Time to Eat with Nadiya (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Recipes in a Rush - full transcript

Nadiya serves up time-saving recipes for when you are in a rush. A nifty trick for turning pancakes into a raspberry and peanut butter traybake, an omelette wrap and a cheat's guide to zesty haddock. She also visits a mushroom pro...

[birds chirping]

[cheery music playing]

[Nadiya] These days,
we all seem to be

rushed off our feet.

And to be honest,
cooking can sometimes feel like a chore.

That eats into quality time

with the ones we love.

[Nadiya murmurs]

But no matter what I'm juggling,

I still want to feed my family
delicious food.

[appreciative murmurs]

So to make more space

for the things that really matter...

I've stopped feeling guilty
about taking shortcuts

and I've started to embrace
every cheat in the book.

In this series,

I'll show you how to rustle up
amazing stress-free recipes...

That makes me smile.

...using my cheeky,

time-smart hacks.

That's like cheating heaven.

So you can free up time

to do the things you love

with the people you love.

You know what? Life's too short.
Enjoy your family and enjoy your time.

Along the way, I'll be finding out

how some of our favorite
short-cut ingredients are made.


-There's your first grab of sugar.

And going to the rescue
of time-poor households

across the UK.

I'm trying to maximize every hour.

It is hard to find time.
It's nice to take that moment of pause.

-High five, we did it.

No matter how busy we are,

with my simple go-to dishes,

we can all find time to eat.

[lively music playing]

[Nadiya] Today, my top time-saving recipes

for when you're in a rush.

Can you feel yourself
clawing back the morning?

My speedy egg rolls

sort lunch on the run.

That beats any sandwich,

any day of the week.

Zingy haddock

with the fastest roast potatoes ever

take the stress out of midweek meals.

It's gonna taste delicious.

And my tasty instant noodles

transform dinner time

for an overstretched mom.

Already it's changed the way

I'm thinking about food.

[soulful music playing]

[kettle whistles]

First up, a breakfast treat

you might think
you've only got time for

at the weekends.

We love pancakes in our house,
but on a busy midweek morning,

I cannot be bothered
with all the pouring and the flipping.

But I've come up with a really fun way

of turning pancake batter
into a tasty time-saving traybake.

[lively music playing]

Just ten minutes to prep
and 15 minutes to bake.

My deliciously indulgent traybake
isn't an everyday breakfast,

but will transform a rushed morning

into a special treat.

On a week day, the kids will wake up
and I'll say "cereal"

and they'll say "pancakes."
I'm like, "No, go have cereal,"

and they say,
"No, can we please have pancakes?"

And they love pancakes.
They'd have 'em seven days a week.

So I came up with this recipe,

and you basically make all your pancakes
in a traybake,

put it in the oven
and get on with all the other things

you need to do
before the kids go to school

or before you go to work.

This is much easier than standing
at the stove and making pancakes.

It starts with my super speedy batter.

Add 180 grams

of caster sugar to a kilo of flour.  

Roughly about two teaspoons of salt

and then four teaspoons of baking powder.

This is what's gonna make it
really light

and fluffy.

Now, make a well in the middle

and add 680 mils

of whole milk,

eight tablespoons of vegetable oil

and crack in eight eggs.

Right. Now,

bit of elbow grease.

I find whisking quite mindful,

but if you're really rushed,

whack it in a mixer.

So just keep giving that

a good mix till you've got
a really lovely, smooth, shiny batter.

And it's really thick.

If you were really pushed for time,
you could even make this

the night before.

Stick it in the fridge,

and it's there ready to go in the morning.

Five minutes and that batter's done.

And forget flipping pancakes one by one.

It's straight into the tray.

Can you feel yourself
clawing back the morning?

And the next time we want a treat,

I won't even have to prep
because I always make double.

So this half's going into a freezer bag.

I love nothing more
than making my kids happy

but I like saving time.

You know, this makes me happy, and them.

