Total Bellas (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Salsa Caliente - full transcript

‐ We're gonna go to Mexicali
to see Dad and his family.

‐ Oh, my God.

‐ Hola!
‐ Hola!

‐ Reconnecting with my dad,

it feels like it's meant to be,
which is really nice.

‐ So, this is the icebreaker,

'cause I want you guys
coming here more often.

‐ Salud.

‐ Cheers.
‐ Cheers.

‐ You know, I hope
he's doing well.

Just have your life.
‐ Right.

‐ I don't need you in mine.

‐ I'm trying to light
a fire under your ass.

‐ I think Artem needs
to do his own vision

the way he does it.

Back off.

‐ Do you at all think that
we are moving too fast?

‐ It's kinda, like,
not playing with feelings,

but it's‐‐that's how it felt.

If one of us not ready, then,
I mean, it's not our time.

‐ We're making a mini tamale.

‐ JJ would've loved this.

‐ He would.
‐ Where is JJ?

‐ I don't know, I feel like
he, like, feels like

you're a little overbearing.
‐ Me?

‐ I get what Brie's doing.
It's coming from a good place.

But she needs to
slow down a little bit.

‐ By the way,
I'm not here to fight.

‐ What's going on?
‐ I'm, like, two weeks late.

‐ Honestly?

‐ Getting pregnant,
what it would do to my life,

it would completely change it.

‐ I hope you and Artem
are doing really good.

‐ I haven't told him.


‐ I'm done. I'm going home.
‐ No, why?

She can pick up her.

‐ The minute you get my sister
into a place

where she has to defend
herself, game over.

What the did I do tonight?

I think records are so cool.

‐ Yeah, that was the first gift
I ever bought Bryan.

‐ No way.

Oh, look, Brie...
‐ What?

‐ "Bird Is Free."
‐ Ooh.

I kinda wanna go to
the '90s section.

‐ You would.

What was the song
Dad would always sing?

‐ "El Secreto, Mi Amor."

‐ Oh, my gosh,
I would love that.

Let's try to find that song.
‐ But who sang that?

‐ Let's look at the Latin music.

‐ I feel like
when we were younger,

we really understood Spanish.

‐ We can read it,
we can understand it,

and we can kinda speak it.

So, like, I can do, like...

Can you talk back to me?

‐ Where's your shirt?
‐ Yeah, I know what you said.

‐ Well, why don't we go
listen to a couple CDs

and then make a decision?

‐ Um...
‐ I'm thinking either Sandro...

‐ They're called records,
not CDs.

‐ Whatever.

Oh, yeah, give me this one.

That's a good one.

Her Spanish is awful.

‐ Way to uplift me.

‐ Wait, what's Win eating?

‐ Paper.
‐ Win, you can't eat paper.

‐ I think this one's
my favorite.

‐ I think that's
my favorite too.

‐ I think it'd be something
cool for Birdiebee

or any of our brands
to kinda showcase.

‐ Oh, my gosh, yeah.

‐ I feel like it's important
to bring out Latin side

into our companies,
into our businesses,

because when you're able
to show everything you are,

you're just connecting
more and more to,

you know, your audience,
to your fans,

to your consumers,
to everything.

‐ Without Mexico,
there'd be no Bella twins.

‐ That's right.

‐ These photos are gorgeous.

‐ After Mexicali, there was
just this part of me there

that was like, I really haven't
just let out that Mexican side,

and I really want to.
‐ I agree.

‐ I also feel like
we need to invite JJ

to come with us to stuff.

‐ Why?

He doesn't wanna have anything
to do with Dad right now.

‐ He doesn't have to go
to Mexicali to reconnect.

JJ can reconnect just here
in Phoenix with you and I.

Because sometimes I feel like,
'cause we have kids,

JJ just really kind of needs

to get back in touch
with his Mexican side.

I have been dying to reconnect
with my Mexican roots,

and I feel like
it's really important

for JJ to do this
for V and Alice.

As parents, we do have
the responsibility

of teaching our young ones
about their heritage.

‐ Don't make him feel forced.

‐ Duh.
‐ Really?

‐ You're being very dramatic.

‐ I'm not being dramatic,
but I don't want it to turn

into a dramatic situation.

‐ Whatever.
I need to get my plumas.

‐ You need to what?

‐ Pens? Plumas?
‐ Oh, my gosh.

‐ If I start to label
everything in my office,

I feel like I'm gonna have
really good Spanish.

‐ I agree, at least
for an office.

‐ Mi escritorio.
Mi escritorio.

‐ Keep working on that one.

‐ Do you know what a table is?

‐ Le cena.
‐ No.

La mesa.

‐ Siri, what is "bitch"
in Spanish?

‐ Perra.
‐ Muy perra.

