The World Between Us (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Victims - full transcript

A gun shot incidence take away 9 lives 2 years ago. The defending attorney fight for the victimizer rights before send to death sentence. Public accused of the attorney and victimizer's ...

Alright, the station is ready to cue you.







Yes, anchor. My current location

is outside of the Supreme Court building.

About Li Hsiao-ming,

the cold-blooded killer who committed

the movie theater shooting two years ago

that shocked all of Taiwan,

the Supreme Court

has rejected Li Hsiao-ming's lawyer's

appeal request this morning,

maintained its second instance verdict,

and confirmed his death penalty.

People have been very concerned about the issue

whether the controversial Li Hsiao-ming

can be reformed.

From the beginning, Li Hsiao-ming

has refused to receive a mental evaluation,

and in spite of the tentative detention

for mental evaluation ordered by the court

to force Li Hsiao-ming

to take the mental evaluation,

he has always maintained silence,

and refused to take any tests.

As a result, so far, we still can't find out

Li Hsiao-ming's criminal motive

and his mental state at the time.

The Supreme Court has consequently confirmed

Li Hsiao-ming's confirmed death penalty

based on the facts of the crime,

and because he possessed the ability

of assuming criminal responsibility

when he committed the crime.

About Li Hsiao-ming, the cold-blooded killer

who committed the movie theater shooting

that shocked all of Taiwan,

the Supreme Court has rejected

his lawyer's appeal request this morning,

maintained its second instance verdict,

and confirmed his death penalty.

An accident happened to Li Hsiao-ming's

defense lawyer Wang She

when he walked out the court room

to be interviewed by the reporters.

The victim's family member threw feces at Wang She

because he was upset

about Wang's defense of Li Hsiao-ming.

Things were chaotic at the scene.

I think we must understand

the context behind Li Hsiao-ming's motive

for committing this crime

in order to prevent something like this

from happening again.

We'll examine the reason for the court's verdict

and apply for an extraordinary appeal.

We can even file a petition

for constitutional interpretation as a legal remedy.

You scum.

You're defending such a person.

Are you a human being at all?

Has your conscience eaten by a dog?

(Why isn't he dead yet?)

(Why are we still wasting money on him?)

(Spokesperson for scum.)


He cruelly caused nine deaths and 21 injuries.

After the shooting,

Li Hsiao-ming didn't leave the scene.

The police arrested him right away

after arriving at the crime scene.

This random killing

caused the most casualties of any crime

during the last five years in Taiwan.

It was also the deadliest criminal attack

in the history of the movie street.

Knock. Knock.

Good morning.

Good morning.

What is it?

Are you okay?

I'm watching the news.


This is for you.

Oh no.

No landlord should provide his tenant meals.

Take it.

It's no trouble at all.


I'm only practicing giving loving wife boxed meal.

The risk of you being a guinea pig is very high.

Watch out for it.

Sister Szu-yueh, are you getting married?

I'm going to be a June bride.


Do I need to move?

You don't need to.

After we're married,

Kai-tzu will go back to Guangzhou,

and I'll continue to run my shop.

You just stay here

and don't think too much, alright?

It's him.

I gotta answer his call.

May I ask what's going on with you?

They returned to the crime scene

and publicly apologized

to society and the victims' families.

But the Li family soon went into hiding,

and has never turned up since.

How come you're home so early today?

Will you come with me to bring Hsiao-fei home?

No, I'm home to take a shower,

and I'll need to go back to work.

Why are you coming home to take a shower

at such an odd time?

Does that smell come from you?

What happened?

What happened to you?

I fell into a septic tank.

So you mean that's excrement all over you?

Come on! How did you fall into a septic tank?


There was a road work project,

I was trying to go around it.

I saw a hole and then I fell into it.

Stop bullshitting me. Don't move.

Turn around. I'll move.

Don't get it everywhere.


You only have this one good suit.

It'll be clean after washing.

Mr. Wang,

don't you think you're too over? Keep your arms up.

Three, two, one.

Please take over.

Back to here.

Okay. Get back to me on the hour.

Alright, thank you, studio five.

Thank you, everyone.

-Thank you. -Good job.

