The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 7 - Ten-Cent Hero - full transcript

After Jimmy insults a dime novel author named Marcus, he suffers the consequences of much unwanted notoriety as the exaggerated subject of Marcus's newest novel. Guns blazing, hired hitmen and toughs arrive in Sweetwater, determined to take down Wild Bill Hickok, the fastest gun in the West.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Hey, you wanna buy me a drink?

Now Lou, you stop that.

Well, I guess I'd better
sit this one out.

Well, I always admire a man
who thinks for himself.

You in, quint?

Well, today's the 5th, ain't it?

All day.

Will you kids stay out of this

and let these men
play their own game?

What's he trying to say?

When the shadow moon
hangs in the sky

with the rising sun,
is it the owl

or the rooster that crows?


You gonna play or you gonna
wait for the 6th?

I'm in for a nickel.

This is gettin' serious.

You know, Sam, if I was you,

I might just see that nickel.

Well, you ain't me.

Thank the lord for small favors.

Hell, I'll do it anyway.

What do you want?


I'm out.

You can stand up
to him, Sam.
He's bluffin'.

I'm gonna hate myself for this.

Quint's 5.
What have you got?

You didn't think positive.

I got time for one more hand,

then I go back
to keepin' the peace.

And not a word out of you
or I'll be the first
to break it.

Deal 'em.

I'll open for 15 cents.

Cody, come on over here.


You went and lost
our earnings to those
sodbusters in Tucson,

and you're askin' me why?

Just bad luck.

Poker playin' is an art
and a science,

and you got a lot to learn.
So get over here.

Sorry, not in the mood.

Besides, I'm readin'.


You call that
10-cent hogwash readin'?

Give me 2.

You ought to try it
some time, Jimmy.

You might learn somethin'.

Like what?

Well, for one thing,
like how to be a real hero.

Well, if that's
all you're readin' about,
let me spare you the trouble.

Real heroes learn from doin',
not readin'.

5 cents.

Especially trash like that,

dreamed up by some
citified jackadandy,

wouldn't know a lasso
from lace bloomers.

You don't know nothin'
about the finer things
in life.

Excuse me.

Hey, I was readin' that.

School's out.

Now look what you've done!

Hey, I'm sorry.

We're just havin' fun, is all,

and I wanted you
to be a part of it, Cody.

Somethin' wrong with that?

Look, I'll buy you
another damn book,

if it'll make you feel
any better, all right?

All right.

But I can still beat you
at cards any day.

But you keep losin' at night.

5 cents to see you.

Pardon me,
I believe this is yours.

Well, thanks, mister.
But it's useless now.

Oh, of course.

How stupid of me.
Try this one.

You some kind of
travelin' librarian, mister?

No, the name is Marcus,
j.D. Marcus.

Marcus? Not the same Marcus
that writes these books?

Oh, I've been known
to spin a tale or 2.

Well, I'll be!

It is an honor, sir,
to meet you.

Do you think you could
write somethin' in it for me?

You know, somethin' personal.

A pleasure.

The name's Cody.
William f. Cody.

"To bill Cody, an ass...

An ass..."

at least he got that right.

Jimmy here thinks
your stuff's all made up.

Is that true?
Or do you actually know
the fellows you write about?

Well, if I may dispense
with modesty for a moment,

not only do I know them,
I made them famous.

If they were any good,

they wouldn't need you
or anybody else
to write about 'em.

Word just seems to get around,
Mr. Marcus.

Yes, usually by people
who know how to read.

You know,
I've seen a lot in my travels.

And one thing
I can always pick out

is a boy who would wet himself

if he ever met up
with a real gunfighter.

Read it.

You know,
your friend here is right.
You might learn something.

No, thanks.

Looks like you're the one
who wet himself now.

Why, you impertinent...

Well, that's some
fancy shootin', boy.

Damn it, Jimmy!
Why do you always
go to the gun?

You saw what happened, Sam.

He was gonna hit me
with that thing.

Well, next time hit him back.
Get him out of here.

Let's play cards.

