The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 9 - Bad Company - full transcript

Here you go, Jimmy.

Yah! Yah!




- Long ride?
- Yeah.

Well, from the look of you,
I'd say you earned more
comfort than that.

I've got some nice
rooms upstairs.

I appreciate it but
food and drinks
is all I'll be wanting.

Well, some real
friendly ladies too.

And some peace and quiet
before I head home.

Let me know if you change
your mind.

Hickok! Hey, hickok!

Remember Gabe calder?
He was a friend of mine.

- I don't want no trouble
here, mister.
- Neither do I.

Ain't right what you
done to him. Leaving him
with his hands like that.

Ain't civilized.

What's the matter with you,
hickok? You deaf?

No, just hungry.

Hungry? I thought chickens
only ate feed.

That's real funny.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'd appreciate it if you left.

Now, we can do our business
in the street or right here.

Makes no difference to me.

I'll be right out.

I'm afraid I'm going to have
to trade for it again.
This drought's killing me.

Well, okay, Luke, but
this can't go on forever.

I know, I know. Same terms.
Thirty days.

You're gonna give me a chance
to buy it back?

Not for that.
I got way more watches
then I'll ever use already.

I guess, I could do it for
the locket, though.

- Give it to him.
- It was my mama's, you
can't trade it away.

Cora, she's just a memory now.

- We gotta eat.
- I can't. I won't.

This is the only
thing of hers I got left.

Uh, maybe I could use that
watch after all.

I ain't looking for charity!
Now, give it to me.

- No! Oh!
- Damn it, woman!

We don't need to be doing this.


Somebody get a doctor!

What are you looking at? Huh?

Get out of here!
And leave us alone!

Mister, I'm sorry.

She ran out of nowhere,
there was nothing
I could have done.

She never hurt nobody.
Why'd you have to kill her?

-Luke, Luke, Luke. Back off.
Leave him be.

The lady just came
out of nowhere...

I've already been told
that by people who saw.

- I want you out of here.
- Why, if you know what

Look, 'cause of that I don't
lock you up.

But I ain't looking for
you to getting back-shot
either. At least not today.

Now get out of here and
don't show your face in
Benton again!

♪ Rebel souls

♪ deserters we are called

Now, we can do our
business in the street or
right here.

Makes no difference to me.

♪ Now these towns

♪ they all know our name

♪ six-gun sound

♪ is our claim to fame

♪ I can hear them say

♪ bad company

♪ I won't deny it

♪ bad company

♪ 'til the day I die


Well, it finally happened.

- What? We're all
getting raises?
- No, better than that.

I finally got a letter
about that reporter
Russell, majors

and waddell are
sending out to document
our way of life.

-What's it say?
-Well, I'll tell you.
It seems that, uh...

Mr. Russell feels that the
good folks back east should
and I quote, um,

"be made aware of the
hardships and sacrifices
your boys and girl,

"face on a daily basis
in the tireless, service
of their country."

Well, that sounds good to
me, teaspoon.

Of course, knowing mister
Russell as I do,
I suspect his mind

is less on documenting
and more on publicizing.

- What's that. Teaspoon?
- Publicity? Well...

You might say that's what
folks do when they want to
draw attention to something.

You mean like when
that Marcus fella wrote
that book about Jimmy?

- Yeah! Kinda...
- Why would anybody want to do
something like that?

Well, it ain't all bad, Lou.

- It was for Jimmy.
- That's 'cause the things
Marcus said wasn't the truth.

And publicity is the truth?

Yeah. Sorta.

Stretched a bit.
But not so's it take
your head off.

I knew a hangman once who
said the same thing
about his rope.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

Well, morning.


Excuse me, are you with the
express office?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Jennifer Walker,
New York dispatch.

You must be the pride of
Russell, majors and waddell.

Well, that would be us.
William f. Cody,
at your service.


Oh! And this here's my
associate. Mister... kid.
The kid.

- Please to meet you. Ma'am.
- The kid.

Oh, and this is our other
associate, ike mcswain.

Happy to meet you, ike.
What was it?
Mc... mc...

Mcswain. Ike... ike
doesn't talk.

