Timeless (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Alamo - full transcript

The team learns about courage at the Battle of the Alamo.

Fellow citizens and compatriots,

I am besieged by 1,000
or more Mexicans

under Santa Anna.

I have sustained a
continual bombardment

and cannonade for 24 hours,

and have not lost a man.


I shall never surrender or retreat.

Then I call on you in the name of liberty,

of patriotism,

and everything dear to
the American character

to come to our aid with all dispatch.

The enemy is receiving
reinforcements daily

and will no doubt increase
to 3,000 or 4,000

in four or five days.

If this call is neglected,

I am determined to sustain myself

as long as possible
and die like a soldier

who never forgets what
is due to his own honor,

and that of his country:


or death.

Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis,

the Alamo.

You're late.

Is it safe to talk in here?
I mean, are they listening?

What're you prattling on about?

Of course it's safe.

- Ask my why I'm late.
- Why are you late?

Because I don't have a car.
Ask my why I don't have a car.

Because I am too scared to get in mine

because your Rittenhouse guys hacked me

while I was going 50 miles an hour!

- Are you all right?
- Do I look all right?

Right, well, I'm sorry.

They, um, shouldn't be
contacting you directly.

Is that all you have to say?

You sold me out.

You had them send some goon
to threaten me and my family.

Wait a minute. I'd never do that.

You're like a son to me.

Now, for you to think that I would...

I don't know what to think of you.

Well, now you know
what they're capable of.

You have to cooperate.

We both do.

- You wanted to see me, ma'am?
- Thank you for coming in.

I know it's late.

This is Deputy Director Patrick Ramsey,

my boss at the NCTC.

Master Sergeant Logan, it's an honor.

You're a real war hero.

We've all heard what you did in Syria.

But you're replacing me.

- How'd you know?
- A guy like you doesn't show up

unless it's to get rid of
a guy like me, sir.

The job's to kill Garcia Flynn.

You just haven't gotten it done.

Maybe the next guy will.

- Who're you bringing in?
- Dave Baumgardner.


I served with him in Kandahar.
He'll do a good job.

I'm happy to brief him if you'd like.

For what it's worth...

Agent Christopher fought
like hell to keep you here.

Thank you, ma'am.

But I get it.

It's results-oriented business,

and I haven't delivered results.

- Attempting to pinpoint now.
- Level reading is satisfactory.

- The states are moving.
- What's going on?

Flynn's gone.

To March 2, 1836.

Looks like...

around San Antonio.

That's days before the Alamo.

I'm from Texas. We all know that one.

I'll call Lucy.

When's Baumgardner gonna get here?

Not soon enough.

Looks like you're talking one more trip.

I'll make the best of it ma'am.

No, yeah, I'm on my way.

Where are you going?

- Work.
- At this hour?

Lucy, what's so important
about this new job

that these Mason Industries people

need you to be there at midnight?

Mom, I told you. I signed an NDA.

- I can't talk about it.
- So I won't tell anyone.

Come on. Just between you and me.

It doesn't work that way, okay?

- I gotta go.
- Lucy.

I'm asking because I'm worried.

You moved back in with me,

you're ignoring your fiancé,

and you are bailing on your teaching.

I get how strange this all looks,

and I do wish that I could
talk to you about it.


I just need you to undstand.

We used to talk. Do you remember?

So talk to me. Maybe I can help you.

Okay, okay. Mom, please, all right?

Because from where I am standing,

you're throwing away everything
you've ever worked for,

and for what?

Lucy, I raised you better than that.

I raised you to use your head,

and that Lucy has her
whole life planned out.

Well, maybe I'm not that
Lucy anymore, okay?

- Really?
- And let's be honest.

There's a lot you're not telling me either.

Are we seriously gonna do this again?

You won't even tell me his name.

I just wanna know who my father is.

So, Alamo, huh?

A word synonymous with
gory and inescapable death.

Wyatt, you wanna say something
strong and reassuring?

Hey, don't look at me. I just got fired.

- What?
- Yeah.

This is gonna be my last mission.

How'd you get fired?

How do I get fired?

I mean, you...
You seem pretty okay with this.

Yeah, well, I know the
guy they're bringing in.

He's good. You'll like him better than me.

What if those go off in here?

