This England (2022): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Boris Johnson is taken to St Thomas' Hospital as his Covid symptoms persist. Meanwhile, Guardian journalist Matthew Weaver investigates reports that Dom Cummings has been seen in Durham.

(tense somber music)
(clock ticking)

(Boris breathing deeply)

(birds chirping)

{footsteps tapping)

(bird cawing)

{Dominic speaking faintly)

- [Dominic] Oh! Goochy goo. (chuckles)

- [Cedd] No! This way!

- [Dominic] I've tried lifting you.

(tense somber music continues)

(Boris coughing)

(computer keyboard tapping)

- Just gonna do your temperature, John.

- [John] Okay.

(thermometer beeping)

(John breathing deeply)

(thermometer beeps)

(phone dialer tapping)

(cell phone ringing)

- Hello?

- It's, um, Jodie, sorry to bother you.

- No, that's okay.

- We've just had the test
results back about John Andrews.

He's tested positive.

- Oh, shit.

- [Jodie] Yeah.

-Um, okay. I'll come in.

- [Jodie] Okay. Sorry.

All right, bye.

- See you later. Bye.

(dog faintly barking)

(car engine whirring)

- [John] Hello, pet.

- How are you? How've you heen?

- I've been up and down, not very well.

You know.

But how have you been keeping?

- Yeah, I've been really good, thank you.

Missing you a lot though.

- Yeah.

This skin is absolutely perfect.

(care worker chuckles)

- Thank you.
-And I don't know what cream

or what you put on it,

it's absolutely (smacks lips) wonderful.

(care worker laughs)

(phone ringing)

- [Journalist] Hello, Guardian?

« [Jogger] Hi, I'd like
to speak to somebody

about Dominic Cummings, please.

- What about him?

- I've just seen him in Durham.

- [Journalist] So, who are you?

-I don't wanna give my name.

- Why is that?

-I just don't.

(Frank wheezing)

(car door slamming)
(car locks pipping)

- Hiya, Dad.

Oh, (sighs) how you doing?

- Your mum, she's not good.

- Well, you don't sound too good.

She's asleep.

(Frank coughing)

Dad, do you think you might have COVID?

You need to see a doctor.

(Frank breathing heavily)

- also want to thank those
of you who are staying at home,

thereby helping to protect the vulnerable,

and sparing many families
the pain already felt

by those who have lost loved ones.

I hope in the years to come

everyone will be able to take pride

in how they responded to this challenge.

-Don't look so gloomy, Gazza.

You make me feel like the
dog going to be put down.

(tense dramatic music)

- [Ben] You should take some oxygen,

give your lungs a bit of a boost.

(car engine revving)

(Boris breathing heavily)
(police sirens wailing)

- [Doctor] Okay, Prime Minister,

this will only take a few minutes.

Just gonna do a scan
to look at your lungs,

check what's going on in there.

(scanner whirring)

(tense dramatic music continues)

- [James] Mate, I think
you need to see this.

- What?

- Guardian says they've got a
report that Dom was in Durham.

- It's none of their fucking
business where he is.

- So we're just going to
remove your oxygen mask, sir,

and just place some nasal high-flow.

It's this one, sir.

- [Doctor] The Wi-Fi isn't secure,

so everything has to go through us.

- [Boris] Okay. Brilliant.

Can you get me Lee Cain?

(phone ringing)

- Prime Minister?

(Boris grunts)

You okay?

- Scotland's first
minister, Nicola Sturgeon,

has said her former chief medical officer

has undermined the government's

message to the public.
- Caino.

- Hey, Dom.

Um, just to let you know
the PM's gone into hospital.

- Oh, shit.

- And the Guardian's been
asking where you are.

- Tell them they can go fuck themselves.

- (laughs) Yeah, that's
exactly what I said.

{Boris breathing heavily)
{medical machines beeping)

- [Doctor] Good evening, Prime Minister.

Would you like to see your scans?

- All right.

- [Doctor] Now, these are your lungs.

