The World Between Us (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Happy Mother's Day - full transcript

The victimizer family (Li) life was demolished after the elder son killed 9 people. They are forced to leave their home and escape from the anger public. The younger daughter (Chi) has been...


(Happy mother's day)

We are strongly opposed to the sanatorium.

We are strongly opposed to the sanatorium.

We want to protect our community.

We want to protect our homes.

The sanatorium in Qiyan Community

will be completed and opened next week.

However the borough chief and residents

were protesting at the city council

hoping that the sanatorium

will move to another location.

We're not discriminating against them.

It's a transportation hub here.

There are a primary school, a high school

and a kindergarten around here.

Kids are coming and going here.

By establishing a sanatorium here

no one will dare to go to the park

which will severely impact residents' rights.

Such a busy place doesn't suit them.

I don't know what it'll like

when I have direct contact with them

But if I see them,

I still want my kid to stay away from them.

I don't want them to set up the sanatorium

in our community because...

it will cause housing prices to fall.

We can understand

the residents' misgivings.

So from now on we'll host more activities

to help them to understand each other better

and create more room for dialogue and communication.

The establishment of mental care facilities

has always faced resistance

due to the lack of channels and space for contact.

(I suggest they can convalesce in the mountains.)

(They're not dangerous, give them a chance.)

(Why don't you come and be their neighbors, huh!)


look over there.

Hope is behind the clouds.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday.

Make a wish.

Even though it's one day after your birthday,

we still wish you a happy birthday.

This is our gift to you.

Thank you.

Thank you, aunt and uncle.

What a sweetheart. You're so sweet.

How come I got a different treatment?

I gave you a gift yesterday

but you didn't give me a hug.

I can hug you every day.

Alright you'll hug me every day.

How wonderful you are. You're such a good girl.

Are you happy?


How about your mom?

It's Mother's Day today. You give her a hug.

I want to open my gift first.

Aunt, can you help me?

Sure. I'll help.

Open the gift.

When are you going to have a baby?

No way.

We want a carefree life and live in the moment.

That's good too.

What is it?

This gift is incredible.

I begged your aunt for a long time

before she bought it.

Why don't you lend it to me for three days?


It smells so good.

Wow! This is the first time I've seen you cooking.

You know how to cook?

We used to have a noodle shop.

My mom used to cook this dish for me.

But at the time

I only cared about eating

and didn't learn how to cook it.

My mom's noodles tasted better.

You're missing your mom, aren't you?

Just looking at the noodles,

I can tell that your mom must be very nice to you.

Let me tell you something.

This is my secret.

I almost forget what my mom looked like.

Everything is fine.

Let me taste your mom's noodles.

They look awesome.

Ying Szu-tsung, come out and eat.

Ta-chih is cooking today.

Come out and eat.

It's hot today. why are you wearing a sweater?

Dad just called.

He wanted us to have supper with Auntie.

I'm not going. You can go yourself.

I have changed my shift.

It's Mother's Day today.

Will it kill you to go home for supper?

Auntie isn't my mom.

Did you cook this?

I am sorry.

He... He must be stressed out.

It's alright.

Auntie is my dad's second wife.

Does she treat you badly?

No, she is...

I want to roll my eyes every time she speaks.

I don't know why.

I personally don't like to celebrate Mother's Day

Mid-autumn Festival or Chinese New Year. I...

Never mind. Let's not talk

about these unhappy things.


Let's eat the noodles cooked by Li Ta-chih.

Hsiao-fei have a piece of meat.

The duck skin is crispy.

By the way, Wang She.

Yes, dad.

I have already told Mei-mei

that our legal affairs person is going to quit soon.

Your second child will arrive soon.

The wages are pretty good at my company.

Dad, actually my law firm is doing well.

I'm not used to working for a big company.

Your personality...


Wang She didn't even want to work

for the second largest law firm in Taiwan.

He likes to help the disadvantaged

which is a commendable mission.

You don't worry about him.


Wang She

it happened that my company has a Mother's Day sale

so I picked up two suits for you.

