Time to Eat with Nadiya (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Easy End of Days - full transcript

Nadiya shares her favourite time-saving recipes to ensure an easy end to a hectic day. She makes beetroot pasta, a salmon poke bowl and chocolate mousse. Nadiya also visits a salmon farm and meets a time-poor trucker.

[gentle music playing]

[lively music playing]

[Nadiya] Today, my top time-saving recipes

for an easy end to the day.

How can that not make you smile?

Revive yourself

with my speedy

and nutritious salmon poke bowl.

All the fun of sushi

and none of the faff.

Relax with my deliciously simple
chocolate mousse.

And this is perfect

'cause I can rustle it up

in no time at all.


my homemade chicken shawarma

takes the stress out of mealtimes.

-We can eke your life back.
-[man] Yes,

together we'll do it.

-[music stops]
-[birds chirp]

[easygoing music playing]

[Nadiya] But first,
my blissfully easy solution

for when it feels like
there just aren't enough hours

in the day.

When my to-do list is endless,

I want to cook as little as possible,
and this pasta is effortless.

It's a perfect fix
for the end of a really busy day.

My beetroot pasta

is bright, zingy,
and on the table in 15 minutes,

buying you valuable time to unwind.

So we'll start with the pasta first.

I'm using tagliatelle.

My kids are a little bit older now,

so kind of we're over the spirals.

Now, for my super quick no-cook sauce.

Blink and you might miss it.

I'm making my blender beetroot.

This is, by far,

the easiest pasta sauce
in the history of time,

and all you need is a blender.

I can make this sauce

before that pasta's finished.

So ready, steady, go. [chuckles]

Start with the jug...

and then to that,

I'm going to add

my beetroot.

It's the vacuum-packed stuff

that you get in fours.

Two of those packets.

And then to that, I'm gonna add...

four cloves of garlic

and then a red chili.

One way of finding out
how spicy a chili is

is to give it a little squeeze.

And if it's quite loose

and there aren't that many seeds in there,
it's probably not that spicy.

Season it and add

a good glug of oil.

Pasta's still cooking.

I'm telling you, we're gonna get this done
before the pasta's cooked.

Trust me, this is the fastest pasta sauce

you're ever going to make.

-Just 40 seconds in a blender.
-[blender whirs]

So that's the pasta sauce done.

And it's safe to say that I won that race

'cause that pasta is still cooking.

I've got so much time left

I'm going all out

with a tasty topping
starting with fresh dill.

Sometimes, I'll come back
on an evening

and I've got a million things to do.

I've gotta make sure
the kids' school bags are ready

and then just make sure
that I have dinner for the next day.

You know, there's always something
kinda churning away.

And dishes like this are perfect

because I'm really not spending
very much time at all cooking,

but yet they get to eat
a healthy, yummy, and nutritious meal.

So what I love about feta
is you've got that lovely creamy flavor,

but it's really salty too.

And then I'm gonna add my dill to that.

you ever go into the fridge and think,

"Oh, I need a lemon
but I don't have a lemon."

Lemon juice out of a bottle

is not just for pancake day, guys.

It's worth having

all year round.

[soulful music playing]

Just 12 minutes after I began,

the pasta's out and we're nearly done.

How's that for a stress-free family meal?

That smells so good.

I'm gonna add the sauce

to the pasta.

I mean, look at that.

How can that not make you smile?

We're gonna add a bit
of crumbled feta-dill yumminess.

How beautiful is that, right?

It is crying out to be eaten.

This simple time-saving supper

will help free up your evenings

to spend more time with the family
or to just put your feet up.

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It surprises me every single time.

That delicious,

kind of earthy sweet beetroot,

that hit of garlic,

and then that lovely feta on top.

Salty, and the dill just at the end.

No matter how exhausted you are
at the end of the day,

there is no way you can't rustle this up.

This is so easy.

No-cooking cooking,

and it's delicious.

[uplifting music playing]

[Nadiya] Our lives are so busy...

How's homework going?

...that the average family only manages

to grab around half an hour

of quality time together every day.

So it's no wonder we don't want to spend
what precious time we do have

slogging away in the kitchen.

[birds chirping]

You know when you're exhausted
at the end of the day

and you can't be bothered to cook?