-Editor-in-chief, thank you. -Good job.

I'm fine.

How come you're here?

Be careful.

Good job, everyone. Thank you.

See you.

What's wrong with you?

Why did you get the title wrong again?

Were you sleeping

when you took Chinese class or what?

Or are you retarded?

Do you think that

saying sorry makes up for your retardation?

Get out of my sight right now.

You don't need to come back to work tomorrow.

What kind of attitude is that?

-Chiao-an. -Ridiculous.

We were in a rush

and didn't have enough manpower yesterday.

Why did you throw such a tantrum?

They all belong to the strawberry generation.

He dared to slam the desk.

Concerning the random killer Li Hsiao-ming,

who killed nine and injured 21

at the Cheng Movie Theater,

at a court session today, the Supreme Court rejected

his defense lawyer's appeal

and pronounced Li Hsiao-ming...

You must be affected

by the news of this bastard, aren't you?

When is Ah-ling's due date?

-Who? -Ah-ling.

Next month, I guess.

Sung Chiao-an speaking.

What is it?

Ah-ling's water broke.

Why are you following me?

It's such an exciting event,

I almost want to have a live broadcast.

Follow me.


Did Ah-ling's water really break?

40 seconds.

Back to the scene in 40 seconds.

Don't you know when you're going to give birth?

Sister Chiao-an,

I should be able to on this section.

Item 28 Miaoli Water Park is here.

Ah-ling, stop being silly.

Go to the hospital right now.

The secondary control room isn't the delivery room.


That's right. Get going.

Let your boss handle it.

She hasn't been tortured for a long time.

Can you hurry up?

Do not give birth in the secondary control room.

You don't need to be so heroic.

10 seconds.

10 seconds. Get ready.

-Go to the hospital. -Eight,

Eeven, six, five.

-Go to the hospital. -Four, three.

I'll go once I calculate the time.

One. Take over.

Sister Ling, I got it.

Over in three minutes and 30 seconds.

You can take out item 35 about

the drunken driver crashing into a house.

It provides a free,

safe place to have fun in the water.

Alright, hurry and get going.


Look at you.

What the heck. Really.

Be careful.

You're Li Ta-chih.

You'll on the rest and get rid of item 35.

Do it.

-Alright. -Why are you standing there?

Editor-in-chief, what's the next news?

It's underworld paper money toast.

Get ready V1 sound.

I cue, and you roll.

Get ready.


Nice to meet you, Mr. Liu.

I'm Wang She.

Is this for me?

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to see me.

No media workers would refuse to see you.

Have a seat.

I was going to treat you to a cup of coffee,

but I didn't expect you would be so busy.

Now, you're making coffee for me.

That's enough of pleasantries,

please get to the point.


Here is the thing.

I hope that the Herald will do a report on

random killing cases worldwide,

and Taiwan's judicial system's neglect

of forensic psychology.

Looking from the angle of legal procedures,

there are many blind spots in criminal prosecution

when it comes to victims and defendants.

Mr. Wang,

I trust that you know

I'm a victim's family member, don't you?

I do.

That's why I thought you wanted to know the answer.

You sent Li Hsiao-ming for a mental evaluation

and couldn't find any mental disorders.

And then you're circling back

to find the so-called truth.

Your goal is to allow him

to escape the death penalty, isn't it?

That's your responsibility. I respect it.

But we should have conscience, don't we?

Do you want the taxpayers' money

to support him the rest of his life?

Actually, the money we give to

the government has always been used

in supporting tens of thousands of inmates

receiving different sentences.

Mr. Liu,

if we don't find out an answer for this

and try to prevent it from happening again...

You work in the media, and you must be aware that

things like this happen

in every corner of the world every day.

I think they happen every day,

but I'm not god,

and I'm not that noble.

Do you really believe that

killing games or bad parenting

are the reasons for Li Hsiao-ming's crime?

Do you think that once he's executed

everything will be fine

and your heartache will be healed?

Before the death penalty was abolished,

what he did warranted death, which is indisputable

and I totally approve of it.

But I now have a selfish motivation.

I hope that public opinion

will give our government some pressure.

