Treme (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 9 - Wish Someone Would Care - full transcript

Davis concocts a remedy for the post-Mardi Gras blues; Annie makes a decision that Sonny takes personally; Janette's latest gig gets bogged down; Antoine becomes LaDonna's unexpected ...

I don't get it.

I'm saying I need to take
a moment to myself here.

Musically or what?

It's just the music.
It's like I said.

Would you rather
it was the other way?

That we broke up but
kept playing together?

Why? We're just starting
to hit our stride.

I need to stretch
myself, you know?

I have to play
in different styles.

We're not practicing anymore.

- We're not working on arrangements.
- What the fuck, Annie?

You're drunk or high
half the time.

I mean, personally
I'm not your mother

And I wouldn't
complain about it.

It's just it's hard to play
music when you're like that.

- You got gigs lined up?
- No.

- Bullshit! This is bullshit, Annie.
- Okay, it's bullshit,

But I think we should take a
break from playing together.

Without me you got no frontman.
You don't sing much.

- You got nothing but the fiddle.
- I'll do what I can.

So what, I go out
on the street

And you go play somewhere else
and then we crawl into bed

At the end of the day
like it's no big deal?

- Sonny, it's no big deal.
- Fuck no.

We play together.

If we don't play together,
we aren't together.

- Sonny, please.
- Either you're with me or you're not.

- Get your shit out of my apartment.
- Sonny, I--

Go! Just get
your shit and go.

♪ hangin' in the treme ♪

♪ watching people sashay ♪

♪ past my steps ♪

♪ by my porch ♪

♪ in front of my door ♪

♪ church bells
are ringin' ♪

♪ choirs are singing ♪

♪ while the preachers groan ♪

♪ and the sisters moan
in a blessed tone ♪

- ♪ mmm-hmm ♪
- ♪ Yeah ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ just me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ trumpet bells ringing ♪

♪ bass drum is swinging ♪

♪ as the trombone groans ♪

♪ and the big horn moans ♪

♪ and there's a saxophone ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ it's me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ it's me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun. ♪

Professor Bernet.

- Mr. Loomis.
- You gonna be late?

- Want me to fill in for you?
- No, Ben.

I believe I'll fulfill
my obligation for today.

- Sorry.
- No worries.

I'm not one of those
militant ex-smokers.

- It's good you quit.
- Because of my size?

Yeah, tobacco would be one
more bullet in the chamber.

Shall we?

This book is really old.

Yes, it is.

But "the awakening"'s human
concerns are as relevant today

As they were at the end
of the 19th century.

Hey, at least it's short.

Yeah, thank you,
Professor Bernette.


So I want you to take
your time with it.

Pay attention to the
language itself, the ideas.

Don't think in terms
of a beginning and an end,

Because unlike some
plot-driven entertainments,

There is no closure
in real life,

Not really.

You said that all books
are about a problem

That the protagonist
has to solve.

Or a quest.

The protagonist
is looking for something.

So what's
Edna looking for?

Edna's journey is...

She's looking for truth

Or some kind of peace.

Now what can y'all tell me
about the author?

She was a local?

Kate Chopin lived
all over Louisiana--

New Orleans,
Natchitoches parish.

She was the daughter
of a galway man,

Creole-- mostly on
her mother's side.

She was colored?

Creole in the old sense
of creole.

Bernette, I know that

Class participation
is 10% of our grade,

But are the discussions themselves
going to be on the test too?

Gwyneth, my dear,

Everything will be
on the test

And the test
will be everything.

But fear not,

For in the end every one
of us will be tested

And every one of us
will be found wanting.

A man on the phone tells me
he regrets to inform me

That my son is dead.

I told him I am looking
at my only son

Right there in the kitchen
fixing a sandwich.

What did he say to that,
miss cherry?

He said, "huh?"

Just like that--

Then he asked to speak to
my son and I put Jerome on.

The man says,
"is this Jerome cherry?"

I say so and he asks
if I was locked up

In the Orleans parish.

I tell him I never been locked up
anywhere, not in my whole life.

- What did he say to that?
- He said "thank you" and hung up.

- This caller give a name?
- He gave it,

But I didn't pay it
no nevermind.

And I suppose you
didn't have any reason

To talk to Ladonna or her mother
about this phone call, did you?

Didn't talk to no one.

I just figured they had
the wrong Jerome cherry.

You're saying it was my cousin
Daymo they had under my name.