One moment, Mr. Hickok.

I doubt you realize it,

but your facility
with that 6-shooter
is the stuff of legend.


You'll be hearing from me.

Lookin' forward to it.


Don't forget your hat.

The kind of people you meet
in saloons these days.

Another day with Jimmy hickok.

The legend
of "wild bill" hickok.

The sun Rose on Sweetwater

and "wild bill's" destiny
was clear from the first.

He stood tall,
with his steely nerve
and confidence

that no man could stand up
to his lightning draw.

Only the bravest
would dare incur his wrath
or face his deadly aim.

15 kills in 18 ye...


No, let's make that
20 kills in 18 years.

His ivory-handled revolver
slung low, hand-ready,

with the unflinching gaze
of his gunfighter's eyes,

"wild bill" hickok

would become
the most feared gun alive.

Cody, I got a new 10-center
you might want to read.

Ah, no thanks, Mr. Tompkins.

That stuff
don't interest me anymore.

Oh, this one might interest you.


Jimmy, Jimmy!

Where's Jimmy?

Just missed him.
He left on relay.

What's wrong?

J.d. Marcus' new book.
It's all about Jimmy.

Read it, Lou.

"He stood tall,
his Pearl-handled Colt

"slung low, hand-ready.

"His steely eyes
were void of emotion

"as they glared
at the deadly Gabe calder,

"who stood just a few feet away.

"'Wild bill' hickok
had earned his reputation

"20 kills in 18 years.

"Little did calder know
that dark and cloudy day,

but it was
written in the cards
that he would be 21."

Wait a minute,
Jimmy never killed anyone
in a stand-off except longley.

Least of all Gabe calder.

Hell, calder ain't even dead.

He's just been layin' low
for a few years.

What I don't understand is,

why'd Marcus make hickok
out to be some kind of hero

after the way
he showed him up
at the saloon?

You don't understand, huh?

Let me see that.

You know what that is?

Yeah, I know what it is.

It's a bunch of lies, teaspoon.

Well, I know that
and you know that.

Nobody else does, do they?

And even if they did,
it wouldn't matter.

You know why?

'Cause that book is sayin',

"there's a new king of the hill,

and his name is
'wild bill' hickok."

Mr. Marcus
is settin' up Jimmy

and cashin' in to boot.


I don't know what you want.

'Cause I ain't got
nothin' here except the mail.

Just letters
and stuff like that.

I'm here for you,

"wild bill."

This is some kind of mistake,

That's your picture
on the cover, ain't it?

Well, it looks like me,

but it ain't me.

Besides, my name's not bill
or William.

It's James.
As in James Butler hickok.


What's the matter, hickok?

You yellow?

It's all lies, I'm telling you.

You ready?

I don't believe this.



Ok, I'm ready.


Do us both a favor.

Next time you got 10 cents,
spend it on candy.


Hey, Jimmy.

Seems that Marcus fella
we ran into in the saloon
wrote a new book.

I know.

He sure writes fast, don't he?

I read it.

What do you want, a reward?

I especially liked the part
where you walked into
a saloon in dodge.

Is it dodge?

Shot up 5 men,

then shot the chain
holdin' up the chandelier

to fall on the other guy's head.

Now that was a fine bit
of shootin'.

Yeah, I was just warmin' up.

Killed 15 more
before the day was through.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Hey, Jimmy.

I'm... I'm tellin' everyone
I'm your sidekick.

Sure, why not?

Otherwise I'd have to kill
you too, wouldn't I?

Nice evenin', ain't it?

Thank you.

Please pass the spuds and peas.

And the biscuits, please.

As you wish.


Don't mind if I do, Cody.


Sure is good, Emma.

So is this.

All right.

I guess you all know by now.

Bein' a famous man and all,

with your picture on books
and everythin'.

I heard.

Now are you gonna
fun me all day,
or are we gonna eat?

What is it, Cody?


Yeah, nothin'.

You got somethin'
on your mind,
so out with it.

We don't got any secrets
around here, remember?

Well, it's just that...

