The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 8 - False Colors - full transcript

The Kid's estranged brother Jed is up to no good. After bushwhacking an Army detachment and stealing their identities, Jed and his gang ingratiate themselves with the Riders while angling to receive a gold shipment intended for the US Government. When Sam becomes suspicious, The Kid must decide between family and justice.

Watch your step, ma'am.

Right down there, at the end.

Gentlemen, departure
will be at 2:30, sharp.

Stragglers will be put
on report.




Message for you.

Courier said it's new orders.

I told you, just be here.

Sergeant, reassemble the men.

There's been a change of orders.

I think the uniform
is kind of tight.

How do I look?

Make general Scott
hisself smile.

The army's home
to fools and heroes.
I ain't either.

What about their horses?

I got no use
for those nags.
Scatter 'em.

Hey! Go!

Let's ride.

Move 'em out.

Thanks for allowin' us
to borrow the uniforms,


Mister, you... you can't
just leave us out here.

We... we got no boots, no water.

Mister? Mister!


5 weeks, teaspoon.

That kind of service
makes it like havin'

those big city stores
right in Sweetwater.

It sure does, Amos.
I'm much obliged.

Well, any time, boys.

Don't have to strain yourself,

It's only got 2 ends.

What's in here, teaspoon?

Oh, it's, uh, a surprise.

What kind of surprise?

Now if I told you,
it wouldn't be one,
would it?

You mean it's for us?

Yeah, for all you boys.

Kind of a reward
for all the, uh,

hard work you done.

Well, let's see it.

Wait till we get back.

Come on, teaspoon.

Only fair,
since we came to help.

Well, I guess
it won't hurt none.
Go ahead.

What do you hunt with this?

You don't hunt nothin'.

That there is a baseball bat.

For playin' baseball.

New game I read about.

Ordered a set
so as we can learn it.

How do you do it?

Well, uh, uh,
I don't know the particulars,

but the notion is
you hit that ball
with that bat.


So as you can run
around the bases.

What for?

To score.

Every time you go around
you get yourself a point.

That's it?

SWAT balls,
run around in circles?

I don't think
I've left anything out.

People do this for fun?

Well, yeah.

You don't wanna play,
you don't have to.

You boys,
get away from that wagon.

Alex, stay with your daddy.

Your arrival comes as
a great relief, lieutenant.

This bank wasn't built
to protect $200,000 in gold,

even temporarily.

Well, the government
your cooperation, sir.

Don't talk to me
about those fools
in Washington.

Why they ever stopped
using ships

to transport gold
from California
is a mystery to me.

Well, they're just testin'
the overland route
'cause it's faster.

And more dangerous.
It has to cross 2,000 miles

teaming with vandals
and cutthroats,

men who would
shoot their own mother

for 2 bits, let alone $200,000.

Well, Russell, majors,
and waddell

is the best freight company
in the business.

They guarantee delivery
from San Francisco
to Sweetwater.

Me and my men'll see
it gets to St. Joe safely.

I suggest that
we wait till dark tonight
to take delivery from you.

Oh, that's another problem.

The shipment hasn't arrived yet.

Flooding along green river
delayed their crossing.

Well, when do you expect it?

I knew it wouldn't work.

Shut up, stark.

The gold'll be here
in 3 or 4 days.

We wait.

Well, you ain't got
nothin' to say about it,

unless you're in charge now.

Sure is a nice hat, kid.

You paid money for that?

How do you look?

Can I see it real quick?
Let me just...


Here, here.

Sorry, kid.

Hey, mister?

Your name jed?

Have we met?

I reckon we might have.

I'm afraid I don't recall.

Do you recall cursin'
a plow mule named Jeremiah,

used to wallow in the creek
when the heat came up?


I don't believe it.

Look at you!
You finally got
some meat on you!

You finally found honest work.

Boys, I got someone
for you to meet.

This here's my little brother.

Stevedore, wrangler.

I even joined up
with the circus for a time.

Been all over this country.

Ever been to New York City?

Yes, ma'am.

What's it like?

Is it as grand as folks say?

Oh, it's better.

They got streetcars,
take you any place you like.

Gas lamps on every corner.

And buildings.

