The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 10 - End of Innocence - full transcript

When Emma insists on traveling to Ft. Reunion to help deliver her friend's baby, Hickok accompanies her. They become virtual prisoners of an ambitious captain who schemes to incite an Indian war and make a name for himself on the frontier. Trapped, Emma and Jimmy must rely on each other for survival and comfort.

Rider comin'.

Bad news.

How can you tell?

'Cause good news
always comes
at a decent hour.

Indian trouble
urgent army dispatch

for general Conrad
at fort miles!

When you get there,

don't forget to give
that dispatch to
the general himself.

Men's lives may be
dependin' on it.

Now, go! Ha!

Good luck, kid.

Morning, Sam. Breakfast?

Uh, Emma, we need to discuss
your trip to fort reunion.

I think you should wait.

There ain't no waitin' when
a baby's about to be born.

Well, that country
ain't safe to travel.

I mean,
there's nothin' out there
but Indians

and... and soldiers.

And my friend Ellen seward

who needs my help.

Hold on, Emma.

You can't order me around

like one of your deputies,
Sam Cain.

Grab that end.

Damn it, Emma. You know
what your trouble is?

You've been livin'
too long without a man.

That is none of your business.

Well, then, let me
make it my business.

Well, perhaps
we'll discuss that later

when I get back
from fort reunion.


Boys, Emma's set on
going to fort reunion,

so one of you is
gonna accompany her
for protection.

Do I have a volunteer?

Short end goes.
Come and get 'em.

That ain't it.

That ain't it.

That ain't it.

That's it.

Oh, shoot!

Come on, hickok.
Fair's fair.

This is gonna be worse than
Sunday school, teaspoon.

Now, Jimmy, you heard teaspoon.

Fair is fair.

This trip is
real important to me.

Ellen's like a sister.

You got any sisters?


Whoa, whoa!

This is beautiful.

Only if we get to
the other side.

Supposed to have been
a raft here.

Must have washed away.

Well, we could go around.

No. That would take
a whole extra day.

Well, there it is.

This is lovely.

Hey, Emma,
don't move around so much.



Emma! Emma!

Over here, Jimmy.

I can't swim.

Come on, Jimmy.

Why'd you jump in
if you can't swim?

I'm supposed to protect you.

Damn pride's
gonna kill me someday.

James hickok,

you are crazy.

We got to get you dry.

Give me your pants.

What is it, Jimmy?

I've never seen
a woman like that before.

Like what?

You know, like that.

You never seen
your mama in a nightdress?

Ain't the same.

Other than my sisters,

only woman
I've ever been around is you.

Well, boy as handsome as you

is gonna have
a lot of sweethearts.

Just you wait.

Lie down.

Swallowed half that river.

What is it?


Good night.

Good night.

Open the gate.

Open the gate.

Welcome to fort reunion.

Tighten up the formation!

Keep those horses
in single file!

You heard him, gentlemen.
Horses in single file!

Let's move it.

At ease!

Lieutenant Cassidy.
"A" troop.

2nd U.S. cavalry.

Well, that's a fine welcome,

Apologize, ma'am.

We're not used to
having visitors.

Trooper, take the wagon
over to the stables.

The captain
will want to see you.


My, there's a lot
of activity here.

There are a lot of posts
at reunion, ma'am.

Established to insure
the safety of settlers
travelin' west.

Been 3 years and no settlers.

And after this trouble,
there ain't gonna be.

What did he do?

He missed reveille.

He's just a boy.

Not to the captain, ma'am.

A man who sleeps
through reveille,

could sleep through an ambush.

Well, is that what you think?

Ah, I don't think, ma'am.

I do what the captain orders.

Captain Ryan, sir,

may I present
miss Shannon and Mr. Hickok.

They've come about
Mrs. Seward's baby.

I'm sorry you traveled
such a perilous distance
in vain.

Mrs. Seward is no longer
at fort reunion.

I don't understand.

Several days ago I led
a patrol to cedar Springs

where we were attacked
without provocation

by hostiles.

There were hundreds of them
to our handful.

