The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 19 - Lessons Learned - full transcript

Killer Randle is seeking vengeance against Marty who testified against him and Teaspoon is unable to prevent it. His ex-love Polly and a lawman friend also arrive in town. Buck and Cody take off after Randle followed by Teaspoon to get justice.

Hey, kick it hard!

This the road
to rock creek, boy?

Asleep on the job!

Mornin', Mr. Dibble.

Albert, tompkins.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Know who that is, Marshall?


Ya, I locked him up
a couple of times. Why?

Teaspoon, I just rode in
from cottonwood.

Now Randall's there
and he's headed this way.

I see. And I suppose there's
something you want me
to do about it.

That is your job, isn't it?

- If he breaks the law, it is.
- If he breaks the law?

Mr. Dibble, I got here
a piece of paper come
a couple of weeks ago.

Something called
a "court order."

Got a lot of fancy words on it
but what it boils down to

is when Randall
broke out of jail,

he crossed into the territories,

found himself a lawyer
and got his
conviction overturned.

Which means what exactly?

Which means exactly
that Mr. Jared Randall
is a free man.


This bounty ain't legal.

Teaspoon, Randall is a killer.

I know that. But the law
don't see it that way.

Listen, Marshall.

It was my brother's testimony
two years ago that got
Randall convicted.

And you figure he's coming
back here to even the score.

Well, he swore he would.

Does Marty know?

How's he taking it?

Well all right, I guess.
But you know ma.
She's worried sick.

The minute she heard
she wanted to pack up
and leave town.

Seein' it's Randall,
I don't blame her.

I tell you what.

I'll talk to Marty,

get him to lay low for a while.

I'll make sure someone
to keeps an eye on him.

Marshall, what if you never
received that court order

Randall's conviction?

Well, then I guess
he'd be fair game,
wouldn't he?

So, Jimmy will you do it?

Oh, Lou, it depends.

I've never given
no brides away before.

What do I do?

Well, ah, I think
you walk me down the aisle.


And then?

The preacher asks
who's givin' the bride away
and you say "that's me."

And that's it?

That's it!

Sure. I guess I can do that.

Good. Now that's settled.


We've been giving
this a lot of thought n'

we'd like you to...

You know, perform the ceremony.

Who me?

Wouldn't feel right
having anyone else.

Well, I suppose I could.

"Dearly beloved."

I always liked that part.

Thanks, teaspoon.


Excuse me.


- What's wrong?
- Nothin'.

Wouldn't have anything
to do with that package that
came yesterday, now would it?

You know me pretty good,
don't you?

Who is it from?

Polly. My third wife.

Only one that has
ever broke my heart.

- How long has it been?
- Twenty four years.

What happened,
if you don't mind my askin'?

I was deputy U.S. Marshall
in Austin.

Aside from the army,

it was the first job
I ever had on the
right side of the law.

I took myself real serious.
Had a new way of life.

May of '37, I had come back
after taking six months
to track down a bushwhacker.

Polly was gone.

Run off with a friend of mine.

Well, what you do?

Well, I got real good and drunk.

Swore I would shoot them both.

After a while I realized
it wasn't anybody's fault.

Polly was too much
of a woman to be left alone,

sitting around waiting,
wondering if I was
dead or alive.

Did she say why she was comin'?


I'm gonna go spell buck.

Why don't you
go ahead home, buck.

Henry here is not gonna hurt me.

'Cause if he does
I'll shoot him.

In fact I'm gonna shoot you
if you don't give me
room to breathe.

It's not you I'm scared of,
it's that mother of yours.

Look, buck.

I appreciate what the
Marshall's trying to do

but it probably wasn't Randall
Mr. Tompkin's saw, anyway.

You're probably right.

Marty, listen,

when I give the word
I want you to get up
nice and slow,

and go into the back room.

Whatever you do,
don't look out front.


Just do it.

Sorry, buck.

Henry, you keep him in here.

You got no business here.
Why don't you move on?

Stay out of this, Indian.
I got no quarrel with you.


Well, if it ain't
teaspoon hunter,
still wearing a badge, too.

I know why you're here
and I'm here to tell you
it ain't gonna happen.

Not in my town.

I don't know what you're
talkin' about, Marshall.





He's dead.

Merciful god!

Gimme me your gun.

What for? He drew on me.

You don't understand, Randall.
I ain't askin'.

That's personal property.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Wasting your time, hunter.
You got no case against me.

Let's say I'm locking you up
for your own safety.

Yeah. Do what you want.
You can't hold me for good.

You... Randall.

Up to three weeks ago,
I could have shot in the back
and been $100 richer.

So don't tempt me.

Or I may forget
what month it is.

Teaspoon, I heard
about what happened.

Keep an eye on him,
will you, Jimmy?