Seal that up.

That's just gonna sit comfortably
in the tray. And when I freeze it,

it's gonna freeze into this shape.

And I use this one tray

to freeze everything.

You can stack everything up.

That's where I create my little library.

The freezer is your friend.

It's certainly mine.

And to keep things simple
at the breakfast table,

my traybake comes with the toppings.

My favorite combination
when I'm doing this

is peanut butter and jam.

And you gotta go crunchy.

Like, I'm not into smooth.


Gently warm three tablespoons of each

to loosen them up.

It's gonna taste delicious.

I love everything about...

pancakes and peanut butter

and jam.

Make me very happy.

[soulful music playing]

Really pretty, right? Look at that.

See? Like midweek breakfast. [chuckles]

It's not bad, right?

Like, I live to impress my kids.

I'm like, "Hey, guys,
look what Mommy did on a Wednesday."

So I've got the oven preheated to 160

and these take about ten to 15 minutes.

And that's... that's ten, 15 minutes
that I could do with

and have my cup of tea in peace.

I could even do my daughter's hair,
without any rush.

[upbeat music playing]

This is a big bake.

-It'll easily serve 12 , if not more.

Oh, if you could smell

the hot peanut butter

and the jam.

My jammy stress-free traybake

is sure to bring you and your family

a little ray of sunshine
in no time at all.

I like to add a little bit of yogurt,

pop a couple of raspberries on there.


All in one slice. Thick...

yummy, fluffy pancake.

Warm jam and peanut butter

that welds your mouth together.

If anyone tells you

that you can't have pancakes midweek,

tell 'em, "Yeah, you can.
Just make 'em in a tray."

[soulful music playing]

As a busy working mom,

I know what it feels like
to be rushed off my feet.

Millions of us spend an hour or more

traveling to and from work.

And at the end of a manic day,

we want time with friends and family
instead of slogging over the stove.

Today I'm in Kent, meeting mom-of-two Kim,
who juggles commuting to London

with running a new business from home,

while husband Simon regularly works
late nights as a teacher.

Kim's asked me for a speedy midweek meal,

so I've come up
with something easy and delicious

for when she's rushed off her feet.

-[birds chirping]
-[Kim] Come in!

[Nadiya] Paint me a picture.

I mean, how busy are you during the week?

It's mad, it's crazy.

I'm trying to maximize every hour

'cause when I'm not doing something
with the kids,

I'm working every minute of the day.

So it's lots of juggling. My head's
spinning a bit just listening to it.

Right now,
what would you be having for dinner?

About a year ago, well...
food just went completely out the door.

I was commuting

and I was literally stopping
at the shop on the way home.

-And we were buying for that night.

And it... I just feel so embarrassed
talking to you about this.

This is real life.

It's hard juggling the... the cooking

and trying to spend time with each other.

[Nadiya] In a bid to save time
at the shops,

Kim's now splashing out
on pre-prepped meals

delivered to the door.

At the moment, Simon and I have these.

And then,

I cook a separate meal for Louis,

and then I cook a separate meal
for Kingsley.

What you want is time back.

You're spending more time
cooking separate meals.

I'd rather be in there
eating dinner together.

-We love doing that.

For me, that's really important.

You know what it's like.

You just get into a routine
with things and...


We know we need to fix it,

we just haven't quite gone

to the next step to say
we're gonna sit down and fix it.

How much time do you have to spend
on an evening midweek?

Now this is the challenge. [laughs]

Twenty minutes max, we've probably got.

I've got one particular recipe
when you're rushed off your feet.

Okay, cool.

-For sure.
-And 20 minutes?

Easily. I think you might even have
a few minutes to spare.

Okay. Ooh, I love it.

Why did I just say that?

[Nadiya] When I'm feeling overwhelmed,

this fast food fix

saves me every time.

My tasty instant noodles,

cooked and eaten in a jar
so you even save time on the washing up.

It starts with a spice paste
that is the base flavor

for many meals to come.

-We're making a big batch.

This will sit in your fridge
and last for two months.

Two months? Okay, awesome.

-This is great.
-[Nadiya] Putting a little effort

into the paste now will buy back Kim

loads of time when it comes to dinner.

It starts with two whole bulbs of garlic.

[Nadiya] Rather than spending
loads of time

-peeling them individually...

...let's stick some boiling water in there.
One minute, they should peel very easily.

-[Kim] I love it, this is brilliant.
-[Nadiya] This is when I'd make

-a cup of tea.

I've never made a cup of tea
whilst I'm cooking. That is, uh...

-...next level.

That'll be you in a couple of weeks.
Pick this out.

-[Kim] Oh, my God. That's so easy.
-Tell me you are not...

-That's brilliant. So good.
-Look at that. It's literally just...

-It's awesome. I love it.

-[Nadiya] Right?
-You've just saved my life.

-Quite a mindful thing to do.
-It is.

[Nadiya] And forget dicing onions
for ages.

I'm pulling out the king of kitchen hacks.

-Do you use your food processor much?
-No. No.

-Do you not? 
-Literally, it's just away.

It saves so much time.

So when I'm in a rush,

whack everything in the food processor.

Right, so now

we need to blitz this up.

[Nadiya] Sweat the onions and garlic
in your usual oil

until they're golden brown.

[Nadiya] I love that smell.
Garlic and onion.

-It's my favorite smell.
-I could literally just eat it.

[Nadiya] This punchy paste is so easy,

it's made with store-cupboard staples.

First, balsamic vinegar,

then soy sauce.

[Nadiya] Now, we've got fish sauce.

You get that umami flavor

-that you don't get with anything else.
-I'm sold on this dish.

-Already... Are you sold?

[Nadiya] Soft brown sugar
to make it sticky and sweet,

followed by two jars of chili paste.

[Nadiya] It's not fresh chili,
so it's not as spicy

as you think it is.

My mouth's watering as I'm saying "spicy."

Have a little taste now

and see how you feel.

Oh, wow.

-It's not really spicy at all.

It's delicious.

[Nadiya] After just 20 minutes, it's rich,

jammy and ready to be jarred.

-Two months' supply done.
-[Kim] Okay.

This is where the instant comes
into the instant noodles.

[Nadiya] Armed with the paste,

making the noodles will be effortless
even on the busiest of days.

I'm showing Kim my top three flavors.

First, a kiddy-friendly chicken and pea.

Put the paste in the bottom of the jar.

We're making this for Louis,
so maybe a little bit.

-[Kim] Maybe like a teaspoon?

And you can get instant noodles.

-[Kim] I didn't know that.
-Just add hot water.

[Kim] Again, great tip.

-Exactly. And it saves time.

Squash it in there, and that's it.
Let's get some onions in.

And then let's put some peas in there.

And then get some chicken in.

I've always got some roast chicken
in the fridge that's just shred up

and put it into things.

[Nadiya] Bring it to life

with a squeeze of lime

and a sprinkling of dill.

And then that's it, close it up.
You could do this the night before.

Stick it in the fridge,
and then when you come home,

-stick boiling water on top.
-I love it. It's so good.

I think, for me specifically,

this dish has been a complete life-saver.

You know when you're midway

-between the swimming and the rugby...

...and all of that,
and then you just think,

-"I just wanna feed them," but you know...

...I know that that's there
in the back of my fridge.

-Less anxiety about it.
-Exactly, I feel less stressed.

-Your one? Okay.
-Yes, let's do mine.

I'm actually gonna go really big.

-You're going big?
-[Kim] Yeah.

-This jar won't last two months.

[Nadiya] Kim's going for my kimchi
and beef jerky,

a dried meat and a real time-saver.

Beef jerky, it's there.
I mean, it's a great snack,

but we add boiling water to it.

