The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 2 - Jesse - full transcript

Young Jesse vows revenge after the murder of his foster father Doc but the riders try to disuade him. Someone also wants Jesse dead so his new friends protect him. Noah deals with ugly racial comments from Jarvis.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You're all tangled, huh?

Jesse? Hey, Jesse?

Thought maybe you'd be headed
back to the house.

Ain't quite finished here.
Just saw a rabbit.

If I had an acre
for every rabbit I seen
this season,

I'd own everything between
here and rock creek.

And if you had a
gun, we'd have stew.

Guns? Everyone thinks
they're the answer
to everything.

Supper be ready
when you're finished.

Was there a letter for
me from town?

Nothing today, Jesse,
but maybe next time, huh?

You doc woodson?



Looks like he ain't opened
his doctor's bag in years.

Let's hope,
he ain't gotten rusty.

Better get it all, doc.


I know it hurts but things
ain't as bad in here
as it looks.

Well, that's the worst of it.

- Bullet missed the vein
by half an inch.
- Can he ride?

Wouldn't recommend it,
but, uh, it won't kill him.

Imagine you fellas
are in kind of a hurry, huh?

Ain't gonna leave
before we, uh, thank you

- for what you've done.
- I won't tell no one
about you four.

You're right.

The rest of this load
ain't gonna be ready
for about a half hour.

I don't know about you,
but I could use
something to eat.

Sounds good to me.

If you ask me,
I think Rachel got a little

carried away
with this shopping
list of hers.


This place feel any different
to you two?

- How do you mean?
- The war coming, the fighting,
all seems a lot closer here

- than it did in Sweetwater.
- Ain't gonna be no different,

We just stick
to making our runs.

Buck's right.
We're probably gonna be a lot
busier than we want to be.

Besides, when we ever stick
to just making our runs?

- Afternoon, sir.
- Afternoon.

Afraid not, boys.
No coloreds or Indians
are welcome here.

Now, wait a minute...
What are you talking about?
Who are you?

Name's Harrison Jarvis.
I'm owner of this fine

Now, wait I minute,
you don't let them in,
I don't go in either.

Suit yourself.
Only you're missing
the best meal in town.

That's all right, I just
lost my appetite.
Come on.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

Just what's your problem,

Problem? I got no problem.

Buck, come on.

Is everything all right?

Nothing a horse wouldn't fix.

Where you headed?

- That way.
- Nothing ahead of you
but rock creek.

Well, then, I guess
that's where I'm headed.

- I could give you a ride.
- We'd go too slow.

A lot faster than you're
going now.

Not as fast as I
could go myself.


Hey, you got to be
kidding, you're not...
You're a girl.

So I suppose now you're
gonna take my horse?

I ain't fighting no girl.

- What's your name?
- Jesse.

-Well, Jesse, come on.
-You're still gonna take me?

'Cause you look like
it's important you get to
where you're going

and nobody else
is gonna stop
for a kid like you.

- Well, just one thing.
- Hmm?

I ain't no kid.


That's the marker.
Start digging.

Ain't nothing in here,
but dry and smelly bones.

Somebody stole our money.

Well, boys, we just gonna
have to get it back.

Then, kill the snake
who took it.

I'll tell you if there's
one thing I can't
stand, it's a thief.

Noah ain't said nothing
about since then?

- He ain't said much
to anybody.
- What about buck?

Buck just wanted to lay
into the fella.
I should have let him.

Well, it might have made him
feel better, but it wouldn't
have changed nothing.

Man like Jarvis
is so damn sure he's right

he couldn't even change
his own mind.

Mcdermott: Marshal hunter?
Marshal hunter, I wonder
if I could introduce myself.

I don't need
for an introduction.

Kid, this here's
Michael mcdermott,

the best known lawyer
this area has to offer.

- Pleased to meet you.
- My reputation exceeds
my ability,

let me assure you.
You heard I was in town?

Yep, bad news travels fast.
Are you just, uh, passing

No. Actually, I've decided
to set up shop right here
in rock creek.

What with
the local unrest,
and the coming war...

A lot of people are
gonna need your help.

Uh-uh, kid,
he just couldn't pass up
the opportunity

to make profit on
on other people's misery.

Why, marshal hunter, are you
one of those who harbor

a deep distrust of all lawyers?

No. Just ones like you.
I personally know
two skunks caught dead

to rights admitting
their crimes who walked out
of courtroom free men

'cause of you.

Not because of me.
Because of the law.
All I do is study it,

respect it, and adhere to it.

The fact is, I just know
it better than anybody else.