Oh, Win, you perro, she's perra.

Ooh, look at Pinocchio.

By the way, if you
ever lie to me,

that's what you're
going to look like.

Artem, gelato.

Oh, my God, you're wiping
all my makeup off.

‐ It's a busy time.

‐ Yeah, but still it's like,

that doesn't mean we can't,
like, find time to hang out.

Well, I just think we should
dedicate some time

to each other.

‐ Well, then let's go
on a date night.

What do you wanna do?
Go dancing?

‐ Yeah. Do a little salsa.

‐ Just us.
‐ I'd like that, yeah.

‐ I do feel like lately, I've
just been so insanely busy.

That's kinda had me
disconnected a little bit

with our relationship.

And so, I just really want
us to plan a date night,

so we can just
work on connecting,

because I feel like
I've just lately been putting

all of my work before him.

Ooh, yum.
‐ There you go.

‐ Oh, my God, thank you.

‐ Your two meatballs here.

‐ Yeah.

It's quite odd to have
someone that close

when you're eating, right?

‐ I just can't concentrate.

I feel like somebody's literally

being a third person over here,

listening to our conversation.

‐ Imagine if I pushed my boobs
up against the window.

‐ No. I don't really
want to imagine.

‐ My cheeks.
‐ No.

‐ I'll do boobs,
you do butt cheeks.

‐ No.

‐ Hello.

‐ Hello.
‐ Hello.

‐ You have to show Auntie
how you can walk now.

‐ I need to see.
‐ Hey.

‐ Look, Auntie...
‐ Whoa!

‐ We have an official walker
on our hands.

‐ That's so crazy.

Oh... are you undoing my thing?

Oh‐‐ ‐ Hey.

‐ Are you gonna undress...
‐ This is an outfit.

‐ No one wants to see
your auntie's chee‐chee's.

‐ What's a chee‐chee?
‐ Boobies.

‐ Is that chee‐chee?
‐ Or what is...

‐ I don't know.
‐ Is chee‐chee's boobies?

‐ I have no idea.

‐ Alice, I can't
even believe this.

Can you hold my hand?
Can we walk?

You wanna walk me
to your playroom?

‐ We're just gonna sit in
your playroom for a second,

and then we'll eat.

‐ Your auntie
brought you a gift.

You're going to love it.

‐ V, wanna go see the gift?

‐ V, I had to get you a gift.

‐ Check it out.
‐ Whoa.


‐ Whoa, you can be
a little mini señorita,

a niña señorita.

Should we go try it on?

Look at you.

Show your dada.

Look at how cute.

Maybe should've got
a bigger size,

'cause of her booty.

‐ No, that's like something
Nicole would wear.

‐ I think we could probably
put some pants on with that.

Cute, but‐‐

All of a sudden,
you go to Mexico

and you're on
a Mexican kick now?

‐ Yeah, so?

It's who we are.

‐ It's who we are.
‐ It's true.

‐ I know. I don't have
to buy people dresses

and try to act Mexican.

‐ You look so much
like Dad, by the way.

He does.

Everyone tells me it.

They're like, "Holy‐‐

wow, your brother
is your dad."

I had an amazing time
in Mexicali.

Kinda reminded me of things
from our childhood.

I think you need to
kinda go revisit all that.

‐ Revisit it?

Well, I'm glad
you're reconnecting,

but it doesn't mean you have
to push reconnecting on us.

‐ It just felt good,
so I thought

you would want to feel the same.

You wanna know what else
Nicole and I, um‐‐

so, this tamale shop
where we can make tamales,

it's only, like,
30 minutes away.

You should come.
‐ Mm, we'll see, maybe.

I get what Brie's doing.

Um, you know, it's coming
from a good place.

Those are things I would love
to pass on to my kids,

you know, know where
they came from,

know where their
family came from.

But she needs to slow down
a little bit

and respect me and my journey.

‐ I understand the boundaries
and all that.

I just thought it would bring
you a little peace of mind.

‐ You could bring me a piece
of Mexico if you want.

I don't care about that.

‐ He just doesn't want
to talk about his dad.

‐ And don't bring me up to him.

‐ I feel like
my brother's pushed

his Latin roots aside,

because he doesn't have
a relationship with my dad,

but it's more about the kids.

It's fun to be with family
and kinda learn something.

He needs to put in the effort.

There's still
a disconnect there.

‐ Okay, you don't have
to make that face.

I'm just telling you.

‐ By the way,
I'm not here to fight.

I just was here bearing gifts.
‐ Oh, no.

It's very nice that
you brought the dresses.

‐ Artem!
‐ I'm done.

‐ No, why?
‐ I'm going home.

She can pick up her.

‐ I have had to deal with
a man who ran tonight,

which is pretty embarrassing.