Oh, every reporter's nightmare.

You don't understand.
Ike... ike can't talk.

- Oh, you...
- Excuse me.

That stagecoach
you just come in on,

looks exactly like the
one I encountered
a little while back.

Just before it was attacked
by a gang of bloodthirsty

Set on nothing but
larceny and destruction.
All 12 of them.

Really? There were a
dozen, huh?

More or less. 'Cause it's
hard to tell

- when the bullets
start flying.
- Here, sir. Catch!

Well, I had no idea that
riding for the express held
so many dangers.

All in a day's work.

No sir'ree. You wouldn't
have wanted
to be there that day.

Believe you me. It was
a truly terrible sight to

He must have stood
well over ten feet tall.

I'm serious.
No kidding.

Why the ground even shook
when he let out the most
blood-curdling roar

I ever heard.

It was right then I figured,
I had dinner written all
over me.

But, somehow, miraculously,
you lived to tell the tale.

To this day I still can't
figure out why.

It must have been
'cause I helped him get out
of that hole in the ground.

Anyways, he returned the
favor later when this

got the drop on me.
Thought I was dead.

- So, what happened?
- Well, it turns out

the bushwhacker had
dinner written all over
him, instead.

So, anyways, to make a long
story short, when it was
all said and done,

me and that bear,
we parted the best of

- Well, that's an amazing
adventure, William.
- Yeah.

One doesn't run into many
men of your ilk back east.

Well, thank you.
I think you're kind
of special too, Jennifer.


- You all right?
- Yeah. Why?

Saw you riding in
here like a bat out of hell.

- Something you wanted, Lou?
- Ah, yeah. Yeah. Um...

I'm just, um, I wanted to
thank you about what you,

you told the kid about...
About, you know...

About the dance...

Hmm. So you two finally
did some dancing?

Glad to hear it.

- Jimmy? Did you talk to that
- What reporter?

Excuse me, Noah, can I
talk to you for a minute?

I was just curious how it was
for you here,

being a free-born black man
out west.

The rest of the country
torn apart about the
question of slavery?

What's so funny?

You ain't interested
in me, lady.

Or the pony express,
for that matter.

Of course I am.
Why else would I be
all the way out here?

Oh, you got a reason.
And her name is
Jennifer Walker.

There's a story here that
will get her noticed.

My guess is, you'll find it.

In fact, you probably done
figured out already
by now that

the only story worth
telling is the one about
Wild Bill Hickok.

That's ridiculous. There's
seven of you,
he's only one man.

You can say that 'til the cow
chips turn to gold,
I know different.

Well, I certainly didn't
expect this from you,
of all people.

Out of anybody here you
should know what it's like

to be born with a
weight around your neck.

Oh, what? Now you're trying to
tell me that we... we share
the same skin color?

Of course not.
But I'm a woman in
a man's world.

Look, I worked my tail off
to earn this job.

You want to know my reward?

I get sent out here
to the middle of nowhere to
do this some stupid story

because my boss owes a favor
to Russell, majors and

You're breaking my heart.

I said, whiskey. Are you
going to give a hard time?

Or are you going
to get me the drink?

- There you are.
- Leave the bottle.

Yes, sir.

I'd better get my eyes checked.

- Well, I must be
seeing things.
- What do you want, kid?

- You forgetting the company
rules about drinking?
- Nope.

Well, I'm sorry if that
reporter's being here is
stirring up old demons,

but this ain't the
way to handle it.

Sure don't want to
disappoint Russell,
majors and waddell, do we?

- That ain't what I'm talking
- Ha, could have fooled me.

Come on, let's get out of here.

I'll leave when
I'm good and ready.

Now, kid why don't you go
outside? Your girlfriend's
waiting for you.

Go outside and play,
maybe do a little

Back off, Jimmy!


That reporter will be gone
in a couple of days. You
don't want to talk to her,

don't talk to her.
Just stay away from her.

But you ain't going to
find any answers in here.

Have one on me, kid.

- What's with Jimmy?
- I don't know, he ain't
acting like himself.

- He just got back
from Benton, didn't he?
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, something must
have happened.

I don't have a run scheduled
for a couple of days.
I could go find out.