The biggest buildings
I ever saw.

Why, I stood on the roof
of one that was over
80 feet high.

You could see
for 30 miles
in any direction.


They got a machine
that will lift you
all the way to the top.

You just step in

and up you go.

That's where I'm goin' someday.

Mark my words.

New York, Philadelphia,
all them big cities.

Tell us about your family, jed.

Kid never talks about it.

Kid never talks about anything.

Billy thinks
if you ain't talkin'
you ain't alive.

I never mentioned it
'cause there was
nothin' to tell.

Father was a sharecropper
back in Virginia, that's all.

How'd you get separated?

Our pa ran...

He was driven off the farm.
He couldn't find work.

We were taken in
by different families.

Been almost 10 years.

Never thought I'd see him again.

To family, nothin' more sacred

and no bond as strong.

Hear, hear.


Why'd you lie about pa?

You don't owe that man nothin'.

I didn't feel like
talkin' about it.

You forgotten
the way he beat us?

Beat mama?

I swear,
if he hadn't run off,
I'd have killed that man.

I ain't gonna waste
my life hatin' him.

He caused enough hurt.

Besides, it looks like
you turned out all right.

Never thought I'd see you
wearin' a uniform.

Best thing that
ever happened to me.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, jed.

You'd make mama proud.

I'd have robbed that bank
and been gone a long time ago.

That's the difference
between you and jed.

He's smart enough to wait
till there's money in it.

Well, if he's so damn smart,

what's he gonna do
about his brother?

Now, that boy
could get us all hung.

My brother's my concern.

You get any ideas about him,

that be your last.

Are you all right?

Hey, yeah, will put your money
where your mouth is?

Welcome to silver spurs, boys.

Home of the smoothest whiskey,

the luckiest cards,
and the prettiest women.

I thought we were going to eat.

I like my dessert first.

Make yourselves at home, boys.

Jed, did you see them girls?

2 more, the same.

Place your bets now.
All money down.

Yeah. The usual.

So, uh, what is this stuff?

Test your skill
and find the pea.

The odds, you will,
are one to 3.

There's just one trick
to winning, friend,

before you gain
you got to spend.

Pick one.

Come here, now.


If you don't mind.

Why, that pea must have rolled.

Looks like
you're buyin'
the next round.

Evening, boys.

Oh, lord.

Looks like we got
a couple young 'uns

You know, your brother said
to show you a good time,

but we got a limit
in these parts.

Law says we got to throw back
the small ones in the creek.

Ok, maybe next year then.

But I think I'll make
an exception on you, sugar.

You're wastin' your time.


What'd you tell her?

I told her you fancied men.


Well, it's true, ain't it?

You have got to try
some of this stuff.

2 more, bartender.

I think the man said 2.

We don't serve his kind.

The only kind
I see around here
are my friends.

Well, then,
you ain't welcome, either.


Let's go girls.

Boys, I'd like a drink.

Come on, boys.

I know someplace
where we can have
some real fun.

Where have you been?
It's mornin' already.

Uh, celebratin' the reunion
with my brother.

You should have come.

So, look at these boys.

What's wrong with 'em?

They're blind drunk.

How could you permit it?

Good night, Emma.

I got nothin' to say about it.
They do as they like.

They're just boys.

To you maybe.

Appears to me,
they do a man's work.

You ought to treat 'em as such.

Besides, there's no harm
in lettin' off a little steam.

Well, you should
have looked after 'em.

I did.

I brought 'em back
safe and sound.

by the time they wake up,

they'll think twice
about touchin'
that stuff again.

At least for a while.

They're pretty lucky
to have you taking care
of 'em.

Lady pretty as you
surely could have
an easier life.

You do go on, lieutenant.

Well, my mama taught me
to tell the truth.

Hi, Emma.

Well. I'm glad to see
at least you showed
some restraint.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, come on, gal.


In gold bullion.

It's due in Sweetwater any day.

Well, that kind of money
invites a lot of trouble,
Mr. Foster.

I should have been
told about it.

I assure you, marshal,

the pinkerton detective agency

is very experienced
in these matters.

We've learned that secrecy
is the best protection.

The fewer people who know
will make it less likely...

I'm the law here!

