The Wire (2002–2008): Season 4, Episode 3 - Home Rooms - full transcript

With his lead dwindling, Royce resorts to extreme measures to stall Carcetti's momentum. At Bodie's corner, Michael proves adept as a runner, with Bodie and Marlo taking notice. A re-up bodega is put under surveillance by Omar and Greggs.

Yo, Renaldo!

- Renaldo!
- Que?

Next time you finish up the box,
you need to holler on it, yo.

Sí sí.

Hey, y'all, it's Omar.

- Omar.
- There he is.

- Omar step, yo.
- Omar, yo.

Y'all ain't got
no Honey Nut?

Whatever you see.

And a carton of Newports.

Omar comin'.

Hey, y'all,
here he come.

Omar. Omar.

Omar strollin'.

They don't have
the Honey Nut?

- I don't even want this, dawg.
- Why not?

It ain't what you're taking,

it's who you taking it from,
you feel me?

How you expect to run
with the wolves come night

when you spend all day
sporting with the puppies?

- So you staying with Royce, I see?
- What you mean?

Oh, man.

Makes sense since I know
you got your fill of Carcetti.

They've been puttin' up
a crop of these things

on every lawn
on the block.

And as fast as I take 'em down,
they bring more.

That's what they do
this time of year.

I see you're
at your leisure.

I work two nights a week,

three day shifts
and no weekends.

I'm off till this afternoon.

You're good with it?

It ain't the Hopkins gig,
but it'll do.

Pullin' 52, good bennies,
got a take-home car.

I mean the hotel manager's
a pain in the ass, but still.

Well, if you was a bit free,
I heard something.

This thing over at University of
Maryland School of Social Work--

- they got a grant. Big money.
- Just stop.

Half a million to look at
repeat violent offenders,

clinical intervention--
all that mess.

So they gonna study
some shit, huh?

You sure? 'Cause I sold 'em on it,
should you want it.

Bunny, you're a big man
down on the campus.

You the police
that legalized it.

The college boys
loved that mess.

Nobody else did, though.

Well, I tried.

You did.

Yo, blacktops, pandemic.

got that pandemic.


My mac, pandemic,
blacktops right here.

That's my boy, right?

Ain't taking no handouts,
but he workin' for it.

See what I mean?

This nigga's made
a little something out of this corner.

Now hold on, son.
We're just talking now.

- All right?
- Man, y'all did good with this spot.

You a rightful hustler.

What's your name again, man?
Boney? Biddy?

- What's it now?
- You know my name.

Yeah, but now
here's the thing:

With this spot
all built up and shit,

- we need it, yo.
- Yeah.

- What?
- Two choices:

You can start taking our packages
or you can step off.

My man Chris is
gonna holla at you, all right?

You tell him
what it need to be.

Don't wait for the pandemic.
It's right here, y'all.

Don't sleep
on the pandemic.

I want to know more
about that boy right there.

Got good signs on him.

Big paws on a puppy, huh?

Yeah, big paws
on a puppy.

To a "T."

Get that blacktop
before you flop.

Get that pandemic.

The truth is we don't know
why he was killed.

It could have had something to do
with him being a witness

or it could be unrelated.

Now, whoever leaked that shit
to Carcetti's camp,

- they lied on us.
- Yeah, well, that's it.

Eight points--
close as Carcetti gets.

He wants to go
big dick with me?

I'll show him
what he can't handle.

We put it out there:

Anyone contributing
to both sides

gets frozen out
of my next term.

- No one rides the middle anymore.
- Done.

Next, I want DPW and HCD
out there today

tearing down
all Carcetti's signs.

Any lamppost, median,
any city-owned buildings,

unless the homeowner's
out there arguing,

- tear it down.
- Done.

Third, I want transpo

camped outside of
Carcetti's headquarters.

Any car, any violation,
the meter flag goes up,

- inspection sticker-- tow it.
- Done.

