Timeless (2016–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Party at Castle Varlar - full transcript

The team continues its search for Garcia Flynn in Nazi Germany during WWII, where they receive help from Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.

Hail, Hitler!

Hail, Hitler!

I got it.

- I got it!
- Got what?

Okay, when the Mothership
returned to the present,

we tracked it down to this
50-mile area of Oakland, right?

- None of this is news.
- Hold on.

Well, I accessed the city
power grid's computers,

and this electrical substation
here has massive power drains.

We're talking enough power to
either stage Lollapalooza...

Or recharge the Mothership.

You're saying you've
narrowed its location

- to this neighborhood?
- No.

I'm saying I've narrowed
it to this block.

Hey, how about some Black Sabbath?

The music relaxes me.

You want me relaxed.

We got company.

We gotta go. Power it up!

How much longer?

30 seconds.


If you wanna take this thing
on board without exploding,

- it's 30 seconds.
- Move, move, go, go, go!

Grab what you can.



Techs are combing
through everything now.

Flynn left a lot behind, but
there's no sign of the nuke.

Do we have a lock on where he went?

December 9, 1944. Germany.

The U.S. didn't have a
working A-bomb until 1945.

If Flynn gives one to the
Nazis before the war is over...

The war is over.

We need to get you back
to Mason Industries.

Flynn is somewhere inside
this 50 square mile area

in northwest Germany, 1944.

What's so special about there?

That's the thing. Not much.

Lots of forest,
farmland, a local castle.

What about the date? Any significance?

There is one thing.

There was a tavern called
Das Stein Haus, here.

It may have been a rendezvous
place for the Allied Resistance.

It's not 100%. The accounts are spotty,

but maybe someone there can
point us in the right direction.

Just so I'm clear,

you want to drop us into Nazi territory,

roll up blind to some bar,

and just convince someone there
that we don't know to help us?

By the way, bring him?

Well, it's either that or give
the Nazis a nuclear weapon.

Well, does anyone
here even speak German?

I do.

Really? You do?

Yeah, four languages, actually.

The Army drops us

into other places than Palo Alto.

Well, does anyone have any idea

how we're gonna get lederhosen
in the next five minutes?

About that.

Wardrobe dock.

Hundreds of expertly-crafted
outfits suitable for any era.

Sorted by geographic
area then by year.

Germany's this way.

Isn't this all a bit much?

Well, it's better to have and not need,

than need and not have.

And it doesn't seem like
these missions are ending

any time soon, so...


You okay?

Really? You do?

Yeah, four languages, actually.

The Army drops us

into other places than Palo Alto.

So when we get to this tavern,

how do we let 'em know we're friendly?

Well, the accounts that I've read

said that you have to order
a specific Cognac at the bar.

A '23 Remy Martin.

These the spotty, unreliable accounts?

Unfortunately, yes.

All right.

Hang on.

We really need to start
bringing some Dramamine.

My God.

No way he's out here alone.


how do we...

You couldn't have,

I don't know, tied him up or something?

Yeah, I could of, but
he might have escaped.

Look, I get that you
didn't have a choice

with the first guy, but if
you don't have to kill someone,

you shouldn't. We should at least try

- and protect history.
- Protect Nazis?

No, I'm just saying there
is a bigger picture here.

Hey, hey!

You guys hear that?

Move. Now!

All right, Lucy and I head in,

order the drink,
hopefully get some help.

Or at least not die.

- Rufus...
- Stays right here.

No, I'm gonna need you
to get one of those cars.

Rufus stays right here.

We don't know who or what is in there,

and if things go south, we need
a car with the engine running.

- I can hot-wire one.
- All right, just...

make it fast.


Put it away. Now.

Before you get us all shot.

Perhaps you can tell by my accent,

but I'm not German, you idiot.


- You're...
- Allied Resistance.

I was in the middle of gathering intel

until you two waltzed in.

I swear, you Americans.

You couldn't stand
out more if you tried.

Don't move.

- I stand corrected.
- Rufus!

Rufus, it's... it's okay. He's...

he's okay.

We work with the OSS. I'm Agent...

I'm Wyatt Logan. This is Lucy Preston.

That's our pilot, Rufus.

Well, relief to see a lovely
face in... an ugly place.

Now, what are you lot doing here

- besides cocking up my operation?
- If it's all the same,

I would love to take this conversation

someplace a little bit more Nazi free.

I got a car.


um, what's your name?

Fleming. Ian Fleming.


Wait a minute, you're...

Ian Fleming?

Have we met?


It's... I... no.


Shall we?

- That's...
- I know.