My men were killed
and probably scalped.

Now, I fought as long as I could

and barely managed to escape.

But as soon as I returned,

I evacuated
the women and children.

Mrs. Seward and her new baby
were among them.

Her husband
was among the fallen.

God rest his soul.

Dear lord.

But at least
he has a healthy young son

to carry on his name.

Now, I have sent a message to
general Conrad at fort miles

for reinforcements.

Poor Ellen.

Alone with a new baby.

I know it's not
much consolation,

but I want you to rest assured

that lieutenant seward's death
will be avenged.

When the reinforcements arrive,

I will personally

lead the attack
against the hostiles

who slaughtered my men.

Till then, I think it wise

if you remain here
as our guests.

Stay here?

I can't have you
wandering around the country

with the enemy out there, now,
can I?

We got through all right.

No, no, no.

They let you get through.
It's a trap.

But they will attack
when they're ready.

Hopefully, we'll be in
a position to attack first.

Well, thank you very much

for your invitation,
captain, but...

I'm afraid this is not
an invitation, miss Shannon.

It's an order.

But the reinforcements
will be here soon

and until then
you are my responsibility.

Miss Shannon, the lieutenant
will show you and Mr. Hickok

to our living quarters
where you will stay until, uh,

we are relieved by fresh troops.


I'm only thinking
of your well being.

Don't worry, Emma.

Kid's deliverin'
that dispatch
to fort miles.

Troops ought to be here
in a couple of days.

What is it?

Unless it's moving,
we don't ask.

We haven't been
formally introduced.

Doc frank at your service.

My condolences on
the loss of your friend.

Thank you.

Ellen didn't tell me there was
a doctor on the post.

She probably figured
you wouldn't have come
if you'd known.

That doesn't sound like her.

Well, Mrs. Seward being
an army wife,

she's probably well acquainted
with our doctorin' methods.

Scurvy, cholera,
smallpox, typhoid, whatever,

quinine and whiskey.

Don't say much
for deliverin' babies.

Captain Ryan,
west point class of '40,

wants to make a name
for himself as Indian fighter.

Trouble is,
since we've been here,

we ain't seen no Indians.

What about cedar Springs?


Cedar Springs.

He turned this bunch
into soldiers, didn't he?

Sorriest collection of
cutthroat scoundrels,

street toughs,
and assorted riffraff

ever to put on a blue uniform.

They enlisted for the romance
and wound up at fort reunion,

where they'll be lucky
to make it out alive.

Yeah, but if they do,

it'll be because of
what he made them.

All right, all right.
I'll Grant you that.

You look like hell, kid.
Rest yourself.

Got to keep going.
Come on.

Well, it ain't fancy,
but it's the best we got.

The officer's kin lived here.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Don't you worry
about no critters,
miss Shannon.

They've all moved on
to greener pastures.

Good night.

Good night.

I... i ain't gonna hurt you.

I just wanna dance.

Hey, take it easy, fella!

I'm... I'm just having fun!

I ought to kill you!

Jimmy, no! Jimmy!

Jimmy, please stop!

Jimmy! Jimmy, no!

Did he hurt you?

Did he?

It's all right.
It's all... it's all right.

He's just a little drunk
and a lot scared.

He didn't mean no harm.

Thank you for
understandin', ma'am.

Please, don't punish him,

Well, that's up to the captain.

That's it, Cassidy,
don't think for yourself.

Thinkin' in the army
is a military sin.

Actin' on it is
a corporal offense.

Uh, y-you gonna be
able to sleep all right?

I'll rest easier
knowing you're here.



Oh, Jimmy.

What have I got you into?

It's ok.

Everything's gonna be ok.

I'll take care of you.

Go back to your bunk, babbit.


Go on.
Get the hell out of here

before I change my mind!



Jimmy, about last night, I...


I just wanted to thank you.

Men, this is the last
of our water.

Because of the hostile attack,

we will be unable to draw
from our source in the hills.

For this reason,
I'm cutting the ration

to a cup a day for each man.

Beggin' the captain's pardon.