Well, today I'm meeting
a time-poor trucker

-who starts his day at 3 a.m.
-[upbeat music playing]

Despite his early start,

Jason cooks for the family every evening

and is desperate for a time-saving recipe

to ease his workload

at the end of a grueling day.

So I've headed to Monmouthshire,
in Wales,

to give him a helping hand.

Hi, Jason!

-Hi, Nadiya. Are you okay?
-[laughs] Hi!

-Lovely to meet you.
-And you.

That truck looks huge.

[Jason] Yeah, it's a big lorry.

-Ever been in one?
-No, can I hitch a ride?

-Yes, of course.
-Come on, then.

My little boy will be so jealous
I've been in an actual truck.

Oh, I bet. I bet.

[engine rumbles loudly]

Talk me through your day.

As I say, I wake up
about 3 o'clock in the morning.

-Have a cup of tea to start.

Then you get into work?

Do all my deliveries, go home,

and then think about cooking tea.

-[Nadiya] And who's at home?
-My wife.

She works long days.

What does she do?

She's a nurse for a charity,
a local charity in Newport.

And my three children.

So how long are you spending cooking

on an evening?

Sometimes, two to two and a half hours.

-That's a long time.

[Nadiya] Do you want to be spending
two and a half hours

-after work cooking?

No, I'd like to be, uh...
in the kitchen less

and more relaxing with my wife

-and my children, yeah.

[Nadiya] Jason needs a quick, filling meal

for five,
so we're heading to his.

My delicious chicken shawarma
proves that cooking a big feast

doesn't have to be a marathon.

-Do you like a chicken kebab?

-Have you made a chicken kebab?
-No, never have.

-[laughs] You are today!
-All right, okay.

We're gonna start off

-with some chicken thigh.

[Nadiya] So come on,
get your hands dirty.

-[Jason] Okay.
-So if you cut those in half...

And I like it boneless, that saves time.

Somebody else has done
the hard work for us.

So if you wanna pop that in there.

-We're gonna make up a spice mix.

Now, while we're making up the spice mix,
we're gonna make up another batch,

so the next time you're making this,
you're not even measuring anything out.

It's there, ready.

-Tip it in, right?
-Yeah, okay.

So we're gonna start off

with two tablespoons of cornflour.

So two in there and then two in there.


Two tablespoons of cayenne pepper.


I won't blow your head off, promise.
Cayenne's quite sweet.

-[Jason] Okay.
-And this is clove.

Have a sniff of that.


So a teaspoon of that in there
and then the same amount

goes into there.

And then, we've got paprika,

-[Jason] Coriander.

[Nadiya] This one is cinnamon.

Chicken and cinnamon
work really well together.

-I'd never have thought of putting...
-Would you not?

[Jason] No.

-[Nadiya] Cumin.

And then, we've got turmeric.

A teaspoon of that.

[Nadiya] This punchy spice mix
will last months,

and next time, Jason will be able
to prep the dish in minutes.

-We're on fast forward.
-[laughs] Yeah.

-You can pop that away now.

-And let's get onto this shawarma.

[Nadiya] So we need

a good glug of oil.

Give that spice mix a little stir round

and then get that covering up
all that chicken.

[Nadiya] We're making enough for dinner
and sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch,

but for just one meal,
you could halve the amounts.

This is the fun bit.

Get your bits of chicken
and then just keep layering it up.

And really with your hands,
kind of give it a little push.

This clever little trick
will instantly give you

the same layered effect of kebab meat
that's been spit-roasted for hours.

We're gonna stick that in the oven,
and that'll take 40 minutes.

-That's it.

-I mean, we're ahead of the game here.
-Yeah, we're winning.

-[mellow music plays]
-[Nadiya] Cooking for the family

can be hard at the best of times,

especially when you work
the hours Jason does.

Once you're finished cooking
and feeding the family,

-that's it, you're off to beddy?
-Yeah, that's it.

-That's the only couple of hours...
-That I've got spare, yeah.

If you spend less time in the kitchen,

-you could spend time with the family.

Do you feel like you miss out a bit?

-Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

I can have a chat with them,

see what the kids did all day,
learned in college,

stuff like that, so yeah.

[upbeat music plays]

[Nadiya] While the oven
takes care of the chicken,

we're going to whip up a slaw

using raw broccoli and Greek yogurt.

