Total Drama (2007–2014): Season 4, Episode 4 - Finders Creepers - full transcript

The ten remaining campers compete in a spooky themed challenge where all of them are taken to the forest and must navigate their way to a cemetery, dig and open up a coffin, grab a flashlight from inside the coffin and find their ...

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[Chris] Last time, on Total Drama
Revenge Of The Island:

11 bumbling buffoons battled it out

in a brutal buffet of bombastica!

Why all the "B" words?

"Be"-cause B proved he was
a brave and brilliant improviser

who scored big time for his team

until his bitter team-mate
Scott botched it on purpose,

and B got the boot.

And now...

tonight's challenge
is about fear.

And everyone knows fear
is a dish best served...

in the dark.

[evil laugh]

Huh? Chef?

Wardrobe was all out
of vampire costumes.

It's all scary, other than that.

Right here, right now,

On Total Drama...

Revenge Of The Island!
[evil laugh]

[theme music]

♪ Tell mom and dad
I'm doing fine ♪

♪ You guys are on my mind ♪

♪ You asked me
what I wanted to be ♪

♪ Now I think the answer
is plain to see... ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna live
close to the sun ♪

♪ Oh, pack your bags
coz I've already won ♪

♪ Everything to prove,
nothing in my way ♪

♪ I'll get there one day ♪

♪ Coz I wanna be famous ♪

♪ Nananana nana nana na... ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪


[owl hoots]


What's that, little one?

Evil is lurking?

Let me guess - Chris?

-[air horn sounds]
-Run! Run for your lives!

Outta my way!

-Move it or lose it!
-What's happening?!

-Me first!!

-Thanks, intern!

So after Chris agreed
to let me stay,

he put a restraining order
on the paparazzi!

So now I'm stuck here
for no reason!

And now he's making me,
like, work!

So not cool!

Hi, Dakota!

Huh?! Speak up!

Challenge time!

What!? Now?!

In the middle of the night?!

When it's all...
you know... dark?

Ever since I was born,
I hated the dark...

with the creaks a-and the...
Who's that?!

A-and th-the... Get away!


[liquid pouring]

Your challenge!

A scavenger hunt for three creepy
souvenirs. Your locations?

A haunted forest,
a scary pet cemetery

and an extra
spook-tastic cave.

First team to each location
gets a special clue.

But watch out for booby traps,
I really went to town with them.


So move fast
and stick together!

You'll be penalized
for each player you lose.

Um, what does the
spider represent?

Oh, yeah, there's some kinda
gigantic mutated spider

sorta running around
loose on the island.

-Giant spider?!
-[fearful murmuring]

What's on the loose?!

[shouts] A gigantic mutated spider!

Where?! Where?!

I have a severe case
of arachnophobia.

Spiders are just so creepy.


Anything with that
many legs must be evil.


There's nothing to fear
but mortal terror itself.

-Talk soon.
-[air horn blows]

-Get to work, lackie.

[owl hoots]


First! That's right!

[Chris over PA]
Welcome to the Haunted Forest!

Your clue can be found
at the base of this tree.


In a bear trap!

Here, creepy girl, read the clue.

Well, well, well...
what do we have here?

Hey, find your own piece of paper.

Come on, let the runts
have their clue. I've got a plan.

So what's your big plan?

Find a place to hide so we can follow the
Rats and their clue to our first souvenir.

Into that bush!

[shrieks of pain]

Shhhh! They're coming!

"Inside a knot is a nest.

Your souvenir
lives with a pest.

Find Polaris to
travel northwest."

Polaris is the North Star!

The North Star is right there,
so this way is northwest.

There's a path!

They're getting away, come on!


Uhh... who's there?!

[owl hoots]


"Inside a knot is a nest..."

Hey, Dawn, what was
the middle part? Dawn?

Dawn? Dawn?

What, did we lose
the weirdo?

[gulps] We get a penalty
for each lost player, right?

And there's some kinda whacked-out
spider crawlin' around, right?

We're looking for a
"knot with a nest," right?

There it is! Sha-score!

Wait! What about Dawn?


Ow, my eye!

Dude, I've seen this
in Sea Creatures 5!

To fight a squid you have to
duck, duck, jump, punch!

Or we could throw rocks.

Oh, okay.


Duck, duck, jump, punch!

No, you're not doing it right!
It's... Uh-oh! [screams]


No calamari does that
to the Lightning! Sha-BAM!

Aw, yeah! The key!


What happened?

Lightning? Lightning?


Guess he's gone.
So's the squid.

And we got the key!

But we've lost two players!

Yeah, two players that stink
at this game. Come on, let's go.

Uh, well... No, but...

As a gamer, I thought
you'd understand.