These shadow areas are the problem,

where the lungs aren't
filling up with oxygen.

- [Boris] Right.

- So we need to make
sure your oxygen levels

don't fall too low.

You may well be disturbed this evening

as we do our observations
and through the night.

- [Boris] Right, right.

- [Doctor] Then we'll see how
you're doing in the morning.


- Okay.
- So I'l see you then.

- Okay, thank you. (wheezing)

- [Mary] What is there to do
for the sick now except pray?

1 left my polystyrene palace
and got to my knees for Boris

and found to my surprise that
my prayers flowed easily,

as if carried along in
a current of others.

(sparse tense music)
(heart rate monitor beeping)

(Boris breathing heavily)

(baby crying)

- I remember everything we
said, but you have forgotten.

(baby crying)

- My mother suffers now a second time.

- [Marina] Here lies the
man who has done me wrong.

(baby crying)

- Have mercy on me.

(Marina screaming)

(Boris breathing heavily)

(birds chirping)

- Of course, we all hope that the PM

will be back in charge
as soon as possible,

but in the meantime,

we- we do have to operate like grown-ups,

and we have to work together as a team.

(dog barking)

- Here.
{James wheezing)

Come on.

(James groans)

(sighs) Let's get you comfy

and maybe we can get
some tablets down you.

Come on.

(gentle somber music)

(James coughing)

I'm gonna put this in your
mouth, it's paracetamol.

Come on. You really need to
take this tablet, come on.

No, swallow, come on.

Why is it still there?

- [Doctor] Good morning, Prime Minister.

How are you feeling?

- Well, I'm struggling
abit, if I'm honest,

but I'm, you know, soldiering on.

- [Doctor] Good. Well, your
oxygen levels are still low.

- Right.
- What we don't want to do

is put you on a ventilator, if avoidable.

- Right, right.
- So we need to try

and get your oxygen levels up.

Try and breathe in as deeply
as you can for me, please.

I'l pop back in an hour.

(tense ambient music)

(phone ringing)

- Right, hang on.

- Lee, it's Tom Peck

from the Independent.

We need to be told what is going on.

- (sighs) He's just
having some routine tests.

- [Tom] What "routine tests" is he having?

-I don't fucking know, I'm not a doctor!

Look, the PM is fine, all right?

He's still reading his red box,

he's still running the government.

He's- He's here in spirit if not in body.

- [Tom] So that's the line, is it?

- Yeah, just like you're here in spirit

and annoying me on the phone

when you're not actually
here in the fucking room!

(phone handset slams)

- [Paramedic] Take my hand.

- [James] Aye.

- [Paramedic] It's all right.

Take as long as you need, all right?

Can you manage up here?

- Aye.

Bit sore.

- [Paramedic] It's
fine. Just Walk with me.

Can you manage a couple of steps

into the ambulance?
- Love you, Dad.

Take care now.

They'll look after you.

You're going to best place, Dad.

- [News Reporter] Care England
and the union at UNISON,

have warned that care homes and
carers are at breaking point

due to shortages of PPE
and a lack of testing.

(tense somber music)

(door knocking)

- Send my wheelchair.

- [Care Worker 1] I will.

- [Care Worker 2] There we are.

(tense somber music continues)

(computer keyboard tapping)

(thermometer beeping)

- Okay.

Allright, Laura, I need
you to pull this string

if anything's a problem, all right?

I'm gonna be right back.

(Laura speaks faintly)

Um, yeah, I think we need someone to come

and have a look at Laura.


Yeah, it's pretty high.

She's not doing too great so I
think she needs someone here.

- The number of people
admitted to hospital

with coronavirus symptoms
now stands at 17,911,

and of those who have
contracted the virus,

5,373 sadly have died.

These figures are a powerful reminder

of why we need everyone to
follow the government's guidance.

(doctor speaking faintly)

As you all know, last
night the prime minister

was admitted to hospital for tests

following advice from his doctor.

I can tell you that the PM

had a comfortable night in hospital

and he's in good spirits.

(car engine whirring)

(handbrake creaks)
{car door clunking)

(car door slamming)

- Debbie, love, take this for me.

(Debbie wheezing)


Frank, I'm afraid Debbie's really poorly.

She needs palliative care and C04 drugs.

I'm so sorry Frank.

I'm gonna send in a rapid response team

and get you a COVID test, okay?

(dramatic music)

- [Doctor] So we're not
really getting much movement

on your oxygen level,

so we're thinking we're gonna
move you to intensive care,

just to be safe,

just so we can keep the
closest possible eye on you.


- [Doctor] Do you need to see anyone

before you go into intensive care?

- We're not supposed to see anyone.

- Yes, I'm sure you'll
be fine, but in case.

Once you're in ICU, no one can visit.

- Okay. Does she know?


Well, um, I'l take care of things here.

You just keep me informed, okay?

Yeah, any changes.

All right, bye.

Sorry, excuse me.

They're moving the PM to intensive care.

- Fuck.

- [Dr. Hart] Hello, is that Carrie?

- Hello?

«It's Dr. Hart from St. Thomas'.

I just wanted to tell you
we're planning to move

the prime minister into
intensive care this evening.

It's just a precaution.

We just want him to be in the
safest possible environment.

- Uh, right.

How is he?

- His oxygen levels are low

but we're doing everything we can

to get them moving in the right direction.

There is the possibility that
if we can't get them going up

that he might have to
move onto a ventilator.

Of course, that would mean
we'd have to put him asleep.

We would induce a sort of coma.

So if you'd like us to arrange
a FaceTime with the PM,

we can do that.

We do it for all our patients

before they go onto a ventilator.

-Um, yeah. Yes, please, thank you.

(Carrie sobbing)

- I've spoken to his doctors

and if he goes onto a ventilator

he may be in a coma for
weeks rather than days.

- Well, the foreign
secretary will be in charge,

we'll need to let the Palace know,

and we'll need to prepare
an official announcement.

- We're gonna film
something here ourselves.

We'll get Isaac to draft something out.

- Did they show you my email?

(heart rate monitor beeping)

Well, we're both missing you.

He's been kicking.

You have to be strong,

‘cause it's gonna be me in the hospital

with the baby in a month's time

and it's gonna be you visiting me.

- Yeah. Don't worry.

I'l be there.

- Okay. Okay.

Allright, well...

Okay, bye, bye.

- [Boris] Bye. Bye.

- Okay.

- [Boris] Bye.

{computer chimes)

(tense suspenseful music)

(hospital PA system speaking faintly)

(medical staff chattering)
(heart rate monitors beeping)

- [Nurse] Let's lift those.

When you're ready.

There we go.

- [Doctor 1] We're first gonna
try you on a CPAP machine.

It's a way of getting more oxygen into you

without incubating you.

It's less invasive.

Then if that doesn't work,
we've got the ventilators

that can do all the work for you, okay?

- [Doctor 2] Can really help your lungs

which are struggling.

Luis and Lindsay here, they're
gonna help you with it.

- [Luis] Good evening Mr. Prime Minister.

Is that what I should call you?

- [Boris] Boris.

- [Luis] I'm Luis.

Now we have to fit this over your head.

Excuse me.

When we turn it on, you'll
feel the pressure of the air,

a bit like sticking your
head out of a moving car.

It might take a bit of getting used to.

Does that seem nice and tight?

- [News Reporter] The
last place you'd want

the prime minister to be at
atime of national crisis.

For Boris Johnson, this now
a deeply personal crisis too.

His coronavirus symptoms worsening,

tonight he was moved into
the intensive care unit

of London's St Thomas' Hospital.

(tense suspenseful music continues)

- [Doctor] Hi, I'm
calling about Mr. Nolan.

- [Norah] Hiya, yeah.

- [Doctor] We've got
his test results back.

- [Norah] Okay.

- [Doctor] I'm afraid he's
tested positive for COVID

and will have to isolate.

- [Norah] Okay, yeah.

Hey, Dad. (chuckles)

That was the doctor.

You've tested positive. (sighs)

- You'd best stay away from me then.

- Well, 'm being careful.

We'll all be careful, yeah?

(gentle somber music)

- Any news?

- We've got lots of news, Gabriel.

What news would you like?

- On Boris.

- All right, well he's
still in intensive care

and it's currently 50-50

whether they have to put him into a coma,

and if they do put him into a coma,

it's 50-50 whether he ever comes out.

Is that enough fucking news for you?

- [Jogger] You asked
where Dominic Cummings is

in your politics live blog.

You should know this, I
called the Guardian on Sunday

to tell you I'd seen
him up here in Durham.

What's going on?

(gentle somber music continues)

- [Norah] Here you go, Mum. sighs)

We're gonna have to
definitely eat something Mum,

it's gonna make you feel better.

(door knocking)

Okay, I'll be back in a minute, okay?

(door clunking)

- Hi there.

We're here from the rapid response team.

- [Norah] Oh right,
yeah. Come in, come in.

Follow me.
- Okay.

(computer keyboard clicking)

- [Tariq] We are full.

We've been full for two weeks now.

What would be really good would be for us

to be able to send a whole
cohort of patients to you

to give us some space and time here.

- Each patient has to be
assessed individually.

- Right. What are the criteria?

- [Nightingale Admin] Uh, we can only take

intubated patients.

- Don't worry, we have plenty of those.

- If you fill in the
forms for each person,

our staff here will be able
to respond to each case.

- [Norah] There, there's some water.

The doctor said that you'd be
looking after my dad as well.

- [Nurse] Oh, did they?

- [Norah] Uh, yeah, yeah.

He's got COVID.

- [Nurse] Oh right, okay.

Your mum's probably got it too then.

- [Norah] Right.

- Hi, this is Matt Weaver.

You left a message on my phone.

You said you saw Dominic
Cummings on Sunday?

- [Jogger] Yeah, I did.

- Where?

- In a garden in Durham.

(car door slams)
(car engine idles)

- [Julie] How's it going?

- [Care Worker] John is ill today.

That means 80 family members with symptoms

and we've got 25 staff off

and we're down 200 pairs of gloves

and we're using 100 pairs a day.

- [Julie] I've been
chasing masks all morning.

That NHS portal's useless.

How's Fred doing now?

- [Care Worker] He's
struggling but he's okay.

- Hiya, Jess.

It's me.

Good news, son.

I'm coming home.

Yeah, yeah.

I'l let you know.

I'll see you soon. Yeah.

{tense music)

- Do you believe this woman?

- 100%.

She was close.

She describes him well.

She has no axe to grind.

- We need two sources.

We can't print without two sources.

(ambulance sirens wailing)

(heart rate monitors beeping)

{tense music continues)
(medical staff chattering)

(heart rate monitor beeping)

(baby crying)

- I remember everything you
said but you have forgotten.

(Lara speaks in a foreign language)

- Do not destroy me before my time.

-Forit is sweet to see the daylight.

Do not send me to the underworld.

(Lara speaks in a foreign language)

- [Luis] Boris?

(Lara speaks in a foreign language)

- Boris?

- [Luis] People, sometimes,

have very intense dreams with
this virus, hallucinations.

You just have to try and relax.

You're here, in hospital.

Your mouth will be dry.

(Boris groans)

(straw gurgling)

Keep breathing, as deep as you can.

(Boris breathing heavily)

- [Julie] It's okay, Janet.

Night-night now.

(gentle somber music)

(trash can lid slams)

- [Norah] Mum, let's take these pills.

They'll make you feel much better, okay?

- Oh. (sighs)

(Debbie wheezing)

(car engine revving)

(car doors slamming)

- [Nurse 1] I can't find a care plan.

- [Norah] Why not?

- [Nurse 1] We can't give C04
drugs without a care plan.

- [Norah] Well, why hasn't she got one?

- [Nurse 1] I don't know. I can't find it.

(Norah sighs)

(Debbie wheezing)

- [Nurse 2] She can take
this. It's Oramorph.

It'll help with the pain.

- [Norah] Okay.

Why are you giving it to me?

- [Nurse 2] You have to give it to her.

- Why?
- They're the rules.

(Debbie gasping)
(Debbie wheezing)

- It's okay, Mum. Just take a little bit.

(Debbie coughs)

Okay, Mum, we're just gonna do it now.

Okay, Mum, okay.

(Debbie coughing)

Okay, okay.

All right, all right, Mum, that's it.

Shh, shh, shh.


I'm gonna get you some help, okay?

I'm gonna get us some more help.

Yeah. I'm calling about Debbie Nolan.

Uh, yeah, you need to come out.

She's getting really ill.

Look, she needs to go into
hospital. She needs pain relief!

I'm not a nurse!

You're the nurses!

(traffic rumbles)
(sirens faintly wailing)

(heart rate monitors beeping)

- [Lindsay] How we doing?

Would you like something to eat?

Something to drink?

(medical staff chattering)


Can be pretty dehydrating, the CPAC.

- [Doctor] Now your
temperature's down to 38.2

and your oxygen levels are stable.

We just need them to keep going up.

Just remember to keep
breathing as deeply as you can.

- [Care Worker] Thank you.

- [Delivery Driver] No problem.

- [Care Worker] Cheers.

(gentle somber music)
{clock ticking)

(door knocking)

- [Julie] Can I just
have a minute, please-

- Yeah.
- So we have a chat?

- [Care Worker] It's not looking good.

She's gone really downhill
over the past couple of hours.

It's not good at all.

- [Julie] Okay. So shall I call family?

- [Care Worker] I think
that would be a good idea.

- [Julie] Okay. All right.

Are you okay?

- [Care Worker] Yeah, yeah. Il be fine.

(car doors clunking)

- [Nurse] Let me help you.

There's your water.


Just gonna check your oxygen, Frank.

(Frank wheezing)

(Debbie breathing heavily)

- Norah?
- Yeah.

- [Nurse] Has your dad
signed the form yet?

-No, no.

Look, (sighs) I've spoken
to my sister and my brother

and we don't think...

We don't think it's a good idea
to talk to him about dying,

not now.

- [Nurse] I'm really
sorry but you have to.

Um, I spoke to the hospital yesterday

and their policy's changed,

which basically means if
your dad was to get worse,

we'd care for him at home.

We put a care package in
place, get his medications,

painkillers, oxygen,

but unfortunately, he needs
a signed DNR to do that.

I'm really sorry.

- [News Reporter] In
Spain, saving lives means

another extension to
the country's shutdown

until the end of April.

The country's on a war footing

in the fight against coronavirus.

It means makeshift hospitals
like this one in Madrid,

have been built on an industrial scale.

- [Tricia] So, we got the
Nightingale requests back.

+ And?
- They will only take

one patient.

- One?
- One?

- Why?

- Because they're saying
they will only take a patient

if they've got respiratory
problems solely.

If they've got kidney, heart,
any other organ issues,

they won't take them.

- Oh, for crying out loud.

- Most of the patients on a
ventilator have other issues.

- [Tricia] Yeah, of course.

- [Tariq] You've rejected
most of our patients.

There must be some mistake.

Patients who are intubated
usually have complex issues,

so why won't you take them?

-I'm sorry.

That's our policy.

- [Norah] I've got this form
they want you to sign, Dad.

Um. It's um...

It's just about what happens
if you- if you get worse.

It's just in case.

Um, it's just about

if you want to be put on
life support and everything.

(Frank breathing heavily)

It just means that they'll...

It just means that they'll
help you in other ways.

(Frank breathing heavily)
(gentle somber music)

(rain pattering)
(Laura wheezing)

- [Nurse] We're here,
Laura. You're very safe.

- [Doctor] What's going on currently?

- [Julie] Well, the nurse
is administering oxygen.

- [Nurse] Nice deep breaths.

- [Doctor] Okay.

And how long's she been like this for?

- [Julie] Why'd you always
ask the same questions?


For a few hours.

- And are you giving her the painkillers?

- [Julie] Can't keep doing this!

We can't go on like this!

We're not the doctors! You're the doctor!

(plastic apron rustling)

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] Lockdown in
Wuhan, China is now over

and life is beginning to return to normal.

(crowd chants in a foreign language)

(crowd cheers)

- [Doctor] It's looking good
and you're over the worst.

Your oxygen levels are stable,

your temperature is down to 37.5.

We're gonna take you off the CPAP

and drop you down to the nasal high-flow.

- [News Reporter] Today's
daily figures show

that 19,438 people have
been admitted to hospital,

and sadly, of those in
hospital, 7,097 have now died,

an increase of 938
fatalities since yesterday.

- [Luis] This is a great hospital.

You were lucky you were here.

- lam. I know.

Luis, tell me. How come you work here?

- [Luis] I trained as a nurse in Portugal,

but I always wanted to work here.

- Really?
- Always.

Since I was taught about
Florence Nightingale

and her work in this hospital.

- Well, I'm glad you were here.

(cell phone chimes)

Thank you.

(gentle thoughtful music)

- [Care Worker] It's okay, Laura.

It's okay.

It's okay.

(trash can clunking)

(rubber gloves ripping)

(trash can clunking)

(care worker crying)

(ambulance sirens wailing)

(ambulance sirens wailing)

- [Luis] Bye, Boris!

- [Lindsay] Bye, Boris!

- [Luis] Thank you.

Thank you, Jenny.

- You're welcome.
- Bye!

- [Doctor] His oxygen levels are stable

and we're taking him off CPAC
and moving him out of ICU.

- Yeah.

- [Doctor] We'll let you
know if anything changes.

- Okay. Thanks.

(phone handset clunks)

Boris is out of danger.

- [Isaac] Yes!

- Alison. Tell the
vultures they can go home.

- Hi, can I speak to my dad?

Is he awake?

- [Aide] Sorry, sir, it's personal.

It's Lara.

- Hey.

Hey, Lara.

- Hi, Dad.

How are you?

- Oh, dear. Not too bad.

Feeling a bit better.

-I'm glad. I was so worried.

- It's good to hear your voice.

1 was worried I might not hear it again.

- What's it like, the virus?

- Well, it's like a bad dream.

Alittle bit like when I was
a child and I had the mumps,

or it's like a really bad trip.

I mean actually, no,

not that I've ever had
mind-altering drugs, obviously.

Strike that one from the record.

(heart rate monitor beeping)

(door clunking)

- [Nurse] Morning, James.

How are you this morning?

- [James] Um, not good.

- [Nurse] Not good?

- [James] No.

- [Nurse] You're struggling, aren't you?

Listen, just hang on in there, all right?

You're doing great, okay?

(James groans)

Throwing everything that we can at it.

Hang on in there.

- Yeah.

- [Nurse] Let me just
adjust these for you.

- Back there, yeah. And
then they push it up there.

Yeah, okay.

- [Nurse] I'l leave you to it now.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Thank you.

- [Carrie] It's good to see you.

- [Boris] And you.

- [Carrie] How was it?

- It was tropical.

- Oh! (laughs)
- Yeah.

Long, long hot sweaty nights.

- [Carrie] Sounds like Mustique.

- Felt...

Seemed like it was a long...

I've been to the banks
of the Styx and back.

- [Carrie] The baby's been kicking.

Wants to see you.

- Yeah, I wanna see him.

I'm determined to be a good father.

- [Carrie] Oh, look, come on.

Don't be all sentimental, Boris.

- You know my great grandfather,

you know his mother was a
slave, and he was a journalist.

He protested the Armenian massacre.

And then one day, in
Istanbul, he was kidnapped,

he was handed over to a
mob and they stoned him,

and they lynched him.

53 years old!

- Oh!
- That was the life.

