Total Drama (2007–2014): Season 4, Episode 12 - The Enchanted Fraken-Forest - full transcript

The final three contestants take part in a hike through a forest filled with mutated plants and animals in search for a rare flower.

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[Chris] Previously on Total Drama
Revenge Of The Island!

I took some time off...

for personal reasons
that I'd rather not discuss.

Hey! Who edited that in there?!

Not funny, guys.

Okay? That's better.

Chef led the final four
players in a revolting cook-off

which resulted in Cameron
upchucking 80% of his insides.

Meanwhile, Zoey channelled
her inner warrior,

transforming into
Commando Zoey.

Even Chef was scared.

Lightning's plan
to use Cameron backfired,

giving Cam the win.

And a scheming Scott
schemed his last scheme

and was voted out to sea.

Which leads us to...

What?! Hey! No!

NO!! Not funny!

That editor is SO fired.

Ten players down, three to go.

Only two will move on
to the final round.

Who will be left standing?

Find out right now on Total...Drama...

Revenge Of The Island!

[theme music]

♪ Tell mom and dad
I'm doing fine ♪

♪ You guys are on my mind ♪

♪ You asked me
what I wanted to be ♪

♪ Now I think the answer
is plain to see... ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna live
close to the sun ♪

♪ Oh, pack your bags
coz I've already won ♪

♪ Everything to prove,
nothing in my way ♪

♪ I'll get there one day ♪

♪ Coz I wanna be famous ♪

♪ Nananana nana nana na... ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪

♪ I wanna be, I wanna be ♪

♪ I wanna be famous ♪


-[punches landing]

Aw, yeah, you want some more?
Come on! [grunting]

How's that?
How 'bout this, smart guy?

I still can't believe
I won the last challenge.

But the way Lightning's taking it,
I sorta wish I hadn't.

[Lightning imitates Cameron]
Hello, my name is Cameron

and I'm a sneaky challenge stealer.

I made this Cameron-looking
punching bag to give me extra motivation.

What's that?
You want me to punch you again?


[Cameron] Lightning is furious at me
for winning the last immunity.

He's focused all of his energy
on pumping iron and psyching me out.


ME, the guy who gets
psyched out by feathers

and big drinking cups!


Are you even listening to me?!

-You know what you gotta do?
-Start backing away from you quietly?

You gotta grab your
fear by the throat

-and throttle it into courage.

It can turn a passive small-town
teen who sews her own clothes

into a hardened extermination machine!



[Zoey] Besides, whatever Lightning's
thinking can't be that bad.

-He's gonna eat me alive. I know it!

Ah! It's like he's chewing my soul!

Easy, little guy.

We are gonna take Lightning out.
Two on one. No mercy.

-No pity!

-No prisoners!!

Yeah!! It's gonna be
a friendship finale!!

Don't leave me hangin'!

[Cameron] Owww!

What happened to Zoey?
Eh, no big deal.

As long as she protects
me from Lightning. Agh!

End game is near.
Bottom of the ninth. Bases are loaded.

Entering the storm corridor now
and it is time for the Lightning

to strike! Sha-bam!


welcome to the Mutant
Forest of Terror!

[fly buzzing]


-[Chris] Oh, yeah, watch your step.

Bio-hazardous sink holes.

They put the "mutant"
in Mutant Forest of Terror.

Oh, thanks, team-mate!

They're also where Chef gets his
toxic marshmallows of loserdom.

One of you gets to eat that later.

Ain't gonna be Lightning!
I got the strength of a bear

and the speed of a cheetah
flying a jumbo jet!

And the brain of a jellyfish.

The challenge!
Race through the mutant forest

to find the elusive Chrisinus flower.

First player to present
it to me wins immunity.

Which means they get to pick who
to take with them to the grand finale!

Yeah, thanks for doing
my job, pillow face!

Wait!? Flower picking?

I thought this was a challenge,
not a tea party.

Oh, it's a challenge.

Move a little to your left for me,
would ya? Your other left.



This place is full of those pretty
little "tea party" flowers.

But the flower you're looking for

is attached to a very special plant,
a Venus Fly Trap.

Or as I like to call him, Larry.

Dionaea muscipula. They eat meat!

Then I guess you're safe,
pipe cleaner!

Yeah, cos it'll be too busy
eating your big chewy head.

-Walk away, steak for brains.

Whoa-ho-ho there! Save the insults
for when you're in the forest

and probably on fire.
It's funnier for us that way.

Find Larry and you
find the flower.

Oh, and watch your step.

Those sink holes
are everywhere.


Wait for it.

-[Chris] See ya, Josh!

Enjoy your new job
at the circus!

Question - how are we
supposed to find this "Larry"?

[Cameron] I see, we each get a map!

