The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 3 - The Blood of Others - full transcript

Hickok, Lou and the Kid tangle with a vengeful ex-lawman while escorting a desperado to his execution.

I always thought I'd end
up here first.

Elias mills, put your hands up.

Put 'em where we can see 'em.

Teaspoon said he was cagey.

Easy, Lily.

I wouldn't get too set
on leaving if I was you.

It's a wise choice.
Nice going, boys.


Take his gun.

Very carefully.

Boys, take him on in
and lock him up.

Well, Simon, you done good.

Did I?

Yeah. Lots of lawmen been
lookin' for him
for a long time.

You ought to feel proud.


Did you know him?

I thought I did.

That sure is an ugly situation

you got going on
over there, teaspoon.

That thing's big
enough for target

Maybe we oughta shoot it off.

You got anything
constructive to offer?

Well, you could, uh, try
wrapping it in a bandage.

You think that might cure it?

Well, I can't say,
but we wouldn't have
to look at it.


You wanted to see us?


Boys, step outside for a minute.

Ah! Not a word from
either of you.

Jesse, stay clear of the cell.

Wood alcohol and horse liniment.

I beg your pardon?

Ought to take care
of your problem.

Thanks for the tip, mills.

Don't talk to him.

So, how many men you killed?

Since when is it our job
to escort killers
to their hangings?

Since the territorial
governor ordered
me and two men of my

choosing to take him to
fort kearney. You and the
kid are elected.

See what happens
when you got such
a big reputation.

Yeah, that's right, Cody.
But seeing's I'm laid
up like I am,

you can go in my place.

See what happens when
you got such a big mouth.

Boys, listen up.
The law's been after Elias
mills for twenty years.

What'd he do?

Killed a lawman,
two of his deputies.

Some say he's done a lot
worse since then.

Hard to believe
he's lasted this long.

Well, they brung him in
once, but he got free.

You boys are gonna
have to watch him
every step of the way.

I'm really looking
forward to this.

I'll do it.

Sorry, Lou, I've already
made my... ow! Decision.

You're already sending
me in that direction to pick
up that pouch in Craig

I know that.

Look, teaspoon,
you're always saying
that me being a girl

don't make a difference, right?


Does it?


So then I can go, right?

Cody, looks like you got
your replacement.

Listen up, you three.

Mills is going to be
looking for an edge.

God help you if he gets it.

Fella ain't putting up much
of a fight considering where
we're taking him.

What'd you expect him to do?

Something other than
whistle his life away.

Well, the odds aren't
exactly in his favor.

Well, he's got nothing to
lose by trying.

Maybe he's just
picking his spot.

Could be he's just
tired of running.

Considering what teaspoon said,

you boys oughta be doing
a lot less jawing
and a lot more watching.

Thank you, ma'am.
I'd appreciate
the peace and quiet.

How'd you know?

Been my experience
people ain't always
what they seem.

You ought to know what
I'm talking about, hickok.

Trail's washed out.
Which way now?

Well, we'll try east.

That's no good.

- Why not?
- Dead end.

You wanna go south.

He says south, let's go east.

Suits me.
I'm in no hurry to get
where I'm going.

How about that.

Okay, how'd you know?

Been here before.

Chased by a man
I stopped for beatin'
on a saloon girl.

It's a shame
he didn't catch you.

He did.

Is your foot still
bothering you?

What's it look like?

I rounded up some
of that horse liniment

and wood alcohol Elias
was talking about.

Can't you forget
about that stuff?

Just 'cuz the man's a
killer doesn't mean

he doesn't know how to
take care of his feet.


Huh? Uh,

yes, how can I be of service?

Well, us folks up in
cottonwood heard

you caught yourselves
the notorious Elias mills?


Should have seen it.
It was a thing to behold.

So it is true?
We were just all worried

that maybe he was gonna
be headed up our way.

No need to concern
yourself, he ain't
even in town anymore.

He's gone.
Where too?

Fort kearney for a hanging.

With an armed guard.
So you ain't got nothing
to worry about.

Well that is comforting.
I'm sorry I missed him.

- Well, thank you,
- Thank you.

Any time.

Try a corn poultice on it.

Ain't you got someplace
you got to be?

Not particularly.

You know, you really ought
to try some of this
horse liniment on that.


- Couldn't hurt.
- Out.

Ah! Ah! Oh! Ah!

Let's see, that's one box rifle,

plus the two bags
of pistol balls,
comes to three dollars.

All this ammo, uh, planning
on doing yourself some
target practice?

Hunting trip.

Can't quite figure
it out, you pointing us

in the right direction
back there.

Lily and me done enough
running over the years.

No sense in making
this trip any longer
than it needs to be.

Oh, you're just
trying to get on our
good side is all.

How am I doing?

It ain't working.




Stay where you are, mills.

