Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Dark Creator - full transcript

Unexpectedly, Al puts Robin back on Tui's case, moreover, Johnno is forced to make a sad disclosure as Jude is facing imminent death, while at the same time, the cryptic Jamie is as close as an oyster.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I will find her.

I will get her.

I have to.

I know I'm useless. I know, I know.

I'm a waster.

I'm sorry, Mum.

I'm sorry.

Sorry, Mum.




- I should get it.
- Okay.


- You want tea?
- Yes, please.



Zena, will you please tell Officer Pete
not to question him on any account.

ROBIN: You were arrested at
the market for shoplifting

and it's your third offence,
according to this charge sheet.

Doesn't make sense that you're hungry,
your mother isn't feeding you.

Maybe what's happening is
you're feeding someone else.

You paddle the food across the lake,

put it in a rubbish bag,

bury it.

Is that true?

Roofies. Where'd you get this?

On the internet?

Did you steal it?

Roofies are used as a date-rape drug.

Did you rape someone?

Show the video camera, will you?

- Well, this is boring.
- Why do you have it?

She should be making him talk.

Jamie, it's very dangerous for Tui
to have her baby in the bush.

So many things could go wrong.

It could be easily managed in hospital.

Please speak, Jamie.

It's really important.

Why is Tui afraid of coming home?

Is it because of her father?

Is it her brothers?

You don't know anything.

Jamie, stop.

Jamie, stop it.

- ROBIN: Jamie.

Stop it!

Stop it.

Jamie, stop!

- Stop! Jamie!
- You don't know anything!

Stop it! Please!

Take some air, Detective Griffin.

JAMIE: You don't know anything!

- Not a good time.
- Now.


AL: Thank you, Detective.



You know what this is?

It's a strait-jacket.

You keep that shit up,
you go straight to Dunedin Asylum.

Now I'm going to ask you some questions
and you're going to answer me.

I don't want any of this hand flapping.

You're going to speak, you hear me?

Stand up.

Now that's standing, okay?

Standing. Now sit.

Stand up.

Too slow, friend.

Sit. Too slow.

Stand. Too slow, friend.

Face the wall.

Do you shove your mother about, do you?

Hey? Bet you don't do
any fuckin' dishes, either, do you?

Do you make her a cup of tea?

Let's see you make a cup of tea.


I'm going to be like your dad,
and if you make a mistake,

I'll cuff ya

if you don't do it properly, okay?

Now anytime you want to finish,
you just say,

"Detective Sergeant, I'm ready to talk."


Okay, make a cup of tea.

Go on, use the tap.

AL: This is Marcel Marceau hour.
You mime.

Where's the kettle?

That's it, fill it up.

AL: Hmm...

You didn't turn the tap off.
Turn the tap off.

Cup? Where's the cup?

That's it, cupboard.


Jiggle the teabag.

That's it.


Not that much. Too much!
It's too strong.

Pull it out. We'll start again.

Put it in the bin. Come on.

Don't spill it across the floor.
Teabag in the bin.


This is my case.

I'll take over.

He wasn't speaking to you.

He isn't speaking now, either.

I have specialist training
with children.

Detective Sergeant,
this is inappropriate.

See me in my office in five minutes.



I'm sorry.

Don't ever, ever

contradict your superior again. Ever.

I don't care what they do in
Australia now.

When you're here,
you follow this station's protocol.

The session got overheated, Al.

I saw you strike Jamie.

Absolutely not. I nudged him.

That's how men relate to each other.

It's part of our work with kids
who've got no dads.

An older male teaches an arrogant
little prick some respect.

He's not going to steal
and hand out this yes-no shit.

I want to drive him home.

He has to go home.

Do as you like.

I've got a hair appointment.

Then I've got a date with a lady.
I've got a life.

Thank you.

Hey, Jamie?

I'll do everything I can to help
you and Tui, okay?

He was picked up again for shoplifting.

He'll have to do community service.

Next time, it'll be juvenile detention.


What are you doing?


Hey! Stop it!

SIMONE: Jamie, stop it! Stop!

Stop, please!

Jamie, please!

Please, stop. Stop!

Jamie, stop. Please.

Please, just stop. Please.

Please stop.

Hey? It's alright.





I'm going to make a case against Matt.

I think that if Matt was gone,
I think Tui would come back.

Have you thought it might
be Jamie's baby?

He's paddling supplies out there,
he's stealing for them.

Is that too simple for you, Detective?

The earthmoving company is a front.

I'm not going to turn Matt in for drugs.

Where's his lab?

He's got one, hasn't he?

For making ecstasy and amphetamines.

Everyone's involved out here.