This government might execute Li Hsiao-ming

in order to appease popular discontent

or because of political considerations.

And then what?

I'm the victim's family member.

I'm sorry.

This is all my wishful thinking.

I haven't considered your feelings.

I'm really sorry.

But if we want to find out the truth,

we need more time.

We need to give him more time.

I have something else to do.

Feel free to leave or stay.

Li Hsiao-ming hasn't wanted

to do the mental evaluation.

His parents went into hiding

when the incident happened.

They've hidden and refuse to show themselves,

so how will you find the truth?

I think the reason why Li Hsiao-ming

refused to see his family

was because he didn't want to drag them down.

And the Li family sold their house

hoping to compensate you,

but no new media is interested in reporting on it.

How do you expect them to come forward

and face the public's scorn?

Now, he has received a confirmed death penalty,

so this may be the last chance we have.

Perhaps when facing death,

Li Hsiao-ming might finally open up.

I normally won't allow others

to tell me what topics to do.

I also truly believe that

the best way to put an end to pain

is by dealing with the aftermath

and preventing it from happening again.

To be frank, I don't care about

whether Li Hsiao-ming receives the death penalty

or not.

It can't bring back my Tien-yen.

But I really want to know the truth.

You only had half a year to go until graduation,

why did you take leave from school?

Something happened in my family.


My parents died in a car accident.

You shared the same experience with Chiao-an.

You majored in journalism,

why did you choose to be an assistant editor

and not a reporter?

Reporters have to race against time

day in and day out.

They're getting stuff that viewers want to watch,

which makes the job more one-sided.

An editor will be able to present

the entire world to viewers.

Isn't she right?

She was recommended by Prof. Tzeng Ching-chuan.

She is sure to be dedicated, outstanding,

and possess a correct attitude.

Just like me.

Do you believe that the news nowadays

can present the entire world to viewers?


but this is something that an editor should aim for.

Why did you remove item 35?

That's a press release, and has been reported in 15.

Plus, only the owner of the house was interviewed,

not the perpetrator.

You'll take over Ah-ling's job,

and only need to report to me.

Say thank you.

But I've only worked as an assistant editor

for two months.

This is destiny.

You're fated to have benefactors helping you.

Do you dare to step into the real world?

Li Ta-chih, you have broken the record

for quickest promotion

from assistant editor to an editor.

Do you envy her? Do you dare to take the job?

I don't dare.

Even if I had three lives,

I wouldn't have dared to work with the director.

Sister Ling was so busy that she didn't

have time for prenatal examinations.

She was so tired that her water broke.

Hand me the review report.

Yes, sister Chiao-an.

Don't turn your cell phone to mute after going home.

You must respond to the director's instructions.

And the director only drinks

American coffee for breakfast,

and has a sandwich for lunch.

As for supper, you have to see

whether Tien-ching is here or not,

and then decide what boxed meals to order for them.


Alright. I'll on 20 now.


Section chief Liu.

Brother Tzeng.

Here, please change your ID.


Brother Chao-kuo.


-Long time no see. -Long time no see.

Why are you here today?

I'm here to discuss something.

How is it? How have you been?

Not bad.

I'm getting married.


Thank you.

-I'll be at your wedding reception. -Alright.


-Long time no see. -Director, how are you?

It's brother Chao-kuo, the CEO of the Herald.

-Bro News. -Long time no see.

What brought you to SBC News?

-Director. -From now on,

we'll work with the Herald.

We'll work exclusively with their feature reports.

One thing I have to point out is that

the length, the content

and the titles can't be changed.

You gotta be kidding me.

Come on, you both talk about the details.

Why would the Herald,

the beacon of the media and conscience,

choose to work with SBC News,

which doesn't seek improvement and only seeks speed?

Chiao-an, what you just said isn't right.

We received three Top News Awards last year.

It's alright. She just wants to fight.

I don't want to fight.

If you're looking for the click through rate

and viewing rate, go ahead and ask me.

I'm more than willing to work with you.

What do you mean that we can't change the length,

the titles, and the content?

Don't work with us

if you won't allow us to change them.

It's because by not changing them,

we'll be able to understand

whether our viewers want the news or not.

