The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 16 - Color Blind - full transcript

The Kid, (Ty Miller), falls for Sweetwater's new schoolteacher, a young woman with a mysterious past.

And what makes you think

they're going to be any more
accepting of them Paris
hemlines than Charleston was?

This is new country out here.

Sweetwater just might
appreciate European fashion.

Not on its new schoolteacher,
they won't.

Girl, you better let them
skirts down and move them
necklines up.

Don't worry, I will.

You'd better, if you know
what's good for you.

Don't worry, I will.
I swear on my thimble.

Whoa, whoa!

- Ladies.
- Afternoon.

Heading to Sweetwater?

- Mmm-hmm.
- That's right.

I'm going to be the
new school teacher there.

I ain't never had no
school marm pretty as you.

It doesn't sound like you've
ever had a school marm.

Well, it's late.
We'd better be moving on.

I expect you do.

This ain't safe country
for two ladies to be
traveling alone.

Stop that.

You stop that.
That's my property.

Is that right?

- Get your hands off of that.
- No!


What's going on here?

None of your business.

He tried to Rob us.






Help me!

Help me!





- Are you all right, ma'am?
- Oh, yes.

- Are you sure?
- Oh, yes, I am. Thank you.

Oh, yes, I'm fine now.

Uh, maybe you ought to
sit down or something.

Oh, it's all my fault.

I should have never
let them run away like that.

Horses get spooked.
There's nothing anybody
can do about it.

Most women would have
fainted dead away.

I'm not the fainting type.

Oh, most folks just call me kid.

Well, I'm indebted to you, kid.

My name is Samantha edgars.

I'm... I'm just glad I was
lucky enough to be
here, miss edgars.

Are you heading
through to Sweetwater?

That's right.
I'm the new schoolteacher.

Well, ain't that something.

I... I mean, isn't that
something, I mean.

Are you from Sweetwater?

Oh, you bet.

Then perhaps you could help us.

You see, the new teaching job
comes with a place to live,

except I don't know where it is.

Oh, that would be
the old Miller place.

It's just across town.
I could... I could
lead you right there.

Oh, well, I wouldn't want
to impose on you again.

Oh, it wouldn't be imposing.
I gotta ride by there anyway.

Well, if you're sure
it isn't any trouble.

Martha and I... oh, my god,
I forgot about Martha.

I've got to go and get her.
She's going to be
worried sick.

No, now, hold on.
Let's take the wagon.
I'll help you.

Oh, thank you.

You chopped yourself
enough wood
to last all winter.

- You think?
- Mmm-hmm.

Maybe even through next winter.

Gonna run out of trees
pretty soon.

Is there something
you wanted to talk about, Lou?

I thought maybe you did.

Sometimes it helps to talk.

Yeah, well, there really ain't
much to talk about.

The kid used to do a lot
of this when he was
fretting over me.

Looks like it's contagious.

I know you ain't over
that church lady
you was courting, Alice.

She was special.

You probably won't
ever forget her, but...

But there'll be others.

Is that what you said
about the kid,
there'll be others?

I try to.

Do you believe it?


Sometimes love doesn't
always make sense.

Love don't never make sense,
if you ask me.

I guess it wouldn't be love
if it did.

Who was that?

I don't know.

It looks like
the kid done already
staked his claim, though.

You ladies go on in.
I'll take care of the luggage.

Thank you.

Lord have mercy.

Snatching this place
back from yesterday
ain't gonna be easy.

No, but it'll be just fine
when we're done.

It feels like you brung
half of Charleston with you.

How far did you
drive that wagon?

Oh, it was just from blue creek.

We took the stage before then.

Ah. Well, why didn't you
take it all the way?

Thank you for your help,
but we don't want to
keep you any longer.

Yes, I expect you have
your work to get back to.

Yeah, I reckon I better.

You know, I'm mighty
handy with a hammer.

I'd be glad to help
fix this place up.

That's very kind of you, but...

But we can't be thinking
about any of that until
we get ourselves settled.

Thank you.

Well, I'm sure I'll be
seeing you again.

I hope so.

You know
better than this, Samantha.