Churchill said-
- Boris?

- When they asked him, "Are you
scared of being under fire?"

So he says "The gods...

"The gods could not conceive-

- Boris.
-"So prosaic an end

“for so potent a being."

- [Carrie] We need to get you out of here.

- [Boris] (mumbles) Yeah.

- [Carrie] I think we'll go to Chequers.

- Whatcha?

- [Carrie] We're not
going to Downing Street,

we're going to go to Chequers,

and we're gonna get you

some rest.
- Yeah, okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Carrie] And some fresh air.

- Fresh air, yeah.

(gentle somber music)

(medical staff chattering)

- [Nurse] Sorry, Ben,
just a phone call for you.

- [Ben] Okay, okay. Thank you.

Thank you.

(heart rate monitors beeping)


Very. To say, I'm afraid
it's not good news.

He's- He's just not been
responding to treatment

and I'm afraid it's looking like...

Yeah, it's very much...

He's- He's got probably a
few hours left I'm afraid.

- [Matt Hancock] The whole
country has been practicing

a stringent form of social
distancing for three weeks now,

and for that, I want to
say a massive thank you.

Thank you to all of those

who are looking after
us in our time of need,

the NHS workers on the front
line who have treated the sick,

saved lives, and tended to those

who sadly could not be saved.

For the doctors and nurses
who have died of coronavirus

whilst caring for others,

we will never forget their sacrifice.

We will never forget their
devotion to helping others.

(rain pattering)

- [Doctor] Is he experiencing
high temperature?

- [Care Worker] Yeah.

- [Doctor] Shortness of breath?

- [Care Worker] Yeah, so
he's struggling to breathe.

His temperature is 38.2.

He's been complaining about
aching, an aching body.

- Okay.
- Yeah, they're the main ones.

(computer keyboard tapping)

- [Simon] "Elderly care home
residents who get COVID-19

"should not ordinarily
be conveyed to hospital

"unless authorized by a senior colleague."

- [Care Worker] He's gone. (sobbing)

I'm so sorry.

- [Carer] It's a bit tight
on that corner. Here you are.

Okay. We're fine.

- [Mal] Hi, Dad.

- I'm here.

- Dad, can you hear me?

All right?

- [Sue] Are they looking after you?

- Dad?

Just keep strong, Dad.

- Keep fighting.

(gentle somber music continues)

Are they looking after you?

- [Mal] Hey, mate. Are you there?

Can you hear me, Dad?


- [Sue] Come on, fight. We want you home.

- [Care Worker] Hi, Phyllis.

- [Phyllis] Hi, love.

- [Care Worker] Are you okay?

Everything okay with you?

- [Phyllis] Yes, I'm okay thank you.

- [Care Worker] Would you
like me to pull them curtains

now it's dark?

- [Phyllis] Yes, please.

- [Care Worker] Okay.

- [Nurse] Well done, Doreen.

That's it.

(van engine revving)

{van door slamming)

- [Carer 1] Nearly hit the bin.

- [Carer 2] Just did.

{tense music)

(heart rate monitors beeping)

-I'm immensely grateful to everyone

who is heeding the
instruction to stay at home.

This remains crucial over
the bank holiday weekend.

There is just one simple
thing we ask you all to do,

and that is to stay at home.

(laptop lid slams)

(Dominic sighs)

-I mean I don't want to
impugn blame on people

who have used more PPE than
the guidelines suggest,

but what I will say, because
I understand the difficulties,

but what I will say is
that it is important

to use the right PPE
and not to overuse it.

-I am really sorry.

Um, we've tried everything

and thrown everything
that we possibly could.

Um, he's on sedation.

He is comfortable.

I'm really sorry.

- Can we come visit?

- Uh. One person can. (sighs)

It's, uh, palliative care now.

- Okay, thank you.

- [Doctor] Thanks, Sue. Bye.

(gentle somber music)

(dog barking)

(gentle somber music continues)

- [Norah] Yeah, yeah.

I'm calling about Frank Nolan.