You guys always like to do

those superficial news features

to trick viewers, and...

are happy when you have a viewing rate of over 0.01.

-What good is that? -Brother Chao-kuo,

what you just said isn't that objective.

This is a battle for survival.

We're in the second place

and ready to take over first place.

Alright, I know.

I just hope that by working with the Herald

you can improve SBC News viewers' taste

and not just focus on what they like.

How dare you telling me about taste?

Where was the taste when you worked here?

Our rating was so far behind;

viewers didn't know what channel to turn to

with their remote controls.

You're a fine one to talk about taste.

Uncle News.

You're out of school?

-Are you hungry? -Yes.

Let's go.


It was your supervisor who asked to work with me.

I didn't want to come back, okay?

You could have refused.

How can I have a discussion with you

when you're acting like this?

Why can't you have a discussion with me?

Here comes Tien-ching.

Tien-ching's mom and dad,

it's late. It's time to take Tien-ching home.

Go home and talk through it

if you have something to discuss.

Are you out of school?

I'll take you out to eat.

Let's go.


Ta-chih, you're home.

They are my brother's stuff.

Ying Szu-tsung, come out here.

This is my brother Ying Szu-tsung.

This is Li Ta-chih,

the tenant I talked to you about.

She's working at SBC News.

You guys are working in the same field, aren't you?

What working in the same field?

They are totally different.

You shouldn't pretend you know when you don't.

What working in the same field!

We're in the same field? How ignorant.

I indeed know nothing about it.

It's because of you...


He kept quarreling with my dad at home.

I couldn't stand it anymore so I took him here.

Were you startled?

Not really.

I decided to let my brother move in this afternoon.


is in a sour mood.

I hope you don't mind.

It's alright.

I just don't know him, that's all.

He's a movie director.

He was once a movie director,

and something happened,


Will he stay here for a long time?

He won't.

I have thought about it. He'll find a job.

After he has a stable job, he'll have a girlfriend.

Once he has a girlfriend, he'll move out.

What brother wants to live with his sister forever?

Don't worry.

He's a good person. Let me tell you,

when he was in college,

he received several Golden...

Some Golden something awards.

Anyway, he made short films like young people make.

He even went to Europe for a contest

and received the Bu...

the Bu... something award.

A lot of movie companies looked him up.

He got ready after he finished his military service

and worked very seriously on it for two years.


the company's producer or boss disliked

how slow he was making films and going over budget.

Anyway, he replaced him using all kinds of pretexts.

Don't you think he had gone too far?

Sister Szu-yueh, you're very close to your brother.

He's my brother,

and I'm his older sister,

so looking after him is the way it should be.

Do you have any siblings?

No, I'm an only child.

You must have been very bored when you were little.

It wasn't that bad.

It was kind of nice to be alone.

Brother, where are you?

Brother, where are you?

Why did you do that?

Get going.

Li Hsiao-ming, you're really annoying.


why haven't you checked your messages

or taken my calls?

Have you disconnected your Internet?

I just wanted to tell you...

I got promoted.

I'm working with a very strict supervisor,

but I think I can learn a lot from her.

Have you been sleeping better lately?

I just got paid,

and I'll wire transfer

8,000 dollars to you tomorrow.

Make sure to install the Internet.

Go to sleep. I'm heading out to work now.

I have signed your contact book.

Dad and Mom, are you going to divorce?

Why are you asking this question out of the blue?

I ask because you and dad fight all the time.

Dad sleeps at his company

and doesn't sleep at our home.

There are a lot of differences

between your dad and my personality and beliefs.

So it might be better for everyone if we separate.

Who do you mean by everyone?

How can you be so disrespectful talking to your mom?

It's not okay to have your mom's attitude.

What's wrong with her to have my attitude?

Do you have any opinion about it?

Dad and mom are still discussing an approach

that will be good for the three of us,

but we haven't found an answer yet.

That's why we haven't told you about it.

Why didn't you discuss something like this with me?

I'm sorry.

Everything is fine.

So, love disappears, doesn't it?

Parents' love for their child doesn't disappear.

You're lying. It's because of love

that you got married and had children.

Why don't you have love between you anymore?