Better than what?

Than turning the head
of some boy

who ain't got nothing
but the clothes on his back.

That ain't why we came here.

I know why we came here.
I don't need reminding.

Don't hate me for wanting
what's best for you.

This is a new country
out here, Samantha.

Big and free as your dreams.

All I want is to see you
married to somebody
worthy of you.

I never lacked for suitors.

I ain't talking about someone
who's just attracted
to your beauty.

There ain't no credit to the
beautiful being beautiful.

Though you are beautiful.

It's the book learning
and the breeding you done

added to the looks god gave you.

That's what'll matter
to the man we want.

So don't you be
wasting your time
looking at some...

Poor boy like that.

I can look at whatever I want.

I just can't have it is all.

Come on, kid.
We saw the way
you were looking at her.

I mean, your eyes
were bigger
than a love-sick calf.

You're crazy, Cody,
I was helping
her out, that's all.

Mmm-hmm. It looked
like more than helping
going on to me.

So what's this new
school teacher's name, anyhow?

- Samantha.
- See?

He can't even say
her name without blushing.

Yeah, maybe you ought to
give yourself some time
to get over things.

Get over what?

You mean Lou?

Well, how long am I supposed
to brood over something
that just wasn't meant to be?

I mean, Lou's sweet and she's,
she's good-hearted,
but it just didn't work out.

Maybe it never could
have worked out the way
we live and work together.


Yeah, teaspoon? What is it?

I got a special ride
for you, Lou.

There's a shipment of bonds
and bank drafts

intended for Russell,
majors and waddell
coming in from San Francisco.

We got to pick it up
at Willow Springs
tomorrow morning.

So you best put some miles
behind you before sundown.

And I'm sending Jimmy with you.

I can handle it.

Now, I didn't say you couldn't.

I just want a second gun
on this one is all.

You know, these two
sure ain't turned out
the way I thought they would.

Uh-huh. How many times
you been married, teaspoon?

Just saddle up, will you?

Yah, come on! Yah, yah!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa there! Whoa!


We deliver your bags, sir.

Are you okay, Lou?


The kid was just talking,
that's all.

Fellahs just seem to talk a lot.

It don't mean anything,
believe me.

Apparently, I didn't mean
nothing to him.

nothing that happened
between the two of us did.

That ain't what I meant.

I know. It's just that...

When the kid and I
went our own separate ways,

it was more my idea
than his and, and...

And he's free to do
what he wants.

It just...

It hurts seeing him fall
for another woman.

He's probably thinking
about her right now.

No, no, that's not true, Lou.

The fool ain't thinking
nothing at all.

Go to sleep.

So you're saying
we have to spend
the night here.

the bank drafts were delayed.

They should be here tomorrow.
There's nothing more
I can tell you.

Oh, that's just great!

What's the matter with him?

- Oh, a toothache.
- Oh.

- See you later.
- Yeah.

Everything, just everything,
seems to be going wrong.

Oh, come on, Lou.

I'd say this was a stroke
of good fortune.

We got the day off
all to ourselves,
a beautiful sky, a bright sun.

And Willow Springs.

There ain't nothing
to do in Willow Springs.

Well, now, I wouldn't say that.

See what I mean?

Tonight only!
Music! Magic!
Merriment! Right here!

Right in your very own town!

Come one, come all!

traveling carnival!

Tonight and tonight only!

Music! Magic!

Merriment! Right here
in your very own town!

Come one, come all!

Bramblebury's raveling circus!

- Whoa!
- Ahhh!

Tonight and tonight only!

Maybe your luck's
changing already.

Music! Magic!
Merriment! Right here
in your very own town!

Come one, come all!

Uh, we'd like two rooms please.

Only got one left.

Oh, mister, we had us
a hell of a ride.

You sure you ain't
got a second one?

I said I ain't and I ain't.

That bed's big enough
for both of you.

You better grab it
before it's gone.

Uh... we'll take the room.

We'll take the room.

Don't worry,
you can have the bed.

It's time for refreshment.


Thank you.

What is it?

Oh, nothing. You...

You just look
real beautiful, that's all.

