The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 21 - Man Behind the Badge - full transcript

A corrupt businessman from Sam's violent past, Van Dorn, arrives in Sweetwater as the saloon's new owner. Van Dorn's henchmen are appointed as the town's new racketeering law enforcers, ousting Sam Cain as marshal. When Sam is accused of murder, Teaspoon, the Riders, a reluctant witness, and an alcoholic lawyer come to his aid.

I don't know, Mrs. Cain,

I thought your husband
would take care
of his own, first.

Don't you touch that!

Let's go.

Let's go.



She was dead.

There's nothin' I could do.

We'd only been married
3 months when
the range war broke out.

Why didn't you
ever tell me, Sam?

'Cause of what it
turned me into.

Thanks for the card game, boys.

And I hope you have
better luck next time.




You killed him.

You killed him.

You killed him.


You didn't know.

I tried tellin' myself that.

But I was just like 'em, Emma.

No, you weren't.

Those farmers didn't have
anyone to stand up for them
except you.

Every $10 a week.

I didn't stand a chance
against those cattle ranchers.

Neither did Jenny.

When did it end?

It didn't.

There was one man left.

I had a pretty good idea
who he was.

But, by that time
i... i lost the stomach for it.

I don't know.

These fires we've been havin'
this last week
remind me of those days.

I... i better be goin'.

You have to?

Good night, Emma.

You're a good man, Sam.

Don't you forget that.

Oh, madame, please.

Have you no consideration?

And what, pray tell,
might that be?

But if you don't want it...

No objection, your honor.

I was merely establishing
the admissibility
of the evidence.


As you wish, your honor.

How's your steak?


Well, if any place else
will deliver your supper
at this hour,

I'd be happy
to let 'em have the business.

Good night, marshal.

I believe that steak
was defined as
the flesh of the animal.

But, unless I'm mistaken,
we have been served the hide.


Oh, evenin', marshal.


Any trouble?


Did you put will and Ryan
at both ends of town
like I told you?


Since when do you smoke?

I don't.

Then, what the hell
are you doin'?


Considerin' what?


Missed him.

Grab a bucket,
use the one
outta that trough.

Come on, let's go, go!
Move it!

They're wipin' us out!

All right, now,
everybody listen!

I know you're upset.
And I don't blame you.

Just as soon as I find out
who's behind this, and I will.


I'll put 'em a way for good.
Now, that's a promise.

Now, in the meantime,
probably be a good idea

for you to keep an eye
on your property at night.

Now, just don't go shootin'
the first thing that moves.

Now, go on about your business.

All right. All right.

You take care.

How you holdin' up, Sam?

The truth?

Well, I'm worried, teaspoon.

Heard about the fire
in tompkins' store
last night.

That ain't all.

Before the night was through,

barber shop was ransacked,
the tailor got beat up.


I've already deputized
3 more men
and I still can't stop 'em.

Hey, barnett,
somethin' goin' on
at the wild horse?

New owner's buyin'.

Since when was Tom sellin'?

Well, if it isn't Sam Cain.

Well, you look like you
seen a ghost, marshal.

Van dorn,

you're behind all the trouble
we've been havin', aren't you?

I don't know what
you're talkin' about, Cain?

Did you buy this place?

It's not much, now.

But, by the time
I get finished with it,

it will be the busiest saloon
in the territory.

Who is this fella, Sam?

Nobody you'd want to know.

A long time ago,

we were employed by men
on the opposite sides
of a land dispute.

Of course,
he wasn't wearin' a badge
at the time.

I'll see you in jail,
either that or I'll...

Or what?

I'm a respectable
business man now, Cain.

And I do not appreciate
being threatened.

You still think
I was responsible
for your wife's death

or leave.

Van dorn.

Enjoy your lunch.

Oh, and, marshal,

you won't be able to hide
behind that badge any longer.

As per the territorial
governor's instructions,

a few minutes ago
Thomas r. Craven

was sworn in as Sweetwater's
new U.S. marshal.

Mr. Craven in turn,

then named burch mcguane
as his deputy.

Both appointments
are effective immediately.

You can see for yourself,
if you like.

Well, then,

I don't know that
we have anything more
to discuss, Mr. Cain.

Except that
you are no longer welcome
in this saloon.

Doin' some house cleanin'?

Is it safe to come in?

Tryin' to make some sense
out of this, Emma.

For the life of me, I can't.

