Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Edge of the Universe - full transcript

The search for missing Tui continues under GJ's ominous prophecies, fruitless investigations and elusive secrets, while in the meantime, the gruesome finding of a dead man and a concealed small grave will upset Robin.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We've identified a suspect. Who? You know Zanic, the Austrian fella?
He's a convicted paedophile.
That's Tui. Yeah. Tui.
Someone said they heard crying. I need to look through the house.
There's more here, and there's more here. And it's not going away.
You don't remember me?
What's the past? It's history? Leave it there.
She's not here, lady. That's for free.
Who's signature is this? It wasn't possible, mate.
Hey, if you want to use the toilet, you can use my en suite.
Wolfie's hung himself. He left a suicide note. What about Tui, Al?
This programme contains some violent scenes, very strong language
and scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.
# I don't know why she's leaving Or where she's gonna go
# I guess she's got her reasons But I just don't want to know
# Cos for 24 years, I've been living next door
HE GRUNTS # To Alice. #
Why did he put the panties on his head?
Hey! Hey! What are you doing here?
Get off the path. He was helping me, Detective Sergeant.
Right. It's Sarge, isn't it? Yeah.
Well, get off the path, now. I fucking found him down on the tree.
You what? You found him, did you? Yeah.
On the tree with the fucking undies on his head.
Is that right? Yeah. Well, you're a suspect.
You're in a lot of trouble, son. Howe, take him back to the car.
Oh, a suspect? What are you, Einstein?
Just going to pick the first bloke who shows up?
Brilliant police work, that is. Hey! Come on, Paul. Come on.
Fuckin' arsehole!
"I am sorry for what I done.
"I sorry to mother who must know I die happily in sleep."
Died in your sleep.
When's the photographer coming? He's on his way, sir.
Any sign of that girl? No.
Detective sergeant.
He's got a pile of video equipment, sir.
Any tapes? Yeah, boxes of them.
Now, you're OCCS tonight, OK?
Sir, I'll have nightmares. No, you won't, you'll be awake.
Sausage on the Barbie, if you want.
There's no need for an ESR. It's pretty clear it's a suicide.
Put those in the car, mate.
Tell me it's too small for her.
Pete, make a new perimeter, and call the ESR.
I want them here as soon as they can.
Tell the others it's a negative on removing the male body.
Don't cut him down. Leave him up there. GUNSHOTS
There's a grave.
We have to wait for forensics.
Have you got company?
No, not now.
Tea? Wrapping paper. Do we have any wrapping paper?
Hello? Yep, right down the bottom.
Dad, the girls are here.
Right. Well, I want them to finish those trimmings.
There's a lamp at the back. Tell them It needs fixed.
And get them to clean those beakers out, OK?
Dad, should I let them in?
They'd better not fuck me about.
Haven't got time for it this morning.
Narelle, do we have any sugar?
Straight downstairs. Morning.
Morning, Delia.
Yeah, she got hit by a fucking car.
She's in the hospital, mate. Not doing too good, either.
He completely lost it. He spent all the money.
The deal we had is if it's not paid for, it doesn't leave here.
Cos otherwise what you're asking me is to trust you.
And all I can say to that is you must be fucking joking me.
Get the fucking money.
Hi. I was wondering if you'd, uh,
Like these? No! No! No, no, no, no.
So you want to come have dinner with me?
Yeah, why not?
GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS What's that, band practise?
Oh, we have these meetings.
Everyone's welcome, you know. You can come if you want to.
Is she going to be there? Maybe.
Why are these people closing their eyes?
They're meditating, GJ.
Wake up!
I've got a question. Is there such a thing
as the human mind? Human mind, wow.
Is someone speaking?
What is the nature of the human mind?
Plotting and scheming. Planning and calculating.
That is the nature of mind. Constant thought.
Recent research tells us that the Universe is not infinite.
so what I want to know is... Who's this guy?
Matt Mitcham, the girl's father. Matt Mitcham.
What I want to know is, when you get
to the edge of the Universe,
What's there, hmm?