Thank you.

I'm going into town
to order some books
for my classes.

I'll be back soon.

Well, I thought that we'd have
a chance to talk.

We will later.

Well, I needed...
I mean, I wanted to
ask you something.


The church is,
is having a dance tonight.

And I thought it'd be
a good way for you to
meet some of your students

and their folks,
kinda in an informal way.

Uh, anyway, if...
If you wanted to go,
I'd be happy to take you.

You attend church regularly,
do you, kid?

I'd go every week
if you were there.

It doesn't sound to me
like you'd be thinking
about spiritual matters much.

Usually a fellow only gets
that kind of look
from a girl's daddy.

I guess she sort of feels
like that, though, huh?

So what time will you
come for me?

- Tonight?
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, uh...

About 6:00.

I'll be ready and looking
forward to it.

Don't work too hard.

I won't.


I don't know
what's so damn exciting
about Willow Springs.

There ain't nothing
we can do here

that we can't do
back in Sweetwater.

Well, now,
I wouldn't be so sure
about that, Lou.

Just trust me.


Good morning.

Good morning, ma'am.

Uh, uh, uh,
something I can do for you?

Well, it's "miss" actually.
Miss Samantha edgars.
I'm the new school teacher.

And you are?

Uh, tompkins.
Uh, bill tompkins.

This is my store here.

Pleased to meet you.

Uh, well, likewise.

Uh, you know,
folks around here
have been expecting you.

Well, it's a pleasure
to be here.
Sweetwater is a lovely town.

Oh, yeah.

Now, there are a few things
I'll need for my classes.

A few books and art supplies
that weren't part of the
previous teacher's curriculum.

Well, I'll do the best
I can to oblige.

And just what sort of art
do you plan on teaching
our children?

Only the finest, I'm sure.

The seminal and the sublime.

Sweetwater is most fortunate

to have the minds of its
children nourished

by a light as bright
as miss edgars.

This is unexpected, Robert.

You're looking lovely
as ever, Samantha.

Miss edgars' teaching talents
were well known to us
in Charleston.

I personally heard
her praised highly
by the head of the academy

where she earned
her teaching certificate.

Sweetwater's gain
is definitely our loss.

Well, well, you're very
kind to say so, sir.

Mister tompkins,
I'll be back
in a couple of weeks

to see if those books
have arrived.

Oh, I'm afraid it will be
more like a month,
miss edgars.

This isn't Charleston.

No, it isn't.

Good day to you.


If you'll excuse me.

You bet.

Howdy there, ma'am.

It looks like I'm the envy
of every man
in Willow Springs.

Howdy, missie.

Why, Samantha?

Tell me.

You disappear overnight.
No explanation.

No clue as to where
you were headed.

Does it amuse you to hurt me so?

No, of course not, Robert.

For god's sakes,
don't think that.

Well, what should I think?
How am I supposed to feel?

Didn't you believe me
when I said
I want to marry you?

I told you, that's impossible.

But you gave me no reason.

Is it the difference
in our ages?

Because I don't believe
that could truly
keep us apart.

No, that is not it.

Well, then what?
You owe me some explanation.

I told you, I cannot
marry you, Robert.

I know that pains you,
but I've made up my mind.

And if you love me,
you'll respect my decision.

Gitty up!

What is this stuff, anyway?

Wine, they said.

I like it.

I can see that.

You ever think about the future?

Where you'll be
five years from now, ten?

Where we'll all be?


No, I can't say that I do.

You're a funny man.

A sweet man.

You've been a good friend
to me, Jimmy hickok.

They made me feel
like a new woman.

Well, let's go.
We got a fair to go to.

Here you go.

Thank you kindly.

You're wasting
your time and his.

It's our time to waste.

Why go to a dance
with someone you know
you can't take serious?

Baby, you need to be looking
friendly to these folks.


What are they gonna
think about a school teacher

who picks up a boyfriend
her first week in town?

I don't care.

You better care.

You've got to care
what these people
think of you, Samantha.

Your job depends
on their respect.

I am sick and tired
of pretending to be
something I'm not.

