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[To Be a Better Man]

[Episode 6]

Can you hurry it up?
I have business to attend to.

Who are you fooling?
You have plenty of time.

What could you have to do?

What are you doing?

I pick mine. You pick yours.
Why are you touching my stuff?

I can't watch you wasting money.

Eating and drinking makes me happy.
How is it a waste?

I don't understand you women.

You clearly know all this stuff
is garbage.

After you eat it,
you'll gain weight for sure.

After you get fat, you buy diet pills.

Isn't it a never-ending cycle
of wasting money?

- People live to waste.
- Waste is money.

The money your grandma gave you is for
food for the three of us for a week.

Is there enough for you to waste?

Then exchange this for
my meals for a day. Okay?

Fine. Then put the rest back.

You put them back. You're the one
making a spectacle of yourself.

- Do you have a membership card?
- No.


What are you doing?

Stealing? Come with me!

What are you doing?
Why are you putting your hands on her?

Who are you?

What do you mean?
Why are you getting physical?

- She's stealing!
- Stealing? You've misunderstood.

This kid just came back from America.
She doesn't know any Chinese.

She must have thought
this is the area to pay.

What are you doing?

Do you speak Chinese?

I... I thought this was the way to pay.
I went through a wrong door. So what?

She doesn't speak Chinese.
I'm sorry. We'll pay and be gone.

This way, check please. Okay?

Okay, fine.

Here, let's pay.

A total of 1,089 yuan.

1,089 yuan.

This kid is such a glutton.

She sure can eat.

She even bought so many things.
I didn't consider that.

I didn't bring that much cash.

We accept credit cards.

Card... Let me see.

I also didn't bring a credit card.

Forget it. Just leave it.
I'll buy it next time.

- That won't do.
- What? You're not paying?

If you're not paying,
then it'll be shoplifting.

- We'll call the police.
- No, don't.

I'll pay for them.

It's just a little money.

Thanks for today.

Whether or not she's your daughter,
stop spoiling her.

You won't be so lucky as to
come across me next time.

- What are you saying?
- What's wrong with you?

Are you crazy?
You attack everybody you see.

She helped us.

I'm sorry. She doesn't know
what she's doing.

I'll have to write you an IOU
for the money.

Of course you have to.

Do you think I paid for nothing?
Hurry up.

- Do you have a pen?
- No.

Use this.

Here. See if it's okay.

I owe you 3,089 yuan today.
I will repay you one day.

Lu Yuan?

Lu Yuan.

- Your name is Lu Yuan?
- Yes.

I only paid 1,089 yuan just now.
Why did you write 3,089 yuan?

It's the 2,000 yuan from that night
at the hotel.


What hotel?
You went to a hotel with her?

There's no need.

It's what you earned
for your physical labor.

Physical labor.

What did you do with her?
Physical labor?

- Let's hurry and leave.
- What physical labor? And at a hotel?

- I'm asking you.
- You're a kid. Why are you asking?

You better explain this
or else I won't let this go.

If you keep messing around,
nobody will save you.

What are you being so mean for?

I've done even worse things in America.

You were cheering me on back then.

You've taken me to dine and dash

steal things, and go to bars.

You taught me all of that.

Back then, your dad was your guardian.
Now I'm your guardian.

You'll have to obey me.
Listen to me and obey. Got it?

And where is my dad?

Don't try this with me.

Stop mentioning your dad.

What does it have to do with me?

You better quit all the bad behaviors
that you had in America.

You're a young lady.
You should look like one.

Look at your hairstyle. Back in America,
you were copying African Americans.

It's low-class now that
you're back in China.

Are you done?

What right do you have to lecture me?

Are you qualified to be a guardian?

Just think about the crazy things
you've done in America.

You don't need me to tell you.

I've already closed the book on
my past shenanigans.

Can you?

Da Hai, how come you've changed?

Why are out scaring people at night
instead of sleeping?

Look at this photo.

There's been such a drastic change.

Wasn't this taken last year?

What are you saying?
You're confused again.

People grow up.

Most people look better with age.
I'm the opposite, unfortunately.

That's not true.

It's not like that.

You've just had a hard life.

You've suffered too many trials.

They're all carved out onto your face.

Son, I was useless.

I've let you suffer.

It's all right, Grandma.

Our family has me.

Look, I don't look like him at all.
I look like you.

A beautiful woman.

This won't do.

I have to sleep.

I have an early shift tomorrow morning.

Da Hai, don't forget to
leave the door unlocked for your dad.

Unlocked for who?

For your grandpa.

She's confused again?

This can't go on. It's too creepy.

She has to see a doctor.
It cannot be delayed any longer.

She has scared me.

If this keeps up,
I'll definitely get a heart attack.

Hao Kun.