A cup a day is not sufficient
to prevent dehydration.

As medical officer, i'm...

Lieutenant Cassidy,
what do you say?

Sir, the captain's idea
is a sound one.

The men will have to make do.

That's crazy, Cassidy...

I'm running a cavalry troop,

not a debating society.

When the Indians attack,

you'll be damn glad
we have this water.

Lieutenant, the order stays.

Sergeant, dismiss the troops.

Yes, sir.

Company dismissed!

Miss Shannon, keeping busy?

Only way to get through a day.

I'm sure the men
will appreciate it.

Don't you think you're being
a little hard on them?

I appreciate your confusion
as a civilian.

But discipline must be retained.

Do you realize how much
these men despise you?

less than they fear me.

And you take pride in that?

The more they fear me,

the less time they'll have
to fear the enemy.

The more they focus
on the water shortage,

and the rotten food,

the less time they'll have
to think about

our perilous situation.

And, no, I take no pride in it.

You must be a very lonely man.

Command is a lonely post,
miss Shannon.

But if it brings
just one of these boys

out of this alive,

I will consider my loneliness
a small price to pay.

Don't you agree?

Good day, miss Shannon.

Thank you again
for your kindness.

Flour, batter and salt.

Don't you think
these biscuits are done yet?

Everything in
its own time, my boy.

Well, but...

That a watched pot never boils?

Sure, I heard of that.
I just don't see

how it applies to
a smoking stove.


Lou, get some water!

I'll be right back!

Don't panic! Don't panic!

Move out of the way, teaspoon!

Hold your water!

I'm goin' in.

You saved 'em.

Well, one, anyway.

The gem of the bunch,
if I do say so myself.

Who wants it?


Hungry, marshal?

What happened here?

Well, uh, teaspoon here's
been makin'
some shots for my rifle.


Is the kid back yet?


If he ain't back by daybreak...

Well, I'll go.
I wouldn't mind

missin' a few of
teaspoon's meals.

You know, we shouldn't have
let Emma go.

You ought to marry her,
marshal, so she'll stay put.

Don't worry, marshal,
the spirited filly

is the hardest to catch.

Well, if they're
not back by tomorrow,

I'm goin' out there
and gettin' her.

Come on! Come on!

Easy there, boys.

We got to get out of here, Emma.

That Ryan's gonna kill everybody

before the Indians do.

I know how it looks.

But Ryan does have a plan.

So do I.

Sir, I'm a pony express rider.

I know this territory
and I know how to
track Indians.

Let me scout for you.

Excellent. Lieutenant,
assemble a patrol immediately.

Give me a detail of 4 men.

We'll establish
the hostiles' position

in advance of
the reinforcements arrival.

Mr. Hickok
will act as our scout.

Saddle up, son.

We leave within
the quarter-hour.

Keep it movin'!

Jimmy, no.

I got to do somethin', Emma.

We could die here.

Forward. Ho!

Kill me! Kill me!

What the hell are you doin'?

Good work, scout.

Shadow man!

Ghost of our children
will pluck out your eyes!

Your spirit will be
blind and helpless

like those you killed
at cedar Springs.


Tie him up.

Why'd he call you shadow man?

Gibberish, hickok.
Savage gibberish.

Troop, halt.

Marshal, captain Van eyk
of the 2nd dragoons.

You're a long way
from fort miles.

We're heading north.

Indian trouble at fort reunion.


Teaspoon, tell my deputy.
Come on.

Hey, where do you
think you're goin'?

With Sam.

Well, you can't all go.
You got responsibilities.

Who just came off a ride?

Buck, go ahead.

Miss Shannon.

I was just contemplatin'
my next move.


They've been gone
an awful long time.

You think they're all right?

Oh, I wouldn't worry yourself.

That hickok fella
of yours looks like

he could ride through hell,

without so much as a singe.

I hope so.

I never would have figured you
for the army type.

Neither would I, but, uh...

Oh, my wife was
a lot younger than me.

Barely out of pigtails
when we married.

But she died giving birth.

I'm sorry.

Bled to death.
Lost the baby, too.

