The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 18 - The Sacrifice - full transcript

Teaspoon and Jimmy save African American Edward from a lynching. It brings their disagreement over the South and slavery to a head. The Kid's proposal to Lou is stopped by a gunfight and a prisoner named Dawkins who's help they need..

You two stay out here.
All right, quick.

Woe! Woe! Woe!

Come on.


The marshal!

Okay, you got me.

Now, what are you
gonna do with me?



Come on, son, it ain't like
we've been riding all night.

It was dark
when we left rock creek.

It was a cloudy morning, yes.

You know, if you had your way,
you'd sleep through the best
years of your life.

No I wouldn't.

But I would on my days off,
which is what today's
supposed to be.

I know that.
I told you I'm sorry.

Lou and the kid
are on a special run.

The rest of the boys
are out, too.

You could have waited
for kid and Lou to
come back, you know.

No, I couldn't.

For one thing,
they had some time off, too.

Now, wait a minute.

And for another, although
I'm hoping against it,

well, I may just need your gun.

You really think so, huh?

Davenport's a small town
in the middle of
a big nowhere.

And with a gang that's
already killed a marshal

and a prisoner of this gang
might want to spring

and the deputy
wet behind the ears
caught between 'em,

what we got is...

- A lot of trouble.
- Maybe.

Well, seein's since
it's three days away,

I figured riding made
more sense than waiting.

I just hope the kid and Lou
are having a grand ol' time.

So, kid, what are you thinking
about doing with your time off

when we get back to rock creek?

Actually, I was thinking of
doing something with 'em
before I get back.

- Before we get back.
- Like what?

Well, we're coming up
on a little town.

It's supposed to be real quiet.

They're supposed to have
a restaurant where you can
get a real fine meal.

Kind of place where
men take off their hats.

I don't know about you, kid,
but seeing on how
I'm supposed to be a man,

I'm better off at
the kind of place where
I can leave mine on.

Well, that's just it, Lou,
you wouldn't have to pretend.

You could dress up
like a lady. We could have
a real night on the town.

I didn't bring anything to wear.

You don't have to wear anything.

I mean...

I don't care what you wear.

I just want to be with you.

How do you know so much
about this town?

I don't know, I asked around.

Come on, Lou, this is
something I've wanted
to do for a long time.

All right. What's the name
of this town anyway?


If love could be
measured by what one is
willing to sacrifice...

Marshal oakley was the best
friend this town ever had.

But as our lord
gave himself to be taken
that we might live,

marshal oakley, too,
gave his life for us.

We should reflect
on those aspects of our lives

that we so often
take for granted.

Aspects marshal oakley
realized were worth dying for.

Let us pray.

- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.

- We'd like to get a room.
- Sure.

- Mr. and Mrs...
- Uh...

We're not married.


I'm afraid I'll have to
give you separate rooms.

On separate floors.

That will be fine.

Supper's at six. Sharp.

No, thanks. We've got plans.

Kid, I don't know if
this is such a good idea.

Meet me down here
at 6:30, all right?

Where're you going?

I got to take care
of the horses.


Sorry, son,
I couldn't help but watch you.

I guess I was putting on
quite a show.

Oh, now, now, now, now,
don't be embarrassed.

This town could use a whole
lot more people's smiles
on their faces like yours.

I heard about
your marshal this afternoon.

I guess it hit people
pretty hard, huh?


I keep trying to tell them
something good can come
from a man's death,

but I see
they're having their doubts.

I guess you can't blame 'em?

No, no. I guess not.

Faith is in such
short supply these days.

Uh, someone said
teaspoon hunter's coming
to get your prisoner.

He'll make things right again.
He's a good man.

So was marshal oakley.

What are you looking at?

You. You're beautiful.

I thought you said
you didn't have any clothes?

I snuck out this afternoon
and went to some shops.


I got these for you.

Well, kid, it looks like
you may be right.

This could turn out to be
a special night after all.

Well, all right, I'll admit
that it wasn't dark when
we left this morning.

That's good of you, Jimmy.

But it is dark now.
So what do you say
we stop and make camp?

I say that's a good idea.

As soon as we find us a place.

No! No!

I ain't done nothing!
I ain't done nothing!

Shut your mouth!

Come on, let's go on with it!

No! No!

We better get down there.

Kick it out. Let's go!

Let's get out of here!

Woe! Looks like
he's in shock, too.

Easy there.

He gonna make it?

Answer the man.

I don't know.

Awful pretty out, ain't it?

Yeah, you are. And it is.

