This England (2022): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

The situation in nursing homes and hospitals continues to deteriorate and the number of deaths increases. Meanwhile, Boris' symptoms worsen and Carrie suggests that he may need to go to the hospital.

{ominous music)

(cat meows)

(Boris breathing heavily)

- [Barrister 1] You're not to be trusted,

are you, Mr. Johnson?

You got Marina, your second wife, pregnant

in Brussels while still
married to Allegra.

- We seek cities because
there are more girls

at the bar of reproductive choice.

- [Barrister 2] You
denied having an affair

with Petronella Wyatt.

- It's complete balderdash.

- [Barrister 2] You
got her pregnant twice.

- Itis an inverted pyramid off piffle.

- [Barrister 3] You were sacked
from the cabinet for lying.

- [Barrister 4] You
offered to help your friend

have a journalist beaten up.

- [Barrister 2] When you were mayor,

you had a child with an advisor.

- [Barrister 1] You had an
affair with Jennifer Arcuri.

- My policy on cake is pro
having it and pro eating it.

- I've kept your secrets,
and I've been your friend,

and I don't understand
why you've blocked me.

(Boris groans)
(sirens wail)

- [Reporter] The UK is waking up

to the first day of lockdown.

The British people have
been told fo stay at home

unless they are frontline workers,

and, for now, at least, people seem

to be following the rules.

Pubs, schools, shops, and
offices are all closed,

the streets eerily quiet.

- [Speaker] My mum's
saying it's just the tip

of the iceberg.

- [Worker] Can we get a report from the--

- Okay, it's Corbyn's last PMQs tomorrow.

He's gonna bang on about testing and PPE.

- That's Hancock's department.

- Yeah, exactly, he's got
the press conference today,

so let's direct all of the flak his way.

- Right, welcome to Northwick Park, guys.

First of all, what do you normally do?

- We're all dentists.
- Dentists.

- Great, some of us might be asking

for a hit of free advice.

So you lot are gonna be
what's called a proning team.

We've found that it helps
patients to breathe better

if they're on their front.

So Mark here is gonna
be our lovely patient,

but with real patients,

there'd be a lot of tubes attached.

Kimberly and Kate, they're
gonna show you how it's done.

(solemn music)

- I'm ready.
- Yeah?

- Yeah,
- Got everything?

- Yeah.

- All right, we're off then.

- Okay.
- See you later.

- Love you.
- Love you.

(solemn music)

(solemn music continues)

(door thuds)

- All right?

(bags rustling)

(buttons beeping)

(cutlery clinking)

(solemn music)

- They grow up so fast, don't they?

- [Patient] Too fast, yeah.

(Nurse laughs)

- It's not too cold, is it?

- No, that's fine, thank you.

(Mr. Green coughing)

(solemn music)

- What about testing?

We said we'd be up to 10,000 by tomorrow.

- Well, we're at just under 7,000,

- Why haven't we met the target?

- Well, just, we need some
good news to announce.

- Well, we can announce
the Nightingale Hospital.

- Yeah, yeah, Crimean-style
healthcare for a new generation-

-4,000 extra beds.
- Is what the cynics will say.

- Extra beds on one site.

If 87,000--
- Yeah, I've got it, I know,

I know, I know, it's a good
thing, it's a good thing.

I get it, I do, I appreciate
you've done a great job.

- If it reaches capacity, which it could,

it will be the largest
hospital in the world.

- [Boris] Yeah, I know, I know.

- I think we should back
the Clap for Carers.

- Well, that sounds like
we're backing gonorrhea.

Well, it does.

- No, it started in Italy.

It was a Dutch woman that
set up a Facebook group.

- Oh God, so now we're
gonna get Brexit flak

as well, are we?
- No, The Sun likes it.

Ithink we should get behind it.

-I agree.

- The coronavirus pandemic
continues to grow.

Very sadly, overnight,
87 more people have died,

bringing the total to 422.

I can announce today
that we will, next week,

open a new hospital, a temporary hospital,

the NHS Nightingale Hospital,
at Excel Center in London.

- [Reporter] The Tokyo 2020
Olympics have been postponed

until next year.

China has announced it
will lift the lockdown

in Wuhan on April the 8th.

Worldwide, there are now more

than 400,000 cases of COVID-19.

It took over three months

to reach the first
100,000 confirmed cases,

and only two days to increase
from 300,000 to 400,000.

(siren beeps)

(doors thud)

- [Paramedic] Gonna do a quick
set of observations on you.

So the oxygen in your blood
does look a little bit low.