Gee, heh, maybe we
should search for the object

way over there with
the rest of our team-mates?

Cos it's not just the two of us.
[laughs nervously]

Look. Team colours!

Could be a trap. We should send in
our most expendable player.

No one's expendable.

Do you want to play nice
or do you want to win?


A key!

This must be the first souvenir! Aah!

Giant arachnid! Aaaah!

Sweet! Nice work, Cam!

Mike is soooo sweet...

The way he's always encouraging
Cameron is totally cool.

The way he's always going
into character is... totally weird.

But, hey, nobody's perfect, right?

Zoey... [sighs]

She is all I think about.

At least when I'm the one
in control. [laughs nervously]

Hey, Zoey,

do you think this key is going to open
something later on in the challenge?

Zoey? Woah, where's Zoey?!

Zoey! ZOEY!

And we call off the search
and forge ahead.

That's against the cadet code!
Never leave a soldier behind.

-We're not leaving her. She left us.

That means she's AWOL.
Now move it, GI Joke!

Jo is like this bug.

She's always trying
to get under my skin! [yelps]

Uh, it's not like I don't like
this leisurely pace

but shouldn't we
be running faster?

Relax, I know what I'm doing.

I'm heading us back in the
last place where we belong.

Another elimination
ceremony for the Rats

and it's bye-bye Sam or
Lightning, I can't decide.

I'm like a kid in a candy
store full of suckers!

And I'm gonna... Uh, like...
like, break 'em, and stuff!

Come on, let's rock this!

With Dakota voted off I've got
killer focus and energy to burn!

Check it!

Rock! Tree stump!

A serious clump of dirt!

[explosions and screams]

-Thanks for clearing the way!

Zoey! Zoey!

Thanks, focus boy...

I think I can taste my liver.

[coughing and panting]

[Chris over PA] Welcome to
the Wawanakwa Pet Cemetery.

We're first, string bean!
Go get the clue!

Aren't three 6's supposed to be evil?

-Let's fan out and look for numbers! mean by ourselves?

[coyote howling]



Help! Help! Too dark, too dark!

Brick, take my hand!

-So dark... So dark...
-Pull yourself together!

It was wet down there
and I landed on my crotch!

I gotta dry off.

Come on, dry. Dry!

-[Brick screams]

He was just here a second ago.

-[gasps] Where did he go?
-Oh, well.

Two words...dead weight.

Hey, Brick may not be
attractive in any way

but he is still a person!

Yeah, your cut-throat
attitude stinks.

It's called a winning attitude.

Get used to it or
get out of the way.

Find the souvenir, hide
the souvenir, lose the game.

Hmm? [screams]

Hey, this grave smells
like French fries. Whoa!

[shark growls]


-Dakota?! How's it going?
-Sorry about the booby trap.

Chris made me fill it
with kitchen grease.

That's what must be
attracting these giant maggots.

[laughs] Hey, that tickles!

-[maggots chomping]
-Hey, that doesn't! Aaagh!

Why is my gut so squirmy?

I feel like...


If this is what it means to feel bad
for someone else, I don't like it!

-I'm out!
-Wait! A little help!

-[Sam screams]

Will anyone even make it
to the spooky cave?

And if so, how can they possibly
make it all the way to the finish line?

Less brain, more pain,
when we return.

[Sam] Ow! This is agony!!

Zoey! Zoey!! Tell me where you are!


Oh, my gosh!
Mike, I think I found a clue!

Whoa... June 6, 1806.

I'm no algebra expert,

but ain't that 6, 6, 18, 6?

[as Vito] Where's the freakin' sun?

How's a guy s'posed to get
a freakin' tan over here?

[squeals] Vito!!

Whenever we're alone,
he drops the whole "Mike" act.

It's 'cuz he can't get enough of me.

And who can blame him,
check me out.

The tan, the hair...
look at me, I'm hot!

6, 6, 18, 6!
Anne Maria, you found it!

And check it out,
there's a key hole!

Yeah, who's the sharpest tool
on the Christmas tree now?

-Just use the key, already!
-Yeesh, okay!

Keep your sweatpants on.


[Cameron] Cool, flashlights!
These'll come in handy.

Let's get moving.

Okay, strong man,
make yourself useful

and put that coffin back so the
Rats won't know where to look.


Caw! Caw!


[whistles, blows raspberry]

What the heck
are you doing?!

Uh, I was using animal
calls to signal you.

Team Maggot found the souvenirs
in the tombstone over there.

Woooow. Nice work.

But be careful when you
use that key cos--

Zip it, hem hawk.

Just sit there and be quiet.


Tried to warn you, bro.

[Chris over PA] Welcome
to your final destination!

[evil laugh]

The clue is just
inside the entrance...

and down the tunnel into total darkness.