Watch yourself
coming through, mama.

The bulk of my weight
is back here.

All of this is gonna
go to auction.

I sold the walk-in

But we still have
the prep tables,

The hoods, ventilation.

Is there a significant
value here?

I'll get something.

And whatever the amount, it'll
come right back to you, I promise.

Honey, that's
not why I was king.

Daddy's just concerned
about you, not the money.

Oh, don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.

I'm already on
to the next thing.

Which is?

I've been taking my act on
the road-- guerrilla chef.

I got a kitchen on wheels.

I've done four events ready.

I've netted myself
almost $1,500.

That much?

On a good night I could
clear as much profit

As I did at the restaurant
even without the liquor markup.


Wine store-- in the courtyard
they have in the back.

You guys should stay
an extra day and come.

I'll show you how it works.

So you're staying
in the restaurant business?

What else would I do
with myself?

Aside from moving
back to Huntsville

And getting married
to some lumpy lawyer

And popping out grandkids,
one after the next?

Would that be so bad?

I'm sorry, guys.

I'd rather have my head
dipped in duck fat

And shoved in a French oven.

♪ you better go back
to your used to be ♪

♪ because your love's
no good to me ♪

♪ I hear you knockin'... ♪

Man, why you gotta
do that, man?

I knocked, dude.

I see you've got smiley
cranked to, like, 11.

That's Huey Smith on ivories,
not Billy fucking Joel.

You can't listen
to that shit pianissimo.

What-- what's up, man?

I'm having a record
release party

On account of my e.P.
Just went gold.

New Orleans gold that is,

Meaning I'm still getting consignment
checks two months later.

Anyway, we need
to have a celebration

To cure the postmortem

There ain't been
an epic throw-down

- Around the way since carnival.
- Subtle as ever.

My party plan is basic:
Only musicians

And hot women are invited.

Musicians for a jam session,

Hot women for reasons
requiring no elaboration.

- Musicians, hot women...
- Mm-hmm.

Lose the musicians, I think
you got something there.

You know nothing of my alchemy.

Live music is what
brings women, fool.

Come on, we gotta go
run some of these off,

Get 'em up on telephone poles.

Oh, I need a keg
and a bag of endo, so...

But you're going in
with me, right?

Shit, Davis.
I don't know.

♪ we're gonna smoke that fiyo ♪

♪ down on the bayou ♪

♪ we're gonna
smell that fiyo ♪

♪ way down on the bayou ♪

♪ we're gonna smoke that fiyo ♪

♪ way down
on the bayou... ♪

- Come on, man!
♪ we're gonna smoke-- ♪ - All right!

- All right, I'm in, man.
- You got it, man.

- Where to?
- Um...

They wanted him
to stay Jerome cherry,

Because if he stayed Jerome cherry
in that refrigerated trailer,

Then no one would
come looking for him.

But why, Toni?

Because something happened
in that parish jail

That they don't want us
to know about,

Something more than your brother falling
off his bunk and hitting his head.

See? Look at this.

"common nud--"
what does that mean?

The injury was
to the back of the head

Which could be from a fall,
but it could also be

That he was struck with a blunt
instrument or kicked in the head.

I promise you, Ladonna,
we're gonna get

- To some kind of truth.
- Please. Please.

I know this hurts right now.

I know it must feel
like all you wanna do

- Is mourn for David, but...
- Toni.

...It's important,

Before you go any further
with funeral arrangements,

That we have a chance to do

An independent autopsy.


Ladonna, given the
circumstances of David's--

Oh no, Toni, no.

I'm going out to see the
cemetery people tomorrow.

Daymo going home this weekend.

We'll have an autopsy done
before then, I promise you.

No. Now see,
you're trying to find out

If Daymo got beat on
in that prison upstate, right?

What if he did?

What if he got beat on
by some inmate

Or by a guard even?

What then, huh?

You think getting
my family all riled up

Over what might
have happened to Daymo

Was gonna make this any easier?

Hell no.

All this mess gonna do
is make it harder.

It's about right
and wrong, Ladonna.

The boy is dead.

It stays wrong for us
no matter what else happens.

And giving my mama somebody
to blame and hate on

Only makes it harder
to get past it.

Ladonna, please,
just think about this.

That's all I'm asking.

- Hey.
- Annie?

You leave or did he--?

Can I stay for a night or two
until I figure something out?