- That's Ian Fleming.
- The Ian Fleming, the dude

- that wrote "James Bond."
- Yes.

He was an actual spy in
World War II, a good one.

You a Bond fan?

Yeah, little bit.

Me too. Love his movies.

And the books.


you lot are chasing an atomic weapon?

- Those are only theoretical.
- No, they're real.

This high-level threat we're tracking,

he stole a functional prototype.

We think he's going to
give it to the Nazis.

We saw a convoy on the way over here.

There was a flatbed truck
with a V2 rocket on it.

And you think the Krauts
are going to try and arm it

with this atom bomb?

That's the theory.

At least my intel is finally
starting to make sense.

Here, take a look at this.


This is Castle Varlar, here.

Next to it, the Nazis have
been building a launch pad.

They're holding a demonstration
of that V2 rocket tonight.

What kind of demonstration?

Members of the High Command
are going to sip champagne

as they watch the rocket
be launched into Belgium.

The target is civilians
and Allied troops.

How powerful is this atomic weapon?

It'll completely obliterate
everything in a 3-mile radius.

That'd be worst than
Britain during the Blitz.

If you can get us to that launch pad,

we can disarm that rocket.

- Right?
- I mean, probably. Yeah.

I guess so.

All right.


First things first.

- So we're drinking now?
- Well,

with what you've been through,

and what we're about to go through,

- absolutely.
- Amen to that.

Cheers, chaps.


bad form to leave a poured glass full.


James Bond just hit on Lucy.


The purpose of a spy is to blend in.

I'm the pilot.

From Tuskegee.

I'm the one that got us here.

Can I, um...

can I ask you something?

About spying?

Of course.

How do you get used to it?

Keeping secrets,

lying to everyone all the time?

- Even to people close to you.
- I don't consider what I do lying.

What would you call it?

Playing a role to get what I need.

Yeah, but people that trust
you would see it different.

Rufus, there are allies,
contacts, and women,

but never trust.

Only the mission.

The bomb's not here.

What do you mean? It has to be.

I'm not picking up any
traces of radiation.

It's nowhere near here.

Well, perhaps we're early.

Maybe the Nazis haven't attached it yet.

Look, you can't just strap
it on with some duct tape.

There is no way they
armed one of these rockets

in time for the launch tonight.

Maybe we're wrong
about why Flynn's here.

We gotta move.

We gotta move.

Stop, stop. Don't shoot.

You can't shoot.

That's Wernher Von Braun
standing next to Flynn.

Who the hell is that?

Someone we can't risk getting
caught in the crossfire.

- Flynn is right there!
- Please, Wyatt.

You can't. You have to trust me.

Explain again why I can't kill Flynn.

We can't risk Von
Braun. We need him alive.

He's the father of their rocket program.

- He's a genius.
- Right, got it.

Wouldn't wanna kill a smart Nazi.

Any operative that spots
Von Braun has orders

to apprehend him immediately.

The Allies want him for
themselves. You know that.

This man's rockets rained
on Britain during the Blitz.

Yes, but there is a bigger picture here.

Very well.

If those are the orders,
those are the orders.

We'll snatch him up and
take him to the Allies.

Thank you.

So it seems that this

Von Braun will be at the
demonstration tonight.

I can get us past the front door.

Lucy can accompany me as my secretary.

- How do I get in?
- You don't.

You and Rufus can provide
backup from the perimeter.

- She doesn't get in without me.
- I can barely get her in much less you.

Besides, she's a capable operative

just the same as you and I, isn't she?

I'm sorry, but there
simply isn't another way.

He's right.

Then it's settled.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

I'll go and find you a uniform.

If I have a shot at Flynn,

- I have to take it.
- No.

I'm sorry, but not this time.

Von Braun is too important.
After the war, he comes to America

and jumpstarts our
entire rocket program.

He's the guy that gets us to the moon.

NASA's because of him.

- We win the space race because of him.
- And the Cold War. I mean,

- he helped define modern America.
- And he's able to do all this

because the U.S. pardons him.

He never gets punished.



You know, let... let me
ask you a question here.

If Von Braun is so important to America,

why didn't Flynn just kill him?


Don't you know how to knock?

I did.



good for you.

Look , I don't...

- I don't wanna fight about Von Braun.
- Me neither.

Let's talk about something else.

Okay, like what?

Like you putting on a good front,

but I've seen this 1,000
times with 1,000 guys.

- Seen what?
- New soldier in the field.

Freaking out.

I am not freaking out. I...

- I'm not freaking out.
- Guys in your spot,

they got two options.

Get over the hump...

or crack up.