- [Medic] Gonna put this on
your head for you, all right?

- I'm okay.

- [Paramedic] So I'm thinking, pop you up

to the hospital.
- Okay.

- [Medic] It's all right.
(Mrs. Boateng coughs)

(pensive music)

Okay, keep going.

- I'm coming with you.

- [Medic] Oh my sweetheart,
we can't take you.

We'll look after him, we promise you.

- Have you got your phone?

- [Daughter] Love you, dad.

(pensive music)

(sirens wail)

(gurney squeaks)

(Boris panting)

(Boris coughing)

(Boris groaning)

(Boris coughing)

- Great honors taste sweet,
but they come bringing pain.

Something goes wrong
between a man and the gods,

and his whole life is overturned.

(Number 10 staff conversing)

Cleo, have you got a moment, please?

Thank you, ta.

Ithink I should have
a test for the virus.

Let's do it when I'm prepping PMQs

in the upstairs apartment,

and let's not tell anyone
until we know the result.

- Of course, Prime Minister.

How are you feeling?

- Like the morning after the night before.

- [Cleo] I'll get some Nurofen.

- You're a saint.

- We are issuing new
guidance for hospitals

that all visiting is to be
suspended with immediate effect.

- Yeah, I think we need
to be really careful

with that, Stephen.

- There are exceptions

for patients receiving end of life care,

birthing partners
accompanying a woman in labor,

a parent or appropriate
adult visiting a child.

(clock ticking)
{ominous music)

(Tony wheezing)

(clock ticking)
{foreboding music)

- [Boss] So she's able
to come into work today?

- [Man] She has a temperature.

- Right.
- She can't come in.

So she'll be off for seven days at least.

- [Boss] Sounds pretty bad.

- Yeah, sorry about that.

- [Boss] Did she get a test?

- There's nowhere near here.

- [Doctor] We have to take a
swab at the back of the throat.

- Oh, right, trial by ordeal.

- [Doctor] Well, it's not very pleasant.

- Okay, well, I have to tell
you, (speaking indistinctly).

(Boris retches)


- My oxygen has run out.

- Well, tell the doctors.

- I never see anyone.

I don't know what to do.

- I miss you.

(solemn music)
(clock ticking)

- [Boris] Hello, good morning.


- [Corbyn] When will all the
social care staff have access

to regular testing?

- [Boris] Testing is vital to our success

in beating the coronavirus,
and this has been a priority

of this government ever since
the onset of the crisis.

(pensive music)

- [Reporter] The PM has today
come under intense pressure

over the lack of PPE for NHS staff,

as more doctors and nurses express concern

about their safety.

- What are you doing?
(staff laughing)

- Well, it's just in
case we run out of masks.

- That's brilliant.

- [Reporter] In Italy, another
685 people died in 24 hours,

while in Spain, more than
3,400 people have now died.

(Stuart coughs)

- [Mrs. Green] Do you want some water?

- Oh, go on then.

- Come on then.

{ominous music)

(dial tone chiming)

(dial tone chiming)

- Hello, my name's Karen, this is Louie.

How are you feeling today?

- [Louie] Just gonna
check your oxygen levels,

is that all right?

Give her a good wave.

(siren wails)

(people applauding)
(metal clanging)

- Well done, looked good.

- Thanks.

Oh, God. (panting)

- You all right?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Just a bit clapped out, (groans).

(phone ringing)

Yeah, hello.

- [Doctor] Hello, Prime Minister.

- Yeah.

- [Doctor] We have your test results back.

- Oh, right, yeah.

- [Doctor] And I'm
afraid they're positive.

- Really?

Oh shit.

(coughs) I've got the bloody virus.

- Oh, God, how are you feeling?

- A bit of a temperature.

This cough's annoying.

- Well, you need to get some rest, then,

and you need to eat properly.

Do you want me to come back?

- Well, yes, but we just told everybody

they've gotta stay at home,

so we can't have you flitting
around wherever you want.

Caesar's wife and so on.

- Well, don't be a martyr,

tell them to get you
anything that you need.

I felt the baby move today.

- Did you?

Oh, that's good.

Ithink, is it?

Itis good, is it?

- Yes.

- Oh, good, good, great, okay, okay.

- Love you.

- I think we need to get the PM

to send a message out himself.

Try in some way to take
the sting out of it.

- Right, and frame it as
we're all in this together.

- It's crucial to reassure everyone

that the PM is still in charge,

and to make sure that Sedwill
and Raab know that too.

We are in charge.

