Always a pleasure. Sit in on the second set?

- You ain't kicking me out? A'ight then. - ( Laughs )

I just closed a deal with the city

worth 300 grand a year.

Maybe more next year when I Jack the price.

- Sweet. - All you gotta do is come to the party with a few friends.

And all they ask for in return is...?

Coz, they don't ask. They never ask.

They don't have to. They expect you,

when all is sa and done, to do the right fucking thing.

And I always do the right fucking thing.

- Abita all right? - Oh, fine, thank you.

- ( Chuckles ) Cheers. - ( Bottle clink )

- Your daughter? - Mmm.

- Sofia. - She doesn't look so happy.

Right now she's grounded until Mardi Gras 2011.

- ( Chuckles ) - And then only the day parades.

I, uh, talked to Cotrell.

He gave me a name.

His sister said she recognized one of the cops,

a black cop named Billy Wilson.

The others were white, she didn't know 'em.

It's a start.

- ( Buzzer sounds ) - ( People chattering )

- How you holding up? - It's hard to sleep.

- The food sucks. - Yeah, I imagine so.

And please thank janette for the cash.

Now at least I can buy candy bars at the commissary.

( Laughs ) That sucks. Sorry.

Wish I could bring you a roast chicken,

some rosemary potatoes, a nice shiraz to go with it.

That would be nice.

What does janette say about an immigration lawyer?

They're working on it. The good ones are expensive

and busy these days, so...

Hey, maybe we'll throw you a benefit.

Like a rent party-- A bail party.

My band. I could write a song for you.

"Free Jacques Jhoni."

Take this administration to task

for their repressive immigration policies, huh?

- What do you think? - I don't know.

Sounds good, Davis, but...

Maybe you shouldn't mention my name.

Donald is perfect.

He knows the tradition, obviously.

He's at the forefront of contemporary jazz.

Mac on the keys.

I could play bass on this.

No, we already asked Ron Carter.

( Sighs ) Well, he all right, I guess.

- Ron Carter? - Mmm.

Come on now.

- Carl Allen on the drums. - Can he drum second line?

Carl Allen can drum anything he wants.

A lot of great drummers get lost

when it comes to doing how we do down here.

Daddy, I got the band...

Just need you to front the thing,

do the calls and chants.

The record label really wants this.

They've been on me about a New Orleans album ever since the storm.

There's gonna be a real advance.

Money for me, money for you to start here,

get an electrician in,

- or seal up the roof. - ( Plates clatter )

Yeah, you know, it could work

if I did it. Huh.

You know, too bad you ain't Indian.

Say what now? What d'you mean?

I mean you ain't masked since you was 15.

Oh, for the love of God.

You think I'ma let you do this with the tradition

and you ain't part of the tradition?

It's one thing for y'all to try out

something like this if you're part of us,

if you're like me or like Donald.

You know, Mac been around it for years,

- but you-- - ( Sighs ) Fine fine.

I promise I'll start sewing right now, God damn it.

Okay? I'll start sewing tonight.

You mask next year, then we'll see.

Daddy. Daddy, the record label wants this record now,

not next year. If you don't do it, then--

( Snaps )

I'll just get somebody else to do it.

Another big chief.

Little Walter, hmm?

- Monk Boudreaux. - Monk, huh?

You got a problem with monk?

No, monk is great. So is Walter.

- I'm just saying-- - What you saying?

They uptown. Now you want this

to sound like the guardians of the flame or do you want it

to sound like creole wild west or golden eagles?

- The guardians. - Well then.

Most folks won't know the difference, but we will.

- Well, if you don't do it-- - I ain't say I'm not gonna do it.

You didn't say you were gonna do it neither.

I got to know it's right first.

( Music playing )

00:55:21,137 --> 00:55:25,040
Both: 1008
00:55:28,376 --> 00:55:31,376
00:55:35,579 --> 00:55:39,512
00:55:47,582 --> 00:55:49,982
- ( Applause ) - Thank you.

- Well... - ( Notes playing )

- ...You ready? - ( People chatting )

( Laughs ) Oh God.

Come on, it's now or never.

A-one, two, you know what to do.

( Music playing )

( music playing )

00:57:37,385 --> 00:57:40,420
00:57:40,454 --> 00:57:42,789
( Vocalizes )

00:57:46,726 --> 00:57:48,693
00:57:48,728 --> 00:57:51,696
00:57:51,730 --> 00:57:54,164
( Vocalizes )

00:57:58,134 --> 00:58:00,301
00:58:00,335 --> 00:58:02,937
00:58:05,040 --> 00:58:06,373
00:58:06,407 --> 00:58:09,109
00:58:09,119 --> 00:58:14,119
??????? ????? ?????? ?? ???????????: