Thunderbirds (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Stately Homes Robberies - full transcript

Stately homes across England are being targeted for their precious jewel collections. The villains will stop at nothing to complete their task. Their next victim? Lady Penelope. Can she and Parker thwart their diabolical plan?

Paper! Paper!

Read all about it!

Another stately home robbed!"

As you can see.

Panic is spreading across the south of England.

As the country's most noble families find themsleves the victims of some of the most terrible crimes committed this century.

Yes Jef, it is all very worrying.

Yeah. Well, it occurred to me the thief might choose your house next.


I was wondering if you'd like me to send Brains across to England.

He's got some pretty good gadgets that maybe could improve your security.

It's awfully sweet of you to offer, Jeff, but I really think I can handle things.

OK, Penny, if you're happy....

But remember, call me any time.

Thank you so much, Jeff. I'll remember.


Oh, he wouldn't get much here. All your treasuries are stashed away in the vault.

I know, Parker, but similar vaults in other homes didn't stop the thief.

Somehow, he manages to penetrate the strongest locks,

and break the most complicated combinations.

Oh. Yeah, I was forgetting that.

And he manages to knock out the automatic TV-cameras too.


It's almost as if...

he's a phantom.

Be careful with that tapping device, Dawkins.

We don't want them to suspect that we're listening to their conversation.

Sorry, sir.

I don't think they realise anything is amiss.


Keep listening, Dawkins, to make sure.

We have no further clue to the thief's identity,

and my home is still unprotected from that man.

It looks that way, but what can we do?

Absolutely nothing.

So, we'll go about our normal business,

and hope this mystery man spares us a visit.

Very well, m'lady.

Will you tell Elaine Wickfen, there is nothing like buying a new outfit of clothes to take one's mind off one's problems.

Eh, Lady Penelope would like to see some of your clobber this afternoon.

Certainly, Mr Parker. We'll be all ready for Her Ladyship.

It would appear, Mr Charles, that Lady Penelope is travelling to London.

Excellent! And I think we can rely on Her Ladyship to make her trip worthwhile.

We'll be at the Creighton-Ward mansion in 5 minutes, Mr Charles.


Switch to silent flight and get the gas capsules ready.

Yes, Mr Charles.

Bring her in to a hover over the chimney, Dawkins.

I'll release the capsule.


By the time we touch down on the lawn, the servants will be out cold.

Here we are, m'lady.


Thank you, Parker.

Eh, there's no need for you to come in.

Very well, m'lady.

I don't like hanging around ladies' shops anyway.

So I understand, Parker.

Good, right on time.

Better put your foot down, Parker.

That's the phone, Mr Charles.

Yes, it could be Lady Penelope.

We'd better get a move on. Help me with this vase.

Very good, sir.

Have you got all you want, sir?

I think so. Let me check the list.

Yes, it's all here. Come on.

There don't seem to be no reply, m'lady.


do you see what I see?

Yes, m'lady.

It's a helijet.

It's just taken off from the front lawn.


Shall I shoot him down with the cannons, m'lady?

Certainly not, Parker.

If it is the stately homes robber,

he'll have some of my most valuable vases and china aboard.

We wouldn't want them to be smashed, would we?

I'll switch on the receiver speaker.

The darkness will stop the occupants of that car identifying the helijet.

Yes, sir.

But it was a close thing.

I agree, Dawkins.

I'm glad that was the last stately home on my list.

You mean you've got all the pieces, sir?

All but one fine collection, and you know where that is.

Of course, Mr Charles.

But getting the crown jewels is a bit different from the heirlooms we've stolen so far.

Different, Dawkins, different.

But the most vital of them all.

By this time tomorrow, my family's disgrace will be avenged.

Switch off the receiver, Parker. I think we've heard enough.

Are you going to tell the coppers?

I don 't think so, Parker.

You find it hard to believe the crown jewels could be stolen, don't you?

I'll say I do!

Then so will the authorities.

No, Parker, no-one would listen to us.

We've got to act ourselves.

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

What do we do about it?

Well, right now, we'll go home and get a good night's sleep.

And tomorrow evening, we'll take a little trip to the Tower of London.

It would appear that Mr Charles is going to oblige us with his presence.

What's the form, m'lady?

We'll wait a while, and give him time to get in.

Now, Dawkins, we'll come up against 10 beefeaters.

Are you ready for them?

Perfectly, Mr Charles.

Right, and we'll be on our way.

I'll get the locks, Dawkins. Watch out for guards.

Come on, Dawkins.

Come on, Parker. I think we'll find Mr Charles has opened the gates for us.

Yeah, and I'll bet there's a few sleeping Beefeaters about.

What do you think you're doing? You've got no right.... Ooh! Argh....

Quiet, Parker.

There they are.

They've got the crown jewels…!

Hold open the sack, Dawkins.

Very soon now, our task will be complete.

And we can return to a normal way of life.

It’s Lady Penelope.

Yeah, an emergency code.


OK, away you go there is very little time. Lady Penelope is in real trouble.

This was something that had to be done.

Now, I can rest.

Where you are going, Mr Charles, there'll be plenty of time for that rest.


No, don't move.

I don't like shooting guns, the bangs give me a headache.

But I'll have to suffer, if you don't do exactly as I say.

You can't stop me now!

I've completed the task that was set me all those centuries ago.

Nothing can stop me now.

This is Thunderbird 1 to International Rescue. I've arrived at danger zone.

OK Scott.

Scan the area electronically.

We’ll Do.

Approaching danger zone.

About to lauch Thunderbird 4.

F.A.B. Thunderbird 2.

OK Gordon.

Take up your position.

OK Virgil.

Thunderbird 2 calling Penelope.

Come in, Penelope.


Come in, please.

Do you read me?


You've got to locate here within the next 2 minutes.

Gordon, to defuse the bomb you’ll have to connect the green and yellow terminals.


Repeat, green and yellow terminals.


What's going on?

Answer! Please!

Hey, Gordon?

Do you hear me?



No panic.

Right, let’s get out to him.

I have the things of my family.

Shall I shoot him down with the cannons, m'lady?

No, Parker.

For one thing you wouldn’t succeed

and for another ...

there is no need.

I'm very interested to know why you carried out these robberies, Mr Charles.

By your standing, I wouldn't think greed or monetary gain was your motive.

No, the actual things meant nothing to me.

But to my long-dead ancestors, the Granvilles, they were the symbols of power and wealth.

You mean all these treasures you've stolen once belonged to your family?

Yes, my people were once noble peers.

They were stripped of all titles and property by Richard the Lionheart.


But King Richard must have had a good reason.

They were convicted of cowardice during the crusades, but it was all a mistake.

My family could never have run away from a fight!

The Lionheart was noted for being a just and kindly man.

I really prefer his side of the story to yours.

You're like all the rest!

That's why I robbed you.

The Creightons and the Wards were connected with Richard's decision.

Oh, yes...

I remember reading something about some property being distributed among the King's loyal friends.

Now kindly handcuff our two friends to the grille.

The police will be able to find them after we've made a telephone call.

You can't prove anything!

They'll never be able to hold us!

Oh, I think this tape recording of our conversation will be enough to make the police search your home.

But m'lady!

Your voice is on there!

Your cover will be broken!

No, Parker.

This microphone is designed to record only male voices.

Brains sent it to me.

Something to do with the lower octave vocal chords.

Ooh, that's clever.

Eh, shall we go then?

I think so.

Farewell, Mr Charles.

Your family would have been proud of you.

They finished up in jail too, I believe.

Put the jewels back, Parker.



Do I have to, m'lady?

I've never had me hands on so much loot in the whole of my life.



Very well, m'lady.

I've brought your morning paper, m'lady.

Oh, look, Parker.

The police have recovered all the stolen heirlooms.

Oh, yes, m'lady.

That bloke Charles spouted off about you catching him too.



Inspector Cedair of The Yard stated that he knew of Lady Penelope, and no gentler or more charming person ever graced the earth.

The inspector added that it was impossible to associate Her Ladyship with criminals in any way.

Well, well, well.

After compliments like that,

I can see I'll have to buy two extra tickets for the Policemen's Ball.

As long as you don't ask me along, m'lady!