The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 20 - The Debt - full transcript

Jimmy trains a new rider Matt who on an ride meets a terrible end at the hands of the Garrett family. Jimmy finds a town in terror but with Lou's unexpected appearance faces the killers. Lou fears the changes marriage to Kid will bring.

Yah! Yah!

Run, boy!

Come on!

No! No!

Yee-haw! Whoo! Whoo!

Now, be sure to stay on
the main trail and don't go
looking for any shortcuts.

All right.

- Morning.
- Hey, and don't do any
stopping along the way.

Just stay out of trouble,
will you?

Relax, Jimmy, I can take
care of myself.

Look, I'm just telling you
because you got to be careful.

You sound like an old lady
with all your fussing.

Didn't I tell you to get
another saddle on this?

I never go anywhere
without this.
It brings me luck.

Matt, just listen to me,
just this once, just listen.

This saddle here is too heavy.
Now, you're gonna wear
out the horse

- before he gets ten miles.
- Quit worrying. I'll be fine.

Well, I trained you.
You're my responsibility.

- If something happens...
- Nothing's gonna happen.

Except I'll probably show
all you up.

Matt, listen to me.
This ain't no fun and games.

Riding for the express
is an important job and you
got a reputation to uphold.

I think it's time you
start taking your
responsibility seriously.

I'm sorry, Jimmy.
You've been a real good
teacher and I appreciate that.

I won't let you down.

- All right.
- Rider coming.

Mount up.

- Be careful, Matt.
- Good luck.

Luck is for tenderfoots.

What's the fastest
time anyone's made this run?


Safe riding, Matt.

Have you ever met anyone
so hard-headed before?

Kind of reminds me of somebody.

Oh, Lou, I was never like that.

- Oh, he'll do just fine.
- Maybe you'd care to put
a little money on that?

I'd risk two dollars on that.

- I bet two on it myself.
- Come on, it's not about him
making the fastest time.

Well, actually,
I was gonna bet
that he'd be lost

before the first way station,



I've been looking all over
for you.

- You got a minute?
- What for?

We got to talk about
who we're gonna invite
to the wedding, remember?

You said you were gonna do
it today.

Oh, I can't right now,
kid, I'm busy.

We gotta decide, Lou.
You can't keep
putting this off.

I'm not putting it off.
I just told teaspoon I'd do
something for him, that's all.

We can talk about it later.

Teaspoon, I'm getting ready
to head out now.
I'll see you in a couple days.

Now hold on a minute, Lou.
Why, I wanted to talk
to you about that.

You said I could have some
time off.

You're not changing
your mind, are you?

No. And I haven't mentioned
to anybody like you asked.

The fact is i'm...

- Well, I'm curious as
to where you're going.
- Seneca.

Seneca? Any particular reason?

- Do I need one?
- Well, of course not.

How you spend your time
off is nobody else's business.

I mean, uh, if you don't want
to tell me, you don't have to.

Of course, if you do, you can.

It's all right with me.

I'm going to buy
a wedding dress.

Can't you get one
of them in rock creek?

Well, I heard they
had a real nice dress maker
in seneca.

Isn't the reason you're going
there is nobody knows
who you are?

If I buy a dress here
everyone's gonna know
I'm a girl.

Lou, everybody's gonna find
that out, the moment
you start down the aisle.

I know.

Sweetheart, it's only natural
for the doubts to get bigger
as the day gets closer.

Happened to me all six times.
It's only human.

I love the kid more
than anything.
I really do.

But I can't help thinking
how much I'll be giving
up by marrying him.

You mean being Lou?

Well, I know you've had some
tough times trying
to be Louise,

but now,
you don't have to do it alone.

It's not just that.
It's how people treat you
when they know you're a woman.

Sometimes it's, it's nice,
but sometimes...

Working for the pony express
makes me feel like I'm doing
something important.

- Understand?
- Yeah.

I just don't want
to give that up.

Well, it's a tough choice.

Especially when people expect
you to act like you got
no doubts.

You know, I think
this trip might be just
what the doctor ordered.