(Frank gasping)

Yeah, his oxygen's down to 44.

- [Priti Patel] I can report, sadly,

that as of 9:00 a.m. today
9,875 people have now died,

an increase of 917 on yesterday.

- They're going to sedate you for a while.

Um, they're going to, um, put
you to sleep for a short time.

That should make you
feel better afterwards.

Um, you know, you will feel a lot better.

Um, we are thinking of
you, praying for you.

(car doors clunking)

- [Nurse] You need to spend some time,

some quality time with your dad.

- [Norah] Yeah.

- [Nurse] He needs to know he's dying.

- [Norah] No.

- [Nurse] I know, but his
oxygen levels are just so low

that there's no coming back from this.

- [Norah] No, I can't.

1 can't talk to him about that.

- [Nurse] Hello, Frank.

(gentle thoughtful music)

Your oxygen levels are very low, too low.

And I have some pills that will help,

but your body isn't going
to recover from this.

(Frank shivering)

Given him some medication to settle him.

He knows he's going now.

(Frank shivering)

(Frank breathing heavily)

-I'm dying.

I'm dying.

- [Norah] You're all right.

It's all right.

I'm here.

I'm here.

1 love you, Dad.

Dad, it's okay.

Shh! Shh!
(Frank breathing shakily)


1 love you, Dad. We all love you.

(Frank choking)

Dad, We're together.

Dad! We're together!

I'm here for you, Dad!

I'm here! I'm here!

{Norah sobbing)
(Frank stops breathing)

(gentle somber music)

(crying) I'm so sorry, Dad!


I'm so sorry.

(people murmuring)

(gentle somber music continues)

(birds chirping)

(door clunking)
{door creaking)

- [Mary] Hey! Good morning!

- [Cedd] Happy Birthday.

- Aww.
- I think he said

happy birthday! (laughs)
- Thank you!

(hospital staff applauding)
- Bye!

Thank you.

(car door clunking)

- [Carrie] Hello.

- And this is just gonna be

a big, big, big, big, big castle!

- [Dominic] Yeah, castle.

And in the castle there's
gonna be a nice dragon,

isn't there?
- And you and Mum!

(car door slamming)

- [Boris] It's nice to see you.

- [Carrie] You too.

- [Boris] Oh. (sighs)

(car engine revving)

(birds chirping)

- We have no FFP3 masks.

We've got no gowns, no visors.

We've been trying to buy stock from China.

Um, we've had test results

where the results haven't come
hack for more than a week,

and sometimes the results
just don't come back at all.

I've lost nine residents
in the past two weeks.

You know, if the government
was an employee of mine,

I'd sack them for gross negligence.

I've got 60 residents who are symptomatic

and only one of them has
been transferred to hospital.

I mean, it's just soul-destroying.

(staff applauding)

(Boris sighs)

- Good afternoon.

I have today left hospital after a week

in which the NHS has saved
my life, no question.

It's hard to find words
to express my debt,

um, but before I come to that,

I want to thank everyone in
the entire UK for the effort

and the sacrifice you have made.

When the sun is out and
the kids are at home,

when the whole natural
world seems at its loveliest

and the outdoors is so inviting,

1 can only imagine how tough it has been

to follow the rules

on social distancing.
- This is a little tree

frying to grow up into a big
tree just like you, Cedd.

- I thank you because so many millions

and millions of people across this country

have been doing the right thing.

- I spy with my little eye,
something beginning with


- [Dominic] Is it sheep?

- Yeah.

- [Dominic] Yes!

-No. I don't see any people
who are just walking here.

- No, there's no people.

(sheep baaing)

-And I want you to know
that this Easter Sunday,

1 do believe that your
efforts are worth it

and are daily proving their worth.

- That is why we will
defeat this coronavirus

and defeat it together.

We will win.

Stay at home, protect
our NHS, and save lives.

- Swing me again.

(computer keyboard tapping)
{tense somber music)

(tense somber music continues)

(tense somber music continues)

(tense somber music continues)