The Wire (2002–2008): Season 4, Episode 13 - Final Grades - full transcript

Distraught at Sherrod's death, Bubbles attempts to commit suicide. Carcetti agonizes about whether to take the governor's financial offer, fearing it could be used against him if he makes a run for governor himself in two years. As Cutty recovers from being shot by Michael's crew, Colvin makes an interesting suggestion regarding Namond. Freamon re-enlists Greggs into the MCU, and begins to build his investigation into the bodies in the vacants. With the case sprawling, Burrell gives Daniels a free hand to oversee it as he sees fit, leading to Freamon bringing Chris and Snoop in for DNA sampling. Bodie reaches breaking point over Marlo's murder of his people, and turns to McNulty for help. As the New Day debate how to handle Omar's robbery of their shipment, Prop Joe introduces Marlo to Vondas. Meanwhile, Omar tries to sell Joe back his own drugs. Test day arrives in Tilghman Middle School, as Dukie makes a decision about his future. With Randy's foster-mother badly burned after the arson attack, Carver desperately attempts to prevent his return to a group home, as the pilot program has one last chance to save itself, and Michael is given his first assignment for Marlo.

All that from overnight?

All that from Freamon.
He's out early today

rooting through empties.

You know what he is?

He is a vandal.

He is vandalizing
the board.

He is vandalizing this unit.

He is a Hun,

a Visigoth,
a barbarian at the gate,

clamoring for noble
Roman blood

and what's left
of our clearance rate.

And you sit here
doing what exactly?

A hot shot, maybe.
I got a sack in the box,

says he owns one from a couple days ago.
White Coat Alley.

What the fuck is wrong
with you people?

Is everybody on a crusade

to make more murders
out of bullshit?

The mope's
confessing, Jay.

He walked up to
the Western desk to do it.

Well, at least when you
go to manufacturing a murder, Eddie,

you already have
a suspect in hand.

I respect that part
of your game.

Oh, that others might learn.

I need a witness for the statement
in box number one.

Yeah. Let me dump
my shit.

I'll be there.

Sodium cyanide.

You're telling me, if we do a full
tox screen on this kid,

he comes back
positive for cyanide?

Yeah. That's what
I'm saying, okay?

You need to lock me up

because I killed that boy,
I did.

I did it.
I did it.

So just-- just lock me up

and be done with it,
all right?

Where'd you get the cyanide?

You getting
sick there, Bunky?

When's the last time
you had your medicine?

No. No, I'm not
getting high anymore, okay?

Let me ask you again:

Where'd you get cyanide from?

If you're saying--

- Fuck!
- I'm sorry.

- Shit. He got my fucking sleeve.
- Just calm down.

We'll get something
to clean this up,

and maybe a soda
or something.

- Get some sugar in you at least.
- I'm sorry.

He settles down,
I'll Miranda.



Steals like
my ex-wife's lawyer.


Get up there.

- Come on, come on, come on!
- Give me a sec!

Call 911. The mutt in box one
just tried to hang himself.

No idea on this one.

Two on this block
and three off Lanvale.

- Hmm.
- They cluster.

And when they found a block they liked,
they came back on it.

One on the next block,
across Gilmore.

That makes nine.

Scary thing is we're only
looking at one district.

Shit. One sector.

How far you think
they might have roamed?

There's only one way
to find out.

Excuse me. Daniels.

How we doing with Forensics?

That's the colonel's domain,
but my understanding is

that we're sending
a lab team to every house.

So far we're finding
9-millimeter casings.

Once they start scoping
at the morgues,

we'll probably have slugs
to go with them.

Tracewise, we're laser-printing
around every body

and vacuuming every crime scene
for hair and fiber,

but, of course,
these are vacants.

It'll take our lab a year
to sift that many bags of dirt.

- Is this all from one drug crew?
- Probably.

- Marlo Stanfield's bunch.
- Where are we on them?

Major Crimes was working wiretaps
until three months ago,

- but we came down on those.
- Can we get backup?

Trying, but Stanfield's people
may have changed up the pattern.

Well, Colonel,
whatever you need.

what I need is Patrol.

Patrol Division?

That was Detective Freamon
on the phone.

We found two more at Lafayette
and another on Lanvale.

Jesus Christ.

Now starting at the first scene,
we've been going door to door,

but there's no telling
how far the shooter wandered.

And with 15,000 vacants
in the city,

it'll take my people weeks
to cover that ground.