- Yeah, no problem...
- Thank you.

- ...If that sofa works for you.
- Yeah.

I mean, I don't think
we're all gonna fit in here

Once Dena gets back
off her tour.

- She uses this front room to rehearse.
- Of course.

Just a couple of days.

I need to go back
for the rest of my stuff

Once I know where I'm going.

After I told him I didn't
want to play with him,

He just went off on me.

Annie, you told Sonny you didn't
want to play music with him?

Well, for now, yeah.

Just until he gets
his shit together.

But so what? It wasn't like I
was trying to break us up.

I mean, I'm not asking
to fuck anyone else,

Just gig with them, you know?

Yeah, I don't know.

You know, fucking is fucking,

But music...

That's personal.

Time is short.

We gotta hurry if I'm gonna
make it out the door.

It always comes down
to the last minute, daddy.

It always comes down
to everyone in the family

Working like crazy so you
could take that walk.

I'm surprised you ain't got Sherry
and the kids up in here working.

Are you gonna blame a man

For wanting to have
his loving family together?

Every year we're working
on a better vision.

You gonna be pretty, Albert.

My first year not having
a whole new suit.

Can't believe
what that storm did.

You got us up in here sweatin'

And now you're gonna
get extra particular?

I don't want you to think I
don't appreciate your efforts.

The truth is we all gotta make do
with some of last year's suits.

Man, at least y'all
got enough to make do.

I ain't got nothing yet.

I'm just saying where's my suit?

- That's all.
- Shit.

Boy, you trippin'.

U got to earn that one, son.

I felt the same way
when I was younger,

Seeing my father
walk out the door

On st. Joseph's night
all bold and proud,

Suit sparkling
in the streetlight.

I wanted to be making
that walk with him.

I just wanna mask
with y'all, that's all.

You're not ready.

Not just yet.

Next year then.

If you're thinking about next
year, you gotta get ready now.

- ♪ little spy, get ready ♪
- ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

- ♪ 40 flag got ready ♪
- ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

- ♪ thank God, I'm ready ♪
- ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

- ♪ no oombah ♪
- ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

- ♪ going to make fiyo ♪
- ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

- ♪ tell 'em down by the
bayou ♪ - ♪ Ooh Na ney ♪

♪ gonna set 'em all
on fiyo... ♪

♪ when you get back ♪

♪ we're gonna sing
a different song ♪

♪ but she lied... ♪

♪ you know that she lied ♪

♪ you know that she lied ♪

♪ you know
that she lied... ♪

Hold up, fellas.
Hold up.

Hey, Janette.
Come on in.

- Hey, Jon.
Hey, guys. - Hey.

I thought you might bring
a little taste with you.

We'll have something nice for you
and the fellas tomorrow night.

I know big d's looking forward to that.

So what is on the menu anyway?

Whatever looks fresh at the
market in the morning--

Apps, three entrees, dessert.

Last time I cooked at bacchanal
I did maybe 100 plates,

But this time with you guys

I'm hoping to pack the place.

- Cool, let's go for it.
- So we should firm it up.

What do you say
to $1,000 for the night?

Uh, I would say $1,200.

It's a small venue,

But we need at least that
just to plug in.

- I could use a break.
- That is a break, baby.

Okay, all right.

- All right, all right.
- Bye.

Looking forward
to sampling your fare.

- Looking forward to it.
- See ya.

Let's run that little baseline again.
Three, four.

Relentless, d.


You have to come.

Hi, my name is Davis.
Will you come to my party?

You come too, man.
All right?

Brother Antoine, I hate
to interrupt your meal,

But you gotta come to this.

What that is?

Um, just the party of the year.

We'll be jamming
till the break of dawn.

All right,
I'll try to be there.

Who's this here?

- That's my daughter, man, Honoreé.
- Dude--

Her mama was supposed
to meet up with me

And get her before the
gig, but she's late.

Dude, she's done up like a pork chop, man.

Aw, damn, girl,
what is you doin'?

Oh, no no no no!

That was so me
Mardi Gras before last.

- Hey, Davis, do me a favor.
- I was out--

Grab me some paper
towels or something.

I'd love to help.
Got a few more stops to make.

- Sorry, bro.
She's cute. - Bro!

- She's really cute.
- You better not run away.



- Later.
- Ah. Mm mm mm.

Dinner's ready, daddy.

I just wanna finish
this paragraph.

I'll be in in a minute.