No matter what,

I won't let Tien-ching live with you.

Based on your current situation,

how are you going to look after her?

Why are you fighting over her?

You can visit her any time you want.

I won't stop you.

Tien-ching has grown up,

and she needs her mom.

I know she needs her mom,

but she needs a healthy mom.

What do you mean by a healthy mom?

Is a dad who has affairs all the time healthy?

I don't have affairs all the time.

I don't want to fight you.

Since Tien-ching had such an intense reaction today,

I won't sleep at the company.

I'll sleep in Tien-yen's room.

Go to sleep.

Which legislator likes to pretend,

you all know, don't you?

What is it?

Watch it yourself.

Watch what?

It's me.

-It's funny, isn't it? -Hanshihpenshe...

It's the same She in my name.

They're very talented.

They're very talented?

What if he threw a rock at you? What would you do?

The victims' families don't have a place

to release their emotions.

I understand it.

I don't blame them.

What if you were walking in the street

while carrying Hsiao-fei?

What if we were walking in the street?

I'd protect you.

I'd stand in front of you and Hsiao-fei

and fend off all attacks.

No one would harm a hair on your bodies.

You're very good at playing dirty.

I'm only good at playing cool.

Can't you take other cases?

Do you have to be a lawyer for this kind of person?

Didn't we talk about this before?

This kind of person has a name also.

His name is Li Hsiao-ming.

Okay, let's pretend that I didn't say it.

Why are you still so stinky?

Am I?

You helped me wash.

Why don't you wash yourself once more?

I don't want to sleep with you like this.

I'm clean enough.

Do I really smell?

You do.

Attorney, I'll need to scan your body.

Why are you wasting your energy on me?

I fulfill my duty as a lawyer,

and protect my defendant's legal rights.

I don't want you to be demonized

during the legal process.

The legal processes have been confirmed.

Why are you here?

If I tell you that

I hope my child will grow up happily,

and won't ever encounter anyone else

who would commit the crime you committed,

would you be satisfied with my answer?

The reason I am here today is that

I want to tell you some things briefly.

First, I'll try to find the victims' families.

I hope they and your family will be able to...

Don't bother my family.

You are welcome to do whatever you want to,

except that.

Also, for the time of the execution,

no one is certain about the schedule.

I'd suggest that you better see your family

and say good-bye to them.

About the extraordinary appeal,

I'll take advantage...

I want to end the meeting with my lawyer.

Are you sure that

you want to end the meeting with your lawyer?


hurry. You're going to be late for school.

Do you still have enough money in your Easy Card?

Go to my office to wait for me after school.

I want to go to dad's office.


Happy birthday, baby.

Happy birthday.

It's your birthday today?


I'll have supper with you tonight.

You're being weird. It's not certain

that you'll be able to get off work.

Happy birthday.

I will have supper with you tonight.

Come and wait for me at my office.

You better keep your word.



Sister Szu-yueh.

Why are you here?

I thought you were still sleeping.

I was going to go back and make breakfast

for you and Szu-tsung.

You're up early today.

I was wire transferring money,

and wanted to go to my company earlier.

Just let me know next time.

I can do it for you.

Who are you transferring the money to?

An orphanage.

You're so caring.

Let me give you something.

Here, a little gift for you.

You'll need it at work.

Open it.

Look at your hair.

Don't cover your face.

You're so pretty and cute,

you should show your face.

Don't always look so dejected.

You should smile.

Good luck will come to you when you smile.

Alright. Hurry and go to work.

Remember to use it.

Thank you.

Remember to eat.

Can you not send message so early?

Don't you sleep at all?

My reporters complain to me all the time

about working overtime and not receiving pay.

Didn't you like to tell stories

about how you used to have social engagements

and work on news until midnight,

and even throw up while writing the news?

People will give me a hard time

and spit on me if I tell those stories.

They have to work on three news items,

and handle a lot of breaking news.

Who wants to work for you until midnight?

You aren't going to solve the problem

by complaining to me.

Sister Chiao-an, good morning.

May I ask you some questions if you have time?

Go ahead.

This is the trial 19 rundown

which I made it

after reading the news this morning.