Next, you two,
slow it down.

Nothing else comes out
about that murder

until after the primary.

And I want both of you

to go to the press
and talk down that witness angle.

Take the full weight
either way it goes.

Clarence, I'm running dead even
with Bond right now.

How are you gonna be running
if I drop you from the ticket?

Okay, that's it.
Thank you, gentlemen.

Go to it. Now.

- Mr. Mayor.
- Mm-hmm.

- What?
- Carcetti has a point.

I went down to Annapolis,

got matching funds
for witness protection.

You didn't earmark a dime
to put 'em into play.

- Next fiscal year.
- Don't claim poverty on this.

We're only talking
a quarter of a million.

I match those funds now
and that motherfucker Carcetti,

he's got a campaign highlight:

"Tommy Carcetti expands
witness protection program.

Fought for
and won extra funds."

Hell with that!

I go after that state-match funds
after the election.

Naw naw,
I paid for three pills.

Look, blue shirt
gets two.

- Naw, I get two.
- White shirt gets one.

- Cheatin' motherfucker.
- I get four.

Look, blue shirt gets two,
white one, no shirt one.

Now y'all can take what
y'all paid for and walk away

or just walk away with nothing.
Motherfuck a refund.

No, nigga,
I paid for three.

You need to rethink what putting
a hand on me's gonna get you.

You can thank your friend here
for snatching away y'all highs.

Yo yo, hold up, hold up.
Can I get my two?

Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.

You don't rattle. Yo, you come up
under my wing, young'un,

you ain't gonna do nothin'
but rise, man.

I don't even know why
you thinkin' about quittin'.

Look, man,
like I already told you--

I'm all the way repaid,
and tomorrow's school.

Come on, man, what the fuck
do you want to go to school for?

What do you want to be?
An astronaut?

A dentist?
A pay lawyer, nigga?

Look, check it out:

Why don't you just come
down here after school

and just work
these rush hours for me.

How about that:

Hey. Hey.

That's great. Thank you.
I know that kind of money--

I said I know that kind of money
doesn't come easy to anyone.

No, it's just something
on my end here--

some construction
or something-- right.

Yeah, right.
Thanks again.

Two hours, 30 grand.

Am I getting the hang
of this or what?

What the fuck is that?

DPW's tearing up
the sidewalk

right outside our door.

You really pissed him off.

Yes, I did, didn't l?

Come on.
Door-to-door in lrvington.

- Right.
- And we got that dead witness tonight.

Yeah. Federal?

Naw, she ain't no federal.

That there a city girl.

I like shorty too.
She's all right...

as long as she don't
get in my way.

Re-up right there.

Por qué:

School ain't starting
till tomorrow, right?

The little one'll be all dressed up
with nowhere to go.

Yeah, you know it too,
don't you, girl?

The camera-- if you go
in front, they're gonna--

They're supposed
to know it's me, man.

I'm my own trademark.
You feel me?

Sí, but if they know
it's you, then--

What, you scared
on bein' made, huh?

Claro que sí.

How 'bout I put you
in one of them full-body bunny suits?

You'd be like a six-foot rabbit
putting a pistol in their face.

Let me get a pack
of Juicy Fruit.

You look like one of them
half-soul, half-Chinese types

from Vietnam and shit.

Come again now,

Patience, girl.

More patience.

The guy drives a shit box.
He's got a two-bit minimart,

but the back door in there
is reinforced steel,

and the security camera
on the street is high-end.

Not only that, but I think
I made the re-up today:

Schoolgirl with
a heavy backpack.

Hmm. Well, I pulled
Andre's phone history

trying to find
Marlo's organization,

cross-referencing DNRs
to other cells.

This is Fruit.
This is Monk,

and there's three or four
other good probables.

Not likely to find a direct line
to Marlo that way.

Andre had to go through Monk
to get to him.

No, but we might get
a cell on Chris Partlow,

or for tote or for one,
of the top lieutenants.