Well, I know you like a brother.

And I know
you didn't do those things.

Now if you're gonna
get this reputation,

well then, maybe we

who helped you
gain your reputation,

maybe we ought to cash in
on all this writin'.

What do you think?

Stand up, Cody.


You heard what I said.
Stand up.



He beat you, Cody.

Is that everything?

Now hold it.
You forgot Emma's lilac water.

Where is it?

It's right over there
where it always is.

I'll get it, kid.
You settle up.

Which one should I get?

How should I know?
Get 'em both.

Wait a minute.
I got an idea.

Excuse me, ladies.
Maybe you can help us out.

Uh, if you had
a favorite lilac water,

which would it be?

I say somethin' wrong?

What have you
gotta go and sell this
garbage for, tompkins?

'Cause it's a moneymaker,
that's why.

Besides, if you weren't
such a big bad gunslinger,

it wouldn't matter, would it?

Seems like lies
will follow a body around
closer than his own shadow.

You said you'd go hunting.

It ok if I get started?
I gotta make a run.


Hey look, it's "wild bill."
Come here.

See you back at Emma's.

All right.

What are you lookin' at?

Chick, dill.

Why, if it ain't Sam Cain.

Nice badge you got there, Sam.

Ways out of your territory,
aren't you, boys?

It's rainin' back home.

Thought we'd get some sun.

Gotta face it, chick.
There's a cloud
wherever you go.

Relax, Sam.
All's we wanna do
is wet our whistles.

Now that ain't illegal
in your town, is it?

You can make fort laramie
in 4 hours.

You do it there.

I'd expect
a little more hospitality
from an old friend.

I ain't friends with hired guns.

That ain't the Sam Cain
I used to know.

You've taken up
enough of my time.

You saddle up and ride.

Mind if I at least
buy a plug of tobacco,

And make it quick.

If there's one thing I hate,

it's an ex-gunslinger
with a badge.

"Wild bill,"

you forgot somethin'.

"Wild bill" hickok?

Understand you bushwhacked
a friend of ours.

Gabe calder.

You understand wrong.

I told you to ride out of here.

This ain't your fight.

It is now.

I wouldn't.

Now you pick him up
and put him on his horse
and get the hell out of here.

What are you starin' at?
Show's over.

Go on about your business.

I wanna talk to you.


Sam, I didn't do nothin'.
They came after me.

Get in here!

I almost killed a man just now
on account of you

and I wanna know why.

You saw what happened.
They called me out.

Now what is this nonsense
about you bushwhackin' calder?

Sam, I swear to you,
I never bushwhacked nobody.

It was that writer, uh, Marcus.

What, that city slicker
you terrorized in the saloon?

I didn't give him anything
he didn't already have comin'.

he wrote a book about me.

Said I killed over 20 men.

Includin' calder?


Well, that's just wonderful.

You know what's gonna start
happenin' now, don't you?

Well, every quick draw
and hired gun
in the territory's

gonna be comin' for you.

They got reputations to make.

I can take care of myself.

Jimmy, I...

Look, I traveled the road
you're startin' on.

It only leads to one place,

to an early grave.

That what you want?

I didn't think so.

But in case you make a mistake,

decide to live up
to your new reputation,
let me give you some advice.

You shoot to kill.

It's the only chance you got.

It's your move, Jimmy.

You ain't afraid, are you, boy?

Ain't nowhere to hide,
"wild bill."

It's your move, boy.

Didn't get much sleep
last night, did you?


Jimmy, it's me.

Don't sneak up on me like that.


Never mind.

What are you readin'?

You readin' about me?

I asked if you're readin'
about me.

Why you readin' that trash?
Give me that.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Here take it.

Please come back.
Here, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

This ain't gonna help, teaspoon.

Well, it can't hurt.

You know what your problem is?


It's hotter than hell outside,

and I'm sittin'
in a damn sweat lodge.

You don't know the difference
between fact and fiction.

I do know it.

It's just
that everybody else thinks
that I'm some kind of killer.