He brings this case in,
he'll be closer to the throne.

Look, I wouldn't worry
about Daniels.

He's a long way
from my chair,

as are you.

You made your move
too soon.

- I did.
- Politics doesn't suit you.

Stick to operations.

And don't you ever
cross me like that again.

Get it out
to all the bulletins.

Leander, go downtown.

Run a flier
for every roll call.

Show them the nails
and the screws in detail. All right?

You grab a couple of those nails
and hit all the hardware stores.

Find out exactly what the model is
that we're looking for.

- What do you need from me?
- Herc.

I'm serious.
Get hold of him.

- How's he looking?
- Pretty good, considering.

No worse than before
he hung himself.

The fuck are you going?

West Side.
Freamon found another.

Fucking Freamon.

He a transport?


B.P. and pulse are normal.

We gave him Ativan
for withdrawal.

Hey, you want to go
to a hospital?

Let me ask you something:

What kind of a fellow
rigs up a hot shot,

then walks into a police station
to talk about it?

Huh? Who does that?

- You want us to wait?
- No.

What is in your head, fella?

The hot shot was
for this motherfucker

that has been
beating on me.

And the boy?

He was dipping.

I knew he was. I--

I just didn't--
I didn't think...

The child had no one for him--

no mother, no family.

He in the street
like I'm in the street.

So I tried to...

Like I ain't know
who I am, right?

Like I'm pretending I ain't been
a dope fiend my whole damn life.

Just lock me up, man.

'Cause I killed that child.

The shot wasn't for the kid.

Let's throw this one back.

This sad-ass motherfucker's carrying
more weight than we'll ever put on him.

What about the clearance?

Fuck the clearance.

Cut him loose?

Shit, he'll go off
a roof or some shit.

My luck, I'll catch
that call too.

Maybe D ward
over at Bayview,

something with soft walls.

Is you out of
your mind, nigger?

You think I'ma pay you twice
for the same motherfucking package?

Hey, I'm in
the same box here.

Faggot took my shit
same as he took y'all's.

Man, but that's
on your own people.

Your guys was the ones doing
security on this shit.

Hey, they worked it
the same as we did

the last dozen shipments.

Y'all was fine with it
up until this, right?

Ain't no one have
a problem with it

till the motherfucker
gave us one.

Thing is, Joe, we called
a quorum on this,

took a vote that says it's your people
need to make this right.

No no, a co-op means
share and share alike.

You share the good
and you share the bad.

All right.

I'll dig deep and do the full shipment
if that's what y'all need,

But don't even think about coming
back to me for a re-up after this,

'cause when that good raw shit comes
straight off the boat,

it's gonna be mine only,
seeing as how y'all can't find the heart

to stand with me now.

You want to quorum up again,
think it over a little?

Yeah, I thought you might.

I'll get word back that we need
a fresh shipment, and right quick,

and you can think about what we need
to do to improve security,

make sure it only
happens the once.

What's up, young'un?

Which one of your people
was in charge of the stash?

I mean, I want to talk to him.

My nephew.

My sister's boy.

I can't give him up
like that.

I can't do it.

My connect had people there
when the shit went down.

If that's what you need
to make you believe,

you can hear it
straight from him.

We are rich.

That's what I'm talking about.


My man. Mmm.

Right, now, girl, you set that off slow,
you feel me?

'Cause word gonna get around.
They gonna come back on you now.

Nah. None of that.

Yo, anybody ask about me
on another job,

tell 'em,
"Kimmy been retired."

All right?

Be easy.

How much you got left after splitting
with the Mexicans?

26 raw.

Mmm. Gracious.

Shit, only problem, man,
I'll spend the rest of my life

trying to put that
out on the street.

I ain't no drug dealer, Butch.

- You feel me?
- Hmm.

Shit, we just stole
too much this damn time.

So, what am l
gonna do, Butch?


you could come give
Joe a call.

Offer to sell the shit
back to him now

for 20¢ on the dollar.

Joe would have found
some humor in that.

I know you do.

I understand there's
a waiting list.

The thing is this kid has already
been in a foster home.


And now his foster mother's
been hospitalized, so--

Right. No.

Is there a supervisor
that I can talk to?

I'm gonna be a little late for
roll call. Gotta get this kid settled.

What's wrong with D.S.S.?

On the phone with them right now.
They're talking about a group home.

So? Either you come up
with a guardian,

or he goes to Social Services.
No two ways about it.

Hello? Hello?