- We're gettin' close.
- Uh-huh.

Deputy pulled me downtown.
You guys aren't into any shit,

- are you?
- No, sir.

Good he wasn't down
at the ocean today.

And the subpoenas?

You won't see
a page of anything

until after the primary.

After that,
if a document lands

and there's no one
there to read it,

will the mayor and his people
honestly give a shit?

Other than that,
what can I tell you

except to get that unit
back on the street where it belongs?

Lieutenant, you are relieved
from command of Major Crimes.

You've done exceptional work,
and in light of that,

we want you to improve
the performance

of another vital aspect
of our mission--

- Sir?
- Telephone Reporting Unit.

You report there
tomorrow, 0800.

Have I done
something wrong?

Lieutenant Marimow will be
taking over Major Crimes.

If you need to brief him,
do so promptly.

Yes, sir.

Jimmy, how's that
beach house coming?

um, fine, sir--

Great. Sounds great.

Yeah, hand me
the colander, will you?

He's early.

You get the door.
I'll do that.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Come in.

- Ooh, smells good.
- Spaghetti-- nothing fancy.

"Côtes du Rhône"?

Yeah, the sommelier
behind the plexi said it was dry.

- Hey, Beadie!
- Hey, Bunk, how you doing?

Whoa, look at you!
Blonde and all.

- You like it?
- I do, I do.

Hey, kids.

This is Jack, that's Cary.
This is Detective Moreland.

- Hi.
- Hi!

- Call me Bunk.
- Let me open this wine.

Yeah, that's right.
Let that shit breathe.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

- That's all right. They hear worse.
- Yeah, no doubt.

So, you want ice
in yours?

No, man, that's
a double-digit vino.

- Even has a cork.
- Swell.

- I like your binders.
- Thanks!

McNulty gave them to us.

- McNulty?
- Yeah.

- Not Jimmy?
- No.

Uncle Jimmy? Jim?

- No.
- No:

Daddy? Pops?


Oh, just plain McNulty.

And if I take
his weak-ass product,

that means I'll be makin' less money,
you know what I'm sayin'?

Only reason I could bring
any life to this strip

is because of the good shit
that y'all was givin' me.

then I'm standing here like
a asshole holding my Charles Dickens

'cause I ain't got
no muscle, no backup.

Shit, man. Yo, if this
was the old days?

Yeah, now, well,
the thing about the old days,

they the old days.

People I'm working with now...

So you want to bump with Marlo
over real estate?

You're on your own.
But if you want my advice--

I don't, man.
I don't.

Bodie. Yo, Bodie.

I lost the wholesale

to every crew
in Winchester homes.

Them horses takin'
Marlo's shit now.

He pushin' the independents
over hilltop, too.

I lost three crews
there this month.

What about the East Side?

There we got
a much bigger problem:

all those ugly-ass bitches
in Yankee hats

chasin' all
the locals away.

I heard them New York boys
ran off most of Delroy's people,

and those that stay
gotta take they package.

Man, all this theorizing
about how it be product,

not territory?

You can't talk that shit

if a nigga snatchin'
all of the territory

an' won't take
none of your product.

See, the thing is Marlo's
only takin' a little bite.

Them New York cats is like
Wal-Mart comin' to town.

Me, personally, I think
it's time Wal-Mart went home.

If we gonna bump with 'em,
it's got to be all of us.

I tell you what: I'd like to see
Marlo with us in on that one.

You know what I mean?
One big Baltimore team.

Yeah, Marlo can make an inconvenient
nigga disappear, can't he?

I heard he got
some kinda hookup

at this funeral home
in Westport.

Coffin goes in there
needs two pallbearers.

Come out, you need eight
to carry that bitch,

you know what I mean?

Nah nah. He usin'
them shut-up rowhouses.

Dump a body in there, no one
can tell one smell from another.

