The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 19 - Bull Dog - full transcript

When the Pony Express ownership wants to move the mail route north through Sioux burial lands, they send a college boy - Ambrose - to secure the arrangement. Ambrose has a serious case of hero worship for Hickok and, despite his naiveté, he refuses to be a pawn to anyone's manipulative plans.

Whoa, whoa!

Whoa! Whoa!

St. Joe, folks.

St. Joseph, Missouri.

Thank you.

Main street.

Howdy, partner.

"Russell, majors & Waddell.

"Home of the pony express."

Snow's melted!
Sierra pass is open!

So, you're Ambrose's son.

College man, huh?

Yes, sir.

I'm a business major.

But my true love is
hero's and legends
of the American frontier.


So tell me,
how's that brother of mine?


His book on Wadsworth's
gonna be published
next spring.

Still got his head
in the clouds.

Says here you're
lookin' for work.

I know it's asking a lot.
But I want to ride
for the pony express.

I'd be willing to do
whatever it takes.

Well, since you're family
I suppose you can be trusted.

See blodgett, down the hall.

Thank you, uncle Arthur.

I won't let you down.

That was 3 weeks ago.

Things don't always work out
the way you want.

But when I saw your name
on the payroll,

I couldn't believe it.

Me, working for the same company

as Wild Bill Hickok.

"There aren't many
real heroes left

"in this shrinking
world of ours.

"But I want you to know,

"I count you among them.

"Until next time,
your loyal friend,

"Ambrose merryweather Jr."

Oh, I am truly touched.

Now go to sleep.

Got yourself an admirer, Jimmy.



Can I have your autograph?

Boys, we got us a problem.

I just got a letter from
Mr. Arthur t. Merryweather

of Russell, majors & Waddell
in St. Joe.

The company wants to move
our route to the mountains
50 miles north.

They can't do that.

Why? What's wrong?

Yeah, it'll do that all right.

You want to tell us
what the real problem is,

If they make the change,
we'll be crossing

right through the middle
of a sioux burial ground.

They don't take
too kindly to that,
do they, buck?

They'll never let us pass.

Not without a fight.

What are we gonna do, teaspoon?

I'm gonna call
a territorial riders
and supervisors meeting

on Tuesday and maybe
we can talk some sense
into this damn company.

On Tuesday and maybe
we can talk some sense
into this damn company.

These are worthless.

The sioux have full rights
under the law.

I'm surprised
you didn't know that.

Oh, but I do.

When union pacific
links both coasts by rail,

they'll have to cross
those mountains somewhere.

But only an act of congress
can invalidate the Indian's
claim to that land.

A-And what about your riders?

Don't you think they'll object?

Oh, they already have,
which is why I procured

a Mark from a sioux chief
named yellow fox,

guaranteeing safe passage.

A guarantee
he won't be able to keep

since he recently met with
a rather unfortunate accident.

Are Russell, majors
& Waddell aware of
these activities of yours?

Don't worry.

After the first
rider's attacked,

the army will be called in
to pacify the situation.

It'll be over
before anyone knows
what really happened.

Then we'll assume
full rights to the land,

and you'll use
your influence
in Washington

to sway the railroad deal.


Excuse me, sir.
I'm s-sorry to interrupt.

Pardon me, but, uh,

your representatives
to the riders and supervisors
meeting in Sweetwater

has taken ill.

If it's all right, sir,
I was wondering
if I could take his place.


Do you know what
this is about, Ambrose?

Yes, sir.

You proposed a route change
and the riders are balking.

You need to send someone there
to investigate their concerns.

Our riders aren't
college men, Ambrose.

They can be unreasonable,
even hostile.

Are you sure you're up to that?


All right, you've got the job.

But remember,
you'll be representing

the management
of this company,
is that clear?

Yes, sir.

I'll fill you in
on the particulars later.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Actually Ambrose is
the perfect choice.

He's as loyal as he is naive.

And if anything goes wrong,

he'll take the fall.


I'd like call
this meeting to order.

Gentlemen, uh,
perhaps you didn't hear me.

I'd like to call
this meeting to order.

This meetin' is called to order.

All of you know by now that
as of a week from Friday,

the company is proposin'
to move our route

through the mountains,
50 miles north.


Smack in the middle of
the sioux's most sacred land.

