Total Drama (2007–2014): Season 4, Episode 6 - Runaway Model - full transcript

In this episode, both teams face off in a fashion contest by finding models on the island, also saving Lindsay, after she is kidnapped by Sasquatchinakwa. Scott's rivalry with Fang heats up after he tricks him into falling into on...

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[Chris] Previously on Total Drama
Revenge Of The Island:

The campers got deep with
an underwater scavenger hunt.

Mike's alter ego Vito pumped
his way into Anne Maria's heart

and under Zoey's skin.

And Mike's other
alter ego Svetlana

threw down some gold medal moves
in the waterskiing challenge.

In the end, Dawn was tossed
for swiping everybody's stuff,

even though it
was really Scott.


It's now Team Maggot
versus Team Rat.

Will the Rats man up
before they're a man down?

Let's hope not.

There is nothing more entertaining
than a man down.

More where that came from...

right now on Total...


Revenge Of The Island!

[theme music]

♪ Tell mom and dad
I'm doing fine ♪

♪ You guys are on my mind ♪

♪ You asked me what
I wanted to be ♪

♪ Now I think the answer
is plain to see... ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna live
close to the sun ♪

♪ Oh, pack your bags
coz I've already won ♪

♪ Everything to prove,
nothing in my way ♪

♪ I'll get there one day ♪

♪ Coz I wanna be famous ♪

♪ Nananana nana nana na... ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪


[Cameron] Um, hello?

Is it our turn yet?

Ah, keep your panties on.

Eesh. Nice hair.

Looks like Princess Leah
lost a scissor fight.

Actually, it's more
like Queen Amidala.

More like Queen Amidorka.


[metallic clang]

Now THAT is how you do hair.

I'll pass on the frilly
girly haircare, thank you.

[Brick] Fellow Rats, we are
going to stomp those maggots!

For we are a team of men!

To Team Men!

[all] Team Men!

[Sam] Men till the end!

[all] Eww!

Yikes! What's with the circus thumb?

Oh, this thing?

That's ten years of
gaming right there.

Video games?

Listen champ, we are men.

You are a smelly ball
of dough with ears.


Hey, gamers are
athletes too!

We've got keen
hand-eye coordination,

cat-like reflexes... Watch!

Come to papa, cheesy.

And... Boom!


See guys?

Ahhhh! That stings!

[mousetraps snapping]


Reflexes... cat-like.

So maybe that wasn't the
best way to show my skills.

But I'm totally out of practice!

Chris confiscated my
last handheld yesterday.

I haven't played a
video game in 14 hours,

5 minutes and 22 seconds.


Can someone please send
me a game console?

[Chris over the PA]
It's challenge time!

Campers, meet me on the
other side of the island!

Hey, Zoey...
really like your hair.

Let me guess and
your "character" Vito

likes Anne Maria's hair?

[metal clanging]

I really thought
Mike was a nice guy.

But either he's into me
or Anne Maria.

Pick a side, okay?

My multiple personalities are really
messing things up with Zoey!

Especially Vito!

I never thought I'd have so much
trouble just keeping my shirt on.

Welcome to your challenge,

The Weird and Wild
Fashion Spectacular!

Now you're talking!

Bah! Fashion...waste of time.

So says the girl in
men's prison sweats.

Hey! Nobody needs to be
reminded that I'm a girl.

Sorry, who's a girl?

[horn blows]

Zip it! You won't be
walking the catwalk.


No amount of fashion
can help you people.

Here's how it's going to work.

Each team gets a wardrobe
of clothes, a makeup kit,

and ten minutes to dress
and make up a model,

which you'll send down the
runway to be judged by myself,

Chef, and today's Total
Drama classic competitor...



Don't you just love my new
special fashion judgey shoes!

Wow! We get to dress
an actual model.

Uh-huh. Right after you catch one.

Catch a model? Child's play.

The way they eat, they'll
pass out after three steps.

Did I say human models?

Don't think so.

No, your models
are in there...

[animals roar]

They're wild, they're
mutated and, like me...

despise teenagers.

Okay, fashionistas, GO!

[horn blows]

[frog croaks]


[electronic zapping]







Pizza? What's this doing here?

Hmmm... Too bad
there's pepperoni on it

otherwise I'd
totally eat that!

Oh, perfect, no pepperoni!


[roaring, zapping]

So, which one do we use?

Um, maybe we should find
something that can't eat us.

[Chris over PA]
Five minutes, people.

[Cameron] Hey, guys,
how about that slimy maggot?

