The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 22 - 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 2 - full transcript

War arrives on the plains forcing the riders to choose sides. Cody joins the Union army while Frank returns for his brother Jesse. A deadly encounter with renegade Rebels leaves the Riders intent on justice for a fallen comrade.

Last time on "the young riders"

there was a raid on
a safe house where
Isaiah Burke

was hiding with the slaves.

Isaiah and his men were killed.

What you doing in that outfit?

I'm here recruiting
for the army.

- You're nervous, huh?
- Yeah.

Relax. People are getting
married every day.

It's a list of the men
who ride with pierson.

I didn't know it was in code.

I wanted to tell you, James,
but I didn't know about kid.

That's a pretty fancy pair of
boots you got there.

I signed up with the army
today, teaspoon.

Merciful god.

I think that now that
her husband is dead,

all you care about
is taking his place.

In more ways than one.

James! No!

So, you went and did it, huh?

Just in time.

What's the matter?

It's funny.

Here you are
heading off to fight,

and I'm nervous about
getting married tomorrow.

Hope you didn't think
I was gonna miss this.

Thanks for coming, Jimmy.

You may kiss the bride.


What is it like down there,

There was so much blood.

So much more than
I ever imagined.

Come here. Come here.
It's all right.

Well, at least you're having
a good time, aren't you?

You want this?


This ain't exactly the wedding
party I was hoping for.

I know.

Half the people in the church
didn't even show up.

Well, that boy dying today

ain't a good reason
for pouring champagne.

I don't blame folk for
not wanting to celebrate.

But you know, we owe it
to kid and Lou to try.

What do you say?

Yes to everything.

You want the rest
of that cake, Noah?

Look at him.

People are killing each other,
and you're sitting there

with a smile on your face
and a belly full of cake.

Well, I ain't got
nothing to worry about.

How do you figure?

Well, if war breaks out,
I'm heading home,

fighting for the cause.

Enjoy the cake.
I just lost my appetite.

Boy, he sure doesn't know
how to liven up a party.

You don't get it, do you?

You and Noah are friends.

He saved your life
more than once,

and you're willing
to forget that?

Cute little fella.

Did Isaiah ever take you on
that dance we talked about?

We never had the time.

He never had time
for a lot of things.

Well, someday you will.

You think so?

Yeah. I do.

You know, I think teaspoon
was right.

He said it would be good
for us to get away.

Huh? Oh.

I'm sorry.

I haven't had much time
to give it any thought.

Kid, I want you to know that
no matter what happened today,

I loved our wedding.

And I love you.

Excuse me. Mrs. Burke,
we have something to discuss.

What might that be?

A list.
If you'll follow me, please.

Congratulations, kid.
See you both later.

What list?

No time for games, ma'am.
Mr. Cody here has told me
all about it.

Pierson and the others
on that list

are mounting
an armed insurrection
against this country.

That piece of paper you have
may be the only way
we have to stop them.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

Rosemary, give it to him.

Like it or not,
it could be your best way

to find the men
who killed Isaiah.

We don't want those killers
loose for another second.

Go ahead.

It's at the hotel.

Well, let's go.

Get going, frank.

Feels like we ought to be
riding with him to rock creek.

Nah. It's better this way.

Besides, if anybody
can get that list,

he can.

Captain urbach, I was

if I could talk to you
for a minute.

You betcha.

I've been thinking about
what you said the other day

about the army
needing a few good men.

Yep. That's right, son.

Well, you're looking at one.

Uh-huh. Uh...

I think we got a bit
of a misunderstanding here.

Well, believe me, I can fight
alongside the best of them.

I don't doubt that.
It's just, you see,

this man's army
ain't quite ready for you.

What do you mean?

I know what he means, Cody.

He means this man's army
don't want no coloreds.

I'm sorry, but I don't
make the rules, son.

If I had my way, I'd have
you in uniform right now.

Now, hold on
just a minute, captain.

Noah here would
make a fine soldier.

I don't doubt that.
I wish I could help you.

Captain urbach,
here's your list.

You won't regret this, ma'am.

Your country thanks you,
and I thank you.

Captain's a good man.
He's gonna
take care of things.

I ain't so sure about that,

You know, it's kind of funny
how folks willing to die
for the likes of me

are not willing to let
me fight alongside them.

Play something special
for you, sir?

Not for me.

For a brave young soldier
who died today.

Play aura Lee.

♪ As the blackbird
in the spring

♪ 'neath the Willow tree

♪ sat and piped
I heard him sing

♪ singing aura Lee

♪ aura Lee, aura Lee

♪ maid of golden hair

♪ sunshine came
along with thee

♪ and swallows in the air

♪ on her cheek
the Rose was born

♪ there was music
when she spake

♪ in her eyes
the rays are born

♪ see the sudden
splendor break

♪ aura Lee, aura Lee

♪ maid of golden hair

♪ sunshine came
along with thee

♪ and swallows in the air

♪ Aura Lee, aura Lee

♪ maid of golden hair

♪ sunshine came
along with thee

Getting pretty good at that,
little brother.

Frank, what are you doing here?