Need your help.
Get dressed.

I'm suspended with pay,
pending a full trial board.

Can't do nothing
for no one, Kima.

Fuck what they say.
This here's police work,

and I'm asking
if you police.

All right. Listen up, you mutts.
This is complicated.

I mean, it isn't complicated
if you went to college or,

I don't know, your mothers actually
stopped drinking

for a minute
while they was pregnant.

But for Baltimore City Police,
this is complicated.

Anyway, this right here is for
the Major Crimes homicide investigation

into the bodies being found
in the vacant houses here in Western.

Command now wants
all the districts

to check every vacant
in the city.

That means you will need to go door to
door to every vacant house in your post

and look at what was used
to board it up.

Most will have the Phillips head screws
that H.C.D. uses,

Iike this here
on the flier.

But if you see a house
that's been boarded up

with nail-gun nails
like these shown here,

call your sector sergeant

You can enter the house,
but if you find a body,

do not disturb
the crime scene. All told.

But what l
don't understand is

why they keep busting
my balls about this.

I mean, Daniels gave me
a slap on the wrist

for the thing
with the minister, right?

And Marimow got bounced just before
he could fuck me up on anything else.

You sure we
on the right block?

Yeah. Put them on the curb
right here, more or less.

And then you fired
the nail gun

into the asphalt,
right where they sat?

Yeah. Right next to
the little broad's leg.

So who tells
these l.I.D. fucks

to start running
through my paperwork,

Iooking for
who the fuck cares?

I mean, it's not like
they caught me stealing

or brutalizing motherfuckers,
right? Right?


Yeah. It looks like
it could be.

Is that about right?


Must have worked himself free.

I took them nails
to Ballistics.

Comparer said he could match
anything out of that gun,

and maybe the nail gun itself,
if we could get it.

I mean, I know they're
gonna take my stripes,

but you don't think they're
gonna go past that, right?

Herc, what'd you do exactly?

Lost the camera
I took from l.S.D.

without my
lieutenant's approval.

And what evidence
I got from the camera,

I put to a made-up

Son, they're gonna beat
on your white ass

Iike it's a rented mule.


Then make him sign it.

Did it to himself,
that cocksucker.

I hate that bastard.

He called him cocksucker.

You're gonna break
that call button.

Look, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to bother y'all,
but I don't get but four channels.

That's all you get.

What about my man
over there?

He has insurance.

And insurance pays
for his cable hookup.

Only reason you're admitted
is that fracture.

Soon as we can
discharge you, we will.

All you gangsters

wash up in our E.R.
Iike it's your due.

You could stand out there
slinging drugs

till you get shot or cut,

have us put you
back together free of charge

so you can do it again.

- Gangster, huh?
- Oh, you're not that?

I pulled your admissions.

You were here in '90
for a gunshot wound,

and three years before that, you were
here for chest surgery for a cutting.

Long time back, yeah.

And I see
you're still at it.

Dennis Wise,
I'm Howard Colvin.

Are you police?

I... used to be,

but now I'm a bit of
a teacher up at Tilghman.

I got a little problem,

and you know Carver
over at the Western,

he said that you might
be able to help me.

I went up to your gym.

They told me what happened.

What is it that
I'm supposed to know about?

It's Namond Brice.

Yeah. What's the problem?

Oh... shit.

Well, I've just come
to care about the kid.

You heard it was
Little Kevin?

I seen one of the police step out
the household with his necklace.

That's Kevin
up in there, yo.

This motherfucker be killing niggers
just to do it.


Nigger killing motherfuckers
just 'cause he can,

not 'cause they snitching,

not 'cause it's business,

but 'cause this shit
just comes natural to him.

- Yo, Bodie, man--
- I mean, Little Kevin is gone--

this nigger
don't feel nothing.

And all them motherfuckers
in them rowhouses,

- nobody mean a fucking thing to him.
- Bodie, calm the fuck down.

Fuck Marlo, man!
Fuck him

and anybody that think
it's all right to do people this way.

You hear me?

Fuck all y'all motherfuckers.

Get the fuck off me, man.

That's his friend in the bag.

It's like that nigger
ain't fit, man.

You see that shit, yo?

Go on. Lock his
dumb ass up.

Attica! Attica! Attica!

...the number of victims

discovered shot to death
in the boarded-up buildings.

How flattering for us.

It knocks the school deficit
right off the front pages.

There's your silver lining
right there.

- Those bodies are on Royce.
- School deficit should be too.