Some things it's hard
to make sense out of.
You know that.

Governor hired me
to bring law and order
to this town,

for 3 years I put my life
on the line doin' it.

This is what it comes to?

What you gonna do?

I don't know.

I know what I wanna do.

I gave up in believin'
in knights in shiny armor
a long time ago.

You can't let this
turn you back
to what you used to be.

You don't understand, Emma.

Men like Van dorn
are like a disease.

You just can't wish 'em away.

You know, it's almost funny.

When you try to
put a part of your life
behind you,

to believe in somethin',

and then somethin'
like this happens.

And it just turns it all
upside down.

Why don't you come out
and stay with me and the boys
for a while?

Well, just till you figure out
what you're gonna do next.

So you can keep an eye on me?

At least come out for supper?

You could use a good meal.



And, um, Sam.


Be sure and leave this place
neat and tidy on your way out.

Well, that about does it,
Mr. Tompkins.

Uh, boys, uh,

I know we ain't always seen
eye to eye on things,

but I just want you to that

I really appreciate
what you've done here today.

Well, Mr. Tompkins,
don't take it so personal.

After all, you got
the only general store
in town.

Thanks again.



Well, howdy, fellas.

Well, look, I'm sorry,
but the store's closed.

We heard about
your little trouble
last night.

Thought maybe you could
use a little protection,

so as things like that
wouldn't happen anymore.

What the hell
are you talkin' about?

Well, it's like this.

For $10 a week, uh,
my deputies and I'll

guarantee you won't have
anymore trouble
like last night.

And, uh, and if I refuse?

I wouldn't.

Let me have a look at it.
On the second hand...

Yeah, that's good and solid.

Just a minute, ma'am.
You forgot somethin'.

Here you are.

Excuse me.

Oh, Sam?
Sam, you gotta do something.

They want money
for a citizens'
protection committee.

Who does?
What are you talkin' about?


Well, sorry, Mr. Neely.

Where you goin',
Mr. Rollieri?

We come to america
to get away
from this kind of thing.

But, now,

we got the family
in San Francisco. We go there.

Goodbye, Sammy.
You're a good man.

Well, you take care
of yourself,
Mr. Rollieri, ma'am.

Bad day, marshal?

You could say that.


Care to join me?

Care for a little touch?

Yeah, that's about
the best offer
I've had all day.

Don't worry, Emma,

Sam ain't missed
a free meal yet.

You really think a petition
can get Sam
back into office, Emma?

Well, Mr. Spoon
didn't think so.

That's why he road off
to the territorial
governor's this mornin'.

Uh, ahem, sorry I'm late.

You're drunk.

Don't worry, I'm ok.

Yeah, come on in.
I'll get you some supper.


Aren't you forgettin' somethin?


Your hat and gun belt.

Oh, yeah.

This business with Van dorn's
eatin' you up pretty good,
isn't it, Sam?

It don't sit right,
I tell you that.

Boys, would you give us
a minute alone, please.

And I'll tell you
one thing, Sam Cain,

falling into a bottle
isn't gonna make things
any easier.

I've known good men
who have spent
their entire lives

tryin' to climb back out.

I thought I had
somethin' here, Emma.

I thought
I counted for somethin'.

And you do, Sam.

Yeah. Yeah, right.

You know, I bled for this town.

Figured I was important
'cause they let me
wear a badge.

Yeah, what good is that
when a man like Van dorn

can just come along and buy it?

I know how hard
this must be for you.

But you have got to stop
feelin' sorry for yourself.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna be all right.

Well, that's good.

'Cause I need you, Sam.

We all do.

So you'll be stayin'?

I got... I got
to run into town
get a few things.

Don't worry, I ain't...
I ain't lookin' for trouble.

I believe it's called
a full house.

See if that's the food.

No. It's Cain.

He's makin' our job easier.

Mcguane, get behind the safe.

When craven gives the signal,
kill him.

Yes, sir,
Mr. Van dorn.

Van dorn, craven,
just came for my things.

I didn't appreciate the way
you left the office, Cain.

Yeah, well,
I'm sorry about that.
I was in kind of a hurry.

Find what you're lookin' for
over there.

It's funny how fate
brings people together, Cain.

A few years back
you spent all that time
lookin' for me.

And, now, here we both are.

Tryin' to tell me somethin',
Van dorn?