You're not having to cook meat.

-This rehydrated is...
-It rehydrates.

-It's beef.
-I've never had that.

It's so good.

[Nadiya] Add a tablespoon of kimchi,

a fermented cabbage,

and great fast track to flavor.

You can grab both ingredients
at the supermarket.

Finally, spring onions

and paprika.

Looks really colorful.

Two minutes.

-If that. Look at that.

[Nadiya] This one couldn't be
more convenient.

Frozen spinach, frozen soy mince,

tinned mushrooms,

a squeeze of lemon

and my show-stopping egg.

[Nadiya] It's so simple.

You literally just stick it in the side.

And let it just fall in.

-Right, that's it.

[Kim] It looks so good.

[upbeat music playing]

[Nadiya] Three meals in under ten minutes.

Now, Kim can collect her boys,

and I hope she feels a sense of calm
knowing dinner's taken care of.

-[boy] Hi.
-[Nadiya] Hi.

Nice to meet you.

Are you Louis?

[Kim] Oh, and this is Kingsley.

[Louis] It smells so yummy.

[Nadiya] Oh!

I love these ones.

High five! That's the one we made for you.

[Nadiya] All that's left to do
is add boiling water.

And it turns into an instant meal,

which is the best thing ever.

[Kim sniffs] Mm.

-It's a good smell, right?
-Smells good.

I'm gonna go in for it.

[Louis murmurs]

-[Kim] Mm.
-[Louis slurps]

It's so good. It's absolutely delicious.

-It's so yummy!
-[Kim laughs]

[Nadiya] How'd that feel for you?

Doing the school run, coming back
knowing dinner is in the fridge?

Today has just massively...

just given me
that little bit more extra headspace.

So when I was off picking up the boys,

I was thinking, "Oh, we can go home
and we can enjoy this."

-And we can be doing stuff together.

Already it's changed the way
I'm thinking about food, definitely.

[soulful music playing]

[Nadiya] Managing meal times

when we're rushed off our feet
can be tough for us all.

Investing a little bit of time up front

will always free up

more in the future,

and I'm happy to say, a month on,

it's still working for Kim.

We are still cooking the noodles,
which were a major hit at my work.

And you'll never guess,

but we're actually cooking one meal
for the whole family,

so saving loads of time.

[cheery music playing]

[Nadiya] When life is chaotic,

every meal can feel like a struggle.

But whether I'm flat out
with the kids or work,

this lunch covers all bases.

I can't think of a single ingredient
that's as fast or as flexible as eggs.

And I love mushrooms

'cause I quite like that meaty texture.

And these rolls with fresh mushrooms
are a total godsend

when I wanna rustle something up
in a rush.

My cracking egg rolls with mushrooms
are a brilliant alternative

to a boring old sandwich,
but still only take minutes.

These rolls are like an omelet

that have been wrapped in a tortilla.

Beat three eggs
to start the omelet center.

And then I'm gonna add dried parsley.
Now, I love dried herbs.

So this stuff, I think gets a bad rep.

Still gets that lovely flavor, so why not?

And garlic granules. Sometimes,

I just cannot be bothered to chop garlic.
You know, when you just need one

or maybe two. This is what you need.

Banking store-cupboard staples like this

will give your cooking
an instant flavor boost.

Season with salt and pepper.

That's it, my eggs are done.

Are you with me?
Can you see how quick this is happening?

I love mushrooms.

They cook so quickly.

And they're packed
full of deep umami flavor.

You can use any type of mushroom.

If I don't have any fresh mushrooms in,

I'll just use the canned stuff or frozen.

Whatever, all of it works.

And then, tortilla wraps.

This is the bit that kind of holds

your eggy, omeletty bit together.

And then, I've got my tomato paste.

Now, you could use normal tomato paste,
but this is sun-dried tomato paste,

so it's sweeter

and that's gonna pack
a massive punch of flavor.