They won't. I know what I'm doing.

Okay, but still.

You're bringing grenades

to the Alamo?


I get one last shot at Flynn...

you better believe I'm gonna take it.

What are they gonna do?

Fire me?

Quite something, isn't she?

Normally I'm jealous
I'm not going with them.

Not this time.

Not this mission.






















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So are we just, like, walking into a war?

Relax. It's not for another four days.

When General Santa Anna
and his 4,000 troops

kill 180 men in less than an hour.

Right. I'll just relax.

Hmm. But after they were overrun,

the whole "Remember the Alamo" thing,

it got everybody all fired up

and it turned a small rebellion

into a huge revolution overnight.

I mean, this battle is why
there's even a state of Texas.

A bunch of famous people died here too.

Jim Bowie. The knife's named after him.

Davy Crockett.

So how do we get in?

Right through the front door.

Honestly, they're so undermanned

they'll probably take
any help they can get.

So what does Flynn want?

I don't know. To make it worse, I guess?

How the hell do you make the Alamo worse?

No, baby, you put the
kindling down here like this.


I expected soldiers.

It's mostly local ranchers, farmers,

families too.

Part of me just wants to shout out

- "run for your lives," you know?
- I know.

- Are those, uh...
- Free men.

Slavery was outlawed in Mexico,

and this is all technically still Mexico.

At least for one more month, anyway.

Viva la Mexico.

I wouldn't say that too loud around here.

That's gotta be him.

That's Bowie.

Um... let me take lead on this, okay?

Excuse me, Colonel Bowie? Sir?

- Yes, ma'am?
- Hello, hi.

I'm... I'm Lucy Preston.
This is Wyatt Logan.

- How do you do, sir?
- Wyatt.

We just arrived. We're here to volunteer.

Well, I'm glad to have you.

So you're just in from where?

The east. San Felipe.

Ah, I've got family in San Felipe.

Oh, you do?

It's... it's nice. It's lovely there.

Um... actually, I was...

We, uh, were passing through
on the road from San Felipe...

Look, we're looking for a guy.

Tall guy, dark hair, accent,
name is Garcia Flynn.

What? I'm sorry...

He's a Mexican sympathizer.

This guy might have
already infiltrated the fort.

He is very dangerous. Have you seen him?

I don't know...

but I will ask around.


- Ma'am.
- Thank you kindly.

You came on a little strong
with him, didn't you?

I mean, I just don't want
you to freak him out.

We don't have time to play cowboy.

That bear was ten feet tall

standing on his hind legs.

I saw him coming, all I could think was,

"I'm so skinny, I'm gonna
make piss-poor eating."

Davy Crockett.


He's got the hat.

Come on. What happened then?

Well, he roared and he lunged for me.

I just grabbed him.

That bear locked those
teeth around my arm,

started chewing on it like
a turkey leg at Christmas.

What'd you do then?

Well, I wasn't gonna let
him finish his supper.

I fought him off,

then I wrestled him to the ground.

- You wrestled him one-handed?
- Shut up, Johnny.

- He's telling a story.
- Yeah, Johnny...

Oh, my God.

- That's Davy Crockett.
- I know, right?

We're not tourists.

Split up. Scour every inch of this place.

We gotta find Flynn. You got it?

Yes, got it.


Oh, good. There you are.

Rufus and I aren't having any luck.


Keep looking.

Are you okay?



Colonel Travis?

Didn't mean to startle you, sir.

Who the hell are you?

Name's Flynn.

And what're you doing in my office?

I wanted to meet you.

I'm an admirer of yours.

You see, I'm here same reason as you.

I'm a patriot,

and I know it can't be easy.

People call you a fanatic,

but what you really are is a revolutionary

fighting for freedom
against a corrupt power,

and it's a lonely road.

I understand that.

I'm not that alone.

I have men

who told me to look out
for a tall son of a bitch

with a funny accent.


he's dangerous.

I'm sorry.

Like I said,

I'm an admirer of yours.

You deserve a better fate.

He's dead.

This the man you warned
us about did this?

Yeah, I think so.

That gunshot came from a semi-automatic.

Flynn was right here.

I'll find him, sir.

Not if we find him first.

Come on.


Excuse me.

What the hell happened?