‐ I mean, you had
a lot to say last night.

What the did I do?

‐ Nicole!
‐ Yeah?

‐ I mean, it took you forever.
‐ Yeah.

Wow. Cheers, bitch.
‐ Thank you. Yas.

‐ Ready for some fun.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

Your nippies are hanging out..

I put on a ho dress for,
like, "Temptation Island,"

but maybe I shouldn't have
gone with a ho look.

‐ No, it's hot.
No, I think it looks great.

You don't look ho‐ey.

‐ Brie and I are gonna host

the premiere of
"Temptation Island."

And Brie has a babysitter,

so that, as all you moms know...

‐ It's like, yeah.
‐ Is, like, celebration time.

‐ Yeah, we better have a drink.
‐ Yeah.

We have glam on,
we got pretty dresses on,

so, like, we're feeling it.

‐ Yeah, we're feeling it.

Uh, you know why
I like those high heels,

is because they're easy
to salsa dance in,

and Artem and I have
a date night after.

‐ Yeah.
‐ He's gonna come pick me up.

‐ That's awesome.

You should be having a date
night with me, but whatever.

‐ We're having it right now.

‐ Fine.

‐ So, I get so excited,

I totally double‐booked myself,
and it's a premiere.

Like, I'm already
contracted hosting.

I can't change it,
but the perfect thing is

is it's only for a few hours,

so I'll do my date night after.

Oh, my baby's so excited.

He almost gets‐‐it's really
cute‐‐like, nervous.

‐ For date night?
‐ No, like, when we go dancing.

It's so special
to him, you know?

It's his passion.
‐ I guess.

‐ So, I just wanna
be on my A‐game.

That's why I got on
my Latin heels.

Let's chug these
and then get out.

‐ Well, cheers to a fun night.
‐ Yes.

Fun night.

Are you okay?

These are strong.
You made them really strong.


Here at the "Temptation
Island" premiere.

‐ My sister and I are hosting

"Temptation Island"
season premiere,

and the cool thing about this
is that it's a party.

We can have some drinks with
the people, watch the show.

But my sister, towards
the end of the premiere,

is drunk.

‐ We caught an amazing sunset
over here right now.

Dream Hotel and him.

‐ She's talking to this guy,

and I look over,
and in the shadows,

there's Artem.

I'm happy that
there's no cameras,

because he's, like, so mad,

and all I can think
about is, like,

"Oh. No.

This is going to turn
really bad."

‐ The plan was me driving
to "Temptation Island,"

call Nicole, she will
come down, jump in the car,

and then we'll go for the event.

We're on the phone call,
and she's saying,

"Why don't you
come up, say hi?"

I'm like, "Okay, cool."

I park my car, jump up,

and I'm starting to have
a conversation with Nicole,

and realizing that she's
talking to a guy next to her.

Like, a conversation
back and forth.

And then she's saying, like,
"Oh, we have to adopt him.

"We have to look after him.

We have to invite him
for dinner."

First of all,
I don't know the guy.

Second of all, my idea of this

is getting you out of here,

so we can go dancing.

I talk to Brie for a second.

The drinks keep coming.

The guy's not going to leave.

Long story short, I left.

‐ They were supposed
to go salsa dancing

and do their little thing,
but of course, Artem is like,

"No way, I'm not taking her.
Like, she's too drunk."

So, guess who has to go
be her date for the night.


When we were at
"Temptation Island,

Artem shows up,
and Nicole's like,

"Oh, my gosh,
you have to meet this guy.

"We need to take care
of him, Artem.

You need to cook for him."

‐ I could tell Artem's starting
to get really mad

and, like, really irritated,

which is funny, because I've
never seen him like that.

I was like, "Oh, I think
he's getting jealous."

‐ Salsa's fun and stuff,

but I feel like
she's angrily dancing.

Like, it's not out of fun.
It's, like, out of madness.


‐ I showed up there
just to clear the air.

I'm worried, but she
just gonna ignore me

and continue this conversation
with this guy.

Like, where does
he even come from?

‐ Artem!
‐ I'm done.

‐ No, why?
‐ I'm going home.

She can pick up her.
I'm done.

‐ It's because, literally‐‐

because we're good
friends with him,

she didn't wanna say bye.

No, Artem...

‐ She can't even acknowledge
me being there.

‐ No, because she didn't know.
She didn't see you.

‐ Brie, if she wants to be,

she'd be running
the same way as you are.

She's not, so, cool...
‐ No, please...

‐ I'm not‐‐look...
‐ No, please come in, please?


‐ She already said
so much to me, that...

‐ No, because‐‐
Artem, look at me...

‐ Even it's like‐‐I didn't
even wanna be here.

‐ My sister is very harsh
and very outspoken,

and it's very hard,

but I know how much
she loves you.