It's my job to keep the peace.

Now, if you know somethin'
that threatens it,

you better start talkin' fast
or you'll be stayin' awhile.

Opinion has it
there's a war comin'
with the south.

Yeah. So, I've heard.

We've got reports
that a gang of outlaws

workin' for the slaveholders
is in the territory.

They've held up several banks
and stagecoaches.

Everything they steal
is sent to the south
to buy arms and ammunition.

And you think they're after
the gold shipment?

Some army horses were found
running loose 2 days east
of here.

I believe that a patrol
chasing the gang was ambushed.

Could be.

Indians would have
kept the horses.

Well, I came to warn
the cavalry escort
when it arrives.

It already has.

You like gingham?

I got a real pretty one
here that just came in.

How do I look?

Just fine, darling.

Pretty as a vision,
ain't she, boys?

Yes, sir, you sure
are a sight for sore eyes.

What's your name, darlin'?

Leave her alone.

Why don't you shut up?

What's your name?

I'll come back another time.

All right.

Hey, I'm just trying
to be friendly.

Hey, what's your hurry?

Come here!

Don't try it.

I think the lady
told you to stop.

You just made a big mistake,

It ain't the first.

Let him go, Cody.

Come with me, soldier.

Come on.

Let's go.

I regret this happened, marshal.

You have my word this man
will be properly disciplined

when we report to fort laramie.

Well, I know how it is
when soldiers get a chance
to come into town.

Just make sure
you keep 'em in line
while you're here.

Well, if I had a choice,
he'd rot in there.

But we need every man
for this detail.

Yeah, I heard.

What'd you hear?

About the gold shipment.

Pinkerton detective
came in on the stage today.

He was lookin' for you.

I directed him out to your camp.

Well, we appreciate that.


You must be the pinkerton?

Matthew foster.

Marshal told me
you were camped here.

Hope you don't mind?

'Course not.
Make yourself at home.

I hear you're worried
about outlaws.

That's right.

Well, your worries are over.

Get rid of him.

And now we got pinkertons
all over us.

Your plan ain't gonna work.

You got a better idea, stark?

You're damn right, I do!

I say we hit that shipment
out of town
before it comes in.

Well, that's real smart.

How far you think
you're gonna get haulin'
a half a ton of gold?

Think you can outrun a posse?

They'd string us all up!

No. We'll do things
my way.

They handover the gold
without firin' a shot.

Be a week before
they know it's gone.

And then you want to turn around

and give the gold
to the southerners!

We take the risk,
they get the gold.

That ain't right!

It's smart business.

Whenever things get too hot,
they'll give us shelter, food,

doctoring when we need it.

They think we're heroes.

I'd say that's worth half.

You got anymore complaints?

We'll get the gold.

And I'll take care of him.

Come on, Cody, would you throw
that darn thing again already?

Throw it, Cody.

Strike 5.

One more and you're out.

Well, he's throwin' it funny.

I'm puttin' it right
in front of you, Jimmy.
You're just blind.

Yeah, I'll show you
who's blind, big mouth.

Now, toss that thing again.

Come on, throw it.

Ain't he the funniest

looking thing you ever saw.

Yeah! Go! Yeah!

Go! Run!

How'd you like that one?

Run, idiot, run!

The other way!

Get over there!

The other way!

The other way!
Run to base!

Go to the base!

The baseman cannot hold
the runner.

Right here! Right here!

That's fair.
Tripping is legal.

Run this way! Go! Go!

Throw it! Throw it!

Throw it!

Go! Run to base!
Run to base!

Get over there! Come on!

Run to base!

I got it! I got it!

I got it!

Come on, give me,
give me the ball!

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Hit the base!
Hit the base!

You're out!

I hit him.

He hit me with that thing.
That ain't fair!

Nice throw, Cody.


Pluggin' the runner is legal.

No, it ain't!

Yes, it is!

Show me the rules!

Oh, come on, Jimmy.
Don't be a sore loser!

You hit me with the ball!

Hey, Jimmy!
Jimmy! Jimmy!

Wake up, Jimmy,
this is supposed to be fun.

Break it up.
Break it up!

Nothin' like
a quiet Sunday at home.