Nothin' you don't know already,

you see, Cain,
I wasn't responsible for
what happened to your wife.

You were.

Come again?

If you hadn't been such a fool

tryin' to protect
those pathetic farmers,

you might have been home
that night.

I should kill you right now.

What's stoppin' you?

Someone back there?

Quiet, please.

The marshal's got
an announcement to make.

Mr. Craven?

You all probably know by now
a couple of hours ago,

Sam Cain murdered my deputy
in cold blood.

He tried killin' me.

No, no!

Sam Cain's a good man.

I winged him before he run off.

I'm gonna be needin'
a few good men to ride with me
to flush him out.

I don't think this is right.

Sam's our friend!

You men gonna stand by
and let a killer run free?

Sam Cain ain't no killer.

I saw with my own eyes.

Deputy mcguane
didn't have a chance.

I'll pay $10
to every man
that rides along.

And $20 to the man
that captures him.

Dead or alive.

We'll meet at dawn.
In front of the jailhouse.

Be ready to ride.

Hey, now you're talkin'.
$10. Sounds fair to me.

Me, too.

buy the house a round.


My god, how bad's he hurt?

Uh, it's hard to say.

But from the way
craven was talkin',
it's a...

It's a fair guess
he just winged him.

Well, it couldn't have been
that bad if Sam got away.

Craven say where he went?

Uh, no.

I don't recall. I, uh...

Come on, Benjamin, think.
Sam needs help.

That's all I remember.

It's not like Sam
to run from trouble.

What time's
this posse headin' out?

They'll kill him for sure.

Now, don't be so sure
about that, Emma.

Think Sam mighta hold up
at painted Ridge?

He goes huntin' there
all the time.

Knows every nook
and cranny for miles.

Ah, hell,
they'll never find him.

Don't mean we can't.

Son, you don't seem
to understand.

There's orders
and then there's orders.

Some you follow, some you don't,

accordin' to the circumstances.

But I can tell
by the expression on your face

you don't know
what I'm talkin' about.
So, forget the orders.

Just tell 'em
teaspoon hunter's
waitin' on him!

Governor phelan
said no interruptions.

Hell, he wouldn't
even be governor

if I hadn't saved his hide
at bloody fork.
You go tell him that!

Leave or I'll have you arrested.

Careful now, son.

You don't even want
to think about that.

You old horse thief.

I thought that was you
bellowin' down here.

Well, it's been
a long time, ain't it?

15 years if it's been a day.

Well, I expect you're right.

Last time I saw you,

you were beatin'
a hasty retreat
from a house of ill repute.

What can I do for you, teaspoon?

Well, we got trouble
in Sweetwater.

It all started
when you fired Sam Cain.


Sam Cain, the marshal.

He was doin' a real good job.
Now he's gone.

Fella by the name
of Van dorn's
tryin' to take over the town.

Oh, yeah.
Now, I remember.

Van dorn approached me
with a number of things,

and replacin' the marshal
might have been one of 'em.

Well, it was a mistake, corliss.

Folks are real upset.
You got to give
Sam his job back.

It ain't that easy, teaspoon.

Van dorn represents
some powerful interest
in this territory.

He's a thievin' snake, corliss.

You gotta reappoint Sam Cain.

Sorry, teaspoon.

I've got more trouble
than a suck-egg dog
with a mange.

I've got a buncha muckamucks
come all the way
from Washington here

for the signing of
an important peace treaty.

A treaty we're gonna need
if this territory ever is
to be admitted as a state.

At least we were on
the verge of signing

when chief standing bear
just stopped and walks out.

Back to his tepee.

Did, uh, you say
the chief's name
was standin' bear?

You don't know him, do you?

Well, I expect I do.

Come on, boys,
I'll introduce you'll.

Hold on now, teaspoon.

Last time I saw
that look in your eyes,

we were pickin' out
buckshot for a week.

Relax, corliss,
standin' bear and I
go way back.

Almost as far as you and me.

Teaspoon, I'm warning you.

Emma figured you'd be hungry.

I appreciate it.
You boys took a chance
of comin' here.

What are you gonna do?

Give this leg a day to heal.

Then I'm goin' after Van dorn.

Sam, you ought to wait.

Teaspoon's gone
to see the governor.
He's gonna get your job back.

It's too late for that.

Governor ain't
gonna appoint a man
wanted for murder.

I should have settled
this score years ago.

So, you go after him, then what?