-You picked suits for me? -Mei-Mei told me

your suits are getting dirty and old.

Come and take a look.


-Here come over and take a look.銆€-Alright mom.

-You must trust my taste.銆€-Thank you.

Of course I trust your taste.

You're a senior purchasing manager.

Not to mention that you bought clothes

for Hsiao-fei.

But I'm kind of embarrassed

that you have bought suits for me.

Mei, we must pay mom for the two suits.

We must pay her.

Alright, I'll ask the money from Mei-mei.

I would like to use this rare opportunity

to toast to the two...

hard-working mothers who are here.

Happy Mother's Day.


toast grandpa with this

and tell him happy Mother's Day.

Grandpa, happy Mother's Day.

Good girl.

I'm happy

and I wish happiness on everyone.



I want to ride the car.

Where's the car? I didn't see it earlier.

Wait a second would you? Wait a second. Mei-mei,

please pay for the meal.

-I know.銆€-We should pay for the meal.

And it's Mother's Day

so why has your mom given me gifts? Hold on.

Why don't you take Hsiao-fei to the car first?

Find out how much the suits cost

-and we'll pay mom for them.銆€-That's enough.

Don't tell her

-what happens in my work.銆€-Stop nagging.

Where is it?

Mom about the check...

Stop the pretense. I have already paid for it.

I'm not pretending.

It's my intention to treat you to the meal.

Alright. I accept your good intention.

And how much are the suits?

I'll give you the money.

You can't afford it.

Let's say that we are indebted to you.

As for you, you are indebted to that handsome guy.

How come my mom is so beautiful

generous and has such good taste?

In a while, I'll give you Prof. Wang's number.

You just tell him that you're my co-worker.

Of course.

It would the best if the doctor

who evaluated Li Hsiao-ming accept the interview.

Okay. That's it.



What's wrong with you and Tien-ching?

You haven't talked to each other all day long.

This is between me and her.

You don't need to worry.

If it has to come to that point,

you don't think

I won't be able to win custody over you.

You are threatening me now, aren't you?

I'm reasoning with you.

Your reasoning is always right,

while mine is alway wrong right?

You had better not to drink much.


I'm going to work now.

You get some rest.

You're not going to bed yet?

I'm going to bed now.

What present do you want?


I'll sleep with you, alright?

No. You're stinky from drinking.

You're so stinky. Go away.

Go to sleep. Good night.


Are you sure you want to work at a TV news station?

The current media environment is quite nasty

and your situation is unique.

That's why

I'd like to hear your opinion.

In that case,

I'll find a part-time job at a fast food restaurant.

Don't give up your dreams because of your family.

There are many types of media nowadays.

It will be alright

if it doesn't require you to show your face.

Your mom even allowed you to change your name.

Her purpose was to give you a new life.

If you swallow your pride now,

you'll be plagued by self-hatred.

It will be hard for you in future.

You should go for it if you want it.

Is this Niu-shih?

This is Ching-chuan.

I wouldn't call you

if I didn't have something to ask of you.

I have a very exceptional student

and I'd like to ask you a favor for her.

That's right.

Then I'll give her your phone number.

Many thanks.

Thank you, teacher.

I could tell at the school that

you're very eager and studious

which is a good trait.


don't challenge human nature.

You don't get straight to the point

so no wonder she doesn't understand

what you're saying.

He meant that

you should not

reveal your real identity to others.

If the job offer doesn't feel right, you can quit.

It's no big deal.

There are a lot of jobs out there.

Your call will be transferred to voicemail.

You'll be charged after the beep sound.

Please hang up if you don't wish to leave a message.

If you want to leave a brief message

please press the pound sign

after you hear a short beep.


happy Mother's Day.

I miss you so much.

You can't adjust to your work?

In my opinion, you have adjusted to your work

just fine.

Why are you quitting?

I feel that...

I might not live up to your expectations.

What expectations of you do you think we have?

Is it because some colleague

is making things difficult for you

or some special correspondent is

giving you a hard time due to your quick promotion?