Good as gold.

Hey, come on!

All right!

I, uh-- I thought
you were gonna be out.

I decided to stick around
in case you needed

Some help with your stuff.

You working on something?

A couple of songs.

Okay, the seeds
of songs, but yeah.

I've been thinking
I need to write

Some original stuff.

How's it going?


You've been in my head, Annie.

The taxi's

I'll be back in a few days

To get the rest of this
and drop my key off.

I want you to keep that key.

I'd better go.

Look, I made a mistake.

Put that down for a minute.

- Let's talk about it.
- I can't right now.

You need some time,
I'm with that.

So-- so what about
I call you?

Maybe we could meet
somewhere for coffee.

Coffee would be all right.

We did take 4' of water.

Why we ain't heard a
damn thing about this until now?

I got to bring my brother
up in here this weekend.

Ma'am, we've been sending
letters since late January.

You're joking, right?

My mama lives
on valence street.

She still ain't getting
mail regularly.

We're gonna fix this, ma, okay?

Don't worry.

We got the perpetual care,

Sure, which provides
for gravesite care

Under basic situations.

But with an act of God
such as a hurricane,

There's nothing in the
perpetual care pack--


You know who you sound like?

Allstate, yeah.

Come on, ma.

You need to sit somewhere.
I'll deal with this.

- How could David--
- I'll fix it, ma.

I will.

Hey, neighbor.




"heaven must be like this."

- Huh?
- The Ohio players.

It's the bad solo jam
off of "skin tight."

So I'm having a party
tonight, my crib.

We gotta work tonight.

But we'll
come over after.

Anything we can bring?

Your... Personalities.

Thank you!

See you tonight.

See ya.

Thank you.
Thank you! Yes!

Mr. Lambreaux.

I'm sergeant Maurice Thompson
from community relations.

- Mm-hmm. - You remember we
met back at Calliope, right?

- This here's lieutenant Colson.
- What can I do for you two?

- You mind if we have a word?
- Outside.

I see you're working hard
on your suits in there.

Look, Mr. Lambreaux,
this thing between

Indians and police
goes back a long ways.

But last year it got really ugly on st.

We don't want to see it
going there again.

We're trying to keep
something alive here

And y'all trying not to see it.

- Now that's on y'all.
- No, that's on both sides, chief.

Now you know damn ll when the
Indians put those suits on,

Go out in the street, they ignore
everything the police tell them.

I understand pride, officers,

But it seems that
your gang don't think

Anyone other than themselves
is entitled to any.

Pride got you beat up
that day at the Calliope,

Got you swinging
on a patrolman.

It was me that received
the first blow.

Look, chief, you're out on bail

'cause you hit a cop
and everyone knows it.

Now it's clear nothing I say
is gonna stop you or your gang

From coming out
on st. Joseph's night,

Stepping into traffic,
moving without a permit.

And that means
that any street cop

Could think they'd get
a free shot if they wanted.

- You saying your people
coming for us, huh? - No no.

I'm saying that I'm worried.

Now last year I watched this
thing spin out of control.

Now maybe because of that,

Maybe because of what happened
after with big chief tootie,

I was told to come up with a
tactical plan for this year,

Stop it all
from happening again.

Well, son, what's your plan?

Hell if I know.

But I do remember before he fell
out at the council meeting,

Big chief tootie was talking
about the old days.

You remember?

He talked about
how the police would be

Tightening the straps
on their batons.

And he would tell his gang
not to look at them,

To step past the fight
if they could.

Big chief tootie died
on the battlefield.

It might have been the city
council chamber to you,

But it was
the battlefield for us.

But tootie wasn't looking
for a battle that day.

He was looking
for some other way.

You giving your gang
the same message

You're bringing mine?

I'm trying to.

And the damn contract
we got for perpetual care

Is like 20 pages
of tiny-ass print.


You call Toni Bernette?

That lawyer might could help.

I ain't doing no more lawyers.

All I need is to move
that funeral back a week

And find the money to get that
crypt fixed up before then.

- That's a I gotta do.
- You ain't got the money.

Mm, the man saying
it's nearly $2,000 in work

- To get it back right.
- Whew.

So go to Larry.

I mean, he gonna do
the right thing on this.

Nah, I can't ask him for it
when it's my family's crypt.

He don't care.

- He got the money and you in need.
- Huh-uh.

I don't want it
to be like that.