Pop some mustard seeds into hot oil

-until they pop.
-[seeds crackle]

At the last minute,

add mustard powder.

That's done. Let's take that off

and whack that straight in there.

[sauce sizzles]

-Oh, I love that sizzle.
-[Jason] Yeah.

[Nadiya] Finish off with parsley

and just give it a stir.

[Nadiya] Surely that's gotta be

the quickest slaw you've ever made?

Easily, yeah.

[Nadiya] Give that a good mix around

and let's season it.

That's done.

In less than an hour,
we'll have a meal ready,

-so there's hope for you yet.
-There's hope for me. Yeah.

-I reckon we can eke your life back.
-Yes, we can get it there.

-Together, we'll do it. Yes.
-We can get it back.

-[soulful music plays]
-[Nadiya] With so many adults to feed,

we can make the meal
go further in an instant

with shop-bought flatbreads

and stress-free microwaved rice,

zhushed up with olive oil,
mint, and pomegranate.

We're in Morocco,

we're not in Wales.

[Nadiya] And now for the star of the show.

-Can you smell that?
-Yeah, I can. It's beautiful.

-Good smell, isn't it?
-Yeah. All those spices are fantastic.

[Nadiya] Now, that thing
that you see them do in the kebab shop.

That's looking beautiful.
That really is.

Absolutely beautiful.

[Nadiya] Jason's dished up dinner
for six in less than an hour,

freeing up precious time with the family

before he has to hit the hay

at half-past seven.

-Come on, dig in!
-[all murmur]

Oh, that chicken is gorgeous.

[Jason] It's nice and spicy, and moist,
isn't it? Beautiful.

-Can't believe how nice raw broccoli is.
-Very nice.

-[Jason] So much tastier.

-So do you think you'll make this again?
-Yeah, definitely.

Yeah. It's beautiful.

What do you guys think?

-Really enjoyed it.
-Really tasty and quick as well.

So you reckon you're not gonna spend

two and a half hours
every evening cooking?

No, I should be able
to get it down to an hour, easy.

-[Nadiya] You'll enjoy your family?
-[Jason] That's it.

-Spend a bit more time with them?
-And good food to go with it.


[upbeat music plays]

[Nadiya] So, a month on,

is Jason managing to claw back

quality time with his family?

Hiya, Nadiya.

Just to say a big thank you
for all the tips and advice

you gave me in the cooking.

I'm spending less time in the kitchen now
and more time to relax in the evenings.

-Thanks, Nadiya!
-[family] Thank you!

-[birds chirping]
-[bee buzzes]

[Nadiya] After a long, stressful day,

sometimes you crave something
just a bit special

but can't face preparing anything
too complicated.

I love sushi,

but all of that rolling and slicing
can be a little bit fiddly

when you're flagging
at the end of the day.

Unlike these salmon poke bowls,

which have all the fun of sushi
and none of the faff.

This salmon poke bowl is my take

on this hip Hawaiian dish.

It's delicious, nutritious,

and best of all,
super fast and easy to make.

Every good poke bowl starts off with rice.

You could use any rice that you want,

but I like sushi rice

because it's a short grain
and it's really sticky.

[mellow jazz music plays]

If you're really short of time,

just heat up some microwave packet stuff.

Easy peasy.

But cooking rice from scratch
is in my DNA.

My granddad was a rice farmer,

and if we didn't know how to cook rice
by about age seven, you're ostracized.

But don't worry,

I have a foolproof method

that'll ensure you'll never end up

wasting your time.

Find yourself a wooden spoon

and stick a line on it,
about a centimeter and a half.

And as soon as you kind of have

enough water up to that line,
that's about right.

When you get it right
every single time,

you can pat yourself on the back
and say, "I did it again".

Give it a stir and simmer
until the rice absorbs

all the water.

I've got three little kids.

We live on salmon.

This is the kind of stuff
that we have in the house all the time.

This is uber fresh farmed Scottish salmon,

so I'm not even going to cook it.

Because we're eating this raw,

I like to have small chunks,

otherwise, it just feels like
you're eating raw fish.

[chuckling] Is that weird?

You can see that there's no water left.

