The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 4 - Speak No Evil - full transcript

While on an Express run, Ike witnesses a terrible stagecoach massacre and finds himself unable to take the life of the gang's leader. The man is apprehended, however, and it is up to the Riders to ensure Ike's safe passage to the courthouse where he can testify.

Give me a hand
with the strongbox.

You get goin',
I'll clean up here.

All right.

Well, well, well,
now what have we got here?

Well, go get her!

Shoot him! Shoot him!

You wouldn't shoot
an unarmed man,
would you, boy?

A little more,
just a little more.

Great, hold it.
A little more.

Just a little more,
just a little more,

great, hold it.

Tell me, I ain't died
and gone to heaven.

Hold it, damn it.

You're gonna die
if you don't help.

It ain't going to be heaven
you're goin' to.

Got it.

What the hell's gotten
into you lettin' go like that?


See, she smiled at me.

You wish. It was me
she was smilin' at.

You're just so cockeyed
you can't tell the difference.

Oh, yeah?
Then who's she wavin' at?



Ah, hello, abagail.
How are you?

My pony express riders
over here.

Fine bunch of boys.
Most of the time, anyway.

I'm in love.

With yourself.

Ok, so she looks nice
in a dress.

She fills it out real nice.

What do you think, kid?

It's safer not to.

Ok, so abagail MacPherson
is pretty.

All right, she's beautiful.

But can she ride?

Funny, I was just thinkin' that.

Well, Jimmy, Cody,
you're both wrong.

She was smilin' at Lou.

At Lou?

I guess she takes a shine
to the silent type.

Well, she'll love ike then.

Rider comin'.

Look at him move.

Hey, what kept you?

What's with him?

Something's gone wrong.

It's comin'
from the garden patch.

You wouldn't shoot
an unarmed man,

would you, boy?

Damn it, ike!
You scared the hell out of us!

You ok?

Well, he got him.

Let me talk to him.

What is it?

Why won't you speak to me?

What the hell
happened out there?

Why can't you tell me?


I'll let you alone.

When you need to talk,
I'll be there.

Time to get this thing relined.

What do you think, kid?

Better ways to spend your money.

Someone in this group's
got to show some style
for the pony express.

Hey, hey, come on, kid.

It's a fine lookin' hat.

Yeah, I'd like
to keep it that way.

It'd make a hell of a target.

Hey, no, no.

What do you think, Jimmy?

Read my mind.

Kid, no, no!


Oh, no.

As soon as we load up on lumber,

I expect you boys to buy
Cody a new hat.

From now on, quit teasin' him.

You hear that?

All I wanted to do
was show some pride.

Now look.

You need to learn, Cody,
and you boys, too.

The difference between pride
and self respect.


Well, pride is
a cheap commodity.

It can leave a man
when he's been whooped
and kicked.

Pride goes on, comes off easy,
like that hat.

Self respect,

nobody can take that from you.

Go clear to the bone.

You boys remember that.

Cody, that hat does look funny.

What about this one,
is this one all right?

That's the one.

That's too scrawny, put it back.

How was I to know
it was a watermelon?

All right, you boys.
Why don't you go on off?
Be back here in a half hour.

No later. And don't go
gettin' in trouble.


Sam, you don't seem
real pleased to see us.

No, it's nothin' like that,

Did you hear
about the stage massacre?

Massacre? Where?

What happened yesterday
out at mesa verde.

They... they killed everybody.

They killed the... the driver,
the shotgun guard,

and 2 passengers.
Found one of them
some 50 yards away.

I mean, it seemed more
like an execution
than a hold-up.

Any idea who done it?

But I need proof
before I go arrestin' anyone
or shootin' my mouth off.

Ike! Hey, ike!

Come on, buck, let's go see
what's gnawing at him.

Be back in a minute.


Easy, boy, easy, easy.

What's the matter, boy?

Ain't you got nothin' to say?

He can't talk, mister.

He can hear, but he can't talk.

You can't?

You can't talk?

Y-You can't talk?

Is that right, dummy,
you really can't talk?

The only dumb thing, mister,
is you callin' that boy
a name.

If I was you, I'd get
while the getting's good.