I got to talk to Marty's people.

I don't think you'll
have to go anywhere, teaspoon.



Ma'am, please!

And you!

How could you do
a thing like that?

How could you just stand there
and watch 'em
while he killed my son?


Albert, you'd best
take her home.

Tough day, huh?

Oh, I keep thinkin' if only...

If only... c'mon!

One of these day Randall's
luck's gonna run out.

Just hope I'm there
when it does.

You think the Peterson's
really have a case?

Randall don't even need
a lawyer for this one.

He could probably
do it by himself.

Randall's a gunfighter
and if he called Marty out.

Marty had the drop.

It don't matter.

Are you sure about that?

I wish to god I wasn't.

So sorry.

They'll get him this time.

Hello, teaspoon.


Luke Murphy, is that you?

It's been a long time.

That it has.

What are you doin'
in these parts?

Can't be for no card game,

unless you're playing
for the horse thieves
instead of the horse.

Truth be told,
I come to see you.


That a territorial
Marshall's badge?

What did you do,
marry the governor's daughter?

Boys, Rachel, I'd like you
to meet an old friend of mine.

I talk to you a minute alone?

I don't believe
I'm hearing this.

Now the governor wants
Randall convicted, teaspoon.

He wants it a lot.

What got into you, Luke?

Times is different than when
you and I started, teaspoon.

Nowadays they give
a man a badge,
he's got to set an example.

Do things right.

Luke, if I'm called
to testify,
I'm gonna tell the truth.

Which is?

The truth's the truth,
whether the governor
likes it or not.

I'll see you inside.

You should have killed him
when you had the chance.

All I seen was Randall,

so I come across the street
to have words with him.

And what happened
next, Marshall hunter?

Well, Marty busted
outta the barber shop
and yelled Randall's name.

I see.

And was he holding a gun?

Yeah, he was holding a gun.

Quiet. Quiet please.

Everybody be quiet, please.
Everybody be quiet.

And was Mr. Hutchins aiming
that gun at Mr. Randall?


Quiet, please in the court.

Quiet, please.


No further questions,
your honor.

Given the evidence
presented to me at this time,

I have no choice but to have
all charges against
Jared Randall dismissed.

This hearing is adjourned.

Then maybe he ought
to take care of it himself.

Or is that why you're here?

Be seein' ya.


Hello, sugarlips.

My, it's been a long time.


Is somethin' the matter?

Well, no. No.
It's just that...

Well, how come I got older
and you stayed the same?

It must be all that
hard living, I guess.

Yeah, well, it does take it
out of ya, don't it?

Not you, silly. Me.

Well, you sure are a sight
for sore eyes.

Ah, teaspoon!


Polly hunter,

this here is Jimmy and Rachel,
Noah and buck.

Pleased to meet you.

Polly here is ma third wife.

And while I don't normally
make comparisons,

I'd have to admit
she was one of the best.

One of the best?

How many were there?

Old sugarlips here has been
married six times, ma'am.

Six times?


So tell me did you ever
manage to get it right?

Actually... no.

Come to the conclusion
it can't be done.


Why don't you acquainted.

Somethin's wrong. What is it?

It's a long story, ma'am.

Let's just say you couldn't
have picked a better time
to come visit.

Oh, I'm not here to visit.
I'm here to stay.

I bought the saloon.

So, Polly,
exactly how did you
and teaspoon get together?

When I first laid eyes
on teaspoon hunter,

he was behind bars in
my daddy's jail in Austin.

Said to myself right there then,

that's the man
I'm going to marry.

What was he in for?

You know, I don't quite
remember, but if it wasn't
one thing it was another,

cause he was
real wild back then.

Oh, really?

Ah, Polly, how is that father
of yours?

Got a letter from him
a couple of months back,

said he was taken off the badge.

Never thought I'd live
to see the day.

Well, neither did he.

Got himself killed first.

Lordy, lordy lord.

What happened?

He was leading a posse after
a couple of horse thieves,

chased 'em into a box canyon.

You know daddy,
he walked in there
alone, unarmed.

Managed to talk 'em into
giving themselves up

'til they stepped out there
and saw that posse
wasn't there for justice.

It was there as
a lynching party.

The horse thieves ended up
shooting him in the back

while he was trying
to protect them
from his own posse.

That's the kind of man he was.

Look at what it got him.

Polly's father was important
to you, wasn't he?

Weren't for him
I wouldn't be here today.

When I first rode into Austin,
I was an angry young buck
real good with the gun.

He saw somethin' in me,
somethin' I didn't see.

Went ahead and made me
his deputy.

Of course, when I saw
his daughter it was
either that or shoot me.

What was he like?

Didn't have an ounce of fear
in him.

Always looked for the best
in people.