Leave that to steam for about ten minutes,

and that gives me loads of time
to crack on

with the rest of the dish.

Next, my simple dressing.

I'm gonna make this dressing out of stuff
I have in the cupboard all the time.

So we'll start off with some mayonnaise.

I'm gonna add sriracha.

-[mellow music playing]
-This chili sauce will give it

a spicy boost.

Some soy sauce.

It smells so good!

Bit of sesame oil.

Not too much 'cause that's quite strong.

Fish sauce.

That's so fishy.

Lemon juice.

And then give that a little mix.

Just to finish it off,

just a little bit of black pepper.

I say a little bit of black pepper...
I like a lot of black pepper.

If you're gonna dress your salmon,
dress it well.

Look at that. Mm.

Even when you're flagging,
this is so easy to put together.

And bonus, you get to use up

all those nagging little leftovers

knocking around in your fridge.

I've always got spring onion.

I'm not even bothering to get a knife out.
I'm going to just

use my scissors.

My number one hack

for making quick work of chopping.

I've always got this odd carrot.

Not enough to make a carrot cake,

not enough to do anything else with,

so this is perfect
for something like this.

[cheery music playing]

As a simple shortcut

to the authentic flavor of sushi,

I'm just going to roll up
these sheets of dried seaweed

and give them a snip.

Now, I'm going to just

check on the rice.

And you can see... Look at that.

That's what sushi rice is all about.

And that's what makes great sushi.
It's 'cause the rice sticks together.

Season it with some salt.


And then some vinegar.

That smells so good.

This is it.
I'm ready to put my bowl together.

And all in about 15 minutes.

Your rice is almost like the canvas.

[soulful music playing]

No matter how tired you are,

take time to create

something beautiful.

I always have pickled red cabbage.

Look at that color.

What's not to like?

This recipe isn't about cooking,

it's about piling
on your favorite ingredients.

[exhales in excitement]

And making it special.

Oh, there's something
about that creamy goodness

that you get from peanuts.

Ooh, I love it.

Some sesame seeds.

Just a bit of black pepper,

'cause I think salmon likes black pepper.

Food shouldn't look like art,

but when it does,

you kind of almost don't want to eat it,
but I'm gonna eat it.

[upbeat music playing]

My salmon poke bowl,

a tasty streamlined supper

that will lift your spirits,

as well as bank you precious time.

I'll have to put them down
'cause they're slowing me down.

No two mouthfuls are the same.

[chuckles] They taste different

every single time.

After a long day at work,

sometimes dinner
is the last thing on your mind.

But, in 15 minutes,

I've just cooked up some rice
and put some stuff together.

And we've got this beautiful,
beautiful dish

that tastes out of this world.

Now, if you don't mind,

could you leave me with my bowl?

[soulful music playing]

Salmon isn't just ridiculously tasty,

it takes no time to prepare,
and it's so good for you too.

We can't get enough of it in our house,

so I'm heading to Ullapool
on the west coast of Scotland,

to find out how it's produced.

[seagulls caw]

Salmon is now so popular in the UK.

We buy more of it than any other fish.

But how do farmers meet the demands
of our insatiable appetites?

[easygoing music plays]

Established in 1977,

Wester Ross is the oldest
independent salmon farm in the country.

Salmon is Scotland's biggest food export,

worth over 500 million pounds.

The company employs 55 people,

with over a dozen
looking after the salmon on this farm.

Their day starts at 7 a.m.,

and I'm here to clock on
with manager Gilpin.

[water laps gently]

-So the farm is right here?
-Absolutely, the farm is here.

Quite often people stand on the beach
and say, "Where is it?"

-Where is it?
-It's deliberately tucked in

just behind that island there.
It's quite low profile.

We live in a fantastic marine environment

and we don't want our activity
to be too obtrusive.

I'd never know a farm was out there.

If you hop in the boat, we'll take you out
and you can learn all about it.

-It's gonna be fun.
-I don't much like water.

If you give me your arm.

-You're gonna be okay. [exhales]

-Like a big, fluorescent Teletubby.

[Gilpin] Looking good.

[Nadiya] So how much salmon
do you produce?

Between 500 and 600 thousand salmon
every year.

I can't even imagine that.

-[Gilpin] That's a lot of salmon.
-So the salmon that you have on the farm...