Should be, but that's a problem that's
gonna play out in the next fiscal year.

By then
you're out of Teflon.

So I take
the governor's money,

and then two years from now
when I shake the hand of any voter

in the D.C. suburbs,
they say, "All right.

You're the guy
who needed my tax dollars

to bail out
your school system."

If you take his check, you lose votes
in Prince George's and Montgomery,

and you can't beat him statewide
without the counties.

But two years from now,
if you're governor,

you can help the city
from Annapolis.

He's the mayor now.

I agree we can't fix
the city schools,

but we can't let them
get any worse either.

Go back to Annapolis.
Eat his shit.

If we lose local control
of the schools,

Nerese and the teachers
will rip you,

but the rest of the city will see
you did it for them kids.

Kids don't vote.

Taking a risk
with our supply, ain't you?

I mean, setting up a meet
with anybody other than us.

Got to.

The boy craves

Boss, you get that boy Marlo
in line on our connect,

he might try to go round
the co-op, go round us.

You know what I'm saying?

Cautious as those Greeks be,
who you think they gonna trust?

They know us.
They don't know him.


Look at this nigger
coming round.

Easy, son. Easy.

Yeah. I might have known
I'd find you boys in here,

burning that oil after hours.

Nigger, I'ma
kill you twice.

Oh? So you don't want
your shipment, huh?

Say your piece.

Well, it just so happens
I got some heroin for sale.

Marketwise, you fellas
look like buyers. You feel me?

This some shameless shit.

Oh, ain't no shame
in my game, dawg.

I'm here about the business.
Ain't that right, Joe?

- How much?
- 20 on the dollar.

10, nigger.

Don't make me say 25 now.

That's 400,000.

How about we take your
faggot ass in the backroom

and get into some
diabolical brutality,

find our shit
the old-fashioned way?

- Feel me?
- Oh, I feel you.

Sounds like a plan.

I don't know though, Joe.
You think Omar gonna give it up?

20 on the dollar it is.

Say, how's she ticking, Joe?

I'll be in touch.

And he thinks
I'll help the schools,

help the city a lot more

if I'm governor
two years from now.

I'm thinking that way
it wouldn't just be about me

if I don't take the money.

Are you asking me
what I think?

I think you'll do
the right thing.

For real, I'm telling you
the truth.


You sure you want
to do this?

I don't want to hurt you.

Detective Crutchfield,
do you have a moment?

Yes, ma'am.

Is something wrong?

I've got a question
on these reports.

Were they all found
in the basement?

No, ma'am. We've been finding
most in the basement,

but some are on
the upper floors too.

Can you be specific
in the 24s,

for my sake anyway?

- No problem.
- Thanks.

How many so far?

- 17.
- Christ.

That's a lot of red names.

It's your first "Red Bull."

I thought I'd get

a nice, quiet domestic or two
to start me off.

We got national press
on this already.

You'll be fine, Rhonnie.

Just don't let any of these guys
see you sweating.

Hey, I need
a case dropped.

To tell Mello to sign off,
I need a friendly A.S.A.

He kicks out
a radio-car window,

and you wanna
give him a walk?

What's the date range
as per decomp?

The one on Mount Street
looked about a week.

Some a few days,

some are skeletal
at this stage.

They all head shots?

Multiples, most of them.

- Black males, 1 5 to 25?
- Uh-huh.

No, some older.

We got one in a security guard's uniform
around here somewhere.

- You laser-print?
- Mm-hmm.

Vacuum the rooms?


Gluco for blood?
What's the geography?

13 on West Side, Baltimore to
Winchester, Schroeder to the Grove.

The Eastern boys found four more
in the houses on Monument Street.

- East Side?
- Yeah. That threw us.

We're casting a wider net now,
searching the vacants citywide.

My number's 23
in the office pool.

I still have hope.

Hell of a case, right here.

You know, if I was police,
I don't think

I could lean back
on it. You?

Not if I was real police.


Thank you, Detective.

Calvin, you done already?

Yeah, I'm done.

Attention, a reminder:

Answer sheets must be turned
into the office by you and only you

immediately upon
completion of the tests.

Thank you
for your cooperation.

Where are we
on the nail gun?

A Hilti DX model.

High end, but common
among contractors.

Is it what Sergeant Hauk saw
in the back of Chris Partlow's truck?

We showed him one,
and he thought so.

Then we dragged his ass back down
to the block where he did the car stop.