- Who are we gonna get to do
the press conference tonight?

- Hancock, that way he can't
dodge the questions on PPE.

{tense music)

- [Hospital Staff] And your other one.

-18 Of our 22 beds in level
three are now occupied.

We're working on bringing on another 11,

but they should be ready
in about a week or so.

- With the amount of staff that we need.

We're gonna run out of PPE.

- Well, a local school's
offered to make some visors.

(people chuckle)

- Oh, wow, here's one I made earlier.

- [Rucsana] This is it.

- [Tricia] I mean, how many can they make?

- They say a thousand a day.

- Mm.
- Wow.

- Also, we've had 30 iPads donated

so the patients can
talk to their families.

- Great.
- Great.

- [Reporter] Britons are
known around the world

for our queuing skills, and it would seem

as if we still love to line up,

even when maintaining social distance.

- [Boris] So what do I press?

- Just click on the link.

Then click on the computer
audio and then the camera.

- [Boris] Right, well, is it picture?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Hello, can you hear me, Houston?

- Yes, loud and clear.

- God, I normally have
somebody to do all this for me.

I'm not sure about this
self-isolation malarkey.

- We're gonna get Rishi
and his lot to move out

of their offices and cordon them off

$0 you can use them
during your quarantine.

- [Boris] Okay, okay.

- [Jamie] So you're positive?

- Yeah, yeah.

- [Jamie] Are you sure,
or are you positive?

- Positive that I'm positive, Jamie.

Now's not the time, all right?

- Sorry.

- God, the press are gonna
love this, aren't they?

Health minister gets ill.

- Okay, so for those
of you who don't know,

the PM is self-isolating,
he's tested positive.

- Matt's self-isolating as
well, he's tested positive too.

- Why the fuck didn't you tell us?

- Because I only just found out.

- PM, are you there?

- Yeah, I am, sorry.

I've gotta unmute it, I dunno what I did.

- Okay, just before we start,

can I ask what you want for lunch

just so we can try and
get something brought up

from the canteen for you?

-I don't know, I'm not hungry.

I mean, I got some stuff in
the fridge, so don't worry.

- Okay.

- [Matt] Hi, guys, sorry about this.

- Matt, the PM's tested positive.

He's joining us by video.

- Oh, all right.

- Yeah, I am self-isolating.

- Prime Minister, I also tested positive,

1 got a positive result this morning.

- [Chris] And I have symptoms,

but I don't have the test results back in.

- [Boris] As of 5:00 PM
on the 27th of March,

1,019 patients in the
UK who tested positive

for coronavirus have sadly died.

- [Reporter] The United States
is now leading the world

in COVID-19 cases at
over a hundred thousand.

- I'm just gonna go to the loo, darling.

(Mary vomiting)

(Mary retching)

- Okay, okay.

I'm leaving now, okay, bye.

{tense music)

- All right?
- Yeah, great.

Perfect, perfect.

- Right, so what do you want in terms

of where this--
- Yeah, great.

Just keep it up high.

It's never that flattering from below.

- Okay, the old jowls.

- (chuckles) Exactly.

- Bit Churchillian maybe,
never in the field...

- All right, shall we have a go?

- Yeah, sure.

Hi, folks, I wanna bring you up to speed

with something that's happening today,

which is that I've developed mild symptoms

of the coronavirus.

Could we get an autocue
up here for next time?

- We can.

1 do the selfie feel, I feel
like people can relate to it.

- Right, okay, yeah.

- [Mary] Thank you.

- You sure you're all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Okay.

I'm just gonna nip back to Number 10.

- Is that allowed if I have the virus?

- I've got to, I've gotta get my stuff.

- Okay.

- I won't be long.

I'l be back in a bit.

- Okay.

-I love you.

{foreboding music)

Bye, kiddo, Il see you later.

Big kiss for daddy.


- Stay at home, protect
the NHS, and save lives.

- That's good.

I think that was good.
- Great, okay.

God, I've gotta take this off.

I felt like it was strangling me.

- Thank you.

(pensive music)

Hey, guys, I think Mary might have COVID.

I'm gonna self-isolate, so,
Lee, can you do the PM's box?

- [Staff Member] I hope she's okay.

- [Dominic] Thank you.

- [Boris] You must expect to
suffer as well as rejoice,

since you're a man, and
the gods will see to that,

whether you like it or not.

(Mary sighs)

- Dom, are you sure this
is the right thing to do?

- Yeah.

Okay, kiddie, we're gonna go
see nanna and granddad, okay?