Now realizin' this might
give us cause for concern,

the company's general manager,
Mr. Arthur t. Merryweather,

has sent his,

uh, nephew to meet
with us today.

So, won't you give
a warm welcome to Mr., uh,


Ambrose merryweather Jr.


Did he just say
who I thought he said?

Ain't that the same fella
who's been sending hickok
all them letters?

That's the one.

What did they send him for?

I've got some good news.

I have here an agreement

signed by chief yellow fox

guaranteeing safe passage
through table rock.

So where's yellow fox now?

Excuse me?

I was on relay
headed toward Harper Ridge,

run into a band of sioux.

I figured I was
a dead man for sure,

but it turned out
they were looking
for yellow fox.

And they said
they found his horse
a few miles off.

But there weren't
no sign of him.

That's because merryweather
probably had him killed!

Now, boys. Boys,
we don't know for sure
that anything's happened yet.

Let's deliver merryweather
a message of our own!


Gentlemen, gentlemen.
I can assure you.

Our company would
never do anything
to jeopardize your safety.

If I was him,
it wouldn't be us I'd be
worried about right now.

Simmer down there, now!

Boys, get up here!

Lou, get the horses.

Boys, you'd better get up here.

I don't understand.
Why are they so upset?

Can we discuss this?

Gentlemen, gentlemen.
Can we please discuss this
like civilized men?


Give me a hand!

Hickok, give me a hand.

Wild Bill Hickok?

I can't believe this.

Boys! This way out.

Come on, son.
Get out of the way.

Get out of trouble.

Come on, Ambrose.

Clearly, I made
a strong impression.

Miss Shannon,

this is the most
delicious meal I've had
since I left Yale.

Well, thank you.

I... i just want you all
to know how grateful I am

for what you've done
for me today,

and as far as
the route change
business goes,

I fully support
Mr. Hunter's intention
to get to the truth.

I'm real happy to hear that.

Relax, Jimmy.

It ain't Ambrose's fault.
His, uh, uncle's a snake.

I'll let you all in
on a little secret.

I like my uncle
about as much as you do.

Well, if you'll excuse me,

it's, it's been
a long day and...

Miss Shannon,

thank you for the meal.
It was delicious.

Well, certainly.

It was a pleasure
meeting all of you.

Um, Mr. Hickok.

Do you prefer to be addressed
as Mr. Hickok, Jimmy,
James or wild bill?

Jimmy is all right, I guess.


I, uh...

I... i want you to know

I've read just about
everything ever written
about you.

And I'm truly honored
to make your acquaintance.


I'm sorry.

Well, good night y'all.

Uh, buck!

Buck, listen, uh,

I've been thinkin' a lot
about what that man said

at the meeting about yellow fox.

Yeah, what about him?

Well, I want you
to take me out to table rock.

I, I need to know
if the Indians intend
to honor his agreement.

Can you ride?


What do I do now?


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jimmy, you know,
I was wonderin',

did you really kill
those gunfighters,
longly and caulder?

Ambrose, if those books
you read said I did,

then I guess I did.


Why don't you go
make yourself useful?

I'm sorry.


I wasn't faultin' you for it.

Well, I'm real relieved
to hear that.

Well, later on I'll be ridin'
with buck over to table rock.

That's nice, Ambrose.

Well, i-I'll see you later, Jim.


The west is everything
I dreamed it would be.


he doesn't like
being called wild bill,

and I are becoming fast friends.

And he's teaching me
how to shoot.

Jimmy says that before long

there won't be
a gunfighter in the territory
who can stand up to me.

But in all honesty,

I know I'll never be
a match for him.

No one's that good.

Where is everyone?

Don't worry, we're not alone.


My name is Ambrose merryweather.

And, uh, I represent
the firm of
Russell, majors & Waddell.


They don't speak English?

Do you speak lakota?




Tell them I have
an agreement here signed
by their chief yellow fox.

And I need to know
if they intend to honor it.

What did he say?

Yellow fox disappeared
on his way home
from a peace meeting.

His brother believes
he was deceived and killed.

But they don't know for sure?

Well, ask him if they'll
let our riders pass.

Till they know for sure
what happened to yellow fox,

they've chosen
not to avenge him.

But if their burial ground
is desecrated,
they'll have no choice.

Their vengeance
will know no bounds.