I wouldn't have chased you
if I didn't.


Just try to go in there.


Come on.

I know she wants you
to be here right now.

Artem, like, obviously,
he wants attention.

Of course my sister sees him,
but she's so mad,

so she just keeps dancing.

‐ I'm just so disappointed.

I don't wanna be the guy
who just sits around,

be like, "Oh, yeah,
totally, that's cool."

It just really took me
by surprise, I guess.

‐ Artem...



so, it's bad that‐‐no, no, no,

that's bad that I'm doing
that with someone,

but you can do what you do?

‐ No, wait, Nicole...

‐ No, guess what...
‐ Let's just get this right...

‐ No, no, no, no, you can
get it right all you want...

What did I do wrong tonight?

Because, guess what,
I ain't going to put up

with this at all.

So, what is it?

‐ No, but you have to listen
to Artem and what he's feeling.

‐ Okay, Artem, let's hear it.

What did I do bad
to you tonight?

‐ What is the point, Artem?

‐ Oh, really?

Because I've had to deal with
a man who ran tonight,

which is pretty embarrassing.

The fact that I'm dealing
with this is crazy.

‐ Well, it's part
of relationships.

‐ Then maybe I'm not
meant to be in it.

You were jealous...

‐ Nicole...
‐ And that's what it was.

‐ No, no, please, Artem.

‐ Are we done with
this conversation?

Because I'm over it.

‐ What did I do wrong tonight?

Because, guess what,
I ain't going to put up

with this at all.

So, what is it?

‐ No, but you have to listen
to Artem and what he's feeling.

‐ Okay, Artem, let's hear it.

What did I do bad
to you tonight?

‐ What is the point, Artem?

‐ Oh, really?

Because I've had to deal with
a man who ran tonight,

which is pretty embarrassing.

‐ No, Nicole, listen to him.

What the
do you want? Tell me.

Tell me.

What? What?


So, you.

‐ No, Artem, Artem...
‐ I don't get‐‐no, no, no, no.

‐ Artem, Nicole, wait.

‐ No, because I danced
with someone?

What the did I do tonight?

‐ Artem, Artem...
‐ Exactly.

‐ Wait...

‐ I do feel it's impossible

to talk to Nicole at this point,

um, and I think the best for me

is to just remove myself
from the situation

and take a step back.

I never wanna hurt
person that I love,

no matter how I feel.

I never wanna do that.
‐ No, I know.

‐ That's just not me.

And she's purposely standing
there and trying to hurt me.

This is not the way
a relationship should work.

‐ But you know my sister.

‐ Yes, and I know the side that
I really adore and love.

This is not the side...
‐ I know.

‐ That I've ever seen before.
‐ But, guess what‐‐

I know.

Is she welcome back
to your home tonight?

‐ Okay.

But I know she'll wanna
go home to you tonight.

‐ Thank you.
‐ Mm‐hmm.

‐ Take care of her, okay?
‐ I will.

She's gonna be back
to you, Artem.

I could never imagine ever
doing that to Bryan,

like, no way,

but I feel like the minute
you get my sister

into a place where
she has to defend herself,

like, game over.

‐ So, I will sleep
in the guest room bed.

I don't know if there's going
to be an Artem after tonight.

‐ Are you good?
‐ Yeah.

‐ Hello?

And the fact that I'm dealing
with this is crazy.

‐ Well, it's part
of relationships.

‐ Then maybe I'm not
meant to be in it.

‐ Maybe not, but that's‐‐

you're gonna deal with
stuff all the time.

There's a lot more
good things to Artem

than what happened tonight.

‐ Are you going to stay in bed
or are you going to talk?

‐ I'm still trying to figure
out what I did wrong tonight.

‐ What?

‐ You came up to me,
and then you bounced.

‐ What are you talking
about I had no care?

‐ You were jealous,
and that's what it was.

‐ No, no, please, Artem.

‐ I am preparing myself to go
and do something with you,

and then I'm walking in,
you not on the first drink,

not on the second,
not on the third...

‐ I was barely walking?
‐ Yes.

But the thing what mattered
is going to happen in an hour.

Seeing her flirt
with another guy

definitely didn't
make me feel good.

We're supposed to
have a date night,

and she knew how important
it was to me.

It just felt like that
was not her priority,

because in the state she was,
I'll be quite frank with you,

I don't wanna have
a date like that.

‐ You didn't like a person
I was talking with.

You caused a big scene.

Obviously, you were embarrassed.

‐ I'm embarrassed of something?
You can think again.

Are we done with
this conversation?

Because I'm over it.

But if you wanna have
a relationship...

‐ You have a little
bit of respect...

‐ Respect?
‐ Yes.

‐ Please tell me
what respect is.

I would love to hear it.