You know him?


Who is he, teaspoon?

His name is nickerson.

Him and his gang have done some

bad crimes in this territory,

but the law can't find
a witness to put him away.

Son, are you all right?

You got somethin'
you want to tell us?

Of course,
I've seen a lot of men,

a lot of boys who couldn't talk.

Of course, they were dead.

Hands on the bar.

You, too. Now.

You talkin' to me, marshal?

That's right.


is this the man you saw
kill all those folks
on the stage?

He didn't see nothin'.

Bart nickerson,
you're under arrest.
Let's go.

You're buyin' trouble, marshal.

You get out of town.

He could have fooled me.
Looks like somebody's

Age don't matter.

Poison from an old rattlesnake
will still kill you.

What's your plan, marshal?
You gonna try him here?

No, the circuit judge
will be in blue creek
in 2 days.

I'll swing by Emma's
in the morning,
you be ready to travel.


What if nickerson's men
try to get at ike
before morning?

Well, I'll have 2 of my deputies

stay at Emma's
till we pick him up.

You may start out, marshal.

Getting there is another story.

Come on, ike,
let's get to Emma's.
We'll get you a good horse.

It's a long way to blue creek.

You got that right.

It's a long way.
You hear that, boy?

It's a damn long way.

Come on, ike.

Either of you boys care
for a hot cup of coffee?

No, thank you, ma'am.

Well, if it's not
too much trouble.

No trouble at all.

You, mister spoon?

Maybe later.

Darker than the devil's heart
out there.

I'm gonna go check
on the others.

Evening, boys.

Hear anything?


Well, set easy.

It's only about an hour
before sunrise
till Sam gets here.

Riders comin'!

Riders comin' fast.

Horses comin' fast,
one bunch from the south.

Another bunch from the east.

Emma, get down!

Get down yourself.

Get 'em! Get 'em!
Come on!

Look out!

They'll be back, reload 'em.
And do it fast.

Damn them.

Here they come.

Looks like they're goin'.

No such luck, kid.

They're headin' straight
for the house.

Let's get out of here.

We drove 'em off.

They've had enough.

Everybody ok?

What happened to ike?

Emma, you see ike?

Headin' towards the stable.

He's gonna try and make it
to blue creek by himself.

He don't want this trouble
comin' down on us.

Says it's not our problem.

The man sends
someone to kill me,
I make it my problem.

They came for me.

Then they came for us.

You crazy, hickok.

The big beckwith
is goin' to slow you down
somethin' serious, Jimmy.

You pick your
travelin' companions,
I'll pick mine.

I know, ike.

I love you, too.

Go on.

Take care, you all take care.

Don't go the straight way,
take the back trails.

Where we're goin',
there ain't no trails at all.

That's even better.

Don't worry,
we know this territory
better than anybody.

They hit us last night.

You're too late. Ike went on
with the others to blue creek.

But that wasn't the plan.

Figured they'd be back
for ike if he stayed.

One of your deputies is dead.

The other's wounded pretty bad.

Pack of seasoned killers
on their heels.

It's a long hard way
to blue creek.

A damn long hard way.

Maybe true.

But ain't nobody
knows this territory
like my riders.

They'll get through.

Let's hope you're right.

Sam, take care.

We'll feed and rest
the horses here.

Ike, stay in the middle.

What is it?

I'm not sure.

I wonder where Johnson is.

I was just thinkin' that.

He can smell money
more than a mile away.

Spread out, look around.

What are you thinkin'?

Too damn quiet.

It's fresh.
Less then an hour old.

It ain't the only thing
that stinks around here.

Cut me loose.

Something's wrong.

Maybe, a good idea
to get him out of sight.

Come on, ike,
let's get you inside.

Don't none of you all
try nothin'.

I swear I will cut him
right here.

Get back.

Since when do mountain men
work for nickerson?

Since 500 gold was
put on that one's head.

It's nothin' personal,
it's just business.

Get your hand off that gun.
Get your hand off that gun!

That's far enough, boys.

Get up there, boy.
I said, get up there!

Move and you're dead.

This one's out cold.

Nice piece of work, Lou,
take care of him.