But, but what about his Mark
on this agreement?

Ambrose, they're not
gonna let us pass.

Not today, not tomorrow,
not ever.

Now you wanna try,
you go right ahead.

I'm going back.


Come on.

Come on, Jimmy!


Lookin' good, Jimmy!

Come on, Jimmy!

Good ridin'.

Can I try?

Ambrose, you just
learned how to ride.
You're not ready for this.

Come on, fellas,
just... just let me try once.

You'll hurt yourself, Ambrose.

Ain't no way you're gonna
ride powder keg, Ambrose.

Jimmy, please?





He's in trouble, Jimmy.


Yeah! Whoa!

You'll be all right, kid.

You crazy?
You can't go in there alone.

He's a real bulldog, ain't he?

Uh, Jimmy.

I've got a letter
from Mr. Majors in St. Joe,

signed by every supervisor
in the territory,

taking exception
to the route change.

I've asked Ambrose
to deliver it.

Oh, uh, I'd like you
to go with him.

Just make sure
he gets there in one piece.

Oh, teaspoon, I don't want to...

Now, don't thank me, son.

I know how much it means to you.

Gosh, it's beautiful.

How do we get down?

I don't know.

Somebody must have moved
the trail markers.

Is that where we're going?


But I think we're gonna
have to go back that way.

Come on.

You ok?

Is he gonna be all right?

We'll see.

Yeah, it looks like
just a stone bruise.

This is a valuable horse,

You could have
hurt him real bad.

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

Maybe Jimmy's right.

Maybe I don't belong out here.


what are you gonna tell
majors and your uncle
when we get to St. Joe?

The truth.


What's that?

That the Indian's don't want
their burial grounds violated.

And that the riders
are being unreasonable.

How would you feel
if you were being set up
to get killed?

Jimmy, the pony express
is in the business
of delivering mail.

What's that got to do
with anything?

Cutting just half a day
off the delivery route
to Sacramento

can make a tremendous
difference in keeping
this company solvent.


What does that mean?


Yeah, well, if it's all
the same to you,

I wouldn't mind stayin'
"solvent" myself.

Your kinds all the same,
you know that?

And what kind is that?

Eatin' off a silver spoon
your whole life.

Never havin' to work.

Always hidin' behind books.

Living through
other people's lives

instead of just goin' out
and doing things yourself.

Is that what you
really think about me?

It's true, ain't it?

You don't know me at all.

Don't worry, I ain't gonna
leave you here.

There's a fork up ahead.

I wanna see which way would be
easier for your horse.

Oh, and Ambrose,

whatever you do,
don't go anywhere.

I'll be back in a few minutes.

On my way to summon
help for Jimmy,

I found myself recalling
professor whitcomb's
philosophy lectures,

in which he asserted
that analytic detachment
is essential

if one truly wishes
to comprehend
the meaning of life.

Of course, professor whitcomb
never rode powder keg.

Howdy, partners.

You sure you ain't got
no friends around?

Maybe if we started cuttin'
some pieces off of him,

it'd help him remember.

You really wanna do that?

Drop it and untie him.

Luckily, I found Jimmy
just in time.

Ambrose, can't you
stay out of trouble?

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

Let's get a move on.

We might be able to make it
to St. Joe by tomorrow.

Oh, and Ambrose,
no more "I'm sorrys," ok?

I'm s...


Yup, he was darn lucky
I found him when I did.

So, you're Wild Bill Hickok.

You have quite
a reputation, young man.

Thank you, sir, but I'd like...

Mr. Majors, your meeting
with Mr. Russell...

Tell him 5 minutes.

And make sure my bags
are packed and ready
for the St. Louis stage.

Mr. Majors.

The livestock voucher.

Thank you.

Excuse me, sir,
about that route change...

The mercantile deal,
what happened?

Fell through.

I wanted that one!
What were you sayin', hickok?

Oh, the... the route change.

Tell hunter i' ll take
his concern under advisement.

Uh, excuse me, now.

Excuse me.
I don't mean to be pushy,

but didn't Ambrose say
what would happen
if you go ahead with this?

Young man, I already told you.

I'll take your concern
under advisement.

Now good day.

I tried, Jimmy.

I told you I should have
gone in there.

Thanks for nothin', Ambrose.


I assume you're here to stay.