Well, whatever he doin',
he cold, but he ain't stupid.

Think it's time to try again
to talk to the boy.

I hope you got better shit
to say than Stringer

'cause young'un ain't given
no one an ear yet.

Dang, Jimmy, you're
a domesticated motherfucker.

Yeah, I guess I am.

Yeah, we're good.

How's everything
at the port?

- Quiet.
- It's quiet everywhere.

- Even the Western.
- Yeah.

I'm having a hard time
with it, though.

Somethin' ain't right.

Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

- You working something?
- Yeah, I got this one case.

I know who the shooter is
but can't find him.

He'll turn up.

- Maybe.
- More?

Oh, mercy.
No, ma'am.


I was thinking we might
go out for a little taste.

Unless you got to
tuck in the kids.

- I don't know.
- Oh, it's fine, Jimmy. You go.

I'll tuck 'em in.

She trusts you.


Can't go to dinner without
catching a page, huh? What now?

Her john jumps in the shower.
She rummages his wallet.

He figures it out
and beats on her

till the people next door
call the front desk.

Sir, if she doesn't have
the money on her,

I don't know
what I can do.

Did you beat
that woman in there?

I just want
my money back.

Excuse me, Mr. Gergen.

I need a moment
with my director of security.

If she presses charges,
I'm cuffin' that motherfucker.

Mr. Colvin, this is
a delicate matter.

"Delicate"? Shit.

Mr. Gergen represents
a national consortium

of convention planners,
and he's been a friend of the hotel--

Mr. Colvin:
Mr. Colvin:

Now, you took his cash
and he beat you good, huh?

How much
he beat you for?

How much:

Give me the cuffs.

No, Mr. Colvin. I...

What the fuck is this?

She steals my money,
and you're gonna lock me up?

You're gettin' charged
with assault.

You wanna charge her
with the theft,

I'll put the cuffs
on her, too.

But you in a wagon,

Mr. Colvin,
this is not acceptable.

No. He's goin'
in a wagon.

Mr. Colvin,
I have to insist.

30 years
a police officer,

I never took cuffs
off a right charge.

Ain't about to start now.

You're not a police officer,
Mr. Colvin.

You work for us.

Naw, I'm good.

You nursin' that thing
like a baby bird.

You know those little corner joints
in the ghetto

that sell subs,
and fried chicken, lake trout?

Lake trout:

Like egg creams
in New York.

No eggs, no cream.


No lake, no trout.

They're pogies.
Whitefish, trash fish.

White trash fish.

I mean, "lake trout."
That's all marketing.

It's just all dressed up
like something it ain't.

You know
what I'm sayin'?

Sometimes it is what it is.

It really is.

That's deep.

I like the way
you think.

Yeah, you too.

Hold on.

Dang, Bug, if you can tie one shoe,
you can tie the other one.

You hear me?

Cookies all on your face.

Come on.

What up, shorty?
Ready for the first day?

Yeah, he can't wait
to be in the third grade.

Ain't that right, Bug?




Look at all these big-ass
eighth graders out here.

Look like some sixth-graders
gonna get banked.

Yo, come in here.
I wanna show y'all somethin'.

Go ahead, Bug.

Yo, what up, boy?
That jersey's crazy, son.

Where you get that at?

Yo, check it.

This dude in the joint
with my father drew these.

I'm about
to get one on my arm.

Is this you? Why would you
get yourself on your arm?

In case you forget
what you look like?

Yo, what do
these mean, man?

this one means "heart"--

Iike, you know,
"He got heart"--

and that means "lion."

How you know that?

Word, the dude
could be playing you.

Like, this one,
instead of "heart,"

it could mean like
"bitch" or something.

And like this one, it could mean
like "pussy" or "clown."

Come on, man.
Fuck y'all motherfuckers.

- They probably do, too.
- Man, get outta my house.