Don't know. Not going there any time soon.
What do you see?
Ask something a little bit more personal.
THIS is personal. My guess?
You're not going to like it, mister.
So what is it?
What's beyond the void that's so frightening?
What's so scary?
A lost little girl.
Your girl, Mr Matt. Your kid.
With a secret growing inside.
Would you call the photographer, please?
Where the bloody hell's Lee?
HOWE: They headed off towards the lake.
What? Well, get him immediately. Taking a piss, sir.
I don't care what he's doing. Get him here now.
All right, everyone. Mic on?
Peeling back the bloodstained towel.
What the bloody hell is that?
Looks like an animal. It's a dog.
Robin? Go get four of the guys and
check the property for any further burials.
You can go, um, 100 metres beyond this boundary.
You still think he's done something?
Well, his note said he's sorry for something
And I'm sure it's not for euthanizing his dog.
Come on, Al. Someone's obviously been harassing him.
Look at his house.
What do you expect? He was exposed.
No wonder he hung himself.
You might want to look at this. Zanic's video.
Can I have it? 'Ja! Ja, that is so good.'
Does Wolfie have a blue hoodie?
Whoever shot this did. Doesn't everyone have one?
# Well, darling, haven't you changed? #
Have you got kids?
Can I be left alone, please?
# A memory... #
# A memory... #
Uh, I've brought my Canadian. You want to go out on the lake?
All right.
You know, Tui sings really well.
We should have brought the wine.
Be nice to have a glass out here.
Yeah, I don't drink. What about the other night at the bar?
No, that was a soft drink. So you've no excuses.
Are we going to do it again? It's complicated.
Don't you think?
Going to fish?
Can't we do a bit more of the wrong thing
Before we do the right thing?
I found a place. There's this old teak opium house.
It's up near the Thai-Cambodian border.
And the rivers there run right down out of the mountains,
and there are these small poppy plantations
Scattered out there through the rainforest.
People there were really good to me.
But, after a time, I just became an addict. Just a fucking arsehole.
I ran out of money. I ran away.
They caught me trying to get across the border.
I got processed. Ended up in this...
This hell hole.
Just concrete wall and floors, and a hole in the ground for the toilet.
Dad, He just said, "stuff you."
How many years was it? It was eight.
The last few there were a lot easier. My mum,
she really stepped up. She helped me pay for food, medicine.
I was able to study law.
What do you think?
You know, you were my first kiss.
Was I yours? First long kiss.
Can I do this properly? Like in bed?
I don't know. I don't want to fall for you.
We can make it the last time.
Do you have to work in the morning?
Why? I want to go for coffee.
No. No coffee.
I'm about to get married. I don't want to fall in love.
Wear it.
Hey, turn the music down.
Turn the fucking music down!
What is it?
Oh, yeah.
Fertiliser. Awesome. I want some of that, eh.
It's mephedrone, bro.
Here. There you go. "Gives three to four hours' stimulus,
"Mild euphoria, enhanced appreciation of music,
"Some erotic overtones." Who's this old fucker?
Mate, that's Dr Shulgin. Berkeley, California legend, OK?
He discovered and experimented with over 230 psychoactive drugs.
Living legend.
Good man. Yeah, that's nice.
That's nice. Where'd the shit come from?
It's good.
You reckon the old man'll go for it, Marky?
Hey, just do a halvie ya, bro. We'll be peeling you off the walls.
Oh! What'd I just say? I'll be all right, mate.
THEY LAUGH No, you won't, bro.
No, you won't, bro.
This is really good.
ALL: No!
My first date in years. Uh, this is not a date.
It's an apology. If I wanted a date, I would have asked Bunny.
OK, I'm... I'm kind of confused.
So how did Bunny get in with that, uh...?
GJ? GJ. GJ, yeah.
Oh, they met in rehab. Who was in rehab? GJ was in rehab?
No, no, no, she was visiting someone. Hmm.
And they got talking. Bunny said, "you're the first person
"who's ever really spoken the truth.