- Anything?
- We found what might be a hole

where he said
he fired into the street,

but no nail, even after sweeping
the block

with metal detectors.

Probably took a ride
in some bastard's radio,

but now it's
in a tire pile somewhere.

So our next move is a search
and seizure on that truck.

Along with a court order
for hair and blood

from Chris and Snoop both.

With everything we're
pulling out these houses,

we might get lucky
with some tracework.

- What's your P.C.?
- Herc sees the nail gun.

Nothing wrong with owning
a power tool.

What's the P.C. on Chris
and Snoop specifically?

A witness--

the boy who was told by a co-conspirator
who the murderer was.

The boy is a source.
He's not a witness.

If he's just a source,
you don't have enough.

No, but with the links that we got
between some of these bodies

and Stanfield and his organization,
we have a pattern.

Weak. Very weak.

Oh, fuck it.

Give me an hour.

You haven't left me alone
all week.

Every time I come out
of the pool,

you want to dry me off
without a towel.

- Dennis Wise.
- Hey, man.

Yeah. Were you able
to get some word?

On my say-so, he's willing
to sit and hear you out.

But what you asking him for--
I don't know.

Good luck, though.

If you see
my man Carver again,

you tell him
he owe me one now.

- All right, man. Appreciate it.
- You got it, bro.

All right.

Y'all coming back
with a warrant?

The roughneck
in room 232.

From what I know, he runs
a gym program for kids.

He got himself shot for trying to pull
a kid off the corner.

Look, you need to
speak up now,

or face the fact
that you never spoke at all.

They wouldn't let me
see my son at marches.

Said there wasn't much left
by the time y'all found him.

We did the best we could
with the information we had.

Word come to me
that a man named Chris

and a girl
named Loop or Snoop

or some such
took my son and killed him.

Told me I would never
see my boy again.

Why can't you just make
an exception in this case

and move his name
to the top of the list,

see that he gets
another foster parent?

The list is the list.

Some clients have been
in group homes for years.

He was in group homes
for years.

- Now he's gotta go back because--?
- Please don't raise your voice.

- If you're going to raise your voice--
- Please.

There's gotta be some way
that he doesn't have to go--

Yeah, there is.

There's gotta be.

How about--

how about if I take him
as a foster parent?

The screening process
takes three to four months.

This child can't be
in your custody, Sergeant.

He needs to come back under
our supervision per the juvenile order.

Think you all that for hassling niggers
and shit?

I know I'm all that.

I'm thinking
about some pussy.

- Yeah. Me too.
- Mm-hmm.

They dumped their tools.

Nothing under the seats.
Nothing in the glove box.

Registered to some little
old lady, no doubt.

These guys know the drill.

Can you see
these two riding tail?

Come on.

Aw, shit.

There it is.



It ain't even our truck.

But I need
to hear it from you.

From me?

This is not my affair, huh?

It is what Joe says.
I'm only here right now for Joe,

who I trust,
who I respect,

who I worked with
for many years.

You I do not know,
and I don't need to know.

But because this thing
goes wrong for Joe, then--

Well, how am I supposed to know
this ain't no setup?

How am I supposed to know
your people ain't in on it too?

You know because Joe says

and because I say.

And you trust
your people like that?

I talked to my driver.

I looked into his soul.

Chris and Snoop
just been popped

on a gun charge,
found in the truck.

Call the bondsman.

But first, put a follow
on him right there.

- Who, white dude with the hat on?
- Mm-hmm.

- What, he a problem?
- Nah.

I just need to know more.

- All right.
- All right.


$90,000 to you
in the morning.

We'll put a hunt
on Omar later,

after the heat on them
empty houses gives way.

The fuck
are you doing here?

You think that charge
gets dropped without

somebody showing you
some special love?

You hungry?

Come on.

All right.

Might be surety bond
on this Chris Partlow,

given all of his priors.

Pearson woman--
not so much. All right?

What's this?

Court order.
We get blood and hair.

14 head hairs,

14 body hairs,

two blood samples each.

It's a lot of houses,

a lot of deeds.

Who knows what
you left behind?

We still
in the city?

Cylburn Arboretum.

Pimlico's right
up the hill.

This is nice.

I ain't no snitch.

I didn't say you were.

I've been doing this
a long time.

I ain't never said
nothing to no cop.

I feel old.

I been out there
since I was 13.

I ain't never fucked up a count,
never stole off a package,

never did some shit
that I wasn't told to do.