Understand something
about me:

I may be wearing
these bars,

but I worked the bricks
to earn 'em,

and I am stone-cold police
first, last, and always.

Froze my balls off
in the winter,

sweated 'em in the summer,
ran, jumped,

rolled in the dirt with
the bad guys 24/7/365.

Now, I'm a great admirer
of this unit.

Avon Barksdale? That was
a 14-point buck you bagged.

However, we are
gonna do better.

And if there's a case
to be made out there,

we'll make it together

with good work
and good supervision of that work.

I want to be briefed
every step of the way.




Yo, who you got?

I got... "Prez"--
"Prez"-- what?

I got Mrs. Scott. Fuckin' hate
that foul bitch, man.

Man, she ain't that bad.
At least you ain't got Sampson.

Yeah, I know.

Yo, Michael,
who you got?


Yo, he new and white.
We got it made.

Uh-oh, look at this.

Where is your fine
take-home car?

Got took home.

We need to talk.

Sixth grade is
on the first floor!

Seventh grade is
on the second.

Eighth-grade homeroom
is on the third floor!

Don't go up
the down staircase.

Quickly and quietly,

I see you, Quantell.

I see you too.

School's getting ready
to start. Come on.

Hi, dear.
Good to see you back.

Yo, what up, Turner.
You back for more?

Aw, damn, man.
I love the first day, son.

Everybody all friendly
an' shit.

Namond Brice.
Already, we're starting?

Damn, man.

Next time, they stay
in my drawer.

Yo, whatever, man.

I know, right?
Already, son.

I know, right?
We're seventh graders.

Yo, dang.
You see Neesy?

Yo, them bitches
is on steroids, word.

Word, son.
Send them bitches to lran.

That shit'd be over
in a heartbeat.

Okay, check the chart
to see where you're sitting.

Check the chart.

Hi, I'm Randy.

How are you doing,

Check the chart.

Okay. Good morning.

Okay, good morning.

Yo! Shut up!

Good morning.

I'm your homeroom teacher,

My name is
Mr. Pryzbylewski.

But you can call me
Mr. Pryzbylewski.

Okay. Let's find out
who you are.

This is Mrs. Donnelly.

Teachers, we had trouble
with first bells,

so expect the class change
to ring in one minute.

Students will walk, not run,
to classes in an orderly manner.

Okay, um, we'll, uh,

get to know each other
a little later.

Sorry. Excuse me.
Excuse me.


Uh, sorry.

Where my bus passes at?

Crystal Judkins,
you're not listed.

Crystal? I look
like Crystal to you?

I'm Charlene.

Ronald Parker:

Ha. Karim Williams.
Ronald over there.

Aw Jeez.

Yo, Mr. Prez, I need a hall pass
for the bathroom.

It's an emergency.

Everyone, I need
those bus passes back.

Hold on. Whoa.
Everyone, stay where you are.

Stay where--
I need those passes back.

It's an emergency.
Mr. Prez...

Everyone, I need
those bus passes back.

The kids that need them...

- Mr. Prez...
- What?

Just take one.

I need those
bus passes back!

No one leaves this room

until Mr. Pryzbylewski
gets those bus passes back.

Do I need
to say that twice?

Thank you.

Thank you.

You'll get the hang of it.

Come in.

Are you coming in
or what?

I'm coming in, okay?

You asked
to see me, sir?

I did.

Seeing as how I like to know
my boys in depth:

why'd you want this unit?


I took the sergeant's test,
scored pretty high,

but not high enough.
And Lieutenant Hoskins,

we went through
the academy together.

He said that this--
this is a good detail

for going up the ladder.

I mean I know
you have to do it for a while,

but maybe next year,
if I do good here,

they'll reach down for me.

Next year, huh?

I mean, for some things,
that's a long time to wait.

Excuse me:

I hear you're a good cop.

I also hear you recognize
who your friends are

and that
you're loyal to them.

Did I hear
all that right?


Where are you
on the list?

