The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 21 - 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 - full transcript

The Riders prepare for the upcoming nuptials of The Kid & Lou while those around them brace for the Civil War, some signing up to join the Army.

Sorry, Mrs. Burke.

You can't be
too careful, Charlie.

Have you seen my husband?

Uh, yes ma'am.
Isaiah's in the barn.

Going over plans
for the trip north.

If he needs me when he's done,

I'll be lookin' in
on that new Colt.

Sure thing, Mrs. Burke.

Isaiah, Rosemary's gone
out to the field.

Make sure you get Isaiah.

What the hell?

They're in there.

Where is it?

Nothin' in the house.

Wouldn't on Isaiah either.

Well, let's ride.

All right, move 'em out.


Here you go, vin.



Where is everyone?


What's goin' on?

Celebratin' your last ride
for the pony express.

To the prettiest rider
that Russell, majors
and wadell ever took on.

Thank you.

'Course, now that
ain't sayin' much.

We were gonna get
your name put on it.

Kid's too, except of course
we didn't know what it was?

An apron?

Well, now that you're
hangin' with the kid so much.

Feeding him
is like sloppin' the hogs.

An apron?

Not that you'll be spendin'
all your time takin' care
of the kid.

That's for sure.

What with
the little ones and all.

Little ones?


Thought you could put
these needles to some use.

How 'bout now?


Why don't you boys head on
back up to the house
and get dinner on the table?

We'll be up in a minute.

You know, they're just
joshin' with you 'cause kid's
not here to defend you.

They treat me like I'm a girl.

Well, everybody's probably
gonna figure it out

when you get married
in a couple a days.

Guess you're right.

Guess I got
some explainin' to do.

Just thought there'd be more
to my future than this.

Now, you listen to me.

The future is what you
and kid make it.

And from where I'm standin',
that look's mighty bright.

Let's go get some dinner
before it gets cold.

I'll be right in.

All right.

C'mon kid, let's get a move on.

Boy, these long runs
sure take it out of you.

Yeah, you got a week off
comin' up.

I'm gonna be out here
poundin' the trail

while you and Lou are off, uh,
celebratin' your weddin'.

Yeah well, I got a feelin'
that walkin' down

this aisle's gonna be
harder than any run
we ever made.

- Ah, you're nervous, huh?
- Nah.

Well, yeah.

Relax. People get married
every day.

Look at teaspoon.
He's done it, what, six times?

I'd rather not.

What about you, Jimmy?
You ever think
of getting' married?

Well, it's hard
to imagine someone

wanting to spend
the rest of their lives
with me.

Well, you never know.
Some folks like to believe

there's someone out there
for everyone.

And Lou's the one for you.

There ain't nothin'
that's gonna make me prouder

than walkin' her
down the aisle
and givin' her away.

After Lou
hitches up with the kid,

what's she
supposed to call herself?

What do you mean?

What I mean is,
Mrs. Kid doesn't sound
very good to me.

When are you two knuckleheads
gonna realize

I can't pronounce them
man and wife 'till the kid
spills the beans.

Teaspoon, I know you're in there

you old lead-bellied bucket
of sow slop.

I know that voice.

Come on out here
and meet the kind of man
you wish you could be.

That's Tommy erbach.
I used to ride with him
in the Texas rangers.

- Teaspoon!
- Tommy!

How are you?

Last time I seen you
was at your weddin'.

I danced with your wife.

Didn't turn out
too well, teaspoon.

What you doin' in that outfit?

You gonna see
half the town in this outfit
when I get done.

I'm here recruitin'
for the army.

We're settin' up camp
right outside town.


Somethin' the matter?

There was a raid on a safe house

where Isaiah Burke was hidin'
runaway slaves.

The slaves were taken.
Isaiah and his men
were killed.

What about Nathan?

Station master didn't know.

Was he still ridin' with them?

I don't know.


I may have had my differences
with Nathan.

But he is still married
to my sister.

I gotta see if they're alright.

I'm goin' with ya.