Did all I could,
but it wasn't enough.

That's awful.

All that medical trainin'
for nothin'.

Oh, 20 years ago.

And you never remarried?

One week after she died,

joined the army.


I've been married to it
ever since.

Lieutenant, take this filth

to the guardhouse
and make him talk.

I've got to know their plans.

Use a branding iron
if you have to.

Captain, that's against
the treaty.

Not to mention human decency.

One more word
and you're court-martialed.

What is it, Jimmy?

That Indian knows somethin'
about the captain.


Tell me what happened
at cedar Springs.

"Shadow man" means coward.

A man afraid of
his own shadow, right?

I got to know.

Most of the warriors
were out on a hunting party.

When we returned,

we saw the horse soldiers
burning our village.

They killed everyone.

All the children,
my mother, my wife.

And my son.

That's why he wanted me
to kill you.

We caught them by surprise.

The cries of
the wounded horse soldiers

made shadow man afraid.

He ran away.
Left them all to die.

Only one of his men still lives.

He tried to save the children.

So, we spared him.

Shadow man wants
to silence my tongue

so that he can make war
on my people

and Bury his shame.

Only when we are all dead
will he be safe.

We must kill him first.

Where they can finish us off.

You damn fool!
Open your eyes!

He wanted me to kill him.

The warrior's tellin' the truth.

You don't have
a shred of evidence.

I say we go to cedar Springs

and get that soldier right now!

I can't just send a search party

the captain's permission.

Is he crazy?
He ain't gonna
give you that.

He's right, Josey.

If Ryan led those men

on a massacre of
innocent women and children,

he's unfit.

Must be relieved of duty

A junior officer
cannot assume command

from a superior officer
without his permission.

I could maybe make out a report.

Damn you!
We don't have time for that.

You're nothing but a coward.

Look, I am a soldier.

And a damn good one.

And a soldier does his duty.

And does he do his duty

even when he knows
that it is wrong?

Well, that's the end of that.

Well, good night everybody.

Doc, ain't you gonna do nothin'?

I'm gonna put
my knight into play.

There's a full moon out tonight.

Can't wait till
reinforcements arrive.

Might be too late.

I don't want you to get hurt.

I won't.

For luck.

Sure beats a horseshoe
in the mouth.

What are you lookin' at?

Come on.

Come on.

You got to take me
to the horse soldier.

It is a long way.
And you cannot run.

We will meet in 2 suns

at the place at the iron woods.

I guess we'll just have to
trust each other. Come on.

Halt! Identify yourself!

How could this happen?

Only officers have
the key to the guardhouse.

I assure you, sir,
no one let him out.

How did he escape then?

Produce your key.

There's a traitor in our midst.

He wants me to
go after that Indian.

But I'm not going to.


since everyone seems
to be sleeping on the job,

let's make sure they stay awake.

Sir, how long does
the captain intend

for the men to be
without their blankets?

Not long.

A few freezing nights
should do the trick.

Does the captain realize that
he may lose some of them?

But those that survive

will be all the stronger for it.

Very noble, miss Shannon.

But not necessary.

It is for us.

Thank you, Jimmy.

You're welcome.

I want to get out of here.

How'd they make a man
like that a captain?

How did he get this far?

Well, power does
strange things to people.


My husband used to do that.

When we first came
to Sweetwater,

I was gonna have a baby.

We were practically
babies ourselves.

We built that house.

And we loved.

Then came smallpox.

The baby died.

He started stayin' away.

One night he just
never came back.

I ain't like that, Emma.

You know,

I'd never leave you.


I'm sorry, Emma.

It's just that i... i
care for you and i...

No. It's the situation
makes you feel that way.

You felt it, too.
I know you did.

Feeling somethin'
don't make it right.

I care about you, Jimmy.

Honest, I do,

but I don't want to mislead you.

You're an exciting, passionate,

handsome young man.

a young girl could want.

When you meet that girl
and you treat her good,

someday you'll have
a family of your own.

But you've got to think
of me as a big sister.

I got enough sisters.
I don't need anymore.