‐ If you wanna have
this conversation,

you can have a conversation
somewhere else.

I'm okay.
I don't wanna talk about it.

‐ Of course you don't,
because you know I'm right.

‐ Yes. No, not because
you're right.

Because to convince you
at this point right now

that it's something else,
it's absolutely impossible.

‐ No, you can't‐‐
‐ Nicole, stop.

Stop right there.

‐ Stop, because
you know I'm right?

‐ We're not going
to solve anything now,

unless you're really going
to try to put your mind to it

and say, "Okay,
how did I offend you?"

And vice versa.

But when it's a one‐sided

I just don't wanna have
that conversation.

I think it's weird to see your
girlfriend on a special date

paying more attention
to other people.

It really kinda
made me think of,

"Are we right for each other?

Is this what
this relationship is?"

Because if it is,

then I don't think
it's right for both of us.

What the did I do?

You're acting so ridiculous.

Yeah, because you know
you're wrong.

‐ Where is JJ?

‐ Brie, I feel like you're,
like, the kinda person

that would be so annoyed

for people to force
something on you,

so how do you think that
J's going to feel?

I text really mean.

When I woke up this morning
and read what I text him...

‐ He might not like you anymore.

‐ We should probably
talk about last night.

I mean, what is it
that you want?

I just feel like, bleh.

I'm so hungover,
it, like, sucks.

What are you laughing at?

‐ I'm replaying the night
in my head right now.

‐ That's the first time for us

getting in an argument
like that.

‐ I love it, because
the honeymoon stage is over.

‐ The honeymoon stage
is not over.

‐ You can only kissy‐face
a gazillion times a day

for so long.

Artem and Nicole
had their first fight!

I'm so happy.
‐ Oh, my gosh.

‐ Oy vey.

You know when, like,
something happens

and it makes you feel all gross
and weird, and you're like,

"Can I just pretend like
it never happened?"

‐ I know, it's the worst.

‐ Well, then I'm still trying
to figure out, "Am I single?

Am I in a relationship?"

Like, I haven't even
talked to him.

‐ You haven't talked to him?
‐ I have not.

Artem wasn't home
when I woke up.

We didn't sleep in the same bed.

Artem's actions, like,
getting jealous,

like, really triggered me,

because of my past experiences

with the men that
I've been with.

I think I was in a situation
where I knew, like,

I had no thoughts or ideas
of what he thought,

and, like, getting blamed
for it and causing drama.

But, I don't know,
I'm embarrassed.

And then I'm also like,
"Am I single?

"Am I, like, a single,
embarrassed girl right now

with a really bad hangover?"

, Nicole.

‐ I don't know
who was in the wrong,

but you both...

kinda handled the situation
completely different,

but, like, in your own way,

and it wasn't just working.

I text really mean, though.

I‐‐I‐‐when I woke up
this morning

and read what I text him...

‐ I saw you texting.

I'm like,
"What are you texting?"

So I grab the phone, and you go,

"Wow, you, really?"

And I go‐‐and I'm looking, I go,

"Nicole, Artem
didn't even text you.

Like, this sounds
like replies."

‐ I was definitely drunk,
but you saw me.

Like, I got drunk,
and, by the way,

if I choose to get drunk
or not, that's my choice.

I accidentally legit
got drunk last night.

Like, I would never do that
at a work event.

And then, all of the sudden,

he got really weird,
and I'm like,

like, is it 'cause I was
talking to that guy?

I don't know.
‐ Maybe.

‐ I do not handle jealousy well.

I've been in those

and they never work.

I will not be in a relationship

where I have to question,
"What did I do wrong?"

I won't do that.
‐ Okay.

‐ I will not be
in a relationship

for the rest of my life
like that.

‐ Well, then there you go.

‐ Artem acted like I'm, like,
giving the guy a lap dance

and riding him,

when we legit were
talking with, like,

the Holy Spirit in‐between us.


‐ He might not like you anymore.

‐ That hat looks really good
with that outfit.

I'm hurting. Hi, guys.

‐ Hi!
‐ Hello.

‐ Trying to put myself together.

Excuse the, um, Pedialyte.

‐ She was on a good one
last night.

‐ There's nothing like waking up

when you're super embarrassed,
you know?

‐ So, basically, having you
sign off on approvals

is a good time right now?

Yeah, it's perfect.

I'm really happy that I have

this Birdiebee meeting
right now,

so I don't have to think
of the Artem drama,

but I hate showing up
to meetings hungover.

Like, I just don't do it.

But I need to just suck it up.

‐ We have outerwear
that we're introducing

‐ I love this.

Oh, my God.

‐ Jesus Christ.

‐ That's your angel
saying, "Shame on you."

That's really nice.

I love that.
‐ I love that.