And that keeps me busy.

- You know, it don't seem fair.
- What?

You knowing my secret
and me not knowing yours.
Why are you in such a hurry

to get to rock creek?

It's like pulling teeth
with you, ain't it?

Don't you think
you owe me something?

- Owe you? Why?
- Why? I brung you here,
I ain't gonna turn you

into the marshal for
trying to steal my horse,
and I didn't turn you

into dirt for letting
your hands get away from you.

I guess that one was
kind of a favor.
I kind of enjoyed it, too.

Mcdermott, does this mean
we're gonna see a whole lot
of each other?

Oh, more than likely, marshal.

But if I were you, I'd look
on that as an advantage.

As I see it, sooner or later
everybody needs to know
a good lawyer.

What's your name?

Lou. Well, Louise.


All right, Lou, I got
a question for you.

Why is it so important to you,
the reason I'm here, my name,
all that?

'Cause when I saw you
on the road, you looked
like a kid in trouble, is all.


I ain't no kid.

You killed doc woodson!

Jesse! Give me that!

Are you crazy or something?

We got to get out of here.

Get up!

Don't hurt him.
Don't hurt him?
He tried to kill me!

Hey, listen.
Do you mind telling me
what possessed you

to take a shot at hickok here?

Some men, they killed
doc woodson.

This doc, did he live in town?

- A ways down the road.
- And you seen
who done it?

Seen their horses.
He was taking a look
at one of them over there.

- Jimmy?
- There was an appaloosa there.

- Are you, uh, related to him?
- Staying with him.

- You have a place to
stay now?
- I can take care of myself.

Listen, if this horse you
saw belonged to one
of the killers,

them men know you're around.
If I was you, I'd lay low
for a while.

Laying low is what I did
with doc.
Look what good it did me.

That boy is trouble.
I can feel it.

What the devil?

- You the gravedigger?
- Well, I'm supposed to be.

Looks like somebody's aiming
to get my job.

It wouldn't be because every
once in a while you dig up
a little surprise, would it?

What kind of surprise
you talking about?

- Money. Our money.
- I don't know nothing
about no money.

If I did, do you think
I'd be doing this
for a living?

Did you work here five
years ago?

No. I've only worked here
a month.

If you want to know what went
on here five years ago,

you should be talking
to the undertaker.

It's all fine and dandy,
us tracking down our money,

but we got to get that kid, too.

Why? Ain't nobody
gonna believe him.

You feel like trying to get
lucky with a sweet-faced kid
pointing his finger up at us

saying, "them's the one that
killed my granddad."

Uh-uh. We have to
find that boy.

And Bury him.

Let's go.

-Morning, lad.
How can I help you?
-I was wondering if you

- needed some help around here?
- No, I already got a boy
to clean up.

Ain't talking about cleaning
up, I'm talking about working
the forge.

- You done it before?
- A bit in Missouri.

Seemed I had a knack for it.

Well, I'll tell you,
there been times
I could have used a second

set of hands around here.
Sadly, this ain't one of them.

Well, I could do other things.
Maybe work with scrap,
clean your tools.

No, son, I do all that myself,
I still can't keep busy.

Things, are bound to pick up,

Why don't you come back
in a couple of weeks?

- I need the money now.
- Got a girl you want
to impress, huh?

Got a funeral I need to pay for.

Real sorry to hear that.

- Yeah.
- Can't your family help you

My family's not here.


Well, there's no sign
of the gravedigger.

Old undertaker couldn't find
him, either.

That's why he asked
me to nose around here.

He said he didn't like the
looks of things.

In fact, I don't like the looks

of most of what's
been going on around
here the last couple of days.

Did you, uh, find
out anything about
the doc's murder?

No. Jesse's the only one
who can help me there

and he ain't exactly

I don't understand that.

A friend of mine
got killed,
I'd do everything I could

to try to find out who did it.

Well, you know, someone close
to you gets taken,

sometimes the last thing you
want is to share your
grief with somebody else.

Yeah, I guess.

But I don't know, it sure
seems like he needs it,
though, don't it?

You know, Jimmy,

you ain't always
this forgiving towards

who takes a shot at you.

Oh, I'm just trying to
help the boy out, is all.

You know, he's
been all over town
looking for work and...


Well, we're too late
to help him.

Cold night, ain't it?

- Ain't that bad.
- You wasn't planning on
bunking down here, was ya?

Of course not,
I got a place to stay.

Yeah, well, if that don't
work out,

I suppose I could find you
a place over at the

I said I got a place to stay.