I start leaning on his money,

Soon enough he gonna
be talking about

There ain't no reason for me
to keep this bar going here.

So how much you got?

On hand, after I pay
the liquor man,

$1100, $1100.


$150 right there.

Antoine, that nonsense last
week between you and me--

That was a Mardi Gras
fuck, that's all.

- That ain't got nothing to do with it.
- I'm just saying.

We in lent now.
The legs are closed.

Just pick up the money, Ladonna.
Stop talking shit.

You need to bury
your damn brother.

Thank you, Antoine.

We family.

We're kind of closed
right now, son,

Unless you want
something to go.

No, nothing for me.
I'm here for you, ma'am.

Gonna fix your roof.

♪ do like the gentiles do ♪

♪ Christ, they wanted
to be gentiles too ♪

♪ but who wouldn't
down there? ♪

♪ wouldn't you? ♪

♪ an American Christian ♪

♪ God damn ♪

♪ on the Dixie line ♪

♪ bound for New Orleans ♪

♪ back to her
friends and family ♪

♪ in the land of dreams ♪

♪ on the Dixie line ♪

♪ bound for New Orleans ♪

♪ across the state of Texas
to the land of dreams. ♪


- Hey, Davis.
- Hey.

- How are ya?
- I'm well and I'll be a lot better

If you journey
to my treme estate

For a soiree.

And, uh, bring the-- bring your fiddle

Because all kind of folk
are sitting in.

I got a gig on Frenchmen
street this evening.

Come after.

Well, bring him if you want.

Or not.

Sneak off in the night.

Look, it's got the address.
Stuff it in a pocket.

Party or not, you're
always welcome here.


But I gave my money to Riley

And the court's gonna say
that lying motherfucker

Is the one who gotta
fix my roof.

Yes, ma'am, he got behind the eight
ball, but Riley's a good man.

He just messed up
the cash flow some.

I paid Riley.

I ain't giving no more money
to you or anybody else.

No need. I got enough
saved to cover materials

And the job will
on take me two days.

- You got my word.
- So let me understand this.

You done waltzed in here
and tell this lady

That you don't need
no money to fix her roof

And that if she say so,

You'll fix it in...

Two days.

I'm from the state
of Texas, ma'am.

No disrespect, but y'all got a
defective work ethic down here.

Excuse me.

Hey, baby.

You look great.

Oh my God.

ah, you're here?

Gents, tink tink.

Hi, baby.


Ladies and gentlemen,

This is a party in the treme,

Which means we will not
be using the stereo.

Professor, if you will.

- All right.
- Yeah, come on.

♪ what we've got ♪

♪ more rhythm
than what you got ♪

♪ we got a whole lot
of soul, y'all... ♪

Duck and andouille, corn cakes.
What's missing, Lou?

- Pepper jelly.
- Key.

Miguel, grab the jelly
from the stove.

- Sí, okay.
- Maxine, order for Maxine.

- Looks lovely, Janette.
- Wait. Last touch, darlin'.

Can't do without that.

- I miss your restaurant.
- Aw, enjoy.

Okay, I gotta get started
on more pork chops.

Everybody's favorite, huh?

You all right working the
register and taking orders?

I'm going to work, boss.

Who's a guy gotta know to get
some service around here?

Hey, you're rude to the staff,

You'll be waiting
a long time, pal.

What did he say?

Uh, he says he can
smell something--

whatever that is.

♪ ain't puttin' nobody down ♪

♪ don't wanna rock
nobody's roll ♪

♪ how's your funk
gonna be funky, y'all? ♪

♪ I said if-a you ain't
cookin' with soul? ♪

♪ what we've got... ♪

Hey, you better not slow down.

Kermit's in there
waiting on you, man.

Save me a sausage, will you?

I'll have my girl run it
into you, Antoine.

Good lookin' out.

That is not
on my latest c.D.,

Which is nonetheless
available at the door.

So take one and leave
a token of your appreciation

In the jar if the spirit
moves you.

Can you guys do Irma Thomas?

- Can I do Irma?
- "I wish someone would care," please.

I can play the piano part,
but I can't be Irma.

Uh, I can.

What? For real?

Trust me, honey, she can sing.

- She cook too?
- Let her buck.

- Can I get it in "d"?
- You got it, baby.

All right!