Take Katy, she's rested.
If you leave now, you can
make it before dark.

You going to let me ride
your horse?

Come on. Hah!

Be careful, Lou.

So, do you go into town
very often for supplies?

On occasion. Is there
something I can help you with?

Yes, actually, uh, I was
wondering about Jimmy hickok.

- I figured as much.
- Can you answer some
questions for me?

As long as they're about me
or what we do.
I can't speak for anybody.

You can't? You won't.

What is it with you
people? I'm just trying to
do my job here

and you're making it
impossible for me to do it.

Didn't the company tell you to
cooperate with me?

Cooperate, not gossip.

- Excuse me.
- Well, believe me, I'm not
interested in any half-truth

or unfounded reputations.

I'm just trying to write about
you and your life here.
Is that so terrible?

Besides, I was just interested
in that silver gun of his.

I've never seen one like it.
Mr. Tompkins at the store

said he's got another one
just like it. Is that true?

Tompkins talks too much.

Why doesn't he wear it?
Come on.

I've... I've got to go help...
Fix a... fix a fence.
Excuse me.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm Jennifer Walker.

Yeah, I know who you are.
So why don't you do us both
a favor and get out.

Look, I'm real sorry about this.

I know it sounds crazy but
I'm just trying to do my job.

Well, if your job's going
through people's things,
you ought to get a new one.

Believe me, it isn't.

I'm here to help Russell,
majors and waddell
by writing a story about you.

About all of you.

Your friends aren't making
it very easy on me.

Well, I'm real sorry
to hear that.
Now, if you don't mind...

Look, I'm not like him.
I just want you to know that.

Like who?

Marcus. The man that wrote
that book about you.

I don't write fiction.
I don't make things up.

It's the truth I'm after.

I wouldn't blame
you for not believing me.

The truth, huh?

Well, if you find it
you be sure to let me know.

Where are you going?

Jimmy, what's wrong?

You know whatever it is,
you can talk to me.

It's too late for talking.

- Well, you can't just leave.
- Why not?

All I ever end up doing
is bringing people
trouble and pain, anyway.

What are you talking about?
That isn't true
and you know it.

Not true, huh?
You want to know
the truth, Rachel?

The truth is for too long
I've been pretending to be
something I ain't!

I don't see the point
in fighting it anymore.

Jimmy, I know how you feel.
I spent a lot of time
running myself.

But you got a home here and
people who care about you.

All the more reason to leave.
Now get out of the way.


Goodbye, Rachel.

If he does, he's not telling.

What the hell's going
on with him?

You think it's got something
to do with that reporter?

I don't know.
Maybe the kid's
got the right idea.

Something must have happened
in Benton.

Rider coming.

Looks like Lou.

What she doing back so soon?

Whoa! Katy!

Met a fella coming from Benton
on my way out of town.

He told me what happened.
Jimmy killed a woman.

He did what?

It was an accident.

Some drifter forced
him into a gunfight.

And a woman ran out
into the street
right into his line of fire.

It wasn't Jimmy's fault.

Oh, lord, no wonder.

We got to go after him.

Now hold on a minute.

You can't just drop everything
every time hickok gets
himself into trouble.

Well, what are you worried
about, teaspoon,
that reporter?

- This is Jimmy.
- I know that.

Lord knows how I feel
about him, but there's...

There's just something
about hickok that's...

I don't know, bigger than life.

If I were superstitious,
which I am,
I'd call it destiny.

But, whatever the hell it is,
all I know is we can't
keep protecting him from it,

cause sooner or later
he's going to have to face it.

And it ain't the kind of
thing a man ever beats.

Not in this life, anyways.

Well, what are we supposed
to do, teaspoon? I ain't
going to just sit here.

Me neither.

I know that.

You two go get him.
Stay out of his line of fire.

Come on. Yah!

Lordy, lord.

What do you want to do?

Close my eyes,
hope she goes away.

I tried that already.

Well, let's not make it too
easy on her. Come on.

Wait! Come back!
Come back here!

Oh, great!

- Lord, am I glad to see you.
- Can't say the feelings

Don't know about back east,
but down this way people try
to stay on the wagon.