[Chris] No, you each
get a piece of the map.

You think printer
cartridges grow on trees?

-You can work together, or--
-Sha-bye-bye, suckers! [chuckles]

Or you can go it alone.

Okay, here's the path.

But Lightning must have
the final location on his piece.

So we follow our maps
until the trail runs out.

And then let my warrior
instincts take over.

Let's roll. And watch
out for those sink holes.

No problem. I noticed they send
a jet of steam when stepped on,

thus creating a hole one could
fall through if not paying attention.


Wow! You've become very strong too!

Meh, it was like lifting a doll.

I weigh more than a doll...


Game plan? Darn right
Lightning has a game plan!

My map has the end zone,

so I'm just gonna power
through till I see a giant X!

Ah, this'll be Sha-EASY!

Yeah! Victory! Wooo!

[crickets chirping]

Hmm... no "X"?!
Where am I?

Lousy nature...
all looks the same!

[fly buzzing]

[fly sneezing]

Stupid freaks!


Like I'm scared of a weird
flower and his loser fly buddy!


Um, Zoey? Are you okay?

-You don't seem quite yourself.
-End of the trail.

Warrior instincts, don't fail me now.


[punches landing]

Take that! And that!

The map! Yes!
I need that piece.

Uh... you mean
WE need it, right?


I love Cam but he's such a word nerd.

"I, we, you, me..."
What does it matter?

We're on the same team, right?

[Cameron] Hello? Zoey?

Need clarification here!

[fly buzzing]

My, what impressive
eyes you have...

so many photoreceptors.

[heart beating]

-[kissing sound]
-I didn't mean it like that!

[Zoey screaming]

Hold on! Thanks!

See ya at the dock
of shame, sucker!

-[fly making kissing sounds]
-Shoo, shoo, fly, shoo.


Sweet relief! That was no way
to experience a first kiss.

-Thanks for the save!

[Zoey] Cam!

Lightning has the whole map
and you're hiding from a house fly?

A, that fly was as big as a house.
And B... Lightning has our maps?!

So while I'm being hit on
by a giant mutant fly,

she gave Meatball, hold the
spaghetti, the entire map!?

Now that Lightning's
got all of the maps,

he's holding all of the cards!
This sha-game is in the sha-bag,

just like sha...uhhh? Ummm?

Lightning's gonna win!

First thing Lightning's gonna
buy with his million dollars?

A million dollar trophy!

And nothing can stop me.

This map doesn't make any sense.

Well, how do we find Larry now?

Hmm? Larry is a Venus Fly Trap.

They're found in nitrogen-poor
environments, like wet bogs.

There was a bog on the map...
just north-east of us.

Is it just me or am I doing everything

while Cameron acts as mutant bait?

Okay, according to this map,

I just have a few more feet to go!




Uhh... are you sure
this is the right way?


The bog!

That plant must be
around here somewhere...


It's huge!

[Chris over PA]
No, he's colossal! [chuckles]

Will Cameron and Zoey live
long enough to pick that flower?

And where the heck is Lightning?

Find out when we return
on Total...Drama...

Revenge Of The Island.

Ah, Larry... He used to be
such a sweet cuddly little guy.

We were inseparable...

until I left him on the island and kinda
forgot about him for a few years

while the toxic waste piled up...

mutating him into
a freakish botanical mistake.

They grow up so fast.


I knew coming back to the island
would dig up old memories

but crying over a stupid plant?

That's just pathetic!

[sighs happily]

Let's see... five more dashes
this way and over this squiggle,

-I should be--

[screams echoing]

[dull thud]

Think, Zoey. How am
I gonna get that flower?

WE could hop across
on the stepping stones.


Stand back, I'm on it.

What the...!?

-[Zoey screams]
-[monster bellows]

-Stepping stones, huh?
-[laughs weakly]

I've got my eye on you, Cam.

"Friendship finale" my BUTT!

Zoey, I swear! I didn't know it was
a really grumpy mutant turtle.

Boo-YAH! First!!

What? How did you two...?

Stupid map!

This game ain't over yet!


Hey, zeros!
Watch and weep at the hero!

[screams in pain] ate Lightning
like he was snack-sized!

Guess he's not a picky eater.

Lemme out, you overgrown fern!


What do you know?
That big mutant does have taste.

So this is what
hot dogs feel like.

[Zoey] Cam, the flower!
Let's grab it!

But Larry...

He's so big and carnivorous

and, oh, sweet mother of pearl,
he's looking at me like I'm dessert!

Snap out of it! You gotta dig deep
and find your inner warrior!

-I need that flower!
-You mean WE need that flower! WE!

-That's what I said!

Okay, from what just
happened to Lightning,

that flower must be
Larry's bite sensor.

