The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 15 - Lady for a Night - full transcript

While away from Sweetwater on a run, Lou impulsively buys a dress and tours a new town as the young woman she is. An insurance salesman, Tyler Dewitt, takes Lou out to dinner, and she becomes enamored of him. But is the polite salesman all he appears? And what will The Kid think?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Ted, come on!

Tough ride, eh?

I had worse.

There's stew and a dry bunk
waitin' for you.

I'll see to your horse.


You gonna deal 'em
or just shuffle 'em?

How about 2 bits
on the next hand?

You owe me 6 already.

Ok. Double or nothing.

Come on in.
The game's hot.

So's the water.

Look like you could use it.

Um, no.

I don't think so.
Thanks anyway.


Be quiet. Be quiet.

Listen, you're gonna
get me angry if you keep
lookin' at me like that.

I don't want you lookin'.

Go away.

Yeah. Uh, just a moment.

What seems to be the trouble?

Get out.

That'll be the last time
you beat up on
one of my ladies.

Well, uh,
I wouldn't worry about it.

I run a classy place here.
Your money don't interest me.

Doesn't it?

There'll be more next time.

I'll be watching for you.

Good day.

I'd like to see
that dress please.

It's genuine lace,
all the way from Paris.

You have exquisite taste,
young man. She'll love it.

I'm sure she will.

Top of the stairs
to your left, son.

Enjoy your stay.


Oh, and mister,

could you set me up
a hot bath
with plenty of towels?

Right away, sir.

Good morning, ma'am.

Hello there, ma'am.

Excuse me.

But I believe it would be
much more flatterin'

if the hat was tilted
slightly to the left.

You do?

That is better.

May I?


I think that does it.

Turn around.

Much better.

Tyler DeWitt, at your service.

And you are?


A pleasure to meet you, Louise.

You know, you're just the person

who might be able
to provide the answer

to a very difficult question.


Is being saved
from social embarrassment

sufficient cause
for a young lady
to dine with a gentleman

who finds her most attractive?

Get away from me.

I mean it,
don't come any closer.

Simmer down, Jimmy.

I never thought I'd see the day

when you turned chicken, Jimmy.

Jimmy, come on. Put it down.

I'm warnin' you. Leave me be.

Just calm down, Jimmy,
we ain't gonna hurt you.

I just want
to get a look at it,
that's all.

I don't want you lookin'.

Oh, come on, Jimmy,
don't be yellow.

Get away from me, Cody.

Or so help me god,
I'll knock you into next week.

Get him, ike, hold him.
Hold him, ike.

Come on Jimmy,
show me that tooth. Cody?

Yeah, just what I thought.

Whole jaw is swollen.

Ah, you ain't gonna pull it.

Of course not.

What with modern medical care,
that tooth can be good as new.

Let him up, boys.

You mean you know a cure?

Expect I do.

Ground pig's foot and clove.

Put this around your neck,
fix you right up.

What's insurance?

What's insurance?

Well, it's funny,

right now,
it doesn't seem too important.

Let's see.

insurance helps people
pursue their dreams.

By reducing financial risk
in the event of
unforeseen circumstances.

How's it do all that?

Well, even if I could explain,
I don't think I care to
at the moment.

More champagne?

Actually, it's, uh,
not as boring as it sounds.

My company also insures
some very valuable shipments.

Gold, weapons,

army payrolls, things like that.

It's also my job
to, um, follow up and see
that they arrive safely.

In fact, I'm one of only
a handful of people

with access
to the shipping schedules.

Uh, there I go again, bragging.

I'm sorry.

That's all right.
I like it.

Well, I just
get sick and tired
of hearing myself talk.

That's enough about me.
What about you?

What about me?

Well, for starters, I know
your first name's Louise.

Now, what's your second?

Does it matter?

You are evasive.

Um, let's try another tack.

Why would
a beautiful young woman

travelin' alone,
check into a hotel

in an out of the way
place like this?