You have to tell us the problem

before we can solve it for you.

You said that you have a family matter

but you're the only one left in your family;

how can you have a family matter?

I only told you to redo rundown several times

that's the reason you want to quit isn't it?

Are young people today

members of the strawberry generation?

It's not that.

It's because...

I'm afraid I might let you down.

I'm sorry.

Do you have depression?

You have to see a doctor if you have depression.

It's useless to hide.

Go if you want to.

You may work until the end of this month.

Thank you, sister Chiao-an.

I'm going back to my work now.

You said you wanted to present

a complete picture of the world and news to viewers.

You haven't even figured out

the complete picture of the TV station and yourself

and you want to quit already?

I'm sorry.

I hate it most when people apologize to me.

If you are any good, don't make mistakes.

It's incomprehensible.

Did you send her a Line message

at five o'clock in the morning

asking her to review the viewing rate?

Where would I find the spare time

to send her a message?

She works under me, but I'm the one

who will have to review the viewing rate.

She might not live up to my expectations?

How can she live up to my expectations

when I don't even have any expectations from her.

Last year, there was a case in which a professor

sexually assaulted his 7-year-old neighber.

Today the court has made a verdict

which is only four years imprisonment.

It even claimed that it was consensual.

We have the picture of the professor

being brought to justice.

That's a dinosaur judge.

She's only 7 years old,

how could it be consensual?

For god's sake!

What consensual!

Do we have any statement from the girl's family?

The family didn't want to be interviewed.

But we filmed outside of the professor's house

and got responses from some neighbors.

Hsiao-lien also interviewed

some people on the street.

Now people are very unhappy about the judge.

Life for the rich, Death for the poor.

So do you mean that

we'll just read the script from Meili Weekly?

Actually we are working on getting responses

from the professor and the girl's family.

That's the current situation.

Then work on it.

Report to me after you finish working on it.


Hsiao-tung, get people from the Life Section for me.

Why didn't the judge respond?


Since when have you heard

that a judge will come out to be interviewed?

When seeing reporters,

those judges seem to see ghosts.

Hasn't the Ministry of Justice always thought

that Taiwan's legal education is lacking?

They should take advantage of this chance

and make judges explain their decisions.

If the responsible judge

didn't want to be interviewed,

there must be other judges who we can interview.


Hsiao-tung, Yes?

Come here. Listen.

Well... Chiao-an said that we should go after judges.

No one has interviewed judges.

You can come up with something.

Some claim that sparkling water

can stimulate peristalsis

and is good for our health;

while the others claim

that sparkling water will cause acid reflux.


you know sister Chiao-an the best.

Why don't you imitate the way

she yelled at someone last time? Hurry.

You mean the time

-that happened at the world exhibition?銆€-Yes.

Let me tell you it was simply spectacular that time.

Did you see it?

She spilled the water like this.

You scare me to death.

I thought you're the director.

You startled me.

Le Ta-chih, how come

you don't make any sound when you walk?

Sister A,

how many people quit as the result of

the director's dressing down?

How can you stay with her for so long?

Actually sister Chiao-an wasn't like this

until two years ago.

Ying Szu-tsung,

turn down the music.

Can you go to bed early?

I have to work tomorrow.

He can be a movie director when he's so young?

I'm not convinced

Me either.

Why would he be replaced otherwise?

Keep your voice down.

Fine. It's okay.

Say whatever you want.

I know you have been watching me.

Just wait and see.

I'll finish the filming.

Ying Szu-tsung,

can you turn down the music?

What have you been doing all night long?

Our neighbors will start complaining.


Good morning.

I'm sorry. Were you unable to sleep last night

because of my brother's music?

It's not Szu-tsung.

It's my work.

What's wrong?

Come to my shop tonight and we can have a chat.

It's okay. My treat, alright?


Good, that's the deal.

I'm leaving for work now.



Is he a vampire? He can't see...

He can't see the sunlight or what?

Open the window

and let in some fresh air.

What are you doing inside?

Turn down the music.

Why can't you put on earphones?