♪ sitting home alone ♪

♪ thinkin' about my past ♪

♪ wonderin' how I made it ♪

♪ and how long
it's gonna last ♪

♪ success has come
to lots of them ♪

♪ and failure's always there ♪

♪ time waits for no one ♪

♪ and I wish ♪

♪ how I wish someone
would care... ♪

Ellie! Order for Ellie.

♪ we got the fire
in our eyes... ♪

- Shortcake.
- Hi.

♪ I'm goin' down
to get my sword... ♪

Oh, back for seconds, are ya?

Already had that.
I'm here for dessert.

Two catfish.

- You got another gumbo order.
- Okay, gumbo.

♪ how I wish
someone would care ♪

♪ just wish someone
would care ♪

♪ don't you think someone
should care? ♪

♪ just wish someone
would care ♪

♪ just wish
someone would care. ♪

Magnie in the house!

You didn't tell me
you had magnie up in here.

Now I'm embarrassed.
Don't be, darlin'. You were great.

Thanks for coming, baby.

Here you go, mark.

What do you think?

The weatherman
didn't call for it.

Thank you. We're gonna take a little break.

I ain't gonna get
electrocuted for my art.

It'll blow over, right?

All right, all right, ladies and gentlemen.

We're safe and warm in here...
Yeah, you right.

...So let's have some fun!

Save the beer!

Come on, inside we go.
Good job.

- I'm gonna go home. I'll see y'all later.
- Get that stuff inside.

Gonna grab my purse.
I'll meet you at the bar.

Fuck me.
Fuck me!

Yeah yeah.

♪ I don't carry no pistol ♪

♪ I don't wear
no false mustache ♪

♪ and you'll never see me
carrying around ♪

♪ a little black bag ♪

♪ I got a reputation
of bein' ♪

♪ gentle but bold ♪

♪ and that's why they call me ♪

♪ Agent double-o-soul, baby ♪

♪ Agent double-o-soul ♪

♪ Agent double-o-soul, baby ♪

♪ Agent double-o-soul... ♪

- Wonderful party.
- Thanks, man.

- No?
- Mm.


You're all right, Davis.

I have to admit something.

- Uh-oh.
- No no no no.

I need to say this.

I have a confession
to make.

I did call the police
that time last summer

When you were rehearsing
the brass band

On the first floor.

- That was me.
- Dude, don't worry on it.

You called the cops

For loud music in the treme?

Bygones bygones.

I didn't know he did it.

I had nothing whatsoever
to do with that.

Any other secrets you'd like
to unburden yourself of?

Don, lighten up!

- It's bygones.
- Come on, baby.

No fighting, no fighting.

God, Allan, I cannot believe

You would just lie
to me like that.

I don't know who
I'm living with anymore.

It's a vale of tea.


Hey, darlin'.
Where you been at?

Party's spent.

A good one though
while it lasted.

Is Davis still up?

Still up,

Still crazy.

I just knew something was gonna
come through for me tonight.



You had a pay,

You didn't invite me.

Oh. Uh...

Well, you had
your gig at bacchanal

And I didn't-- I didn't
want you to be upset.

Yeah, my gig at bacchanal...

What's wrong?

You have class today?

Freshman lit, my calling.

I thought that
was an 11:00.

I'm not leaving yet.

I have some things in the office
I need to do before I go.

Dad could drop me
off at school later.

It's not like we're doing anything
important in first period anyway.

None of it's important
according to you.

- You're coming with me.
- Dad.

Better listen to your mom.


You all right, Cray?

Well, once more into the brief.

Hey, Sofia!

Sweetie, daddy.

- I-- I just...
- What?

I just wanted to tell you
you look very pretty today.

Really nice.

Thanks, daddy.

- Enjoy your day.
- I will.

- Hey, Toni.
- Huh?

Kick a little ass today.

You buckled up?

- Mm, morning.
- Hmm.

I'm sorry about your night.

I'm glad you ended it
here though.

No, don't be.

The thunderstorm
cleared things up for me.

There'll be
other opportunities.

I know that, but not here.

Ugh, not that again.

- You can't-- you can't be serious.
- Mm, I am.

You're a damn good chef.

I am better than good,
but this town beat me.

As much as I love it,

I'm not trying to fight
with it anymore.

But New York?

I wanna see how I stack up

Against the big boys, you know?

Without all these--
these broke-ass levees

- And blocked gas lines and-- - Hey.

May I quote the author
of "la cuisine creole"?

I believe it's your
professional bible.

Jesus, Davis, do you ever stop?

