The Women's Balcony (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - What's Good for You - full transcript

So where were we?

After Felisian did all he could

to ruin Eti and Margalit's dream

of opening a restaurant...

Margalit, we've been had.

Our community rallied to help them.

What are you waiting for?
Checks, please.

After Yarin did his utmost

to ruin Ora's relationship
with the ultra-Orthodox...

That's what you're trying to do, isn't it?

For the campaign, of course,

she had had enough.

Wait, are you firing me?

And I realized
that Ora needs me more than ever

and my treatment
was getting in the way.

I came to ask for a week off.


Naftali stumbled upon

the relationship
between Yaffa and Felisian.

Good evening, Naftali.

He's a client.

Yaffa stumbled upon
Felisian's involvement

in the purchase
of the properties in the marketplace.

There's an invoice here
from Justice Holdings Ltd.

Justice Holdings is the company

that purchased all the properties.

But when she confronts him...

You want them to live
in a neighborhood that's yours.

She gets a surprising offer.

I want you.

I'd give up this project
if I had you.

Ora Nemo. Yes.

I want to invite you
to a parlor meeting--

Ora Nemo.

No, not from the cable company.

I'm running for city council.

No, I'm not selling anything, I...

One week before the elections,

I decided it was time
to activate the big guns.

Wow, look who's here.

Make that the head honchos.

-How's it going?

This is beautiful, way to go.

What? Hello?



She's lost.
The elections are one week away

and she hasn't made any headway.

What about her team?
-She fired them.


We can bring her here,

make a headquarters for her.

Good vibes, great food, why not?

The girls will help.

We won't be ready
this week as it is.

We can try them out for a week.

We can do the opening
on election day.

Celebrate for Ora.

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-



I don't believe it.

Thank you, Eti.

My pleasure, sweetie.

Margalit, thank you.

Ora, this isn't a surprise party,

we have work to do.
Come, Margalit.

Jackie, they finally want to meet.

No, I don't want to.

Lay off them for a while, do nothing.


Like a day or two?

I don't know.
I'll update you if I change my mind.

Really, Jackie?

As you wish,
but just know

they're inclined to sign.

They keep changing their minds.

If you ask me,
we should pounce now.

But I didn't ask you!

So lay off, Hanuka, you hear me?

Look at this,
Yaeli brought all her friends.

There's drinks for everyone

and if you're hungry
there's lots of food.


Isn't it a problem
that they're dressed like that?

They'll get spit at.
-That crossed my mind too,

but what can we say?

Let's bring them shirts
with your slogan on them.

Tikva, you're a genius.

Stop it,
sick lady here...

Speaking of,
when's your treatment this week?

I have the week off.

Fine, so I fibbed a little,

is it my fault
that Dr. Azam wasn't on board?

Did he really think I'd miss the party
for 0.2 percent?

Let's get to work,
I have some new ideas.

Oh, look at this.
-Hi, Naftali.

How are you?
-Fine, and you?

I have a delivery for you.
-What is it?

What is it?

Aw, bless you.

What would we do without you?
-My pleasure.

Come inside and eat.
There's lots of food. It's kosher.

No thank you,
I just came to bring the certificate.

What's the rush?
Yaffa isn't home as it is.

-I told her she's overdoing it,

the work's not going anywhere.

What's she doing there all day?

Eti, can I ask you something?
-Of course.

What exactly happened with Felisian?

Felisian? -Yes.


Just a guy
who gave everyone grief.

It's a good thing he went away.

He didn't, he's here.

I saw him at Yaffa's office,
she's helping him with his accounting.

He has some construction project.

Should I be worried, Eti?

Are you kidding me?

You bought nine apartments
and four shops

and you're telling me
you want to cut short the project?


That's exactly what I'm telling you.

It's small change for me, Yaffa,
I couldn't be bothered.


This and this

and this.

This too.

These are all mine.

You think those crummy apartments
will make a difference to me?

And this is my house.

This is where I'm taking you.

Nice view, right?

What a pest.

Jackie, God loves you,

don't ask what's going on here.

It's done, I'm getting you the restaurant.
Talk to me.

Can't you give them something to do?

I didn't know there'd be so many,
I'm not prepared.

They can make phone calls.
Where's the lists Yarin made?

We called everyone already.

So they can call again.

-I'll bring them tomorrow.

God help you.

-Hey, Eti, how's it going?

Tell me, that buyer of yours...
-You still interested?

Yes, I want to meet him.

His name's Felisian, right?

