The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Kid - full transcript


Apples. Fresh apples.

3 for 5 cents.

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you kindly, ma'am.



$30 to any man that can stand
3 minutes to the finish

with Irish Johnny mcclarnen.

Hey, come on in!

Who's next?


Come on in!

Hey, get away from there.

Just lookin'.

Well, look someplace else.

How much?

That ain't just any horse.
I never had me a better.

She's $25 and cheap at that.

Don't set your heart on it.

You probably
never gonna see $25.

2 minutes and 12 seconds.

Hey, get out of there, boy.

You said "anybody."

Did you ever fight, bucko?

Not in a ring.

Do I have to beat him?

No, you don't have to beat him.

$30 dollars

if you're still standin'
after 3 minutes.


the offer is so they'll wager
but they don't win.

Don't you understand?
They don't win.

He's a professional!

There's nothing here
for you, Sonny.

He'll kill you.

Give the lad a chance!

Yeah, let him fight.

He can take him.

Stay down, boy!
Are you crazy?

Let's go. Let's go.

Get out!
Get out before he kills you.

Get up!

He's still movin'.

Come on, boy,
you can do it. Get up.


Come on, boy.
Come on.

Come on, I got money on you!
Get up, boy.

Come on!

Look at him, he's gettin' up.


Help you, Sonny?

It's me on the sign outside.

No parents?


Relatives? Friends?

Anyone to speak for you?


You can read, can't you, Sonny?

Yes, sir.


pony express rider..."

"I, pony express rider,
do hereby swear

"before the great and living god

"that during my engagement
and while I am an employee

"of Russell, majors,
and waddell,

"I will,
under no circumstances,
use profane language,

"that I will not
quarrel or fight

"with any other employee
of the firm,

"and that in every respect
I will conduct myself

"be faithful to my duties
and so direct all my acts

"as to win the confidence
of my employers,

so help me god."

Make your Mark right under
"so help me god."

Bible for your soul,
money for your pocket.

An advance in pay.

Dangerous work
shouldn't be done
for nothin'.

My boy, you are now
a pony express rider.


Bear grease, boys.
Secret of health.

This here pony express
is 2,000 miles

from St. Joe, Missouri,

all the way to Sacramento,

190 way stations,
500 of the best Indian ponies.

You will ride 75 miles
in one day.

Flat out.

That would kill the horses.

You will change mounts
5 or 6 times a day.

We figure
you shouldn't run any animal

more than 15 miles at the most.

Half blood, huh? Kiowa?


What's this one?

Teton lakota, sioux.

How about this one?

What about this one?

This one?

You made.

Boys, I'm here to learn you
my bag of tricks.

And you will learn 'em good.

Wearin' that Colt
a mite low, ain't you?

Feels about right.

Got a hair trigger?



James Butler hickok.

Well, get this, Mr. Hickok.

I don't like no hair trigger
around me.

You're here for ridin',
not for gun fightin'.

But if it's trouble you want,
you'll get a bellyful.

What's your name?

Speak up.

He can hear, but he can't talk.

What's his name?

Ike mcswain.

He's real good around horses.

Is that right, ike?

Well, I guess it don't matter
much you can't talk,

just so long as you can ride.

I expect some of you boys here
won't be so lucky as ike

to lose your hair
from Scarlet fever.

More than likely,
an Indian will
get some of yours.

You, for instance.

What is your name?


William f. Cody.

Billy, if you like.

I don't like.

You think you're pretty
hot stuff, don't you?


Cow pies.

Don't need to impress me, Cody.

I ain't gonna be chasin' you.

Out here you do not
stand and fight!

You run like hell.

You understand?

You run like hell.


You sure you can cut this work?

You look to me
to be a mite puny.

Puny but spry.

I guess you're a dead shot,
too, huh?

Hard as nails?

Need the work.

You got a rifle?

Want me to issue you one?

No thanks.
Just as soon save the weight.

You don't seem quite as thick
as some of these other boys.

We'll see.


you're gonna be ridin'
1,000 miles, day and night.

Not even the devil himself,
is gonna make no never mind.

You're gonna tie
these United States together.

And do yourselves proud.

Please, mister,
I panned for 2 years
for them goods.

You got no right to take 'em.


Get up, come on.

I do now.



Hey, kid?


I just hit 3 for 3.

Can you do that?

Let's see.

Lead costs money.


Let's see.

You ain't afraid of me.

You could get me into trouble.
I don't want no trouble

and I don't want to hurt nobody.

I was just foolin'.

No, you weren't.

No, I weren't.

Why you act like that?

I don't know.

Can I, uh, give you a hand
with that?

Yeah, you could.

What's that?

I think
it's those tools
you ordered.