I would like to ask you to go over it

and see if there's anything

that needs to be changed.

You put the record low salary statistics

from the Directorate-General of Budget,

Accounting and Statistics as the headline news?

I'm heading out to a meeting now.

Redo it.

May I ask you

what the headline news was yesterday?

A customer hit a shop clerk's head with milk tea.

That's it for you.

But young people are concerned

about the record low salaries.

Yes, yours is very important news as well.

But we draw our viewers in with the headline news.

Welcome to the real world at the Daily News.

We got 18 last week.

We lost to FNTN.

You know that

we have had a lot of press releases lately.

That's why our viewing rate has been affected.

I think we shouldn't

look at the age group of 15 to 44.

Overall, our viewing rate is pretty high.

I know.

The viewers between 15 and 44 years old

don't watch TV anymore.

But we can't give up on the young group.

Nowadays, it's very hard

for the sales department to get business.

Since when has it been easy

for the sales department to get business?

We can't give up the young group,

and at the same time get the middle age

and older viewers' market...

how can it be easy?

Our news department

has cooperated with the sales department.

Please don't push us too far.

That's not it, Chiao-an.

You're too cautious.

You must get the news fast if you want to win.

If you don't get the news first,

our viewers will leave us.

What we lost to FNTN is speed.

Of course, being cautious is very important.

According to a previous survey,

among the seven TV news stations,

we had the highest confidence level.

It's all thanks to Chiao-an and Bro News'

close attention to quality.

Due to the heavy rainfall recently,

the carnation harvest was impacted.

The price of carnations

has risen to 100 dollars per stem.

We interviewed some people

asking them how they dealt with

the price increase for Mother's Day.

Another news item is about

the most trendy restaurants

people go to for Mother's Day.

Every year, half a year before...

Apart from Mother's Day news,

don't you have other news to report?

The Life Section can only do consumer news.

We are also working on unethical tofu news.

And Zhengtai Clinic is promoting...

discounts for mothers' skin care

to celebrate Mother's Day.

Sung Chiao-an speaking.

You want to report the cosmetic news at 7:10?

The sales department.

Alright, but you only get one minute for it.

You can get 2.5 minutes if we report it

at eight o'clock before commercial time.

Your call.

I'm not making things difficult for you.

Okay, we'll report it by eight o'clock.

Next, it's Yulan Department Store's

anniversary celebration.


who are named Yulan

will get 20% off on their purchases.


Due to the boom

in cosmetic surgery in recent years...

Two minutes and 30 seconds.

Two minutes and 30 seconds.

...has received high praise internationally.

Especially since cosmetic surgery skills

have surpassed Korea,

it has become a new focal point

among medical fields.

In order to promote

Taiwan's cosmetic surgery technology,

Ellie Easter Medical Clinic...

Answer it.

A serious explosion took place...

The area that has been affected

by the explosion is massive.

The buildings on both sides are damaged.

Because it's peak travel season now in Phuket...

What's going on in Phuket?

How come we haven't heard any news about it?

To our knowledge,

several tourists from Taiwan are involved...


what should we do now?

I'll let the anchor do S sound.


put on scrolling text first.

Okay, got it.

Should we tell them to call up the map of Thailand?

One minute and 30 seconds back to the studio.

One minute and 30 seconds.

The news isn't confirmed yet.

Let's play forward first.

Let me type the script for S sound.


is there any news about the Phuket explosion?

I'm checking on it now.

Of course, I know I have to get the news quickly,

but I have to verify it first.

But I can't get ahold of people.

How long do you need to confirm it?

No, You. Come here.

The travel agency said that

they can't receive messages

from the two tour groups in Phuket.

Kuo-hsiang is working on it now.

My friend in Bangkok hasn't heard of it,

nor have the foreign news agencies.

The reception in Phuket isn't great now,

and we can't get in touch very people there.

Sanmin TV is reporting it now.

Why are you checking on it?

Why don't you go ahead and report it?

Go ahead and report it

if you're afraid of losing the game.

General Manger Chen.

Yes, I'm Liao Niu-shih from SBC News.

Is there anyone working in the office now?

Ten seconds.