This oughta hold you till
you get back to rock creek.

What are you talking about?

I ain't a doctor, kid.
You need this tended to.

Time we spend worrying about you

is time we ain't watching him.

Killed for a little dust
with some gold in it.

Don't hardly seem worth
a man's life, huh?

Lots of people die for
the wrong reasons.

Bleeding to death 'cuz
you want to stay with me

is one of the worst
I've ever heard.

Hate to admit it, kid,
but he's right.


There's no need to worry.

The kid will make it
back just fine.


Don't even think about it.

Just stretching my legs.

Well, how about
stretching them back
in this direction.

Think we'll be passing
through lone tree valley?

Yeah. Sometime tomorrow.

Place is open. Free.

It'd suit a woman like you.

What sort of woman is that?

Like one I used to know.

It's time we moved on.

You as tough as everybody says?

Things get exaggerated.

Always do.

Couldn't sleep.



I didn't hear you.

I'm looking for four riders.

One of 'em's in chains.

What do you want with them?

You're one of them, aren't you?

I guess I'm headed
in the right direction, Elias.

Much obliged.

Looks like he's getting
on your good side after all.

If he'd let that rattler have
his way,

there'd be no side
for him to get on.

Least we can do is give
him a decent meal.

Can't remember when
I watched people
enjoy themselves.

Don't imagine you've had
much time, what with being
on the run and all.

Made a choice way back.

Had to live with it ever since.

I always liked that song.

I thought the one you'd been
whistling was your favorite.

That one's kind of special.

Used to share it with someone.

The woman you said
I remind you of?

What happened to her?

Trouble's always shadowed me.

Just a matter of time till it
caught up with her.

So you left?

Seemed like the right
thing to do.

Is that how she felt?

Didn't wait around to ask.

Sounds to me like you
should have.

People get close to me,
have a way of regretting it.

You and me got some unfinished

You owe me some gold dust.



Hold it.

Drop it!

Drop it!

Back off.

Just give me an excuse.

- Lou?
- He shot kid.

He ain't worth it.

I oughta know.

Let's get him to the marshal.

I'll go find him.

Whoa, girl.

Come on!

Your friend back there
seems awful quiet.

Guess you got him thinking.

Having your life saved
isn't something that
happens every day.

But it is on this trip.

I find it awful strange
you putting your life
on the line

for two people taking
you to be hanged.

What's so strange about it?

Don't make sense with all
that we heard about you.

People like to talk.

The more they do, the further
they stray from the truth.

Pretty soon the stories are
dogging you worse
than the law,

until about all you got
left is which one is
the one that gets you first.

Can't sleep?


You're thinking about
him, aren't you?

Man's an outlaw.

Ain't much more to think about.

Yeah, there is and you know it.

It's late.
Stay up if you want,
I'm going to sleep.

When are you gonna stop
walking away?

When are you gonna
admit the truth?

What truth is that, Lou?

That when you look at Elias
it's like staring in a mirror
twenty years from now.

And it scares you to death.

I'm sorry.

I had no right saying that.

Yeah, you did.

I keep telling myself that
that ain't gonna be me.

But all I see is myself
heading down that same road.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I don't think it's gonna
turn out any different.

People got their minds made up
about me.

Doesn't matter what
others think.

It matters what you think.

For what it's worth,
though, I...

I think you're a much better
man than you give
yourself credit for.

Good night.

Well, that's nice and
tender, isn't it?

Would you, uh, throw him
them keys.



Lou, are you all right?

What about Elias?

He's gone.

Well, it looks like
teaspoon was right.

Give Elias one second
and he's gone.

Well, this ain't no use.

Probably miles away by now.

Lone tree seemed to hold
some interest for him.

Maybe we should start there.

This trip ain't turning
out like it was
supposed to, huh?

Had its share of
surprises, that's for

How's your head?

I'll be fine.

Do you think it's all right,
us leaving him
back there like that?

Yeah. We'll tell the marshal
in lone tree where
to find him.

He ain't going nowhere
till then.

There you go.


Something else happened
last night besides
Elias running off.

Ain't nothing to discuss, Lou.

We just weren't acting

Can't just pretend
like it didn't happen.

Yes, we can 'cuz it ain't
gonna happen again.

Jimmy, some day someone
special's gonna come along.

And you can't just treat
her like she don't count
for nothing.

There won't be no one, Lou.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe you're more like
Elias than I thought.

What kind of life do
I have to offer?

Not being able to look into
the future 'cuz I never know
what's coming up from behind.

What if you found someone
who could live with it?

Why should I care
for someone if it's just gonna
bring them pain?

Then you will end up like him.


Would have thought
you'd be long gone by now.

Figured you could
handle gilmore.

Yeah, no thanks to you.

And who the hell is gilmore?


Caught me ten years back.