Listen to me, our neighbors

will complain if you keep this up.

Go away. You're so noisy.

You're noisy.

Put on your earphones to listen to the music.

The car accident news this morning

is"A designated driver killed

the female college student next door", okay?

Your headline isn't powerful enough.

What school did the female college student go to?

National Taiwan University.

National Taiwan University.

Then change the headline to

"A designated driver killed

the outstanding student next door"

How could this be?

We asked her what family problem she had

and she couldn't give us an answer.

Does she have any family members?

No, she has been doing great.

That's why I want to find out the reason.

Okay I see.

Teacher please allow me to treat you to a meal

when you have time.

Thank you teacher.

Prof. Tzeng said that

Ta-chih has some family matter to deal with

but he isn't sure what matter.

She is unlikely to have depression.

Rather than being concerned about her,

you should train the reporters who work under you.



can you show your concern for the people around you?

You're so cold every day

you're like a freezer.

People around you have quit left and right.

Who else can I keep?

I can't even keep my husband and son.

When God wants someone to leave this world,

it's out of your control.

That's why

showing concern is meaningless.

Sister Szu-yueh, I'll leave you to close up shop.

See you tomorrow. See you.

See you. Thank you for your hard work.

Do you want to quit

because you're not used to your new job?


There are a lot of things I can learn.

I think I'm just afraid.

Afraid? Afraid of what?

I'm afraid that...

one day

I might not be as good as my supervisor believes.


you have a crush on our supervisor?

No. She's a woman.

It's so hard to chat with you.

On the day you started your job,

did you set a timeline

or a goal about when you'll quit?

I always tell the people who come for the interview

that no normal young people

want to work at a beverage shop forever

and they should set a deadline

say half a year or a year,

or how many cups of beverages

they want to make within an hour

or what beverage they want to invent.

They're all good.

They aren't working for me;

they're working for themselves.

When I opened this shop,

the landlord signed a five-year contact with me.

I told myself,

"Ying Szu-yueh"

you must make it through these five years

"before you can give up."

This is the only way

that I will know how far I can go.

Even if I get married it will be the same.

I won't give up if I get pregnant.

You're so strong-willed.


Why would you care about what your supervisor

thinks about you?

The point is how you think about yourself.

Which one of you entered my room?

We just came home. Didn't you see it?

No one entered your room.

Did you lose something?

What are you doing?

Ying Szu-tsung,

are you crazy?

He might have lost something important.

I was like that all the time.

You're right.

His bad temper must have

something to do with his work.

I'm sorry about that.

I'll finish the filming this time.

I'll finish the filming.

They don't get it at all.

Hsiao-hsin, have faith in me.

I'll finish the filming this time.

I have faith in you.

You can do it this time.

That's it.

Hsiao-A, do you understand what I just said?

Remove the second third and fourth one.

Bro News,

Ah-she just called and said

that a mentally-ill person

broke into Xihai Kindergarten with a gun.

A classroom full of young kids

are now locked inside.

The police are on their way to the scene.

Ah-she and the cameraman are almost there.

Is it Xihai Kindergarten next to Chengmei Bridge?


I see.

Breaking news.

An unknown man has broken into

Xihai Kindergarten in Taipei City.

A number of young kids are being held as hostages.

After the police received the report...

How can FNTN do this again?

How can they report this when the kids

are still being held as hostages?

Where's the SNG? Have you got ahold of it?

-Yes. They're nearby.銆€-How about Ah-she?

-Has Ah-she arrived at the scene?銆€-Where's Ah-she?

-Ah-she has arrived.銆€-Press the speaker mode.

Here. Ah-she speak.

I heard that a patient from the sanatorium

broke into the kindergarten.

But the police have refused to verify it.

We're blocked outside the police line.

We're the only TV reporters here.

Our SNG just arrived.

Where did you get the news?

A neighbor said that

he saw the person who carried two big bags

which looked like guns,

walking back and forth nearby.

He said that the person kept murmuring.

And it seems that he entered the kindergarten

through the back door.

Aren't there any teachers at the scene?