Who said I was alone?

Ah, so have I
to be on the lookout

for an insanely jealous
husband or fiance?

Mmm, no.

I'm travelin' with my mother.

We have family in Sweetwater.

I see.

Well, I hope
she's not expecting you back
too soon.



Uh, she's probably asleep
by now.



Well, you see, there's something

you should learn about men
in my line of business.

We never take no for an answer.

Guess one more can't hurt.

That's the spirit.

No, no, not like that.

Like this.


It tickles my nose.

I've got to go.

Why? Why?

It's late. And I...

We're leavin'
early in the mornin'.

Well, I want to see you again.

I wish I could, but i... i can't.

Of course you can.

You don't understand.

Try me.

I'm sorry.

I got to go. Really.

I... i couldn't help myself.

Good night.


I'll be seeing you again.

Oh, evening.


Hello, there.

Miss me?

What happened?

5 of them.
They just hit us.

Took all the ammunition
we was carryin'.

Shot Floyd for no damn reason,
then ran off the team.

How bad is he?

Not good.
I'm afraid to move him.

Sweetwater's closest.
I'll send back the marshal.



Lou's back.

Why's he comin' that way?

What happened, Lou?
Fell asleep in the saddle?

Freight wagon was held up
near bitter Springs.

Guard was shot.
I rode into town
to tell the marshal.

Well, you done good.
Go get washed up.

I'll get your horse.

What's that?


Come on.
What are you hidin'?

I'm not hidin' nothin'.

That's none of your business.

I just want to see
what you got. It looks pretty.

It's a dress, all right?

That's nice.

Why'd you buy it?

I felt like it.

Somethin' wrong with that?


I just thought
there might be a reason.

I'm a girl, kid.
That's reason enough.

Guess it's best
teaspoon don't see it.

He might think
you're kinda strange,
did you get it in blue creek?

Are you all right, Lou?

You could've fooled me.

I just don't like people
askin' a lot of questions

and pokin' in my business.


When do you think
we'll hear, teaspoon?

Any day now.
The election was last week.

There's already rumors
Lincoln won.

Mississippi and Alabama swore
they'd leave the union

if he became president.

You think this means war?

It's hard to say.

Most people think the country
will destroy itself

if states start falling out.

In fact, old Ben Franklin says,

"either we hang together
or we'll all hang separately."

The war won't bother us none,

don't you believe it.

War gets started
like a prairie fire,

spreads faster than the wind,

destroyin' everythin'
and everybody in its path.

Of course, in the meantime,
we still got work to do.

Are you up, Cody?

Yes, sir.

After you boys finish lunch,

I want you to help me
with my chores back in town.

You boys help me load up here

and then you can
go about your business.

Jimmy, I'd keep, uh,
sniffing that pouch
if I was you,

otherwise you'll end up
in Dr. Luckett's chair
over there.

The chair's a good idea.
I'll go with you, Jimmy.

Me, too.

See, I don't see
any need for that

because the stuff you gave me,
I think is working out
real well.

Don't hardly hurt no more.

Well, I figured you'd be in
today, teaspoon.

Well, I've got this list,
I was hopin'
you could give me a hand.

All right.

Well, let's see
what we got this time.

Yeah, that shouldn't
be a problem.

What's this? Looks like
50 pounds of cats.

I think that's oats.

Right. I'll, uh...

I'll be right back.

What's that?

"Good for whooping cough,

"dysentery, asthma,
toothache, colic,

pink eye, and hives."
Your hives acting up again,

Here's your oats.
Now what's next?

Excuse me, sir.
I was looking
for the proprietor.

You found him.

Tyler DeWitt,

mutual insurance company
of Chicago.

We can do great things
for you if you just give me
a moment of your time.

Well, I'll be with you
in a minute.

In fact, sir,
I believe you might find it
one of the most profitable...