They'll come after you.
They'll shoot holes in these windows.

They'll burn this place down.
It's their livelihood.

Well, it's fucking up their kids.

Jamie had Rohypnol in his bag.

Everyone likes to experiment.
Kids experiment.

On your sister?

It's a rape drug.

If you go after Matt,
you won't be able to live here.

I can't go to Australia.
I've got a conviction.

- How are ya?
- Good, good.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Brought some souvenirs over
from your mum's.

Yeah, I had to move out.

Turns out Jude didn't own the house.

- Well, who does?
- Matt Mitcham.

Got to move in with my cousin now
down in Manapouri.

- I'll see you later, eh?
- Thanks.

Did you know about the house?

No, I didn't.

Hey, I'm not him. I'm your boyfriend.

So why aren't the police IT guys
looking for Platt's computer?

Al runs a pretty loose office.

So who are these guys,

- Shane and Shane?
- Programmers.

Friends of my brother's.


If there is a hidden file,

it's probably
in a zip file with a password.

Maybe he's just tried to hide it
in some system folder.

- Hey Robin, how are ya?
- Hey! How are you?

Okay, we're looking for a hidden file.
Photographs, accounts.

Anything porny?

Maybe. Don't know.

You came to the right place, lady.
Big Shane'll find it in no time.

- He's got a seventh sense for porn.
- Mm-hmm.

Thank you, Shane.

No, nothing.
But I'm running this little tool.

Going to check for unusual file sizes.

- Sorry to hear about your mum.
- Thanks.

- Place hasn't changed a bit.
- Not at all.


Hey, that shouldn't be 340 megabytes.

Let's see what else is in here.

Look at this.

Oh, shit.


(LAUGHING) Hey, who's the little baby?

Where'd you find them?

In his My Documents folder.

These, these were in
the hidden zip file.

Brown Room 1 to 10. What is that?

What's that?


LITTLE SHANE: What is it?
A nightclub for old geezers?

Can't see the whole of anyone.

There's Bob.

He's the nappy guy, yeah?

Why would you hide this?

There aren't even any tits here.

Al, I had a couple of people go
over Bob Platt's computer.

- That is not protocol.
- ROBIN: I had permission.

Oh? Who from?

Do you happen to know any clubs, or
houses even, with a brown room

and a deer head?

AL: A deer head? Very common here.
Anything else?

Al, I'm going to pull a car over.
Speak to you tomorrow.


Licence, please.

Hi, Simone.

- Where are you all off to?
- Book club.

- Oh, what you reading?
- Blue Velvet.

- Thought it was a film.
- We're doing the book version.

Didn't know it was a book. Who wrote it?

We don't care.

Hey, Simone,

can I speak to you alone for a moment?

Anything you want to say, you can
say it in front of my mates.

I want to help the kids up here.

And I want to know what's really
going on up at Mitcham's.

Get in.

We work for him, but I think you already
know that, don't you?

Delia and I are the cleaners.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, good one.
House is a fucking wreck.

- Uh... Simone does the...
- Accounts.

I want to mount a case against Matt.

Can you help me?


No one's talking to you.


DELIA: I like these mountains, lady,
but without Matt,

fuck, I'd have to live in Christchurch
and work all day for fucking nothing.

He pays for our medical bills,
for our kids too.

We're a family. Sometimes shit happens.

If you think you're helping us,
you're dumb.

ROBIN: Aren't you worried
about your kids?


Aren't you worried about Jamie?

Jamie's gone.

What do you mean?
Where? Where's he gone?

I don't know.

You can get out now.

When was the last time you spoke to him,

- Please, Simone?
- I said out.

- You know where I live.
- DELIA: Yeah, yeah.

We know where you live.


ROBIN: Johnno, hi. Where are you?

Have you forgotten tonight?
I cooked risotto.



Has something happened?

I can't do this.

Can't do what?

You can't come to dinner?

You can't...

You know, you think you can
do whatever you want,

but you can't.

I don't know what's going
to happen to us. You don't care.

All you care about is Matt.

I need to be on my own.


Someone shot at me.

- When?
- About 15 minutes ago.

Fuckin' hell.

- Where are they?
- Well, it might have been a mistake.

I mean, I'm not sure what
they were aiming at.

I told you this'd happen.

- Hey!
- Who've you been talking to?

- Who you been riling up?
- Put that away, okay?

It looked like they were aiming at me.

- I'm not...
- Yeah? That's a warning.

You're going to have to leave your crib,
probably tonight.

- So where are you gonna go?
- Johnno, you're paranoid.

Yeah, that's right. I am.

I'm leaving.

- Wait!
- I was waiting.

You should have called me.