There was only one teacher inside

and some kids who were waiting for their parents.

It seems that there are eight kids

and they have different ages.

The teachers and parents were chatting outside,

and after the person used this opportunity to enter

the kindergarten through the back door

he locked all the doors and windows

not allowing anyone to enter.

Are you sure there's only one teacher?

How could that be possible?

I'll go to the scene and find out more.

Wait, go and ask some parents

and the neighbor.

Make sure to stay connected at all times.


A team of reporters

and a cameraman are almost there.


have you gotten any response from the city police?

No. I'm trying to find a person I can ask.


I'm looking for another SNG

-to be sent to the sanatorium.銆€-Hsiao-A

Go there and check it was their patient

who broke into the kindergarten.

We can do three news broadcasts on this incident.

You'll do a review of injuries caused

by mental illness patients in recent years.


Okay, I'll interview another person.


What happened? Why can't I get my kid?

Are you a parent?

I am. My kid is inside.

Classmate, a parent here wants to come in.

Get it.


I saw a crazy person

who was filthy all over

carrying a huge bag.

I'm not sure whether there were guns

or weapons inside.

Guns or weapons?

-Yes.銆€-I'm sorry

Lady, come with me.

What is happening?

We have requested backup.

Please wait over there.

Please tell me what's happening.

When I killed the second girl,

what she told me was useless.

She turned back and told me...

Excuse me. Mr. Chen Chang, please hold on.

The stenographer can't type that fast.

Please start from when you killed the second girl.


When I killed the second girl,

she turned back and told me,

"You can't solve the problem

by killing me."

I don't like that Professor Kao.

She talked bullshit with me for 58 minutes.

My uncle

was afraid that I might get a long prison sentence

so he made my symptons

sounds worse than they really are.

Chiao-an, the SNG van has arrived at the scene.

We can do live now.

Open a temporary studio

and find a child education expert

to discuss the possible psychological harm

and kindergartens' safety issues,

And also find a psychiatrist.


What do you think?

We're the first to arrive at the scene.

Why we haven't started a live broadcast?

Let me repeat it again.

Don't tell me how to report news.

Before the children are safe,

I would not to do a live broadcast.

FNTN has arrived at the scene.

My car is parked. I'm on my way.

Yes I see it now.

I'll go down to find you.

Where are you?

I'm near a SNG van.

A SNG van?

There's a SNG van here as well.

There are a lot of people here but...

I'm on the right side facing the front.

Where are you?

I see you. I see you.


-Hubby.銆€-What's going on now?

They said that there is a crazy person.

And this morning...

Hsiao-fei told me this morning...

Take your time. Hsiao-fei is inside.

Everything is fine.

The police haven't confirmed it yet.

Maybe he's not violent.

Chen Chang who stabbed two little kids at a park

has mental illness.

Miss, excuse me. Can you stop talking about this?

You're making people panic.

You're not helping at all.

That Li Hsiao-ming is the same.

Excuse me. I'm from SBC News.

May I have a brief interview with you?

They say he has weapons...

Everything is fine. I'll ask the police directly.

I'll ask the police.

Excuse me,

have the police told you about the situation inside?

I have no idea what's going on inside.

They just left us here. We have no idea at all.

No one has spoke to you?

That's right. He only said that a...

Sister Chiao-an,

no psychiatrist wanted to come

because everything is still uncertain.

Uncertain? Keep trying.

The point that you have to stress is that

we're afraid our reporters

might not be able to explain the issue clearly;

So we want to invite

a psychiatrist to clarify.

Now is the best time to eliminate the stigma.

This is how to express yourself. Can you learn it?

A suspicious man broke into Xihai Kindergarten.

At the time the kindergarten...

Hsiao-A, go live at the sanatorium.

Go live at the sanatorium.

The sanatorium?

Are you sure?

Okay, the station is ready to cue you.

Let's cue.

Get ready.





One, Speak.

Cue. Speak.

Alright anchor.

I'm currently at Junyi Sanatorium.

We have located the person in charge.

Let's listen to what he has to say.

