The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 5 - The Presence of Mine Enemies - full transcript

Ike is romancing Emily Metcalfe whose father has been feuding with shady gambler Neville. Emily vows revenge when Neville shoots her father but it's Ike who pays when trying to protect his girlfriend.

How's it going?

What's wrong?

Mind if I take a look?

Well, that's...

That's real good.

Stick with it. It will come.

You can stare at 'em all day,
those cards ain't gonna

You can't fault
a man for trying.

Should have known I'd find you

Emily, honey, you're early.

I... I was
just fixing to leave. I...

This time you were really
gonna quit.

You swore on mama's grave.

And I really
thought you changed.

What a fool I am.

Emily? Emily, honey...

What have you got?

Three tens.

Hmm. Too bad.

Three aces.

Thanks for the game, gents.

Where I come from,
the cards are dealt from
the deck in play.

What are you trying to say?

Well, it ain't me, exactly.
It's this Navy Colt I got
under the table,

aimed right
between your breakfast
and dinner,

and it would be powerfully
obliged if you'd keep both
hands on the table

where I can see them.

And allow me a moment of your
time, if you're agreeable, of

You're crazy.


Well, what do you know.


Now, given the unseemly
manner in which you
earned this money,

I'm sure you won't mind
returning it to
its rightful owners

and walking on out of here
nice and peaceful like
while you still can.

You're making a big mistake.

I've made bigger.

Now, go on, get.

I'm sorry, sugar,
but the man was cheating.

What was I supposed to do?
Just sit there and let
him get away with it?

You didn't have to sit there
at all.

Now, why didn't I think of that?

I can't believe it.
It's starting all over again.

Sugar, don't talk like that.

This time
it's gonna be different.

Throw down that gun.


Take it and leave us alone.

Now get down off of that
wagon. Let's have us a closer
look at you.

Get up!

I'll take that money back.

Now get out of here.

You all right?
I'm much obliged to you.

Lord knows what might have
happened if you hadn't come
along when you did.

I swear, if I ever catch you
in another card game,
I'll kill you myself.

How was I supposed to know
he'd be a bad loser?

Name's metcalfe.
That's my daughter, Emily.


- Where you going?
- Home.

Emily, wait!

She'll be back.

It ain't much, but it's home.



Emmy, I'm home.

Thanks again for your help
with Neville, ike.

Here you go, Ben.


Breakfast is ready.

You know, I think it's real
nice Rachel taking Jesse to
get his teeth fixed in St. Jo,

but I don't know if I could
survive another week of
hickok's cooking.

Are we having porridge again?

Lou, has your horse eaten yet?

- Enough, Cody.
- Boys, we've got company.

I'll say we do.


I'm Emily metcalfe.
My father and I
just bought the hatcher place.

Well, nice to meet you, Emily.
My name is William f. Cody.

Ike, I was kind of upset before.

I didn't get a chance to thank
you personally for
what you did.

What'd you do, ike?

I don't know. But whatever it
was, I wish I did it.

Well, if you'll excuse me.
The man at the food store is
loading our wagon.

It was nice meeting you.

Don't just stand there, ike.



I don't understand, I'm sorry...

We bought the place last week.

It cost just about every penny
we had...

Yeah, I know, it does need
work. That's okay... I don't
mind getting my hands dirty.

What's this?

Who's she?


I see.

It's pretty good.

Except, I'm right handed
and, uh,

I don't think my nose
is quite that big, do you?

I gotta go.


Well, I'm not much of
a dancer, but...

Sure. I'll go.

I'm serious, ike.
You can't just rush
things like this.

I mean, what do you really
know about Emily anyway?

You're taking her to
the dance, right?

So why can't you just wait
till then to see her again?

I'm not saying you can't
take care of yourself.

It's just, you haven't had the
best luck with women.

what I mean to say, ike,
is you, uh...

You handled that well, buck.

Ike, what are you doing here?

My father?

Well, he rode over to
cottonwood to buy a mule.


Thanks for all your help
today, ike.

I never met anyone like you

- Yah!
- Hey!

Damn you!

Don't worry, I'm all right.

What, the fire?

It's my fault.

I left the lantern on.
I should have been
more careful.

It's been a long night, ike,
and I'm tired.

Go away, ike, please.

I told you to go away!

You don't give up easy, do you?

Have a seat...

What difference does it make?

I'm sure the marshal's
a good man, ike.

But there's nothing he can do.
There's nothing
anybody can do.

A few years back,
in San Francisco,
some high rollers

were running a crooked table.

Daddy called 'em on it.

Guns were drawn and a state
senator died.

They called it murder.

With the witnesses they had,
he didn't stand a chance,
so we ran...