-Are they born here?

No. The critical thing
to remember about salmon

is it spends part of its life
in freshwater

-and part in seawater.
-[engine hums]

So today's salmon that we'll see

on this farm

-are two and a half years old.

Takes two and a half years
to reach market size effectively

from birth.

-That's a long time.
-It certainly is.

-[Nadiya] So this is it?

-Do they have to be netted in?

It's basically a floating raft,
and each pen

is about ten meters deep.

It's actually like a farm,

-but in the sea.

I'll take your hand. Okay.

-[grunts] Okay.

-Everything looks small from over there.
-[Gilpin] Indeed.

[Nadiya] But this is massive!

Each pen is 15 meters square.

-[Nadiya] So how many pens do you have?
-Yeah, so we have 14 pens in total.

Okay, and how many fish in each pen?

Well, just now, they're stocked at about
nine to ten thousand fish per pen.

It's probably about 1% salmon
and 99% water.

-So they've got a lot of space

-to swim around in.

And they started life being transferred
from freshwater at 100 grams, okay?

-That's tiny.
-Now we're looking at about this size.

-[Nadiya] Yeah.
-Four and a half to five-kilo average.

[mellow music playing]

[Nadiya] Keeping up with our
insatiable demand for this popular fish

requires dedication.

The farmers are out here

every single day of the year,

whatever the weather,

to tend to the salmon.

-Can I have a go at feeding them?
-Nadiya, I'm delighted.

I really want you to feed them.
Come learn.

-Mike, I've got an apprentice, Nadiya.
-Hi, Mike!

-[Mike] How are you?
-It looks like bits of licorice.

It doesn't smell like licorice.

-It certainly doesn't smell like licorice.
-What's it made of?

[Mike] There's wheat, there's corn,
there's trimmings

from wild fish like mackerel, herring,

to give the essential oils
and stuff like that.

-So, full of nutrients.
-Yes. Uh-huh.

Is there a technique?

-[Mike] Don't overfill your scoop.

And a flick of the wrist,

just to spread it all out.

How many years have you done this?


You seem to have got
that flick of the wrist down.

Look, I can't guarantee

I'll be any good
'cause my hands are frozen.

-[feed splatters]
-Oh, my goodness.

[Gilpin] If your accuracy is not too good,

there's a few ducks
who are waiting for some feed.

Look how happy the salmon are.

-[Nadiya] They're jumping. So happy.
-[Gilpin] Look. They're hungry.

You do get attached to them.

-Do you?
-[Mike] Yeah,

you look after them.

You want the best result
at the end of the day.

-[Nadiya] Hey!
-[Mike] You're getting there.

-See? Practice makes perfect.
-[Nadiya] Yeah.

So let's talk about something
that's really important

and that's on everybody's lips:


We're operating
in a pristine marine environment,

and if we're not responsible,

the number one person to suffer

are the livelihoods

of the guys who are working
on this fish farm.

Never forget, we're now third-generation,
so it's in our interest to look after

this marine environment so we can keep
it going for the next generation.

[Nadiya] There are customers
all around the world

who want fresh Scottish salmon
every day of the year,

so they need to get the fish
out of the sea

and into the marketplace

as fast as possible.

-So what's happening over there?

so we're slowly pumping them
out of the pen,

and they're literally just being knocked

on the back of the head,

and that's as pain-free as possible
and really, really quick.

So today we're probably going
to be harvesting

about ten to 12 tons of salmon.

-That's a lot of salmon.
-And today's salmon will be in the market.

So it's Wednesday today.

It'll be in the market
no later than Friday.

[Nadiya] That's fast, that's fresh.

And we're talking at market
not just in the UK,

all over the world by Friday.

[Nadiya] They aim to have the salmon
from swimming in the water

to packed in ice in under five seconds.

From here, they're taken for processing,

where they're cleaned,
filleted and meticulously boned

by hand.

[workers murmur]

A single salmon can be made

into 16 average
British supermarket portions.

It's been a privilege for me to experience

what goes into farming
mine and the UK's favorite fish.

-[indistinct chatter]
-But now the shift's over,

I want to repay Gilpin
with my speedy solution

for an easy end to the day.

Let's enjoy this moment, shall we?

-Seeing as we've got peace...