What's the situation at the sanatorium?

There are 25 residents

at the sanatorium.

We have just checked

and there are 18 residents inside

and five residents have returned home.

Two of them have taken leave and are away.

We're in the middle of contacting their families.

Editor, how long will the live broadcast last?

Five minutes.

Do you mean that you have lost contact

with two of your residents?

SNG director, we'll be on live for five minutes.

We're in the middle of contacting them.

I want to stress that

our residents didn't leave without permission.

They have filed a request

and didn't leave here

until we approved their request.

SNG director at the kindergarten,

please tell Ah-she to be on standby.

We'll go live with you anytime.

I really can't find a psychiatrist.

You can't?

The other experts are on their way.

If not, let's skip the psychiatrist.

We can still do the interview.

Skip the psychiatrist?

I don't get it.

Why does sister Chiao-an refuse to report it.

What is she thinking?

Other stations

are reporting the news.

Do we have to follow other people's mistake?

Sister An, to whom do I owe the pleasure?

It's a pity that I have to on my shift in a while.

Sung Chiao-ping has no way of knowing my schedule.

My upperclassman

has something coming up

and asked me to take his shift.

She told me

that you guys are going on a date today, aren't you?

And you still want me to do the interview?

I finally arranged some free time.

Can I beg you to sacrifice yourselves?

My sister already agreed.

That's not it. Things are still unclear

so what do you want me to say?

As for the stigma that mental illness patients

receive it's caused

by you media.

After media reports,

families, patients and community residents

will force those patients who are problem-free

to be hospitalized tomorrow.

As a result I won't be able to

get off work even past eight o'clock.

How about this...

I'll do two news segments tomorrow

about the unfair treatment

that sanatoriums are facing.

What do you think about that?

Sister An, you're playing dirty.

The horrible news from the media

needs to be corrected don't you think?

I'll do a three-day special report.

A week.

For the current ongoing case

of kindergarten children being held hostage,

do you think

it's carried out by a person with mental illness?

Without diagnosis and a mental evaluation

it's impossible for me

to determine whether this person

is suffering from mental illness or not.

Moreover, I can't confirm

whether he's dangerous or not.

Let's assume...

Let's assume now that

he's a person with mental illness.

When the police handle a case like this,

what principles should they follow?


In assault cases,

only 5% of perpetrators have mental illness.

Moreover among this 5%,

only very few of them try to attack others.

They mostly attack their own families.

What principles should be applied

in these interactions?

It seems like the police are going to storm in.

In this case

I think nothing has been confirmed.

Not to mention that

I haven't met the person who is involved.

I can't diagnose him from a distance.

But if when an emergency like this takes place...

Sister Chiao-an, the police are now...

Go live at the kindergarten.


It's alright. It's alright.

It'll be alright.

Why are you coming in?

Hubby, what are we going to do?

What's going on?

They're coming out.

Do you see Hsiao-fei?

Do you see Hsiao-fei? Do you see Hsiao-fei?


Hsiao-fei, mom is here.



Right here.


It's alright. Don't cry.

It's great.

Thank you.

Right here.

-Let me check you.銆€-Are you hurt?

-No.銆€-Are you sure that you aren't hurt?

-I'm sure.銆€-Do you hurt anywhere?


-How do you feel?銆€-You must have been terrified.

-Were you terrified?銆€-No.

What were you doing inside?

Hold on.

My camera. My camera.


I'm making a film.

I haven't finished it. Don't you get it?

Let me go.

My camera. I haven't gotten my camera.

Producer, get my camera.

The scary kindergarten hostage incident

that took place this afternoon

finally came to a peaceful ending after six hours.

The eight kindergartener hostages

have escaped safely

and are being escorted by the police.

The worried parents who have been waiting outside...

Don't film the kids' faces too clearly.

Make sure to pixelate the crazy guy's face

during the replay.

The young male perpetrator

has been arrested by the police at the scene.

However this man continued to struggle and resist

while being arrested.

He was in an emotionally unstable state

and had an furious clash with the police.

Editor, what should we return to?