Well, it ain't the truth.
Is it?

If enough people believe it,

a lie ain't no different
than the truth.


I want you to look
deep inside yourself

and tell me there ain't
a little part of you

that likes bein' talked about.

Bein' made a big man.


Are you sure?

Ok, maybe at first,
but not anymore.

'Cause I hate it.


Then it ain't
as big a problem
as it could be.

It ain't?

See, if you take a lie
and start believin' in it,

then you become that lie.

Then you ain't yourself no more.

But what do I do now?

Well, some lies do have a way

of spreadin' like fire
through straw.

What you gotta do
when that happens
is lay low for a while.

Hope it'll burn itself out.

That's what I'm tryin' to do,

But hell, I ain't
never killed Gabe calder.

And I almost got Sam
caught up into a gunfight

because a couple
of his friends thought I did.

Well, I ain't sayin'
it ain't a problem.

It's a problem all right
and it's a big one.



in the end

all you got is your truth.

Hold tight to that.

Hell, that's all
any of us has got.

It's open.

What is it?

Oh, I hope this is not
some lengthy interruption.

I'm a very busy man
and I don't have time
to fool...

I look pretty good
for a dead man,
wouldn't you say?

Do I know you?

Name's calder.

You wrote I was killed
in a gunfight.

You were wrong.

Oh well, that...
Uh, I can explain about that.

You see, what I wrote...

Well, it's a book, isn't it?

I mean, it's fiction.
It's not real.

What about hickok?
Is he real?


I just invented
some of the things
that I said he did.

Like killin' me?

You made that kid
a hero at my expense.

Oh, no, no, no.
Please, now.

You must understand
that was not my intention

Oh, shut up!

Please, let me explain...

Where can I find him?

In a town called Sweetwater.

He rides for the pony express.


The trash that people read.

I'm sure you won't mind
startin' over.

Only this time,
it turns out
a little different.

This time I end up on top.

If that's all right with you.

After I take care of hickok,

I'll be back for you.


Well, somebody really
put you through it, boy.

M-Marshal, there's going to
be a killing.

I'm here to stop it.

I've seen you before.


Haven't you caused
enough trouble already?

Marshal, what's done is done.
That doesn't matter.

But what does matter
is that Gabe calder

and his gang
are coming after hickok.

Are you sure about that?

They're on the 11:00 stage.

I rode straight through
to warn him.

Oh, that's mighty
big of you, Marcus.


Because I feel

badly about what I wrote,

and I wanted
to set things a-right.

That ought to do it.

I... I'll be on my way, Sam.

I've known your kind before,

Kind of like a vulture.

Causin' trouble,
then hangin' around waitin'.

Figurin' that one way
or the other,

there's gonna be a dead body
left behind when it's over.

Let me tell you somethin'.

If anything, anything at all,
happens to Jimmy hickok,

you're gonna answer to me.

Bill, I'll be over here,
so don't get lost.

She's a schoolteacher.



The calder gang's comin'
for young hickok.

Oh, come on, Jesse.

I ain't makin' this up.
I just heard it.

I appreciate your bringin'
my boots to me, Jesse.

I don't have time...

Room facing the street.
Yes, here we go.

Room 27, 2nd door on your left.


The calder gang's comin'
on the mornin' stage.

There's always something.

Uh, I've got some things
I've gotta do.

Where they goin'?

Didn't you hear, stranger?

The calder gang's comin'.

I heard.

Give me another whiskey.

Look, son,

they could cause
a lot of problems

to somebody who happens
to be in their sight.

Yeah, I guess so.

Y'haw! Giddap! Giddap!

Folks are scared.

Can't say I blame 'em.

Calder and his boys
got a nasty reputation.

Keep an eye on things.
I'll be back shortly.

Well, where you goin'?

Out to Emma's to warn hickok.

Looks like trouble's comin'.

You deputize as many men
as you need.

Just do me a favor,

keep it low-key for now,
all right?

All right.

Hurry back.

Don't worry,
stage ain't due
for a while yet.

Yah! Yah!