Always gave people
the benefit of the doubt.

I guess you could say
he's the kind of man
I always wanted to be.

They don't make 'em
like that anymore, Jimmy.

Yeah, they do.

Teaspoon, there's
trouble at the hotel.
It's Randall.

Where is he?

C'mon, darlin'.

Marshall. Hurry up.
Open up, Randall.

Somethin' I can help you
with, Marshall?

Shut up and get your
hands off her.

We're having ourselves a party.

Miss? Did he do this to you?

Of course, not.
She fell and hit her head.
Didn't you darlin'?

I told you,
keep your mouth shut.

Did he?


Now listen, miss.

If he hurt you
I can put him in jail.

Make sure you're protected.

Oh, yeah,
he's real good at that.
Aren't you?


You're right, Jimmy.

This ain't the place.

Let's go, miss.

Party's over, Randall.

I sure hope you ain't thirsty.
'Cause I'm not gonna be
open for a while.

Gonna work all night?

Well, I got a lot to do.

You ain't thinkin' of fixing
this place up all by
your lonesome, are you?

Teaspoon, what is it you want?

Well, I was just taking a walk.

I could use some company.

Sorry, but I got a lot
to handle here.

Ya know, I been thinkin'.

I could round up a bunch
a strong boys for help,
maybe even tomorrow mornin'.

I can't afford to pay 'em.

Sixty days of sarsaparillas
on the house.

Two weeks!

A month!

Guess I could stand
a little breath of fresh air!

You know, I didn't even
make his funeral.

I miss him, teaspoon.

Maybe that is the
reason I am here.
I want to be close to family.

Oh, I forgot.

Nope, I couldn't!

He wanted you to have it.

Tell me something,
you got a girl?

Who me. Nah.

My heart can't
take the aggravation.

We'll see about that.

Excuse me, Marshall hunter.

What do you want, Peterson?

I want you to stop harassing
my client.

You're kidding, right?

You see what he did to her
last night?

Well, she didn't
press charges, did she?

No, she didn't.

Marshall, Mr. Randall was
involved in a private concern

when you broke down his door
'n threatened his life.

Then later on, someone
threw this through the window.

You think I did this?

I'm taking the morning stage
to fort kearny
for a writ of injunction.

Protecting my client
from any further harassment

from you or anyone
in your charge.

Good day.

Mr. Peterson,

you forgot your rock.


Mornin', Luke.

- You know anything about this?
- What is it?

Someone tossed it through
Randall's window last night.

C'mon, teaspoon.
You know me better than that.

You know, I was bear-hunting
one time.

Big old nasty thing.

Chased him into a cave.

I could of gone
into there after him

but I figured why take the risk.

So I waited until the
wind was blowing just right.

Then I lit a little fire.

Wasn't more than a minute
before he came charging
straight at me.

What'd you do?

I wore his coat
for the next ten winters.

You hunting bear
in my town, Luke?

Knock, knock!

There's something you want?

Well, it's a saloon, ain't it?

How about a drink?

We're closed.

Well, I'm thirsty.

There's water outside.

I hate that stuff.

Look, Randall,
I know who you are.

You ain't welcome in here.
So get out!

Oh, yeah. What you gonna do?
You gonna run out there
and get your boyfriend? Huh?

Get your hands off me.

Fine. Anything you say.

Oh, wait.

Yes, ma'am.

How do you do?

You get out.

- Understand, get out.
- All right. Fine.

Whatever you say.


I'll see you again real soon.

Get out!

I like you.



For my brother Marty...

Oh, my god!

All right, son?

He's a lucky boy!

I could have killed him
if I wanted to.

Oh, my god!


He'll be all right, ma'am.

Get your hands off my son.


Rachel told me
I might find you out here.

I heard what happened.

Mind if I join you?

I was kinda hopin'
on being alone.

One thing I've learned
living as long
and as stupid as I have is,

there's always time for that.

Now when it comes to gettin'
what you really need,
that's something else again.

What might that be?

A shoulder to cry on.

A warm body to pass the night.

A friend to sit with
'n just do nothing at all.

Seems like every day
there's more and more trouble.

I'm caught in the middle
and there ain't nothing
I can do about it.

Wasn't supposed to be like this.

Well, I can remember Austin
20 years some ago and it
wasn't exactly peaceful.

Well, that was different.

And so were you!

Honey, you've put
a lot of years into
proving yourself,

helping other people,
trying to live up
to something.

Trouble is,
it's a game you can't win.

Hell, I was born to the best,
look what happened to him.


Now just turn around.
Go on, shut up.


I remember them magic fingers.

Hmm... sure do take
the years off, don't they?

Little lower.

You know, I never did like
playing second fiddle
to a piece of tin.


You don't need to do
a thing, sugarlips.