I said I'll be with you
in a minute.


Sorry, teaspoon.
I just ran out of flour.

How about some cornmeal instead?



I didn't touch 'em.

Damn it.

Why is it every time
you kids come in here
there's always trouble?

Let's go.

Whoa, whoa.

Ha! Let's go!
Giddyap now!

Ok, if that's the way you want
to play it, come on, come on!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, now.

The stage is empty.
Last passenger
got off at bitter creek.

Where's the payroll?

You don't really wanna die
for another man's gold,
do you?

They knew we was carryin' it,
sure as Christmas.


Did you get a look
at any of 'em?

No, sir,
and I didn't want to neither.

Sounds like the same bunch
that robbed the freight wagon.



could you come in here
for a minute?



You wanted to see me?

I want to try something.
Come here.

That's better.

You've got nice eyes.


Your face is real pretty, too.

You shouldn't hide it
the way you always do.

That so?


I, uh, I have to go, Emma.

Why, what's the matter?

I, uh, I have to go help ike.

I'm just trying to tell you
how attractive you are.

Now, hold it, Emma.

I think you'd look
a whole lot better in this.

I'd love to see it on you.

I knew I shouldn't
have bought this dress.

Well, why not?
It's lovely.

Besides, I knew
a long time before

I saw this pokin' out
from your mattress.

How long?

Well, right from the first.

But I admired your spunk

and I didn't see no reason
why you shouldn't have
the same chance as the boys.

I appreciate that, Emma.

It hasn't been easy.

Well, I know that

and that's why
I thought we should
have this little talk.

When I found that dress,
it near broke my heart.

I remember a while back
at that dance,

you watchin'
all those pretty girls
in their fine clothes.

Must have hurt real bad.

But now you have
another woman to talk to.

What about my job?
The company'll fire me.

Well, who's gonna tell 'em?

Anyway, you're one
of the best riders we've got.

And teaspoon?

Oh, well,
as long as he's in the dark,

there's no law says
we gotta show him the light.

Come here.

What are we doin' here, Emma?

Is this some kind
of birthday party?

No, it's not a birthday party.

This here's a comin' out party.

I would like
to introduce to you,

miss Louise McCloud.

First one to laugh
gets a punch in the nose.


I wanted y'all to see
how pretty she looks.

I didn't mess things up
for you, Lou, did I?

She knew all along.

See, bein' good on a horse
doesn't mean a person's a boy.

Yeah, but what about teaspoon?

What about Mr. Spoon?

Well, it looks like
we got ourselves
a new bunkmate, fellas.

All I can say is you
better watch yourself, kid.

Kid? Kid who?

Good mornin', tompkins.

Mr. Tompkins.

Uh, excuse me, sir,
uh, reverend.

I presume you must know
most people who live
around here.

Well, I hope so. Why?

Well, I'm looking
for a certain young lady.
Her name is Louise.

Now, I only met her briefly
in blue creek a few days ago.

Uh, she has short dark hair.

I figured
she might be a member
of your congregation.

No, she doesn't sound familiar.

No? Well, I see.
Thank you.

I'm sorry to have bothered you.


What happened in blue creek?


You heard me.

I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

That fellow that was in
tompkins' store yesterday,

he's been askin'
all over town about you.

I didn't notice anyone.

You about broke a leg
trying to get out of there.
Who is he?

I told you, I don't know.

Stop lyin'.

Stay out of my business.

I have a message
for Mr. DeWitt.

Make sure he gets it.
It's very important.

I'll take care of it.


Sorry I'm late.

I was gettin' worried.

I thought
you'd changed your mind.

I almost did.

You're a hard woman to find.

Why'd you come to
Sweetwater, Tyler?

I promised I'd see you again.

I always keep my word to a lady.

I can't.

That's why I came here,
to tell you to
stop lookin' for me.


Does your mother object?

You shouldn't have
lied to me, Louise.