How do I...

Get over the hump?

- You talk about what's bothering you.
- You never talk.

I'm over the hump.

I shouldn't even be here.

Nazi Germany? Yeah, none of us should.


I mean...

when I was a...

A sophomore in college,

I was ready to abandon
the whole history thing.

Really? To do what?

I was driving to

my mom's house to tell her that
I was dropping out of school

to join a band,

and I'm going over the whole speech

in my mind,

don't notice the oil slick on the road,

spin out right into the river.

The car started filling
up with water so fast.

The car shut down, the
doors wouldn't open,

and I'm thinking,

"This is it."

Someone happened by and pulled me out.

But, every since then,

I have always put myself in
situations that I could control.


I mean, this...

what we're doing, I...

Every time I get in that time machine,

I feel like I am back in that car,

like I am drowning all
over again, and I just...

I don't think I can keep doing this.

How do you keep doing it?

I grew up in West Texas. Dirt poor.

My dad was a world-class
son of a bitch, but

my grandpa Sherwin,

he picked up all the slack.

Matter of fact, he's gotta be less
than 200 miles from here right now.

Younger than me,

in the 101st, killing Nazis.

That's why saving Nazis
or letting Lincoln die,

that's hard for me because...

Feels like I'm letting him down.

He's the reason I fight.

To make him proud.

You wanna know how to keep doing this?

You figure out what
you're fighting for...

and you'll be okay.

Thank you...

for talking.

Even though you're over the hump.

Sure thing...


I can't believe I let
you talk me into this.

Letting Nazis fire rockets at civilians

- is where I draw the line.
- Yeah, well,

that was supposed to fire.

You know, Lucy's whole thing
about not changing history.

This isn't for Lucy.

It's for someone I know in the 101st.

- Where's Von Braun?
- He's down there somewhere.

Trust me.

We'll find him.

Are you serious?



James Bond's hitting on Lucy...

And she's into it.

Gotta say,

you're quite good at this.

How did you get involved in
all of it in the first place?

The Blitz.

Surviving them has a way of
changing your perspective.

- You were there when it happened?
- Not just me.

My brother Michael

came to visit me in London. So,

naturally, I dragged him off to the pub.

When we go to the door,

I realized I had forgotten my wallet.

Went back to the car to retrieve it,

and suddenly...

it was day,

and they were pulling me
out from under the rubble.

Pub wasn't there anymore.

Along with...

much of London.

That symbol.

I know that symbol.

I read about it in college.

There's something to do with it

the Catholic Church.

Dead ahead.

Do you think you could catch his eye

and lure him into that
hallway on the left?

- Yes.
- Good.

I'll take the long way
around and meet you there.

I was wondering when you'd get here.

Where's your friend Wyatt?

He dropped in on me
this morning uninvited.

Very rude.

Don't worry. He's close by.

So, this is about Von Braun?

What I don't understand is
why don't you just kill him?


you wanna give him to the Soviets?

Killing Von Braun would be easy,

but handing him to the Russians,

assuring they'll win the Cold War,

maybe even be the first to the moon...

far more damaging.

For who?

To Rittenhouse?

- This paranoid delusion of yours?
- They're very real.

I just...

wish you could recognize
there is a greater good here.

Greater good? You've shot Lincoln.

You're helping Nazis.

It sounds insane even saying it,

much less you doing it.

You think I like this?

You think I like helping these bastards?

You think I sleep at night?

One day, you'll understand.

- I'm a patriot.
- You keep telling yourself that.

And, by the way, you're
not getting Von Braun.

What makes you so sure?

Well, for one, the man behind your back.

You found your way to the British spy.

- Love your movies.
- Movies?

You didn't think everywhere you went

we wouldn't come after you?

That's exactly
what I was counting on.

Hey, they got Lucy.

We gotta get down there now.

- And the plan is?
- Shoot our way in and out.

You wanna talk
alternatives for a minute?

She's gonna be dead in a minute.

We'll be dead in less than a minute

- if we go in there guns blazing.
- Yeah?

You got a better idea?


We're not gonna disarm
this rocket after all.

Don't look so impressed,
it only holds two bullets.

Now, quickly.

Time to go.

We still have to get Von Braun.

Move, move, move!

No windows, no other doors.

- Great.
- We post up here.

Soon as they come through
the door, we shoot.

Wyatt, that's suicide.

All right, but first...

No, please!

- What the hell are you doing?
- That bastard's rockets

- destroyed London.
- I was just following orders.

He has to pay for what he did.
You give him to the Allies,

that's never gonna happen!

There is right and there's wrong.