You got too much on your mind
already, kid.

I don't want you
missin' your wedding
on account of me.

Well, it's on the way.

Besides, I can't marry Lou
if there's no one there
to give her away.

All right. Let's go.

Hi, Lou.

Don't you notice
something different about me?

Nice dress.

You knew?

Well, of course I knew.
What did you take me for?
Some kind of an old fool?

It just wasn't
none of my business
what you wanted to wear.

I just figured
that's the way you want
to go about things.

Well, the reason why I'm here

is because kid and I
are gettin' married
day after tomorrow.

And we wanted
to invite you to our wedding.

I always thought there was
somethin' squirrely goin' on
between you two.

I'd be honored
to go to your wedding, Lou.

And I'm real happy
for both of you.


You sure this is where
they were living?

Yeah, last I heard.

If anything's happened
to Nathan or her...

Come on, let's get up there.


Rosemary? It's okay.

I'm sorry, Rosemary.

Look, I...

I know this is a bad time
to ask but I need to know
about my...

Oh, they're fine.

Both celinda and Nathan.

Celinda's baby
was comin' any day

and Isaiah insisted Nathan
take your sister to seneca.

He didn't want
your nephew being born
amongst this madness.

A nephew?

I got a nephew?

A healthy boy.

Isaiah was so looking forward
to seeing that child.

We heard it was
southern raiders.

Any idea who?

It's alright.
You don't have to
worry about the kid.

Ma'am, I might be
from the south,

but men who done
things like this...

Makes no difference
where they're from.

They're led by a man
named pierson.

Ready to do anything
for the cause.

Whether it be
stealin' their slaves back

or gunning down anything
in a blue uniform.

He hated everything
Isaiah stood for.

If pierson knew about Isaiah,

then he must know
about you, right?

Obviously it ain't safe
for you here.

I know.

But there's something here
I can't leave without.

That's a picture of Isaiah.

I gave it to Nathan
for safekeeping.

What do ya say we help her
look for it?

This is something
you oughta talk over
long and hard

with your mas and pas.

'Cause fact is, some of you
that rides with me
ain't gonna come back.

But those of you that do
are gonna earn the thanks
of your loved ones,

your country, and those
of you that stays behind.

How many men
you lookin' to sign?

As many as I can get, son.

Long as they got the stuff
the soldiers are made of.

And what's that, sir?

The eyes of a fox,
the strength of a blacksmith

and the wiles
of a riverboat gambler.

Well, tell me where to sign.

You sure about this?

Yeah, it's the right thing
to do.


You talked to your folks
about this?

Ain't got no folks, sir.

Well, in that cased son,
the United States army
is proud to have you.

Just put your "John Henry"
right there.

Hold it.


I thought you and me
had a long chat about this?

You haven't been back
to Texas in a while, have you?

Same thing's happenin'
down there, partner.

Except those boys
are gonna be shootin'
at this uniform

instead of wearin' it.

The Kansas-Missouri border's
been on fire for years.

And each day
it's headed farther north.

Pretty soon it's gonna rip
right down that street.

I don't think you understand
what they're gonna
ask you to do.

He'll learn soon enough.

Man's got a point, teaspoon.

Cody, I got enough trouble
without you gettin' in
the middle of this.

I already am.
Hell, all of us are.

I heard you tell Jimmy
that if war broke out
you was goin' south.

I said I'd be goin' home, maybe.

- That's different.
- No, it ain't, teaspoon.

Let's face it.

It's time to stop talkin'
and start choosin' sides.


It's the right thing
to do, teaspoon.

What about this?

This is it.


Jimmy, we best get movin' on.

Well, maybe you should stay
with celinda and Nathan
up in seneca.

We could ride with you
part of the way at least.

I don't want to be any trouble.

Well, if I didn't have to
get back and give
the kid's bride away here,

I'd take you there myself.

Come on. Let's saddle up.

I'll be right out.

You will.

You thinkin' about Saturday?


This Saturday,
and next Saturday,

and the one 10 years from now.