That's Colonel Travis.

He was supposed to die
in battle in four days,

but not now. Not like this.

If he was gonna die anyway,
then why did Flynn do it?

Oh, no, the letter.

It's a red flag.

What's a red flag mean?

It means no quarter.

No prisoners.

Execute anyone who tries to surrender,

which is not supposed to
happen, by the way.

Santa Anna was supposed to let
the women and children go free.

Am I missing something?

None of this is supposed to happen.

That army isn't supposed to be
here for another three days.

Flynn must have found a way to change it.

- But why?
- Must be about the letter.

- What letter?
- Travis's famous

"Victory or Death" letter.

It's the one that was
re-printed in U.S. newspapers

all over the country.
It's why we remember the Alamo.

It's why they were able to
defeat Santa Anna

in a few weeks.

- It's only two sentences.
- Exactly.

Because Travis was killed
before he was able to finish it.

So, no letter, no Texas.

Wyatt, are you even listening?

All of this,

and Flynn manages to
trap us in the Alamo.

Gotta hand it to him.

Wyatt, I know that you want Flynn,

but we really need you right now.

Wyatt, please.

Rufus, you need to find a way out.

A way out?

There's two things everybody
knows about the Alamo.

One, everybody dies.

Two, they die because there's no way out.

The Alamo didn't have
anyone as smart as you.

Figure it out. Make a way if you have to.

We need to get the women
and the children out.

- Same with the letter.
- Well, like I said before,

- Travis didn't finish it.
- Then finish it for him.

I'm gonna try to buy us some time.

Now, boys, the general sets
one foot outside that tent,

and Davy here's gonna nail him.

The man can part his hair 200 yards.

- Ain't that right, Davy?
- I'll part his short hairs.

- That he will.
- Colonel Bowie.

- Yes, sir?
- A word?

Excuse me, boys.

What can I do for you?

I can help you.

I just need command of some of your men.

What was your name again?

Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan.

U.S. Army.

My friend's working on a plan

to get the women and the children out,

but we need to buy him some time.

Everyone's safe for now. Thanks.

Not for long, sir.

Look, don't go putting us in
the ground just yet, all right?

Colonel Fannin and his troops
are on their way as we speak.

No. They aren't.

No reason to lose faith, son.

No one is getting out of here alive.

Do you understand me?

Santa Anna is waiting on reinforcements,

and when they come, which they will,


he's gonna come over this wall

and in 20 minutes
you're all gonna be dead.

- Wyatt.
- So we need to get

the women and the children out.

You listen to me.

I don't care how scared you are,

you will not speak that
way around my men.

You got that?














No, no, no, no, no, no es. No es.














What the hell's with the music?

Oh, it's meant to keep us up at night.

Me, I don't mind it.

When the music stops,
that's when you gotta worry.

Psychological warfare.



Don't suppose you know a way out of here?

Sure. Main gate.

3,000-man welcome committee
out there waiting for you.

You thought that was water, did you?

- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.

There's more whiskey than water right now

since Santa Anna blocked the aqueduct.

There's an aqueduct?


Show me.

Great news, the aqueduct goes

from the fort to the river here.

That's right, there was
an aqueduct system

running all through this
area built in the 1740s.

If we can get in, we can sneak

the women and the children out.

- Your letter too.
- Okay.

The only problem is where it connects.

Under the chapel
via a softball-sized hole

through three feet of stone.

So how the hell are we
supposed to get through that?

I'm sorry, where's the great news here?

How's the letter coming?

It's not.

I'm having the world's worst
case of writer's block.

I know that there's something about
"patriotism" and "liberty"

and "American character."

- I think.
- You don't know?

- You're the historian.
- Yeah, believe it or not,

I have not memorized every
single letter ever written

in the history of time, and this letter,

if I don't get every single
word exactly right...

It's just a letter.

It's not just a letter.

It's the letter that created Texas.

- No pressure or anything.
- For God sakes.

You're in your own head.
Just write something.

Anything. It doesn't have to be exact.

Oh, I can just say whatever I want

- like you did with Bowie?
- Yes.

You say what's in here.

Quit pretending.

All this dress-up

and the grade school drama

and the "we're from San Felipe." I...

That's the job. That's my job.