Well, then a friend.

A deep, caring friend.

I shouldn't have
let this happen.

Emma, w-wait.


I found this man stealing water.

Please, captain,
my throat was on fire.

I'll take your mind
off that, soldier.

Take him away.


Yeah, he'll live.

How much more of this
you gonna take?


Yeah, you're the one

who let the hostile go,
aren't you, boy?

Damn right!

Before you killed him
like all the others.

Put this traitor
in the guardhouse.

And if he's still alive

we'll hang him.

Hold on, Jimmy.

Yeah, that bullet's
still in there.

It's gonna have to come out.

What can I do?

Bring that light closer.

Keep pouring this
down his throat.

It's the only pain killer I got.

This is gonna hurt, boy.

I was supposed to protect you.

Now what?

Just hand me these
when I ask for them.

You got anymore of this?

No. Just hold him down.

If the whiskey don't work,
his pride'll kill the pain.

Never yet met a man who'd cry
in front of a woman.

All right, all right,
don't worry, boy.

Only the good die young.

Everything in order, lieutenant?

The prisoner will live.


Organize a hanging party
as soon as he can walk.

You're lucky.

You're gonna heal up fine.

You must think I'm a damn fool
kissing you like that.

No, Jimmy.
Don't apologize.

You paid me a lovely compliment.

Just wasn't what
was meant to be.

Why am I old enough
to get killed

and not old enough for you?

Thanks, doc.

Pretty good for an old man.

Not so bad yourself.

Be proud to hang
on the same gallows
with you.

Troops approaching!

Troops approaching!

Troops approaching!
Open the gate.

You've arrived
just in time, captain.

Sam, Sam.

I had to come.

Teaspoon was makin' a mess
of the kitchen.

Sam, you got to go
to cedar Springs.

There's one soldier
who survived the massacre.

And he can tell us
the truth about...

Hold on, Emma.
You're not making sense. Who?


He slaughtered
innocent women and children.

Then, we'll turn it over
to the army.

Let them give Ryan a trial.

He broke the treaty
and he lied about it.

The verdict's guilty, Sam.

Sam, please, go with him.

Now, how soon can the men ride?

As soon as you give the orders.

Here's where I think
we'll find them.


Indians do that?

Had to.
They... they saved my life.

We came upon this village.

Just a bunch of
friendly shoshone.

The captain wanted to attack.

When I said
they weren't bothering nobody,

he said, "here to
fight Indians, aren't you?"

Scouts told captain there was
only women and children.

He said, "decoys."

We charged.

A young girl waved a white flag.

Captain cut her right down.

I went into a tent.

There were all
these little babies crying.

I ran outside
to tell the men to stop.

They were shooting
everything that moved.

That's how I got this.

I crawled back in the tent
to protect the babies.

Then the braves came.

And the captain
ran like a rabbit.

They had a treaty.

We attacked a village we were
supposed to be protecting.




Stand aside, hickok.

Not until you hear
what he has to say.

You know me, captain.

I'm one of the soldiers
you left to die
at cedar spring.


You're a sight
for sore eyes, Emma.

Charlie seward,
thank god, you're alive.

We thought you were dead.

Ellen's all right.
And you've got a son.

Lies. All lies.

Lieutenant, arrest this man

for desertion
in the face of the enemy.

Captain Ryan, sir,

I am placing you under arrest.

I should have done it
a long time ago.

You men, take him
to the guardhouse

until a court-martial
can be convened.

What are you waiting for?

Arrest this man immediately!

That's an order!

I am assuming
command of this post.

Please return to your quarters

until such time
as formal hearings

can be arranged.

Will you walk to your quarters
at your own speed

or must the men take you there?

I stand by cedar Springs.

Sure been through a lot,
hey, Jimmy?


I'm real proud of you.

You'll always be
special to me, Emma.

And you to me.

Company! Present arms!

Ooh, Charlie, you give
my love to Ellen.

You sure you don't want to
stay, hickok?

You'd make a damn fine soldier.

I think I'll stick with
the pony express for now.

The food's better.

Secure the gate!