That was one of the best
meals I ever had.


Kid, why don't you just
come out and say

whatever's been on your mind
since we left rock creek?

It's that obvious, huh?


All right.

Lou, what I got to say,
it ain't easy.

All right.

Trust me with this.
It'll be easier if
you just don't interrupt.

Lou, what I got to
say to you, it ain't easy,

but it's time it got said.

Now, you know how
I feel about you?

I don't mind being reminded.

Oh, sorry.

Sometimes when...
When we're together,

everything is...
Is so perfect,

it's so romantic.

And other times,
like today at the hotel

or when you dressed up
like a boy, it's...

Well, it's kind of difficult.

I know.

So, I come up with an idea

that'll make things
easier and better.


Lou, Louise...




They come for Dawkins.
The prisoner.

They robbed the bank
and killed the marshal.
He's one of 'em.

Let me see that.



Are you all right?

Better than he is.

They'll be back.

Is there any other law in town?


Sun's coming up.

You think they'll come back?

What do you think? Huh?
Your friends want you
bad enough?

Of course, they do.

We stick together.

How old are you?


Seventeen. Almost 18.

How come you ride
with men like that?

Didn't your family
teach you better?

They are my family.

How long do you think it will
take teaspoon to get here?

At least tomorrow.
Next day at the latest.

It's too long.
They'll be back before that.

Why don't you just let me go?

Why don't you just be quiet?

What about you, miss?

Ain't this a little dangerous
for a lady like you?

Are you gonna shut your mouth
or am I gonna shut it for you?


Tell me something.

What do you care
what happens here, anyway?

I just want to do what's right.

Well, that's a big job
for someone who ain't
even wearing a badge.

Maybe you're right.

- What's your name?
- Esmond. Esmond Johnson.

I'm James hickok.
That there's teaspoon hunter.

Do you know who did this to you?

Those men.
They said I took liberties
with a white woman.

Can you imagine?

Old man like me.


Mr. Johnson, sir,
are you from around here?

No. They caught up with me
on my way north.

I'm from Missouri.

You're a slave, ain't you?

Not anymore.

Don't let
nobody tell you different.

A noose could give a man
a powerful sore throat.

We got to find the ones
who done this to him.

- I don't think we can do that.
- Why not?

Because it might take us
days to track 'em.

And even when
we find 'em, it's just
our word against theirs

in a town full of their friends.

Besides, minding him
don't take care of
our business in Davenport.

So what do you suppose we do?

Take him with us.

Just a minute.

I could use some help.

Ain't gonna find none here.
We don't want any trouble.

Well, you already got trouble.
I'm just trying to keep
matters from getting worse.

Well, wearing that badge
probably ain't the best way
to go about it.

You're right to be
on your guard.

They're watching you,
the men who want Dawkins.

Said they'd give you
till sundown, then they're
gonna come and get you.

No one's gonna help you.

No one?

You could ride out
towards rock creek,

maybe meet up
with marshal hunter.

Let him know that he's headed
for a lot worse trouble
than he expects.

No, please.

I guess you were right.

Faith really is in short supply.

All right.

All right.

You keeping me here,
you're going against
some real out outlaws.

If they're such a mean bunch,
what do they want with you?

I can ride and shoot
with the best of them.


What's your name?


Your first name?

Ain't important.

That other one.

He your fella?

Yes, he is. Yeah.

What's his first name?

Ain't important.

I ain't never had my own gal.

Asking for help
around here is like sending
a bucket down a dry well.

How'd the two of you get along?

Oh, he's all right.

As long as you don't
listen to anything he says.

Well, he's right
about one thing.

This ain't no place
for you, Lou.


I mean it.

Now, even if you can't
get out of town,
someone will take you in.

There's no way I'm leaving you.

Hope you two are praying,

'cuz the lord's the only one
that's gonna get you
out of this mess.

You don't know how right he is.

How is he?


Between you and me,
I don't think he's gonna
pull through.

I'll tell you
it's hard to believe

there are men on the face
of god's earth that would
do something like that.

You know those
kind of men, teaspoon.
Texas is full of 'em.

Jimmy, just cause
Texas is siding
with the south,

don't mean everybody
down there believes
in lynching.

I learned from my daddy
what kind of men side
with the south.

Them's the same kind of
men that lynched him.

And I know that.

You know me, too, don't you?

The thing with you is you were
smart enough to leave.


You've done enough.
This is their way
of telling us

what will happen to us
if they catch us with you.

I told you how important I am.

How bad they want me.