The one that's the size of a beagle.

It'd be a cinch
to catch and dress.

We could just...
slide it down the runway.

Killer idea, bubble boy.

Alright, step aside
and let me work.

This Maggots gotta
look bangin'.

Come on, guys.

There's gotta be something
on this island we can catch.

How about that critter?

[Sam] Uh, I dunno, guys.

I mean, how are we gonna get it
out of there and dress it in time?


The only way to take down
a formidable enemy. Come on!

Men, you are looking at a live
DDB - Detonating Duffel Bag.

It can forcibly dress any target
within its 60-foot blast radius.

Clothes, glue, and
a little bit of fertilizer.

We'll just blast
the duds on him!

Now THAT is how a
MAN gets dressed!

Army boots? Puffy vests?

Jock straps?
Guys, this is a fashion show!

We need chic, sophisticated,
coordinated looks!

And I know just who to talk to.


[Anne Maria] H'aw, yeah,
do I got style or what?

Umm...I agree with the maggot.

[Chris over PA]
Three minutes remaining!

We're running out of time!

If you guys don't mind,
I'll take a crack at it.


Dakota, when you're done
cleaning up the environment,

could you get me another drink?



Dakota, hey.
Uh, can I help?

Aw, you're such a gentleman.

[farts, chuckles]

Do you think you could
give me some fashion tips?

I mean, you're so
well put together.

Even when working
with toxic waste.

You want MY advice?


No one ever asks me
for my advice.

I'd be happy to help!


This is major top secret.

Like, three whole
seasons ahead secret.

They are so on trend!

Stripes! Of course!

Thanks, Dakota,
you're an angel!

There. What do you think?

Too much, too little?

Be honest...
unless you hate it.

Wow, Zoey, not bad!

It's not good, either.

[Chris over PA] One minute!

It's fine! We're not
spending all day on this.

Let's get back to Chris.

The striped duffel bomb is
ready for the big game. Go long!




Uh oh!

It's Freaky Forest
Fashion Time!

Maggoteers, show me
something fierce!

Chef, drop that needle!

This gorgeous
plus-sized maggot

is showing off a bold
retro fashion like no other.

Her swank new hairdo
perfectly complements

a dynamite vintage
'60s go-go dress.


Little gross, what with the
oozing and squirming...

I give it an 8.5.


Hey! What?


Okay, show me what
you've got, Rats!

[dance music plays]

[Chris] Rats?


As you can see, Yeti is wearing
a smart Bohemian striped ensemble.

The outfit consists of
a variety of garments

applied forcefully to random
parts of his body.


That thing is huge!

[Dakota] Eww, horizontal stripes?!

Sam, I meant vertical stripes.

Horizontals just
make you look fat!

They do?


True, it hardly complements
the Yeti's husky physique.

Hey, what are
you guys doing?!

I called you here to
take pictures of me!


Chris is right, stripes are so...

Hey! He took my jetpack!


Will Lindsay survive?

And am I legally
liable if she doesn't?

Find out after the break.

What do you mean I'm liable
if the Yeti eats Lindsay?

It's not my fault
she's delicious!

Gotta go.

Heh-heh hey!

For our next challenge,
the two teams will...

compete to rescue Lindsay!

Yep, that's it.

Everybody, grab a canoe
and head to Boney Island!

It's all good.

[Scott] Way to go with
the "fashion tips".

Sorry, guys... I haven't played
a video game for so long,

my brain's not working.


[video game music]

Uh... did you guys
see that just now?

See what?

[Zoey] Lindsay, where are you?

Chris is going to merge
the teams any day now,

so it's time to start
working on the Maggots.

Hmmm... Zoey's ripe
for the plucking

and you ask anybody
on the farm back home,

I'm a great plucker.




[moans louder and whines]

Scott, are you okay?

-This is all my fault!
-What do you mean?!

My team voted off
Dawn behind my back

and she's the only one
who could talk to that big ape.

Lindsay is doomed. [crying]

Awww, don't blame yourself.

It'll all work out
in the end, you'll see.

Poor Scott, who knew
he had a sensitive side?


[evil laugh]



The Yeti!

Aww, it's okay, Yeti.

The world just can't
handle beauty like yours.

You're a snowflake.

But just like... a lot bigger.

Like, I mean... A LOT.

What's with all
the scaffolding?

I'm turning Boney Island
into my personal resort.

The health department said
it was unfit for human life,

but I sent in workers anyway.