‐ So, yeah, so...
‐ This is amazing.

‐ It's so incredible.

Like, wow.
‐ Yeah.

I'm, like, very excited and‐‐

‐ This is unreal.
‐ All right, well...

‐ All right, guys,
well, thank you.

‐ Thank you.
‐ Gosh, that was amazing.

‐ How amazing is this?

‐ So exciting.
‐ So exciting.

‐ Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy you made it.

I was really nervous that your
hangover was not going to...

‐ I was...
‐ Make you show.

‐ Girl, I hang
with the big dogs.

Hey, I still gotta
work every day,

even if I don't feel good.

No, but I really do
need to talk to Artem.


‐ Hi.
‐ Where have you been?

‐ Um... had lunch.

What about you?

‐ Uh, I had to go to Birdiebee,

do a meeting just for a line.

We should probably talk
about last night.

Do you want me to go first?

‐ Sure.

‐ I just feel‐‐I think what
made me really angry was,

I was having a lot of fun,

and then you came in

to where‐‐to a job
I was hosting...

‐ Mm‐hm.

‐ And then, I felt like

you acted‐‐then you started
to act really weird,

and I'm just gonna say that
I think you were jealous,

because of the guy
I was talking to.

And then you're like, "I'm not
going dancing with you now."

And I'm like,
"What the did I do?

"Like, I'm hosting‐‐

'cause I'm sitting and
talking to someone?"

I feel like if the guy
looked different,

you would have reacted

‐ I think I would
react pretty much

to anybody like this, initially.

I mean, it did not
help the situation,

yes, I agree with you,

but it just really felt
like I was not included

when I came,

especially it was my intention
of being like,

"Hey, we're going to have
this intimate moment."

Salsa was, for me,
very meaningful, you know,

and I feel like...

‐ For me too.

Like, I honestly
wasn't planning on,

I don't know if it was me
getting drunk, like, upset you,

but that shouldn't
matter anyways.

‐ It does matter
to me, because...

I'd like to share that moment
with you being present

and not being, you know,
me being completely sober

and you're not.

‐ I mean, what is it
that you want...

like, for me?

‐ Well, like, with us.

Like, do you want us‐‐

what‐‐I just‐‐I don't know.

‐ I mean, you had
a lot to say last night.

Maybe it's the question
to you, not to me.

‐ I think last night
really affected Artem

in a really bad way.

To lose Artem over
an argument like this

would be really hard.

It would make me feel like,

"Wow, we really
weren't meant to be."

I do not wanna be pregnant.

‐ This will throw
just another curveball

into your relationship.

‐ No.
‐ Let's just end the anxiety...

‐ No.
‐ And‐‐it takes one second.

Is it that you want...

like, for me?

‐ Well, like, with us.

Like, do you want us‐‐

what‐‐I just‐‐I don't know.

‐ I mean, you had
a lot to say last night.

Maybe it's the question
to you, not to me.

‐ I know, I think
I broke up with you,

like, five times last night.

‐ I mean, besides breaking up,

I think you said
a lot of things that...

‐ Were really mean. I'm sorry.

I was really angry.

That doesn't make it
right or anything.

Like, I'm sorry for that.

I just don't want
what happened last night,

like, I don't want, like,
that to happen again.

‐ I think just everything kinda
like, multiplied everything.

That's why I think
I reacted a certain way.

Yeah, and I take
responsibility for it.

Waking up next day and realizing

some things you wish
you never said,

she has regrets.

It's really heartbreaking,

because you kind of
can't take it back.

I hope we acknowledge that,

move forward, and let it
be the lesson for us to learn,

so that in the future,
we can be better people,

you know, and respect
each other more,

and more seeing from
each other's point‐of‐view

versus just, "Well, that's
how I feel in the moment."

‐ I just want you
to be my protector,

like, especially in
situations like that.

Like, I'd rather you protect me

than freak out at me
or leave me.

I don't want that
for the rest of my life.

‐ I don't want that either.

‐ Well, why don't
you come closer?

You're so far.

So, what do we do next?

How do we fix this?

‐ I don't know...

‐ Yeah?

‐ I guess think before we speak.

‐ Yeah.


I don't wanna lose my A.

‐ I don't wanna lose you either.

‐ I'm so happy

that Artem and I could
talk through this,

work it out,
that he could forgive me.

We just have a really good
foundation of trust,

and I don't ever want
that to be broken,

and I'm just‐‐I'm lucky
to have a guy like him.

And he's super cute.

Aww, Artem...

I love you.

‐ I love you.

‐ No more fighting, okay?

‐ Mm‐mm.

‐ Hello. Oh, my gosh,
that smells so good.

‐ Wow.
‐ Oh, wow.

‐ I found a tamale shop,
where we can make tamales,

and I'm like, "Oh, my gosh,
this is so perfect."