I don't think I should go in.

She's finally set up a meeting with you.

She specified that she wanted to
have this meal with the two of us.

You have to be there.

Then why don't I find
an excuse to leave midway through?

I'll give you two some time alone.

Who knows what she's up to now.
I'll feel better with you there.

Over here.

Allow me to introduce...

my new boyfriend.

My brother.

My sister-in-law.

Hi, how are you?


I asked you out today for two reasons.


I didn't think things through before
and caused you a lot of trouble.

This meal is an apology.


I was overwhelmed with grief.
Don't hold it against me.

Let's all drink.


- Here.
- I'll drink first.

Brother, Sister-in-law.
I'll drink as well.

And second...

I wanted you to congratulate me.

I've found true love.

What true love?

Are you kidding?
That's true love?

Show my brother.

It's Jiang Lai.

Our "Jiang lai" (means "future").

He has already permanently tattooed
"Jiang Lai" onto his chest.

That must have hurt so much.

Hao Kun, isn't that true love?

Say that again.

Gan Jing.

Have you ever had a tattoo before?

If you had a chance

would you tattoo my brother's name
or your ex-boyfriend's name?

You can only choose one.

Just tell me. I won't tell anyone else.

Jiang Lai.

Are you testing my bottom line?

What are you feeling guilty for?

I mention her ex-boyfriend
and that's testing your bottom line?

Are you afraid she'll know

what you have done to her?

Try it!

Don't force me to send you overseas.

I'm sorry. I've lost my appetite.

- Let's leave.
- Okay.


Do you know why
she has you as her boyfriend?

Because her last boyfriend
committed suicide.

Do you know why he committed suicide?

Because not just anybody
can stay by her side.

A word of advice... get lost quickly.

- Your brother isn't really going to--
- Get lost!

What do you want?

I want to apologize
on behalf of your brother.

He was a bit harsh just now.
Don't take it to heart.

Do you have any right
to meddle in our business?

You hate your brother, right?

Because of his one mistake

you and Chen Fang are separated
by life and death.

He had his missteps

but in the end,
he is not to blame for this incident.

Lai Lai.

Don't call me Lai Lai.
Who's your Lai Lai?

All right.

I wanted to tell you this
from a woman's perspective

because I also understand fate.

However, being so dramatic all the time,
really isn't a solution.

I want to tell you,
the only way out is to let go.

Stop hanging on to the past.

I'm talking about truly letting go.

Not a pretense, not wavering.

You brought that man today.

We all know
whether you actually like him.

You're making a scene
in front of your brother again.

Are you really happy?

So you mean

you've already let go of the past,
so that's why you're with my brother?

Jiang Lai.

There are no conflicts between us.

Don't attack me
every time you talk to me.

I'm talking to you today because
I feel quite sorry for your brother.

I see he blames himself
and feels guilty.

Of course, I also hope
you two will make up.

But if you won't listen,
then do as you wish.

It's Alzheimer's disease,
also known as senile dementia.

I know.

How is her condition right now?

She is still in the first stage,
also known as the mild dementia stage.

The main symptom is forgetfulness

but the patient can still
carry out daily activities.

On the whole, the patient
does not require assistance.

It is also the stage of this disease
that lasts the longest.

And then?

After this stage,
the disease will worsen.

For example, there will be
changes in personality

difficulty with processing thoughts

delusional symptoms,
and trouble with daily activities.

In the worse cases, the patient will
have severe dementia

loss of verbal language abilities,
be bedridden--

Okay, okay. You mean to say
there is no cure, right?

There is a possibility of
managing the disease.

- But long term--
- Just say it.

What can we do now?

If her family cannot provide
appropriate care

accidents can easily occur.

If you need, I can recommend
a senior care facility.

It is a more reliable choice

so the elderly can spend
their remaining years in comfort.

The old folks' home?

That's a safe choice.

Why don't we bring her to America?

Maybe we can even
apply for Medicaid for her.

It'd be quite difficult.

It's one thing that she might not
even be qualified to apply.

You also don't know
when her disease will act up.

Maybe she might not act up for a while

but I'm afraid
once she reaches America

she won't understand the language,
she'll panic and then act up.

She can't even take care of herself.
What will we do?

- We can find a caregiver.
- Shut up.

All the diagnoses came out the same.

Looks like Grandma
really does have Alzheimer's.

How long will she
remain clear-headed?

Who knows?

But we'll have to figure out
our plan from now on.

Then are we still going back to America?

Hurry up! Why are you walking so slowly?

I walk faster than you young ones.

You young ones don't exercise much.

- Faster!
- We're right behind you!

There's only one way left.
Send her to a senior care home.

Senior care home?

How are you going to do that?
Do you have money?

Your grandma has money.

How do you know that?