Playin' right into his hand.

You oughta give the law
a chance to work, Sam.

Ain't that what
you're always tellin' me?

Hell, Van dorn owns the law.

He bought and paid for it.

It don't apply to him.
Never has.

At least wait
till teaspoon gets back.

You can always
face Van dorn later.

I waited too long already.

If I hadn't, none of this
would have happened.

Tell Emma, I need to see her.

No, sir.

If you'd a handled things
properly last night,

Cain'd be dead by now.

You want me to get
some more men
and go back out?

No need.

There may be an easier way.

They tell us there is land
enough for all,

but more whites come every day.

They tell us
there are buffalo enough.

But their hunters
slaughter them for hides

and leave the flesh
to rot in the sun.

They tell us their ways
will not harm us.

Their whiskey kills my people.

Do they not see
these things, my friend?

How can we trust
the word of blind men?

Standing bear,

these men all have fancy titles,

but they're just men
like you and me,

and they can't stop
what's happenin' in this land.

No one can.

All I know is that
there's more their people
than yours,

and if you ain't
talkin' to 'em now,

more than likely,
you'll be fightin'
with them later.

We should have turned
them back the first time
they crossed this land.

That's true.

But them days we knew
is gone, standin' bear.

Talk to these men
like you talk to me
and maybe, god willin',

your children will live in
some kind of peace.

Tell your friend we will talk.



They've agreed to talk.
What choice they got?

I owe you one, teaspoon.

Why don't you
listen to 'em, corliss.
And deal fair.

You gentlemen have
a chance here
to make a treaty

that might work for both sides.

We'll do the best we can.
And that's a promise.

I hope so.

Oh, teaspoon,
don't worry about
your friend, Cain.

I'm writing a letter
reappointing him as marshal.



I was so worried.

You all right?

I'm... I'm better now.

Your leg.

It's just a flesh wound.

I'm so glad you came.

Don't move, Cain.

Afternoon, marshal.

Not you, Cain.

I was talking
to the real marshal.

Yes, sir.

You're lookin' mighty dangerous.

Well, it's a good thing
we're havin' a speedy trial.

That's right.

A nice, legal trial

followed by a nice,
legal hangin'.

I'm gonna enjoy that.

Marshal craven.



What'd he say?

Mr. Ehrlich
can't defend Sam.

Why not?

'Cause he's already been
hired to prosecute him.

What now?

I'm gonna have
to find Ben Taylor.

What's he know about the law?

Benjamin Taylor
was a fine lawyer,
one time.

That's what Sam needs.

So you two go find him
and I'm gonna talk to Sam.

Mr. Taylor?

Oh, oh, well, this is
a fortuitous encounter.

I was just reviewing
the legal options available
to our friend, marshal Cain.

What kind of options?

Various, uh, alternatives
ranging from
the bold to the indigestible.

Self defense, petitioning
for a change of venue.

Discrediting Van dorn,
burning down the courthouse.

I, uh,

I've written them all down
for Sam's lawyer to consider.

I hope they will be of value.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor.

Uh, actually, that's
kind of what we come here
to talk to you about. Um...

We'd like you to defend Sam.


Don't be ridiculous.
That's impossible.

He needs a good lawyer.

You've come to the wrong man.

It's been years
since I stood before the bar.

Except for
establishments such as this.

That don't matter.
This means you can do it.

Now, you don't understand.

Law is a demanding mistress.

It requires constant attention.

I've lost my skill.

Maybe if you had
a little more faith
in yourself

than in this bottle,
things would be different.

It's been years
since anyone's expressed
that sentiment to me.

I can't make any promises.

As you know, it's his word
against those other 2.

Men whom the citizenry
are loathe to contradict.

However, given the timing
of the altercation,

there may have been
a witness who has not yet
come forward.

I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

Oh. Come, come,
come, my dear.

You are as regular
as a Swiss clock.

You always deliver
the supper
to the jail at 10 P.M.

That's where
the shooting occurred.

Look, I told you before
I didn't see any shooting.

Did you hear anything then?

Leave me alone!

Look, I got clothes to wash,
I got kids to feed.

Don't you know Van dorn
will fire me

if he catches me talkin' to you?

Leave me be.


Well, it appears
we'll have to make the best
with what we have.

We'll have order
in this court, please.
Order here.

Mr. Van dorn,

please tell the court
what happened
on the night of march 6th.