The lowry boys
snuck out of church

to go swimmin'.

They saw him floatin' there
in the weeds.

Yeah, that'll teach 'em
to play hooky on the sabbath.

Know him?

And out runs the kid,

naked as a jaybird,
right in front of mama

and all her fine church
lady friends.

I was only 3.

You were 8.

You're gonna answer for that.

Here, let me help you.

Oh, don't you dare.
Company does not help.

I insist.

Why didn't you
ever talk about him?

Wasn't much about that time
I wanted to remember.

When jed showed up it was like

finding something
I didn't know I lost.

Part of myself, kinda.



What brings you out here?

Well, that pinkerton
never showed up.

Well, that's strange.

He was mighty anxious
to talk to you.

Where'd you find him, marshal?

Floatin' in Willow pond.

Not far from your camp.

Well, there're
plenty vermin out there
gunnin' for pinkertons.

Well, that's terrible.

Thanks, Emma.

They must've ambushed him
while he was ridin' out
to see me.

It seems like
you would've heard the shots.

I don't recall any.

I don't think you ought
to leave Sweetwater

till I find the killer.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

Well, whoever shot foster
likely knows about the gold.

I mean, you and your men
could be in danger.

What gold?

Well, I'm sure they give you
some discretion.

They don't.

Well, I'd like to see 'em.

You questionin' my word?

I'm questioning your judgment.

Well, you're out of line,

I'm a military officer
following direct orders.

You attempt to interfere,
you'll regret it.

Well, I guess
there's nothin' more to say.

Emma. Boys.

Marshal, I don't know
what you're thinkin',

but I can vouch for my brother.

Askin' questions is my job, kid.

Bothers me when people
don't answer 'em.

Well, he can't tell you things
they ordered him not to.

Maybe not.

But I'd sure like to know

why his horse
doesn't carry
an army brand.

Leaving so quick?

Yeah. I need to ask a favor,

Well, glad to oblige, if I can.

Who's the fastest rider
you can spare to carry
a message to fort laramie?

Fort laramie? The kid.

It can't be the kid.

Get back here
as soon as you can.

I hope you're wrong about this.

So do I.

Well, I'm in.

I fold.

I got to talk to you, jed.

After this hand.

It can't wait.

Excuse me.

Boone, you play this one out.

Kid, you look like
you could use a drink.


Tell me that's 4.

What's eatin' you, kid?

What are you doin' here, jed?

I told you.

I know what you told me.

Now, tell me the truth.

You working for the marshal now?

Answer me!

You might have fooled Sam,
but I grew up with you.

Evenin', folks.

You're no soldier.

You'd never join the army.

Even if some judge
forced you, you'd desert.

People change, kid.

I was hoping you had, jed.

I really was.

You're my brother.
I wanted to believe you.

Then, I hear about some gold.

It's not what you think.

Then tell me.

That gold's gonna buy us guns
to protect our home.

What are you talkin' about?

The south.
There's a war comin', boy.

Everything we know,
our entire way of life's
gonna be razed to the ground

and left smoldering
by yankee invaders
if we can't defend ourselves.

We need money for rifle,
shot, Cannon.

And there's $200,000
of gold bouillon
in that shipment.

I'm gonna steal it
for Virginia
and you're gonna help me.

I can't.

Virginia's your home.
That's where your roots are.

You can't turn your back on her.

You can't turn your back on me.

We got to stand together.

There's not gonna be
any bloodshed.

I just sign a receipt.

That bank manager,
he's gonna hand me the gold.

Nobody's gonna get hurt.

What would I have to do?

Join us.

You ride with me when we leave.

Kid, you're up.

Kid asked me to take his run.


This station's
got 6 riders, not 5.
That was your run.

He owed me.

That's what you said yesterday.

Well, I head this outfit.

You ride when I tell you.

I don't hear you
gripin' about Lou.

He hasn't been here
for 2 days.
He just took off.

Lou's my concern.
You just do your job.

Maybe I'm sick of this damn job!

Kid, kid, hold it!
Hold it!

You're ornerier than a bear
sit down in a beehive.
What's the matter with you?


Don't look like nothin' to me.

Can I help you?

It don't concern you.

Well, that's my favorite kind
of problem.

