To Be a Better Man (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Episode #1.24 - full transcript

After Jiang Lai tears everyone down, a lot of truths come out.

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[To Be a Better Man]

[Episode 24]

- I got it.
- What is it?

White Lovers.

Okay. That's a good name.
White Lovers.

This dessert is
our chef's signature dessert.

It is called White Lovers.

What is it?

I'm going to the restroom.


Sister-in-law, what's the matter?

Do you want to go to
the restroom or the kitchen?

Nobody is to leave.

I still have one last dessert.

The most special dessert.

Wait for me to get it.

Wait here.


Thanks for your hard work.

Everybody is very satisfied
with the dinner.

Chef Lu.

Want to go outside with me
and accept their thanks and praise?

It stands to reason
you guys should give me a toast.

You guys had a wonderful dinner.

I've been working the whole day.
I'm hungry.

What about me?

Tidy up the kitchen
and pack up our things.

Watch your fingers
when handling the knives.


Let me introduce...

this is our head chef today

and my boyfriend, Lu Yuan.

When did I become your boyfriend?

Honey, let me introduce you.

This is my mom and dad.

That is my brother.

And my future sister-in-law, Gan Jing.

You know them too.

He... he's your brother?

You're his sister?

From the same mom?

From Uncle and Auntie?

Brother and sister?

I... I thought you were his mistress.

I really thought she was his mistress

and I misunderstood that
Jiang Hao Kun had an affair with her

and was treating Gan Jing unfairly.

I followed your brother for
a very long time because of this.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

Didn't you say your name is
Jiang for ginger?

Why didn't you tell me?

I put so much effort in
to create this scene.

If I told you,
how would I get to watch the show?

What kind of show do you want to see?

Dad, Mom, let me explain
the relationship the three of them have.

Lu Yuan and my future sister-in-law
used to be a couple.

That also means he and my brother
were classmates and love rivals.

But everything is fine now.

We'll all be family soon.

Hao Kun, is that the case?

Our family will not accept
such messy relationships.

All right.

Your mom and I are both tired.
We're going upstairs.

I am just a chef.

This is quite a mess.

- I'll be leaving now.
- Where do you think you're going?

You want to leave after sleeping with me?

You can't run away.

I'm pregnant.

What do you mean pregnant?
Pregnant with whose child?


Gan Jing.


Calm down!

Sister-in-law, where are you going?

The show has just started.

How can the lead leave?

You've gone too far, Jiang Lai.

From what you're saying,
that means I can't have a boyfriend?

My boyfriend needs to be
one you've had before.

You can have a boyfriend.
You can have anybody.

Did you have to embarrass everybody?

You want to hurt me? No problem!

You're also hurting your brother!

Is this considered hurting?

You don't care about your brother?
No problem.

What about your parents?
They're not young anymore!

Thank you.

My parents aren't young anymore,
but they have seen a lot in life.

How could they not be able to accept
such a small matter?

But you, on the other hand,
really do mind.

Do you still have Lu Yuan
in your heart?

Speaking of Lu Yuan

I can give you my support
if you two are serious about each other.

Your brother and I don't have to marry!


We can't play if one player is gone.

Calm down. Calm down, won't you?

- Let me go!
- Talk calmly. I'll let go now.

Can you stop? I'm going to let go, okay?

Stop it! I'm going to
squeeze your brains out.

I said I didn't know
she was your sister!

I didn't know, you know?

What relationship do you have with her?

We don't have any relationship!
No relationship at all!

I didn't know she was your sister!

I don't believe you!
Who are you trying to fool, you savage!

- Who are you saying is a savage?
- You!

Say that again!


But don't overestimate yourself.

I didn't do this to attack you.

Not me? Then who? Your brother?


Did you think I'd let go of what
happened to Chen Fang already?

Let me tell you.

My parents won't accept you guys.

He made me lose the one I love the most.

I'll let him have a taste.

Revenge, is it?

Does taking revenge on everyone
make you feel happy?