He's not a bad man.
And lord knows
he's tried to change.

It's just, besides talking,
playing cards is
all he knows how to do.

But no matter where we go,
sooner or later there's
trouble and we leave.

Why don't I leave?

I can't. He needs me.

Me? I don't need anybody.

Don't believe in it.

Come on, ike. You know how
it goes. You need people,
you end up getting hurt.


You and me?


Hold on there.

I mean,
we're friends, aren't we?

Isn't that enough?


I'm sorry.

Now, wait a minute!

I know you.
You're the one that jumped me.

Have a drink.

Ike, hold it!

Son, didn't I tell you
about five minutes ago this
ain't no way to go about it?

There was some
trouble out at the metcalfe
place last night.

I don't suppose you know
anything about that, do you?

You here to arrest me, marshal?


you sure she didn't see
who it was?

Marshal, that man is menace.

Dummy like him,
you ought to lock him up.


Well, what do you know.
A dummy and a half breed.

I tell you, marshal,
I don't know about
this town of yours.

So many undesirables.

Just stay away from
the metcalfes.

Let's go, boys,
before I forget
I'm wearing this badge.


Emily, are you all right?

Where's the mule?

Never mind that.
Are you all right?

Don't! I'm fine.
I just had a little company
last night.


Who else?

I knew I should have been here.

I'm sorry, honey.


Did you get him?

Then, he'll be back.

The law know?

Just ike.


Honey, how many times
have I told you
it's just you and me.

We can't trust strangers.

Can't trust strangers?

I can't trust you.

The money you were gonna buy
the mule with,
you lost it, didn't you?

Anyway, ike's not a stranger.
I like him.

Lord knows we've done it
before, we can do it again.

I'm not leaving.

We have to.
We ain't got no choice.


Ike won't give your secret away.

And as far as Neville goes,
we've dealt with worse.

Besides, I'm tired of running,

tired of living my whole life
paying for your mistakes,

tired of having
a child for a father.

Ike, I'm getting
tired sitting here.

Ike, how long is
this gonna take?

I've been smiling so long
I don't think I can stop.

That's okay, kid.
I'm sure the girls
will love it.

All right.

All right.

Ike, are you sure you
don't want to come along now?

Yeah. Just 'cause
Emily ain't coming don't mean
you can't have a good time.

Is that it?

- Finally.
- Let's see.

- See you, ike.
- We'll see you later.

You sure you're
gonna be all right?

Okay. I'll see you later.

Hello, ike.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

Emmy, you got company.

It seems as though you've made
quite an impression on
my little girl.

What are you doing here, ike?

The dance?

You mean, you still...

Give me 10 minutes.

You look beautiful.


Ike's a lucky guy.

He's nice, isn't he?

Come on.
You don't want to be late.

Who's that pretty gal
in the blue dress?

Never seen her before.

Oh, she's just passing through.

Leaving tomorrow morning.

That no good, lying snake.

Hey, come back!

That was nice, huh?


Ike? Emily?


You better come with me.

What is it?

No! Daddy! Daddy!
I'm here! It's me, Emmy.

You're gonna be all right.
Come on, show him!

I'm sorry, miss.

No! No! You don't know him.

Come on.
I know you're bluffing.

Get up.

Damn you, get up!

Get up!

No! I'll get you for this!

I'll get you for this!

- Let go of me!
- Ike, buck,
take her to my office.

- I'll send the doc over later.
- You bastard!


Anybody see what happened?

Marshal, he called me out.

I ain't talking to you.

Anybody else?

I was defending myself.

I got that right, don't I,

Shut up!

He tellin' the truth.

That one there, he draw first.

His gun don't jam,
he'd be the one
you're talking to.

I don't mean to dispute you,
sir, but, uh,

you sure about that?

Wished I weren't.

What are you gonna do, teaspoon?

Nothing I can do.

The man has a right
to defend himself.

I don't believe this.

Neville holds up a man,
burns down his barn
and kills him,

and there's nothing you can do?


Buck, I've lived a lot
longer than you.

Spent time on both sides
of the law.

And if there's one thing
I've learned,

if you cross that line,
don't matter if you
get caught or not,

you're gonna pay for it.

It may take a while.
And lord knows it don't
always seem fair,

but it will happen.

Thanks for bringing me home.

You hungry?
I'm making eggs.

He always liked a big breakfast.

Didn't matter the time.
You want some?

Now, where's the pepper?

Everywhere we go I always put
things in the same place,
you know?

That's how I know it's home.

Where is it?

He's messed up so many times.

But I always forgive him.

Now, I don't always want to,
but, uh,

he'll give me that hound dog
look and, uh,

he's just got this thing
about him, you know?

Like there's nothing
he can't get out of.