Wait, how do you know his name?
-You told me.

I told you?

Too much coffee...

Don't forget to tell him.

I got this, Eti.

Damn that Hanuka.

Even though Felisian told him to back off,

as soon as he saw an opportunity
to start a new war

he jumped at it.

He can't help himself.

Excuse me,
do you work for Mrs. Ora's campaign?

Yes. -Where is she?
-She's inside.

Here? -Yes.
-Thank you.

Mrs. Ora. -Yochi.

How are you?
-Praise God.

I'm happy to see you.

Mrs. Ora, these are my friends.

We talk about you all the time.

What's to talk about?

We all appreciate
what you did for my Baruchi.

I assume it hurt your campaign
and it would be unfair

if you're not elected because of it.

So we're here to help.

That's great.

They came to help me.

Come drink some water first.
-Thank you.

You see?

Great, three more unemployed women.

When Eti connected all the dots,

she realized what Felisian was up to.

But this time she'll stay out of it,

this one's on Naftali.

Worry. Be very worried.

Sweetheart, you must do something.

He has power over her
that she doesn't realize herself.

Go to 18 Geula Street,
the Rokover family,

we got a report
they have a computer at home.

Get the father's consent,
take it downstairs

and smash it on the sidewalk.

And don't forget to take pictures.

Stand firm.

Avram Yitzhak, come here.

Give me the ball.

Go home. Study Torah.

-What is this?

What is this place?
-I don't know,

it looks like a pub.

I never thought I'd see such a place

in our neighborhood
in holy Jerusalem. It breaks my heart.

What does Mrs. Nemo have to do with this?
-It's her campaign headquarters.

That explains it.
That woman is trouble,

big trouble!
-It's immoral.

I closed up the office and left.

How can I work
in this obscene atmosphere?

It's disgusting.
Oy, oy, that's Yochi Pomeranz.

Oy vey.

Okay, listen,

be sure we won't let this slide.

Yes? -Yes.
-God keep you.

Thank you, I'm relieved.
-Take care. -You too.

Give this back to the kid.

I got them to back off
the challah ritual,

they won't ask you again.

Thank you.


will you come to synagogue on Saturday?

No one will approach you, I promise.

We'll see.

Naftali, can you finish up here?

I want to take a shower.
-Sure, no problem. Yaffa.


I can't take it anymore.

I see you're distressed.

Let's talk and solve the problems.

Why don't you talk to me?

I have nothing to say.

I don't know what I want.

I have to think,

I have to figure it out for myself.

I need time.

I need to be alone to decide.

Decide, Yaffa?

To understand.

I meant to understand.

"Sometimes you have to do things
that you never thought you'd do."

I wrote that for one of Ora's speeches.

There you go,

I never would have thought
that I'd make this phone call.

Hello? -Yarin?

-Hi, it's Tikva.

-Tikva, Tikva.

Ora's Tikva?
-Uh huh...

You're still alive?

I'm trying. How about you?

How's the life of idleness?



I got it for you.

-What you asked for.

A big bag.

The doctor says it's good stuff.

When will you come get it?

Look who's here!
-Good morning. -Good morning.

So, you're alone?

Yes. I was fired too.
She has a new HQ.

Who's running her campaign?

That's what I wanted to discuss with you.

There's tons of action
and she can't cope,

you have to come back.

Come back? -Yes.

As if nothing happened.

Does she...

know about this?
-She will.

Let's go,
I'll tell you on the way.

Tikva, what about the...

what we discussed on the phone.


I guess my memory's messed up
from the chemo. Remind me.

The weed?

The medical marijuana?

Are you insane?
You want to run a campaign stoned out?

Let's go.

Come on. -Wait.


Look who I found.

Just the person I need.

Hi, Ora, how are you?

Tikva updated me on the way,

the mess.
Don't worry, we're sort it out.

You can win, Ora.

I'm here because I want to help you,
no stunts, I promise.

Let's divide everyone into task teams

and gather for a discussion.

There's tons of work.
-Let's get started.

Jews! Jews!

Jews, danger!

Everyone follow me!

Gevalt! SOS!

Gevalt! Gevalt!

Gevalt! Gevalt!


What do you want?

What do you want?

What do you want?

Take counsel,
it shall be brought to nought.

Speak the word
and it shall not stand.

Speak the word
and it shall not stand.

Let's call the police now!

Yochai. Yochai.

A place like that in this neighborhood?
What have we come to?

Hold this, help me here.

What place?
It's a kosher restaurant.

Do you hear what you're saying?