You don't need to worry about me.

He hurt me so he can't live well either.

Listen, we didn't
do anything that night.

You know men can't do anything
after they drink too much.

Moreover, if I knew she was your sister,
I wouldn't have done anything.

I wouldn't. I like Gan Jing.
I don't like your sister.

Who are you trying to fool?
I don't believe you!

You don't believe me?

If I really wanted to mess things up,
would I cook all night for you?

Cook for you? You wish!
Do you have dog brains?

Think about it clearly.

Let go!

Where's Gan Jing?
Can we stop fighting?

Let's find Gan Jing first.
She must not be able to take this.

Jiang Hao Kun.

I'm letting go now.

Gan Jing, Gan Jing.
Don't be in a hurry to leave yet.

Let's make things clear first.

I'll explain things first.

First off, I really didn't know
she was Jiang Hao Kun's sister.

You didn't tell me either, right?

That's how it was.

Secondly, we did go to a hotel.

But you have to hear me out.

I did drink that night,
but I didn't go so far as to blackout.

I remember everything.

We didn't do anything together.

I didn't do anything, right?

Face your conscience.
Don't drag me down with you.

I did nothing at all to you, right?

He didn't do anything to me.

But what if I did something to you?

What did you do to me?

Lu Yuan, you son of a bitch!

- Calm down.
- Don't fight!

Stop fighting!

You guys can do whatever you want!
It has nothing to do with me!

Gan Jing.

The problem is
we really didn't do anything.

Calm down.
Don't be like them, all right?

Is Sister-in-law jealous?

Auntie Gan Jing.

You obviously have Lu Yuan in your
heart, but why won't you say so?

Or else, what were you doing?

You brought Lu Yuan's knives
all the way back here from America.

You wrapped them up
and kept them safe in your office.

Didn't you just wish that
you would see him again one day?

What knives?

You kept those knives?

What knives?

Auntie Gan Jing, you have him
in your heart. Why won't you say it?

Didn't you come meet
Jiang Hao Kun's parents

just because you're
holding on to a grudge?

Stop talking!

Everything is in the past.

What is past?

Me or him?

Watch your tone with her.

How I talk to her is my business!

We're not done with
your business with my sister.

Jiang Lai.

Jiang Lai!

- Hello?
- Jiang Lai, where are you?

You created a huge mess and ran off?

Come back and explain everything!

Explain what?

If I die

then things will never be cleared up!

Jiang Lai, I'm warning you,
don't threaten me with death!

Hello? Jiang Lai?

Jiang Lai! Jiang Lai!

I had the pleasure
of meeting your sister

because I was the one who pulled her
away from jumping off a building.

She's not threatening you.

Lu Yuan, if anything happens to her,
I'm not letting you off!

What's the use in looking for her?

That kind of woman deserves to die.

Then she won't harm other people.

Who taught you that?
Don't talk like that, Jia He.

Are you afraid that if she dies,
you'll never hear the truth?

You don't want to talk to me
about you and Lu Yuan?

It's been so many years already.

It's all been in the past.

So you're saying there are
two people in your heart now?

You love Lu Yuan and then you also
fell in love with Jiang Hao Kun?

You're so greedy.

Scan the roads. Don't just look at me.

I'm not looking for her.


I'm returning it to you now.

I pretty much understand everything now.

The restaurant isn't yours.
It's your brother's.

Congratulations on a perfect show.

Say a bit more.

What do you want me to say?

You can yell at me.

Thank you.

Thank me for what?
For being your tool?

Thank you for playing golf with me.

Do all of you see me as a bastard?

Is it a good idea to ask a bastard

to evaluate whether
another person is a bastard?

Do you know what surprises me the most?

You planned such a big setup,
and it played out so successfully.

You shouldn't be like this.
You should be walking on air.

Isn't that right?

You should be overjoyed
and enjoying the feeling of revenge.

But looking at you now, it seems
there wasn't much meaning to it.


Was there any meaning?

I think you fail at being a bastard.