What am I supposed to do, Robin?

Hang around in the dark all night
trying to fucking protect you?

Right, well just tell me where
they were. At least do that.


MATT: Wakey-wakey.

Rise and shine.




Luke. I'm gonna need you this weekend.

We're going to find Tui.

Bit of privacy, Dad.

Round up a bunch of your friends.

Bush pigs. People that know what
they're doing up there.

- No city guys.
- Yeah, just shut it, okay?

- Tell them there'll be a reward.
- Awesome, Dad!

Just shut the door!

- Jesus!

There goes another three of them.

Matt's definitely arcing up, Al.

Yeah, well, they'll be the last three
to get through without a licence check.

- Can you help stop these?
- Yeah.

Where you guys headed?

We're going to find my daughter.
Have you got a problem with that?

Could I see IDs, please?

- Think you know me.
- Everyone's.

We're doing a DNA test of everyone going
into and out of Laketop.

If you don't comply, your names will
go on a list of suspects.

No. Not doing it.

They're not doing it, either.

Next question.

I suppose you have licences
for these weapons.

Ah-huh. You want to see them?

Thought you might.
Enjoying yourself, are ya?

You know, while you're wasting
everybody's time,

we're actually trying to find her.

Morning, Al.


What are these guys doing here?

We don't need this kind of raw steak
up here.

You asked yourself why she hasn't come
home yet, Matt?

'Cause she's a bloody-minded
little shit and you know it.

- I've got nothing to worry about.
- Why don't you do the test, then?

You finished? You finished?


There you go.

So what did you want to ask GJ?

She wants to ask about the baby.

She doesn't know how to get it out.

WOMAN: You need to get to a hospital.

I can take you whenever you like.

Melissa can come too, if you like.

The body has tremendous intelligence.

Follow the body.
It will know what to do.

I don't want to be naked.

GRISHINA: Hey, I've had a couple
of kids. Had one at home.

It was that quick and easy,
I nearly missed it.

- God, lucky my sister was there...
- LUKE: Mark! Mark!

Dad wants you! Mark!

Mark isn't here.

He's in Anne-Marie's container,
down the end.

They're gone.

- Look at this.
- Oh, God.

- Is that blood?
- It is.

Remember the night you stayed over?

Look, I just want to assure you that

when you passed out,
I treated you with respect.

Complete respect.

Okay. Thank you.

Have you ever tried an older man?

You should.

Experience counts.

I want to do a raid on Matt's house.

- I'm sure there's a lab there.
- Mm-hmm.

What's the evidence?

Three or four women from
Laketop go up there every day.

- They're not housekeeping.
- All right.

- Any of them prepared to testify?
- You know, I've looked at his file.

There's been two previous cases mounted.

- Yeah, but the witnesses drop off.
- Why?

Oh, that's something
we should talk about.

Look, I promised myself
I'd go fishing on Saturday,

but if you get yourself out
to the wharf in the afternoon

we can go out and run through
some options.



Hey, where is she?

PUTTY: Come back here! Putty's here!

Come back here!

PUTTY: I can help you! I can help!
JAMIE: Piss off, Putty!

We told you, you couldn't come!

- Twelve years old and...
- Piss off, Putty.

Putty's got the book.

KAYLA: He's tells us he's a midwife.
His mother was a midwife.

PUTTY: Lookie. Take a look at this.

All in there, you see?


A happy birth day.


Give her this... From me.



GIRL: Close your eyes.


So who did it?

Was it you?

The Dark Creator.


A person who sucks
the heart out of people,

who uses people,

just like the serpent in Paradise.

We don't have snakes in New Zealand.

You know who it is.

Wake up.







Stop, mate.

Lukie, what is it?

Where the fuck you going, mate?

What is it?

Must be the kids.

Nighty-night, guys.

# Happy birthday, dear Tui!

# Happy birthday to you #


- Hip-hip!
- ALL: Hooray!



Take her to a hospital.

She needs to go. She's been bleeding.

Ready? You ready?

Don't move your wrist this time,
see what...

No, my thumb isn't long enough.


Miss you so much.

You too. Stay out of trouble.

- Okay?
- You'll be good.



- See ya.
- Bye!

See ya!



Oi! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Where's Tui?
- Hey, settle down!

Get lost! Get lost!


- Hey, hey, just stop.
- Let me go!

Scuzzy, let's play a little game, mate.
Jog their memories.

Okay, girls.

It's crack head time.
You know what crack head time is?

- GIRLS: Ow!

Where is she?

- Leave them alone!
- Where's Tui?

Hey, Terry.


You gonna go for a swim?

Yeah, I can hear you.