Which set of lies
are we gonna tell Sweetwater?

You think they'll buy
the same brand
we sold'em in Charleston?

Samantha, calm down
and listen to me.

No, you listen to me.

Just when I thought
I found the right man,

someone who could
take care of us...

He was too old for you.

Robert Andrews loved me.
What difference
did our ages make?

Andrews wasn't the one.

But why? Why?

You know why.

Samantha, I was...
I was bought
and sold in Charleston.

If we moved there,

it wouldn't have been long
before they figured out
what we are.

Robert would have
accepted me for what I am.

'Til you bore him a black child.

Don't you see, baby,

if war comes and the south wins,

the only way
we're gonna survive
is if you pass for white.

I'm just so tired, mama.

I know.

I know.

Come one, come all!
One night only!

It's just for tonight!
Come one, come all!
Come, everybody!

Hurry, hurry,
ladies and gentlemen,

step right this way
to see top hat,
the magnificent magician,

perform the amazing illusion
of the disappearing lady.

Acclaimed by all
the crowned heads of Europe.

And now, presented
for your relaxation
and delight.

Ladies and gentlemen. Top hat!

And now, look on
as top hat performs...

Disappearing lady.

So which of you beautiful
ladies will be the first
to volunteer to disappear?


We have a beautiful volunteer.

Go on, go on.

All right, I will.

Let's give her a big hand,
ladies and gentlemen.

The volunteer to be
the disappearing lady.

Oh, wow!

Ladies and gentlemen. Top hat!

And now, the return
of the lady in blue.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen,

there seems to be
a brief problem, but no worry.




Felix? Felix, what happened?

What did you do with her?

I don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.


He's dead.

- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.

I guess we're gonna see
if you're as good
on that dance floor

as you are on a horse.

I think your toes are safe.
Trust me.

I do.

Well, shall we?

- What is it?
- Uh, nothing.

Oh, no.

It looks worse than it is.

You did that working here.

You are not gonna do
another thing until
these hands have healed.

- Well, Samantha, the roof...
- Never mind the roof.

Now, you promise me
or I am not gonna
give you a single dance.



Mister hickok,

a fellow left a letter
here for you.

Thank you.

Miss Martha.


I spy, I spy!

Is that Rachel dunne?

A handsome couple, ain't they?

May I have the honor please?

With pleasure.

Ma'am, you look like you could
use a little refreshment.

Much obliged.

Excuse me.

May I have the pleasure
of this next dance?

Time to go, Samantha.

I'm not ready yet, Martha.

Yes, you are.

Hey, you heard the woman, negro!



What the hell are you doing?

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

For god's sakes,
why did you hit her?

My daddy owned her.

Here's the
bill of sale, marshal.

It's lucky for Martha
here you keep it so handy.

Well, I've had to show it
a lot since I left
Charleston, marshal.

Martha's mine.

My daddy owned her
a long time ago.

A long time ago ain't now.

The fact that your daddy
owned her don't mean
you ever did.

Martha, miss edgars here

has the right to file
a complaint against him
if you'd like.

I just want to go home.


Please, marshal,
can't we leave now?

Well, you're free to do
whatever you like.

Uh, Andrews,
just to set the record
straight here officially,

they may not want to
press charges against you,

but you ever touch her again,

you'll wish you hadn't.

You know who he is, don't you?

Please just let it go.


Robert, please leave us alone.

I just want to talk to her,

It's okay.

I'll be right there.

Lord, Martha, I swear
I didn't recognize
you at first.

I was just a negro
coming between you
and something you wanted.

Look, I would never hurt you
deliberately. You know that.

You let your father
sell me is all.

I tried to find you.

I was 40 miles away, Robert.

Forty miles didn't put me
on the edge of nowhere.

Felt like it, though, sometimes.

How was I to know that?

No harm done, massuh.

Big daddy drew

just did what he had to do
to keep the darkies
in their place.

And to keep you in yours.

I'll drive you home.

It would be best
if you didn't.
Thank you, anyway.


I'll be watching you, Andrews.

Are you now?

That's right.

If anything happens to
those ladies in any way,
you'll be damn sorry.