Just because we're cooking fast,

it doesn't mean
we're compromising on flavor.

Let's get some oil in there.

Oil's hot.

Egg in.

-[pan sizzles]
-[soulful music playing]

Eggs take seconds to cook,
so they're perfect when you're rushing.

You can see the eggs
just cooking around the edge.

And then I'm gonna add my mushrooms.

So just a few.

And then olives.

I wanna cook really quickly
but I want lots of flavor,

and black olives are perfect for that.

You get that lovely salty kind of hit.

I'm gonna take my tortilla
with the sun-dried tomato paste

and then turn it round,
and stick it on top.

Just kind of use your hands

to just glue it together.

That's it. Just don't touch it.

Just leave it. Let it do its thing.

After just 30 seconds, flip it over.

Look at that. Can you smell that?

No, you can't smell that,
I can though. [chuckles]

Fried tortilla.

Looks good, right?

Let's do another one.

-[pan hisses]

And you'll see, once you start doing this,
you're gonna start a production line.

You'll be making more than three.
You'll be doing, like, ten.

You can do this with tomatoes,

onions, cheese, ham.

The options are endless.

And here's where the roll comes in.

There you go.

It's not bad, is it?

My crispy fried egg rolls,

bursting with sun-dried tomato paste,

black olives and mushrooms,

with a cheeky, time-saving bonus.

What I love about these
is that you can make a load up,

stick 'em in the fridge,

and they're perfect for lunch
the next day.

And that one

is gonna roll straight into my mouth
because somebody's gotta eat it.


That beats...

any sandwich,

any day of the week.

[cheery music playing]

Mushrooms are one of my favorite
time-saving ingredients.

They're so versatile,

quick to cook, and packed with flavor.

So I'm off to a farm in Somerset
to see how they're produced.

[Nadiya] Monaghan Mushrooms

supply almost all
of the UK's major supermarkets,

so there's a chance that the mushrooms
that end up at my table

could have started life
right here on this farm.

Last year, British shoppers
spent over 400 million pounds

on mushrooms.

And this is the largest producer
in the country.

I'm meeting manager Richard Bowkitt,

who's been growing mushrooms here
for eight years.


[Richard chuckles]

Oh, my goodness. I was not expecting this.

I thought you were gonna take me
to the woods

and we would go foraging
for some mushrooms.

[Richard] No, no, this is how
we grow them, in the shelves.

It's much more efficient.

So what's all this white stuff?

That is the mycelium.

So when it's happy, it's growing

as a fluffy gray growth.

Once it's the right stage,

we start to shock that mycelium.

So everything freshens up,

where we make it less happy.

-What does it do when it's less happy?
-It starts trying to move,

so it makes mushrooms to make spores.

The same as an apple tree.
It grows apples to reproduce.

-So this is the beginnings of a mushroom?
-It's the start.

In about four to five days,
we will be picking that.

-As quickly as that?

[Nadiya] It takes just 16 days

from shocking the mycelium

to picking the first mushroom.

But it requires
meticulous monitoring 24/7.

Every three seconds,
a computer assesses

the humidity, temperature
and CO2 levels of the room.

I can access it on my phone.

Before I go to sleep,
I'll check some rooms

in case I'm worried about something.

[Nadiya] Oh, my goodness.
It's like your baby. Before you go to bed,

make sure it's covered, make sure
the temperature's right in the house.

Yeah, that's exactly what we're doing.

So this is why we're not growing

-our mushrooms outside.

We can't control what happens outside.

[Richard] You can't. You couldn't supply
even close to the demand.

-I can't... I can't grow a runner bean.

[Nadiya] Our demand
for this foodie fungi is so huge,

production never stops.

Every day, an army of up to 240 pickers
are at work.

I'm joining a shift

on day one
of an intense six-day harvest

and we're after baby buttons.

[Nadiya] I did see

-19 kilograms per hour there.
-[machinery whirring]

And that did frighten me
just a little bit.