Well, since she don't know
how to ride it, kid,
maybe we ought to take it.

- The walk would do her good.
- You can't be serious.

What about the rattlers, Noah?

I don't think
that should be a problem,

I mean they don't usually
attack they're own.

All right, I guess
I deserved that.

Listen, if it makes
any difference, I'm sorry.

Get on.

We don't much like
what you're doing, but
since you made it this far,

you'll be safer with us.

We're going to have to
make some time.

Especially if these tracks
keep headed toward regrets.


That's the most lawless town
in the territory.
Nobody goes there.

Unless they're
looking for trouble...

Or running from it.


♪ Company

♪ always on the run

♪ destiny

♪ is a rising sun

♪ I was born

♪ six-gun in my hand

♪ behind the gun

♪ I make my final stand

♪ that's why they call me

♪ bad company

♪ I can't deny it

♪ bad company

♪ 'til the day that I die

♪ 'til the day that I die

♪ 'til the day I die

♪ bad company


Hey, that was my drink.

Damn shame, ain't it?

The way young
people today got no manners.

Tell the man you're sorry, boy.

What's that?
I can't hear you.

The next round's on him!

I know you from somewhere.

Gimme a minute,
'cause I never forget a face.

I know, you're one of
the express riders
out of Sweetwater.

My name is angel.
I worked at the
wild horse saloon last year.

You don't remember me, do you?

Come on, let's get you upstairs.

You can sleep it off some.

Why are you doing this for me?

You really don't
remember me, do you?

There was some trouble
one night at the wild horse.

Saddle tramp
with a broken bottle.

Thought I was his missus.

Guess he didn't have
much of a marriage.

You and your friends,
you saved my life.

Sleep tight.

It cannot be that bad.

Take our word for it. It is.

If you're trying to scare me,
it won't work.

Seems to me, it already has.

Look, I don't like this
anymore than you fellas do

but my story is in that town.

The story's no good
if the reporter
ain't alive to tell it.

I'll take my chances.

Like hell you will.
Look, lady,
I got news for you,

when we head
into town tomorrow
you're staying right here.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Don't worry.
We'll leave you some food,
a canteen and a rifle.

If we're not back in
24 hours, you head
straight back to Sweetwater

and get some help,
you understand?

- You expect me to sit here
while you guys ride off and...
- That's right, we do.

And you will.

Shut up and go to sleep.

- But... what... how am I...
- Good night.

You can't talk to me like that!

I can to. Now I want
another bottle,
now get me one!

Now, you get out of here!

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

Walking it off,
if you don't mind.

Got any money, mister?
We really need it.

No, I'm sorry.
I'm all cleaned out.

Please, my little
sister needs new shoes.

You know, you don't look
so good, stranger.

That's right.
Maybe you ought lie down.

- Get off me.
- Hey, look at that gun!

Never mind about that gun.
If I was you, I'd be
worried about this one.

We weren't doing anything.

Come on!

- Angel!
- I don't want to hear it.

From now on, you're on your own.

All right, that's enough.

Oh, that's a good one.

Hey! I'm talking to you!

Who's that?

Think that was the sheriff.

I'll buy you a drink, come on.

Is somebody going
to do something about that?


You just pull in?


Well, in case you haven't
noticed by now we have
our own law around here.


It boils down to this,
don't bring in trouble
from the outside.

Don't shoot anybody in the back.

And don't get involved
in other folks business.

Other than that,
you can do whatever in
the hell you want.

Any questions?

Yeah, just one. What do I got
to do to go about wearing
that thing?

That depends who's asking.

Hickok. Wild Bill Hickok.

Well, Mr. Hickok,

wear it in good health.

Morning, sheriff.

You know, I could have
taken care of this for you.

Well, seeing how you just
pinned on the badge,

I thought we'd
take care of it ourselves.

We don't like wasting time here.

Get'em out of here.

It's nothing I take pleasure in.

I assure you I have
far more profitable ways
to spend my time.

Good day, sheriff.

Good day.

Go figure, a church in a
place like this.

Where would one be more needed?

A preacher and
an undertaker, too?

Also a matter of need.