Return to the safety of the young children.

Alright. Return to the safety of young children.

-SOT in V1.銆€-V1. Okay.

The motive for his hostage taking

needs to be investigated by the police.

We'll continue to report to you.

You're interfering with my filming.

-I am hungry.銆€-Are you hungry?

I have cooked your favorite dish curry with rice.

-Yeah.銆€-Let's go home to eat alright?


Mister, do you have anything to say?

Hsiao-fei, go home with mom alright?

Take her home first.

What are you doing?

I need to find out something.

No. You...

Hurry and take her home. Take her home.

Excuse me,

are you taking him

to the police station or a hospital?

Dad has to work on something.

Let's go home and have supper.

We'll have supper with him in a while.

Do you want me to carry your backpack?


If not, you must make a note

on the written statement

and make sure to tell the prosecutor.

Do you get it?

Shop owner. I'm ready for the check.

Alright. Here it is.



Thank you.

Is my drink to go ready yet?

It is.


Here you are.

Thank you. Please come again.

Starting tomorrow, our Walk Forward Together

will do a series of reports on the difficulties

that sanatoriums and people

with mental illness face in communities.

Also our special report.

Our special report next week

will be a follow-up report on the five-year

anniversary of Qingmei Gas Explosion,

the government's remedial measures,

and the current difficulties residents are facing.

About the duty assignment for the special report

Bro News will put it in the Line group.

You have to take a look.

This week

we're doing a special report on the health check-up

for Taiwan's tour buses.

They will need to do audio dubbing soon.

Two of our colleagues are

currently doing interviews out there.

The report on tour buses isn't urgent.

It can be put aside.

Weren't you supposed to do this a month ago?

How come you haven't done it already?

It's because two people have quit

and one just started to work here.

Ah-she also took leave to ask

for his future wife's hand in marriage.

Alright. That's all for the Social Section today.

It's time to get off work.

-Let's go.銆€-Hsiao-tung.

If I don't get off work,

my wife is going to divorce me.

No matter what,

I want to do the report on the difficulties

which people with mental illness face.

Wife, here I am.

Where's my Victoria's Secret?

Do people wear Victoria's Secret

to buy popcorn chicken?

You can't blame me.

Your sister forced me to go live.

That's exchange of benefits.

I did it for your sake, alright?

I have nothing to do with it.

My sister and her coworkers work hard.

It's as if they have to do battle every day.

They're causing panic in our society

and anxious to see the world in chaos.

Why don't they report killers

who have heart problems or high blood pressure?

As if people who cause problems

are all have mental illness.

If it's true my occupational risk

would be very high.

But I can see that you had a good time on camera.

I keep a very low profile.

I wouldn't have done the interview

if I didn't do it for you.

You call yourself low profile?


hurry and change into Victoria's Secret.

Oh, can you lend me two hundred-dollar bills?

What are you going to do?

But no one can help sister Chiao-an.

Look at your health who's going to help you?

Sister Chiao-an deserves sympathy.

She can't face the fact that she lost her child.

Do you understand?

Yes, she deserves sympathy.

Does that mean that she can exploit her employees

just because she deserves sympathy?

It's people like you that spoil the boss.

Listen, this is my bottom line.

Hand in your resignation letter

at the end of your maternity leave.

Take it.

Take it now.

Where are you now, Dad?

Dad, wait for me. Don't go there yourself.

I'm sorry. I wasn't aware of it.

I'm trying to hail a taxi. Wait for me.

Wait for me. Wait for me.

People with psychosis should be locked up.

How do we live our lives

if they're allowed to run around?

I don't blame you for not understanding them

because you don't know them.

But at least you know what I am doing

and what I insist.

Yes, he broke into the kindergarten.

We're very sorry about it.

But do you know why he did it?

He only wanted to make a film.

He didn't have any bad intentions.

I'm Li Ta-chih.

I'm not Li Hsiao-wen.

If murderers and their families

don't need to take responsibility

did my Tien-yen mean anything at all?

Did Tien-yen mean anything at all?

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