I agree with him...

but I trust you.

We listen to her. End of story.

Give me the gun.

We really don't have time for this!

Wyatt, they will be
in here in 10 seconds.

- Give me the gun!
- Hold on.

I remember why this
castle is so special.

So you just knew there
was a secret passage there?

In the 1500s, Catholicism
was outlawed here.

So Catholics in that castle

built a network of secret tunnels

to get priests in and out.

Through the fireplaces.

They called 'em "Priest Holes."

How did you know that?

It was in "Skyfall."

How long till you think
the Allies are here?

Fleming made a call.

They should be here any minute.

He doesn't seem worried.

- He looks happy.
- Yeah, wouldn't you?

He knows how valuable he is.

He's gonna get away with
everything he's ever done.

He's gonna live a great life.

Have a question.

Why would I bother talking to...

excuse me, what are you...

I have a question.

Do you ever think about the
people your rockets have hurt?


Tens of thousands of people have died

because of something you created.

My concern is whether the rockets go up,

not where they come down.

Is that so?

If I did care, it would
inhibit me from my goal.

You see...

getting there to the moon,

that's all that matters.

I don't care who provides
me with the means.

I helped invent something
greater than you ever will,

and all I can think about

is the destruction it's doing.

The people it's hurting.

Yeah, but you weren't
thinking about that

when you were creating it.

Because if you did?

You never would have
gone through with it.

I can't believe we pulled this off.

Thanks for getting me over the hump.

Yeah, well, don't get all soft on me.

Flynn's still got a nuke.



I hope you're right about this.

We are.

Well, I guess this is good-bye.

But maybe not for you.

I might find myself stateside
when all this is over.

I'm sure you will.

Will you be waiting?

Definitely not.


never say never.



After we escaped, we handed
Von Braun over to the Allies.


- What?
- Well, you're...

you've just described, beat by beat,

the plot of "Weapon of Choice."

- What's "Weapon of Choice"?
- The Bond movie.

- No such movie.
- Yes, there is.

It's the one in the
castle with the rockets.

Connery's finest,
as far as I'm concerned.

Bond infiltrates the castle,
rescue evil scientist,

with the help of CIA agents

Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus.

How much you wanna bet Bond
sleeps with Lucy in that one?

Okay, so you're telling
me there's a new Bond movie

- with Sean Connery and we're in it?
- Yeah, but it's not new.

- Came out in, what, '64?
- Well, it's new to me.

Okay, I hate to put a
damper on all the fangirling,

- but did you find any signs of the nuke?
- Nothing.

- Not even radiation traces.
- I don't get it.

If Flynn was gonna use it,

this would have been the perfect time.

Unless he wants to use
it for something else.

Like what?

Well, something
Anthony talked about once,

- but that was...
- Theoretical.

There's no way he even could have.

Could have what?

How long will this battery
you've created last?

If my math is right, and it is...

about 300 years.

All the power you'll ever need

without having to plug in.

Do you have it?

- Rufus...
- I've been risking my life

for Lucy and Wyatt.

I didn't think I had it in me,


I did.

It's because I knew
they'd do the same for me

because I trust them.

Spies can't trust,

and that's not me.

I'm just not wired that way.

I understand,

but you need to
understand how deep I'm in

with these Rittenhouse people.

I need you to be

on my side

just as I've been on
your side all these years.

I can't.

It's wrong.

I'm sorry.

It's late, and there
are impatient people

at the Pentagon waiting on my call.

We have to talk now.

I know how important
it is to stop Flynn,

but God knows how long it's gonna take,

and I am in for all of it,

- but I have terms.
- Saving America isn't good enough?

I have to take a leave
of absence from my job.

I need you to provide a cover story

that explains why I get called away

on short notice at 3:00 a.m.

I'm thinking historical consultant

for Mason Industry's
confidential project.

You guys come up with the paperwork.

- Anything else?
- Yes.

We need to fix history
and get my sister back.

I want Mason's people working on it...

- Or...
- Or else I walk.

And, no, this is not a bluff.

Someone told me, "figure out
what you're fighting for."

Well, I'm fighting for my sister.

That's my price.

What the hell?

Car trouble?

Shame when things don't do
what they're supposed to.

Isn't it, Rufus?

Who are you?

Given your recent struggles, we felt

direct intervention was necessary.

You're with Rittenhouse.

- Did Connor send you?
- All Connor Mason wants to do

is protect you.

And so do we.

If you keep playing your part,
it helps us protect everyone.



your family...

are all safe.

Isn't that what you want?

Your family...





I'm glad we talked.

Safe travels.

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