Why are you following me?

Just curious.

You see there's only
one reason to pin on a badge
in a place like this.

But don't worry,
if it's an untimely
passing you seek,

I lack the power
to sway you from your past.

I'm sure you have reasons.

Every soul who's destiny
leads to them
to regrets has reasons.

Far be it from a simple
Shepherd like me
to question them.

I'm real relieved to hear that.

If it wouldn't be too
much trouble,
I've a small favor to ask.

Believe it or not, this was
once a lovely place to live,

I believe you have the power
to return it to that time of

Or, at least, to reduce
our scourge of vermin

before you depart.

It would be the lord's work,
certain to earn you final

It's too late for that.
Excuse me.


What's that you're wearing?

I don't believe it.
The man rides
straight into hell,

the first thing he does
is grab a pitchfork
and strap on a pair of horns.

What do you want?

Heard what happened in Benton.
I'm sorry.


This ain't your kind of
place, Jimmy.
You gotta get out of here.

That's where you're wrong, Noah.

This here's one place
I do belong.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'd appreciate it
if you rode out of here

and forgot you ever knew me.

Take her with you.

Oh, what a sweet,
young thing...
How you doing?


You know, for a reporter you
sure don't listen too good.

Look, I told you before,
my job is here,
it's not back there.

All right,
just remember something.

We're here to look out
for Jimmy, not for you.

So stay out of trouble,
you understand?


Are you coining?

I thought you didn't
want me around.

We don't!

But, since you're here,

we'd best keep an eye on you.
Stay close.

Ain't you going to
do something about that?



I heard tell that
you're Wild Bill Hickok.

That right?

Pretty fancy rig
you got there.
Do know how to use 'em?

On the count of three.



I thought I told you two
to get out of here.

It takes a lot of work to
stay alive in this town.

Especially if you don't want to.

Here, sit.

Think it's trying to tell me

What happened in Benton
weren't your fault, Jimmy.

No? You mean if I wasn't
Wild Bill Hickok
it wouldn't have happened?

No, nobody can answer that
but that ain't the point.

Yeah, then what is the point?
Somebody want to tell me that?

It was an accident, Jimmy.
Those things happen.

You never know why,
but they just do.

Yeah. What about all those
other times,
they just "happened", too?

What about all the others?

They knew what they were doing.

You never shot
anybody in the back.

Whether they were
for you or against you,
it was their choice.

All except that woman.

What choice did she have?

No, I never went
chasing for trouble.

It's like somebody came and
carved out my whole life.

Like I got no say in the matter.

Well, if all i'm
doing is living by the gun,

then this is a good place as any

to end it.

Maybe better.

That's crazy talk, Jimmy,
and you know it.

Is it?

You ought to listen to
yourself sometime, Noah.

Ain't you the one who said
he was born to hang?

Yeah, well at least I don't go
sticking my head in a noose

and kicking over the chair.


Now what?


It's the woman's husband.

I come for you, hickok!


Killing her husband
ain't going to help
you forget shooting his wife.

Let me go, kid.
Just let me go.

You killed my wife.

You want to do something
about that, go ahead.

Jimmy! Don't do it.

Stay out of it, kid.

Come on.

What are you waiting for?

Go on!

Finish it!

I can't.

I killed her.

I killed my own wife.

What are you talking about?

It was my shot.

If I hadn't yelled at her...

If I hadn't hit her.

If I hadn't make her
run out of there!
Oh, god!

Oh, god, I killed, Cora!

No, you didn't kill her.

We both did.

And even that gunman
who called me out,
maybe him, too.

I don't know.

I'm sorry, mister.

I'm so sorry.

I got to get out of here.

♪ Behind the gun

♪ I made my final stand

♪ that's why they call me

♪ bad company

♪ I can't deny it

♪ bad company

♪ 'til the day I die

♪ 'til the day I die

I won't be needing this anymore.

Thank you.

If I may offer a few words
of advice.

Trust in the lord
and keep your back
from the door.

I'll remember that.

♪ And I can hear them say

♪ bad company

♪ I can't deny it

So that was Wild Bill Hickok.
He don't look so tough.

♪ 'Til the day that I die