This brings out this whole
other side, you know,

cooking in our Mexican way.

‐ It's like an assembly line,
as you guys can see there.

On a daily basis, that's how
we're making 5,000 a day.

‐ 5,000?
‐ Yes.

‐ The twins are very excited

about this new relationship
with their father,

and I can understand that.

I wasn't always okay with it,

but I'm here to support them.

‐ Okay, you guys ready?
‐ Yeah, we're ready.

‐ Yeah.

‐ So, pick out your
favorite corn husk.

‐ Okay.
‐ So, smooth it out.

‐ Oh, on the wide side.

‐ Yes. You guys are pros!

Yours you wanna smooth out
just a little bit.

‐ Come on, Gigi.

‐ And just one spoonful?
‐ Yeah.

‐ A big ol' heaping spoonful.

‐ A little bit more
than your spoon.

‐ Oh‐‐ ‐ Oh, okay.


‐ Mom, that one's horrible.

‐ This is for one of
my granddaughter's.

We're making a mini tamale.

‐ Did you guys cook
with your mom a lot

when you were growing up?

‐ Mom, did we cook
a lot with you?

‐ No, and now I understand why,
because look.

‐ You just add a little more
inside of it.

‐ Now that's for grandpa.

‐ That's for grandpa,
not for the kids, yeah.

‐ Not for the grandchildren.

‐ JJ would've loved this.
‐ He would.

‐ Where is JJ?

‐ He would've actually
really liked to come,

but I feel like he's, like,
over feeling like‐‐

I don't know, I feel like
he, like, feels like

you're a little overbearing.

‐ Me?
‐ A little bit.

‐ I just want him to have fun
with us and do fun things.

‐ I know, but I feel like
he thinks you're, like,

kind of pressure us
to just do these things.

‐ I feel bad, because
it was so annoying

that he didn't wanna be here,

when my brother
would've loved this,

and he's missing out on
family fun because of me.

‐ I mean, it's like,
what are we doing right now?

‐ It's like therapy in a way,

all the different things
we've been doing...

‐ Therapy for what?
‐ Like, to help him.

‐ Wait, wait, you're having us
all do this for JJ?

‐ Well, it was mainly
for JJ, yeah.

‐ I think you're, like,

the kinda person
that would be so annoyed

for people to put something
on‐‐you know what I mean‐‐

force something on you.

‐ Oh, I for sure would.

‐ So how do you think
that J's going to feel?

‐ I know, I just
thought this was fun.

‐ Especially something that's
super, like, personal.

Like, you guys have
your own reasoning

for deciding to talk to him,

where J has reasoning for
not wanting to talk to him.

I think you have to
respect each other.

‐ JJ's doing well.

I mean, he's taking
care of himself.

‐ I know. Well, now I feel bad.

‐ Don't feel bad. Just change.
‐ But, like, my‐‐


‐ How cute is this place?

It's such Brie vibes.

‐ So, here's our cocktails.

‐ Ooh, yum.
‐ Yum.

‐ Spicy skinny.

‐ Whoa.
‐ Ooh.

‐ Spicy skinny.
‐ That looks amazing.

‐ And a chili piquin
and salt for the rim.

Let me know if there's any
questions on the food,

any recommendations, and
we go from there, all right?

‐ Oh, thank you.
‐ Enjoy.

‐ Actually, I feel like‐‐
no, I'll be fine.

‐ What?

‐ I just didn't know
if I should be drinking it,

because of a certain way
I've been feeling.

‐ What's going on?

‐ Well, I've been
having cravings.

I haven't had my...

‐ Honestly?

‐ I'm, like, two weeks late.

‐ You better‐‐honestly?

‐ Well, I don't wanna be.
Were you ever two weeks late?

‐ Just promise me
you'll have a boy.

‐ Mom, promise me
I have nothing.

It's only been about a week

since we got into
our big argument,

and honestly, this is just‐‐
this is way too fast.

I have so many things
going for me.

And right now, to think,
getting pregnant,

what it would do to my life,
it would completely change it.

For me, it is, like,
so important to make sure

that Artem and I have this
amazing, solid relationship,

and that we are ready
to be parents,

if that day ever comes.

I'm gonna freak.

‐ Let's just not think about it.

‐ Is two weeks late bad?

‐ Well, I hope you and Artem
are doing really good,

'cause this will throw
just another curveball

into your relationship.

‐ I haven't told him.


Oh, my God, you kids stress
the out of me.

‐ Mom, how do you think I feel?
I do not wanna be pregnant.

‐ Ice cream!

‐ We are going to
get some ice cream.

‐ Hello, welcome in.
‐ Hi, how are you?

‐ Good. How are you guys doing?
‐ Good.

‐ Which one are you going to do?