Yeah, well, me and the boys,

we heard about you
having a rough time
finding work

and all and we didn't want
you to worry about

having to pay
for doc woodson's funeral.

That's my business.

Well, I know that,
but the fact is we took up
a collection

to pay for the service.
We're gonna do it up
real nice.

Well, I don't suppose
the fella I took a shot at
was too anxious to pay?

As a matter of fact, it
was his idea.

Why, huh?

Why are you all so damn
interested in trying
to help me?

You treat me like some kid
who can't take care
of himself.

I never said, you being a kid
had anything to do with it.

No, but that's what
you're all thinking.

And I'm just
gonna have to prove
you're wrong.

Son, you don't have to
prove nothing to nobody.

Ain't you I'm talking about.

Family, huh?
Saw you looking
at that picture.

Tell you, a fella's got family
he ain't never alone.

Why don't you think
about going off with them?

- I can't.
- Why not?

'Cause jayhawkers
from Kansas tried
to burn our house down.

Plowed our farm under,
stole our crops.

My family sent me here
'cause they had to move.

And they were gonna
have to keep moving.

Didn't know for how long,

I don't follow,

I don't know where they are.
They sent me here to live
with doc and now he's dead.

And there's no one to
take care of me,
no one to take care of him.

Well, maybe I...

- No.
- Son, you keep walking
away from people

trying to help you, one day
when you need them, you're
gonna find yourself all alone.

I am alone.


No, you ain't.

It's funny, I don't remember
having most of this stuff,

till we packed it up
and moved it out here.

Probably won't see it again
till we pack it up
next time neither.

What's eating at you?

Still thinking about yesterday.

Ain't the kind of thing
you forget.

Well, don't take it out on kid.

The way I hear it,
he stood up for you.

Yeah, well, I guess,
I never got around
to thanking you for that.

Well, it's not something
I had to think about too hard.

Well, you being from the
south and all, I just...

Noah, I'm from the south, too.

And just 'cause kid
and I don't like the idea

of someone in Washington
telling folks a thousand miles
away what to do,

well, it don't mean we got
nothing against you
or that we're for slavery.

Fact is, someone like Jarvis
makes me as sick
as he makes you.

Sorry, kid.

I had to borrow this from
a friend.
A good coat's hard to come by.

- Here, try this on.
- I don't see why
I need one, anyway.

Well, it's just the proper
thing to wear, that's all.

We got to show respect
for the dead.

Doc knew I loved him,
don't care what
anyone else thinks.

- This will be fine. It will.
- Ever been to one before?

- A funeral?
- More than I'd wished.

- Friends of yours?
- Yep.

People you was real close to?

The last one was my husband.

What was it like?

- Oh, Jesse...
- I got to know.

All right.

It was sad and comforting
at the same time,
does that make any sense?

- Was there lots of people?
- Seemed like everyone
he ever knew.


Were they all looking at you?

I didn't notice.
But I was glad that
they came.

- Did you cry?
- Yes. Yes, I did.

Well, I ain't gonna cry.

I'll take this and fix
it for you, all right?

Thou prepareth
the table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You annointeth my head
with oil, my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
should follow me
all the days of my life

and I shall dwell in the house
of the lord forever.


Them's was nice words
the preacher said.
It's a credit to doc woodson

so many people come to hear 'em.

Don't quite seem right, doc
not being around and all.

I feel like I'll ever stop
missing him.

Feel like heading back
and having some lunch?

Uh, I'd kind of like to change
out of these clothes first.

Well, we'll go with you.

-You don't have to.
-No, it's all right.
We're going that way anyhow.

Tears me up to see
what he's going through.

He's had his share of
bad luck, that's for sure.

Oh, what's gonna happen to
him, teaspoon?

Rachel, that's up to him.

A boy his age
can't take care of himself.

Well, I won't argue with
you, but that boy knows
what he wants to do.

I only hope he doesn't get
in more trouble doing it.


You handled yourself real fine
today, Jesse.

Doc would have been mighty
proud of you.

That was real nice
what teaspoon did.

Letting Jesse stay with him.

It was Jesse's idea.


Hey, son.
Son, you got a minute?

I'm real sorry about the doc.

It's a real shame
about what happened to him.

Any of you recognize that fella?

I knew him.
He was a good man.

On the roof!

Jesse! Jesse, get down!

Yah! Yah!

He got away.
Get up!

Has the marshal caught
the other one of them outlaws?

What's the one in jail
got to say for himself,

I'll ask him, ma'am.

You tell marshal hunter
that rock creek is no place
for this sort of hooliganism.