Well, there's not a lot to tell.

It was about 10 o'clock.

I was in Mr. Craven's office

playing cards with
the marshal and his deputy.

Suddenly, Cain came busting in
threatening us.

We could see he was drunk.


Besides being
incredibly unbelievable,
it begs a conclusion.


Previous witnesses
have already attested
to the defendant's state.

Please continue, Mr. Van dorn.

You all right?

Well, with his havin'
been fired that day,
he was pretty upset.

Objection. Speculation on
the part of the witness.


Mr. Van dorn, please stick
to the facts at hand.

We tried reasonin' with him,
but he drew his gun.

Deputy mcguane asked him
to put it away.
So we could talk.

And shot him in cold blood.

Oh, come on!

Quiet in the courtroom, please.

Would everyone
settle down, please.

Order! Order here!

We'll have quiet
in this courtroom!

No, sir.

No further questions.

Your witness.

You need a rest?

What I need is a drink.

But I'd settle for a witness.

I'm afraid, Sam,
my only recourse

is to appeal
to the jury's sympathy.

Mr. Van dorn,

did you know Sam Cain
before he came to Sweetwater?

Doris, I got to talk to you.

I got nothin' to say to you.

You know what happened.
You can't let them do this.

I can't help you.


You're the only hope
Sam has left.

Oh, stop it!
Leave me a alone!

Just listen to me.
Just, please, listen!

We've both had
our share of pain.

I know you lost your husband.

So, you know
what I'm talkin' about.

I never thought
I'd love another man
till I met Sam Cain.

And I don't want
to lose him now.

You like Sam.
You know he's a good man.

You think about
what he's done
for this town.

You can't just
let them murder him.

Gentlemen of the jury, friends.

You've been summoned here today

and charged
with the solemn obligation

of deciding the truth,
it is a heavy burden.

For in your hands rests the fate

of my client and my friend,
Sam Cain.

But most important of all,
in your hands
rests the fate of justice.

Either, Sam Cain
is a cold-blooded killer,

or he was simply acting
in self defense.

Who do you believe?
How do you decide?

Consider what you know
about Sam Cain.

That's where you'll find
the real truth.

Is he a kind man?

An honest man? A fair man?

Joe, remember when
your little boy got hurt?

Who was it road all the way
to blue creek
and fetched a doctor?

And what about
those mountain lions

who were killing your cattle?

Who was it tracked him down
and shot 'em?

And, George,
remember when Timmy slid down
that dry well?

It was Sam.

I could ask each
and every one of you
the same question.

All of you know
the truth about Sam.

There is not a man
in this room
he has not helped.

When Sam Cain put on that badge.

He made Sweetwater
a better place to live.

Sam Cain has done right by us.

I think it's damn time
that we did right by Sam Cain.

Sure, sure.

Your honor,

I would like to call
to the stand
one more witness.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, judge.

Sam Cain, will you please rise.

We found the defendant,
Sam Cain,

not guilty.

This court is adjourned!

Well, this town
never looked so good.

Benjamin, I don't know
how to thank you.

Well, normally I'd say
you could buy me a drink,

but, uh, even if I stuck
to sarsaparilla,

I doubt
we'd be the saloon's
most favorite patrons.

I sent ike and buck
back to the house
case you was there.

What's all this, uh,
happy smiles about?

The jury found Sam not guilty.

What jury?

It's a long story,
Mr. Spoon.

Well, I don't know nothin'
about no jury,

and I'm too tired
and hungry to smile,

but I got a...
I got a letter for you
here somewhere.

Sam, this is from the governor.

Not again?

Yeah. I think
you're gonna like it.

To reinstate you.
See you later.

I'll be catchin' up
on a week's sleep.

Excuse me, Mr. Van dorn.

Are we just gonna wait here?

Don't worry.

He'll get here soon enough.

Cain just got reappointed.

You hear that?

Cain just got reappointed.

Wilkes, over at the bar.

Richards, right here.

Jurgens, you, too,
upstairs on the lookout.

Watch the front.

Mr. Craven,
you'll follow me.

Van dorn?

What is it, Cain?

You and your men
are under arrest

for arson, assault,
and the destruction
of private property.

You comin' out?

Or do I have to come in
after you?

What do you think?

Let's check up stairs.

Watch out, Sam.

He's got a rifle
under the table.

Your play, Van dorn.


I think you
might be needin' this.