Louise, there's nothin'
to be scared of.

Oh, I was thinkin'
about the kid.

Maybe he's scared.

He was supposed to be back
from his run this mornin'.

Maybe he just kept on goin'.

Gettin' married to you
is the most important thing
the kid has ever done.

How do you know?

He told me.

He did?

He said there was
only one thing in the world

keep him from gettin'
back in time
for your wedding.

What's that?


Oh. I almost forgot
to give you this.

At least it's too small
to be a crib.



They're pretty. Aren't they?

My mama gave them to me
the night before
I got married.

And my grandmother
gave them to her, and...

I want you to have them.

I can't take these.

Louise, it's important to me.

I don't know if I'll ever
have a daughter.

But if I do, I hope
she grows up to be
just like you.

Now, he'll get you
settled up just fine.

James, wait.

There's something
I need to tell you.


I lied to you back at the cabin.

This was hidden
behind the picture.

Just a bunch of letters.

It's in code.

It's a list of the men
who ride with pierson
and others like him.

Isaiah got it from a turncoat.

He decided to hide it
in Nathan's cabin.

I didn't know it was in code.

I wanted to tell you, James.

But I didn't know about kid.

I know how he felt
about what Isaiah was doing.

Maybe you can trust him.

But I can't.

What were you gonna do
with this?

Use it to find pierson,
so I can make him pay
for what he did to Isaiah.

James, you've gotta help me
get this to someone
who can read it.

If you don't,

what happened to Isaiah
could happen to someone else.

Someone like Nathan.

Smartest person I know
is teaspoon hunter.

If anybody be able
to figure it out, he will.


Sorry I took so long.
I had to pick
a couple things up.

You ready to go?

There's been a change in plans.

Uh, Rosemary's comin' with us.

It's been a long time
since I've been
in a wedding.

If that's okay with you.

Well, sure.
We'll head out in the morning.
Let's get some rooms.

All right. Let's do it.

Just 'cause Cody
don't know any better,

don't mean the boy's
gotta act like a jackass.

He ain't a boy
no more, teaspoon.

None of us are.

Fact is that recruiter makes
a whole lotta sense to me.

That's cause you don't know
what it's like for people
like me and teaspoon

and my brother frank.

Havin' your farm burned down
by abolitionists.

I had my farm burned down.

I had my daddy lynched
right in front of my face.

You ain't never had chains
around your ankles

or a noose around your neck,
have you?

We gotta stop this.

We're supposed to be a family.
We're supposed to
stay together.

Lou and kid
are gettin' married tomorrow

and you two are actin'
like you're gonna kill
each other by nightfall.

Buck's right.

I'm sorry, son.

We're forgettin'
the most important thing.

And that's to give Lou and kid
the best damn weddin'
they ever dreamed of.

That's uh, pretty fancy
pair of boots ya got there.

Nice gloves too.

Where'd you get 'em?

Well uh, bought 'em in town.

Where'd you get the money?
You been borrowin'
off me for weeks.

Well, let's just say
it's an advance.

What kind of advance?

I signed up
with the army today, teaspoon.

Captain erbach's gonna use me
as a scout.

Merciful god.

Somebody's got trouble up there.

- Hello.
- Hello, there.

Need some help with that wheel?

Sure do.

Kid, can we spare a few minutes

and still get you
down that aisle?

- Sure.
- Alright, we'll help you out.

Much obliged.

If I could get
some help liftin' this up,
I can reset this wheel.

- You ready, kid?
- Yeah.

- Drop it.
- Hold it.

Drop the rifle.

You, come down here.

What the hell's goin' on?

None of your business.

This is between me
and Mrs. Burke.

You know him?

Let's just go, kid,
there could be more men.

All right, take your guns
out of your holsters.

And get out of here. Go!

Let's go.

It may be foolish
to you, teaspoon.
But to me, it's my duty.

Is that what that recruiter's
been sayin'?

Look, he ain't told me
anything that I don't
already know.