Mummy's gonna be down in a second,

and she'll get you in the car.

Sure you're okay?

- I'm fine, Dom, I'm fine.

- Okay.

- What's your temperature?

(thermometer beeps)

What is that in sort of old
fashioned British Fahrenheit?

- Are you eating properly?

- I haven't really got an
appetite, to be honest.

- You have to look after yourself, Boris.

- Well, maybe I'll lose
some weight, you know?

That would do me good.

They say the virus likes fat people.

- You're not fat.

- Just overweight.

- Yeah, exactly.

You're a lovely cuddly bear.

- Yeah, well, this big cuddly bear

is missing his little otter.

- Mm, are you?

- [Boris] (coughs) Sorry, sorry.

(engines roaring)

- Are you looking forward to
seeing grandma and grandpa?

- Yeah, it's a long way from London.

(pensive music)

- [Hospital Staff] Sorry, Amir.

Apologies, darling.

- All done in there.


Thank you.

- Good evening, the coronavirus
showed that every one

of us is at risk from it in the
most dramatic fashion today,

as its infectious reach

penetrated the highest
levels of government.

Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson

and Health Secretary
Matt Hancock confirmed

they tested positive.

-Is that Mrs. Ramirez?

Hi, I'm calling from the
Northwick Park Hospital.

I'm sorry to update you like this,

but your husband's condition,

it deteriorated rapidly this afternoon.

(pensive music)

His heart and his kidneys
were really struggling,

and despite the treatment,
I'm afraid he passed away.

{engine humming)

(Doctor sighs)

- In the flat above Number 11 Downing--

- [Lee] Wasn't as had
as it could have been.


Anyway, I'm going, I'm knackered.

- Yeah, me too, you coming?

- I've a few more things to finish off.

(Lee and colleague
conversing indistinctly)

(melancholic music)

(engine roars)

- [Dominic] Not far now.

- [Mary] Ah, great.

(indictor clicking)

(owl hoots)

- Hello, you okay?

Hell of a drive.

- Yeah.
- You want some tea?

- Oh, I'm fine.

Don't come over.

Mary's got it, so.

- Don't worry about me.

Your mum's looking forward to seeing you.

- Yeah, she sounded really down.

- Yeah, she iis, uncle's very unwell.

All a bit of a mess, really.

{ominous music)

(sirens wail)

(baby crying)

(baby crying continues)

- [Carrie] Do not send
me to the underworld.

(Boris panting)
{ominous music)

- Have mercy on me.

(baby crying)

(Boris groans)

(Boris coughing and spluttering)

(Boris panting)
{ominous music)

{text clicking)

{text clicking)

- Okay, Dom will not be with us today.

He is self-isolating ‘cause
Mary's got the virus.

-Is he joining by video?

- Well, it appears not, doesn't it, Mark?

(Boris moans)

(Boris sighs)

- Hey, how are you?

- Bit rough, actually.

- [Mary] You were driving all night.

- Yeah, maybe it was that.

- Dom not joining us?

- That's odd.

Do you wanna give him a call afterwards,

make sure he's okay?

- Yeah, of course, PM.

- [Boris] Yeah, Matt, how
are we doing on testing?

- Well, we're working on a plan.

I think we need to set a
clear target that is ambitious

and that we can get the
private sector to deliver.

Chris, I know, has been
talking to Deloitte.

- Yeah, we need something
to announce today, Matt.

- Hi, how are you?

- Yeah, not bad, but Dom's terrible.

He's up in bed.

[Both] Oh.

- Listen, I've brought some toys for Cedd.

I've given them a good scrub off.

I'll leave them here, and he
can play with them outside.

Fresh air will do him good.

- Thanks so much.
- Aw.

- [Mrs. Boateng] Can I
speak to Tony Boateng?

- [Staff] Can you ring
on his mobile please?

- I can't get through.

Maybe his phone is out of battery.

- [Staff] Sorry, he's not in this ward.

He must have been moved.

(solemn music)

- [Paramedic] All right, easy does it.

We've got the bed outside for you.

- Don't worry, look after your dad,


Look after yourself.

- Don't worry, love.

I'l be back very soon.

I'l be back.

(Grace panting)
- Right, careful.

-I love you.

(solemn music)

1 didn't expect (panting)

to get this bad.

- You've given me your virus, you bastard.

- How are you feeling?

- Sore throat, temperature.

- Oh, God, well, have you seen a doctor?

- No, I think I'l be all right.

- It's quite intimate, really, isn't it?

Sharing our virus?


