The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 7 - Blood Money - full transcript

Yah! Yah! Getty up!

Getty up!


Well, he's killing his horse.

Won't be long now.

Come on, let's go!



Hey! Hey!

Just five more miles, girl.
We can both rest.

Hold it right there.
Don't try nothing,
I'll shoot you, I swear.

Easy, mister.

Throw down your gun, real slow.

I'm not carrying anything
valuable, just mail is all.

Get off your horse now,
real slow.

Back off. Go on, back up.

Go on.

Getty up. Let's go.


No. Don't, please!

You got to let me go!

I'm taking you to jail
in Willow creek.

You can't.
They're gonna hang me for
something I didn't even do.

I'm innocent, I tell you.

You tried to steal my horse.
Most folks would hang
you for that.

I had to. The posse's on me.

I swear, boy.
They got the wrong man.


You got $100 cash reward
on the end of that rope.

What'd he do?

Murdered a saloon girl.

No, I didn't.

Shut up!

Name's lambert.
I'm the town marshal
back in Willow creek.

Cole? Cole lambert?

That's right.

I've sure heard
about you, sir.
It's an honor to meet you.

Well, anybody who brought
Dyson in single handed
oughtn't be praising me.

How'd you do it?

Tried to steal my horse.

Well, I'm much obliged to you.

You come on back with me, now.
I'll make sure you get that
reward money.

On your feet!

Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty,

ninety, one hundred dollars.

Not bad for a day's work, huh?

Thanks, marshal.

So, what you gonna do
with all that?

Don't rightly know.
I've never had
this much before.

Well, you can't spend it here.

Why not?

Your money's no good
in Willow creek.

Whatever you need
is on the town.

That's mighty kind of you,
marshal, but...

No, no, no.
Now, don't argue, son.

There's a room waiting for you
at the hotel. They serve a
mighty fine steak, besides.

Well, thanks, marshal.

How's your steak?

Just fine, ma'am. Thanks.

You call out if you need
anything 'cause the marshal
said take good care of you.

Thank you.

Pardon me. I, uh,
don't mean to interrupt.

That's okay.

I hear you're the fella who
tracked down Lloyd Dyson.

I didn't track him, mister.
He tried to steal my horse,
that's why I brought him in.

You mean, you weren't
hired by the marshal?

No. I ride
for the pony express.

Oh, I see.
Well, that's different.

Folks thought that
you two were friends.

Nope. Just met him.

Why? Is there something wrong?

Oh, no. Sorry to trouble you.

Enjoy your supper.


Oh, daddy!

There, there. Don't cry.

Everything's gonna be fine.

But the marshal's saying
you killed somebody.

It's a mistake, Emily.
I didn't do anything.

Then why are they
keeping you here?

'Cause it's the law, son.

I have to stay here
till my trial.

And then they'll let you go?

That's right.

I'll tell the judge the truth,

and he'll know I'm not guilty.

But what if he doesn't?

No more crying now, okay?

Now, you're the oldest.

I'm depending on you.

And Matthew,

you're the man of the family,
till I get out.

Look after your sister.
Now, promise me.

I promise.

Good boy.

This will all be over soon.

- Morning, bev.
- Morning.

Come on, girl, we're going home.

Oh, it's gotta be
done by now, teaspoon.
My arm's falling off.

Come on, son, you just started.

Teaspoon, we've been
cranking this thing for hours.
It ain't worth it.

How do you know
if you ain't never had none?

What is this iced cream stuff,

Only the most
delicious concoction
you ever put in your mouth.


I had some at a fair
in St. Louis once.

I can still recollect
that first taste.

It was like eating
a frozen cloud.

It was all cool and sweet.

Sort of melts on your tongue
and then wiggles down,
through your innards.

Perfect for a hot day
like today.

Tell you what I'd do if I had
some of that reward money.

Buy myself one of them
Henry repeating rifles.

Can't. Only the army has them.

Mmm, me too.

I'd like to visit a big city.