I had to.


There's someone else.
We intend to marry.

Do you love him?

Of course.


I'll believe you
and then I'll go away.

Well, you can't
get rid of me that easy.

I don't want to see you, Tyler.

I don't believe you.

You're not getting married!

You're just scared.

I want you and you feel
the same way about me.

If you didn't,
you wouldn't be here.

I meant what I said.

We'll be seein'
each other again.

I'd hang before
I wore a hat like that.

You probably will, chiles.
Where were you yesterday?

I waited for you.

Forgot about it.

Don't worry, I've got your cut.

Seems like you're forgetting
a lot of things lately.

Somethin' eatin' you?

You murdered 2 men.

They drew on us.
What'd you expect me to do?

Think for a change.

I'm giving you
all the information,

the shipments,
the routes, the dates.

The least you can do
is to set it up so the guards
don't have time to react.

It ain't that easy.

Mr. Chiles,

we've got 2 other jobs

before we vacate this territory.

There's a big bank shipment due,

25,000 in gold.

Now, if you keep
killin' guards, we'll have
the law all over us.

I don't want trouble
before we're finished.

Do you understand?

All right, Tyler,
we'll do it your way.


Louise, what is it?

I need to talk.

Well, come on in.
I'll make us some tea.

I ain't gonna do it!

You got no choice!

You can't make me!

Teaspoon said
don't come back till
you get that tooth yanked!

I won't!

You keepin' ike awake.

I won't! This ain't legal.

Put me down!

It was nice, Emma.

I've never been treated
that way by a man before.

It made me feel good,
you know, like a real lady.

Well, that's how
it's supposed to be.

How it sometimes is.

Lord knows you haven't been
gettin' that around here.

But there was something' else
a-about him,

somethin', I...
I don't know,


The closer I got to him,
the more I felt it.

It frightened me
the way he wanted me.

But I liked it, too.

Well, loulabelle,

some men in this world
are takers.

And it sounds like
he might be one of 'em.

How can I tell?

I guess it's somethin'

every woman's gotta
figure out for herself.

I told him I wasn't gonna
see him again.

I meant it,
but now i... i don't know.

What do you think?

I can't tell you what to do.

That is somethin'
you have got to figure out
for yourself.

What do you want?

I don't know, Emma.

It's so damn confusin'.

I mean, I already feel guilty
about the kid.

Well, don't.

You didn't make no promises

and you did not
do anything wrong.

So, you put that notion
right out of your head.

You've been livin' here
pretendin' to be somethin'
you're not,

and there is no reason
to feel guilty

about feelin' like a lady.

You just make sure
you're not makin' a mistake

or hurtin' anybody.

It's not easy growin' up.

It's not easy
not growin' up either.

Good news, Mr. Hickok.
I think we can save
that little beauty.

You mean,
you're not gonna pull it?

Oh, no, no, no.

We don't extract teeth anymore,

not like we used to.

Modern dentistry
has made great strides.

What with the new
scientific tools
at our disposal,

we can treat practically
every problem by simply
filling the infected area.

This ain't gonna be
so bad, after all, is it?

What's that?

This is the very latest
in modern dental technology.

We use it to clean
the decayed area.

Open wide.

It gonna hurt?

Oh, not a bit,
it's virtually painless.

You sure?


Now, just sit back and relax.

All right.

Do that again,
I'll give you something else
to fill.

Emma ain't gonna like this.

Any messages?

Mr. DeWitt?

That's right.

I'd appreciate a word with you.

Yeah, well, uh, I have heard
of several holdups

in the last month.

That's my business.

Well, I'm told
your company insured

at least 2 of the shipments.

It is possible.

I'd, um, have to
check the records.

Tell me somethin'.

Is there any way
of knowin' in advance

when a valuable shipment's due?

Why would you want to know that?

Well, it seems
that at least one gang's
hitting all the big ones.