I've been straight up.

But what come back?

Hmm? You think if I get
jammed up on some shit,

they'd be like, "All right,
yeah. Bodie been there.

Bodie hang tough.
We got his pay lawyer.

We got a bail."

They want me to stand
with them, right?

But where the fuck they at, when they
supposed to be standing by us?

I mean, when shit goes bad
and there's hell to pay,

where they at?

This game is rigged, man.

We like the little bitches
on a chessboard.


Yo, I'm not snitching
on none of my boys--

not my corner,
and not no Barksdale people,

or what's left of them.

But Marlo-- this nigger
and his kind, man,

they gotta fall.
They gotta.

Well, for that to happen,
somebody's gotta step up.

I'll do what I gotta.

I don't give a fuck.

Just don't ask me to live
on my fucking knees, you know?

You're a soldier, Bodie.

Hell, yeah.

I remember you.

You used to be a roll-up
on Pennsie and Fremont.

Yeah. It was my old post.

- I came up with C.B.S.
- Calhoun, Baker, Stricker.

Yeah. I used to have to
bang up on y'all all the time.

I remember that too.

Yeah. I ain't a cop
now, right?

I mean,
like I told Cutty,

I'm sort of like
a teacher now,

and that's how I come
to know Namond.

Only reason I'm even here
is Cutty spoke for you.

He say what I'm asking?

Your boy...

is smart and funny

and open-hearted,

and he got
some flex in him.

And I ain't see it at first,
'cause he was always acting out,

always full up
of corner talk--

you know, just talking
shit to hide himself.

But he could go
a lot of places

and do a lot of things
in his life,

be out there in the world
in a way that, you know,

didn't happen
for you and me.

I mean, you know,
our kind? Shit.

Man, we both know we gonna go
to our grave forever knowing

what block Bentalou
dead-ends at,

or who got their liquor license over
at the Underground,

or what corner Tater man
got shot on

when he come out the Musical Lounge
back in '88.

It's a vision in gold.

The West Side we knew--

it's dead, man.

You know, people
in the game nowadays--

I mean, it's a whole
different breed--

no code, no family,

and damn sure no respect.

I mean, you send Namond
out on the corner now,

I'm giving him
maybe one, two years

before he
down at the morgue.

And maybe, if you're lucky,
up here with you.

Maybe, maybe not.
That's the game.

I'm talking about
Namond here, Mr. Brice.

He's a lot of things,
a lot of good things.

I mean, before you know, he might
surprise all of us given half a chance,

but he ain't made
for them corners, man.

I mean, not like we were.

That's why
I come down here--

because I gotta believe
that you see it,

being who you are
and all you've been through.

You know your son.

It's in your hands, man.

You asking too much.

Yeah, but I'm asking.

You sure it was
the boy Bodie?

Man, I seen him come from
out the Central Booking

over on Eager Street side.

Then he got in some car
with some white dude.

Police? What kind of car,
a Caprice?

No, a hooptie, I think.

They on you like
a motherfucker.

They jacking you up, pulling all your
work out them houses, right?

Man, we can't have nobody
snitching on us now.

We ain't sure it's that.

What, you wanna let it go?

Risk it?

Huh-uh. Send a message.

Maybe give it to your pup,
get him started.

You and Snoop,
y'all lay low

till this shit here
blow down.

Boy worked for Bodie.

First time, best be
someone he ain't know.

You hear what Joe said?

Joe's saying this cocksucker
who stole our shit

wanna sell it back to us
for 30 on the dollar.

Joe's saying it's another
90 to buy back our share.

Dag, yo.

Thought you forgot
about me.

Hey, why don't you
wait outside, all right?

You spoke to his father?

If it goes the way I think,

he'll be back with his mom
by tomorrow.

Big day all around tomorrow.

Delegate Watkins got us 30 minutes
at the mayor's office.


Get 'em while it's going!

Come on!

Yo, Spider,
what's the count?

I don't even think we gonna
sell out today, man.

Yo, Bodie.


Icicles! Icicles!

Yo, Bodie,
you better run, yo.

Yo, this my corner.
I ain't running nowhere.

Bodie, is you crazy?

Shit is on!

Run with it,

I don't give a fuck!

I'm right here!

You ain't putting me up in one of them
empty-ass houses, neither.

Bodie, come on, man.

I don't know about this.

Mayor's office.

Yes. Actually, you want

the Department of Housing
and Community Development.

Look, I don't know
about this, man.