What are you gonna do with
that reward money, kid?

I got my eye on something.


Something nice.

Sounds like somebody's
gonna be surprised.


Dessert is served.


Madame, would you,
uh, care for a taste?

Ladies first!

It's your money, kid.
You don't need me telling
you how to spend it.

I want your opinion first.

Why? What are you
planning on getting?

You'll see.

I hope you're not planning
on embarrassing me
in front of Noah.

There. What do you think?

Katie's been needing
a new saddle for a while.

Looks real fine, kid.

Yeah, it's real fine.

Your stop, miss.


Where are we?

Sweetwater. We got
to wait a couple days
for the eastbound stage.


- Lou, what's wrong?
- Nothing.

Don't tell me nothing.
Something's wrong? What is it?

Pardon me.
Aren't you the one who
captured Lloyd Dyson?

Yeah, that's right.

He was my father.
The marshal murdered him
and you helped.

What's the matter with her?

That man the kid
brought in was her father.


He's dead.

She accused me of murdering him.

Thought you took him alive.

I did.

Better go find out what
she meant.

Better let us.
Doesn't look like she wants
to talk to you right now.

You got a minute, marshal?

I've always got time for the
town council, Mr. Mayor.

What's on your mind?

Well, we just wanted to tell
you what a fine job, uh,

you've done here,
you and your deputies.

You know, when we hired you...

Well, Willow creek was a
haven for lawlessness

and not a fit place
to raise a family
or conduct a business.

Well, I'm just doing
what I'm paid for.

Yes, well, in view
of the excellent work
that you've done,

the town council has decided...

I mean the feeling is...

The fact is, marshal, you've
worked yourself out of a job.

The council has voted you
a $200 bonus to show
it's appreciation,

and you can pick up the
money just as soon as
you hand in your badge.


Well, I'm real honored.

But I could never accept it.

Not with so much work
left to do here.

Well, you can't keep
extorting money out of us!


Now, I'm entitled to collect
fees from you business men.

That was our agreement.

Yes, but you've
raised them too high.
And we can't afford it.

Oh, yes you can.
This is a prosperous town
because of me.

Now, you wanted order,
you got it.

But prosperity has a price,

Now, you wouldn't want
to run afoul of the law
like your friend Dyson.

Poppa always used
to play cards at the saloon
on Saturday night.

He got home right before
I went to bed.

I heard him, that's how I know
he didn't kill that woman.


Because she worked at the
saloon until after midnight.

He got home before that.
I told the marshal,
but he said I was lying.

What about your mother?
Didn't she tell him?

She died last winter.


The marshal hated poppa.

He made all this up
so as to murder him.

Why would he do that?

Because poppa stopped
paying him.

The marshal takes money
from all the store owners.

I heard poppa complaining
it was too much.

He organized a committee
to go to the governor.

You got any proof of that,


My poppa didn't hang himself.
He didn't. He'd never do that.

Cole lambert
was a great law man.
Brought honor to the badge.

If you had to pick a man
to walk you through hell,
it would be him.

You think she was wrong?

No, I ain't saying that.

Upholding the law
has its rewards,
but money ain't one of them.

Man like lambert
gets a little older,
gets a little slower.

He realizes he ain't
never gonna get more than
a few dollars ahead.

It can turn the best of them.

Well, I'm going back
to find out.

If lambert murdered him,
I'm responsible.

No, you're not.
He tried to Rob you.
You couldn't have known.

You did what you thought
was right, kid.

What I thought don't matter.

Their pa's dead,
and I'm the one
that brought him in.

Maybe you're walking into
a lion's den, kid.

I have to, teaspoon.

All right. Get yourself
a good night's sleep first.

What are those poor children
gonna do?

They're headed back to Ohio
to live with their aunt.

Now, hold on.
We may be able to fix
all this before they go.

Buck, I'm gonna write a
letter. I want you to deliver
it personally to the governor.

Didn't think you were
gonna get away with
all the fun, did you?