-Why? [laughs]
-That's a lot!

[Nadiya] My instructor
is harvesting manager Oxana.

[Nadiya] There's just, like,
so many mushrooms!

It's magnificent!

[Oxana] Everywhere, yeah.

[Nadiya] Each plucker is picking
19 kilos an hour.

That's 31 a minute

or two every second.

Two fingers.

Little bit twist and wiggle.

-It's a twist and wiggle technique.

Okay, one touch,

cut and put in a punnet.

-That one? Can I?
-Yeah, you can get that one.

[Nadiya] Oh!

-So what happens to that little sad one?
-We try not to pick them.

We try not to
because they're not ready.

[Nadiya] Harvesters weigh in every hour,

and the more they pick,

the more they earn.

I don't fancy my chances.

[Nadiya] Not that one, that one.

You cannot possibly do this fast.

Although over the aisle,

seasoned pro Magda
is showing me how it's done.

[scoffs] I'm gonna be here all day.

It's not meant to be this hard.
It's just a mushroom.

It's time for me to weigh in.

I don't know that I've got 19 kilos.

-How have I done?
-[clicks tongue]

[Oxana] Oh... You did your best.

Six punnets.

[Nadiya] So, only 18 kilos short
of my target,

unlike Magda, who's definitely hit hers.

I was so proud of myself till I saw yours.

You are so fast!


[Nadiya] Speed equals freshness

so the mushrooms are whisked off
to the cold store

within 30 minutes of being picked.

And the clock keeps ticking

as 10,000 punnets are packed every hour.

[Nadiya gasps]

He makes it look really easy.

-[Richard laughs] It's not.
-Poor man.

[Nadiya yelps]

[Richard] They need to be out
very, very quickly.

So they're as fresh as possible
when they hit the shelves.

[Nadiya] It takes just 24 hours
from picking

to dispatch, with 100,000 packs
hitting the road every day.

-Try and take two and two.

[Richard] In both hands. This one, yeah.

I can't... That's hard! Oh, my goodness.

Uh... Okay.

-Stop it!
-[Richard laughs]

-Stop it!
-[laughing continues]

[strained] Stop!

-It's a lot harder than it looks.
-It is.

[Nadiya] Both packers

and pickers work 12-hour shifts,

five days a week.

They have two breaks of 30 minutes,

and I'm curious to know what they eat
when they're in a rush.

[Nadiya] Right. So, what kind of things
do you normally have on your breaks?

I'll have whatever leftovers we've got.

Whatever leftovers you've got?

We are married, by the way.

-Right, okay. [laughs]
-[Oxana laughs]

Either that or you live here.

[Richard and Oxana laugh]


-I've actually got you guys a snack...
-[Richard] Ooh.

...using mushrooms.

Go for it.

So, it's like a tortilla

but so easy to make.

-[Oxana] It's delicious.
-[Nadiya] You like it?

-[Oxana] Very nice.
-[Nadiya] So you guys work long hours,

so something like this is perfect.

It's lovely. The kids would love as well.

-[Nadiya] Do you think they would?
-I think so, yeah.

-Go on, eat. I know you want to.
-[women laugh]

-[Richard] Please let me eat it.
-I'll stop, just eat.

[Nadiya] That's lunch sorted,
but for many of us,

it's the evening mid-week meal 
that can fill us with dread.

[birds singing]

Rushing home after a busy day at work,

I'm desperate to spend time
with my family,

and I need a recipe
that won't get in the way.

So I've come up with

a delicious dish that's full of cheats
and takes no time at all.

[lively music playing]

My chunky haddock

topped with zesty marmalade breadcrumbs,

on a bed of crispy roast potatoes,

is a super speedy one-tray wonder.

Okay, I know I said haddock and marmalade
in once sentence,

but I promise you it's delicious.

First, that bed of potatoes.

Don't be afraid, it works.
It starts off with tinned potatoes,

but still, don't go away.