No, the job is Flynn!

And I cannot do it with all of this crap!

How am I supposed to do my job

with my hands tied behind my back?

You know what, maybe
Agent Christopher was right.

Maybe I'm not the guy for the job.

I'm sorry.




Come on, buddy. Help me out here.

There you go. Pull your arm back.

Here we go.

- Bowie!
- Over here.

Here, give him to me. I got him.

- You got him?
- Yeah, yeah.


You don't look so bad for
having a wall fall on you.

Could have been worse.

Could have been a whole building.

Santa Anna's just softening us up.

Almost finished.

You're doing fine.

How'd your old man raise
such a tough kid, huh?

Wouldn't know.

Santa Anna got him.

Him and my brothers.

Bexar last year.

Scouts just came back.

Reported about another 1,000 troops

just joined Santa Anna's party outside.

The hell are you doing?

Trying to get the women and children out.

Through the aqueduct.

Just gotta get through these first...



You know that's stone?

I am aware!

How do you do it?

How are you not...

screaming in terror right now?

You're not screaming in terror.

On the outside.

You... you're, like, macho at
a level I can't even deal with.

All "King of the Wild Frontier."

You wrestled a bear, for God sakes.

I never wrestled a bear.


Not even close.

But there was a bear.

What happened?

Well, I was out scouting, I got cornered,

she charged me,

and I pissed myself.

Fired wild, and I fell into a creek.

When I got myself up, I couldn't believe

the shot took her down.

I was scared outta my mind.

Then what did you do?

Well, I went back and told
my men that I wrestled a bear.


Because sometimes folks need
a leader who can wrestle a bear.

Now don't you go telling everybody

and ruin my reputation.

So I-I appreciate you
pulling young John out

from under that wall.

You saved his life, you know.

Anyone would have done the same.

We're not gonna make it.

Colonel Fannin and
his troops ain't coming.

And Santa Anna's getting
his reinforcements

like you said he would.

Won't be long now.

Look, I don't like being right.

I'd give anything to get
your men out of this.

I just don't know how.

But I'm pretty sure

that I could help save the
women and the children.

You want to get them out
through the aqueduct, don't you?

Crockett saw your man

banging away on the stone.

Rufus will figure it out.

But we gotta buy him the time.

Well, you better tell me how.

Here's the fort.

Now, Santa Anna's men

are coming over these
walls, like it or not.

And if they come over all at once,

it's gonna be over fast.

Maybe too fast.

So I want you to pull your
men off the north wall.

Leave it undefended.

The north wall's our weakest wall.

Exactly, that's where you
want Santa Anna to attack.

Your soldiers won't be
getting hit on all four sides.

Instead, you'll bottle-neck 'em
right through here.

This won't stop 'em.

But it'll slow 'em down.

Hopefully long enough to
get the civilians out.

You done this before.

Haven't you? Where?

Nowhere near here.

It was kind of like this, though.

We were pinned down.

Outmanned. Outgunned.

I'm the only one that made it out.

Your men...

they last long?

Wish I knew.

I left them behind.

One of us had to get this important piece

of intelligence out.


we flipped a damn coin.

It was between me and my buddy Zachary.

We were the only two not wounded.

I'm the jerk that had to call heads.


He said I was meant to survive.

You know, like it was fate.

As if that's a thing.

So six men...

held off a hundred fighters,

so I could escape.

I left them there to die.

And they gave me a medal for it.


Pull all our men, the cannon,

everything off the north wall.

We're gonna try and get
the women and children out.

When I was young, I'd read stories

about great heroes doing great deeds.

The truth is,

real heroes don't look
at all like I pictured.

- They're far from perfect.
- Here.

Bull-headed, stubborn, reckless.

And also recklessly brave.

They charge in without a
thought to themselves.

Not without fear or doubt,

but in spite of it.

We are all scared.

But we are going to fight and die anyway,

to give everyone else a
chance at a better future.

Because the future matters.

Victory or death.

Signed, the men and women of the Alamo.

I should have thought of this before.

Thought of what?

Do you still have those grenades?


Here we go.

Come on.



Where are they?

Wait for the order.



Damn it, Rufus, hurry up.

You're okay. You're okay.

Let's go. We got our way out.

Thank God.


Come on. Come on.