Well, let's split up outside
Willow Springs. Don't want to
make the marshal suspicious.

Got to catch lambert
doing dirty.

Lambert isn't
someone to mess with.

Well, well, well.
If it isn't our bounty hunter.

Afternoon, marshal.

What brings you
to these parts, kid?

Special run for the
pony express.
Just thought I'd stop by.

Well, why don't you pull up a
chair. Maybe we can win back
some of that reward money.

I'd like to, but I'm afraid
I already spent it.

What happened to that fella,

Strangest thing about that.

Seems he couldn't wait
for the hangman,
so he hung himself.


With his belt.

Kane, get the kid a chair.


I'd best be going.

Take it easy, kid.

Call you.

Three ladies.

I understand you folks had
some trouble out this way.

Don't recall any trouble.

Something about a saloon girl
being murdered?

- That's done with.
- Oh?

They got the fella?

Your deal.

Oh, I don't imagine it
took too long to catch him.

Not with Cole lambert
being the marshal.

Listen, mister,
we're here to play poker.

Want to start up some trouble,
find another game.

Sorry, gents.

Buy a lady a drink?

No, ma'am, I...


Louise. How do I look?

Uh, definitely
missed your calling.

I saw they needed another girl,

so I figured this might be
a good way to get information.

I heard the bartender
say today's the day
lambert collects.

Well, I guess we'll have to
see about that.

Hey, come on over
and fill me up, sugar.

Right with you, cowboy.

Don't be a stranger, handsome.

Ten, twenty, thirty,

forty, fifty.

There's only $50 here.

That's the price.

The price is fifty-five.

You can't raise it again.

You refusing to pay, storekeep?

No, I'll pay.

Ten stores.

That's $500.

Excuse me, sir, the gentlemen
here is holding out on you.

Who in the hell are you?

He collected fifty-five from
each of them, not fifty.

Check his other pocket.

Go on.

I was gonna tell you.

Get out of here!

I'll deal with you later.

What's your name, son?

James hickok.

You sure are fast.

I'm fast enough.

You ever thought about a
career in law enforcement?

Howdy there, sugar.

- Howdy, gents.
- Good night.

Lambert lied about Dyson
hanging himself with a belt.

How do you know?

'Cause he wasn't wearing one.
Had on suspenders.

- I think lambert murdered him.
- Mmm-hmm.

No wonder everybody's scared.
Folks won't even say
lambert's name.

The owner of the feed store
might talk.

He's pretty mad.
You ought to go see him.

Sorry I'm late.

What you got on, Lou?

It's, uh, it's a dress.
Ladies where them.

Well, no lady would
wear a dress like that.

Some people
think it looks nice.
Don't they, Jimmy?

Don't drag me into this.

What do you mean, Lou?
What are you doing?

I'm working at the saloon
to see what I can find out.

Well, you can't do that.
Something might happen.

I can take care of myself.

Well, it ain't right.
I ain't gonna let you.

You ain't gonna let me?

I don't recall
asking your permission.

I can do whatever I please,
whether you like it or not.

And me acting like a lady
might not sit well with you,

but I happen to be enjoying it.

- Don't.
- Sorry.


Relax, darling. I'm the law.

You scared me.

Pretty girl like you
shouldn't be out alone.

Tell me, what's your name?


Hmm. That's nice.
Now, I haven't seen you
around before.

- I only just started working
at the saloon.
- Ahh.

Well, we're gonna have to
get better acquainted.

That'd be fine.

Like tonight, maybe.

I have to get back to work.

Ah, you don't want to work.

Not when we
could be enjoying dinner
in my hotel room.

Maybe another time.

Stop it!


I'm gonna see you again,

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I think the marshal's
doing a fine job.

How can you say that
when he's stealing from you?

We know you hate paying him.

A lot of things I hate
paying for.

Don't mean I don't need 'em.

Lambert's a thief.

It doesn't matter
whether he's wearing
a badge or a mask,

he's still robbing you.