-...and quiet,

I've made you...

[seagulls cawing]

-...a salmon poke bowl.

-That looks delicious.
-Have you had a poke bowl?

-[Gilpin] Never, but I'd love to try some.
-There you go. Go on.

Delicious salmon.

-Not cooked, marinated.

Nadiya, this is delicious.

Before I came here,

I didn't really quite appreciate

how my salmon

gets on that supermarket shelf.

What was a massive surprise for me was...

I can't believe that it takes

up to three years
before it's even in our supermarket.

Absolutely, yeah.

It's a very, very long,
slow growing cycle.

I thought you had a lot of potential
for feeding salmon.

Only if you pay me in fish.

-Oh, easily. Yeah.

-It's a deal.
-[gentle music playing]

[cawing continues]

-[birds chirping]
-[Nadiya] Sometimes,

when I'm worn out
after a long, hectic day,

and the kids are all tucked up in bed,

I like to spoil myself

with an indulgent sweet treat.

We all need an emergency pud
that we can rustle up in a flash,

and my chocolate spread mousse

might be the easiest dessert
I've ever made.

-[upbeat jazz music playing]
-This rich chocolate and hazelnut mousse

is the cheat to end all cheats.

A luxurious instant treat
to chill out with.

Every chocolate bar that you love,
there's a spread that tastes just like it.

And this is my favorite,
chocolate and hazelnut.

So I'm gonna start off with 200 grams
of chocolate spread.

There's no melting.
Like, this has to be the biggest cheat.

Let's face it, mid-week,

we all crave a bit of a dessert.

And when my sisters come around,

they always ring me 20 minutes
before they're coming round,

and I'm like, "Oh, what do I give them?"

And this is perfect
'cause I can rustle it up

in no time at all.

I'm gonna add whole milk.

And I'm gonna whack that in the microwave
for about 15 seconds, just to make it

-a little bit runnier.

So you could do this in a bowl
over some simmering water,

but it's just more pots and pans to clean.

It's so much easier
just to zap it in the microwave.

-[microwave hums]
-[door clanks]

Oh, that's perfect.

And then I'm just gonna give it
a little stir,

so when I add it to my cream,
it just mixes really well.

So to my mixer, I'm gonna add

600 mils of double cream.

You can use double cream,
whipping cream,

whatever you want.

And then, to that,
three tablespoons of icing sugar.

One tablespoon of cornflour.

What this does,
it holds that cream together.

It just means it can sit out
without going in the fridge straight away.

[mixer buzzing]

Even if there's a million things
to do,

don't leave it,

because the second
you take your eye off it,

it suddenly sounds different,
and you come back and it's butter.

That has already started to thicken.

I'm gonna add my chocolate spread mix.

So if you were making a chocolate mousse
the kind of standard, the traditional way,

there's a lot of separating
of egg yolks and egg whites.

You know when you want an instant dessert?

There's nothing instant
about separating egg whites.

There just isn't, let's face it.

Can you see it's turning
into chocolate mousse?

I mean, a pudding that quick,
I could just eat straight out of the bowl.

This is superhero speedy, right?

So now I've got some roasted hazelnuts

to complement the chocolate spread flavor.

And these are great
because you can buy them chopped,

roasted, ready to go.

[soulful music plays]

You could be really fancy

and then pipe these in if you wanted to,

but as much as I love piping,
I quite enjoy just doing it like this.

Everybody likes it a little bit different
in my house.

So Maryam hates cream,

so I'm gonna just top it
with a little bit of the hazelnut.

Abdal likes it really dark,

so I'm gonna stick a bit of cocoa
on top of his one.

Dawud likes a bit of squirty cream on top,
and I love a bit of squirty cream.

[Nadiya] This effortless cheeky little pud
will easily serve five.

So I'm gonna pop these into the fridge
for the family,

and I very rarely get
five minutes to myself,

so I'm gonna take the moment
to enjoy this all by myself.

[mellow piano music playing]

My easy chocolate mousse
is a deliciously grown-up dessert

that's child's play to make,

giving you plenty of time
to make the very most of your evening.

Light, fluffy, chocolaty mousse.

It might just be an emergency pud,

but at the end of the day,
when I've got five minutes to myself,

it feels like a real treat.

[upbeat music playing]