Yeah, I heard you were
caught once, so what?

Biggest day of gilmore's life.

Till he celebrated with
too much drink.

Got him in my cell and left
him locked inside.

Town took away his badge.

And he's been chasing you
ever since?

Don't know what hell's
like, but that sounds
pretty close.

Actually, I've always
been grateful to him

for handing me a chance
to try life different.

What do you mean?

Decided to try and steer
clear of trouble.

Even held down honest work.

Course, I wasn't in
any one place too long.

All right, we've wasted
enough time here.
Let's get a move on.

I can't.

Oh, we'd love to oblige
you, but we just can't...

You don't understand.

What's left to understand?

I can't leave without
seeing my daughter.

I didn't know Caroline was
with child

till after I left.

By that time, trouble was
already closing in on me.

Besides, she'd met Simon
and he was a good man.

And he led teaspoon to you.

He gave Caroline a good
life and he raised
Laura as his own.

Now, Laura's full grown,
married herself

I figured it was time
she had this.

There's a key in it to a
deposit box which is
three thousand dollars,

the only honest money
I ever made.

I came to rock creek to give
it to Caroline,

but she'd already passed on.

I got no right to ask
you a favor, but you got to
take this to her.

I couldn't.

I don't want her to know
who it's from.

She's never known about me.

And it's as it should be.

Please, Lou.

I'm sorry. It's not my

Hickok, I'd be indebted to you.


Some things you just can't
runaway from.

Go see your daughter.


You startled me.

I'm sorry.

Do I know you?

We've never met. I...

I knew your mother.

I got something for you.


Oh, it's mama!

Look how pretty she looks.

Open the back.

That's a key to a box at
the first security bank
in Hastings.

The inheritance was to be

Now, it's yours.

I don't know what to say.

No need, just take it.

You turned out to
be a fine young woman.

Thank you.

Reed will be back
from town soon.

Will you stay for supper?

I can't. I got to be going.

You raise yourself
a nice family.

That oughta help.

Sure you won't change your mind?

Who are you?

Who are you really?

Like I said, I'm a friend
of your mother's.

You didn't tell her, did you?

Tell her what?

That her father's an outlaw?

I wouldn't hurt her that way.

We best keep this real
official like.

- Elias.
- Hickok.

I done what I come for,
let's get it over with.

Never imagined anything
could be so beautiful.

Oh, you're a beautiful
one, too, girl.

I'd appreciate it if on
your way back through here
you'd let Lily go.

She'd take to here real fine.

Don't forget about me
too quickly,

you know, I can't figure a man
like yourself gunning down
three lawmen.

Just don't make sense.

Well, I killed them, all right.

Those deputies were
horse thieves.

They tried to get
me to hang in their place.

They deserved what they got.

I haven't had a moment's
thought about 'em since.

But it ain't that simple, is it?

Well, the marshal showed
up with them and I was forced
to kill him, too.

Turns out he was an innocent man

and I had to live with that
every day since.

That's why you left Caroline?

Hardest thing I ever had to do.

Being on the run all
these years I can't
imagine was much easier.

Never got bored. But you
do get tired, awful tired.

Never know what
sort of company you'll
run across.


I want to thank you.

For what?

For letting me...
For getting me to go
down that hill.

It was nothing.

Nothing, huh?


There may be hope
for you yet, hickok.

He wouldn't be an easy one.

What are you talking about?

You two.

I saw you by the fire
the other night.



You like him, don't you?

I don't know.

You'd be woman enough to
match him.

Told you, don't know if I feel
that way.

Besides, there's others
to consider.

Always are.

What were you two talking about?



What the hell's he
stopping for now?

Figured you had to come
this way.

Why don't you just throw them
guns in the dirt.


You seem surprised to see
me, Elias.

Just noticing how old you
come to look.

Yeah, well, the years,
they uh, they've been
hard on all of us.

You got no right to him.

My jail.

That badge of yours ain't
good anymore.

Stay out of this, hickok.

You listen to him, boy.

I already got cause not to be
civil with you.

But I am trying to respect
your badge.

Well, then, you should let
him go with us.


Everybody has to know
they were wrong about me.

I'm taking him in myself.

I can't let you do that.

No, I don't suppose you will.

I don't suppose you will.

Elias mills.

Gilmore, no!




I'm okay.

I never wanted you killing
nobody 'cuz of me.

Hell, I'm gonna die anyway.

Well, then, you'll die
'cuz of what you've done

and not because of
another man's pride.

Never expected I'd be
burying you.


I know what I'm doing, kid.

You do?

Yeah, I've thought real
hard on it.

This way you get
a second chance.

We'll say you got loose when
gilmore jumped us
and nobody will know.

You will.

That's my choice.

No, it's not.

You'd rather die?

Everybody dies, son.

Only difference is
what you do till then.