- It sucked me first and now sucks thee,

and in this flea our
two bloods mingled be.

- Nice.

I'm not sure flea would be my
first choice to be sucked by.

- [Reporter] Here in the
UK, the number of people

to have died from COVID-19
is now more than a thousand.

- [Care Worker] Hello, Bob, darling.

How are you?

- [Reporter] 260 people died overnight,

taking the total to 1,019.
- Would you like some water?

See if we can perk you up a little bit?

See if you're feeling a
bit better after that.

(Bob coughing)

Yeah, you keep getting
your rest, though, Bob.

- Mrs. Green, I'm calling
about your husband.

We've got his test results back.

He has got COVID, I'm afraid.

-Oh no.

- [Hospital Staff] With his
underlying health condition,

we just don't think he's gonna make it.

(clock ticking)
{pensive music)

- The hospital just called.

He's not going to make it.

(Mrs. Green sighs)

He's all alone.

- For the moment, we're gonna continue

with the oxygen treatment as we are.

Sometimes we use a ventilator,

however, in your case,
we wouldn't recommend it.

{text clicking)

- So far, we've had
around 15,000 applications

from potential suppliers,

and now we just have to process them.

- Hi, it's Patrick at Cookson and Clegg.

We registered our details with you

on the website at least two weeks ago,

and we've heard nothing.

- Hi, I'm calling about my dad, Mr. Green.

We really need to see him.

- The hospital actually
has a no visitor policy

at the moment.
- I appreciate that, but--

- But in cases of palliative care,

we are making an exception,

$0 you can come and visit your father.

- Thank you.

- [Staff] Hello, I'm
calling about your husband.

- Yes.
- I'm afraid we've had

to take him to intensive care.

- What?

Can I talk to him?

-No, I'm really sorry,
we've had to intubate him,

50 he's not conscious at the moment.

(somber music)

- Hi, Tony, I'm just gonna
reposition your arms.

Just relax for me, please.


And just the same thing on the other side.

All done, Tony.

- Yeah, yeah, we were thinking
that you might do a shout out

to a different group each time.

- Yeah, yeah.

- There isn't any policy to announce,

so one day, pharmacists,
then delivery drivers.

- Really?
- Yeah,

we kind of rotate through them all.

- Okay, right, let's see how this goes.

I wanna thank everybody
who has been complying.

- He looks pretty rough.

- [Boris] So we want to stay at home.

- I actually think that's a good thing.

- There's one thing
coronavirus has already proved,

it is that there really is
such a thing as society.

- Are you sure,

are you sure you really want
keep the dig at Thatcher in?

That's gonna wind up a few people.

(pensive music)

- Hi, we're here to see my dad, Mr. Green.

- [Hospital Staff] Oh, hi,
I've just been in with him.

He's actually on pretty good form.

(Mr. Green moaning)

- [Mr. Green] You look beautiful.

- It's good to see you.

- [Nurse] Okay, I'll leave you to it.

- [Reporter] The sheer
scale of this project

and the speed at which it was
delivered is breathtaking,

and these ventilators, in
short supply nationwide,

will soon be plumbed

into a four-mile-long oxygen tube network.

Trained critical care doctors
and nurses will be sent here

from other London hospitals too.

- [Doctor] So now we've got Anthony.

Anthony's had a period of desaturation,

and we were gonna
arranged for a chest CT--

- [Worker] Hi, Tony, it's
okay, we're here now.

- [Staff] Hold his hand for me.

- [Nurse] I'm going to hold
this tube for you now, Tony.

(melancholic music)

- [Doctor] It's almost done.

Just gonna connect these for you, Tony,

to make you feel more comfortable.

Are you still holding his hand?

- Yeah.
- Good, thank you.

All done, Tony.

(mournful music)

Sorry, I have some sad news.

Unfortunately, your
husband has passed away.

I'm afraid he passed away an hour ago.

(Mrs. Boateng weeps)

-No, no, no.

No, no, no!

(Mrs. Boateng screaming)

God, no!

(melancholic music)

(tools tapping)

- You look tired.

You should get some rest.

- No, I want to be here when he dies.

- You're awake.

- [Reporter] As of today,

134,946 people have now
been tested for the virus.

Of those who have contracted the virus,

1,408 have, very sadly, died.

(Mr. Green singing faintly)

(people speaking faintly)
(door shuts)

(Mr. Green continues singing)

(Mr. Green continues singing)

(Mr. Green humming)

(machine beeping gently)

- [Nurse] He's gone.

(phone rings)

- Morning.
- Hello.