Are you threatening me, boy?

That's right, I am.

Well, I'm planning on
seeing a good deal
of those ladies, so, uh...

Why don't we let
the dawn decide?

Fine with me.

But dueling's done
a little different out here.

Yeah, I've seen
how you do it out here.

Like dogs.

But for a lady like Samantha,
we ought to settle this
like gentlemen.

You are a gentleman, aren't you?

Two pistols each
with a single shot.
That suit you?

That's perfect.


I look forward to it.

What are you doing?

Packing us up.
We're moving on.

I am not going anywhere with you

until you tell me why
you deliberately
ruined everything.

Oh, Samantha, there's so much
of life you ain't never
had to deal with.

And look what we've come to
with you trying to protect me.

So now you know
that man's father
owned me years ago.

He was a cruel master.

He beat me bad and often.

Except when Robert
came between
me and them blows.

The good you see in him,
I seen it too back then.

And, believe me, I needed it
even more than you do now.

I was just 15.

We got close.

Real close.

When his father found out
how we felt,

he sold me off to someone else.

So now I know why you
pulled me out of Charleston
when you saw me with Robert.

- You were jealous.
- Samantha, that ain't it.

That is it. You couldn't stand
to see me with the man
that you wanted,

so you made me leave.


And now you want me
to do it all over again?
Well, you can just forget it.

Samantha, that is not the...

One of those men is gonna
save me from the hell
that you've put me in

and I don't care which
one it is anymore,
you hear me?

The heartache is gonna stop
right here, right now.

And you are not gonna
get in my way ever.

'Cause I am not gonna let you.


I appreciate your punctuality.

Your lady friend and I
were getting chilled.

You all right, Lou?


Aw, she's fine now.

As you can see, her situation
is somewhat tenuous.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Just returning the favor
you did me.

That was a fair fight, Hopkins.

Gun fighting was my trade
and you took that
away from me.

You call that fair?

The lady's got
nothing to do with it.
Let her go.

No, I'm afraid
I can't do that, hickok.

You see,
I'm calling you out again.

And this little lady
is gonna even the odds.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about you
choosing between
saving her or saving yourself,

I'm gonna shoot you, hickok.

Now, you're fast enough
to drop me before I do,

but your gunfire is gonna
spook this horse.

And by the time you reach her,
she'll hang.

Or you can shoot the horse.

If you do that,
I'll have time enough
to drop you sure.

It's your choice.

Cut her loose.

I'll face you with no guns.

Aw, that wouldn't be sporting.

I ain't gonna do it.

Pick it up.

I ain't gonna draw
on you, Hopkins.
I just want the lady.

Strap on your gun!

Do it, hickok!

You're gonna have to shoot me.

All right. My gunfire
will spook this horse
and you'll both die.


I'm sorry.



William, what is it?

It's all in that note
from mister Robert.

He wrote you
in case something happened.

In case what happened?

I'm sorry, miss Samantha.
I ain't supposed to say.



What is it?

That's ready and loaded, sir.

That's a mighty beautiful gun.

Pardon me for saying so,
but I never liked 'em.

I understand.

Let's get on with it.

Explain the rules to him,

You'll face each other
from this distance.

When you both have
indicated to me
that you are ready,

I will say, "commence."

Then you both may fire.


Are you ready, gentlemen?

Whoa. Whoa!

You can't do this, Robert.

Get out of the way, Martha.

This won't solve anything,
I tell you!

I'm in love with that woman
and I'm gonna win her
or I'll die trying.

You can't.

She's your daughter.

You're lying.

I'm not.

Just look at her.

You know
I'm telling you the truth.


Kid, hold it!

Either of you makes a move,
I'll put you both in jail.

This duel is over.

Kid, I thought you knew better.

Robert, please call it off.

I'll marry you. I promise.

I'm sorry.



I don't care what you are.

I only care who you are.

Kid, I don't even know who I am.

Well, maybe
I can help you find out.

It wouldn't be fair
to either one of us.

You see, I ran away from Robert,

but I never stopped loving him.

I just need a little more
time before I can
feel that way again.