Last I heard, you were dogging
federal troops in Missouri.

I still am. I came to get you.

Are you ready?

It ain't quite that simple,

Nah, it is that simple.

War's gonna break
out any day, Jesse.

You're either on one side
or you're on the other.

There ain't no middle ground.

Now, what's it gonna be?

Whoever figured out that code
knew what he was doing,

You sure pierson's there?

Him and about twenty others.

- Nobody seen you?
- No, sir.

Fine work, Mr. Cody.
Fine work.

Sergeant, form ranks.

Troops, form ranks!

what you're about to hear

has to remain
in strictest confidence.

In less than 24 hours,
this company

will commence
a series of attacks.

It's kind of quiet around here
without kid and Lou.

- Good evening, everybody.
- Maybe you spoke too soon.

I, uh, need somebody
to cover a run for me.


I'll make it up to you.

Cody, you want to tell me
what's so all-fired important

you can't carry your weight
around here?

I can't do that, teaspoon.

And why not?

Because I can't do it,
that's why.

This is about the list,
isn't it?

Urbach's broken the code,
ain't he?

He's planning something, huh?

Look, I've already said enough
and I can't say any more.

Now, I got to go.


if the army does figure out
that list,

what do you think's
gonna happen?

Nothing good.

I don't know.
Don't you think that depends

on which side you're on?

No, I don't.

I never thought
the Mason Dixon line would

come right down through here.

Who is it?

It's me.

I'll be right there.



I saw the light under
the door, so I thought i'd...

Come in.


Is something wrong?


I just don't know what it is.

What happened
at supper tonight...

It's hard.

Seeing your friends
and family torn apart.

Yeah, it is.

If things keep going like this,

I don't know what's
gonna happen.

I'll tell you what's
gonna happen.


Brother against brother.

And we have to do
whatever it takes

to make sure
the right side wins.


You sound like Isaiah.

- Do I?
- Hmm.

You miss him, don't you?

Yes, I do.

But I began missing him
a long time before he died.

You wanna talk about it?


But not tonight.

I'm really tired.

There is one thing you could do.

Name it.

Come by tomorrow.

All right.

Good night.

Good night.

- You sure that's everything?
- Yeah, I swear it.

When are we leaving?

Soon, little brother.
Real soon.

Ain't nothing gonna happen
to Cody, is it?

He's a friend of mine.

Look, Jesse, he's working
for the federals, ain't he?

- Yeah, but...
- Look, I'll do what I can.

What are you doing here, frank?

Well, ain't you heard, marshal?

There's a war coming.
I came to get my brother.

Hell, I heard
you're a Texas boy.

Maybe you'd like to join us.


I want you to say goodbye
to your brother

right now, or go with him.

'Cause I don't wanna see
his face around here again.

Do you understand?

Come on.

Forward, march!

Rosemary! Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?

I wanna make sure
they get pierson.

I can't let you do that.

Noah. I know how badly
you want to fight.

How do you think I feel?
Those men
killed my husband.

Still ain't no place
for a woman.

Just like the army's no place
for someone like you?

Of all people,
you should know how I feel.

Well, I can't let you go alone.

Then don't.

Let's go.

We'll follow behind.



Lay down your arms!

There's no way out!


Hold your fire, hold your fire.


You wouldn't hurt
an innocent woman, would you?

Let her go!

Let her go, now!


Dang it!

It's a trap!

Take cover! Take cover!

Captain! We've got to get
to the horses!

Let's retreat!

There's nothing we can do,

Come on, let's go.

- We got to go.
- No.

I got to get to pierson.

Rosemary, no!

Noah, what are you doing here?



Noah, what are you doing?

Come on, let's go.


Come on, Cody!

Come on!

You had me worried
back there for a minute, Noah.

Noah? Noah!




He's gonna be fine.

I'm sorry.

Sorry about what? I said
he's gonna be fine. Noah.



Don't you die on me,
damn it! Noah!

You did what you could, Cody.

Now we got to go.


Let's go home.

Let's go home.

Wasn't your fault, son.

You done everything you could.

He didn't have any people,
did he?

Besides us? Uh-uh.

I'm so sorry.

It wasn't your fault, Rosemary.

Who said it wasn't?

This whole thing started
with her!


Hold it! Stop it! Both of you!

Mr. Cody.

Tom, can't this wait?

I'm very sorry
about your rider, teaspoon.

But I lost fourteen men today.

And if this Jesse James
gave us away,

I have to know. Cody?

You know where Jesse is,

We don't know for sure
it was Jesse.

No? Then I guess it was just
an accident

that frank was on the other side
of this massacre?

Stop it!

You may not trust each other,

but at least have some respect
for the dead.


Go ahead.


What are you doing here, Rachel?

I'm looking for you.

Well, I ain't got the time
right now.

Cody, are you all right?

Just leave me alone, Rachel.

No, not after what happened
this morning.

Yeah, well,
if I'm gonna be a soldier,

I'm just going to have to
get used to these things.

You're going after Jesse,
aren't you?

He's just a boy!

There were a lot of boys
out there today, Rachel.

And most of them are dead now.

Do you understand?