Doesn't your grandma
receive a pension every month?

She also has savings.

A lifetime of hard-earned money saved up.
What is she going to use it on?

One day you lose your memory.

You forget where you put your money
and can't find it. How sad is that?

There is no such thing as free lunch.
Your grandma has earned her living.


You want to send her to
a senior care facility?

You keep saying you want to
go back to the U.S.

You heard the doctor.

Either hire a caregiver
or we take care of her ourselves.

There's no other option.

Then what are you here for?

You can take care of her.

You have the time anyway.
Just take care of my grandma.

Then you won't have time
to go out drinking.

She's not my mom.
Who am I to take care of her?

Are you trying to
get something out of it?

Don't think I don't know
what you're thinking.

You want to send her to an elder care
home and then take over her house.

I'm your guardian.
Speak to me nicely.

Have some respect.


You're a lazy bastard.

You've been back so long
and haven't even looked for a job.

Are you handicapped?
Take care of us.

Why won't you look for a job?

It's so easy. Are you sick?

If you're sick,
I'll pay for your treatment.

Hello, Auntie.

Are you looking for Da Hai?

What is it? Why are you so spooked?


- I want to ask if Lu Yuan lives here.
- Who?

- Lu Yuan.
- Lu Yuan?

This lady says she's looking for Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan? Who's Lu Yuan?

Yes, that's right.

- The IOU you gave me says--
- Cut the crap.

I... what... who are you looking for?

My name is Peng Hai.

What... what did she just say?

My dad's the only man here.
His name is Peng Hai.

- Yes, I'm...
- Don't cause trouble here.

Exactly. It's cold out here.
Bring Grandma inside.

Ask her who she's looking for.
Be nice to her.

Okay, okay.

Let's go, Grandma.

Walk slowly, Grandma.

What did you come here for?
You followed me here?

Peng Hai?

The IOU you gave me is invalid then?

The IOU is correct. I am Lu Yuan.

Hold on.

You were acting in there?

You and that girl
aren't two swindlers, are you?

You two team up to scam an old lady?

Last time, you guys were
shoplifting at the supermarket.

This time, you guys
are scamming someone?

Should I alert the police then?

Stop trying to be righteous.

The one inside is the real granddaughter.
She's in the household registry.

And you?

I get it.

Only you are the fake.

What do you want from me?
The debt isn't that urgent.

How much time has passed?
I don't have money.


You're quite tough when you owe money.

I thought you were quite fun,
having a teenage girl with you.

She doesn't look like
your daughter either.

Now it seems even more fun now.

Not only is there a young one,
but an old lady as well.

You're quite popular with females.

Are you done? If so, I'm leaving.

Stop right there.

Come back here.

Talk. What is it?

Do you have a way to contact me?
My phone number?

How are you going to find me
when you have the money?

Here. Put it in.


It doesn't look like
you'll have money anytime soon.

I'll give you a way out. Want it?

Is it easy?

I'll rent you.

Just spend time with me.

Don't worry. I won't make you do
anything illegal.

I'll pay you on a regular basis.
How's that?

- Are you crazy?
- Do you have medicine?

You're renting me?

You're quite bold.

All right. Come on.
Let's discuss terms.

Method? Payment?

One day, according to work hours.
Eight hours.

300 yuan. That's the maximum.

That's not even 40 yuan an hour!

That doesn't even compare to
an hourly worker.

Then how much do you want?

500 yuan a day.

Not even a cent less.

Food included.
Accommodation not included.

Let's do this then.

I'll give you 2,000 yuan a day.

I'll cover everything.
Time not counted.

As long as you satisfy me
and make me happy

not only can you lower your debt,
but even earn a profit.

You might even become
a hot commodity.


I don't sell my body.



What kind of new game is this?

It's been tiring for you
for me to rent you.

I'm treating you to coffee.

Miss, one will die from
drinking this much coffee.

I'm letting you drink, but you won't?

You were the one who chose coffee.

As for how to drink it,
you have to listen to me.

Truth or Dare.
We'll ask each other questions.

If you reply with yes,
then you drink.

Of course, if I say yes, I drink.

How about it? Do you dare?

You play Truth or Dare like that?

I rented you. I'm paying you.

Of course I get to determine the rules.

All right, you set the rules.

You can't ask questions like,
"Am I a man?"

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Ask away.

The first question.

Did you become an alcoholic
because of a woman?

My turn.


That villa we made a mess of...

is the owner of that house
named Jiang Hao Kun?

You know him?

Is he a scumbag?


Two questions. Two glasses. Drink.

My turn.

Have you caused someone's death before?

About the same as causing his death.

Then we should drink.


We'll really die if we drink this cup.

Then we'll be free.

Bottoms up.

Why are you awake?