Hmmm... wonder
where they went?


[Lindsay] Don't hurt him!

He just has
big hairy body issues!

I hear that.

I mean, uh,
did you hear that?

He's got issues!

We've got to take
that psycho Yeti out.

That is what Team Rat
is going to do.

Take this, hairball!



Fine, I'll stay away
from fashion from now on.




Men, we'll make a three-pronged
play against the Yeti.

One player on the left, one on the right,
and one straight down the middle.

-What about "Private Pudding"?
-Gamer boy?

Ah, he's useless. Look at him!
He's in his own little world.

Ugghh... need game! ANY GAME!

-[video game sounds]

Team Men, go!

How are we going to rescue
Lindsay before they do?

Perhaps we can get someone prettier
than Lindsay to lure the Yeti away.

Oh, hey. I got the goods,

but no way am I running up
that junk pile in these shoes.

Well... I guess
maybe I could try.

Maggots, break out
the beauty products.

I'm going in.

I do this only for
the good of the team.

It's not make-up,
it's war paint!

Yeah! Go, Team Men!






[video game music]

Whoa, video game world!

My ultimate gamer
dream come true!

Still one life left...

it's all on me now.

Let's do this!

[Sam makes video game sounds]

Wow, Soft Serve's booking it!

Sam, look out!

Beep boop,
beep boop, beep boop!

Okay, You're sure this will
make me look good, right?

Aww, yeah, the only
person who could give you

a smoking hot make-up
job like this, is me.

Or a circus clown...


Hurry, Sam's
making good time!

Aww, man, we're never gonna...
[as Chester] Oh, for the love of Pete!

You're not painting the Sistine
Chapel, it's just make-up!

[grunts] Step aside!

Dang fool kids just get some
rouge on her and... there!




Wow, now I know what they
mean by drop-dead knockout.


Oh, Yeti, your princess is here.

Ummm, Jo... you should
probably look--

Relax! That poor yeti probably
won't know what hit him.

Woah, what did you
guys do to Jo?!

Uhh... what we did to Jo?

[video game music]

Oh, boy!

Could really use
a... power up...

Come on, Sam,
you're almost there!

Go get him, you
crazy couch potato!

You can do it, Sam!


Game over!

Am I done all my lives?

Uh, hey, uh...

sweet little... hair-ball.

Feel like a tall
glass of gorgeous?

See, that's another

[they laugh]

What's so funny, you big ape?

Those were some pretty
great moves up there.


People don't give us
gamers much credit but--

That'll teach you to laugh
at a beautiful lady!

Team Maggot,
you've got immunity.


Aw, come on!

Lemme see that.


Just add some rouge, huh?!

Hey, Chester, here's
a make-over for you!

What did I do, what did I do?!

Someone help!

As much as I'd love
to let this go on, forever,

it's time to head back to camp.

Rats, you've got
some voting to do!

[owl hoots]

Well, that was
a complete fiasco.

Brick, you bagged
yourself a fashion fail.

And, Sam, you just totally
dropped the barrel on this one.

So one of the Rats
is going home tonight.

But it's not going to be
Lightning or Scott.

-You're both safe.

Now then... the toxic marshmallow
of loserdom goes to...


[moans] Ow!

Well, looks like
I'm out of continues.

Sorry I couldn't have
been more help to you guys.

Semper fi.

Sit down, fool.


Thank you, Chef.

Now for something very special.

Mutant Maggots, you're
probably wondering why

I asked you to sit in on
this elimination ceremony.

I'll need a strong volunteer
from each team.

Right here.


-[Chris] Pack your bags.
-You're hurling them, too?!

Nah, I don't give people time
to pack before they get hurled.

These two are switching teams.

[all gasp]

Hey, team-mate. [chuckles]

Welcome to my team.

No, welcome to MY team.

[bones cracking]

Aw, yeah!

Team Man remains
one hundred percent dude!

Get your eyes
checked, jockstrap!

Any last words before
your ride to loserdom?

Yeah, can I get all my handheld
game systems back now?

-Sam! Wait!
-Hey! You came to see me off.

Aww, I'm gonna miss you.

Here. Call me, okay?

I may have lost the game,
but I won the heart of the girl of my--


[laughs] Oops!

Who will be the
next loser hurled?

How much can we
humiliate them first?

And will Lightning ever learn the
difference between guys and girls?

-[Lightning] What girl?
-Find out next time

on Total Drama...

Revenge Of The Island!

So... do you guys know
where the boat is?


[theme music]