I heard about 'em,
but I never seen one.

What is it?

It's a beckwith volley gun.

What's it do?


7 barrels in one,
at least .50 caliber.

And they all fire at once.

Good grief!

A backup for a lone
station keeper.

I'll be wanting you
to hand them out
down the line, Emma.

Yeah, when I get around to it.

Leave 'em in the crate
and nail it shut

before these children
hurt themselves.

Take 'em down to the barn, boys.


They're here to do a man's work.

If you coddle 'em,
you'll do them no good.

They're just boys.

Somebody's got to look out
for 'em.


I learned 'em what I could,
the best I could.

I hope it's enough.

But this outfit didn't hire
orphans for nothin'.

They're not orphans
while I'm around.

You boys are in Sweetwater now,

not out at the station house.

I want you to put on
your town manners.

Howdy, boys.


No need motherin' us, Emma.

if you didn't act so much
like you needed mothering,

you'd probably get
a whole lot less of it.

Well, hello, Emma.

Hello, Sam.

Still at it, huh?

Just keepin' order.

Oh, so I see.

I'd like you to meet
a friend of mine.

Marshal Sam Cain.


It's good to see you, Emma.

How's things out
at that station of yours?

Whole lot more peaceful
than here in town.

Yeah. I guess there's
somethin' to be said
for peace and quiet.

That'll be enough of that.

If you can't behave,
you'll have to ride on.

Marshal, there's 6 of us.

That won't matter to you.

You'll be the first one I drop.

we're law-abiding citizens.

Ain't we, boys?

That's right, marshal.

We ain't done nothin' to nobody.

We're law-abiding.

It seems I'd be safer
out on the plains.

why don't you ask me out
to your place, sometime?

I could use a nice, quiet meal.

We tried that. You got bored.

Well, let's, uh,
let's try it again.

I'll think on it.

Come on, boys.


Uh, the one with the scar,
back there?

How'd you know
he was gonna back down?

Well, I figured a man
carryin' so many guns,

he must be afraid of everything.

I done that.

I know you did.

Remember my bag of tricks, kid.

First ride. You ready?


Well, you might have
the makings.

Katy, I know you're tired
but you gotta run now.

Hard week, kid?

Nothin' to speak of.

You gents want to take
your meals elsewhere?

He's been horse-kicked.

Set him down.

The new mustang?

Your fault?
No, it ain't.

That animal's no good.
I bet you he waited
till you turned your back.

I'm puttin' him down.

Come on, son.
No. No, no.


You got my mount?



Hello, Sonny.

What's in them bags?


You'll be ok, Lou.

Let me just see how bad.

No, don't.


What's the matter, kid?

Never seen a girl before?

The boys will see the smoke.
They'll be here soon.

You're lucky,
you just creased your ribs.

Might have cracked a couple
but you'll be ok.

You want to cut the small talk?

What are you doin' here?

Don't you know what those men
had have done to you

if they'd have found out
you were a girl?

They didn't.
Nobody knows but you.

In St. Joe, Missouri.

I got a little brother
and sister still back there.

A girl with no ma,

no pa, no kin.

What's left for me?

Scrubbin' floors or worse.

Well, ain't there
somethin' else you can do?

Why should I?

I already showed
I'm as good as you,

hickok, Cody, any of you.

What's your real name?


Louise McCloud.

Pleased to meet you, Louise.

You met me already.

You won't fool people forever.

I don't have to.
I'm gonna save all my money,

find a place of my own,
get my brother and sister
out of there.

Kid, don't say nothin'.

They'd get rid of me for sure.

Kid, you can't tell.


Lou, you just heal up
and we'll see.

How many?

Don't know.
Lou didn't see 'em all.


Maybe 13

and 2 wagons.

Good. Wagons will slow 'em up.

They get everything?

And Katy.

Sorry, kid.

Nobody's never
lost a pouch before.

And I ain't gonna be the first.

Lou, you should be restin'.

I'm goin'.

You can't, Lou.
You're hurt.

Lou's got a right.

If he thinks he's fit,
why can't he?


Because, what?

'Cause he'll slow us down.

You said yourself,
I'm not hurt that bad.

I'm goin'.

I guess Lou's goin'.

Ike wants to know
how we're gonna go
up against all those men.

We'll even the odds.

Ike, we need you
to go back to Emma's.

You're our best rider.
Here's what you need to do.

Ok, let's go.

Well, we found 'em.

Buck was right.
Look at all of 'em.

That's the one we saw in town.

Look at all those guns.

Let's rush 'em.

He's even crazier
than we thought.

They got buffalo guns
and fresh horses.

We got little firepower
and not a lot of cover.

What's all that talk, Cody?

You scared?