- [Policeman] I'm calling
from Durham Constabulary.

- Oh, yes, hello.

- I've got a message that
your son is in Durham.

- That's right, yes, I was
calling about some security.

He's had several death threats, you know.

- [Policeman] When did he arrive?

- Friday night, early Saturday morning.

- [Policeman] And where did he come from?

- London.
- You are aware

of the national lockdown.

- Of course, hut his wife was ill,

and they just wanted to
sort out some childcare.

- If you have the virus
or symptoms of the virus,

you're supposed to stay at home.

It's very clear.

- Yes, of course.

- [Policeman] And your
son's wife had symptoms.

- Yes.

- So they should have
self-isolated in London.

I'l have to make a note
of this conversation.

- Right, okay.


{foreboding music)


- [Matt] Testing, we need
to get a grip of this.

- Absolutely.

- I think we need to put
someone specific in charge,

someone who can deliver the policy,

and someone who can explain
the policy to the public.

-I agree.

I think John Newton is the best person.

- Yeah, good, yeah.

1 like John.

- [Reporter] And sadly, yesterday,

we recorded the highest single increase

in the number of deaths
as a result of COVID-19.

381 people died.

- How's mum, have you been in touch?

- [Milo] Yeah, she's okay.

It's tough with cancer.

She's having to shield herself.

- Yeah.

- [Mary] After a week, we
reached peak corona uncertainty.

Day six is a turning point, I was told.

That's when you either get
better or head for ICU.

I sat on his bed staring at his chest,

trying to count his breaths per minute.

The little oxygen reader we'd
bought on Amazon indicated

that he should be in hospital,
but his lips weren't blue,

and he could talk in
full sentences, such as.

- Will you stop staring at my chest, Mary.

- This has been a sad, sad day.

563 more cases are...

- Sorry, sorry, Prime Minister,
it's deaths, not cases.

- What?

- [Lee] It's deaths, not cases.

- Oh, ah, yeah, yeah.

So that would be less serious, yeah.

It has been a sad, sad day.

563 more cases.

Thoughts go to the
families of the victims.

- [Reporter] National Statistics
talks about all deaths,

including those in the community
and those in hospitals.

The big numbers from the
Department for Health

and Social Care just looks at those people

who have died in hospital,

and we now know from
looking at those figures

that there's perhaps some 10% of deaths

that have been happening in the community

that are not being reported
in those big numbers.

Six people died at home, 33 in a hospice,

217 in care homes, and 20 elsewhere,

and those figures aren't being included.

(somber music)

-I don't know if it's
mental or physical now,

but I'm in pure exhaustion.

- Yeah.
- And I'm so fucking,

1 feel a bit bleugh.

- Not when you're down to one person

for eight family members.
- Yeah.

(workers applauding)

- [Jamie] Welcome back.

- Hiya.

- [Nana] Hiya.

- Mum, is Molly there?

Hi, baby girl.
- Mummy!

- Hiya.

- [Nana] Say hello to mummy.

- Mummy, why are you in
bed in my new bedroom?

- ‘Cause mummy's tired, baby.

- [Nana] I've come in to play on the iPad

and look at dollies.

- Oh, are you playing with Nana?

- I keep having these strange dreams.

- Oh yeah, sexy dreams?

- No, I wish.

No, these are more harbingers of doom.

- The doomsters and the gloomsters?

- Exactly.

Do you know, the ancients took
dreams very, very seriously,

as portents of things to come.

- You're not ancient.

-Ha ha.

- You're just old.

- Well, middle aged.

- Oh, God, that's even worse.

- In my prime.
- Exactly.

- Look who it is.

- Mummy!
- It's mummy.

(Molly whimpers)

- Is mummy in the window?

- I want my mumma.
- Come to Nana.

- [Nana] I know.

- 1 know, baby.

1 want you too.

I want you too.
{Molly crying)

I'm sorry.


Mummy's so sorry.
- We're going to go play baby.

Do you want to play baby?

- I love you.
{Molly crying)

- [Cedd] There's no sign.

- Hi.

- How are you feeling?

- Alive.

What are you up to?

All right.

Should we do it?

Come on, yeah.

- You don't need to tip it all out.

- [Dominic] (chuckles) I
love tipping it all out.

- Right, PPE and testing,
let's get a grip of this.

Steve, what is going on with NHS supply?

- We are struggling, I
think it's fair to say.

- We've spent the past years trying

to make cost savings in the supply chain,

which means minimizing the stock we hold.

Now we're in the middle
of a global pandemic,

everyone is chasing the same PPE.