Good luck... you'll need it.


Follow my lead, pencil neck.

-Where are Anne Maria and Mike?
-[echoing] Who cares?

Mike! Anne Maria!

It's so hard to find
good help nowadays.

And here's the clue.

"By hook or by crook,
the end is near if you look."

Ugh, who wrote these?!
William Shakespe-- Aagh!


How dare you!



Guys! Guys!

Come on, Jo and me found
where we have to go next.


Eewww. Come on!

That's not what Chris meant
when he said to stick together.

[Cameron] Jo!? Hey, Jo!!

Oh no, her flashlight!
This can't be good!


See? This is why we
need to stick together!

Would you STOP!

We need to focus!!

Woah...I've never actually...
raised my voice before...

Wow, it actually
felt kinda good.


See any clues, Vito baby?

-Hey, what's a clue?
-Guys, over there!

These hooks must be
the last souvenirs.

Hmmm... I wonder
what they're for?

-Cameron, look out!



Who's landed in the web now?
Tan job? Couch potato? Freckle face?

Come on,
don't leave me hangin'!

It's just me... string bean.

Wow, you lasted longer
than I expected.

That's the nicest thing
Jo has ever said to me.

Hey, I'll take what I can get.


Hey, there's
the next souvenir!

Hey, there's our team-mates!

Hey, a gigantic spider!

Ugh, this is so cool
my head is spinning.

-I think I'm over-stimulated.
-Sam, not so fast!


Yep, definitely

Go get the hook
and we'll win!

Fine, go get the hook,
and you'll get more of this.

Huh?! Keep your lips off him!

Yeah, badda-bing, baby!

Pfft, hah! Sorry, Red.

Looks like Vito's only
interested in classy girls.


I thought Mike was
interested in me.

-Uh... Zoey?



[Zoey] Help!!

[as Mike] Zoey?!
Don't move, I'm coming!

No, get the hook,
not the shnook!

Somebody do
something, help!


[landing punches]

Ah, adrenaline.

Nature's super-strength formula.
Someone should really bottle it.


Oh, man, I'm never
going to make it.

[as Svetlana] But Svetlana
can save them all in her sleep!


Oh, Mike! How did you do that?!
That was amazing!

Yes, I am knowing this.

Why do these ropes
feel so sticky?

Hang on, men,
I'm coming to get you!

No, get the hook,
dampy pants!

-I need to rescue my team-mates!
-No, you need to win.

Somebody has to!

But my code!
I can't just leave you behind!

Cut and run, soldier!
That's an order!

Sir, yes, sir!

Sam, stop trying to
be a hero, we're hosed.

No-no, I got this.

Stop being such a bully,
you can't hurt me any more!

Locked and loaded! [yells]

I mean it, get lost!

Hurry up, hurry up!


What just happened?


[sniffing] Why do I smell pee?

Uh, I don't smell anything..

Well, well, both teams
made it to the finish line.

Some... wetter than others.

-Hey, that cave was leaky.

Today's winning team
is... the Rats!

What?! No way,
I arrived first!

Remember when
I said stick together,

cos there'd be a penalty for
each team member you lost?

Yeah, you lost five.
Sam only lost two.

So, the Rats totally win!


No! I should have just
followed my own code!


So true.



Turns out it was just one of the old
cast members in a spider costume.

Thankfully it cured me
of my arachnophobia.

Although now I'm completely
terrified of Izzy.

Team Maggot, welcome to your
first elimination ceremony!

And... this tension is so delish,
I could kiss someone!

Not you, Mike. We all know
where those lips have been.

But, hey, maybe Brick and Jo
want to kiss and make up?

Didn't think so. Where's Chef with
the marshmallow of loserdom?

[crazed laughter]

Permission to speak?
I volunteer for elimination.

I don't deserve to stay.
I did not follow my own code.

-No kidding, Sir Leaksalot.
-So I'm afraid of the dark!

That's what night-vision
goggles are for!

You'd never make
it in my squadron.

[Chris] At ease, soldier.

Tonight's eliminated Maggot
is tomorrow's new Rat!

I'm not taking the Hurl of Shame?

Nope! From here on in,
Brick and Jo will be fighting it out

on opposing teams.


Thank you, sir!
I won't ignore the code again, sir!

Whatever. Kinda disappointing no
one's going for a catapult ride though...

I finished filling your toilets
with spring water.


This is so unfair!

-Why am I being eliminated twice!

You're not being eliminated!
You're welcome to swim back here!

I gave you a floatation
device after all!

-[air flowing out]
-Wait, I need a new...


[chuckles] Better.

Wanna know who I'm gonna
catapult off the island next?

You'll have to come back
to find out,

right here on Total Drama...

Revenge Of The Island!

[theme music]