32. They took 15, but--

Thirt-- man, I thought you were
gonna say something like 60,

or, you know, 95.

Hey, let me call
my man Burrell.

No need in wasting
good police like you

around politicians.

I don't even know
what to say, Mr. Mayor.

This-- this is unexpected.

Don't mention it.

Today being the first day,
let's have some fun.

I'm gonna throw you
a little math puzzle,

see if I can get you
thinking on your feet.

Andre is leaving Baltimore...

Uh, Mr. Prezbo,
I need to change my seat

'cause this boy here
smells like a garbage can.

All right, you need to work a little
on your compassion skills.

Yeah, he needs
to work a little

on his soap
and water skills.

All right,
like I was saying,

uh, my friend Andre
is leaving Baltimore.

He's going
60 miles an hour--

Hey, what side of Baltimore,
east or west?

It doesn't make
any difference.

That's what you think.

Okay, east.

West, west, okay?


Uh, and he's going, uh,
to Philadelphia...

Man, Philly's ass.

Yo, you think
Allen lverson is ass?

- Okay, stop.
- He only play for them.

He ain't from there.

Hey, I never play
for the Sixers

no matter how much
they pay me.

Nigga, they'd pay yo' ass
to go away. Ha ha.


Okay, Andre's leaving Baltimore,
West Baltimore,

traveling 60 miles per hour.

He's going to Philadelphia
which is 80 miles away.

What kind of car?

Hey, he drivin' on l-95,

he need to watch out
for the state police.

They be profilin' niggas.

He ain't say Andre
was black, yo.

C'mon, Randy. "Andre"?
From the West Side?

- Hey, he ain't say he was black.
- Yo, you know he black.

Okay. Okay.

I said okay!

Mr. Prezbo.
You say he travelin' in a car.

Is he driving? Or is he
like in the back seat?

All right, you know what?
Fun is fun--


Take your seats!

Everybody sit down!


Everything okay in here?

Why isn't
Officer Massey present?

Working overnight
on the wire.

Attendance at all office
meetings is now mandatory.

Inform her.

And this Marlo Stanfield?
This is the best we can do?

- Sir?
- This is the guy

we're wasting months
chasing with a wiretap?

We could be on the street doing
a dozen other different things.

Stanfield is a comer.

He's got a lot
of West Side real estate.

How many bodies on him?

He fought a war against
the Barksdales last year

and dropped a few,
but nothing recent.

Nothing recent?

He owns West Baltimore
but with no bodies:

Maybe it's just me,
but in 18 years out there,

I have never seen
a carnivore eat a carrot.

He's been quiet
for a time--

"For a time"? This city's up
to its hips in blood

and you are sitting on
one guy with a history?

Okay, here's the new
world order, guys.

I want good, quick rips.

Six, 10,
12 felony cases a month.

That means no more long-ass wiretaps,
no more subpoenas,

no more mincing
around on shit.

We get out on the street
and come back with stats.

The Barksdale case
is closed,

and when the Stanfield wire
comes up for another 30 days,

we close out on that as well.

You know,
to hell with this.

We got a wiretap up, and a judge
decides when it comes down.

Well, Detective,

the Deputy Ops is gonna
talk to you about that.

Table B.
Put those cards away.

Kareem Myers.
Sit down.

Yo, yo, listen, listen.

Kit Kats' $1,
Snicker bar's $1,

Warheads' $1,
Twizzlers' $1.

Man, Sour Patch 50c,
and gum 50c.

Anything you can get
at the store,

I can get in here
for y'all.

Gummy bears?
Gummy bears?

Ain't a problem.

I got Snickers, M&Ms.

Yo, check this price
and come holla at me.

Yo, I'm runnin'
a three-for-two discount,

and I'm taking personal
orders for tomorrow...

I'll be here tomorrow. if you want something special,
just come holla at me.

There it is, yo.

Why not give me
a water pistol?