Good mornin', Emma.

Howdy, Sam.

Good mornin', marshal.

Where's hickok, kid?

He's out on a run.

Calder's due
on the mornin' stage.

Comin' after Jimmy?

When'll he be back?

Couple hours, maybe.

Well, you tell him to lay low
and stay out of sight.

If he comes into town,
I won't be able to help him.

You make sure to tell him that.

I will.

Come on, boy.

Yah! Yah!

Saddle me a horse, kid.

Where you goin', Emma?

To find him.

Emma, don't you think...
Never mind.

Easy there. Whoa! Whoa!

Let's go. Giddap here.

Not exactly a rousin' reception.

Excuse me.

Mr. Calder, sir?

Would you
and your friends mind if i...

If I were
to take your photograph?

Sure, why not?

Come on, boys.
Let's help this man out.

This here photograph's
gonna end up
in the history books.

You know hickok?

Where would I find him?

Emma Shannon's place,
a few miles down
the south road.

Hold real still now.

Hickok. Where is he?


You heard me.


I can't rightly say as
I know such a person.

The name's calder.

Tell your friend
I'll be waitin' for him
in town, you hear?

What's the matter with you, boy?

I'm tryin' to keep you
alive, here.

What happened?


Come back.


Is he gonna be all right?

What about the others?

They're at the
livestock auction
in Harper Ridge.

Get him to the doctor.

Jimmy, wait.

Where do you think you're goin'?

Don't try and stop me, Emma.
Not this time.

Don't be a fool.
That's what he wants.

I guess he's gonna get it.


There's 4 of 'em.



Get teaspoon and the boys.

I'm gonna live through this.
Jimmy might not.

Somethin' funny?



All right, I'm out.


You here for hickok?

He's makin' a reputation
at my expense.

Forcin' me
to teach him a lesson.

Too bad he won't be around
to benefit.

Yeah, well,
it ain't gonna happen here.

I want you to leave town.


Are you callin' on me, marshal?

If you don't leave.

Be out in a minute.

You're not goin' up
against him, are you, Sam?

Get up on the roof over there.

If it's a fair fight,
stay out of it.

If not, don't miss.

Don't you think we ought to...


Let's get it over with!

Over there.

Appears to be your
move now, marshal.



Wrong place, wrong time,



You wanted me?

You're more trouble
than you're worth, boy.

That's what they say.

Don't do it, calder.

Don't do it.

Don't do it.

One more chance, hickok.

Hickok, do it.

Finish me off!

Hickok, damn you!

Hickok! Hickok!

Don't leave me like this.


Hickok, damn you! Finish me!


I'm no good this way, hickok!

Somebody get this garbage
off the street!

Hickok! Don't leave me!

You handled yourself well,

But this could be
the beginning of
a whole new kind of hell.


What happened, son?


I never even knew his name.

You ain't gonna write
about Jimmy no more,

Just a minute, you can't...

Hey, we can and we will.

Now wait a minute, boys.
The man may have a point.
Let me see that.

You know, I used to be
a man of letters myself.

And I despise
the notion of limitin'
an author's creativity.

What do you want?

Well, I believe the subject
of "wild bill" hickok

can be put to rest right now.

Of course,
you wanna write this, you can.

But I guarantee you,

me and my boys
will hunt you down
like a dog,

no matter how long it takes.

Well, you wouldn't dare.

It'd be our pleasure.

On the other hand,
I got this idea
for a new endin'.

See, you got this
"wild bill" hickok character,

and he gets wounded
in a gunfight.

And while he's on the mend,
he has a change of heart.

So he hangs up his guns

and he gets
hisself to California
and he buys a beautiful farm.

And he lives happily

ever after.

Mr. Marcus,

what do you think?

For your sake,
I hope you like it, too.

Whatever you say.

But I hope you realize

that what happened here today
can't be suppressed.

True, false, it doesn't matter.

It's the stuff of legend.

The sort of legend a young,
growing country needs.

It doesn't matter what I write.

It's the kind of story

that takes on a life of its own.