Yeah. Al, Al, I am listening, okay?

You're just not telling me anything.

The detective problem is about
to go away.

Yeah, she's gonna dissolve.




MAN: Everyone inside, eh!

Latest intelligence from Mark and Luke

is that she spent the night
in the double-barrel hut.

When you find her, don't swear.

Don't fight.

Don't do anything to scare the kid.

If you hurt her,

if you harm my daughter in any way,

you don't come off the mountain.

The reward is ten thousand dollars cash.

Where's the key?

- Where's the key?
- I don't know.

- Where is it?

This is my mother's cup.

She used to drink from it.

It's very precious.


MATT: Thanks for coming.

Yeah, so be careful, okay?




Show me.

It's from Putty.

His mum was a midwife.

I think you're up to here.

Well, it shouldn't be that hard.

I'll show you.


See? It's easy.

I don't even know how it got in there.

Can you feel it?


How do you afford
your lakeside mansion, Al?

I wouldn't know how much it's worth.

I looked in the real estate pages.
It'd be worth two million.

Got it off an American billionaire
who had to get out quick

for a very reasonable price.

I'll just get us a drink.


Oh! God, I love this place.

You don't fish? No?

Made for fishing.

They fish a lot of eels out here.

I don't like eels.
It's just one of those things...

Al, take me to shore.

Yeah, just listen to him.

You're safe, okay? I'm here.
There's nothing to worry about.

MATT: We need to talk.

You and I.

I don't want to hurt anyone, okay?

Don't want to see anybody
lose their jobs, so just chill out.

Al, give her a drink.

- Give her a drink.
- Please, Al.

You and I have got something
in common, you know that?

Yeah? A little girl.

My little girl.
We're both trying to find her.

Oh, what the fuck does he want?

Oh, what the...

Where do you think you're going?

You're not interested
in what I've got to say?

I think you might be.

Johnno, she's a guest.

You're no son of mine!

That went well.

JOHNNO: I heard about the fishing trip
from Luke.

I didn't like it.

Matt's got his men all over these hills
looking for Tui.

- They're all over the place like dogs.
- Do they know where she is?

They know where she was yesterday.

They want us to go in on the track,
on the other side of the double barrel.


Scuzz, leave the fuckin' thing there.
Come on!

Let's go.

No bikes now.

If we find Tui,
I want you to get out of here.

Just leave. Get on a plane.

That'd be kidnapping.

Good. At least she'd be out of here.

What about us?

Look at this.



Hey, Tui?

Is that you?




It's okay, Tui!

- We...

- Fuck!
- Shit and hell!


Your dad knows you're pregnant, girl.
It's all right.


How do we get up there?

Just follow the river. I'm going up.




Your dad's looking for you, babe.

He knows you're having a baby.

Go, go, go.

- Come on out, girl.
- Run, Tui, run!

- Down!

Run, Tui! Run!

Up here!

Up there! Up there on the left! Go!


MAN: Tui! Come here, girl.


Come here, girl! Tui!


MAN: Don't scare her!


Tui, come over here, Tui!

- Tui, come back.
- Tui!


No! You motherfuckers!


JOHNNO: (ECHOING) You motherfuckers!


Tui, Tui.







(SOBBING) Give him to me!

Give him to me!





# All these accidents that happen

# Follow the dot

# Coincidence makes sense

# Only with you

# You don't have to speak I feel

# Emotional landscapes

# They puzzle me

# Then the riddle gets solved
And you push me up to

# This state of emergency #

(SOBBING) He liked me dressing up.

He's not the father.

You should know that.

He wasn't attracted to girls.

He was gay.


- Simone.
- Don't say that in this town.

- Hey...
- Hey, fuck off!

Hey, he just wants to talk to you.

- You fuck off.
- He just wants to talk to you.

- It's all right.
- Just leave her be. Just leave her be.

I'm so sorry, babe. I'm so sorry, babe.

I want you to have this.

It's the reward money.

It's not going to bring him back, but it
does make things a bit easier for you.

You know what'll make things easier?

Anything, anything. Ask me, I'll do it.

Just fuckin' kill me.

- No, God...
- No, go on, just fucking kill me!

Kill me too!

I don't want your fucking money!

- Fuck your money!
- Hey, hey, hey!

- You're fucking high!
- Get the fuck out of here!

- Fucking high, eh?
- Fuck you!

- Why are you, fucking high?
- Go on. Kill me...


WOMAN: It's got nothing to do with you.
Leave her be to grieve.

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!

- Fuck off!
- Hey!

WOMAN: Leave her alone!

# This state of emergency

# Is where I want to be

# This state of emergency

# Is where I want to be #