Sister Chiao-an,

the map of Phuket has been called up

and the script for S sound is written.

Should we report live at the scene?

General Manger Chen.

What's going on now?

We're checking on it now.

Other stations have reported it,

and you're still checking on it?

I know two stations have reported it.

I can see it with my own eyes.

You must act quickly if you want to win.

If you don't have the image,

at least you should do S sound.

-One minute back to the studio. -One minute.

Report S sound.

Ah-wei, send out the teleprompter text first.

Got it.

30 seconds until back to the studio.

CAM2, you...

We have breaking news for you.

An explosion took place in

the tourist attraction of Phuket,

located in southern Thailand.

Yes, hurry. I'll be waiting for you on the line.

I'm in a hurry.

It's chaotic here.

Tien-ching, where are you going?

Dad is waiting for me downstairs.

I'm almost ready to go home with you.

Don't promise me when you can't keep your words.


Damn it.

-What the hell! -What is it?

The Thailand Trade and Economic Office

just released a statement

stating that no explosion took place.

Correction announcement

What the hell! Who released this fake news?

It's almost time to get off work.

My stomach almost got a cramp.

Alright, everyone, it's nothing.

It's over two hours

after the supposed event took place

and all the digital media have been quiet,

which is unreasonable.

Only retarded people will report it.

This is not the first fake news.

You'll be fine once you get used to it.

Is the card from Tien-ching?


Nowadays, what kids write a card to their mothers?

How mature of her.

Why is she writing about Tien-yen?

(I know you don't love me.)

(If my brother is still alive...)

(...You must be happier.)

(Happy Mother's Day. From Liu Tien-yen.)

For the last two years, when it's Mother's Day,

Chiao-an and her family are distraught.

Is it because her parents died in a car accident?

Her parents passed away over a decade ago.

It's her son.

One day before Mother's Day,

Tien-yen was at Youcheng Movie Theater,

and was one of Li Hsiao-ming's victims

He died on Mother's Day

after receiving emergency treatment.

Tell me, how is she celebrating Mother's Day?

No matter what,

we must apologize to the families

and light incense in respect.

You guys wait here.

I'll go alone.

I'll go with you.

I'll go with you.

This has nothing to do with you.

Wait here.

That's right.

You said that you would take me out for supper

on Mother's Day.

How could you leave me?

My son.

Family members, please enter.

I can't do it. I can't do it.

I really can't do it.

There are so many of them.

How do we apologize to them?

How do we compensate them?

Dad, please don't, Dad.


We can't run our business anymore.

I think we should close up the shop

and sell the house.

We can compensate the families with the money.

How are we going to compensate them?

How is it possible to compensate them?

If we close up the business and sell everything,

how are we going to live?

Come out.

Stop banging it.


there's no wine.


hurry and buy some wine.


I told you to buy some wine. Do you hear me?

My pretty wife, you've come back.

I'm running out of wine. Go buy some.

I told you to buy some wine.

Li Hsiao-wen, get up.

What do you want?

Go take a shower. Go take a shower.

What do you want?

Take a shower.

What do you want?

You're a girl,

how long will you stay so bedraggled?

It has been two years.

Clean yourself up and go out with me.

The name change process has been completed.

Thank you.

Number 48, please come to number four window.

From now on, you're called Li Ta-chih.

No matter who...

It sounds terrible.

Your name is Li Ta-chih from now on.

What use is this?

Whoever asks you,

just tell them that your parents died

in a car accident,

and your brother is dead too.

You're the only one left in the family.

You could do whatever you wanted to

after graduating from college.

Mom is not accomplished and only has a little money.

You must look after yourself in the future.

Why are you doing this?

Let three of us die if we have to.

You can't be buried along with us.


Why do you want to quit?


I hate it the most when people apologize to me.

If you are any good, don't make mistakes.

Why would you care about

what your supervisor thinks about you?

The point is how you think about yourself.

Trust me,

I can do it this time.

Go away. You're so noisy.

What happened? Why can't I get my kid?

We were the first to arrive at the scene,

why haven't we done the SNG?

Let me repeat it once more.

Do not teach me how to report news.

Before the kids are safe,

I won't do the SNG.

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