Well‐‐okay, you pick.
‐ I might do, like, a...

‐ Which one do you think
I should do?

‐ I'll do the Jugoso,
the strawberry.

‐ The Jugoso.
‐ Yeah.

‐ Did I say it right? Jugoso?
‐ Jugoso.

‐ Jugoso?
‐ Yeah.

‐ Okay, I'll do that.

Gracias, señor.
‐ Thank you.

‐ That's good.
‐ That's good.

‐ That reminds me of Mexican
candy that we'd eat growing up.

‐ Yeah, exactly.
‐ More! More!

‐ JJ, what do they call it

when there's, like‐‐

when they teach them both
in Spanish and English?

‐ Uh, I'm not sure.

I heard they, like, leave there
like, knowing three languages.

‐ See, I want that for Bird.

I really want Bird
to know Spanish.

And sometimes I look at her and
like, blonde hair, blue eyes,

but I want her to know, like,
she has Mexican roots too.

‐ That doesn't matter.

This one just had
menudo yesterday.

Loved it too.
‐ Oh, really?

‐ Yeah.

‐ Oh, God.
I put hot sauce on the banana.

That's hot sauce.

‐ I thought it was, like‐‐sorry.

‐ You're really connecting
with your Mexican heritage,

throwing hot sauce on ice cream.

‐ Well, I didn't know
what "Valentina" meant.

It sounded like a really good,
like, ice cream sauce.

‐ Obviously you need
to work on your Spanish.

‐ What does "Valentina" mean?

‐ Clearly a hot sauce.

‐ J, does it ever bum you out
that you can't speak Spanish?

‐ Oh, yeah, all the time.
‐ I want more.

‐ I hate that
I'm not fluent in‐‐

Okay, sit down real quick.

‐ Well, it's just more or less
'cause we should be.

‐ I know.

‐ Like, we had a dad who's‐‐

it's his first language.

‐ I'm sorry I've been pushing

our Mexican roots
on you so hard.

‐ I don't, like,
go out to seek it.

I just sort of live it.

You would.

‐ Can you say "gracias"?

After you eat your ice cream?

Yeah, you eat that first.

‐ Everyone has their own thing

and what they wanna do in life,

and I can't make JJ
do all the things I want.

It's all our own
personal journey,

and for me,
reconnecting with my dad

and, in the last couple years,

just starting to have
a really great relationship,

it just makes me enjoy
all these things so much more.

But, I guess for my brother,
he has to do it on his own,

and maybe I do just kinda
have to‐‐have to back off.

V, you can call me
"Tía Breezy."

Bird, can you say "Tío JJ"?

‐ Let's go with "Tío,"
not "Tía."

He kinda looks like a tía.

‐ Nicole?

‐ Hey, where did you go?

‐ I went to the store.
I had to grab a couple things.

‐ No.
‐ Yes.

‐ No.

‐ Yes.
‐ Mom...

‐ Let's just end the anxiety...

‐ No.
‐ And‐‐it takes one second.

It takes one second.
We could do it three times.

‐ Look, if it's positive,
I'll have nine months

to know whatever
I'm going through.

I don't need to know now.

‐ Do you think you're
making sense right now?

‐ I don't wanna take
a pregnancy test.

I think it's 'cause I really
don't wanna know right now.

Maybe I will get
my period in a few days.

Let's just wait till
it's been a while, maybe.

A baby, that is forever.

That person is in your life,
no matter what, forever,

and, like, there's no way

a baby fits
into my life right now,

like, at all.

‐ Hello?

‐ Okay, would you talk to her?
‐ Don't listen to her.

‐ This is what
she needs to do, Brie.

‐ Brie doesn't even know

what you're talking about,
by the way.

‐ Yeah, what is that?
‐ It's a pregnancy test.

‐ Nicole, are you serious?

‐ Can I see her hateful
face real quick?

Let's see the hateful face.

‐ All I'm saying, if you don't
take the pregnancy test,

I'm going to start
to Google baby names

of what I'm going
to call your child.

‐ If you both shut up,
I'll pee on a stick.

‐ You really will?
‐ Well, if you guys shut up.

‐ Okay, we'll shut up.

Okay, one, you.

‐ Nicole?
‐ Oh.

‐ Nicole?
‐ Hey, Artem.

‐ You want Daddy to be a bear
for Halloween?

‐ Bear says, "Roar!"

‐ Bear says, "Roar!"

‐ You don't care
if we stay longer?

‐ Yeah, for sure.

‐ It's frustrating to me

when we're getting so little
alone time together already.

‐ We have lost having fun
with each other.

We gotta figure out
if we're okay living this way.

‐ Are you feeling
like you're pregnant?

‐ Um...
‐ Oh.

‐ Artem, what are the results?