No place at all!

Of course, you wouldn't have
any problem

serving them hooligans
lunch now, would you?

Ain't no use talking
to him.
That man's gonna hang.

Like it or not, son,
he is entitled to a trial.

A trial?
He's one of the ones
who killed doc!

I ain't saying I doubt you,

but a man can't hang
without proof.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Take it easy there.

You doing okay?

- What's it look like?
- I'll keep an eye
on him.

- What was that all about?
- Ah, that lawyer mcdermott's
riling things up again.

He's moved in next door,
as if I don't have enough
to worry about.

That fella we caught,
his name's Ryan.

Five years ago he rode
with a gang, they had
a whole string of robberies.

Funny thing was, when the law
finally caught up with him,
they was empty-handed.

They spent it all?

Maybe. Or hid it.

This is the first place
they headed
for when they was set free.

Well, if the money was here,
why didn't they just get it
and get out?

Maybe somebody found it.

Maybe they're looking for him.

Meantime, they got themselves
a 14-year-old murder witness

and he's willing to
take them all.

Hey, Jesse, you still looking
for trouble?

- No, I'm looking for a gun.
- What do you need
a gun for?

Only one of the people
who killed doc's in jail.

Yeah, well, considering
the way you were shooting
at me,

you get your own gun,
you're liable to kill yourself
before you kill someone else.

I would have had you
with the second shot.

Oh, you're a real marksman, huh?

I've been hunting since
I was eight.

Ain't no one in the family
can bring a deer down
faster than me.

Just never used
a six-shooter before.

That's what I want you
to teach me.

- I can't do that?
- Why not?

Because a six shooter's
only used for one thing.

And it's a lot more serious
than killing deer.

Ain't heard it makes much
difference to you.

That's what people say.

And there ain't nothing
I do is gonna make them
change their minds neither.

Well, why would you want to?
You got a reputation.
People respect you.

No, they don't respect me.
There's a lot of them
who are scared of me

and it's not the same thing.

I got a brother, a little
older than you and people
are scared of him, too.

And I don't think
there's nothing wrong
with that.

Well, you don't, huh, well,
let me tell you something.

I know you don't like
to be called no kid,

but you ain't no grown-up
neither and that
makes you lucky.

Lucky? Why?

Because you still got choices.


When I was your age,
all I wanted to do was
grow up.

I didn't care how, neither.

Decided if I made a name
for myself,

there weren't no one's
gonna call me a kid no more.

So, what happened?

I bought me a gun.
And you know what?
Once you put on a gun,

you can't take it off.

It's... it's like... it's like
you step into the shadows.

And I'm here to tell
you that there's things
in the shadows that

a boy your age
don't need to see.

Do you understand me?

- May I help you?
- I understand you're the owner
of the cemetery?

Yes. What of it?

We'd like a word with you.

Five years ago
we buried something in it
and it ain't there no more.

It ain't? Well, who was it?
Was it someone near and dear?

It was money.
We want it back.

Money? Well, I don't...

I took over the cemetery
five years ago after
the previous undertaker

suddenly came
into a small fortune

and he said he won it
gambling, but that seemed
suspicious to me.

- Is that man still in town?
- Yes. Yes, he is.

I'll tell you all about him,
then, may I go?
I won't tell anyone about you.

This kid's making me
kind of jumpy.

Hey, will you settle down!

Heard you had a talk
with hickok.
A pretty smart fella.

- Ought to listen to him.
- He said the same thing
about you.

He did?

Well, we're just trying
to help you, that's all.

You know, me and Jimmy,
we made our share of bad moves

over the years, but if you
could learn from that
it might all be worthwhile.

I really appreciate that,

But I still say we ought to
hang him while we got
the chance.


You think he's going someplace?

Teaspoon, take a look at this.

- Can't let this happen.
- This is a writ
of habeas corpus

signed by the circuit judge
at fort kearney

commanding you
to release your prisoner

Let him go?
The man's involved
in a murder.

You yourself admitted
that there is no evidence
linking Mr. Ryan

to that crime.

What about him and his friends
trying to kill Jesse here?

I suppose, I don't have
a hundred witnesses for that?

None of whom would testify
that he was doing anything
other than trying

to get your friend's attention.

Why, he wasn't even armed.

You ain't gonna let him
do this, are you, teaspoon?

- No, of course, he ain't.
- I heard of low, mcdermott,

- but this is...
- Playing by the rules.

Get him out of here.

Hey, you want to give
that a rest.

You're wearing out the floor.