What? What is it?

Riders, too many to count.

And that's too many to fight.

They're gonna be
on us any minute.

Somebody's gonna
have to slow 'em down.

Somebody is my middle name.

Not this time,
now get out of here.

Go on, get!

I ain't leavin' him here.

I love you, too, hickok,

but I'm better at a distance
than you, now get!

You get killed,
you're gonna have
to answer to me, Cody.

You still owe me $2.

Cody got some of 'em.

Yeah, but what about him?

We got to keep movin'.
Come on.

Nickerson says those kids
will never make it.


you don't know Emma's boys.


We're never gonna make it.

Come on. Come on.

If your witness
doesn't show up tomorrow,

I can't hold him.

You're not gonna
free that butcher?

Lord knows I don't want to.

But I only can hold him
till tomorrow afternoon.

That's when I have to leave
for grand junction.

Judge, can't you put it off?

There's one here.

If I don't show up,
they'll declare a mistrial.

Set them free.

3 to 1, Sam, I'm sorry.

Well, what if the sheriff
keeps him till you get back?

No, no. I can't hold him,
not nickerson.

I don't have the men.

I'll give you all the time
I can, Sam.

And then, I got no choice.

No way out.

Hide the horses.

Whoa, whoa!

Take cover.

Send out the boy.

He's the only one we want.
The rest of you can go.

What do you say, guys?

No sign?

Got an hour of daylight left.

They got us trapped.

Too risky.

Damn it, ike!
Why didn't you kill nickerson
when you had the chance?

I'm sorry,
we'll get out of this somehow.

You know what I'm gonna do
with my share?

I'm going to play it safe
for a change.

Buy me a spread,

raise me some cattle.

What's left over,
I'm gonna put in the bank.

Put money in a bank?

No sirree, not me,
it ain't safe.

Too many bank robbers out there.

I side with ike,
it's too dangerous.

It's suicide, kid.

We ain't leavin' you here,
not after Cody.

I'll be right behind you.
Jimmy, give me the beckwith.

You go, I'll make the climb.

You can't climb that.

Besides, you're the best shot.

So you finally admit it
I'm the best shot,
I'll be damned.

We'll all be damned
if you don't lead 'em out.

All right,
since you put it that way.

Hey, don't you get any ideas
about hanging back, kid.

Ain't no hero.


take care of yourself.

Me and my big mouth.

I'll get the horses.



You ok, ike?

Hey, where's the kid and Cody?

Hopefully bringin' up the rear.


If anything happens
to those kids, Emma will...

Don't worry.
They can handle themselves.



Nickerson, wake up!

Wake up.

Look at the man
who's gonna see you hang.

I wouldn't bet on it.

I'm not convicted yet!

Well, you will be
when he testifies.

Yeah, if he testifies.

Don't look to me like he's got
much of a stomach for it.

Will you look at that dummy,
he can't even talk.

You're a dead man, nickerson.

If the law don't get you,
I will. Do you hear me?

That's enough!
That's enough, let's go!

Sorry I don't have better
for you,

but this is the safest place
in town.

The sheriff will
keep a good eye
on you here, ike.

I'm going to take
the rest of the boys
out for a hot meal on me.

I'll bring you back some grub.


Can I help you with these?

Thank you.

I'm just going down
towards the livery stable.

Well, that's fine.

But if you don't make it,
we'll understand.

You're amazin'.

So, I've been told.

That's not what I mean.

Kid and Cody are missin'.

Maybe dead.
Ike's got a price on his head,

who knows what will happen
before the trial,

and you're acting
like everything's great.
What's the matter with you?

The way I choose
to handle my problems
is my business!

And lest you forget,
they're my friends, too.

Sorry, Jimmy.

You're right.


You all right, Lou?

Been ridin' hard,
I just got some dust
in my eyes.

Go ahead, I'll catch up.



That pretty lady
got herself killed
'cause of you.

More people are goin' to die,

if you testify.

You think on that, boy.

A lot of people are gonna die.

If they're not
back by mornin',
I'll send out a posse.

They can
take care of themselves.
They're probably just hidin'.

What if they're not?

What if nickerson's men got 'em?