New York is very
fashionable and fast,

So fast you can't even
stroll through it.

You just get pushed along.

And don't plan on getting invited
to any backyard barbecues

- Because there ain't no backyards.
- You don't know that.

Everyone dressed
in business suits,

Working working working.

Of course the, uh--
what do you call it?

- The financials are very strong.
- Davis--

Would you rather have
a strong economy

Or a four-hour lunch?

Would you rather have
a Macy's day parade

With fucking Bullwinkle floats

Or an impromptu second line

Where you dance your ass
off with your neighbors?

Is your check from the
tourism board in the mail?

There are so many...

Beautiful moments here.

They're just moments.

They're not a life.

You about to sit there all day?

What else I'm gonna do?

Well, we could use
a little help.

See if you can do better on
a job than the last time.

What's the job?

I got a rack of supplies
I gotta pick up at home depot,

Store here in the bar--
gypsum and alum.

- What's that?
- Raw materials for plaster.

- Boy, you wanna make some coin or what?
- I ain't seen nothing yet,

After all that work I did
helping him with that suit.

You do my lifting for me,

You'll get a little
something today.

All right.

Shit, I don't know which one of
you two I feel more sorry for.

"she was blindly following
whatever impulse moved her"

As if she had placed herself
in alien hands for direction

"And freed her soul
of responsibility."

Okay, Ben?

I'm just trying to put this
book into perspective.

Is "the awakening" the first
women's lib novel or something?

I wouldn't--
no, to label it as such

Would be to ghettoize
a great work.

Well, what
happens to Edna was--

I thought it was
really depressing.

No no.

This isn't
a feminist manifesto.

This book is not about
Edna's emancipation

From male authority

And the ending of the book

Is not the end.

It is a transition,

A rejection of
disappointment and failure.

The farther Edna walks away

From the constraints
of society and convention,

The more free she becomes.

She's not moving
toward the darkness.

She's embracing
spiritual liberation.

I'm gonna let y'all
go early today.

All right! - Go out and read.
It's a glorious day.

Thank God.

♪ come on, baby ♪

♪ let me show you
where it's at ♪

♪ oh, come on ♪

I like it like that ♪

♪ yeah, there's a place
across the track ♪

♪ the name
of the place ♪

♪ is I like it
like that... ♪

It's called "work."
get used to it.

Your back's gonna hurt
for the next 40, 50 years.

Hey, I should
at least get a beer

At the end of the day
like y'all, right?

We got one more stop to make.
Let's go.

What's it gonna be then, boss?

A bowl of gumbo,
barbecue shrimp Po' boy

And another Abita Amber.

That's what I like to hear.

Nothing like Liuzza's, huh?

Some say this one's better

Than the other one
on Bienville.

The pope in Avignon.

Those army dudes?

Just back from
active duty in Iraq.

I heard a rumor
they were down here now.

Wanted to see it for myself.

So? You ain't changed
nothing doing what you did.

Lost a battle is all.

But sometimes the battles
worth fighting

Are the ones you know
you're gonna lose.

Those cops, they know
who you are.

You see the way
they keep looking at you?


But you could get
locked up again.

They gonna do
what they gonna do.

Me, I'm gonna be heard.

So that's why you wanna mask?


I love me some fess,

But it don't go
so easily with violin.

I'll do gatemouth.

One, two.


So happy to see you.

$100 more

From last night's gig,
for Daymo.

Who the fuck is you?

You can pay me back
when you can.

I called Larry last night.

He wiring the rest
of the money today.

Oh. Well, that's good.

I know he glad he could help.

You not gonna open up today?

Why bother with all that noise?

Tell you what-- that boy's
a workhorse though.

Shouldn't be all that much
longer before he's done.

You know, it's all
gonna work out,

You'll see.

Are you sure?

Always for pleasure, dear.

Can I bum one of those from you?

- They're reds.
- All the better.

Don't ever let anyone
tell you to quit.

These are wonderful.


Where are you headed?

My place.

Where's that?

You want me to walk with you?

I'll be okay.
It's just a couple of blocks.

I hope we, uh,
play together again.


What exactly
is a dependent clause?

You're asking the wrong person.

That's your father's

But I need to turn
this in tomorrow.

Where is he?

I tried to call.
He's not answering his cell.

Probably just out of juice.

You know how he forgets
to charge it.

♪ I got all the time ♪

♪ in the world ♪