- Gonna give you a chance
to sort through your feelings.
- Hope you're right.

Well, I have been known
to be from time
to time.


- Rider coming.
- Come on, Jimmy.

- Here you go, Cody.
- Yah! Yah!

Has Matt come back yet?

- Sounds like, there's
been some trouble, Jimmy.
- What kind of trouble?

Don't feel you have
to hurry back, you take
whatever time you need.

Teaspoon, I just heard Matt
hasn't come back yet.

I'm afraid not.
I figured I'd give him
till tomorrow to show up.

- What happened?
- Don't know.

The station master
over in seneca said
he got there all right.

Waiting for his return run,
and went off
and never come back.

The way I figured, he got
good and sick of the pony
express decided to quit.

I'm going after him.

- Now, hold on a minute, Jimmy.
- He's my responsibility.

I trained him.
I'm the one who said
he could take that first run.

- I got to find out
what happened.
- All right.

Why don't you two ride
along together?
Keep each other company.

- But, teaspoon?
- You got a problem with that?


Well, then, ride safe.

We don't have to ride
together if you don't want to.

It's all right.

I don't want to interfere
with your plans any.

You ain't interfering.
I just thought I'd be going
alone, is all.

What business
you have in seneca, anyway?

- Shopping.
- Shopping?

What's in seneca that
you can't get here?

Better hurry before
it gets dark.

- Who died?
- What?

I figure the way
you've been acting, somebody
must have died on you.


Listen, Lou, if it's Matt
that's worrying you, don't.

I'll see that he doesn't ruin
your plans.

What do you mean?

Well, he's the one who
was supposed to take over
when you stopped riding.

I guess you're looking
forward to that, huh?


It's a big change.
I'm gonna miss working
with all of you.

Ah, you'll probably see more
of us than you did before.

Particularly, around
supper time.

Better wait till you try my
cooking before you make any

Probably chase you all away.

You're doing the right thing,

You think?

And I also think
that the kid is a lucky man.


Sometimes it's hard to
be sure about all this.

Well, you two love
each other, right?

Well, that's all that matters.

Who knows, maybe, maybe
someday I'll get lucky, too.

Knew that boy
was trouble
the moment he rode in.

The first thing he asked
was where he could
have a good time.

Anybody see where he went?

All I know is he got
in a fight in the saloon,

then he headed north.

Well, fenton's the next town
Matt must have reached.
Maybe he's still there.

You're on your own
from here, Jimmy.

I'll see you back in rock creek.

All right.
I'll see you, Lou.

Look, he just came
in here a couple
of days ago.

- Ain't seen him.
- He's got a snake skin
hat band...

- Ain't seen anybody with
a snake skin head band.
- Why don't you just sit

- and talk to me
for a second.
- I'm sorry, I'm awful busy.

I just ain't seen him.
I'm real sorry, mister.
I just ain't seen him.

Excuse me, ladies.

Ladies, pardon me, I'm looking
for a friend.
He, uh, he's got blonde hair.

- He just come into town
a couple of days ago.
- No. No.

-He's got a snake skin, uh...
Ah, snake skin...

"Warned you before,
red, this town ain't big
enough for the both of us.

"My trusty six shooter's going
to do my talking
from now on."

I told you not to read this
trash while you're working.

Don't be calling it trash.
Them's true stories.
Every one of them.

They're nothing but hot air.
I'm not paying you
to daydream.

Uh, excuse me.
I hope I'm not interrupting

No, not at all.
I'm mayor Cochran.
What can I do for you?

Well, you see, I'm looking
for a friend.
He rides an appaloosa

and has a snake skin hat band.
Thought you might
have seen him.

Sorry, I haven't seen anybody
like that.

- How about you?
- Well, let me think.

I ain't seen anyone
like that come through here.

Matter of fact, we don't get
many strangers here.

I'm sure everybody
would notice
if he'd been here.

Oh, yeah.
You'd know if Matt
was in town.

All right.

You know, I'd like to feed
my horse before I move on.

Can you tell me where
the livery stable is?

- I'll show you.
- I'm sure the gentlemen can
find his own way, Emmet.