Well, that ain't how I see it.

Yeah, well, maybe
you're too scared to look.

Get out of here.
I got work to do.

Let's go, Noah.

You a slave, mister.

Get out!

Who do you think you are
talking to me like that,
you nig...

You what?

Say it.

Say it!

That's enough, come on.

You know you worse than
a slave, mister. You put
the chains on yourself.

Come on, Noah.

Whiskey straight.

Most obliged.

Look, uh, I know it ain't none
of my business, but that
looks like one too many.

Yeah, you're absolutely right.

It isn't any of your business.

Aw, I'm sorry.

That was very rude of me.

I apologize.

It's okay.

What's your name?



Please, sit down, Louise.

Did you know Sarah?


She used to work here before.

She was murdered.

No. I'm afraid I didn't.

She was a wonderful girl.

Just wonderful.

She was young. Full of life.

She used to scold me
for drinking too much, too.

You look a little like her,
in fact.

It was terrible.
It was terrible.

You know,
I tried to warn her, you know.

Warn her about what?

About him.


Do you know who killed her?

I didn't say that.

You do, don't you?

Tell me who did it.

It doesn't matter anymore.

Yes, it does.

You just be careful.

Be careful.



I don't like it.

Don't push me, Kane.
Now, you either work
with hickok or clear out.


What is it, McBride?

There's a couple of guys
nosing around
asking about you.

I thought you should know.

Who are they?

Tell ya, kid, I'm about ready
to give up on this town.

Ah, somebody will talk.

Afternoon, marshal.

You got a clumsy friend there,

I didn't do that.

We saw you push it over.
Didn't we?

- That's right.
- Right.

Guess you ought to watch
where you're going, boy.

What happened?

Don't worry, mayor.
This nigra here,

he's gonna pay for everything.

I ain't paying for nothing.

Easy, Noah.

Oh, you got a big mouth, too.
Maybe jail will teach you
some manners.

We'll pay, marshal.
What's the damage?

Oh, $5 ought to cover it.

I'm sorry for the trouble.

Come on, Noah, let's go.

After he cleans it up.

The hell I will.

Nobody back talks the marshal,
you understand?

Now, you pick him up
and you get out of here. Now!

I don't like troublemakers
stirring things up.

Now, the next time I see you,
you're gonna wish I hadn't.


Louise, that's right.
It's been a long time.

Meet us behind the livery
stable in half an hour.

Teaspoon's letter
told the governor about
the charges against lambert.

Governor's ordering
a territorial judge
to hold a hearing.

- He'll be here tomorrow.
- One judge ain't gonna
do any good.

He's bringing U.S. marshals.

They've got the power
to arrest lambert
if the judge sees fit.

Only if the townsfolk speak up.

Well, maybe we should
visit a few.

You two better stay low.
Lambert's got his
eye out for you.

I know somebody who can
name the girl's killer.

He's scared, but I think
I can get him to testify.

Work on him, Lou.
Tomorrow's our last chance.

But it's just my word
against lambert's.

Did you see lambert kill Sarah?

It's not safe to talk about it.

You can trust me, I promise.


I saw it.

How'd it happen?

It was late.

Sarah had just got off work.

I followed her home.

I'd do that once in a while,

just to make sure she's safe,
you know.

She never knew.

Someone grabbed her,
pulled her into an alley
near the bank.

Sarah screamed.
I ran to help.

When I got there lambert
was on her.

And she was fighting real hard.

He grabbed her by the throat
and he started to squeeze.

And he kept on squeezing.

And I hid.

I hid while he killed her.

You can still help her.

Testify against lambert.
See that he pays.

Well, I know that I should,

You'll be protected.
I promise.

Just talk to a friend of mine.
You can trust him.

Will you do that?

For Sarah?


- You alone?
- Yeah.

You know something
about the murdered girl?

I'll tell you what I saw and
then you can tell the judge.