Don't hurt him, please.


How did you find me?

Uh, Rachel.

She said she saw you
walking out this way.

I was just thinking about you.

You were?

Did you find Jesse?

Ah, no.

You know, when I first started
looking for him,

I wanted to kill him.

And then I found myself
hoping that he was gone.

I guess the rest
of your friends are

spending their time wishing that

I hadn't arrived
in the first place.

Rosemary, don't say that.

James, don't say it isn't so.

If it wasn't for me,
Noah would still be alive.

Why is it that everything
that ought to bring me joy

ends up bringing grief?

A son, a husband,
and now a friend. All dead.

And somehow I feel
it's my fault.

I know how you feel.

No, you don't.

Yes, I do.

Things have happened
my whole life

that I would give anything
to forget.

But I know I never will.

There ain't a day that goes by

where I don't feel
that same pain.

How do you live with it?


And you should let
this friend help you.



I just don't know if
we should be doing this.

Maybe you're right.

We'll go slow, okay?



Drop it!

Drop it!

I ought to kill you
right now, frank.

I'm sorry about
what happened today, hickok.

It wasn't supposed to
be that way.

Where's pierson?

I ain't got no quarrel with you.

No? Well, I got one with you.

And you ain't leaving
till you tell me
where Noah's killer is.

I can't do that.

Drop it, Jimmy.

You heard me, I said drop it!

Don't do this, Jesse.

Don't make me.

They killed Noah, Jesse.

That's a lie.

You go ahead and
tell him, frank.


I don't know what
he's talking about.

It's true, ain't it?

Jesse, watch out!

Come on,
help me on my horse.
Let's get out of here.

Oh, Jesse...

Jesse, I swear I didn't know.


You got to believe me.

I know.

Help me back up.

No, frank. You've lost too
much blood. You need to rest.

You're gonna be okay, frank.

Frank, you got to tell me.

Where's pierson's camp?


I got to set things straight.

Teaspoon, come on,
we got to go after him!

I told you, if we're going
after anyone it will be
pierson and his men.

Yeah, but, we don't know
where they are!

I do.

Hold it, Jimmy.

Son, what you doing here?

I know where pierson's men are.

What's this, some kind of
trap? You ain't gonna believe
him, are you?

I don't know, but he took
a hell of a risk coming here.

I want to know why.

I feel awful about
Noah, teaspoon.

But I didn't know it was
gonna happen that day.
And neither did frank.

You got to believe me.

Go on.

Well, it ain't right,
me telling you this,

but those men,

they're camped out
in the wash
below beggar's bluff.

You gonna turn me over
to the army now?

Son, I want you to listen to me.

When you leave here,
you ride to Missouri and
you lay low till this is over.

Do you understand
what I'm telling you?

I will.

But I don't know if
I'm ever coming back.

Say goodbye to buck,
kid, and Cody for me.

Tell Rachel and Lou
I'll miss them.

I better go.


you done the right thing.

I'll never forget you, teaspoon.

Now, get out of here.

Go on.

I'm sorry I hit you, Jimmy.

Jesse's information checked out.

I'm gonna be riding
in a few minutes.

You sure about that, teaspoon?
I mean, you're on their side.

This ain't a matter
of choosing sides.

Pierson and his men ain't
soldiers, they're killers.

Wait up.

You riding with us?

Just because we're married
don't mean we forget
our family.

Sergeant, forward.

It's been a long time
since we rode together.

This may be the last time we do.

Well, let's make it count.

- Don't worry, Rachel.
- Be careful.




It's the federals!



All right, come on,
let's move it out!


Cody, you all right?

I'm fine!



We surrender!

We give up!

Cease fire! Cease fire!
They've given up.

They've given up.

Hold your fire.

Come on, come on, you.

Back up there.

Put your hands up!



Jesse, we got to
get out of here.
They'll be coming for us.

Can you ride?

I think so.

All right.

I'll meet you at
elk creek tomorrow.


I can't go with you yet.
There's something
I got to do.


Don't worry, frank,

I'll be there.

Man that is born of a woman
hath but a short time to live

and is full of misery.

In the midst of life,
we are in death.

Of whom may we seek
for succor but
of thee, o lord,

for who our
sins thou are justly

O lord, most mighty.

O holy and most merciful savior,

deliver us not
into the pains of
eternal death,

but to life everlasting.



I guess I've...

I guess I've seen
more than my fair share
of funerals.

I kind of got used to them.

Seemed like they was
a natural part of life.

But this,

this here,

this ain't natural.

What's happening around us
ain't natural.

Our nation being divided.

Friends are
turning against friends.

Family against family.

And it's all leading
to the same place.

And that place is here...

Into cemeteries like this,

with grief-stricken friends
and family like this.

Young lives

cut short

long before their time.

We're allowing ourselves
to be ripped apart.

And I'm telling you right now
if we don't start thinking
about healing

instead of killing,

we're gonna lose everything.

Our homes, our...

Our friends,

our families.

Whether you knew
Noah Dixon or not,

his passing

should mean as much
to you as those of us who
considered him our friend

and part of our family.

God bless you, son.


Present arms!