I know I said tinned potatoes,
and tinned vegetables aren't a bad word.

They save you loads of time,

and if it's time you want,

you wanna try some tinned potatoes.

Think about...

If you've got potatoes that size,
how long they're gonna take you

to peel, then boil...

They're already done.

You know, I've saved 30 minutes.


[whispering] when I'm making
a potato salad,

I don't boil my own potatoes.

I take them straight out of a can. I do.

[mellow music playing]

When I'm in a rush, I'm after flavor fast,

and sun-dried tomatoes

are one of my favorite go-tos.

They're delicious,

and they're sweet and sticky.

I'm not even gonna bother
getting oil and using oil out of a bottle.

There's already delicious, flavored oil

with my sun-dried tomatoes.

Why should that go to waste?

Good pinch of salt.

I'm not scared of seasoning.
It tastes better.

And balsamic vinegar.

Got sweet tomato,
but then you've got the balsamic vinegar

which is, like, dark, and rich, and tart.

And that's the quickest roast potatoes

you'll ever make. Done.

I've got the oven set to 200.

They're just gonna warm through

while I make my breadcrumby,
marmalade-haddock bit.

[chuckles] You still with me?
It's not that bad, come on. [laughs]

So I'm gonna start off with my marmalade.

For me, this doesn't feel weird at all,

only because I grew up
eating fruit and fish.

So this is totally normal in our house.

You get that lovely,

zingy, fresh flavor,

but remember there's loads of sugar
in there as well,

so you get
that kinda sweet stickiness as well.

So you're getting all of that
out of one jar.

And then I'm gonna make life really easy.

Garlic paste.

[soulful music playing]

In with four tablespoons of dill,

crunchy dried breadcrumbs, salt

and chili.

If you wanna make it spicy,
you can make it super spicy.

Got loads going on in there.

So let's pop that on.

[processor whirs]

That smells so good.

Right, let's get these potatoes out.

You can see that the potatoes
have taken on the color

from the sun-dried tomatoes.

Look at them, they look delicious.

So let's just grab our fish.

I like using haddock because it's firm,

and it takes on flavor
really, really well.

If you stock up on frozen fish,
you'll cut time at the shops,

and it tastes just as good as fresh.

Fish has a tendency
to kind of stick to the bottom.

So because it's sat on top
of the potatoes, it will just lift off

really nice and easily.

So grab this breadcrumby mixture
and pack it on.

Like, really get it on there.

Look at this, this is dinner,

but I've cheated every step of the way.

You know what? Life's too short.

Enjoy it.

Eat well,

have fun, enjoy your family
and enjoy your time.

And, you know, if that means
taking a couple of shortcuts,

you know what? So what?

Buy some tinned potatoes,
have some frozen peas.

I wanna spend time with my family,

but in order to do it,
I have to cheat sometimes.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

I don't cheat in board games though.

I take those very seriously.

Pop this into the oven

for ten minutes, and like,

from start to finish, that's 25 minutes.

That's not bad.

My zesty marmalade haddock

with the quickest roast potatoes
in the world

that cut my kitchen time in half.

-Nearly ready.
-[son] I can smell it from here.

Freeing up precious moments...

-...to spend with my favorite people.

[appreciative murmurs]

[husband] So three for me,
one for the rest of you.

-[Nadiya] Do you want more potatoes?

[family murmurs in awe]

How did you whip that up so quickly?

I made this out of things
in the cupboard.

-Is it good?
-[husband] Mm!


Do you like the marmalade in the fish?

Yes, I don't know how you explain it.

It's just a nice flavor. [laughs]

You put the fish in your mouth,

and then it's a burst of sweetness.


It's not bad, right?
It's really, really quick.

It looks like something you'd serve up
to Gordon Ramsay.

-[husband laughs]
-I don't know how he feels

about tinned potatoes.

[all laugh]

[upbeat music playing]