Well, I'm going that direction.

- You're like them, ain't you?
- Like who?

Big red Fuller,
Wild Bill Hickok,
dead-eye Jackson.

- You know, gunfighters.
- No, I ain't never
heard of 'em.

- What happened over there?
- Mine played itself out
a few years back.

- So, how come you stay?
- Audrey's here.

Hey, that's a pretty
fancy rig you carry.

Look, pal, I ride for
the pony express, that's it.

We got a station over
there in seneca and the
only reason I'm here is...

- Hey, that saddle right there.
- It's a fine piece
of workmanship.

- You won't find many
like that.
- How'd you get it?

Some cowboy sold it to me?



- A couple months back.
- You're lying.

Matt was just here.
He wouldn't sell that saddle.

- He needed the money.
- Tell me what happened.

It wasn't my fault, mister.
It weren't like he
had use for it no more.

-What are you saying?
-Well, he didn't.
I mean...

Your friend never left.


That would be lovely on you.

- You think?
- Let's find out.


- It does look kind of nice.
- Like you two were made
for each other.

Every bride should have
a wedding dress like this.

Once I get the measurements,
I can have the dress ready

for a final fitting
the same day.

Oh, I'm not quite sure.

Or I could make one up
special for you like I'm doing
for another young lady.

- Oh, that's nice, too.
- I can do that just for you.

I've got lots
of fabrics to choose from.

- Louise.
- When's the wedding?

A couple of weeks.

That's exciting.
Your life's
gonna be so different.

You don't know the half of it.

Oh, there'll be someone
to love and care for.

You'll spend all your time
making your home perfect,
cooking for your husband.

- Is that all there is?
- Oh, no. There'll be tea
in the afternoons

with other wives
and, of course, someday
little ones.

Feel this.

I don't think
any of these are quite

- Oh, well, I have some
others I can...
- No. I got to go.


Oh, oh, Emmet!

- Why you running from me?
- I ain't stupid, mister.

I ain't gonna get in the
way of a gunfighter when
he gets that look in his eye.

I told you,
I ain't no gunfighter.

Well, you sure look like one.

See, I've been reading
about them in this book

You got matched colts
just like blackie diamond

Let me tell you something.
You see this?
This ain't real.

- It's a bunch of lies
somebody wrote?
- Lies?

Just like what
I've been getting from
everybody else

in town and I'm sick of it.

You're gonna tell me
who killed my friend.
Tell me!

- No one here did, honest.
- No, I just saw his body.

We didn't do it.
They did.

They who?

The fiercest band
of desperadoes in these parts,
that's who.

I don't want to hear
another one
of your damn stories!

The Garrett brothers
ain't no story.

They're five of the deadliest
men you'll ever meet.

Each week they come to town
on the same day
we get our supplies.

They do whatever they want,
take whatever they want.

So, you're saying
that the Garrett's
killed Matt, huh?

They was dragging a girl
behind the saloon.

She started to scream.

He shouldn't have tried
to stop them.

It's like I tell Audrey,
don't get mixed up in other
folks problems.


Louise, what's wrong?

I just got something
in my eye, is all.

Seems that happens to a lot
of girls getting married.

Everything's happening so fast.

I mean, I know I'm doing
the right thing,
but it still scares me.

We all feel that way.
At least, that's what my
girls tell me.

I know I carry on.
But I've never
been married myself.

Why not?

I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I had a Beau once, but he died.

Then, by the time I
was ready to find another,

well, men tend to want
young wives.

Must be kind of hard
on you, running
the dress shop?

Oh, no, the girls are
full of such dreams
and hopes and love.

Love for a man that loves
them, god doesn't hand
out any greater gift.

Guess you know
about your friend?

How'd it happen, huh?
Where the hell was the law?

The law? He was nothing but a
badge pinned to a bottle of whiskey.

First time the Garrett's
showed up, turned tail.

Why didn't you send
for the territorial marshal?

Look, fenton's a small town.

The last time we sent for help
the Garrett's strung up
the messenger.

Left him hanging for a week.