Allows me to give advice
without sufferin' the results.


What's the matter, son?

Have you ever felt obliged

to 2 different things?

Things you loved a lot.

Somehow they came... they came
to fightin' each other.

Well, how do you choose
between 'em?

Uh, sometimes you can't.

Much as it may hurt,

there's times when you
just got to stand clear

of other folks' troubles.

What if you can't stand clear?


What if you have to choose
because somebody will be hurt
if you don't?


there comes a time
in every man's life

when he has to decide
what he holds most dear.

Could be people.
Could be ideals. Property.

But every man
has to make his own choice.

And that choice determines
the kind of man he is.

Sort of sets the rules
he lives by.

Wish that I could help you,
kid, but I can't.

All I know is

you got a good heart.

Listen to it.

But I can't.
He'll know I'm lying.

You can't give jed the gold
until Lou gets back
from fort laramie.

Now, that should be
late tomorrow.

What if they say
he's an outlaw? What then?

Well, we'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.

Meantime, you stall him.

You said it'd be here by now.

Oh, they assured me it would.

Now they say
it'll arrive tonight.

Tomorrow at the latest.

You notify me
the minute it does.

Yes, sir.

Is something wrong?

I don't know.


You were right.

Soldiers are arriving
from fort laramie to arrest

jed and his gang.

It's gonna be
at least 24 hours
before they get here.

My job is to protect
the gold till then.

Me and my deputies
could sure use your help.

You're askin' us to go
against the kid's brother.

I don't like it
any better than you do.

But if he rides on me,
I got no choice.

What are you gonna tell the kid?

The truth.

I don't want him caught in this.

That's him.

Have a good ride.

Are you with me?

I guess we are.


I'll talk to the kid.

Let me.

If he warns jed...

There's gonna be
a big surprise for you.

I'm buyin' you boys a drink.

What's the occasion?

Well, the occasion is

we got it to Sweetwater
and I'm still breathin'.

She's all yours now.

Put it in the bank, did you?

Locked it up last night.

I ain't slept a wink
since we left salt lake.


you take it easy.

We'll take care of it from here.

I can't ride with you.

Why not?

Because I can't.

I thought on it real hard, jed.

I can't ride with you.
It ain't right.

This war's gonna force
everyone to take sides.

If you ain't with me,
you're gonna be
ridin' against me.

Not now or ever.

What do you mean?

Just... just that trouble's
comin', like you said.

I know you'll be
in the middle of it.

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

You know something?

Ride out of here, jed.

'Cause I'm asking you.

What's wrong?

What's goin' on?

What is it? Tell me, kid.

Just do as I ask, jed.

Take care of yourself.

What are you doin' here, boy?

I'm talking to you.

Let him go, stark.

I don't trust him.

Well, he ain't a part of this.
Get out the way.

I'm ready.


Don't you ever force my hand.

Dammit, jed,
somethin' ain't right.

what are you talkin' about?

The gold.

It came in last night.

They had it locked in the bank.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Now, that dead pinkerton
must have spooked 'em
but they're stallin' us.

All right.

Button up and look sharp!

You're soldiers!

We're gonna collect that gold
just like our orders say.

Anything goes wrong,
anyone tries to stop us,

you hit 'em hard
and you hit 'em fast!

I want you to load up
your saddle bags

with as much gold
as you can carry

and you ride like hell!


Do exactly like I say
and stay here till it's over.

Marshal, i...

All right. I promise.

Come on, let's go.

All right.
Get behind the bank.

Hold your fire
till they show themselves.

Keep a sharp eye out.

Go around and get the wagon.

Jed, you're trapped.

You got no chance.
Throw out your guns.

Take cover.

Go for the horses!

You ain't leaving here, jed.

Let it go, kid!

You murdered people out there!

Get out of my way!

I'll kill you, I swear, kid!

You're my brother,

but I ain't gonna hang.

You ain't leavin' here.

Don't make me kill you, kid.

I'll kill you!
I swear, I will!

You're gonna have to.

Don't do it, jed.


Hang on, jed! Hang on!

Jed, hang on.

I couldn't have shot you, kid.


Dammit, jed!

Why didn't you listen to me?