What if they're lyin'
somewhere hurt,
what if they...

What if, what if.

Why don't you start thinking
everything's gonna be ok
instead of thinking the worst?

What if you start
doing that for a change, huh?

Hickok's right.

And maybe we're worryin'
ourselves over nothin'.

Ain't no maybe about it.

See, I knew they'd show up.

Hope you ain't finished
all the food, I'm starvin'.

Oh, you still owe me $2, Cody.

Damn, this calls
for a celebration.

Waiter! Pitcher of beer
for the table.


Even Emma would approve.
Nickerson's in jail,
ike's gonna testify

and everybody
made it in one piece.

Pitcher of beer
sounds just right.

Speakin' of everybody,
where's ike?

In jail.


That's the safest place
we could find.

And buck?

He bumped into a pretty lady
on the way over here.

He helped to carry
a few packages
down the street.

And that was over an hour ago.

Sounds like it's been
a lucky night all around.

Here you go.

Oh, marshal,
a gentleman asked me
to give this to you.

Well, thank you.

Hope it ain't the bill.

They got buck.

The Indian dies."

I should've known
they'd try to get to ike

through you others.

We'd better tell him.

You sure?

Nickerson gets off,

ain't no guarantee
he won't kill buck
just for spite.

That's ike's call.

Buck's his best friend.

He's got to know.


no one's gonna blame you
for not wanting
to risk buck's life.

Listen to him, boy.
He's talkin' sense.

You got to know, it's not likely

a scum like him
will let him go
even if you don't testify.


a deal is a deal.

Another word out of you
and I give this boy here

the keys to your cell
and take a long break.

Well, ike,

what's it gonna be?

He says,

that he wants to do
what's right.

I'm not joking, boy.

He wants to see nickerson hang.

He is gonna die!


are you sure?

Yeah, that's right, boy.

Think about it.

It ain't too late.

He says, he saw

his mother,

his parents


Couldn't stop it.

Didn't speak.

Your friend dies!

Your friend dies not tomorrow,
not tonight,

but the minute
you get on that stand!

The minute you get on the stand!

We'll find buck.
Ike, I promise you.


take heed.

You have till noon.

They'll get him, ike.

First, it was your ma.

Then, it was your pa.

Now, it's your best friend.

And they call me killer.

Where the hell do we start?

Oh, they could be
keeping him anywhere.

Miles from here.

A little bird told you, huh?

Jailbird's more like it.
Nickerson himself.

Well, I didn't hear him
say nothin'.

He said that buck's gonna
get killed the minute
ike takes the stand.

So they're holdin' buck
somewhere near the courthouse.

Where they can get
a signal to someone.

Start searchin' every
building within eyesight
of the courthouse.

Cody, you and Lou
take the east side
of the town,

me and Jimmy will search west.
Let's go.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I work better without a gun.

No. No sign of him anywhere.

We're just about out of time.

I'm gonna go to the courthouse
and see what's goin' on.

The court will now
come to order.

Judge Harold smithe presiding.

The court calls
ike mcswain to the stand.

The court calls
ike mcswain to the stand.

Mama? Mama?

Mr. Mcswain,
would you please
take the stand.

First, it was your ma.

Then, it was your pa.

Now, it's your best friend.

Mr. Mcswain,

would you please take the stand.

Raise your right hand,
put your left hand
on the Bible.

You swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth

and nothing but the truth,
so help you god?


Order in the courtroom.
Order, order!

Order in this courtroom,
please. Order!

Take it easy, Sonny.

Order in the court.

Let me out!

Cody! The water tower!

Too bad,
your buddy took the stand.

Order in the court.

We will have order
in this courtroom.

Shall I repeat the question,
Mr. Mcswain?

Once again, Mr. Mcswain.

Can you point out the man
who murdered the passengers,

the driver,
and the shotgun guard

of the Sweetwater
yellow knife stagecoach?

Is he here, Mr. Mcswain?

Order in the court room.
Order, we'll have order here.

Tell him, ike.

I demand order
in this courtroom.

There will be order here.

For the last time,
I'll repeat the question,
Mr. Mcswain.

Will you identify the man?