You don't have the faintest idea

what it's gonna be like
out there.

You're right, I don't.

But I know
what it's gonna be like
around here, teaspoon.

The pony express is dyin'.

They're stringin' up
those lines for the telegraph
faster than we can ever ride.

Soon there ain't gonna be
no need for no way stations.

There ain't gonna be no need
for no mochilla.

Teaspoon, listen to me.

Everyone in the whole town
is ready to sign up.

I don't understand why
you two are so upset with me.

Because we care about you,

both of us.

Well, you two ain't my folks,

so stop actin' like it.


What the hell's goin' on
around here?

They're growin' up.

Well, it don't look
like they're following us.


Now maybe you can tell me
what the hell's goin' on here.

Wait a second.
What are you talkin' about?

She knows
what I'm talkin' about.

Those gunmen knew her.

Those men were lyin' in wait
for you.

If I'm gonna get caught
in a crossfire,

I think you oughta tell me why.

I don't know.

Yeah, you do.

She's got reasons for keepin'
her mouth shut, kid.

You tellin' me
you knew about this, Jimmy?

- You don't understand.
- You're damn right I don't.

What are you two hidin' from me?

Show him.

He ain't gonna rest
until he sees it. Show him.

What's this?

A list of pierson's men
and where they are.

You couldn't trust me with this?

It's not about trust, kid.

The hell it isn't!

She's tellin' ya
to keep this from me
'cause I'm form the south.

You think by now you'd know
what my loyalties are.

- Look, kid, look.
- No, you look.

These little games
you've been playin'
almost got us killed.

It ain't what you think.

You know what I think?

I think that now
that her husband's dead

all you care about
is takin' his place,

in more ways than one.

James, no!

No, James.

Stop. You're gonna
kill each other.

Seein' as how
you can't trust me,

there's no sense you standin'
beside me at my wedding.

Buy you another?

Ain't you done enough for me

causin' one of my best men
to sign on as a scout?

That depends.

You think I might be able
to fit you into one of these?

What do you think?

No. I reckon I'd better
just buy you a drink.

Bartender, two
of the same, please.

Well, guess this calls
for a toast.

- To young, Mr. Cody.
- Nope.

To black Jack Carson.

Black Jack?

Haven't thought 'bout him
since you 'n me rode together.

Yeah, I've been thinkin'
'bout him a lot lately.

Remember that time
we got him cornered in that
old sod buster's shack.

Yeah, I wanted to go get him
through the front door.

And I wanted to go
in the back door.

We must have chewed
on that one for half a day.

Finally, we figured
he'd have guns
on both doors.

So, we busted through the roof.

After I had to haul
your butt up there.

But I'm the one
who had to go through first.

You remember
the look on his face
when you landed on him?

I was a good bit heavier then.

Well, I coulda broke his back.

You know Tommy,
you and me, we always
argued like dogs.

But we could always find
a common ground.


Well, guess it ain't
gonna happen this time. Is it?

To simpler times.

To simpler times.

Let me help you.

I'm sorry for what happened
back there with you and kid.

There's no need for you
to apologize.

It wasn't 'bout you.

Kid was askin' for it anyway.

Well, you may be
foolin' yourself,
but you're not foolin' me.

Your troubles aren't just
going to wash away.

Rosemary, when are you
gonna leave this alone?

I can't.

It's hurting you.
And that hurts me.

Like it or not,
you and kid care
about each other.

You must think
we got a funny way
of showin' it.

I never meant to come
between the two of you.

No. The only thing
that's comin' between us

is the same thing
that's cuttin' this country
in two.

Which is why it's important
that you stick by him now.

It's only going to get
harder later.

Your friend's
getting married tomorrow.

Don't you think you oughta
share that with him?

She had company
and they got the drop on us.


That list gets into
the wrong hands,

we ain't the only ones
who could pay.

Fellas we're joinin' up with,
they could suffer too.

I heard she's headed
for rock creek.

Then I guess we are too.
Let's go.

Mighty pretty tune.

I always liked it.