What happened to the preacher
ain't your fault, kid.

Are you sure?

Is what we're doing wrong here?

Should I just back off
like everyone wants?

That ain't the kid I know
asking that kind of question.

We can't defend this office
with a couple of borrowed guns
and high hopes.

At least not long enough
for teaspoon to get here.

What are we gonna do?

We're gonna have to
make a run for it.

How you feeling?

Been better, that's for sure.

I want to thank you
for what you did.

Well, I wish I could have
done a hell of a lot more.

To the men who done this
to you and the rest of them
who stand with the south.

Jimmy, about enough of that.

Teaspoon, why don't you
take a good look at what
they done to him?

And he's one of the lucky ones.

Fellas all over the south
kill men like him
every single day!

Son, when's it gonna
get through to you

that there's some
people down there with
more important things

on their mind
than worrying about
the color of a man's skin.

- Like what?
- Like defending the soil...

they was born on.

Like believing they ought
to have more of a say
about their lives

than a bunch of politicians
in Washington city!

Jimmy, you just can't
look at the south
like it was an enemy!

It's a place people call home!

It's a place I call home.

Nobody's home is as
important as a man's life.

Yeah? Well, we might
find out about that.

What are you saying?

I'm saying if war breaks out...

I might just go home.

When the kid shows up,
you do as I say

or I'll shoot you dead.

I ain't met the woman yet
who'd want any part of this.

Well, maybe you just ain't
met the right kind of woman.

You scared?

Be a fool if I wasn't.

You must really love him.

What's the matter?

Ain't you never done something
because you love someone?

Yah! Yah!

Come on! Yah!

Anybody see him?

I can't see nothing...

Let's go! Let's go!
There! There he is!

Go, kid.

Lou, come on!

This should do.

Hey, give me a hand.

What's wrong with you?

Well, for starters,
we're lost in a territory

you probably know
like the back of your hand.

And you ain't opening
your mouth to help us.

Why should I?

Because we're helping you.

You're crazy.

Did you notice
anything strange about
your friends back there?

Like what?

Like they were
shooting at you, not us.

Hey, I think your fella here's
been missing a little bit
too much sleep lately.

No he ain't.

He's right and you know it.

You don't got much to say
for yourself now, do you?

That's some family you got.


I'm leaving to find the ones
who tried to kill esmond.

I told you we can't do that.

I got something to tell
the both of you.

Please, I ain't got much
time left to say this.

Listen, you two have
been real good to me.

You've shown me compassion.

And I'm troubled
you ain't showing

the same kinship
toward each other.

You're friends, ain't you?

I thought so.

You're gonna need friends.

Why's that?

Cause there's evil coming, boy.

It's all around us like a fire
licking at dry woods.

You turn your head
fast enough sometimes
you can almost see it.

What are you talking about?

The biggest, damnest fight
you ever seen.

Some say it's gonna tear
this country right in two.

Now, you believe that?

I believe that I can make
things better by finding
the men who strung you up.

No! No! No!

You go looking for them,
you'll never find the evil.

Then, where is it?

Here. And here.


You angry 'cuz he talking
about defending his home,

where he was born.
Ain't nothing wrong with that.

And you done forgot

that a boy his age
knows he's right before
an argument begins.

He ain't been wrong
enough times to remember
what it's like.

The fire is coming.

And it's gonna burn
like nothing you ever seen.

We can't stop it, either.

But don't none of us have to
offer ourselves up to it.

You better remember
what made you friends.

Cause if you ride out of
here in separate directions,

one day when you look up,
you gonna see the man

that was once your friend
holding a gun on you.

Why don't you get some sleep?

I'll keep watch for a while.

Well, this little trip of ours
hasn't exactly turned out
the way I planned it.

I don't know.

Parts of it have been all right.

I had a nice time
the other night eating and
walking under the stars.

Kid, there was something
you were gonna ask me

before the shooting started.


Well, if you still
want to ask me,

now's a good as time as any.

I ain't so sure
I oughta ask it anymore.

Why not?

What we've gone through
in the past couple days.

It scares me to think of
what could have
happened to you.

What still might happen.

Just made me think twice.

That's the problem
with you, kid,

too much thinking
and not enough doing.


Last night, I didn't mean
for things to come out
the way they did.

It sounded like you knew what
you were saying to me.

Damn it, Lou.

I love you.


Well, you sure got
a strange way of showing it.

What do you want?

To help you.

You're right, I do know
my way around here.

Maybe we could give
those fellas the slip.

Is there some reason
I should believe you now?