"wherever you want to go, wherever you want to be,
"I'll pay for it."
GJ said, "let's see if you really mean it."
And she put her finger on the map...
like that.
And now here we are, Paradise.
She put her finger on a map?
Yeah. Yeah. Here we are.
How are you handling Paradise?
Beautiful. Yeah.
Got quite a history, you know.
No, I didn't know.
Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden.
Hmm. The coming of the serpent.
Serpent. Wow. Right. No, not me.
No, not you. No, the first guy that moved in
there killed his wife and kids.
Burned the house down.
Next family, the silence nearly drove them mad.
Thought they could hear the kids wailing through the walls.
One day, they just got up and left.
Is it really true? You should tell Bunny.
I bet you Bob Platt didn't.
Why don't you tell her yourself? OK.
So how do I get a date with Bunny?
I think it's time to go home. To your place.
That's what I want to do.
You have some of that, eh, you'll be fucked for work tomorrow.
OK, don't talk to me unless you're
going to keep to the present tense, OK?
Don't want to hear about anything else. Just pisses me off.
Just say what's happening now, OK?
Right now. Whatever's happening now.
Anything else, just keep to yourself.
I don't want to hear about it.
Here's Dad.
Yeah, see, that's good. Hey? Yeah, that's good, see?
He's coming. He's right here.
Hey, Dad!
It's Luke! Wonder where the fuck he's been.
Well, see, that's not what I want to know about.
I don't want to know where he's fucking been.
Hey, hey, it's here.
What's the matter with him? He's high.
Living in the present. It's a problem for some people.
Was that the chimp lady?
IS that the chimp lady? "IS".
Jesus, you came prepared.
Oh, yeah.
Listen, Anita, there's a confession I have to make.
I can get hard, OK?
I CAN get hard. I've got the chemicals.
It's just the thing is...
I need warning, OK?
we don't need to make love tonight.
You're not disappointed?
You sure? Yeah, come on.
Come on. I won't bite.
My last wife was Thai.
Thai, right.
She was a good woman,
apart from the fact that she didn't love me.
Yeah. Which I didn't think mattered, but obviously it did.
"Oh, Matthew,
"You take too long, you got no power."
"You take too long, you got no power."
It wasn't funny at the time.
Let's just play together.
Get to know each other.
I bet you've never been here before, huh?
The arse end of Paradise. I've NEVER been here.
Hey, Luke gave me an E.
Oh, did he now? Yeah. Well, actually,
He gave me two Es. Do you want one?
I've... I've taken mine.
Come on. Come here.
Come on.
Give me your tongue.
Come on.
Oh, you're really beautiful.
You're really... Oh, God, you're really real.
You're so beautiful.
Want to meet Mum?
Your mum?
You're beautiful.
This is Anita.
Anita, Mum.
Hi, Mrs Mitcham.
Fuck. Poor Mum.
Once again, where she doesn't belong.
No. No, Matt, look. She's... She's so at peace.
Not with you fucking standing on her, she's not.
What? Get the fuck off her!
Oh. Get off her. Sorry.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I promise you...
I will fix this.
I promise you,
you will rest
in my land.
On the hilltop, Mum.
Hello? Al, it's Robin.
I think I've got it. I think I understand what Tui meant.
Can I drive over now? No. Not now.
Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? How about Sunday dinner?
Did you find anything else at Zanic's?
Just two dead sheep.
Are you able to make it 7:30?
Bye. Good night.
May I take your coat? I'll keep it on, thanks.
Oh, you won't be cold, I just lit the fire.
I'll take it off later.
I'm not really dressed for this. There you are.
Cheers. Cheers.
I don't have any salad dressing. Can you whip one up?
Do you have garlic?
Yeah, got a lot of garlic.
Shall I tell you what I came up with last night?
Yeah, sure.
I'll just get these out of the way.
I'll fill your glass. Thanks.
I think I know what Tui was trying to tell me.
Look, I think she meant literally "no, one".
As in three or four.
Not one, I think she was
multiple raped.