What're you doin' up this late?

Waitin' for someone.

Couldn't sleep.

Me neither.

So you went and did it, huh?

Just in time.
Guerrillas are actin' up
at the border.

What's the matter?

It's funny.

Here you are headin' off
to go fight

and I'm nervous
'bout gettin married tomorrow.

You gettin' married?

That's the plan.

Good luck.


You take care of yourself.

That's the plan.

See ya.


Hey, what's this all about?

Aw, you weren't worried
I wasn't gonna make it here
on time. Were you?

'Course not. What happened?

Katie took a fall. She's fine.

I woulda' got here sooner
'cept I had to stop in dickson

and pick these up.

They match.

They're beautiful.

Yep. Just like you.

Here, you take mine.

I can to wait to get it back
from you tomorrow.

Where's Jimmy?

I don't know.

Somethin' happened between
you two, didn't it?

Now, Lou don't worry 'bout that.

The important thing
is that I'm here for you.

I'll always be here for you.
Come here.

I promise you one thing, Lou.

Tomorrow's gonna be
the most memorable day
of our lives.



Did you get any sleep at all?


Well, that's more than I got
the night before my wedding.

Sure feels funny
not sleepin' in the bunkhouse.

Well, you better get used to it.

You two'll probably
be gettin' a place of your own
before long.


I can't believe Jimmy'd
miss my weddin'.

Hey. There's still plenty
of time for him to get here.

And even if he doesn't,
you can't let that stand
in the way of your happiness.

I guess.

Louise, you are gonna be
the most beautiful bride
I've ever seen.

And when you walk in
that church,

it's not gonna matter
who's by your side.

Kid's gonna see you

and he's gonna wanna
rush up and carry you
down that aisle himself.

But no matter what happens,

I know you won't forget
Jimmy loves you and kid
more than anything.

Now you eat your breakfast.
We gotta get your hair done?

- Good luck, kid.
- Thank you.

- Congratulations, kid.
- Thank you.

- Yeah, good luck.
- Thank you.

Gettin' impatient, kid?

- Let's get going.
- Maybe we ought to wait
for Jimmy.

Uh, no, he knew when
this was gonna happen.
If he wanted to be here,
he'd be here.

Kid, don't ya think
we oughta' wait.

I think it's time I got married.

Jesse, Jesse.

Lou's got a favor
to ask you. Go.

Is Lou okay?

Wait til' you see.

I hope you two don't mind
if I join you?

I hope you didn't think
I was going to miss this?

Thanks for comin', Jimmy.

Shall we begin?

All right, let's see now.

Oh, yeah.

Dearly beloved,

we are gathered together here
in the sight of god and in
the face of this company,

to join together this man

and this woman
in holy matrimony.

Who gives this woman away
to be wed?

We do.


Urgent dispatch
from fort kearney.

Marriage is the most
serious commitment
one can make.

But if two people
are more suited for each other
to get hitched,

then I ain't met him.

Take my word for it.

No one knows
more about marriage than me.

Now, if anyone
should object to this union,

and I certainly hope
no one does,

let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.


Now the moment
we've all been waiting for.


Do you promise to take...

Time to fess up, kid.


Do you promise to take...


to be your lawful
wedded husband,

to love and Cherish,
to honor and obey
in sickness and in health,

'til death do you part?

I do.

Kid, do you promise
to take Louise to be
your lawful wedded wife,

to love and Cherish,
to honor and obey
in sickness and in health,

'til death do you part?

I do.

You may now exchange the rings.

With this ring I do thee wed.

With this ring I do thee wed.

By the powers invested in me
by the territorial governor,

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Kid, kiss her.

Lou, congratulations.

Kid, you too. Congratulations.


I wanna kiss this bride.

She's so pretty.

Kid, don't say
I didn't warn you.


I hate to spoil everybody's fun

but we got a mess of trouble
down on the border.



What was it like
down there, soldier?

There was so much blood,
so much more
than I ever imagined.

Guess it didn't turn out
like I planned, huh?