Okay, everybody follow him.

Follow him where?

Uh, to the chapel.

You'll be able to get
out through the aqueduct.


I need you to be brave, sweetheart.

Don't let go of my hand, okay?

Here, take this.

I'll get Wyatt.

Let's go.




Rufus did it.

There's a way out. Come on, let's go.


We have to go. Now.



I'm not going.

What? No.

- What do you mean?
- You don't need me.

They're getting rid of me anyway, right?

You can't stay here. Everybody dies.

No, I know.

I can't leave good me
like this, not again.

No. No, Wyatt.

What difference does it make?

Jessica, everyone I care about is gone.

Let me do one good thing.

Let me buy you the time to get out.

What about us? We're counting on you.

The next guy's gonna handle it.

I don't want anybody else.

Look, I trust you.

You are the one that I trust.

Rufus needs you. I need you.


Get ready to run.


Just stay low.
It goes straight to the river.

Keep your head down.

What took you so long?

John, watch the door.

Give him the gun.

You're not John Smith by
any chance, are you?

- Travis's messenger?
- Yes, ma'am.

I need you to come with us.

You have to deliver this
letter to General Houston.

No, I'm not going anywhere, ma'am.

No, you have to.

We're completely overrun.

We can't hold 'em off much longer.

We almost got 'em all out.

You all need to hightail it now.

You gotta come with us.

You just be sure to tell everybody

I fought off a thousand of 'em.

One-handed. Get.

He has to take this
letter to General Houston.

John Smith is gonna be the first mayor

of San Antonio. He has to take it.

- You have to deliver this.
- The hell I do.

I'm not gonna leave the
only family I have left.

I get it. Believe me.

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world

is to do the job.

To be the only one to have to leave.

But you have to.

Those are the orders.

- Yes, sir.
- Come on.

Come on. Watch the leg.

Come here. I got you.

- Go.
- Come on.

Thank you.


Don't ask me to leave.

I can't leave my people.

I can't leave mine.

Hey, Sergeant.

Can't let them have it now, can I?

I can promise you

that you won't die for nothing here.

The men, including Davy Crockett

and Jim Bowie, were killed.

But the women and children escaped,

and the word of the Alamo inspired Texas

to rise up and defeat Santa Anna.

And the fact that we even know that...

Means your letter got out.

That must have been one hell of a letter.

I'll say.

I gather that Flynn is still out there.

Yes, but he did have a very large army

at his back this time.

You're relieved of duty.

You can report to your commanding officer

for reassignment.

- Yes, sir.
- Master Sergeant Baumgardner

is in the waiting room,

where he is about to learn

that time travel is real.

No, just... Just hold on.

- You can't replace Wyatt.
- Lucy.

We're the ones out
there risking our lives.

I trust him... he makes
the right choice every time.

- I won't do it without him.
- We won't do it without him.

- Rufus.
- I know I'm just supposed

to shut up and cooperate, but I can't.

I won't.

Rufus is our only pilot, sir.

Without him...

What you've done to deserve this,
I can't imagine.

So he can stay?

Seems you gave us no choice.


Let's have it.

Are we gonna fight every day now?


I don't want to fight anymore.

Oh, Lucy.

Life's too short.

I was a junior.

And he was...

well, he was a professor,

if you really want to know the truth.

He loved to argue.

And he was handsome.

He wanted to go into politics.

And then I told him I was pregnant.

What did he say?

You know, all the things
that he was supposed to.

Back then that's what you did.

But I didn't want to marry him.

Hell, I barely even knew him.

So we fought and I told
him I didn't need his help,


I haven't heard from him since.

And, Lucy, I have no regrets.


And this is his name.

Bam-Bam. Hold up.

Wyatt Logan. What are you doing here?

Heard you were stealing our oxygen.

Well, they dragged me up from Pendleton,

won't tell me crap,
and now they're flying me back.

I don't suppose you know what's going on.

What do you think?

I figured the fact that you're here

mean this whole thing is seriously fubar.

It's good seeing you.

You too.

Hey, when are you coming back to base?

We're prepping for an op right now.

It's the real deal.

Robbie's there, Matty, all the boys.

You'd love it.

Yeah, I think I'll be here for a while.

I got a new team.

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