This one's on the house.


She knows what she's doin'.

Business sure is good.

I haven't had this fun
in a long time.

Has anyone seen teaspoon?

They said he was gonna be here.

He's proud and all.
Lot of people around town.

He should be around soon.


My. My.

I told you before
you ain't welcome here.

I just thought I'd come
in for a friendly
little drink, ma'am.

- The lady asked you to leave.
- Now!


You know...

A pretty little gal
like yourself ought not
run a place like this.

You never know
what kind of trouble
she's going to run into. Huh?

What a town.

Show's over folks

I wouldn't do that if I was you.

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

That isn't your style, hunter.

Just drop it.

Good. Now take off
your gun belt

and toss it over there.

Whatever you say.


Get up, Randall.



Feel better?


A lot better.

Come with me, teaspoon.

I figured.


Ya know, 'side from the food,
this ain't a bad life, deputy.

So what are you gonna do
when you finally get out?

You mean
am I going after Randall?


Well, I don't know.

Maybe he'll come after me.

Teaspoon, if it were me
in there instead of you,

I know exactly what you'd say.

You'd ask me
if killing Randall would
make you feel any better.

Would it?

Hard to say.

I've been looking
forward to this.

Oh, my god


I'd like to announce
that the bank of rock creek

is re-instating the bounty
on Jared Randall.

$100 dead or alive.

No questions asked.

First man that rides out of here

looking for blood money
has to deal with me.

All right now, if we are
going to mount a posse,
we're gonna do it right.

Which means I'm in charge.

It also means no bounty
and no shooting
until I say so. Understand?

All right, got to make
this legal so I'm gonna have
to deputize the lot of you.

Raise your right hand
and repeat after me.

I state your name...

You saw what he done.
Now god-damn-it, Jimmy,
let me out of here.

So you can track him down
and kill him?

If I don't, they will.

A posse that large, Randall'll
hear them comin' a mile away.

When they leave,
we'll go after him

and bring him alive, if we can.

One way or the other,
Randall's gonna die.

Now, son, I am asking you
as a friend,
unlock the damn door.

I'm sorry, teaspoon.
Can't do that.





He didn't cross.

At least not here.

All right, let's split up.

Buck, you come with me.
You two try downstream.

Be careful.

Hi, teaspoon.

I thought you might be hungry.


There's something
I want you to do for me.

There's an extra key
hidden under that stove.

I want you to get it
and bring it over to me.

Teaspoon, you know
I can't do that.

Why not?

'Cause Polly needs you
more than you need revenge.

Rachel, if me and the boys
had stopped you

from going after the man
who killed your husband.

You'd had found a way,
wouldn't you?

This is different.

No, it ain't.

Someone's been through here,
not long ago.

Good. Let's just keep hopin'
he keeps headin'
towards them hills.

It's a box canyon.


Forget it, Randall.
There's no way out.


- How the hell did he get out?
- It's his jail.

What are you doing here?

Puttin' an end to this once
and for all.


We're taking him in alive,

Hold it.

I appreciate what
you're doing. Boys.

But this ain't your fight.

Yeah, it is.

No, it ain't.

Cover me.


Randall, can you hear me?
I want to talk to ya.

'Bout what?

Throw down your gun
and come out
so's I can see ya.

After you, hunter.

I'm taking you in, Randall.

Give yourself up,
you got my word,
you'll get a fair trial.

What for?

Any way you look at it,
I'm a dead man.

Ya know, I seen your
lady friend last night.

Oh, yeah.

We had ourselves a real party.

Don't do it, teaspoon.

Well, then I guess we got
nothing to talk about.

Guess not.


You did what you had to do,

Get the horses.

I guess
you got what you come for.

Ah. Sorry things worked out
this way, teaspoon.

Me, too.

You ever see a landslide, Luke?

Sure, why?

If a man's on the mountain
and the rocks start slippin',
he's got a choice.

He can either run and hide
or he can try to stop it.

Be careful they don't
roll you over.

I'd take that chance.

Be seein' ya.

Aren't you supposed
to be in bed?

Comin' here
was a crazy idea, wasn't it?

Depends on
what you mean by crazy.

Tryin' to make up
for all ma past mistakes.

Never could figure that out.


You know, when I heard
that daddy had died,
something inside me changed.

All of a sudden
I felt real tired, you know.

I wanted to start over.

Well, why don't you
stay around for a while?
Give it a try.

You really mean that?

Yeah, I've been giving it
some thought.

I know a bunch of strong boys
I could get them together

and fix this place up
in no time.

I can't afford to pay them.

Sixty days...

A month of sarsaparillas
on the house.


Good, that's settled.


You supposed a man
could get a drink around here?

I think that can be arranged.

To Polly's place.