- Well, what about British manufacturers?

Let's get them involved.

- Good.

- Yeah, and now we're swamped

with everyone and their
nan offering to help.

- We need some sort of triage system.

- We thought there could be a fast track.

- Yeah, good.

- And that way, anyone you know

and trust can just go straight
through the fast track.

- Hey, wonder if you can help.

We do medical scrubs for the NHS,

and our supplies and our
factories at Pakistan

and Laos have been cut.

Can you make scrubs?

- We can, yeah.
- That's great.

If I email the pattern over to you today,

how quick could you do a sample?

- Well, if you emailed it
to us by lunchtime today,

1 reckon we could probably
turn a sample around

for you by tomorrow morning.

- That's brilliant, I'll get that across

to you straight away.

(solemn music)

(machine engines roar)

(vehicle beeping)

- John is our new testing man.

- Hello, everybody.

- Hello, John.
- Morning, John.

- Tamsin, how many tests can we be doing

by the end of April?

- Daily, 125,000.

- And how confident are
you you can hit that?

-I don't think that is possible.

- I believe we can hit it,

but that isn't the same thing
as saying that we will hit it.

- John, what do you think?

- It's good to be ambitious.
- Right, okay.

So how many tests are we
currently doing per day?

-10,000, and we believe we can move

to the current target of 25,000 per day

by the end of the month.

- That isn't the current target.

The current target is
100,000 tests per day.

- So listen, I hear there's a fast track

for PPE supply contracts.

Yeah, can you put me down?


We have a company called Prospermill.

- It's a joke.

I applied more than two weeks ago.

I've heard nowt.

- Same for me.
-And me.

- [Grace] I've been praying.

- You're going to be okay.

- They say it's 50-50.

- I know.

You'll be the strong one.

-I love you.

If anything should happen to me,

you must be strong for the children.

- Hey.

- I think it would be better, safer,

if you were in hospital.

As a precaution.
-No, no, no.

I'm not that ll.

- At this stage, your
symptoms should be clearing.

If anything, they're getting worse.

- I don't think you should be dealing

with your red boxes, Prime Minister.

You need to rest.
- Well, you and Lee Cain

look at everything.

Just show me what you think I need to see.

- [Ben] Can we trust you to rest?

- Scout's honor.

- Let's prepare a bed at St. Thomas's.

He looks pretty rough.

(solemn music)
(engine growling)

- [Reporter] The number of
worldwide coronavirus cases

passes 1 million.

- Our Testing Tsar in this
national effort for testing.

- Could I just change one thing?

- Can you change Testing Tsar

to testing coordinator?

- Really, don't want to be a tsar?

- The last one was shot.

- Right.
(people chuckle)

Yeah, let's do this.

{ominous music)

I've been away for a week now,

and I am delighted to be back.

In the past week, we have
completed the construction

of a whole new hospital, NHS Nightingale,

built in nine days.

1 will stop at nothing to make sure

that frontline staff
have the right equipment

so that they can feel safe,

and so that they can have the confidence

that they need to do their jobs.

I am now setting the goal
of 100,000 tests per day

by the end of this month.

That is the goal,

and I am determined
that we will get there.

{ominous music)

(Boris speaking faintly)

- (sighs) Oh, God.

(bells clanging)
{people applauding)

(somber music)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Cedd whining)

- [Mary] Cedd.

Oh, darling, you've been sick.

Oh, sweetheart.

(solemn music)

- [Carer] We're just going
into this bed, sweetheart,

and I'll get you nice and warm, okay?

- Beautiful, there we go.

Pillows just behind you.

Do you want me to pop your head up?

Hopefully, you start feeling
a bit better, Auntie Sheila?

(solemn music)

- [Mary] It's all right.

(Cedd whimpering)
- It's all right.

(engine rumbling)
(solemn music)

He's doing okay.

Are you on your way?

- Yep, see you outside the front.

- [Mary] Yeah.

{tense music)

- Hi, folks.

Quick update from me on the
campaign against coronavirus.

First of all, my own case,

although I'm feeling better

and I've done my seven days of isolation,

I still have one of the
symptoms, minor symptom.

I have a temperature,

and so in accordance
with government advice,

I need to continue my self-isolation.

- I'm back.

- Oh, in London?

- No, no, no, I'm still in Durham.

I mean, I'm back from
the brink with the virus.

- Right, and how's Mary?

- She's good, how are you feeling?

- Not dead,

or if I am, no one has briefed me.

{foreboding music)

- 684 people with COVID-19 have died today

in hospitals in the UK.