Hey, yo, Renaldo, you just
remember about how we gonna do.

It'll play.

Oye, Gordo.
The package.

Avanza, cabron!

With that raggedy-ass piece?
Nigga, is you crazy?

Loco or something?

Don't you know
the shit is bulletproof?

You don't understand--

You heard
what the boy said.

An' a box of Newports.

Where my change, yo?

Don't wild me.

Hey, yo, you see
the look on his mug?

That's the reason why
we get up every morning.

Okay! Okay okay.

Now, Andre's friend Yvonne

is supposed to meet him
in Philadelphia.

Yeah. Andre gonna
bone that skank.

Can you please shut up? Mr. Prezbo
is tryin' to teach us somethin'.

You shut up, bitch.
He ain't teachin' me nothin'.

Yvonne, though,
is coming from New York.

So my question
for you is--

A, who arrived in Philly first,
Andre or Yvonne?

And B,
by how much time?

And C...
who gives a rat's ass?

With this grant, the mandate
is not only to rethink

the way we utilize institutions,

but to help us start getting past
having to rely on jail

and drug rehab
as our only responses.

We're looking for a specific
target group to inoculate,

epidemiologically speaking...

Doctor, um, pardon me,
I'm not an academic.

Not by a long shot.

But, what exactly are you--
are you saying here?

He's sayin' he's got a lot of money
to come up with some way

to go at those boys out there
bangin' on the corners.

That's what I mean, yes.

So where do I come in?

Well, if the salary
arrangements are suitable,

your duties would be to
perform as a field researcher,

a liaison operating
in the, uh, urban environment.

You go out in the 'hood

and get him some
corner boys to mess with.

See? This is why
I need somebody like you

to be paired up with me.

I go out there
on my own--

And they sell
your tenured ass for parts.

In so many words.

Anyway, um, we're looking
for 18- to 21-year-olds.

This is where we see
the demographic peak

in violent behavior.

You excuse us
for a minute?

What happens when you
ain't around to translate?

Don't play ignorant
on me, Bunny.

You can back-and-forth
with any of these guys.

I've seen you work.

Besides, it's clear you ain't cut out
for the private sector.

18 to 21?

By that age,
they're deep in the game.

He's fucked on that.

So show him.

50,000, 80-20 health plan
and a take-home vehicle.

I'd be amazed if they
give you 30, an HMO

and a bus pass.

See you later.

I go in there now,
you know what that makes me?

Some fucking asshole politician
who's running for office.

40th District.

You call the reporters?

All three channels
and "The Sun."

My condolences.

I'm Thomas--

I know who you are.

Thanks for your respects.

I'm so sorry
for your loss.

We shouldn't
be here today

just because your son
came forward as a witness.

What do you mean?

I know it's...

I'm just sorry for your loss.
That's all.

A parent's
worst nightmare.

I don't know how anybody
can go on after this.

Yeah, me neither.

Ms. Daniels.


How's things going over
in the 11th District?

Harder than I'd hoped for.
Even on the mayor's ticket.

Yeah. Eunetta's
pretty well entrenched.

Good luck
with it, though.

The council sure
could use you.

Councilman Carcetti,
can you give us a minute?

Councilman, over here.

Councilman, do you mind
doing a standup?

Look, guys,
I'm sorry, you know.

Now's not the time.

I don't really
have anything to say.

- I'm sorry.
- What, is he kidding?

What did we
come out here for?

You don't want the press coverage?
Are you out of your mind?

We'll get time on the 11 :00
from the visual alone.

But I start making speeches
right here? Now?

How's that
really gonna look?

Boss, as political theater,
this is pretty fucking lame.

Yeah, well, you know,
that depends on the audience.

This is Shawn Williams.

Lieutenant Mello,
please call shift commander.

Boss, you want me
to stay?

No. We're good.

So, Shawn...

You police. He ain't.

Shawn, how old are you?