That's even worse.

Mixing kosher with this filth?

You're making a mistake.
I don't know who...

Hold this.

Yochai, someone's using you.
Listen to me.

You're treating these honest women unfairly.

Oh please, it's the same woman
who defamed the rabbis.

It's disgraceful.

But this time we won't let it slide,

we'll go all the way.

This is a holy war, no concessions.

Hold this.
Give me that.

What do we do?

They can't be convinced.

You're jinxed, I swear.

On the other hand,

might as well think
how we can benefit from this.

We can convene the media.

Fine, it was just a suggestion.

It's my duty to suggest.

Don't touch me!

Abomination! Abomination!

It can ruin their business,
they're counting on this clientele.

Rabbi, I have to help them

and I don't know how.

I talked to their operations officer,
he's obtuse,

he won't listen to anyone,

except his rabbi perhaps.

But I...

I can't

confront Rabbi Zonenfeld.

Such a revered rabbi,
I'm nothing compared to him.

Rabbi, can you talk to him?

You have respect for one another,

it would be a discussion between equals.

He has a congregation behind him,

you have a congregation behind you,

you're both messengers, that's all.

Thank you, Rabbi.

Give him my regards,

and remind him

that I still owe him a meal.

Gevalt! -Gevalt!

-Yochi Pomeranz,

have you lost your mind?

Go home now, you hear me?

Go home!

Yochi Pomeranz, watch out!

The punishment is death!

Take heed, Yochi Pomeranz, take heed!


Don't go into that cursed place.

Take heed, Yochi Pomeranz, take heed!

Come in, Rabbi.

You have four minutes.

Rabbi, I'm Naftali Ohayon,

I'm here on behalf of my congregation,
the Musayof congregation.

Rabbi, please listen
on their behalf because...

on my behalf
I wouldn't dare say what I'm about to.

Rabbi, you're treating us with callousness.

You're denying the livelihood
of two good, honest women

without having checked the facts,

and why?

Because it's an easy battle.

You are many, we are few.

Because we're a fly

that mustn't bother the lion's nose.

The Rabbi knows that no business
will last in this neighborhood

without your blessing,

so mustn't you check many times over
before ruining a person's livelihood?

Rabbi, the damage has been done,

the restaurant has been targeted,

it will never be the success
it could have been

had it been judged by its nature alone.

I ask that you stop this storm

and save these good women from bankruptcy.

Thank you, Rabbi.

And forgive me,
I am just a messenger.

Rabbi, I almost forgot,

Rabbi Menashe sends his regards,

he hasn't forgotten
the meal he owes you.

Bye, Naftali.
-Yaffa, I'll be off early today,

maybe we can do something
this afternoon.


I don't know if I can.

Alright, that's okay.

Bye for now.

Too bad you didn't tell me before,

I can't on the spur of the moment.

It's okay,
we'll find some other time.

Do what's best for you.

Stop saying that.

-"Do what's best for you."

Why do you keep saying that?

Is that the nicest thing
you have to say to me?

Since you've become a rabbi
you haven't said you love me.

Just "do what's best for you."

Can't a rabbi tell his wife
that he loves her?

It's not modest enough?

Or maybe you just don't.

Who knows if they'll come for lunch.

Ora said they would.

They're handing out flyers in the market.

They'll take a break.

They could be our last clients...

This circus will end.

How long do you think they can keep it up?

Even if they leave, it won't stop.
They won't back down.

They don't want us here.

Not them,
not Hanuka, not Felisian.

How are you, Margalit?

They're still here, huh?

I was sure their rabbi would listen to me,

I thought he'd stop this.

I'm trying to figure out
what else I can do.



I apologize for the reception.

I finally get to see
this beautiful home you made for us here

and perhaps eat your food.

If it's alright by you,

I invited a guest for lunch.


I'm ashamed to welcome your guest like this.

I hope he won't be alarmed.

Maybe that would be a good thing.


We do not believe
in the regime of heretics

We do not abide by their laws

We do not abide

On the path...

-Greetings to you.

Well, finally.

I've only been waiting 15 years
for this meal.

I finally found a place
worth dining in together.

Excuse me, may I?

Excuse me?

Please come into our restaurant
and join us,

come in and eat.

Why not start over?

You heard the lady.

Let's go.


All the way in.

Let's go, people.

Go in, good man.


Did you think it over? -I did.

-I don't know yet

and you said no pressure.
-I'm asking.


What's that about?

You know this is what you should do.

It's not that easy,

he'll take it hard.