The only way to protect yourselves now,

and others, is to stay at home.

This advice is not a request,
itis an instruction.

Stay at home, protect lives,

and then you will be doing your part.

- Oliver asked very specifically if the PM

could look at his arts plan.
- I'm not bothering the PM

with fucking theater.

- The FCO want to know if
we got the new travel reg.

- Yeah, well, I didn't get it.

- They emailed it.

- To who, to who?

To go in the box, it's gotta be printed.

I'haven't got time to print it out.

You have not got time to print it out.

(Boris sighs)

{tense music)

- Hello, dow you doing?

- Oh, yeah, the mind is willing,

but the body is weak.

I'm just bone tired.

- You have to rest.

-I am resting, but I need fresh air.

My lungs need fresh
air, I need stimulation.

I'm not used to,

very good at being alone.

- Like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island.

- Yes, and you know, I need my Man Friday.

Well, my Person Friday.

- Girl Friday.
- Exactly.

I feel like Macaulay
Culkin in "Home Alone".

(solemn music)

- My health is somehow bad now,

but I hope to be better.

- [Nurse] Okay, Grace,

we're just gonna get this tube secured in.

It's helping you with your breathing.

- [Staff] Can you see he's
trying to open his eyes?

- [Relative] We can, yes.

Oh, come on.

Come on, Joseph.

- [Staff] Joseph, open your eyes.

That's it.
- Come on, Joe.

- [Reporter] 708 People
have sadly lost their lives

as a result of COVID-19,

the highest daily total yet recorded.

- [Carrie] I've spent the past week in bed

with the main symptoms of coronavirus.

I haven't needed to be tested,

and, after seven days of rest,

I feel stronger and I'm on the mend.

- [Reporter] Slowly, Wuhan is emerging,

and today, a national moment of mourning

to honor the 3,330 people

the authorities say
have died from COVID-19.

- Hello.

I've just brought you a little drink, Bob.

1 know we struggled earlier on the fluids,

so I've brought you this little sponge,

and then what we can do is use it

and it'll just help whet your whistle.

If you can just open your
mouth a tiny bit for me.

That's the job.

1 don't want you to struggle swallowing,

so we'll have a go with this for now.

(Bob grunts)

And then, Bob, I've brought
you a little bit of medicine.

It's also a little bit thicker

than the fluids we've been having,

but I'm gonna doit a
tiny little bit at a time,

and it'll make you feel a
little bit better, okay?

That's it.

So we'll go tiny little bit at a time,

with a tiny swallow for me.

Last tiny little bit.

Well done, Bob.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Doctor] I'm one of the
doctors calling from ICU.

It's not good news.

You should come in straight away.

- Can I bring our children?

- I'm sorry, we can only allow
one visitor at the moment.

- [Care Worker] Yeah, so his
full name is Bob Simmonds.

It's the 10th of the 4th, 1938.

Yeah, I'm with him now.

(somber music)

- [Care Worker] Night night, Bob.

Well done, darling.

You're at peace now.

Done ever so well, eh?

No more pain.

- [Carer] You look comfy, Bob.

(somber music)

- [Care Worker] All right, my darling.

You did so well.

No more pain.

Well done, darling.

(somber music)

(care worker sighs)

Oh, God.

(Care Worker weeping)

(somber music)

(Hospital Worker speaks faintly)

(machines beeping)

- I'l leave you a minute, okay.

(somber music)

- The children have been
praying for you every day.

They want you to come back home, Grace.

(somber music)

- Mum, we miss you.

We want you to come back.

I want you to be okay.

- [Husband] Do you hear that?

- [Son] I want you to be okay,
mum, I want you to come home.

- [Husband] Do you hear that?

- Miss you so much.

- They want you hack home.
- We miss you, mum.

We love you, and we want you

to keep fighting.
- They love you so much.

You are here with us.


- Grace.

Fight for me.


We want you to come back home.

We want you to come back home, Grace.

(somber music)

- [Son] We're praying for you, mum.

- Grace.
- We're praying for you, mum.

- Grace.

(somber music)

(pensive music)

(pensive music continues)

- Add your tears unto mine.

-Forit is sweet to see the daylight.

(Boris breathing heavily)

(Boris talking indistinctly)

1 was the first to call you father,

and you the first to call me child.

(baby crying)

(pensive music)

{text clicking)

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

Oh, God, Boris, you look terrible.

1think you need to go to hospital.

- think you're probably right.

{ominous music)

{ominous music continues)

{ominous music continues)