Real bastards hurt others
without hurting themselves.

Have I hurt myself? I'm doing just fine!

Okay, okay.

You're not allowed to leave.
Stay with me.


Let it stay with you.

[Lu Yuan calling]


I found Jiang Lai.
You should go to sleep.

Okay. Looks like you know her the best.

[Lu Yuan]

- Hello?
- Hello.

I found your sister.

Where is she?

Hotel. She's fine.

- If you dare--
- Let's meet up. Pick a place.

- Come to my office.
- Okay.

Jiang Hao Kun, we're buddies,
and we were classmates.

Let's talk it out.

First, there's nothing going on
between your sister and I.

I don't know why she did this.

I believe you know better than I do.

Second, I want to ask you this.

Did you know I was working
at your restaurant?

I didn't just know.
I arranged it.

How else do you think
that business card landed in your hands?

Hao Kun, no matter our grudges,
we are still friends.

You used such a low move.

I have a newfound respect for you.

It's because we're buddies and friends

that I created an opportunity for you
when you needed a new start.

Was I wrong to do so?

You son of a bitch!

You can say that to deceive Gan Jing.

You can't deceive me.

And did Gan Jing already know
that restaurant is yours?

All right, I get it.

You want to humiliate me
in front of Gan Jing

and show off your power.

You know me too well.

You know compared to
slapping me or cutting me up

this will upset me even more.

You have too much pride.

In America, if it weren't for your
pride, would you have disappeared?

For your so-called dignity,
you nearly destroyed Gan Jing.

You still won't reflect on it?

All right.

You don't want to humiliate me.

You've reached your goal.

This is my official notice.
I'm quitting.

Hold on!

You really think a chef
without a sense of taste

will still have a chance at a comeback
after stepping out this door?

Are you a fool?

Do you want to hit me?

Besides hitting me,
is there nothing else you can think of?

Hao Kun, you're worse than I am now.

You stop at nothing.

As buddies, I really look down on you.

And as rivals in love...

the things you've done for Gan Jing
aren't considered over the line.

Lu Yuan, that traitor.

No matter what he is,
stay away from him.

Come home with me.


All right.

Stay here for a few days.

Calm down.

I guarantee I won't
come bother you again.

But before I leave

there is something you need to see.

It tastes pretty good.
This tea must be expensive.

Rich people sure know how
to enjoy themselves.

One can drink tea
if one is qualified to.

If not, one can drink water.

It doesn't have to do
with being wealthy.

It has to do with character.

Mr. Jiang, say what you'd like.
Don't beat around the bush.

State a price.

How much money will it take
for you to leave Jiang Lai?

It's not a matter of money.
I really do like her.

Then what about the previous four women?

Did you also like them?

How much money did you
swindle off of those four women?

You investigated me?

I just want to warn you. Watch out.

Don't refuse the easy way out
and insist on the hard way.

Whether you believe it or not, I could
elope with your sister if I wanted to.

Which do you think is better?
Yunnan or Hainan?

I think Yunnan is quite nice.

There are more mountainous regions.

Your sister will be unfamiliar
with the area.

I'm guessing if she wanted to come back,
she wouldn't be able to find her way.

If you wanted Jiang Lai herself,
it'd be fine to do that.

But you clearly want her money.

You probably wouldn't bother
to record me.

So I'll talk to you man to man.

Relationships between men and women
are built on mutual consent.

Don't say it is deceit.

Your sister, Jiang Lai, has money.

That is one of her assets.
A very important asset.

I shouldn't be criticized even if
I am attracted to such an asset.

What do you think?

I think I must be drunk if

I'm hearing a womanizer insist
he is serious about a relationship.

Tell me. How much money
for you to leave Jiang Lai?

How much money do you think
your sister is worth?

I'm afraid no amount of money

would be worth as much as
the title of Brother-in-law.

I'll be straight with you.
Your sister will end up mine.

You really aren't afraid of anything?

With your sister,
what would I be afraid of?

Moreover, I have nothing to lose.