- Ah, you could have done
- We tried to warn your friend.

But he said, uh,
"express riders got
a reputation to uphold.

"They don't turn their back
on trouble."
Felt real strong about it.

Don't you people have any pride?

How can you live like this?

we don't have much choice.

We figure maybe eventually
the Garrett's will tire

- and leave us be.
- Mayor, Joe Garrett
just road in.

What are we gonna do
about that new fella?

Now, wait a minute, mister.
You'll just get yourself shot.
Maybe some of us, too.

Garrett! Garrett!

- Who are you?
- You got to answer
for Matt rawlins.

Never heard of him.

I'm gonna take you
to trial for murder.

Drop your gun.

Yah! Come on!

What will it be, friend?

Why don't you have a real

Just go pour the drink.

Anything you say.

Your money's no good here.

Uh, we've been talking.

Well, that's what you're good
at, ain't it?

We want to pay you.

- For what?
- To kill the Garrett's,
to kill them all.

I ain't a hired gun.

Well, the way you handled
yourself out there,
we figured that...

You figured wrong.

Well, sorry, no offense.
Just thought you'd be anxious
to settle

the score with the Garrett's.

I'm taking them in
to stand trial, not to kill

Oh, fine. Fine.

You can save yourself
the trouble of going
after them.

Joe Garrett, the one you shot,
he came in early.

The town's supply shipment
isn't due till tomorrow.

So, what about the Garrett's?

Joe told Carl here,
they'd be coming at dawn.

They're gonna be plenty mad
when they hear
what you done.

- You got to protect us.
- Why?

Well, it's only right.
You're the one
that shot Joe.

You just can't stand by
and let the Garrett's punish
us for something you did.

Louise, hope
you haven't been waiting long?

- Oh, no. I just happened
by and, uh...
- Well, as long as you're here,

- you want to take
another look at that dress?
- That'd be fine.

Get down there!

- Who are they?
- Hooligans.

Got nothing better to do
than bother decent folks.

Looks like, they're fixing
to leave, anyway.

Yes, fortunately.
I heard one of them
say it's too quiet here.

- They're heading
to another town.
- Oh? Well, that's good news.

For us, not for fenton.

- They're headed to fenton?
- That's what I heard.

I better come back later.

-What's wrong?
-I'm sorry.
There's something I got to do.

- I knew you wouldn't leave.
- I'm busy, Emmet.

Only a fool or a hero
would take on the Garrett's

But you ain't no fool,
no, sir.
You're the genuine article.

Like Wild Bill Hickok.
I can see it.

- Guns blazing in death.
- Anybody ever tell you,
you talk too much, Emmet?

Yeah. Audrey tells me
all the time.

Says I don't know
when to keep my mouth shut.

Sounds like a smart lady.
Who is she?

My wife.
I got married four years back.
Just before we headed west.

- Where you from?
- Philadelphia.

I was a tailor.
But I always dreamed
of settling out here.

Like I told Audrey, cities
hold a man back.

The frontier gives you
freedom to be anything
you want.

You still believe that?

- You ever get scared?
- You mean like
in a gunfight?


There's usually too much
happening to think about.

Fear's a terrible thing once
you get that taste
in your mouth.

You can never forget it.

I ain't much with a gun,
but this might help.

- What am I supposed
to do with this?
- Read it.

Marshal strong takes on a gang

You ought to do like he does.

Emmet, this ain't some
cheap story.
Just look around you.

I ain't gonna waste my time
reading this garbage.

I was just trying to help you.
That's more
than your friend got.

What are you talking about?

You better tell me
what you mean, Emmet?

He wasn't killed when
the Garrett's first shot him.

He was running.


Open up!

Open up!



Let me in!

Somebody please help me!

I've been shot!

Please! Somebody
at least give me a gun! Oh!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Get out!

Get the hell out of here!

Get out!

Ha! Ha!

- What are you doing there?
- What's it look like
I'm doing?

-You can't leave.
The Garrett's are coming.
-They'll kill us, mister.

- It ain't my problem.
- Well, the hell it ain't.