When you think of Tui, what do you see?
A very lonely, frightened little girl.
What do you see? Well, yeah, I see that, but
I'm looking at that frightened, lonely little girl.
You know, sometimes, maybe once in your career a case comes along that
fits so tightly that you can't let go.
You know? That's when things start to go crazy.
You dream about it, you can't stop thinking about it and
Everything around starts to be a sign.
Why do you say that?
Well, because I think that, um,
Tui's case is triggering history in your life.
I didn't run away from home.
We got those lads, you know.
15 years ago we brought those little hard-ons in.
It was right after you left for Sydney with your mother.
Now, a few of us,
older guys, Matt Mitcham included, we, um,
brought them in and whacked them around, we stripped them and
gave them a hiding on their skinny little arses.
You know, Mitcham figured out
that Sarge was the dirty little start-up
So he made him lick the other guys' arseholes.
So does everyone know?
Does Officer Joy know?
(SOFTLY) Yeah.
The whole police station?
It wasn't your fault, you know. What happened should never have happened.
We only did what we did because
your father wasn't around to teach those dirty little shits a lesson.
Are you OK?
Hey, I know this can't be easy for you.
So everyone knows I've been raped.
And those... Those arses are just...
They're just walking about.
No, they were bloody well punished.
And I had a baby.
Oh, Jesus, I didn't know that. How old were you?
Just 16.
Mum was Catholic.
Didn't have a choice.
My girl wrote to me a few months ago.
She wrote on pink notepaper with two doves in one corner.
She really wanted to know a few things about her
biological parents.
You know, like, were we into sport or
books like her.
What the fuck could I say?
Cos if I was her...
If I was her and I found out
that my father
was one of four rapists and my mother,
their 15-year-old victim...
I would want to kill myself.
I would want to blow my fucking brains out.
And that she doesn't know.
Never has to know.
That's it.
That's all I have to give her.
Every birthday,
every Christmas...
Her fucking right to innocence.
Fuck the truth, Al.
Fuck the truth.
Was Johnno involved?
No, he was... He was my date.
He was my date. I need some more wine.
And you?
Most of those guys have left now.
They're not around any more.
Not Sarge.
Oh, so you recognised him, eh?
I wondered if you would.
Oh, yeah.
Now that he's driving an old rust bucket,
you should pull him over and book him. OK.
And after that can I kill him?
This is fucking stupid. Hey, hey. Hey.
My sense is that you're just working this too hard.
I think she just didn't want to say.
No. She's afraid to say.
Hey, hey!
I'm going home.
This is stupid. You don't get it.
Are you OK? I'm fine.
You're not gonna drive home. Where's your keys?
I'm all right. I'm all right. OK, you're not gonna drive.
Come on, up you get. SHE GROANS
Hello, there. You feeling OK?
Come in.
You might want to shut the door.
What's up? I woke up in your shirt in your bed.
How did I get there?
Well, you had blacked out,
you threw up on your clothes, so I washed them.
Well, why didn't you put me on the couch?
It's completely inappropriate.
What's the alcohol content of that red? I never pass out.
Oh, this is masterful. Stop drinking, it works.
Zanic's credit card statement.
Look at March.
There's five dental billings in Auckland.
He wasn't here when Tui got pregnant.
He was getting his teeth done.
Why haven't you asked who wrote the slogans on his hut?
Yeah, OK, Miss Marple, I know this, all right?
We're on to it. It's happening.
So where did you sleep? On the freaking couch.
Robin, you passed out. It was my obligation to look after you.
Then why don't I feel like saying thank you?
Oh, my guess? You embarrassed yourself.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Can I speak to you?
I'm looking for a Jamie, Tui's friend. Who are you?
Sorry. Detective Robin Griffin, Southern Lakes Police.
He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't talk to anyone.
He texts.
30, 35 texts.
I've got to go to work.
OK. Where? Mitcham's.
What are you doing here? SOBBING
This is Tui's room.
She could come back any time. Nobody comes in here. Nobody!