Problem is, there's no way to grab the
flower and clear his mouth fast enough.


I got a plan.

Um, Zoey... for the record,
I don't like this plan!

[Zoey] You don't have to like it!
Now focus, Cameron!

It's all about teamwork!

as in, I'll stand over here

and help YOU get turned
into mutant plant food.

Like I'm gonna let
Cameron lower me down.

My pet hamster, Miss Puffycheeks,
is stronger than he is.

[cat hisses]



I must be... [sneezes]
..allergic to mutant pollen.


On second thoughts,
I don't even like flowers...

or winning! [sneezes]

C'mon, Cameron, eye of the tiger!



[Cameron screams]

Mark this flower
the property of Lightning!

Way to let Lightning
take the flower!

Way to almost drop me into
the plant so I'd get chomped...

-On purpose!


-So...are we still a team?
-Why wouldn't we be?

Cam may be as effective
in battle as a noodle,

but he did help me find Larry -
US, I mean us!

Wow, I really am
doing that a lot.

Touchdown imminent!

Nothin' can stop the
Lightning from striking now!


What?! How'd you get here?
Nobody said you had feet!

[Lightning screams]

Yoink yourself!

Girl, get back here
with my flower! [yells]


That girl is so toast
when I get outta here.

[screams] Ow, my biscuits!


Cam! Catch!

Got it! Sorry!!



Throw me the flower! I'm open!

Cam! Larry's gaining on you!

Take yer time, Cam! [laughs]

Larry hasn't had a decent meal since
I stopped feeding him three years ago!

Poor guy must be famished!

Cam! Pass it here! I can win this!

YOU can win this
and vote ME off? No way!

Friendship finale...
more like frenemy finale!

[Chris laughs]

You're welcome, Larry!

Sorry, Cam,
no time for chit-chat!

-[plant crunching]
-[Cameron] Help! Zoeeeeey!!!


Zoey! Aaaagh!

I should leave him!
He'll just get in the way

of me winning that
million dollar prize.

I've been watching
Total Drama forever.

Who knows, maybe I'll even
make some new friends.

You can do it Cam! Focus!

-Nice one, Zoey.
-Thanks, good luck, Cam.


Thanks, Zoey.

[all laughing]

Which means they get to pick who
to take with them to the grand finale.

But no amount of money
will buy a true friend.

I'm coming to save you, Cam!

Hey, bog breath! Get ready for
a small-town smack down!

[yells angrily]

[punches landing]

[Zoey] Spit us out you
overgrown fly swatter!

Man, I should
totally do something!

Don't worry,
Lightning's comin' for ya!


[plant roars]

The finish line!

Hurry up! C'mon, Larry!
He's almost made it!


Lightning for the win!

Larry! Buddy!
Look what I rescued for you!

Who's a good man-eating plant?

Larry's a good man-eating plant!
Yes, you are, yes, you are!

Dude, that's seriously messed up.

[moaning in pain]


Thanks, Zoey!

Well, it's pretty cool
we made it to the final three.

Yeah. It's too bad
one of us has to go.

Hey, buddy, cheer up!
No matter what happens,

-we still have our friendship!
-[Lightning] Eeny-meany-miney-mo.

Who's to stay and who's to go?
If you holler, means you're gone,

I'm the best so don't be late!

-That last part didn't even rhyme.

[Chris] Elimination time.

Lightning, by refusing to
help rescue a fellow player

-from the jaws of a monster...
-Yeah, baby!

You've secured yourself
a place in the finale

AND you get to choose
your opponent in said finale.

Sweet meat! The Lightning
is not surprised at his win!

Who will get the Hurl of Shame?
Will it be Zoey,

the formerly savage commando
or will it be--

Me! It will be me.


Today I mistrusted the very person
who tried to save my life.

A person who taught me
the true meaning of friendship.

Um, Cam?

Yeah, that's nice and all,
but it's not your choice.

No, it's my time.
I know it and I embrace it.

I entered this competition
a boy in a bubble

-but I will return home a man in a bubble.

-You may hurl when ready.
-Actually, I'm hurling Zoey.


-But Zoey's a more worthy opponent!
-Yup! That's why she's gone!

I'm taking you to the finals
so I can eat you alive.

Bon appetit and bon voyage!

-[scream echoes in distance]

She forgot her toxic
marshmallow of loserdom.

Oh, well. Chef, dispose of it
so it's not dangerous.

Well, I for one am relived.

Having Cam and Zoey
compete for the million

would have been a friendly,
huggy, snooze-fest.

Oh, there will be no snoozin'

-and definitely no hugging...

Just unrelenting, death-defying,
brains-versus-brawn mortal combat!

Next time on the epic
final round of Total...


Revenge Of The Island!

[crickets chirping]


[theme music]