It ain't legal coming from me.
I'll see you're protected.

Okay, I'll tell him.

You won't regret this.

Don't try it, kid.

I sure wish you'd have
followed my advice.

You could have
left this town a big hero,
instead of a dead man.

What's going on, marshal?

The kid here,
he murdered sutter.

Take his gun, deputy.

I didn't shoot...

So who steered you to sutter?

What'd he know about
that saloon girl, anyway?

You should have asked him that
before you killed him.

You're pretty cocky
for a dead man.

Am I gonna hang?

No. You're not
the hanging type.

Is he, foster?

I see you as the type
to get shot trying to escape.

It'll probably happen tonight,

with no one else around.

That poor man died
because of me.

Now lambert's
setting up the kid.

What are we gonna do?

Judge will be here tomorrow.
He can release him.

Lambert won't wait that long.
We got to get the kid
out by tonight.

Who's guarding him?

Lambert and his deputy.

Four against two.
I'll take those odds.

If they start shooting,
the kid could get hurt.
We need a diversion.

I know something
that might work.

Who's hungry?

What you got there, darling?

Oh, just something the boss
thought you might like.

I know what I'd like.

That's not what he meant.

Looks mighty good.

I know a man like you has
probably got a big appetite.

Stop it.

You're a whole lot friendlier
than the last time we met.

Well. I didn't know you
last time. You scared me.

Not here.

Foster don't mind.

Well, I do.

I'd like a little more
privacy if we're gonna
get better acquainted.

Well, uh, let's go
in the back room.

Oh, that's not comfortable.

I get off work in half an hour.

Why don't you come up
to my hotel room? Hmm?

I think I might just do that.

That will be nice.

There you go.


I've been waiting for you.

Uh-ah! Not so fast.

First, you got to clean up.

I didn't come here
to take a bath.

Oh! Well, I know
what you came here for,
but the bath comes first.

You be a good boy
and I'll get in
and scrub your back.

Well, now.
You just convinced me.



That's far enough.

What the hell are you doing?

Get in.

You want to die dirty?

You'll never see morning.

What are you doing here?

I forgot something.


The keys.

Are you okay?

I am now.

Get up!

Sit down!
Hands behind your back.

Oh, tell the marshal I quit.

Where's Lou?

She's okay.
She'll meet us later.

- Sounds like your friends
caught some trouble.
- Shut up!

Round up a posse. Hurry!

These damn tracks
go in all directions.

That girl will tell us
where they went.

See her?

Something happened to her.
I know it.

- Don't be so sure.
- Lou had to take
the long way round.

Maybe she just got lost.

We never should have
left her there.

Who decided it?

Why don't you ask her?

I was so worried.
What happened?
Who did that to you?

Lambert jumped me.


He knocked me out.
But I got away
as he was coming back.

Kid? Kid?

Lambert's gonna pay this time.

Kid, leave it to the judge.

Nobody's gonna testify against
him. They're too scared.

There's only one kind of
justice for him.

You ain't ready, kid.

Lambert's an
experienced gunfighter.

You never called
a man out before.

I'd say it's high time I did.

- Come on! Yah!
- He's gonna
get himself killed.

I raise you.

Lambert, I'm calling you out.

I'm waiting, marshal.

Grab a couple of scatter guns
and head out back.

First chance you get, drop him.

Let me do this for you.

Thanks, Jimmy.
This is my fight.

Just remember,
don't take your eyes off him.

You just don't know when
to quit, do you, kid?

Neither do you.

You were a good law man once.

Folks trusted you,
protect what they believed in.

But you betrayed them.
You hide behind that badge,
murder and steal.

There's nothing lower than that.

Well, let's get to it.

Congratulations, boy.
That sure was something.

He deserved it, all right.

No doubt about that.

I don't know who's worse,
him or you.

What do you mean?

You wanted justice,
but you weren't willing
to fight for it.

Time comes to stand up,
you look the other way.

Lambert may have
stole your money,

but you sold your souls.