Well, why are you just
sitting here while
teaspoon's letting Ryan go?

Teaspoon's got no choice.
And I'm sitting here
so you don't do

some damn fool thing
like run off after him.

I woke up this morning
smelling blood.

- What are you talking about?
- That's how I know something
bad's gonna happen.

Smelled it the morning
they tried to burn our house
down, too.

My brother said it's a sign.

Said there's gonna be a lot
of blood spilled in my life.

Well, your brother sounds
like a lot of fun.

Said my fate's been decided.
Ain't no way to change
what's gonna happen.

Look, I know one thing,
you go after that
gang and the only blood

that's gonna be spilled
is gonna be your own.

Got no choice.

I have three things to
say to you.
You listen to 'em good.

This boy's a good kid
and I'm gonna make sure
he lives a long life.

You cross paths with him
again, I'll fill you so full
of holes you'll whistle

every time the wind blows.

Second, I ain't gonna stop
chasing you or your gang,

but if you's to head on out
now I might get tired

a lot quicker
than if you's to keep
hanging around.

Third, don't never think
no piece of paper from

gonna save your behind again,
'cause I'm here to tell you

I could shoot a lot faster
than he can write.

Get the hell out of here.
Yah! Yah!

Well, ike, I ain't giving
odds, they won't be back,

but you got to give folks
a chance to change.

Waste of time if you ask me.

Now that ain't true
and you know it.

Well, teaspoon, I run into
a whole lot of folks lately
who ain't interested

in hearing the other side
of an argument.

That don't mean
you quit trying, you do that,

you got your eyes
shut just as tight as them.

Well, if they don't want
to see...

Well, then, you got to think
of a better way
to convince 'em.

Let's get out of here.

- What the...
- Jesse's gone, teaspoon.

- Must have come up
behind Jimmy.
- Took one of my guns.

Never seen someone
so anxious to find trouble
in my life.

Well, he's gonna get it
if we don't get
to him first.

Trouble is, we don't know
where to find him.
You all right?

There's our friend.

Let's go talk to him.

- About what?
- About opening up his eyes.

Mr. Jarvis...
I wonder if I could
have a moment of your time.


It's about something
you found five years ago.

Something that belonged to
me and my friends.

This isn't really the best
time to talk.

Like I told you,
I don't have your money.

Where is it?

Where is it?

- Gone!
- What?

- I spent it!
- Hold it!

Look like the Indian
and the colored finally

done something for you now,
don't it?

- Indeed.
- Yeah. I'm getting hungry
just thinking about it.

Now, either you tell me
where the rest
of your friends are

or you're gonna be the
one asking for the last meal.

Come to pay us a visit,
huh, boy?

Should have asked your friends
to come with you.

Jesse, get out of the way!

- Let's get out of here!
- Let's go! Come on!

Yah! Yah!

Got no choice. Yah!


I'll be okay. Go get 'em.

I'll stay here.
Noah, head on.
I'll take care of him.


Hold it!

Back off, Jesse.
I got him covered now.

-I'm gonna kill him!
You don't need to do that.

Listen to your friend, son.

Shut up! You killed doc!

Yeah, he did,
and he'll pay for it,
too, Jesse.

I'll see to that right now.

There's no sense in you
paying for it, too, son.
You paid enough already.

You kill him like this,
you'll never stay out
of the shadows.

Put the gun down.

All right, give me the gun,

Damn it!

Well, Noah, I don't think
I've seen you
looking quite this happy.

Or this full.

We'll see you again real soon.

Your friend hickok tells me
the express is gonna be
throwing some business my way.

I could use that other set
of hands now.

You know, Jesse, bunking
with teaspoon's fine and all,

but it'd sure help
if you'd earn your keep.

- It's good to have choices,
ain't it?
- Don't know how long I'd stay.

No one knows that as
well as me. Set him up.

Come on, lad, we'll get started.

Hear you're gonna be staying
for a while.

Yeah. I kept talking
about leaving

and then I realized I got
nowhere else to go.

That will change.
You strike me as someone
who sooner than later's

gonna have a lot
of places to go.

Hope so. I just hope
this is the last jail
I spend time in.

Well, take it easy, kid.


Oh, I know, you ain't no kid.

Oh, that's okay.

Maybe being a kid
ain't so bad right now.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Oh? Almost forgot.
This came for you.

- Says it's from a frank James.
- That's my brother.

Jesse James.

- Your name's got
a nice ring to it.
- Always thought so.

Well, watch yourself, now.
And, and, and don't go
getting into anymore trouble.

Wouldn't dream of it.