I just...




If the mayor
prefers not to--

if he, like, feels more comfortable
with Dr. Parenti alone, you know,

because of the drug-legalization
controversy last year...

I don't think Mayor Carcetti
is in your meeting.

He's in Annapolis.

Okay. Thank you.

- What up?
- What up?

Still asleep?

Early bird get that worm.

How you liking the crib?

Fine, thanks.

Must feel good to be
on your own.

Yo, where you get
that ring from?

Took it from a nigger.

Why? You want it?

Nah nah.
You keep it, Shorty.

I'll go get Bug
ready for school.

You ready to put in work?

Two things then:

First, we're gonna give you
the corner up on Payson.

Used to be Bodie's old corner.
Now it's yours.

Crew that up.
Run that shit.

You get the points
on that shop.

Then we got
this other thing.

Yo, if I ain't
stepping on nothing,

who was that
who dropped for you, yo?

- Bug's daddy.
- Word?

That's not how you spell

- How the fuck do you spell it?
- Hey, fellas.

Not like that.
McNulty. Hey.

You're here 4:00 to 12:00,

- You heard about Bodie?
- What about?

- Bodie, from up Payson.
- Yeah yeah. What?

Shot dead on his corner.

Midnight shift caught it.
Check the readout.

get your ass in here.

God damn it, Sergeant,
you're on the brink of insubordination.

You call D.S.S. right now
and ship him out. That's an order.


I got $235, if it helps.

How would that help?

Maybe we can get a foster spot
like that-- pay somebody.

This is tracking,
plain and simple.

No, it's a
socialization process.

But to any parent who complains,
you're still segregating them.

But I mean...
it's for their benefit,

and for the benefit of
the teachers trying to teach.

And you're proposing to expand this
to every middle school?

With enough grant money
and your support, yes.

By September.

But you wouldn't be teaching
test curriculum here?

These would be the children
left behind, so to speak.

Yeah, but as it is,
I mean,

we're leaving
them all behind anyway.

We just don't want
to admit it.

- What we mean to say is--
- Gentlemen...

we'll be in touch.

So what, that's it?

After a two-minute hearing,
they stick a fork in us?

I'm a liability
in there, man.

Seems like every time
I open my mouth in this town,

I'm telling people something
they don't want to know.

- It's not you. It's the process.
- The process?

When we get the grant, we study
the problem, we propose solutions.

If they listen, they listen.

If they don't, it still
makes for great research.

What we publish on this
is gonna get a lot of attention.

From who?

From other
researchers, academics.


What, they gonna study
your study?

When do this shit change?

And you put him out, huh?

He need to get hard.

Well, if he out,
then he out.

Oh, no, you're not.

You ain't gonna take
my son away from me, not for this--

Remember who the fuck
you talking to right here.

Remember who I am.

My word is still my word.

In here, in Baltimore,

and in any place you
can think of calling home,

it'll be my word.
They'll find you.

Man come down here to say my son
can be anything he damn please.

Except a soldier.

Yeah, well,
look at me up in here.

Who the fuck
would want to be that

if they could be
anything else, De'Londa?



did you cut me off too?

You still got me.
We'll get by.

But you gonna
let go of that boy.

Bet that.

Quien es?

It's Omar, baby.

For your bank?

That's for
your pain, Butch.

I be my own bank now.

They ain't follow you?

Joe paid it my way.

He had to admit my word
was better than his. You feel me?

Let's go then.

He is in the van,
in the garage

in the back
of 2249 Polk Street.

The key gonna be
in the cinderblock.

You steal this much,
and this ain't over.

This ain't over.

Thing about that
Republican ass,

it's not the flesh of
his political fathers.


You left it
on the table.

Smug son of a bitch.

He was gonna
make me beg,

then call
a press conference

so the world could see me
on my knees.

Don't worry.

Two years,

and we'll make him pay.

Icicle, icicle!

Got those icicles!


Corner's indicted.

Go on. Get.

Except you, motherfucker.
On the wall.

Sorry about Bodie.

I ain't jacking you up.

I'm trying to do right
for your boy.

- Who dropped him?
- Y'all did.

They took him out 'cause
he was talking to y'all.

Word is they seen him with the police
down at Central Booking.

So cuff me or kick my ass
off this corner

before you do me the same.

Hey, Duquan.

Don't you need
to be at Douglass?

I'm on my way there, yeah.

Where's your book bag?