Them ain't cans on a fence
down there, Jimmy.

So ride out.

Ain't the odds bad enough?

So what now, kid?

Let me know
when you're all
through talkin'.

They're starting to break camp.

What would teaspoon say?

Run like hell.

Too late for that.

What are you doin'?

You want somethin', boy?

We're surrounded
by these 5 boys.

I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna finish my coffee,

and then I'm gonna kill you.

I'm gonna kill all of you.

Finish his coffee, hell.

We can settle him right now.

We're goin', kid.

Ike. Good job.

You done good, ike.

You better give up!
That's my last warning!

You hear that?
His last warning.


Might wanna brace that gun,

Ready. Fire!





Now, hold on, boys!
Don't shoot no more.

We've had enough, boys.


Well, I guess
he finished his coffee.

All right.
Get a rope.

Please, boys, please.

You just can't let him do that.

Wait a minute, Jimmy.
We ain't gonna hang nobody.

Why not?

We'll give 'em to the law.

Out here, we're the law.

A man like that,

you never leave him standin'.

It ain't him I'm worried about.

You ain't runnin' things, kid.

If we hang 'em,
we're no better
than they are.

This is a mistake.

Hell, I regret it already.

Move it back, boys.
Let's go. Move!

That's everything, buck.
See you.

I dealt with the law
before, Sonny.

I can't be hung.
I'll be back.

You ain't seen the last of me.

You're good boys.

I been called
a lot of things in my life,
Emma, but never good.


He slipped, huh?

Yeah, right.

I was afraid
of that old scarface.

Surrounded by 5 boys.

Even teaspoon would say
we done a man's work today.


Deputy, this fool
knocked the bucket over.

Can you get me some water?

There, there. Get his keys.

Get the gun.

Come on, the back door.
Come on.

We gotta ride back.
Let's go.

Get up there. Yah! Yah!

You must know about
a lot of things, teaspoon.

Most of what I need.

Well, what about women?

Kid, you've come
to the right place.

I expect I got
more expertise than most.

How come?

I been married. Yes, sir.

3 times to white women,
2 times to injuns.

So then you must have
learned a whole lot.


when it comes to human beings,

affairs of the heart and such,

the world is
kind of like a wheel,

divided up into 3 equal parts.

Each part wants a part
that don't want it.

Now, if one of these parts

should desire the other
and it's mutual,

that's what's called
a freak of nature.

So people get married
and they call it love,

but it weren't really
who they thought it was
in the first place.

So, years pass by

and they find out you done
married up to a stranger.

So, the question is

if they is married
to a stranger,

who's they with
all that time before?

See what I'm gettin' at?

It's very confusin'.

I daresay.
I daresay it is, kid.

Hey, you're up, kid.

Have a great ride, kid!

I'll tell you, teaspoon,
this job ain't easy.

Hello again, Sonny.

How did you...

Our lawman turned his back.

You see, I told you,
I couldn't be hung.

Thank you, Sonny, thank you.

We could have finished you.

But you didn't.

Your friend was right.

It's a hard lesson, boy.

The last one you're gonna learn.

Get off that horse.



Come on. Come on, boy, easy.

Katy, get up.

You'll be ok if you get up.

Get up.

Get up.



Don't do that yet, kid.


Is her leg broke?

No, she's got a bullet in her.


Well, let's dig her out.

You're hurt yourself.

I've had worse.

I was been trackin'
those two you shot.

It was you, wasn't it?

They gave me no way out.

You did what needed doin'.

Here, put some pressure there.

I know what those men were.

But it just don't seem right.

Go easy on yourself, kid.

Out here, you gotta grow up
fast or not at all.

Give me one of them
burnin' sticks.

Ooh, girl. Ooh, ooh, girl.
Ooh, girl.

You're all right.

All right, now when I tell you,

you put the burning end
right there, ok?


Thank you, Sam.

We'll be all right now.

Yeah, I know you will, kid.

I know you will.


Yes, Lou?

Thank you for keeping my secret.

I didn't promise.

No, but,

you could've said somethin'
and you didn't.

You got a right
to make your own way.

I won't tell.
I give you my word.

It's gonna take
some gettin' used to,
now that you're a girl.

I've always been a girl, kid.

Anybody want an onion?

Good for the blood.

Ike, you stop talkin'
behind my back.

I wanna congratulate you boys.

For what?

For stickin' together,
for stayin' alive.

And that ain't
nothin' but dumb luck,
so don't go gettin' smug.

Do you like us, teaspoon?

Can't say.

I ain't paid to like you.

Besides, this here
pony express is job enough.

And it ain't nothin' but...

Sweat and trouble.

That's right.

This is a good onion.

You're up, kid.

Come on, let's go get 'em, kid.