It was you who killed
their brother.

You can't just turn your back
on us, that ain't right.

It's no different than what
you did with Matt.

Your whole town turned
its back on him.

You deserve
what's coming to you.

Wait. Hear me out.

You're right about your friend.

Maybe we should have tried
to help.

It wouldn't have mattered.

The Garrett's
would have killed him
and the rest of us, too.

There was nothing
we could do to save him.

We're begging you, mister.

- Where does he want this?
- Don't know.

Hey, mister?

- Yeah?
- Where do you want this hay?

- Spread it around inside.
- What for?

Just do it.

What's going on, Jimmy?

Killing the Garrett's
won't bring Matt back.

This ain't right
what you're planning.
Not like this.

- They let him die, Lou.
- And they were wrong.

It's not the town
I'm worried about, it's you.

You know...

I knew Matt for two weeks.

And he drove me crazy
most of the time.

But he was a good kid.

He was like having a little

And he didn't deserve
to die like that.

Not like that.

- Saw the Garrett's in seneca.
- Yeah?

There's four of them
and only two of us.

- Not two.
- Jimmy?

Lou, look,
you have a wedding
to go to,

a whole new life to start.

And how do you think
I'll feel at my wedding
if something happened to you?

I ain't arguing with you, Jimmy.

I'm staying.

Ah, go home, Emmet.

- You need help.
- No, we'll be fine
by ourselves.

Why don't you go look
after Audrey?

No, this is my fight.
I ain't turning my back
this time.

Emmet, this ain't one
of your stories,
this is the real thing,

go on home.

Just tell me where you want me.

All right.

Stay with Lou.
I got some things
to take care of.

Passed the Garrett's on
the trail in from seneca.

That's how we know
they'll be coming
from the south.

Then, I guess we just wait?

- Who's Audrey?
- My wife.

Aren't you worried
about leaving her alone
with the trouble coming?

No. She'll be fine.

- What is it?
- Hmm?

Just thinking about how quick
things can change.

Yesterday I was looking
at wedding dresses, and now...

- You and him?
- No.

Somebody else.

Marriage is a wonderful thing
once you get over
the fright.

At least, it was for me.


Never had no doubts
about loving Audrey.

Loving wasn't the problem.

It was the idea of doing
something you'd have to live
with the rest of your life

that scared me.

Funny, all that just
disappeared as soon
as I said, "I do."

It did?

You know, a woman
shouldn't be tangled
up in this.

Your friend
and me can handle it.

- Thanks, but I'm staying.
- Be best if you didn't.

Believe me, you ought to get
out before it's too late.

I can take care
of myself, Emmet.

No, it ain't right.

I won't let you.

I'm not gonna let
it happen again.

Let what happen again?

What are you talking about?

Did something happen to Audrey?

We'd just arrived here
from back east.

Two drifters showed
up and asked to water
their horses.

They saw this gold necklace
that Audrey's father gave her.

One of them...

I tried to stop 'em.

But I wasn't no match for 'em.

They just kept hitting her
and hitting her.

I couldn't stop 'em.

You tried your best, Emmet.

No, no, I didn't,
I was too scared.

I let 'em kill her.

Yah! Yah! Yah!

What the...

Where the hell is everybody?

Joe! Joe!

Those yellow bellies upped
and left.

Then let's go and give them
nothing to come back to.

Yah, yah, yah!

Yah, come on.



Joe! Where you been?

Drop your guns
or you'll be joining
your brother.

Like hell!

Emmet! Emmet, the rifle!







Drop it!


Lou, you okay?

Thanks to you.

It's over.


He should rest easier now.

Yeah, maybe so.

You know, the town
is gonna need someone

till the governor appoints
a new marshal.

Now you have to make sure
that what happened here
doesn't happen again.

- No, I can't...
- Sure you can.

You could have turned
your back on both of us.

But instead you risked
your life for two strangers.

That takes a lot more courage
than most men got.

You take care of the town now.


I didn't even get your name.

Just call me Jimmy.

- Mind if we stop
in seneca on the way back?
- Why?