If I could find out
when one was comin' in,

I could arrange
a little surprise for 'em.

Well, I'd like to help you,

but, um, I just sell insurance.

I don't have access to
that kind of information.

No one does.

But, um, perhaps you'd like
to contact our head office
in Chicago.

They might make an exception.

I'm afraid
I don't have time, Mr. DeWitt.

Thanks anyway.

There ain't nobody that smart.

This gang seems to be.

Well, it's a puzzlement,
how they know
which shipment to Rob.

What're you gonna do, Sam?

I figure the only way
we can catch 'em is by
gettin' one step ahead of 'em.


By pickin' out
the next big shipment

and shadowin' it.

Me and my deputies
could sure use your help.

Well, hell, you can
always count on that.

But how're you gonna
get the information?

Well, I talked to just about
every merchant in town.

Now, Mr. Jenkins over at
the bank, he's a little
nervous about it,

but he finally told me
about this delivery
from the mint,

it's due in tomorrow.

25,000 in gold.

With all these robberies lately,

he'd have been crazy
not to tell me.

I was hopin' that fella,

that insurance fella DeWitt
could help me.

But he tells me he ain't privy

to any of
the shipping schedules.

He told you that?

That's right.

Well, somethin' wrong?


Excuse me there, buck.

Isn't this supposed
to be Lou's run?

Well, he asked me
to take it for him.
Said he had business in town.

Well, somethin' wrong?

I'm not sure.

Damn it, Katie. Hold still.
I'm just trying to help.

You think I feel like it?


What is it, Emma?

I don't know.

But I think Lou's in trouble.

Take off your gun belt
and raise 'em. Real slow.

Whoever you are,
you just made a big mistake.

Turn around.



Those the shipping schedules
you told me about?

It would appear that way.

You're the one behind
those holdups all along.

Sometimes the truth comes out
in strange ways.


Who are you, Louise?

And why are you here?
No games now.

I'm the same person
you met in blue creek.

I also ride
for the pony express.

You've been robbin'
the company I work for.

I see.
You know, I liked you.

I really did.

Does the marshal
know you're here?

You're not gonna
tell me, are you?

Are you afraid of me, Louise?

I asked you a question.

Are you afraid of me?

I thought I told you before.

I never take no for an answer.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That's very clever.
Now go back and get it.

You'd be well advised
tellin' me what you know.

One more time,
are they expectin' us?

I hope so.

She hopes so.

She don't know nothin'.

I say we forget the whole thing.

You do?

let me get this straight,
Mr. Chiles.

You're willin' to walk away
from 25,000 in gold?

It ain't worth dyin' for.



I see.
Your opinion is duly noted.


I'm in.


I'm with you.




Count me in.

Don't leave us yet, Louise.

That's very good.

Now, Mr. Chiles,
I certainly wouldn't want you

to continue as a member
of our organization,

if you didn't fully believe
in what we were doin'.

it is an interesting question.

Is 25,000 in gold
worth dying for?




I think you're wrong.

Now it's time for truth.

Oh, good.

You've got some fight
left in you.

Why aren't you afraid of me?

Should I be?

Sure. What are you
trying to prove here?


You're gonna kill me, anyway.

So, go ahead.

This is
the United States marshal!

Drop your weapons
and put your hands
behind your heads!

Look out.

He's up there.

Over there! Over there!

Sam, he's got Lou.

Kid, what the hell
are you doing?

Stop right there.

You can't shoot me, Louise.

You like me too much.

You're sick.

Stay away from me.

Don't be surprised.
You had it comin'.

It's all right, kid.

I'm ok.

That'll teach
that damn tooth better
than to mess with me, huh?

I'm sorry, kid.

I should've been honest
with you.

I don't know.

You needed somethin'
and I was blind to it.

It won't happen again,
I promise.

I owe you a lot.

You don't owe me nothin', Lou.


Yes, I do.

I never realized
how much until now.