I do.

Let's get going.

He died last night.

I didn't want to disturb him
till the sun come up
and I could dig him a grave.

Getting ready to do that now.

You know, he mighta lived longer

if he hadn't gotten
so fired up talking
to us last night.

Maybe. But what he said, it
was important to him to say.

It was important to me, too.

He was right.

- I'm sorry.
- Well, hold on
a minute, Jimmy.

First you're gonna say,
"I'm sorry." Then I'm gonna
say, "no, I'm sorry."

Then you're gonna
say it again and we'll waste
the whole morning,

why don't you just
give me a hand and put
Mr. Johnson to rest?

All right.

You know, I think he'd feel
good knowing that two friends
took care of him at the end.

Yeah, I think you're right.


They're warm.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

You know, seeing as how
we're helping each other out,

it wouldn't hurt you
to open up a bit.

Ain't like I'm asking you
your first name or nothing.


What were your parents like?


Your parents?

You been raised up good.
You musta had good parents.

Me and the kid are
both orphans, just like you.

Ain't that something?

Why? We seem different to you?

Different than anyone
I ever spent time with.

You love each other.

Sometimes I ain't so sure.

You like being with him,
don't you?

Yeah, but...

He feels the same way
about you, don't you think?

I guess.

Does he make you feel
like you belong
when you're with him?

Well, yeah.

You want to be with him
when it's dark?

That's none of your business.

You're in love.

Since when did you become
such an expert on love?

I just thought
a lot about it, is all.

What were you doing
with that gang, anyway?

I told you. I'm real...

I know, you told me.

Now, tell me the truth.

I was watching their horses.

That's all they'd let me do.

They didn't want
no part of me,
but I just kept dogging 'em.


I just wanted...

To belong, you know.

I wanted them to be my friends.

Now they're trying to kill me.

Probably think I'm going to
give you their names.

Hell, I don't even know
what they are.

I'd give anything in the world
to have something
like what you two got.

You don't know
how lucky you are.


I guess I don't.

You asked me if I'd ever done
something 'cuz I love someone.

I guess you know
the answer to that.

But I'll tell you,
I could die happy if I did.

- What are you doing?
- Ride.

What are you talking about?

I'll hold 'em off!

Go on, get!

You stay with her!
And you don't let her
turn back, you hear?

Go on!




Come on!

Come on, hold still
so I can tie this off!

Leave me alone!
Kid could be dead out there
and I gotta go find out!

- They'll kill you!
- I don't care!

Then let me help you.

Like you helped the kid?

It's your fault he got shot!

You've been about
as much use to us
as you were to that gang!

- Listen...
- Ah!


I can take you
to their hide out.

If the kid's alive,
they'll be holding him there.

What would they
even want with him?

They want me.

They might figure
you'll come after him
and bring me along.

Come on, we got no choice.

Why are you willing to do this?

They want to kill you.

I got my reasons.

What the hell's going on?

I don't know,
but it don't look like

anybody's too interested
in talking about it.

I will.

What? You seen what happened?

They all did.

They lost their faith,
and with it, their courage.

Finding your friends
might go a long way
to returning both.

- They're over the next rise.
- Wait a minute.

What I said before
about this being your fault...

- You was right.
- No.

I wasn't. It's mine.

The kid's kind of bullheaded.
Takes things pretty serious.

Last time he told me
he loved me, I told him he had
a strange way of showing it.

I guess he thinks
he has to prove it to me.

Well, he did a pretty good job.

You don't have to be
a part of this, you know.

Yeah, I do.

I've been waiting for this
my whole life.


One move and you're dead.

I got 'em.



Where's the other one?


Hold it right there!

- You two all right?
- Yeah.

Ah! How'd you find me?

Dawkins helped. Didn't ya?

Oh, god!




That's my first name.

Always wanted to do
something for someone I loved.

I want to thank you for
helping marshal hunter
find us.

It was just luck my overhearing

one of the men mention
where they made camp.

Those two, they're...
They're good men.

Was he?

He died saving my life.

He died for us.

Then, you are truly blessed.

He's right, you know.

You didn't know that all along?

Maybe I did.

Maybe I took it for granted.

Promise me something, kid.

Promise you'll never
ride on without me again.

If there's any trouble,
I want to face it with you.

I promise.

As long as you promise
not to interrupt me again.

For how long?

Just as long as I got to say
what I got to say.

This ain't gonna be
one of your practiced
speeches, is it?



Louise McCloud...

Will you marry...

- I guess that means yes?
- I guess so.