Get out. Get out! Matt, I'm... I'm so sorry.
You must be... You must be feeling terrible.
Why would I feel terrible? I've not done anything.
You don't mention Tui and I won't mention your boyfriend, Brad.
Brad wasn't my boyfriend. He was a pet, but he...
That's enough, enough. I've heard enough of this.
Pack your things and go. No, no.
No, Matt. We can sort this in the morning.
You don't put the cups back properly!
The handles face out!
Excuse me.
I'll get it.
Hurry up, you stupid bitch.
There! Ahh!
SHE CRIES OUT Stupid bitch!
See what you made me fucking do.
What are you looking at? Where's Anita?
Bunny! Bunny!
Hello! Where's Anita?
How long do you think you're going to last here, eh?
You fucking...
You are talking through your arsehole!
You won't last in this land. Shit's coming out of your mouth.
What? What did you say? Yeah, you. I'm talking to you, arsehole.
Talk about arseholes... Shit, just shit, you have shit for brains.
Excuse me. Where do you put your piss and your shit?
You put it in MY FUCKING LAND!
That's where you fucking put it. Oh, bullshit!
Your fucking menstrual waste. Excuse me!
Your fucking... Your scum is going right in there.
Menstrual waste? We don't even get our fucking periods!
Of course you don't. You know why? You're unfuckable.
What's he say? You're unfuckable.
You're a dry, useless, fucking bitch! SHE SCREAMS
You, you, unfuckable. Yes!
Unfuckable. Oh, please!
Unfuckable... Utterly unfuckable!
I'm calling the police.
Oh, and you are so fuckable, you shit-for-brains.
Oh, my god! Anita! Come back!
Wait, fucker! Do not... Get out of the car! I'll go!
Anita, has he hurt you?
Is she all right? No, she's not all right.
Fucker! Just fuck you!
Is she all right? Get her in here.
I know I'm not supposed to say it,
but I want to meet my granddaughter.
She's got a family.
This is what's killing me.
You may not want to see her, but I do and I'm going to look for her.
I got lost.
Left the path, I couldn't find it again.
We were just about to call the police.
I have to get home. This is uncomfortable.
I'm sorry about earlier.
My emotion surprised me.
It's the medications.
Do you really have to go?
Why didn't you call if you got lost?
I couldn't, I... When I tried, my phone died.
I'm sorry, Mum.
MAN: Have you seen Zanic's place?
Guess what? What?
Not there? Not there.
Ah, she'll be dead, but. Yeah...
I'm not saying she's alive or anything.
They just didn't find her.
Well, you didn't find any bodies at Eel Creek, did you?
Not playing tonight?
Do you know what the perfect murder weapon is? No!
Get fucked, that's what I do. HE LAUGHS
Go on, you tell her then, Sarge.
An icicle stalagmite. Ta-da!
Cos after you stab them, it melts.
It self destructs.
OLD MAN: You're a good man, eh?
You're buddy's mate. You're buddy's mate.
I've got some words for you, eh?
There you go.
Fuck off.
I know you from somewhere, don't I?
You're not a Sydney girl? Hmm?
Too classy for you to be a Sydney girl.
I reckon it's like a picnic races or something.
You don't remember me, do you?
Probably the Royal Easter Show, I'm thinking.
No. Yeah?
Did we fuck or something?
We fucking did, didn't we?
HE SCREAMS You remember me now, arsehole?
You remember me now, arsehole? Do you remember me now?
Do you remember me now, you motherfucker?!
Get the fuck out of here. Fuck you, piece of fucking shit!
HE GROANS Fuck you!
Piece of fucking shit!
SHOUTING: Fucking remember me now?
Do you fucking remember me?
You piece of shit!
What the fuck is happening to me?
SHE GASPS What the fuck is happening?
I want to know the bad thing you were going to tell me.
Things are going to change when we find Tui and bring her back here.
I lost it. It won't happen again. No.
Cos you're stood down.
Can you talk to my boy Jamie?
Lie low and we'll see a lot about how this place operates.