18. How old are you,
you shinehead motherfucker?

You have
a sister, Shawn?

What the fuck
you want with my sister?

And what the fuck's

this Chuck E. Cheese-lookin'
motherfucker writing?

Let's say you hear that
your sister was assaulted.

Oh, who fucked
with my sister?

She wasn't.
I'm just saying--

Sayin' what?

Why you fuckin' with my head,

And this bitch
is writing again.

It's a habit.

Now, what would you do
if you heard your sister

got beat up by some guy?

Which sister?
I don't know.

'Cause it's Cherise,
she probably had it coming.

All right,
another sister then.

I'd fuck that guy up.

I'd fuck his ass shut.

With you in jail.

I'd get my boy
to do it.

What if you didn't
have no boy?

Then I'd get the nigga
myself when I get out.

Well, what if you had
a life sentence?

Then I'll fuckin' escape.

And put
that fuckin' pen down

'fore I shove it up
your motherfuckin' ass.

What if you couldn't escape,

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Would you go
to the police?

Just a question.

Son, thanks for being you.


Look, I'm ready
to acknowledge that, um,

18-to-21 might be
too seasoned.

How you fixed
for juveniles?

Right now?
Fresh out.

The van to baby booking
just left.

But are you looking
for kids in the system?

Or just kids?
'Cause if it's just kids,

you got Douglass right around
the corner, and school's in this week.

High school? That's what?
15 to 18, right?

Yeah, but I would, uh--
I'd go younger even.

Kima. 'Sup, girl:

Are you sure?

C'mon. I'm the one
who took you out of the Eastern,

sent you to the show.

You can't come back here;
you too good for a district.

I need a home, major.

If you need to make a move,
move up or at least lateral.

But a district is
you going backwards.

And you don't need to be
under my wing, either.

You're gonna be valued
no matter where you land.

Let me talk to people.

I especially liked the timing
for when you flew your paper.


I couldn't see anybody
shutting us down,

not with the elections.

What asshole would
risk the headline?

But to gut us
from the inside out...

Charlie Marimow.
My Trojan horse.

And now, let me guess,
to save your wire,

you're prepared
to go to Judge Davis.

If my memory serves,
this isn't the first time

a Deputy Ops felt
the need to bury you.

You have a gift
for martyrdom.

I wonder, though, are your
disciples as keen for the cross?

In your final court report,

it would be prudent
to tell the judge

the investigation
hit a dead end.

I doubt you'll
believe it, but...

I respect the effort.

You're a hell
of an investigator.

It would be too much
to expect you

to serve under
Lieutenant Marimow?

The man's a virus.


Homicide, then.
That's you, right?


I know it's hard
right now, Detective,

but try to think
of this as a favor.

This seems right.

So I understand my old unit's gone
to Lieutenant Marimow.

Yes, it has.

So that unit is--

- Yes, it is.
- That's a shame.

I need to ask if you could
take care of my girl Greggs.

She's a good cop
looking for a home,

and I think she'd
be a natural homicide.

Hmm. Well,
there was an opening.

Oops. Just filled
that last night.

Another fugitive
from Major Crimes, but...

for you, Major?

Let me see who
I don't love no more.

Okay, so, if a rocket travels
say, 1,000 miles an hour,

how far does it go
in an hour?



As far as it wants. I mean,
it's a rocket ship, right?


Is this a trick question:


1,000 miles?

On the money.

Oh, Mr. Prezbo,
I was gonna say that.

Go 'head, bitch.
Laugh at me now.

What? You want some?

You on the fucking
floor, bitch.

Laugh at me now.

- Hey!
- I don't hear shit.


Crystal, have the office call 911,
and get the nurse.

Everybody in your seats.

Just lay still.
Just lay still.

Holy shit.

Just keep putting
pressure on it.

You're doing fine.
Chiquan, you're doing fine.

Just hold on
for a couple more minutes.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.