Uh, no sir.
I, I haven't finished
my investigation yet.

Seems to me
you know everything
you need to all ready.

I still need to know
the truth, uncle Arthur.

It's important.

Be careful, Ambrose.

Don't forget who you are.

How did it go, Jimmy?

Not good.

Where's Ambrose?

To tell you the truth, Lou,
I could give a damn.

Tell me what happened, son?

Ain't much to tell, teaspoon.

Majors met with Ambrose
and his uncle
and read him your letter.

Said he'd think it over.

If you ask me,
I think old Ambrose
sold us down the river.



Ho, ho! Slow down! Ho! Ho!

Hello, everybody.

Jimmy says you met with majors.

That's right.

Teaspoon, I tried
reasoning with my uncle.

But he swore up and down

that yellow fox
signed the agreement
on his own free will.

And that he was fine
when they parted company.

But majors says
he'd think it over, huh?

That's what he said.

I guess you done
the best you could, son.

I want to thank you.


It's hard for me to believe
that my uncle would

deliberately set out
to get people killed.

I know.

Kid. Kid, wake up.

What is it?

I need you to read this for me.

Where'd you get this?

I just need to know
what it says.
Now read it.

Give it to me, Jimmy.


You afraid we might not
like you anymore

when we find out
what side you're on?

No, it's just none
of your business.
Now give it back to me.

Didn't I tell you he'd
sell us down the river?

Jimmy, this says the company
shouldn't change our route.

Can I have it back now?

You had no right, Jimmy.

Come on, Ambrose.

You should be happy.

Oh, really?

And... and why is that?

'Cause now we all know
you ain't a snake
like your uncle.

And you didn't know that before?

How could I?

I think you and I
better step outside, Jimmy.


You heard me.
Come on. Outside.

Come on, Ambrose.
I ain't got nothing
against you.

Hell, we can be friends n...

Come on, hickok.

Ambrose, look,
I don't wanna fight you.

You don't got no choice.

Ambrose, I was just...

What the hell
did you do that for?

Shut up and fight.

All right,
if that's what you want.

Well, he started it.

That's enough, Ambrose.

You don't need to do this.

And stay down, damn it!

That's enough!

Shut up, Jim.

Got to give him credit,
he's got guts.

Yeah, and pretty soon

they're gonna be
all over the place.

Oh, come on.

Get out of the way.

Come on, bulldog.

Let's get you cleaned up.

Come on out, Ambrose!

You're not gonna
recognize yourself.

I swear, kid.

That old hat of yours
never looked
half as good on you.

Yeah, ike's boots
look pretty good, too.

I don't know,
looks like a cowboy to me.

What do you think, Jim?

Almost. Come on.

What... what're
you fellas doin', huh?

All right,
take it off now, Ambrose.

There you go.

What is this?


Thanks, fellas.

How does it feel?

Feels... feels incredible.

Come on,
show 'em what we practiced.

Oh, yeah.

Well, all right.

Good job.

I'm a cowboy.

It's time to put
this foolishness aside,

What are you doin' here?

I've come to take you home.

But I'm not finished
with my investigation.

It's no longer necessary.

You were sent here
to do a job, Ambrose,

which you're clearly
incapable of doing.

Not only that,

but you're acting
like a spoiled child,
playing cowboy.

Now come along.

I've got a business to run.

Excuse me, Mr. Merryweather,

but it seems to me,
bulldog's doin'
his job just fine.


Hickok, if you want
to keep your job,
you'll stay out of this.

Same goes for
the rest of you as well.

Don't you threaten me like that.

Uncle Arthur,
you're risking people's lives.


say goodbye to your friends
and come along, now!

I'm sorry.
I can't do that.

You don't understand.
I'm not asking.

I understand perfectly.

I see.
Rodgers, Johnson.

You always this friendly,

I think you'd better leave,
uncle Arthur.

All right.
If that's how you want it.

You're all fired,
effective immediately.

Anyone caught interfering

with the new riders
of the pony express,

will be punished
to the full extent of the law.

He can't just fire us like that.

I think he just did.

Where are you going, Ambrose?

This is my fault.

If I go with him,
maybe you can
get your jobs back.

Is that really what you want?

Doesn't matter what I want.

Yes it does, bulldog.

Whatever it is
your uncle's up to,

it's got nothing to do with you.