No... You can't sleep?

I can't sleep.

When you were young and couldn't sleep,
I would tell you stories.

Why don't I tell you one?

Go ahead.

What should I tell?

Anything will do.

You used to love hearing
the story of the bunny.

The bunny...

loves to eat carrots.

Its mother said...


What about the bunny?

- It eats carrots.
- It eats carrots.

It goes "crunch-crunch."

It's sweet.

The story is over. Go to sleep now.

I'm sleepy now.


Jia He.

Hi, it's Gan Jing.

What is it, Auntie Gan Jing?

What are you doing?
You sound out of breath.

I'm exercising.

It's not much, I just wanted to ask

if you've been adjusting well
being back the past few days.

Did you want to ask me or
ask if Lu Yuan has been adjusting well?

If you need anything, just tell me.
I'll help you.

There's not much to adjust to.

You know everything
is so convenient now.

Everything we have in the U.S.

can be purchased through Tmall
and Shanghai International Direct Mail.


But what? Tell me.

We don't have money.

Lu Yuan can't find

a job so quickly.

We're depending solely on
my grandma's money.

I understand. How about this?

Come to my office.
I'll send you the address later.

Okay, see you later.

Slow down. Wait for him for a bit.

Don't drive too slowly.

Did he notice me?
He must be doing it on purpose.

Messing with me?

Not biking anymore?

You have quite good stamina.

Come on. Let's play then.

Sir, you can't go in.
Chairman Jiang is in a meeting right now!

Sir, you can't go in.

Chairman Jiang, he insists on coming in!

I'm sorry, everybody. I'm late.

Carry on.

- Why don't you wait in my office?
- No, it's okay. I'll wait here.

- Continue.
- Yes, Chairman Jiang.

The merchandise worth
several million yuan has arrived.

You just need to sign for it.

After all, if there is any progress
on this project

Chairman Wang and I will have to
keep each other informed, right?

Please, dig in.



Okay, I got it.

Chairman Jiang.

Is that your new bodyguard?

Excuse me, I'm going to the restroom.

I'm conducting business.
What are you doing?

Do your business. Pretend I'm not here.

Jiang Hao Kun, you've already been
in there for over three minutes.

You're still not coming out?
Do you have prostate problems?

You go out to play every day.
You should get it checked.

Don't let your kidneys get worse.

Three minutes, 57 seconds.

After turning 40, men don't really
need to exercise their muscles.

Just exercise your bladder control.

- What are you here for?
- Are you going to tell?

How many women do you have?

How many women are you dating
at the same time?

Are you telling?

Move over.

If you don't tell,
I'll crush you to death. Telling or not?

Telling or not?

Sir, you should order something.

And also, we don't allow outside food.

Two bowls of plain noodles.

I'm sorry, we're a Western restaurant.
We don't serve plain noodles.

A bowl of porridge.

We are a Western restaurant.

A Western restaurant?

Two steamed buns, please.

Waiter, check please.

Please wait a moment.

Hungry? Eat some.

You've met my assistant, Josie.

You've met my secretary.

I thought for a long time last night.

Only this one has an interest in me.

But I have clearly rejected her.

Everybody else has
business dealings with me.

If you have suspicions about anybody

I'll call them right now
and have them explain to you.

I'm begging you!

Stop following me, all right?

No, there's more.

Then it's my mom.

Not your mom!

Who is it?

- Who is it?
- You can't remember? Look!

Who is it?

Who is it?

Lu Yuan.

Have you had enough?

Why are you more clingy than a dog?

If you keep this up

would you believe it if
I said I'll call the police?

Here. Call the police.

Are you crazy?

Do you really want to
go in another time?

Hello? Talk.

How's it going?

What do you mean?

Are you senile too?

Didn't you have an interview today?

I forgot.

What did you do today?

You better earn money quickly
to pay that woman back.

All right, I got it.

I have business to attend to.

Don't go around flirting while I'm gone.

I am everywhere.

Who is it?

Who is this?

I have lived overseas for so many years.

It's time to return to my roots.

All these years,
I have been committed to

bringing the best Western cuisine
back to the country.

After all, consumer spending
in the nation has increased

but we mustn't allow those

superficial Western restaurants
to cheat consumers of their money

and serve food that isn't even
on the level of street food overseas.

Am I right?

That is all just talk.
We don't know how capable you are.

I interview so many people.
You should bring your resume with you.

Does a top chef like me
need to provide a resume?


Do you think it's fair to talk to
a Michelin-starred chef like me?

Since you're so famous, would I
be able to find you online easily?

Please hold on.

You really are the one in the picture.

There is even a news article.

I'll read it out loud.

"Chinese chef flees
after causing big kitchen fire."

"The former star of the culinary world
has vanished without a trace."

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