What am I gonna do?

I don't know. Um...

Give him a proper
burial then, uh...

I've never been on
my own before.

That's sweet, ike.

But I can't.

Not yet.
You understand, don't you?

Go home, ike.

And thanks for everything.

Thought I'd find you here.

What's that?

Ike, that's really good.

Can I keep it?

No, I... I think it is.
I think it is done.

I mean, there's something
about it.
It's kind of like you.

So, how is she?

She won't talk to you?
Why not?

Ike, I'm sorry.

About what I said earlier.
About Emily.

It wasn't my place.


For the picture.

Who is it?

Buck cross, ike's friend.

It's open.

It's a nice place.

Ike asked you to come,
didn't he?

He doesn't know I'm here.

Why are you here?

He said you didn't
want to see him.

He cares about you an awful
lot and...

And you don't want
to see him hurt?

You think I do?

Look, i'm... I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come here.


I care about ike a lot.

It's just I need time to myself.

I thought he understood that.

I think maybe he did.

Well, uh, as long as you're
here, could you give me a hand
with these laces.

I'm all thumbs...

There's so much about
ike I don't know.

Like what?

Well, how'd you get to know
him? I mean, you're not the
most likely of friends.

I guess not, huh?



I had just left the kiowa.
I was going to a mission

I didn't much fit in there.

That's where I first met ike.

I didn't get to know him,
though, not really.
No one did.

Kids were all afraid of him.

Of ike?

Yeah. They thought if he
touched you, your hair
or tongue would fall out.

No, really. Really.

Sometimes he would,
uh, he would drool.

And he would make this weird
face and sort of
come at you all...

Anyway, one day I was in town...

And these drunks got on me
about the half breed stuff.

And I tried to fight,
but there must have
been six or seven.

Next thing I know,
there was ike, slugging away
right beside me.

What happened?

They beat the hell out of us.

But from that day on
we've been like brothers.

Thanks, buck.

"thou preparest a table for me

"in the presence of mine
my cup runneth over.

"Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days
of my life,

"and I shall dwell in the
house of the lord forever."



Bye, daddy.

His lucky deck.

No one could ever prove
they were marked.

I'm sorry, Emily.

I know.

Well, if you gentlemen
will excuse me,

there's this mule
in cottonwood daddy
was set on buying.

I was thinking this might be
the perfect time for me
to go get him.

You're leaving now?

The sooner I wrap up
unfinished business,

the sooner I can get
on with my life.

And that's something
I'm looking forward to...

See you soon.

That looks real nice.


How was the funeral?

Fine for a funeral.

Saw Emily in town a few
minutes ago.

She was headed
toward the saloon.

Said hello to her
and she acted like she
didn't even hear me.




Ike, no!

Wait up.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Thought you knew how to
use that thing.


God, no! Ike? Ike!


I'll get the doc.

Hold on, ike.

Any change?

Doc says he lost a lot of blood.

Merciful god.

What about Neville?

Ah, he got lucky.
The bullet went
clean through him.

How long you gonna keep
him locked up?

Till I know one of you ain't
going after him.

When's it gonna stop, teaspoon?

Right now.

Shouldn't be more than a
couple of days before Neville
can ride, then he's gone.

Till then, I don't want
you going anywhere near him,
you understand?

God, what have I done?

I'm so sorry.


I don't know.

Can we see him?

For a few minutes.
One at a time.

Go ahead, son.


How you doing?

Doc says you'll be out of here
in a couple of days...

Hell, ike,
I've seen worse than that.

Remember the time Katie
picked up a stone and tossed
the kid on his head?

We thought he was gone for sure.


And when three days later
he was riding again,

he didn't know who he was,
but that...

But that didn't stop him.

Me, too, buddy.

He wants to see you.


She's been in there an awful
long time, teaspoon.

Yeah, I know.

Wait here.

They don't know ike.

If anyone can pull through,
he can.


Lou, boys.

Thanks, doc. You do nice work.

How long till he's
ready to ride?

Another day or two.


get out of here.

Just like that?

If you stay here,
I can't be responsible
for your well being.

And if I was you,
i'd, uh, lay low
till I was ready to ride.

You ain't me, marshal.

How about my gun?

Get out of here.

Now, I'm sorry to disappoint
you, but I ain't up
to a fight.

And you ain't got it in you to
kill a man in cold blood.

So why don't you just do us
both a favor

and just step aside,

half breed.

You just can't pull that
trigger, can you?

You're just like that dummy
friend of yours,

ain't got the nerve.

He draw on you, son?

Anybody see what happened?

What about you?

Didn't see nothing.

Must have blinked.

Buck, you know what you've done?

Remember what I said about
crossing that line?

Well, that's what you've done.