It don't mean we can't
do something about it.

What do you say?

Marshal, we need your help.

And who might "we" be?

I'm sorry.

I'm, uh,

I'm one of the riders
with the pony express.

Oh, you're bulldog!

Yeah, I heard about you.

Yeah, Sam Cain.

It's an honor, sir.
So you know what happened?

What, about the boys
being fired?

Yeah, I heard.
Can't say
I understand it though.

I do.

Marshal, my uncle is
general manager of
Russell, majors & Waddell.

I believe he's planning
on instigating trouble

with the Indians as a way
of taking over their land.


He's attemptin' to claim
a large tract of sioux land
over by table rock.

The first rider
that goes through

will almost certainly
be attacked,

which is what he's counting on,

since I believe
he intends to provoke a war.

Why didn't you do
something about this before?

Well, I wasn't sure.

I just found a copy
of his letter of inquiry
in the attorney's office

under the name
of osias Hutchins,
a banker friend of his.

I... i also know he lied to us
about the Indians
agreeing to let us pass.

And he may have even had
one of their chiefs killed.

When's the first rider
due to cross sioux land?

But he won't be alone.

Me and the boys
plan on bein' out there
to try and stop 'em.

You will, huh?

Well, I better round up
a couple of deputies
and go with you.

Just in case.

I'd appreciate that, marshal.


What time are we headin' out?


Uh, I've been meaning
to tell you something,

If take this thing off,

you promise to stop yelling.

All right.

Jimmy, please, you... you've
got to let me come with you.

I don't gotta do nothin'.

But, Jimmy you said...

I know I treated you
like dirt before
and I was wrong for doin' it.

But you ain't never
been in a gun battle

and this ain't the time
or the place to start.

Jimmy, I can shoot.
I know how...

We'll be back
before you know it.

Jimmy! Hey, fellas!

Come on!

Seems to me it would be
a whole lot simpler

just lettin'
merryweather's boys
pass through

and giving the sioux
a crack at 'em.

And start a war?

Rider comin'.

What the hell.

Riders comin'.

They're right behind me.

Get behind the rock.


I thought you tied him up.

I did!

I didn't tell you
I was double jointed,
did I?

Here they come.

You sure there ain't
another way around?

Merryweather ain't
paying us to go around.
Now let's go.

Stand back,
we're coming through!

Ambrose! Up on the Ridge!
See that guy up there?

Go on, shoot him!

Get back!

Give it up.

You haven't got a chance.

They're comin' in.

Can you handle this?

Yeah, I can still handle it.


You ought to watch
where you're goin'.

Damn, bulldog,
you saved my life.

Ambrose, Jimmy!
You all right?

You doin' ok?


You'll be all right.

Jimmy, be careful.

How's it goin', Sam?

I don't think we can
hold out much longer.

We got 'em pinned down,
let's take 'em!

Let's get out of here!


Everybody all right?



What about you, Lou?

Kid got hit.
I think ike's hurt, too.

Is it over, Jimmy?

We licked them good.

That's good.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

My feet feel kind of funny.

Oh, god!

Oh, Ambrose,

can you talk to me?

What do you want to talk about?

I don't know.

Can you move your legs?

What legs?

I'm gonna make you comfortable.

I'm sorry.

I'm not, Jimmy.

I'm not sorry at all.


Bulldog, wake up.

Wake up, bulldog.

You wake up!

Don't you die on me.

Don't you die on me!



Gentlemen, you've done
this company a great service.

I only wish I had
listened sooner.

What's gonna happen
to merryweather, Mr. Majors?

Frankly, I just assume
the Indians have him.

But as it is, he and that
banker friend of his

will be away
for a very long time.

Well, I can't say
I'm sorry about that.

By the way, your people said
there were no Indians
involved in the confrontation.

Well, that's right.

One of merryweather's men said

there were at least,
uh, 20, maybe more.

Mr. Majors,

Indian burial grounds
are a strange place
for a white man.

Every once in a while,

them spirits come up
through the ground
just as real as could be.

Know what I mean?

I see.

Sounds good to me.



Thought i'd, uh,
read somethin',
if it's all right.

'Cause it's out of his notebook.

"The west is everything
I hoped it would be and more.

"I can honestly say,
now I know what it feels like

"to really be alive."

So long, bulldog.