You wouldn't make life difficult for
a mere nobody like me, would you?

It'll be ugly if word gets out.

How about this?
I have a real estate project.

If you are willing to leave Jiang Lai

I can give you shareholdings.

When the project is over

I can guarantee you will receive
over eight figures worth of money.

Didn't I just say
that's not all I want?

I'm not done yet.

The only thing I care about

is whether Jiang Lai will get hurt.

I'm only giving you this chance
so you can part on good terms.

If you don't accept

then just by having an article written
on a few of your trivial matters

how many years of jail food
do you think you'll have to eat?

I didn't want you to see this video

because I didn't want you to
see him like this.

Because I knew you would be hurt by it.

Everything I've done was to
protect you from any form of harm.

I've failed.

No matter how you misunderstood me

no matter how you retaliated

I endured it.

I didn't show you because
I didn't want to upset you.

But I realized I was wrong.

If I didn't show you
this person's true colors

you would hurt even more
innocent people.

Jiang Lai, think of everything
you have done.

For such a person?

Is it worth it?

How do I know you won't be
secretly plotting against me?

You'll be taking performance shares.

I don't think there's any risk in
taking the money and leaving.

Moreover, I know Jiang Lai very well.

She's a spoiled, rich girl.
Impudent. High-maintenance.

I don't think you're
100 percent confident

you'll be able to be my brother-in-law.

But, with this money,
what woman couldn't you have?

W Hotel, 1306.

Book the surrounding rooms.

Keep an eye on her.

Let me repeat.

Keep an eye on her.

That restaurant belongs to
Jiang Hao Kun. Why didn't you tell me?

Pity me for my pride so you
help me make a living?

A chef without a sense of taste
can't find a job.

Help me make a living so
I will be grateful? A charity case?


We truly want you to be well
and for you to pull yourself together.

Isn't he your friend?

Stop thinking of yourself as
a victim all the time, will you?

I'm not blaming anybody.

Don't be mad, Gan Jing.

When I was down and out

he brought you back to the country
and took care of you for me.

Just for that, I am indebted to him
for my whole life.

Moreover, he is my friend,
the one I trust the most.

Women need to find a good husband.

Jiang Hao Kun could
wait for you for 10 years.

Just for that amount of dedication,
he deserves you.

And he can give you everything
that I can't give you.

I came here today...

to tell you two things.


Yes, that is...

I really didn't know about
today's events beforehand.

I didn't know at all. Please believe me.

Second, I will do my best
to fix the effect that

today's events had on
you and Jiang Hao Kun.

If you need me to.

Gan Jing.

Be well.

You have to be well.

Promise me you'll be well.
Promise me.

You have to be well.

I don't want to fight with you.
I'll let you calm down.

See you later.

Giving up so easily.

That's not like you.

I actually didn't just lose
my sense of taste three years ago.

A lot of things had already changed.

It's fate.

- I regret it now, Da Peng.
- Regret what?

I regret staying.

I should have hurried back to the States
after spreading your ashes.

I'm very impulsive.

When I think of doing something,
the people around always suffer for it.

Go back to the States?

Pick up being an alcoholic again
and wasting away your days?

Isn't that nice?

When your mom becomes completely senile,
I'll send her off to a nursing home.

When Jia He becomes an adult,
I'll buy her a plane ticket

and she can go wherever she wants.

I'll go back to Seattle and find a job
that pays at least US$30 a day.

Every day, I'll be a gambler
and an alcoholic.

That's nice. It's settled.

Then aren't you as good as dead?


Then we won't be able to see each other.

Because you went there,
and I'm going there.

Can you bear that?

You won't be able to see me anymore.

Were you talking to my dad just now?


You can see him?

You're so lucky.

I can't even see him in my dreams.

Don't you think I'm heartless?

I'm not lucky.

I might be crazy.
I think I am crazy.

I don't think what you said was right.


Actually, you can go there.

Just keep doing what you're doing now.

We'll both go there.


Go. Go there.

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