Of course he will,
he'll be devastated.

But not because of you,
because of his rabbinate.

Let's just go away.

He'll get the hint.

He will?


I'm kidding.

Take your time.

Find the way to tell him.
I'll wait.

Hey, Naftali.

Come in, we're done here.

Tomorrow, Kobi?

I just remembered
a nice story I read and...

I wanted to tell you.

If I may?

Of course.

So there was this rabbi
who at the end of each day

would stand at the Yeshiva gate
and bid his students farewell.

He would shake their hands and say,

"I love you."

Except one student
who was a troublemaker,

the rabbi would say,

"I want the best for you."

The student got offended
and started hitting the books,

but no matter what he did didn't help,

the rabbi kept saying,

"I want the best for you."

One day the student
got up the courage and said to the rabbi,

"Rabbi, why do you tell everyone
that you love them

"and to me it's only,
'I want the best for you'?"

The rabbi smiled and said,

"Loving mankind is loving yourself,

"but wanting the best for someone

"is an unconditional love."


I love you. Very much.

But more than loving you,

I want what's best for you.

If that means going with him, then go.

Do what's best for you.

What's this?

What's going on?

Naftali, is it Purim?

I don't know,
I was sent up here too.

I don't know what they're planning.

A revolt, that's what.

Good morning.
-Good morning.

If men are commanded -
"make for yourself a teacher,"

it's only fitting the women do so too.

I read the books on Jewish law
to find out what being a rebbetzin means

but astonishingly,
they don't say a thing.

So we women put our heads together
to figure out my role

and if you agree, dear men,
we can settle on this.

Don't push.

So we were thinking...

I'll be a rebbetzin
who gives advice

only on financial matters.

That's not bad.
-What does that mean?

I'll explain afterwards.

And I'll be in charge
of the synagogue's finances.

But Aaron...

No, no.

I say, why not? Gladly.

May God bless you, Yaffa.

Beg for loans,
ask for money, mop the floors.

Gladly. Bless you.

Yaffa got the synagogue's finances
out of Aaron's hands,

it's like the messiah has come.

That's not true, Tikva.

Where did you come from?

And why are you butting in?
-Because you're wrong.

I gave Yaffa the job wholeheartedly.

On the contrary, good luck to her.

Fine, Aaron, give me a break,

I still have the elections to deal with.

People, all eyes on me.

Today is the day.

Okay? It's happening today.

No matter what we did till now,

today will determine
if we win or fail.

The elections
for the local authorities are underway.

11,000 polling stations
in 4,000 hubs nationwide.

In several cities it's head to head

between the incumbent
and the contender.

We'll be here with a special broadcast tonight

with all the updates.

We have a candidate

that must be on the council

and we'll get her there

because she has to be there.

Let's go, it's happening today!

Get up, go,

go, go, go! On your feet!

It's happening today.
-It's happening today.

It's happening today.

Before the results come in,
I must say a few words.

This journey began

with the naïve stupidity

of a woman

who knows nothing about politics.

As time went by I understood

less and less.

And if I'm here today

it's thanks to two people
who supported me the whole time

and never let me fall,

Tikva and Yarin.

Tikva, Yarin, raise your hands
so we can see you. Are you here?

She's not good in the dark. Tikva.

Where are they?

I swear, you rock.

-You rock. -But...

don't tell Aaron,
he doesn't know.

Who's Aaron?

"Who's Aaron?"
Aaron, my husband.

You're an ass.
-So kill me, I forgot.

Give it here. Don't hog it.


But any stupider than you are now,

that's mush.


Suddenly I'm starving.

I haven't felt hungry
in such a long time.


The results keep coming in,

we'll keep updating you
as the night goes on.

We want to focus
on the smaller parties,

that ones that stood out
during this turbulent election campaign,

and see how it ended for them.

Let's start with Jerusalem

and a story we followed on News 12.

Ora Nemo is an independent...
-Oh! Sshhh...

identified with the struggle
against the exclusion of women

and who aroused fury
among the ultra-Orthodox.

She endured a difficult campaign,

she was attacked
and even received death threats.

How does this night end for her?
Did it pay off?

Well, based on the results,
Ora Nemo

makes it into the council
and makes history tonight.

We won! We won!

Victory! Victory!

So that's us.
Always here, always together.

No matter what we went through,
we didn't go anywhere.

Ora! Ora! Ora!

We celebrated all night long,
as long as we only could,

because tomorrow morning,
when we get up,

who knows what will remain
of this glorious triumph.