Oh, it's-- I'm gonna stop
past the house and get it.

It's a present
for all you did.

It's for your desk.

That's great, Duquan.


Stop past anytime,

Iet me know
how it's going with you.


- But I ain't want to go back.
- Program's ending, Zenobia.

Yeah, boy.
Back to gen pop.


Pack my bags.

What about you?

I mean, this was all right...

but maybe it's time.

Why are you up?

You're working
4:00 to 12:00.

What's the matter?

Something with these bodies.

Lester and them
are getting up on it.

It's under Daniels.

He's got suction now.

He can deliver.

You want in.

I just feel like
I owe it now.

To who?

To this kid.

Corner kid.

Getting ready
to turn him, you know,

wrap him up and give him
to Lester as a present.

He one of the bodies
in the houses?

No, they dropped him
in the street.

Maybe I'd be different,
you know?


Yeah, no more of the...

drinking and the whoring
and all that.

All that anger.

'Cause I'm better now
here with you.

No more playing "Jimmy Bust Balls"
with the world.

"Jimmy Bust Balls"?

I swear to God, Beadie,
that son of a bitch nearly killed me.

It's okay.

- What?
- You tried.

You don't need to feel bad.


All right, Randy,
this way.

Take that top bunk
over there.


Are you sure?

I'm not asking
'cause I can't use you.

I'm asking for your sake.

I think I can do this

and keep myself
away from myself,

if that makes any sense.

But I gotta tell you,

we're not gonna get
Marlo Stanfield

or anyone else above the street,
not on street rips.

What do you suggest?

Either a wide C.I.
or a Title lll.

That's what makes this case.

You sure?

Maybe you do this fast
and clean and simple.

Then you don't
do it at all.

Chain of command, Colonel.

How in the hell do we
kick up percentages

in math
and reading both?

You believe the numbers?

38% proficient.
8% advanced.


"Proficient" means they're
at least two grades below their level.

"Advanced" can mean
they're at grade level or a year below.

They score 'em
like that, and...

they say we're
making progress.

Okay. I'm still learning.

Nah, you're gonna be fine.

Albert, Zenobia, Namond,

good to have you
back with us.

Yeah. Your worst nightmare
come right back on you.

Say, no,
I'm just foolin'.

Everyone open to 121.

Who figured out
the first problem?

- Kareem?
- 164.

How'd you get it?

- Don't know.
- Come. Show us.

Just when you
think you're done.

- What's that one? 20?
- 22.

Anybody heard from Bunk?

Ballistics say the guns match
to nothing. Opened and closed.

And they cleaned
the prints.

Well, maybe
we find a witness.

Maybe trace lab gives us
a hair or splatter or something.

But short of that,
we're gonna have to go proactive.

Where are you
on the new body?

Back to square one.

We're in here
for the long haul.

Colonel, how'd you happen
to pick this place for us to stage?

- Lemel?
- Hmm.

They closed it
a few years back,

and I knew it was near
a lot of our crime scenes.

I went to school here

back in the day.

Got a decent education,
now that I think on it.

You try and talk to him?

Didn't know what to say.

Only heard from
my sergeant this morning.

Guess I missed
the 24 they wrote on it.

And he really tried
to do himself?

It wasn't just
for show or nothing?

Bub's got some problems,
but insincerity ain't one of them.

Shame's some
tricky shit, ain't it?

Makes you feel like
you want to change,

and then beats you back down
when think you can't.

When was the last time
y'all talked?

More than a couple of years,

since he last got
on the wagon, I think.

If he's up in D ward,

he's cleaner than
a motherfucker right now.

You coming?

Maybe later.

Can't believe he'd leave
that money on the table.

- Why not?
- School. Kids.


You ain't done enough
of this here, I suppose.

They always disappoint.

Closer you get,
more you look--

all of them.

Who you going with
next year?

If he tries for Elijah's seat,
I might stay with Royce.

If not, there's this young buck
out in Salisbury

thinks he can snatch up
the First District seat.


Mistletoe. Come get 'em.


You can look him
in the eye now.

No matter who he is
or what he's done,

you look him
right in the eye.

I'm still your father.

What you want?

Right to the body.

That's right. Keep it moving.
Where your eyes at?

Where you looking--
what you looking at?


You cannot be out here.

Y'all need to find
something constructive

to do with yourselves.
Go on.



The gun.

Na', you're
gonna be late.

Go on. Go.

Boy, where's your plate?

Yo, Tyrell, wait up.